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eBook Location Guide by Absolute Steve

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 08/24/2011
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There are many eBooks in Deus Ex, but 29 of them are of special importance.
These so called "Hugh Darrow eBooks" will not only give you 200 experience
points for reading them, thus granting you a nice bonus of 5800 points - should
you find every single one - but finding them all during one playthrough also
unlocks the "Doctorate" Trophy/Achievement.  This small guide lists every single
Hugh Darrow eBook's location, along with directions leading to them.  Good luck!

If you can't find a specific eBook and need more directions, I suggest you
follow the corresponding section of the walkthrough, which can be found here:


eBOOK #1: 
Location:  Detroit, Sarif Industries.
Name:      The Nature of Neuroplasticity
Specifics: This eBook can be found lying on Pritchard's desk.  You can grab this
           when you first visit his office, or when you return from the
           Manufacturing Plant.

eBOOK #2: 
Location:  Detroit, Sarif Industries.
Name:      The Tyranny of Biology
Specifics: This eBook is in office 25, which you can access via a vent from
           office 27 - see below.

eBOOK #3: 
Location:  Detroit, Sarif Industries.
Name:      The Neural Hub - Design for a Next Generation
Specifics: This eBook is in office 27.  You can access this office by hacking
           the Level 2 security panel, or by using a keycode: 4145.

eBOOK #4: 
Location:  Detroit, Sarif Manufacturing Plant
Name:      Neural Interface Protocols: The PEDOT Revolution
Specifics: After making your way through a large hall with Purists you'll ride
           an elevator down.  There's a camera and turret in this hall.  Sneak
           past them to enter a room with a PC.  Look underneath a small
           cardboard box in this room to reveal the eBook.

eBOOK #5: 
Location:  Detroit, Sarif Manufacturing Plant
Name:      Artificial Muscles
Specifics: Right before you enter the room in which you'll face Zeke Sanders
           and have a social battle, look on the office desk.  The eBook is
           lying here.

eBOOK #6: 
Location:  Detroit, LIMB Clinic
Name:      The Visual Cortex 2.0 - The Eye, Redesigned
Specifics: Enter the surgical ward hall in the LIMB Clinic and search for this
           eBook on a small cart.

eBOOK #7: 
Location:  Detroit, Greg & Josie Thorpe's Apartment, Bedroom
Name:      Nano-Augmentation - Pipedream or Theory for the Future?
Specifics: This one's found in Greg and Josie Thorpe's apartment, inside the
           bedroom.  The apartment is found right behind the gas station.  Go
           inside the first door to your left and climb the stairs to find it.
           You don't need to save Josie in order to get this eBook.

eBOOK #8: 
Location:  Detroit, Tindall's Apartment
Name:      Arms (and Legs) For Man - The Structure of Cybernetic Limbs
Specifics: Explore the apartment block west of town and open the Level 5
           security door with the following keycode: 2356.  There's a second
           security system in place for the bedroom.  Use the code 8221 to
           get inside.  The eBook can be found here.  The safe's keycode, in
           case you're interested, is listed in an email on the PC: 3663.

eBOOK #9: 
Location:  Detroit, Apartment Building next to the basketball court,
           Seurat's Bedroom (the weapon dealer)
Name:      Respirocyte Technology & Hazardous Environment Parsing
Specifics: Simply enter the apartment building next to the basketball court by
           climbing the ladder and make your way to the top.  The eBook can be
           found inside Seurat's bedroom.  Don't piss the guy off, though.

eBOOK #10: 
Location:  Detroit, Chiron Building, Adam Jensen's Apartment, Bedroom
Name:      The Intelligence Circuit
Specifics: This is an easy one.  Simply search Jensen's Apartment to find this
           eBook lying in the bedroom.

eBOOK #11: 
Location:  Detroit, Police Station, Morgue
Name:      The Threat of Cybernetic Discognition Disorder
Specifics: This one can be found on the desk of the coroner inside the morgue,
           located in the same room as the body of the hacker.

eBOOK #12: 
Location:  Detroit, D-Row territory
Name:      Vestibular Augmentation and Enhanced Agility Factoring
Specifics: Instead of going underneath the garage door at some point that leads
           to an open area, instead head right and take out the gang members
           in this area.  The eBook can be found on some barrels in the middle
           of the room.

eBOOK #13: 
Location:  Detroit, FEMA Facility
Name:      Blurring the Boundaries Between Man and Machine
Specifics: In the cafetaria deep down the FEMA facility, fairly close to the two
           FEMA officials, look for this eBook in a locked office: code 7984.
           This keycode is a reference to George Orwell's "1984", a classic
           novel on totalitarianism.

eBOOK #14: 
Location:  Hengsha, Youzhao District, Apartment Building #1
Name:      The Science and Theory behind Cochlear Implants
Specifics: When entering Youzhao District by going downtown from the Hung Hua
           Hotel, go downstairs and climb the ladders directly in front of you.
           On the top of this building, head down the stairs to your left and
           search the apartment on the second floor for this eBook.

eBOOK #15: 
Location:  Hengsha, Youzhao District, Apartment Building #2
Name:      Invasive Brain Machine Interfaces
Specifics: From the same roof as eBook #14, with your back facing the ladders
           you climbed to reach it, turn right twice to reach an other roof.
           The first apartment to your left contains this eBook.

eBOOK #16: 
Location:  Hengsha, Penthouse Building
Name:      Understanding Vision (Part 1)
Specifics: When you're about to ride the elevator to the Penthouse, go to the
           main entrance, where two Belltower guards are on patrol.  Take them
           out and be careful you're not seen by any other guards.  Facing the
           main entrance, it's the apartment immediately to your left that holds
           this eBook in the kitchen.

eBOOK #17: 
Location:  Hengsha, The Hive, Office nearby the main exit
Name:      Optical Enhancement Functionality
Specifics: You'll want to use the basement of The Hive to reach this office.
           Simply make your way through the basement and enter this room at
           the far end.  The eBook is inside.

eBOOK #18: 
Location:  Hengsha, The Hive, Tong's Basement Office
Name:      The Use of Neuromuscular Facilitation Systems
Specifics: When you reach Tong's office in the basement of The Hive, search it
           to find this eBook.

eBOOK #19: 
Location:  Hengsha, Alice Garden Pods, Pod #143
Name:      Electrogravitic Technology Applications
Specifics: This one isn't too hard.  Simply find Pod #143 in the Alice Garden
           Pod area to find the eBook.  The Pod is, obviously, in the "100"

eBOOK #20: 
Location:  Hengsha, Lower Tai Yong Medical
Name:      Better Than Nature?
Specifics: After passing through the area with the electric current, you'll
           reach a fairly large hall.  Search around for a vent cover and use
           Jump Enhancement to get to it, or alternatively Strength Enhancement
           to move the metal crates in the other small room to line up under
           the vent.  But that's not all.  The vent leads to a deep shaft and
           you *must* have the Icarus Landing System in order to survive the
           fall - there simply is no other way to get this eBook, which lies
           down beneath.

eBOOK #21: 
Location:  Hengsha, Tai Yong Medical 1st Floor
Name:      Radical Evolution is a Reality
Specifics: When you finally reach Tai Yong and, one way or another, get past
           the guard, search this large laboratory room.  More specifically,
           search the central lab unit; this eBook is lying underneath it, on
           top of a box.

eBOOK #22: 
Location:  Hengsha, Tai Yong Medical, Hangar
Name:      Brain Implants
Specifics: This eBook can be found in the control room in the upper left corner
           from your starting position in the hangar.  To get there, climb the
           shelving on the far left side after taking out the first Box Guard
           with an EMP Grenade.

eBOOK #23: 
Location:  Montreal, Picus HQ, 4th Floor
Name:      HUMAN EMPOWERED - Autonomous Energy Reclamation Systems
Specifics: Inside the control room under a large screen.

eBOOK #24: 
Location:  Montreal, Picus HQ, 2nd Floor
Name:      Healing Thyself - Health Preservation Implants
Specifics: Before moving on to the restricted area, search the small office in
           the northwest corner of this area.

eBOOK #25: 
Location:  Detroit, Convention Center, Backstage, Taggart's Room
Name:      Vagus Nerve Stimulators - Repurposing the Technology
Specifics: Find this eBook next to the coffee machine behind the large sofa.

eBOOK #26: 
Location:  Detroit, Sewers, Sandoval's Desk
Specifics: Simply search Sandoval's desk to find this eBook.

eBOOK #27: 
Location:  Hengsha, Harvester Territory
Name:      Understanding Vision (Part2)
Specifics: Right before you find the Harvester leader, enter the small office
           in the corner of the area and look for this eBook inside.

eBOOK #28: 
Location:  Singapore, Omega Ranch, Room G-23
Specifics: Right before you use the elevator in room G-23 to find Eric Koss,
           one of the three scientists, explore the adjacent room south of the
           elevator to find this eBook on a workbench.

eBOOK #29: 
Location:  Singapore, Omega Ranch, White office after the 3rd boss fight
Name:      Reimagining Retinal Implants: Doctor Dobelle's Success
Specifics: After defeating the third boss, enter the white office at the far
           end of the hall.  This eBook can be found inside the LVL5 safe.

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        Document written by Absolute Steve 2011. All Rights Reserved.

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