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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TheGum

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 04/22/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

        RRRR     A    IIIII  N   N  BBBB    OOO   W   W     SSS   IIIII X     X
        R   R   A A     I    NN  N  B   B  O   O  W   W    S   S    I    X   X
        R   R  A   A    I    NN  N  B   B  O   O  W   W    S        I     X X
        RRRR   A   A    I    N N N  BBBB   O   O  W W W     SSS     I      X
        R R    AAAAA    I    N  NN  B   B  O   O  WW WW        S    I     X X
        R  R   A   A    I    N  NN  B   B  O   O  WW WW    S   S    I    X   X
        R   R  A   A  IIIII  N   N  BBBB    OOO   W   W     SSS   IIIII X     X
         VVVV   VVVV  EEEEEEE   GGGGGGGG      AAA      SSSSSSS       22222222
         VVVV   VVVV  EEEEEEE  GGGGGGGGGG    AAAAA    SSSSSSSSS     2222222222
         VVVV   VVVV  EEE      GGG   GGGG   AAAAAAA   SSSS  SSS     2222  2222
         VVVV   VVVV  EEE      GGG   GGGG  AAAA AAAA  SSSS  SSS     2222  2222
         VVVV   VVVV  EEEEEEE  GGG         AAA   AAA   SSSS              2222
         VVVV   VVVV  EEEEEEE  GGG GGGGGG  AAA   AAA    SSSSS           2222
         VVVV   VVVV  EEE      GGG GGGGGG  AAAAAAAAA      SSSS         2222
          VVVV VVVV   EEE      GGG   GGGG  AAAAAAAAA  SSS  SSSS       2222
           VVVVVVV    EEE      GGG   GGGG  AAA   AAA  SSS  SSSS      2222
            VVVVV     EEEEEEE  GGGGGGGGGG  AAA   AAA  SSSSSSSSS     2222222222
             VVV      EEEEEEE   GGGGGGGG   AAA   AAA   SSSSSSS      2222222222
    			*Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2*
    Rainbow Six Vegas 2 FAQ/Walkthrough
    For Xbox 360, PS3
    Version 1.5 (3/29/08)
    Written by Brad Russell "TheGum"
    Email: lunatic_252000@yahoo.com
    Website: www.thechaosuniverse.com
    Version 1.0 - main game is done; guns are incomplete; could need an update in
    the near future.
    Version 1.5 - completed gun guide, fixed Act 5 - Scene 3, and added PS3 
    controls; thanks to everyone that helped!
    Table Of Contents
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    1. A Brief Foreword
    2. Controls			CON2222
    3. Starter Tips			TIPS333
    4. Walkthrough			FAQ4444
    	(Either type the scene name or the code to quick find)
    Pic Des Pyrenees
    	Act 1 - Scene 1: Negotiations		A1S1NEG
    	Act 1 - Scene 2: Ambush			A1S2AMB
    Old Vegas
    	Act 2 - Scene 1: Rooftops		A2S1ROO
    	Act 2 - Scene 2: Nightclub		A2S2NIT
    	Act 2 - Scene 3: Garage			A2S3GAR
    	Act 2 - Scene 4: Sweatshops		A2S4SWE
    Rec Center
    	Act 3 - Scene 1: Gymnasium		A3S1GYM
    	Act 3 - Scene 2: Arena			A3S2ARE
    	Act 3 - Scene 3: Library		A3S3LIB
    	Act 3 - Scene 4: Chase			A3S4CHA
    	Act 4 - Scene 1: South Hall		A4S1SOU
    	Act 4 - Scene 2: Exhibition		A4S2EXH
    	Act 4 - Scene 3: North Hall		A4S3NOR
    	Act 4 - Scene 4: Monorail		A4S4MON
    	Act 5 - Scene 1: Penthouse		A5S1PEN
    	Act 5 - Scene 2: Casino			A5S2CAS
    	Act 5 - Scene 3: Center Stage		A5S3CEN
    	Act 5 - Scene 4: Extraction		A5S4EXT
    Nevada Desert
    	Act 6 - Scene 1: Drop Off		A6S1DRO
    	Act 6 - Scene 2: Furnaces		A6S2FUR
    	Act 6 - Scene 3: Refinery		A6S3REF
    	Act 6 - Scene 4: Airstrip		A6S4AIR
    	Act 7 - Scene 1: Compound		A7S1COM
    	Act 7 - Scene 2: Hacienda		A7S2HAC
    	Act 7 - Scene 3: Showdown		A7S3SHO
    5. Gun Guide			BANG555
    6. Author Info / Copyright
    * 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *
    Well, it didn't take long for this series to wrap it up, after the "cliff
    hanger" of an ending for the last game. But to be perfectly honest, I have 
    no clue what the story of the last game was about. Something about Irena, and
    then someone that betrayed us, probably Gabe. But I didn't quite see the 
    connections in the plot, probably because I don't have the story of the first
    game down. 
    But other than the plot holes in my mind, and the obviously cheese for a plot
    of this game anyway, the actual gameplay is nothing new. It's basically an 
    expansion pack for the last game, as nothing new is done and it just seems like
    more of the same. Granted, this and the last game are great at what they do,
    which is tactical, squad-based shooting. 
    Game Informer says it best. Something like "you don't stop eating your favorite
    food because it's the same." That's what you will feel like after you play
    this game. Tastes great, but it's nothing new.
    PS - Unless I've just overlooked it, it sucks that there are no subtitles for
    this game. That could have helped me not understand any of the early story.
    So feel free to change the sound options.
    * 2. Controls ( CON2222 )                                                     *
    XBox 360
    A - team move; use
    X - reload; hold for weapon options like ROF and silencer, also laser sight
    B - throw grenade
    Y - change gun; hold to change to pistol and to change grenade
    RB - change vision; hold for menu
    LB - tag terrorist; hold to sprint
    RT - fire 
    LT - take cover
    RS - look; click to zoom
    LS - move; click to crouch; click while on rope to turn upside down
    DPAD - team orders
    START - pause menu
    BACK - change ROE; hold for mini map
    *Thanks to soadfreak118
    START-pause the game
    SELECT-shows your objectives and changes ROE
    RIGHT STICK-zoom
    LEFT STICK-crouch
    SQUARE-reload & hold to see the options like go silent and stuff like that
    TRIANGLE-switch weapons & hold to switch grenades
    X BUTTON-the command button like "climb" and stuff like that and moves your 
    CIRCLE-throw grenades
    D PAD-team commands
    L1-take cover
    R2-thermal and night vision
    * 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 )                                                 *
    #1. Please check the controls - It's in the pause menu under options, and 
    the section above this in my guide for you 360 owners. You need to know the 
    Rules of Engagement (ROE), Rate of Fire (ROF), commands for when your team has 
    orders, and the various other dual functions for the many buttons. 
    #2. You have options for your assault - Not only do most rooms with enemies 
    have two doors, some even have alternate approaches. Some may have skylight
    points to rappel, some may have windows to shoot through, and not to mention
    the many options for going through a door, such as flash, frag, and breach.
    #3. You have two teammates, and you are not them, thus, they are better suited
    to enter the unknown - So if you don't know what is around the corner, send 
    your friends ahead of you. Even if you think the area is clear, send your 
    guys ahead of you anyway. 
    #4. Would be #1, but by now you better realize cover is a little important - 
    Yes, stay behind cover as long as you can, pop out to shoot and return to the 
    cover. If you are under fire, go hide, it's that simple. The new sprint button
    helps a lot too.
    #5. ACES high - The new ACES system, which is the same as any RPG leveling up
    scheme, will let you gain new abilities and items as you progress. You will
    probably use more long range attacks, so your Marksman rank will advance 
    quickly. Assault and Close Quarters points are harder to get, but with some 
    attention you can focus on those too. The point is, you get new stuff for 
    getting higher ranks, so it's up to you what you unlock.
    #6. Mix and match - Part of all the items and things you unlock, you can 
    use different combinations of guns and attachments. So for almost any gun you
    can put on a nifty scope. And in this game you can change up your armor, but
    pay attention to how much mobility you sacrifice for protection. 
    * 4. Walkthrough ( FAQ4444 )                                                  *
    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2
    You start by making your own character with the limited customization options,
    so have fun with that. 
    Start a single player campaign at the normal difficulty and we're off.
    Pic Des Pyrenees
    Act 1 - Scene 1: Negotiations		( A1S1NEG )
    Just walk down to the room and talk with your buddies. After that, go through
    the doorway on the other side to get on the catwalk. Go toward the next 
    doorway, but stop and wait for your gun to pop up and then take cover by the
    door. Peek inside, lean out, and shoot the guy in the head. Tell your two 
    new friends to regroup and go inside. 
    *NOTE: I can't stress this enough, DON'T press any buttons if you don't know
    what they do. And you have a controller setup in the options menu if you need
    *NOTE: If new to the game, keep an eye in the lower left corner of the screen.
    The commands shown there correspond to buttons on the D-pad, and only when 
    your team is either on a door or doing something else. So if as you are reading
    you ever feel lost, look down there and that might help.*
    Go up the stairs and snake cam the door. Tag both enemies and press up on the
    D-pad to send your team in; the one guy should kill both easily. Look out the
    window on the left to see Alpha Team breach and then proceed down some steps 
    on the other side of the room. Then follow the path out a door and then take 
    cover on the corner of the wall. There are two enemies in plain sight that you
    should try to kill quickly, and then two more that will show up; team use is
    *NOTE: If there is one button you new guys need to know, it's the send team 
    button, which is A on the XBox 360, and I'm guessing X on the PS3. Always use
    this to send your teammates ahead of you. Better them than you.*
    Hop over the gate and go up the path. When you get to the door, go around the 
    back to find another door. Put your team on this door, snake it, tag the bad
    guys, and then send in your guys; maybe try to help, but you may end up hitting
    your own, so probably don't, unless you come in through the other door if you
    want to. Inside you will find a shield or two, but I don't like it. 
    Go through the door and in the hallway you will hear more chatter. Stack your 
    team on the door to the right and snake the door. Notice the window on the left
    side of the room. What I want you to do is go to that window and start firing,
    and then send your team in with a frag or flash (change rules of engagement 
    settings, which is a button you need to press). Or you could send them in first
    and you attack second, so take your pick.
    After, go up the stairs, open the door and pick off one guy on the other side
    (snake the door first if you must), and then take cover at the corner. Notice
    that you hold the reload button to change the rate of fire, so change to a 
    single shot burst and try to kill the enemy that far away, or use your friends
    to help you if you must. And you can switch guns to use the scope on the 
    Commando if you like.
    Get your team on the rappel hooks on the railing and then you get on. Use the
    commands to send them down and then let them breach first, you follow after the
    dust settles. Go into the hallway to hear that there are three doors into this
    next room. Go around to the right and put your team on the door. You can just
    straight up send them in if you like, or you can go around to the opposite 
    side, snake the door, tag the two bad guys in this computer area, send your
    team in, and then enter from this door yourself. But again, they can handle
    all of this themselves. 
    Out on the walkway are rappel lines going up, so go up. At the top, proceed
    to the concrete block on the corner and take cover behind it. Peek around
    the corner to see two guards that you should be able to take out with headshots
    if you feel like it. Then go through the next door and use your nightvision up
    a staircase, but at the door with the bomb you can turn off the vision. Have
    your team disarm the bomb. 
    Inside, you are forced to watch a sorta scene from the window, but be ready for
    the moment you get control. Shoot any bad guys you see, which is anyone who
    isn't a hostage, and then set your team to attack mode (change rules of 
    engagement). Crouch and go around the corner and down the path to find the
    small steps that let you enter the ground floor. You can send your team down 
    there if you like, go with them, or just stay up high and pick off all the
    enemies you can. The room isn't clear until you hear chatter, and you can 
    press up on the D-pad to check your little radar. 
    Once the place is clear and enemies stop appearing, go down there and through
    the doors to find an ammo crate. At this green box you can change more than 
    just your guns, you can also change your ammo and clothes. I would advise 
    swapping the Commando for the Scout sniper rifle if you want, or for whatever
    else you may prefer. And having even armor and mobility is good too, or favor
    armor if you want. It's really all up to you. When done, quickly send your team
    through the doorway and then follow.
    Act 1 - Scene 2: Ambush		( A1S2AMB )
    Take cover behind the concrete block and kill the one enemy you see. Send your
    team to the steps that lead down to the tower thing, and where they will be
    covered from the enemies on the right. Then you go to the corner of the wall
    next to the metal tiles and use your sniper rifle to aim up high for one enemy.
    Then look as far across the open area as you can for more enemies to appear 
    between the two buildings, and there will be quite a few.
    Once you think all is clear out here, rally your team and go right to enter 
    the building. Watch out for the enemy that is most likely in the stairway, so 
    have your team go in first. Don't go up the stairs as there should be one more
    bad guy up there. Instead, stay on the ground level and go to the door down
    this hallway. Put your team on it, snake it, tag both snipers up on the roof,
    have your rifle ready, send in your team who will probably be of little help,
    and then you kill both of the enemies. Now go up the stairs, stack on the door,
    and send your team into the top room to kill that one enemy.
    Now go to the doorway and look to the left for a door. There are two guys in
    that room, and two more further down the hallway. The two guys in the room
    cover the door, so it would not be wise to just open them. On the other hand,
    the two guys in the hallway have a turret. You can go it alone and use cover 
    to kill the gunner and the guy by the vending machines, and then send your team
    into the room after you snake the door on the other side to see if the bad guys
    moved away from the door. 
    After all that, go up the stairs and to the door. The next part is tricky, and 
    tricky because you don't have many options or much cover. You'll need to 
    quickly go through the door and set your team to cover on the strange wall
    that has glass and both low and high cover. Make sure your team is in attack
    mode as you engage the enemies that are all over the place. Your primary 
    concern will be any enemies that try to rush your location, so either toss a
    few frags around or just keep your eyes open. No pure strategy, other than 
    stay frosty and don't die. For the enemies stuck behind cover on the ground, 
    just send your team to various cover until they are safe. And don't go into
    the building just yet. Switch silencers off, which is done through the same 
    way you change rate of fire.
    Before you enter the building from either doorway, just know that there will
    be a good group waiting for you. You can send your team to the doorway on the
    right as you take cover on the left one. Either you or your team toss in a frag
    and then send them in. Go to the checkpoint and take out the few enemies in
    this room, sending in your team if you are unsure if it's clear.
    The last thing you will do is send one guy to disarm the bomb. When you do and 
    once he is done, you will be ambushed from above. You can try to lay down 
    smoke, but you will probably fumble with the buttons. Just take cover behind 
    the column, wait for the windows to open and reveal turrets, kill both gunners,
    and then finish off whoever is left up top if your other friend hasn't already.
    And that is the end of this level.
    Old Vegas
    Act 2 - Scene 1: Rooftops		( A2S1ROO )
    As you are in the copter, feel free to get new stuff, but no reason, although
    you can swap your first gun for the MP9 if you want, but that's just for to
    try it out. And if you can understand what they are saying, good for you.
    Go around the corner and up the ladders. There is just one enemy patrolling 
    the top area, and there is a door under the walkway to give you an alternate 
    route, but it's just one guy. Go into the hallway and note the two enemies 
    through the window of the other room. You can just shoot them, stack your 
    team on the door to the left, or a combination of the two. 
    *NOTE: Don't forget to silence your guns too, and you'll know you're not if 
    there aren't big silencers over your and your teammates' gun barrels.*
    Proceed until you hit the part where someone tells you about the windows on the
    outside of a room. You can just send your team into the room as you take out
    the guy on the the walkway by the windows, or you take the guy outside with a
    silenced kill and help as your guys infiltrate the room, but there are only
    two guys in the room, so don't overthink it here. Now go to the walkway and
    up the ladder. There are two visible guys out here that can be sniped as they
    patrol, and then two more will appear, so snipe them too. 
    *NOTE: Yes, you could have cleared out the top area and then rappelled down 
    into the room your team just cleared, but again, let us not overthink that one 
    room with just two enemies inside. You coudl have also left the room by the 
    door on the side, but then you would be in the low ground and the snipers above
    you, so don't do that either.*
    After that, go around to the left and down a ladder. In the open area, go left
    and you will see two rappel points: one through some glass on the roof, and
    the others on the railing. You should first look over the railing and down 
    below to see if there are any bad guys down there. When ready, have your team
    breach through the railing, you rappel through the roof point, and then all
    of you take cover from the enemies in the other room. Toss a frag or two 
    through the doorways and advance, but watch the window rappel points as an 
    enemy or two may have slipped outside and will use those ropes. Just clear out
    the room, go outside, clear any enemies, and make your way down to the door
    at the bottom.
    Go through but watch out for the fan on the wall as the enemies can shoot you
    through it. Stack your team on the door on the left as you go around to the 
    door up on the right. Snake the door, tag both enemies if you can, and then
    choose for either you or your team to go first. Basically, if you go in first,
    you'll just be a decoy and you should immediately pull back as your team clears
    the room out. Up the stairs and through the door to a checkpoint.
    Act 2 - Scene 2: Nightclub		( A2S2NIT )
    Go out and kill the one guy on this roof. Go left to the railing with your 
    sniper rifle in hand and snipe the guy or two on the rooftops below. Send your
    team down and follow them. Watch out for enemies on the rooftops and anyone 
    coming from the left walkway. Move down the path with your team and peek around
    the corner to see one or two enemies. The next area is just you either inching
    your way up onward and up the steps, or just sending your team into danger to
    move on quickly. Pick one or the other, kill the enemies up top, and proceed.
    When you go through the door that leads to a long walkway, on the left you'll
    see enemies holding a hostage through a window. You can attack now or wait, 
    but if you wait you can go up the ladder, send your team down rappel points,
    and you'll get the jump on the enemies; you can even stay up on the roof and
    cover your friends if you want. 
    After this quick fight, go right and make your way to a door. Stack your team
    on it, snake it, and tag two enemies. Meanwhile, go back through the kitchen
    and go left to get to another door. Snake it to see the target you didn't tag,
    but you can't tag him as you are only allowed two tags if you didn't realize.
    Send in your team, and then open the door to help out. Make sure your team is 
    in attack mode and then go to some cover. 
    On this upper level you can look left to a bar and you should see a group of
    enemies, so toss a frag over there. Stay with your team and pick off all the
    guys up here. When this level is clear, go right and send your team toward the 
    top of the stairs. You can go to the other side of this opening and pick off 
    enemies, or you can attack from anywhere up here. When things are quiet, go to
    the top of these stairs, send your team down to some cover, and be ready for 
    two more enemies to pop up at the opening directly in front of the steps. 
    Go through this opening and send your team to one corner as you take the other,
    well, you just take the left corner is probably best. Enemies to pick off on
    all sides, but just a few. Send in your team to cover if you are unsure of 
    the coast being clear; should be deja vu for anyone who played the first game,
    just more purplelier. When all is clear, cross the room through the door.
    Act 2 - Scene 3: Garage			( A2S3GAR )
    *NOTE: If anyone gets stuck here, feel free to reload a checkpoint, or see 
    how far you can go one man down.*
    To start off, just send your team either behind a car or a column. Keep looking
    down the way for anyone and try to take them out. The idea is to move your
    team from side to side, advance them, and all the while you move behind cover
    on their tail, but never be right with them. When you get to the end of this 
    path, there will be more enemies and a turret on the left. Just send your team
    into cover and then take out the gunner, quickly. Handle the rest and move
    In the short hall, take cover on the corner and wait for an enemy to appear. 
    Kill him and his friend. Stack your team on the door on the side, breach it,
    and after it's clear you should call them back. Either wait for the enemies to
    come to you, or go send your team behind cover in the open and take them out.
    After that, go to the left side and through the opening into the construction
    site, but be ready for maybe one bad guy at first, and then more. Just retreat
    behind cover, maybe those orange barriers on the road, and pick them off one
    by one. When ready, move up and send your team behind cover, then you go left
    and up into a trailer, crouched. Go to the window and look up for a sniper on
    a roof. Get your cursor over him and pop up for a quick kill. 
    Then, advance your team further along the cover, but stay in this mobile home
    thing. More enemies should appear on the ground near where the sniper was, so
    pick them off too. Keep advancing your team, there will be more enemies even
    further down in the next area, and then a gunner in the last home before you
    finally reach the doors, and there is a sniper up to the left. Go through 
    the doors and in to end this segment.
    Act 2 - Scene 4: Sweatshops		( A2S4SWE )
    Go to the door, snake it, quickly tag the two enemies, and then send your
    team in. If you aren't quick enough, they will kill the civilian and you
    lose. Go up to her and after she is done talking, tell her to hold. Then 
    quickly send your team to the door on the wall nearby and tell them to breach
    and clear. Follow behind them and just kill anyone you see as you guys move 
    through this loading garage. You will need to stay frosty as the enemies here
    have many places to go. Just watch out for the gunner on the street and you 
    should be fine. 
    Once all is clear, go grab the girl and make your way to the gate. Tell her
    to open it and then she will go to the next door, and that is your cue
    for you and your squad to take cover near the door. You can kill the guy 
    immediately and then storm the room, just watch out for the enemies inside. 
    When this small room is clear and the warehouse area, go left a bit to find the
    doors leading into the next room where you will be close to the hostages. 
    Either send your team storming inside, or snake and tag the two bad guys 
    With the family reunited, go through the next door and first visit the green
    boxes in front of you. Then stack your team on the doors near the boxes and
    snake the door. You should see two enemies, one coming from the ladder, so
    tag both. Exit the cam and then go right, and make sure your silencers are on.
    You will enter from this door and they will come in from their door at the 
    same time. As soon as they are dead, have your team stack up on the door on
    this ground level as you go up the ladder. Send them in guns a blazin' and then
    you enter from the top. Kill any enemies you see and everyone should be focused
    on your teammates below. With you in this office up above, go over to the 
    window on the right and start picking off enemies wherever you see them. Maybe 
    toss a frag into the small room on the right. Move your team ahead into that 
    room and through it if unsure of whether all the enemies are dead.
    Go outside to kill one enemy by a truck. The loading bay area, which is the
    only way you can go, has a few enemies and one gunner. Attack from the right 
    and just move your team around from cover to cover until you hear no more 
    gunfire. Then go through the doorway to be at the final room. There are two 
    doors that lead into the room, and then one at the back that will lead to 
    windows. There are only three enemies inside, so you can just snake the door
    on the right, tag the two enemies by the civilians, then you go around the 
    back, send in in your team, send them in, and then maybe you kill the one 
    bad guy by the windows if you can. After that, simply evac to the chopper
    and level complete.
    Rec Center
    Act 3 - Scene 1: Gymnasium		( A3S1GYM )
    Be sure to mod out your guns, and I still say keep the sniper rifle, and then
    go with the MP5N again. 
    Start by taking cover and pick off the closer enemies with your primary gun, 
    and remember you can shoot through light cover. When your team finally drops
    down, send them to cover and keep them on aggressive. Keep an eye way down 
    the path to see rappel lines and snipers, so once the area near you is clear
    you can pull out the sniper rifle and go to work on them. Move your team up as
    you clear this area up and then watch out for anyone left up high as you 
    approach the steps. 
    Stack your team on the door, snake and tag two enemies, and then go left to
    start attacking from the window. When attention is on you, send in your team
    through the doors. Clear out the bottom and top and then come back outside.
    Check the van and then go back in. Swing around the right and stack your team
    on the top door and then snake it. Tag the first enemy you see, and look to 
    the right for a moving target and tag him too. Now you will enter from the
    bottom door, and do so as you send in your team up top. 
    You will have just one guy when you first enter from the lower level, but one 
    or two may appear. So after you enter, go right and up the stairs to rejoin 
    your team. Remember, move them ahead of you always. Just go to the stairs on 
    the opposite side of where they came in, and set them behind cover at the top 
    of these steps. You're in the spot if there are enemies firing at you from a 
    long strip of floor. Move down once it's clear and keep moving your team 
    before you move. When you get to the other side, you can go up the steps here,
    but watch out for any surviving enemies at the top.
    As you round the corner with the checkpoint, there are two guys behind some 
    broken vending machines as civilians flee. Move your team up as far as you can
    by those machines and set them behind cover so they can attack enemies that 
    come from the right. Kill them and move on. In the stair well, you can stack
    your team on the first door you see. Snake it and tag the patrolling enemy, 
    then go down to the bottom door. Turn on the nightvision and send your team 
    through up above, then you go in through this door and kill the one enemy on 
    your level. When they clear the upper area, regroup and go through the door.
    *NOTE: At any point, feel free to grab a shotgun or anything else. You can't 
    really go wrong, but for the next couple of parts you don't need a sniper rifle
    at all.*
    At the next door you can snake it to see a patrolling enemy. That should be it,
    and you will notice a big rock climbing room on the right. Go left all the way
    and enter through this door. If you can quickly get your team up the ropes, 
    that would be great, otherwise you must fight enemies up high while you are 
    down low. Watch out for a glitchy enemy that might be able to shoot through 
    walls and give you grief. Keep watch of the rappel lines for descending bad 
    guys and pick them off easy. When the coast is relatively clear, you should 
    go up the ropes on the left yourself, press the go to button go get your team
    up with you, and keep an eye out for enemies on the third level. After a few
    are dead, go up to the next level and clear it out just the same. Once all of 
    that is done, go through the doors.
    Act 3 - Scene 2: Arena		( A3S2ARE )
    Go around the corner and visit the green box for more supplies. Feel free to
    try out anything you like, and the SCAR with a scope is pretty good, and you
    may want to keep a shotgun. Then stack your team on the door and send them
    through for one or two enemies. Take the steps to the lower level and then
    snake, tag, and send them through to kill two enemies outside. Then quickly
    send them to cover as they attack guys in the open. Take them and yourself up
    to the steps nearby and follow the path to a bridge, where your team will fight
    enemies in a room, cross the bridge, and checkpoint. 
    Now, go up the steps on the left and snake and tag through the door; should 
    only be two enemies up here, but I've seen four, so don't be surprised, and 
    if so you should change your attack plans. Then you will go down and stop at 
    the first door you see. Snake it and watch for the shotgun enemy lurking 
    around the tables. You will open the door, toss in a frag to get him, wait for
    the targets up top to move, and then send in your boys up top to clear them
    out. Then tell them to take cover near you as you look down the ways for a guy
    in a riot shield, to whom you should throw another frag. 
    Go through the door, down some steps to a pair of rec rooms, take the one on 
    the right with the steps, go through the door, and then swing your way around 
    to a set of doors. Go through and set your team behind the cover of the plantar
    nearby as it's all you got, and then try to pick off the enemies up high in
    the windows of the arena. Peek around the left side of the plantar to see many
    more enemies at the doors. You can try to pick them all off yourself, but you
    should send your team to the cover of a police car, and then poke your head 
    out to kill some guys. Move your team up and into the arena in case of any
    survivors, and then go around to the right.
    Set your team to ready the explosives, stand back, and then follow and watch
    the sadness. Turn around and take the door by the beer stand. Look to the 
    left for a doorway. Stack, snake, tag, and watch as one enemy enters and leaves
    the room. Give him about five seconds and then go around and down the corridor.
    Wait for him to patrol again, kill him, and send your team through as soon as 
    you can. Then go through the doors on this side to help them out. Set them
    behind cover and watch the other door in the corner for maybe one more guy to
    come through. 
    Take that door and watch out when going around this corner. You may be better
    off just sending a frag at the shelf on the corner to kill the enemies waiting
    for you. After they are dead, go stack on the door. You can snake it and maybe
    tag an enemy you can barely get your cursor on. Send your team in, follow, 
    and set them behind cover that is sorta in the center of this warehouse area.
    You need to watch above you for rappel lines to drop, so you can just stay 
    by the entrance door if you want. Move them around, send them up the lines or
    the stairs to make sure all is clear, and then take the door on the lower 
    level. Go through the double doors for decontamination.
    Act 3 - Scene 3: Library		( A3S3LIB )
    Start off by using the ammo crates near you to get a sniper rifle and a put
    on a good scope. When you start moving up, enemies appear all over. Just send
    your team to cover, you take cover somewhere else, and just make your way up,
    same as you did at the garage. Just take your time and move your team ahead of
    you, it's really that simple and your shooting is optional. Make your way to
    the steps on the left and follow the walkway to the open doors, but watch up
    high for enemies to appear on the bridge in the center and through the windows.
    Clear them out and go through the doors. Make your way to the bridge, watch
    for an enemy on the roof, and cross the bridge. 
    Once your reach the checkpoint, you will notice a room you must enter that has 
    three points of entry. Ignore the one door on the left and look through both 
    on the right side. Stack your team on the bottom door, tag the one enemy you 
    see patrolling, and then you go to the door above, but DON'T snake it or else
    the enemies will move. Just take cover by the closed door, looke down to see 
    the tagged target move, send in your team when the red marker is all the way
    left, and after you hear your team start attacking, that is your cue to open
    the door. You will stay behind cover and shoot whoever you see, most likely 
    just one target behind a thin cubicle wall. Move your team to the other side
    of the bottom level and that should be it.
    Go through the door to run into an ammo crate, so just refill and keep the 
    sniper rifle you got. Go through the first door near the crates and then
    snake the closed door to see two enemies talking under some steps. Tag both and
    stack your team on this door. Now, you can go all the way around and up the 
    stair case to get to the roof, but you can't see anyone. So instead of going 
    up the stairs on the other side, just snake the door up the small steps that 
    has the sign "Workstations" above it, and you should see one patrolling guard.
    Wait for him to be walking away from you, then send in your team, and after 
    you hear gunfire, that is your cue to bust in and take him out, if your team
    doesn't kill him first. 
    Now, you can send your team toward the middle of this library and this will 
    spawn all the enemies to show up. From there you can got the roof and start 
    sniping if you wish, or just stay with your team and snipe from down here; you
    don't even have to snipe at all, just use your gun to blast enemies. The only
    guys you may need to snipe are the riot shield enemies, or just blast at their
    feet with any gun. Just stay behind cover, move your team to the center, and 
    soon you will hear talking over the radio. After the fight, just go to the 
    other side of the room and through the doorway.
    Act 3 - Scene 4: Chase			( A3S4CHA )
    Go to the end of this building for an ammo point, and use it to at least refill
    your ammo. Then just go out the doors for a quick scene. Go right and take 
    cover behind the railing wall as you take out the few enemies. Before you step 
    into the parking lot, you should know that once you do enemies will spawn, so
    you shouldn't go too far into the cars. If you'll notice there are two plantars
    near the place where you took cover and they face the little booth in the lot.
    You should set your team behind the one on the left, then you step into the 
    parking lot so that enemies spawn and the destination marker moves, and then
    you take cover behind the plantar on the right. If done correctly, you can 
    snipe the snipers on the roof without them seeing you, and you can even hit 
    some of the other enemies on the ground. And for moving through the lot, just
    send your team up and up until you are convinced all the enemies are dead.
    Take the alleyway on the side and you will run into Miguel, but don't follow
    him through the fence doorway as there are enemies waiting for you. Just toss a
    frag through the door, or some smoke if you feel like doing that, and then pick
    off enemies from the cover of the doorway. Go through and move your team ahead
    of you in case of surviving terrorists. Go around the next fence to be in 
    someone else's backyard for another quick fight, and then again in the next
    backyard. Then you'll need to toss a few frags into the alley full of 
    construction equipment, use the little cover provided, and pick off the 
    enemies in your way. 
    When you reach the checkpoint right before the junkyard, be ready for an enemy
    up high. Not much cover throughout this mess of a place, but if you keep moving
    your team in front of you, as you've been doing all along, you should have no
    problems. Don't move anywhere unless you team has been there first, which is 
    the rule all the time. Take the limited cover where you can, watch out for the
    enemies up high when you get close to Miguel, and then approach him to end this
    act. Oh yeah, and watch out for when he pulls the gun (you are supposed to 
    kill him).
    Act 4 - Scene 1: South Hall		( A4S1SOU )
    Keep the same sniper rifle and whatever setup, with frags and smoke on backup.
    I'm using the SCAR with a x6 scope and all seems to work well. But again, it's
    up to you what you want.
    To start the level, you can either take the rappel points on the side, or take
    the stairs. Doing the rappel approach takes you right into the action. Taking
    the stairs doesn't give you much of the element of surprise, but you do get to
    attack from the high ground. If you can tell, I say go down the stairs and 
    take the high ground. You'll need to watch for enemies from the side on your
    level, but keep firing on the guys down below; make sure your teammates are set
    to Assault mode.
    After the fight, make your way to the ground floor and be ready for a few 
    remaining enemies as you near the destination marker. Peek around the corner to
    see an enemy and try to snipe him, and then send your team ahead of you. You'll
    then enter the convention hall where it plays out just like many other fights
    you've had, where you send your team up behind cover, follow close behind, send
    them up, and repeat until you reach the next marker. It should be easy by now,
    and you should know that you're input with the fighting is limited. 
    At the next marker, use the outfitting boxes for more ammo, and then be ready
    for a fight around the corner. Toss a frag at the riot shield guys, and then
    just move your team up until you kill all the enemies. Around the next corner
    you hit a fork in the road. Both sides have a few enemies, so send your team 
    to cover on one side and you take the other. Either snipe or frag the shield
    guy on your side and kill the other, and then go help your team on their side.
    Advance with them and get to the foot of the steps. As you send your team to
    the top of the stairs, watch the skylight for two rappelling enemies and get
    them before they drop. 
    Join your team at the top and look to the right for any enemies hiding. Send
    your guys to the corner of the wall looking over the long stretch of open
    floor and then you go up the steps that are blocked at the top; if you go up
    as far as you can you will have some cover, but you can't go all the way up.
    From this perch, snipe all the enemies you see and the turret gunner way up
    to the right. Advance your team along the debris and cover them. Join them and 
    keep sending them first as you move along. Then go through the door.
    Act 4 - Scene 2: Exhibition		( A4S2EXH )
    Use the outfitting boxes to get more ammo and move through the door. At the 
    bottom you have two doors. You have many options here. First, I'll let you
    know there is one enemy by the right door, an enemy by the van, an enemy by the
    steps near the van, and a turret gunner you can't see from these doors. You can
    go silent, set your team to Infiltrate, and then by yourself slip out the door
    on the right for a silenced kill. Then go around the truck and try to snipe 
    the gunner. Then call your team with you and take out the rest going in Assault
    After that, go send someone to the van. Now go up the stairs by the van and go
    through the first door you see. Stack your team on the door in this tiny room,
    and then you go back out onto the walkway and follow it to another door. Snake
    the door and tag the patrolling enemy and another one on the other side. If 
    you'll notice, there is a barrel near one guy that you can blow up. You'll want
    to send in your team when the patrolling guy is going away from the door where
    your team is, and then you go in and target the barrel. Then clear out the 
    lower level. 
    Stay on the top and take the path next to the office up here, and snake a
    door to see two dudes right next to the door. Stack your team and notice the
    option that has the exploding door (should be the left option). If you had
    never used that one, it will set a charge on the door and hit anyone near it.
    Then quickly send your team behind the box on the left as you take the box 
    near the door, and look to the doorway across the gap for two guys to run out
    with incendiaries. Kill them and anyone on the ground; aim for the feet of
    the shielded one. 
    Again, stay up top and go through the next doorway. Send your team to the small
    cover of the railing by the wall, and then you start picking off targets on the
    ground. When things seem clear, send your team onto the bridge and they may 
    find someone. Get to the other side and you'll reach the next marker.
    Snake the door and tag the one patrolling enemy. Use your silencer and open the
    door as he has his back to you. Go down the hallway and snake the door on the
    left. From here you should tag the enemy on the left and one of of the two
    up on the balcony to the right. Now, you can either have your team set a 
    charge on the door on the right, or send them through the door on the left and
    then you enter from the right. Either way, clear them out and then you need
    to get on the ground level. Go down the hall on the left with the outfitting
    boxes, but ignore them and peek around the corner for a hiding enemy and then
    one more to run out of the room. 
    *NOTE: Snipe kills from here on out mean your gun that isn't a sniper rifle, 
    just use the scope and maybe even change the ROF to one bullet. Don't forget
    you can press up for a Thermal Scan of the area near you whenever it is ready.*
    After all the guys are dead, feel free to then use the boxes. Go into the 
    security room and use the monitors. After that, go silent and return to the 
    ground floor and then take the double doors. When at the wooden wall, snake the
    door on the right and tag the one enemy. Then stand behind the door and just
    wait for him marker to get real close, and when he is going away, open the door
    and kill him quietly. Leave your team somewhere and go to the edge of the wall,
    peek over for an enemy standing, and quietly kill him. If you'll stay behind 
    cover and look to the right, you'll notice a patrolling enemy. You should wait
    for him to turn away, switch to the other side of the opening, and kill him 
    when he is walking away again, although he may just be unable to see you from
    this range.
    Bring you men with you and make sure they are on Infiltrate. Go around the 
    corner to see two doors. Snake the one on the left and tag two guys. You can
    then go all the way to the opening on the right and try to see another enemy
    nearby, but he's hard to see. Either way, send your team in through the door
    and then be ready for anyone else from your end. Go to the marker. Peek around
    the next corner and wait for a guard to be looking away, then pop out and 
    quickly snipe him with the scope on your gun. Then go around the corner and 
    kill one last enemy by the pool tables. 
    Then go up to the right, and take the door on the left to be in a wooden area 
    with some steps. Go up and take cover by the doors. You can just burst out and
    fire on anyone, or you can quickly tag some targets and do it like a pro; but
    either way works if you got the skill. Just a few enemies and when you hear 
    your character talking it is clear to go to Dennis. Disarm the bomb and take 
    cover by the boxes that look the way you came in. A bunch of enemies will 
    enter, and they will use smoke. Quickly turn on your thermal vision and start
    picking them off, and even toss a frag or two. Oh yeah, make sure your guys are
    on Assault, in case you didn't do that yourself. This is just a long gunfight,
    and if you stay behind cover you will do fine, so long as you are good with 
    headshots of course.
    After that, you can take off your silencers and go back the way your came, but
    be ready for three enemies near the pool table area; a thermal scan helps. 
    Do know, you can kill enemies through the sheet walls, as well as most other 
    cover in this area too. Then go around the corner for a few more enemies, and
    the rest of the backtracking is more enemies in old places. Should be no 
    troubles so long as you stay safe. When you get to where you started your 
    silent run, just take the door on the right and go up the steps.
    Act 4 - Scene 3: North Hall		( A4S3NOR )
    Use the outfitting boxes first to get more ammo, maybe try a new Assault Rifle
    if you want. 
    Start by snaking either door and tagging two bad guys. Stack your team on one 
    door, tell them to toss in a frag and clear, and then you go through the other
    door to help out. Move down this stretch, leap frogging your team from cover to
    cover. At the end, take cover atop the stairs and pick off enemies down below.
    When those enemies are cleared, get to the middle of the stairs and pick off
    some more. Then move your team through the slot machines, make sure you get 
    both halves of this path clear, and then use the outfitting boxes near some
    Don't go through those doors just yet. Instead, listen to the lady's advice 
    over the radio and go up the steps. You can do nothing to stop the people up
    here from crying, so ignore and go through the bathroom door on the left; both
    bathrooms are directly in front of the civilians if you didn't realize. Snake
    the door on the other side to see a turret gunner and another dude up here. 
    Tag them and you can just send your team through. Then quickly send your team
    somewhere near the glass railing and you need to get on the turret. Mow down 
    all the enemies as they try to get up the steps, and then wait a while for 
    more to rappel in through the windows. And make sure you got everyone on the 
    ground level before leaving the gun. 
    Swing around to the windows and get ready for a quick fight in the hallway
    on the right with some enemies that may use smoke. Just send your team to the 
    cover of the columns next to the walls on either side. There is an outfitting
    box at the end. Go around the corner and stack your team on the door. Snake it
    and tag anyone you see. Now, you can go silent and try to kill them quietly,
    but you'll most likely just burst in guns blazin' and that will attract the 
    attention of the guys outside. So you and your team must quickly cover the 
    doors on the other end of this room, and then start attacking the guys 
    in the area with the slot machines. You could even slip out the side and attack
    from the hallway, but you don't have to. Just send in your team when things
    seem clear, use frags, and shouldn't be too hard.
    As you move toward the end of this area of slot machines, there will be a few
    guys that rappel down, so be ready to frag them. Then just move through some
    doors until you hit some outfitting boxes. Use them and snake the door.
    Act 4 - Scene 4: Monorail		( A4S4MON )
    Okay, the next big fight is all about speed, so toss all your knowledge about
    patience and execution. What you will do is open the door, look right and 
    send your team to the cover of a white stand. You will use your scope and look
    left for an enemy moving toward your flank, so try to kill him and if you 
    don't you may want to forget about him. Then sprint to a blue newspaper machine
    and from there tell your team to go all the way down to a stairway that enemies
    keep pouring down; it's a stairway attached to the building you need to enter
    and was pointed out by Sharon over your com link. Get your team to go up there 
    while you provide support, mainly just keeping the enemies from taking the 
    turret. Once they are to the stairs, just sprint over to them, careful of any
    shotgun enemies on your left. Tell them to go up the stairs first as an enemy
    may come down, and then get them up the ladder as you follow.
    Yes, that should have taken like 30 seconds or so. Once up on the roof and to
    the checkpoint, go right for the skylight. Look down and set your team on 
    the points, but wait to tell them to go down. Headshot a shield guy or two,
    maybe toss a frag if you want, just watch out you don't toss it to yourself,
    send your team down, and then you follow. All of you should take cover behind
    the bar and then pick off the enemies in the open. When it seems clear, go 
    through the door on the right, then snake the next door and tag the gunner.
    Send your team through, set them on cover in the corner of the wall, and 
    then you take the turret; everyone is probably dead, but it never hurts to 
    overdo it.
    Once you are certain this area is clear, go to the right for a door. Snake it
    to see a guy send two shields on patrol. Both or all of them will eventually
    go into the room on your left, so you can wait there, or tell your team to open
    and frag the door; whatever you do, use the thermal scan to help know where 
    the enemies are. Then go into the room with the phones for a checkpoint.
    Next comes a tricky part that is simple if done right. Snake both doors and 
    stack your team on the door on the left. What you will do is open the door on
    the right and kill the guy in front of the door yourself. You will stay behind
    the cover of the doorway as you patiently pick off targets that go around the 
    turret. Your team should be fine, but you can always call them to cover that
    is in your sights. After a while, start moving them up and follow to make sure
    the area is clean.
    When you get to the back, near the turret, keep your attention on the stairs as
    some guys will come down and then two shields. Carefully place your team on
    about the midway point of the stairs. Now you need to set some smoke, which 
    you can tell your team to do (press the left button I believe), or you can toss
    some smoke. You'll need to lay at least three: one near the top, another closer
    to the top, and then one at the top of the stairs. You'll send your team to the
    top of the stairs, but they seem less than willing to attack the enemies, so 
    you need to run up there, turn on your thermal vision, and start shooting the
    enemies up here. There are four near the bomb and one on the other side by 
    himself. Don't use any frags and send your team up near the bomb. Keep an
    eye on the windows by the bomb for rappelling enemies, which you should be 
    able to kill easily.
    Once you think the place is clear, go down the ramp to make sure no one is 
    hiding on the platform. Come back and send Mike on the bomb, and then Jung
    will also go to a computer. All you have to do is watch the window for three
    rappelling enemies. Shoot them and that will be it. Watch the next events 
    unfold and then have your team use those rappel lines to get to the chopper on
    the roof. End mission.
    Act 5 - Scene 1: Penthouse		( A5S1PEN )
    You may want to swap your sniper rifle for a shotgun, but doesn't matter.
    Too bad for Sharon, oh well. After you drop, wait for your team to land and
    then send them behind a plantar on the wooden deck. They should be able to 
    handle all the enemies, so no sweat. Move your team toward the doors and a few
    more should pop up. Go down the stairs and stack your team on the door. Snake
    the door and tag two enemies, and then just send your team in; you could go 
    around and use the window or the other door, but no need.
    There is a staircase on the left, so take it. At the bottom, move them behind 
    cover in this living room area and then make your way left to the hallway with
    the enemies. Feel free to toss a frag or two. Clear them out and then you 
    go into the room on the left. You'll be on a balcony looking down and you 
    should see two enemies. Just toss a frag down and finish any survivors. Now go
    back into the hallway and down the stairs by the elevator that gets locked. 
    Go down the stairs and go straight into a little room with a door. Use your
    thermal scan (up if it's available) and you will see three targets. Stack your
    team on the door and tell them to place a charge on the door. Tell them to 
    take cover by the couch, get rid of the patrolling enemy, and then set them to
    cover by the window as some enemies will try to storm the place. Kill them, go
    out to the walkway, and go around the corner for the checkpoint.
    Use the outfitting point for ammo, and maybe now consider grabbing a shotgun.
    Sneak over to the window and scope out the place; use a thermal scan if you
    like. You can tell your friends to start attacking, or you take the first 
    shot, either way, it will turn into a big fight. Lots of enemies and they are 
    all over. After you start the fight, from this window, quickly go around the 
    corner and place your team on the adjacent wall and hopefully under the other
    window, but don't be surprised if someone does something weird like run into
    the room full of enemies. Just blast the closer enemies and pick off the ones
    farther away, and retreat to cover if you are taking damage. 
    When things seem a bit clear, order your squad into the room and behind 
    whatever cover you see. You can either go left or right, or straight through 
    the bar area to reach the second living room for any remaining tangos. Send 
    your team to the rappel points on the windows and join them. Remember, you can
    turn upside down while rappelling, and you may want to do so since there is 
    one guy by the windows below. Kill him and then quickly breach the room and 
    toss frags to the right (don't forget your team has frags too). Carefully 
    make your way to the back room and use the outfitting point. Then stack your
    team on the left door as you snake the door on the right. What you will do is
    you will tell them to breach that door with a charge blast, and then you will
    open yours and quickly kill the shield guy. Then you'll rappel into the 
    lower level.
    *NOTE: To turn upside down while rappelling, click LS on the 360, and I would
    guess it's the same on the PS3.*
    The lights go out, so turn on your night vision. Then it's the same setup as
    last time; stack your team on the left, tell them to breach, and then you 
    enter from the right. The next room may have a few enemies inside, so either 
    toss some frags or send in ya boys. Outfit at the boxes and snake the nearby
    door. For some reason, a smoke grenade may hinder your view, but you can still
    tag both enemies on the left and right, even if you can't see them, or just 
    wait the smoke out. Tell your team to frag the room and that will work. 
    At the next set of doors you have another hallway. Stack your team on the 
    door on the right as you take the door on the left. Tell them to breach, and 
    after they do you will come in to help; snake the door and tag the enemy if 
    you like. Once you come in from your side, be ready for a tango coming out of
    closet, and watch out for any other bad jokes as you clear out the hallway. 
    At the marker, you have two options: either rappel down the elevator shaft or
    take the stairs. A cool plan is to take your team down the steps and stack them
    on the door. Snake the door and tag the patrolling enemy and the other guy, not
    the shielded guy. Then go back up and rappel down the shaft and turn upside
    down. You will go down and shoot the shield guy from behind, and then send in
    your team. 
    Then go to the end of the hallway. Just stack your team on the door and tell
    them to clear the room out. Go in and use the outfitting boxes. Climb through
    the windows on the left and then you'll have a scene; look to the left for
    the explosion. Then put your team on the rappel points and tell them to go
    down. Follow and fight with the few enemies down here. Clear out the initial
    set and feel free to move up to a bar on the left and use a turret as you move
    your team up. Clear out this area and then you'll have a big group of bad guys
    in the lobby. You can try to enter from the door behind the second bar, or you
    can set your team by the doors to the left and then go scare the enemies by 
    peeking through the door behind the bar. If it works correctly, all of them
    should try to exit through the main doors on the left, and if your team is 
    waiting for them it should be a massacre. If not, blast your way inside and use
    the rappel point.
    Act 5 - Scene 2: Casino			( A5S2CAS )
    After what seems like forever, a new scene. Just one enemy up close for an
    easy kill, and then one more at the end of the hallway. When you get to the end
    you need to be ready for more tangos down the other hall, from the right. After
    you clear them, set your team at cover near the end of the hallway and then
    you go right through a door and into a bathroom. Go through the next door and
    take up the corner. There is a sniper up high, a gunner below him, two shield
    guys, and a few others for you to pick off. Advance your team and then move 
    Go right to hit outfitting boxes and go right again for a door. Snake it and
    tag the enemy as you stack your team. Then go to the other side, around the
    wall that shields your from view of the main floor, and snake the left door
    for another tango. You open your door first to kill your guy and then send in
    your team. Just a few enemies and they will handle them all. Next you have 
    two paths: left or right. Both have a few enemies and both have turret
    gunners at the end of the paths. Just stay with your team and leap frog your
    way down one path. Move them around and take out both gunners. When you reach
    the marker, everyone go to cover by the railing and look over for enemies. Toss
    a frag or two at the shield guys and finish off anyone else. 
    Act 5 - Scene 3: Center Stage		( A5S3CEN )
    So they follow up the longest scene with the shortest - didn't see that one 
    coming. Get down there and just go through the doors ahead of you for
    outfitting boxes. Go down the hall and assist the friendlies by sending in
    your team first. After the chat, cautiously move up the hall for a fight with 
    enemies at the end. Some will rappel, so try to hit them before they touch
    ground. After, go up to the right. 
    Stack your team on the door and just tell them to breach and clear, but 
    quickly join with them and toss a frag or two at the turret gunner and the 
    shield guys. Once that is done, go into that room hack the computer, and then
    get on the turret; reload it if almost empty. Just mow down the waves of tangos
    and aim at the feet or heads of the shield guys. After you hear some talking,
    you're free to get off.
    *NOTE: This used to be a tricky part, but now it is much easier thanks to 
    advice from readers. No, it wasn't from tips on how to do it, I had kinda 
    already knew what was required, even before getting advice, the thing that did
    it for me was people added to the gun guide and saying the SR-25 SD was a 
    silenced sniper rifle. Who knew?*
    Now, you must follow my exact words to get through this next section. First, 
    make sure everyone has silencers (or, "Sound Supressors" for the one guy that 
    complained I call them silencers), and set your team to Infiltrate. Go up 
    and to the outfitting box and this is the only time in the game where the SR-
    25 SD sniper rifle is an absolute MUST (thanks to all the people that pointed
    the fact that this rifle has a silencer). Grab it, another good gun on backup,
    but if things go wrong you will probably want to retry from the checkpoint, or
    you'll just die anyway. Then go through the next door, and just set your team
    either behind the door or just somewhere in this hall, just whatever to keep 
    them out of the picture. Then you go left all the way to another door.
    Snake the door and tag the one soldier up on the catwalk. Take cover by the
    door and wait for his marker to be walking away, or just walking to the other
    side, and then open the door and pop him with the SR-25. Now, there are four
    more guards in this theater, and maybe a few outside the doors, but they can
    only be seen in a thermal scan, which you don't need to do. From this door, 
    crouch, turn on the night vision, and gently step out. Look down and to the 
    right to see one guy patrolling in the upper balcony; peek over the side and 
    pop him. Next will be a guy on the stage, the one that is patrolling, so get 
    his speed as he is walking, pick a point in the air you think he will pass by,
    and pop him (I believe killing him only goes unnoticed if he dies while going 
    along the front of the stage). There is another patrolling guard on the floor 
    level, to the left, so pop him in his small route. Then there is one more 
    enemy by the bomb, which is at the back of the stage, so go right a bit while
    still on this catwalk, and snipe him.
    Once all the bad guys are dead, call your team to you, maybe send them moving
    around on the catwalk to see if they spot someone you missed, and then 
    everyone fast rope down to the balcony, then using the railing to fast rope to
    the floor. Go up to the stage and set someone on the bomb.
    *NOTE: There is another way to get through this area, the wrong way, the way
    I had in version 1.0. If you do get detected by the enemies, you'll have about
    a minute or maybe way less to get down to the stage and set someone on the bomb
    before it explodes. You'll not only have to kill the standard bad guys, you'll
    also need to take out more from outside the theater that come in, and then a
    squad that joins from behind the stage. It's possible to do things this way,
    but it's tough and leaves little room for error, like if someone on your team
    gets hurt. And did I mention you and your team has to fast rope down while 
    fighting? Yeah, do it the right way.*
    After the bomb is disarmed, stack your team on the door while on Infiltrate
    and feel free to snake the door. Your team will need to flash and clear, and
    once inside you should crouch and start shooting guys through the openings in 
    the shelf. Feel free to grab a 500 Tactical shotgun if you like close fighting.
    Go around the corner and use the boxes. Stack your team on the left door and
    then go snake the right door. What will happen is they will breach, and then 
    you will toss a frag at the shield guy at the same time; if you through it 
    late, you will hit your own guys. When they are in, set them to cover near you
    and then start picking off enemies as they move around. Use a thermal scan and
    toss some frags if needed.
    Go through the other side to reach another room with two doors. Stack your 
    team on the doors on the right and you will hear talking inside the room. Make
    sure your team is set to Infiltrate so that you get the flash and clear option,
    which is the lightning bolt. You get next to the door on the left, tell them 
    to flash and clear, and then you go in after you hear the flash go off. That
    should kill all the bad guys and spare the hostages.
    Now make sure your guys are set to Assault and get ready for a big fight on 
    the stage nearby. Set your guys and yourself behind the cover of the drums. 
    Hopefully your teammates don't do something stupid, but so long as they stay
    behind this cover they will be fine. Use your scope and pick off the enemies
    up high first, then focus on the ones in the seats, and you can shoot through
    the seats. When things die down, move your team around and then go through the
    doors, up the stairs, and make your way to another set of doors. Snake these 
    doors and tag two enemies. Send in your team, clear them out, and then go 
    around the corner and into a hallway for the end of this scene.
    Act 5 - Scene 4: Extraction		( A5S4EXT )
    Go up and then hug a corner to see a big group of enemies. Just start shooting 
    at their heads and then toss frags toward the doors to get the shield guys. 
    Watch out for enemies on the left that will come in through the windows. Send 
    your team up when things look clear because there most likely will be a guy or
    two somewhere. More enemies in the next hallway and be ready for the ones that
    rappel. Go up the stairs and outfit yourself with a sniper rifle.
    The next part is tricky, and by tricky I mean you do the opposite of what 
    seems correct. It would seem best if you set your guys on the door by the 
    boxes, and then you go up the steps to handle the gunner and take the high
    ground. But actually, your guys are crap when it comes to the low ground, and
    you'll be able to defend yourself down here much better than they can, and 
    they will be able to take out enemies from up high better than you. So stack 
    them on the upper door and tell them to clear, which they will only get the 
    turret gunner. Then you go through this bottom door and hit the guy in front 
    and maybe the shield guy if he's still there. It's tricky, but command your 
    team to take cover behind whatever up there and you go to both corners of this
    big block to shoot enemies.
    There will be two more turret positions that will keep being filled, shield 
    guys will be on the ground, and tangos will be all over too. Just move your 
    team around up where they are and pick off the turret gunners. Do what you 
    can to handle the shieldists and soon the fight will be over; it's actually 
    not soon, but eventually. Once you are talking on the radio, run up the steps
    and onto the helipad. You will get in and have a chat with some new fellow, 
    and then it's over.
    Nevada Desert
    Act 6 - Scene 1: Drop Off		( A6S1DRO )
    You are all alone, so the game changes. Keep your assault rifle and pack a
    spare assault rifle or shotgun.
    When you drop down you have more outfitting crates if you need them. Take the 
    ladder down and then move toward the dining area. Crouch under the windows if 
    you want, but they will see you, so you may want to just shoot the guys talking
    outside. Be careful of when they try to jump in, and watch for a third tango
    to appear after the van pulls up. There are two more enemies behind a van on
    the left, so toss a frag over there if they haven't joined the fight already.
    Once you clear this first part, go toward the flames in the road and go left
    of them. Keep going left, crouch, and stick close to the pipes in this ditch
    area. Turn on your silencer and go to end of this walkway. Look right and up
    into a booth where you will see a gunner through the window. Quietly pop him in
    the head, then come onto the steps and look toward the flames to see another
    guy to shoot. Stay behind the concrete barrier. There is a sniper up high and
    a guard directly below him. Just peek over the barrier and pick off both with
    your rifle, and you can use your sniper rifle if you want but you don't need
    to. Then slide to the right and go behind the trucks to sneak up on a guy
    in front of a door. There is one more tango that is hard to see, he's to the 
    left of the area near the destination marker. There is one more guy through
    the two doors on the right, but these doors lead to nowhere, so no reason to 
    kill him unless you want to.
    Hit the checkpoint and you'll need to take cover at the corner on the right.
    There is one shotgun guy to the far left and a tango near your corner. If you
    can, peek over and barely hit the shotgun guy, or just toss a frag over there
    to him, then get the other guy. Take cover behind the first column you
    see and look up to see three tangos up high. Get the first two on the walkway
    and then the sniper way up there.
    Next is another bastard part, but not too bad. From this column, go to your 
    right and straight to some barrels that are not by a wall. This will cause a 
    massive force of enemies to appear all over the place. The trick is to stay
    behind these barrels, toss frags when enemies get close, and just be patient 
    with the tangos playing pop and shoot with you. After things quiet down a bit,
    go to your left and look right for any enemies. Then slowly creep down into
    the "pit" area and look all over. Then go to the column on the left of this
    pit and take cover. There is a turret gunner down this left path, which is 
    where your next checkpoint is, so kill him. Then walk up to the right and over
    into the back area and keep an eye on this back pit for two enemies to rappel
    down. Just toss a grenade and they should die. Feel free to take your time and
    slowly hit the next checkpoint.
    Act 6 - Scene 2: Furnaces		( A6S2FUR )
    For the next part, you will definately need your night vision. Step onto the 
    train tracks and look left for a target and kill him silently with one clean 
    bullet to the head. Then go right and hide behind the barriers as you look down
    the aisles for two more guards. Move down the right-most path and be on the 
    lookout for two more enemies patrolling. One will be on the left and the other 
    will be to the right. If you are ever caught, be ready for three guys to 
    rappel from the walkway in the center. If you do manage to get all the tangos
    without being seen, congrats. And sometimes you can get caught and it seems
    like the three guys that should have rappelled down just come from the turret
    area, so deal with what you get.
    *NOTE: They follow up one semi-bastard part with a really, really terrible 
    part. It makes you wonder what crack the people that make this game are 
    smoking. They kill any pacing they may have going for them, and the game just
    bogs at these parts. And there's no good reason why they took away the thermal
    When you make it to the other side, go right and up the first steps you see,
    not the ones by the turret. The steps I'm talking about lead to a ladder that
    will take you to a door, as well as the walkway with the rappel points. Go 
    through the door and quickly go right and snake this door. You should see one
    patrolling guard, so wait for him to turn and then open the door to pop him.
    Then stay in this room and go a bit left, but stay crouched behind cover. Use
    the map if you want to see the other patrolling guard up here. He should pass
    by the window frequently, so pop him once as he goes by, when he is not looking
    at you. Now go into the hallway on the right and stay crouched under the window
    as you peek over. There are two guards on the ground: one stationary at the end
    near the checkpoint and one patrolling. You need to pop the still one as the
    other is not looking, and then pop the moving one, and you can do it from the
    windows in this hallway. There is one more enemy, below this hall. You should
    probably come out onto the walkway, spot him through the holes in the walkway,
    and as soon as you move to the open to get a clear shot, just pelt him with
    whatever. And if you miss him, just fast rope on the far left and run past
    the checkpoint, but don't go down the steps.
    *NOTE: Gosh, even this next part is crap. You see, most games design things so
    that stealth is possible. Not so with this game, even though stealth is 
    Wow, heavy stuff. Don't go down the steps, and don't snake either door. Just
    go to the left, take cover on the right side of this door, and open it. Quickly
    pop the one guard you see standing still, and then retreat back to cover. Wait
    for another guy to walk toward the dead guy and kill him when he's still. This
    or you moving into the room will cause mass panic. Enemies will drop from above
    and some will come from below. Either kill them all quickly or retreat to the
    cover of the door. Once things die down a bit, bring up your map to see if 
    there are any red dots around. If there area, and they are behind cover, 
    then they are up here with you. You'll have to either frag them or just jump
    out and quickly gun them down. You could even try just running out the door and
    into the next building.
    When you cross over into this next area, there is one enemy behind some fences
    directly in front of the door, and then one more to the right; both can be 
    picked off quietly. Then just run to the next scene.
    Act 6 - Scene 3: Refinery		( A6S3REF )
    Start by refilling at the outfitting boxes. Proceed to a dark room where you 
    will find the computer to turn off the fire alarm. Crouch, turn on your 
    thermals, and press the button. Go right and hide behind a cubicle wall that 
    looks back to a door. Ignore the bullets zipping through the windows and just
    wait for enemies to burst through that door. You can blindfire them or do
    whatever, just get both of them quickly. Then take out both turret gunners.
    *NOTE: Use night vision and the map whenever you want.*
    When you go out the doors, retreat to the cover of the doorway as someone will
    send an exploding barrel to you. The open area has enemies all over, but for
    now just focus on the two covering the doorway. One is up high and the other
    one sent that lift at your. Kill them and then take cover behind one of the
    metal plates on the railing. There are tons of enemies in this parking lot,
    and they seem to not stop coming. Just be patient and pick them off one by
    one. Move slowly down onto the ground level when you think things are clear,
    and be ready to at any moment run for cover. You can also swing around to the
    right if you want for maybe one lone enemy, or just don't go over there at 
    all. Then inch your way left and take cover by the steps and take out one more
    enemy at the top.
    After the checkpoint, look to the left for a light post. Go behind the barrels
    in front of it and you should see tangos moving around the objects; don't
    forget to use your map. There should be one patrolling to the right and one 
    going on a big route to the left. You need your silencer on, and quickly kill
    the one on the right. Stay behind cover and peek over to the left to see the 
    other one and take him out, best when he is on the walkway above. If you are
    caught, be ready for a heavy fight and fire to be in your way.
    If you do manage to get by without detection, climb up the ladder and use the 
    walkway to find a door. Go through and then follow the hallway all the way
    to stairs at the end and take them down. Go left, quickly past the fans, and 
    then snake the door. You can keep bringing up the map as you snake to get a 
    good read on the two bads guys patrolling. The one in front of the door just 
    goes up and down, and the guy on the walkway has a long route. What I want you
    to do is open the door and dash to the left, behind some cover as both guys
    have their backs to the door. It may take some patience, but once the lower 
    guy is walking away and the upper guy is away, just open the door and sprint
    left. Quickly go to the doors on this side of the room and close them behind 
    you for good measure.
    No, you're not done with this area yet, the marker is actually through another
    set of doors above you. Go down this hallway and up some steps to hit a door.
    You should hear gunfire and if you snake the door you'll see a bad guy shooting
    at a dead person (pretty grim game with all this slaughter don't cha think?).
    You will open this door and quickly shoot him in the hip area, hopefully not 
    alerting anyone else. When you get into this hall, just crouch and stick to the
    right wall as you go to the next door; most likely the guards outside the 
    windows will see you and they will start shooting at you. Though this door is 
    one enemy, and you just go in and shoot him as quickly as you can; especially 
    if everyone has spotted you. Then run through the doors and close them.
    *NOTE: If you were spotted, it seems like the enemies don't follow you. I 
    could be wrong and you may get chased down, but I think that would be rare.*
    *NOTE: I can't stress it enough, either get flashbangs or smoke. But I say
    bring the smoke.*
    Use the outfitting box and take cover at the corner of the wall. Don't worry,
    there is no one in this dark room. Feel free to snake the door on the other
    side to see two guards, but you're not taking them on. Instead, go left and 
    down the steps. Snake the first door on the left you see to spot one tango (he
    may glitch over with repeated retries of this area, so if he is hugging the 
    cover of the generator you can pretty much be sure you'll fail, so just die 
    and try again). Then go to the other door and open it. Don't go to the right
    of the generators as there is another guy over there. Instead, go left a bit
    to get on the center walkway. Down the first aisle you will see no one. For
    the second aisle your will slowly creep around into view, look right, and 
    quickly and quietly kill the guy on the right. Now, when you get to the end of
    this little walkway, there will be two guards by the door, not to mention the
    other guy you saw on the left of these generators. You'll just have to spray
    these two with bullets, take cover from the last guy and kill him, or just 
    run through the doors to reach the next scene; either way works. 
    Act 6 - Scene 4: Airstrip		( A6S4AIR )
    Go out the door, go down the steps on the left, and then take cover by the left
    column next to the little steps. Turn on the night vision and wait for the 
    enemy on the left to turn his head and then pop out to kill him. There will
    be one more to come out on the right, but you'll have to wait a while for him
    to show up and then you just have a few second to hit him, so just take your
    Now, there are three more tangos in the area: one on the left, one on the 
    right, and one near the doors. I suggest getting the one to the right first.
    You can use your map to help see him the closer you get. Whenever he is walking
    away from you, jump out and quickly pop him silently. Then go back around
    to the left corridor and take cover behind one of the concrete blocks. Stay
    behind and wait for the guard to walk into view, and then quickly pop him in
    the face. Now stay in this corridor and take up point behind the block at the 
    corner. Bring up your map to track the movement of the last bad guy. You will
    wait for him to walk to the ground level, and then put your sights where his
    head will go; make sure you hit him in the head with one shot or else some 
    bad guys will come out and rush you.
    If you killed all five without being seen, good job. There are two doors, and 
    you can snake both to see they are covered by one bad guy apiece. This is where
    smoke or a flashbang will pay off big; hopefully you have smoke. What you will
    do is you will open one door, toss smoke right at the doorway, turn on your 
    thermals, and then pop the one guy you see. There are more guys in this
    corridor, so consider either using more smoke or just toss frags and go all 
    Go through the doors and then up the ladder. Fast rope down and then look 
    left for a quick scene. Then enemies will swarm you, so take cover, but you're
    supposed to black out, so no worries. Just watch the events unfold and you're
    finally done being alone.
    Act 7 - Scene 1: Compound		( A7S1COM )
    Thankfully, you have your team back. You can keep two assault rifles if you
    want or get a shotgun, it's your call.
    Send your team to the right corner of the shack and they will start fighting.
    You can take the left corner and hit a guy up high. Then go straight ahead and
    set your team to cover behind the bigger shack around the corner. Help take 
    out bad guys and then make your way to the steps on the left. Kill the guys
    inside the house and then send your team in to make sure it's all clear. 
    Breach and clear through the door on the patio and then cut the power. On your
    way back through the house there will be some more enemies on the upper balcony
    that your team should be able to handle. Go through the door for the next
    scene. Let us hope they are all this short.
    Act 7 - Scene 2: Hacienda		( A7S2HAC )
    Outfit and then snake the next door. Look left for a dude in a suit and tag 
    him. Send in your team and then set them to cover by an edge. You go around 
    to the right and help out, and move your team toward the garage to confirm the
    area is safe. Now bring your team through the garage to a door. Snake the door
    and tag the patrolling tango and the gunner in front of the door. Switch the
    ROE to Infiltrate and send in your team with smoke, which should work. Then set
    them at the foot of the steps as some enemies may file down, and send your
    team up the steps when ready to move on; you could even toss smoke of the steps
    if you want to. 
    When up top things will get complicated. First, you need to handle anyone 
    left on the patio. Then stack your team on the door by the top of the stairs
    and send them in; you could blindfire through the window the enemy if you want.
    Then you go around the corner and either toss in a frag through the next window
    at the enemy, or go to the door, open, and then fire. Be sure to move your team
    into this room. There is one more room on the right that will need clearing 
    Go in the room on the right and stack your team on the door. Snake it to see
    two enemies in front of the door, but too far away to breach. So just tell your
    team to open and frag, and you go to the other door and open it after the 
    frag goes off. Kill them and then hit the checkpoint where you will talk with
    Gabriel Nowak over the radio. Go through door and then stack your team on the
    next door you see. Tag the enemy up high to the left first, then the other.
    Now you go to the other door around the corner and snake it. You can open your 
    door and fire as you send in your team, but just sending in your team seems to
    work fine. Then if you look up you'll see friendlies rappel through a skylight.
    After you talk with Logan, go into the sauna and look out for a lone enemy 
    by a staircase. Go up and stack your team on the first door you see. Tag the
    enemy that walks into view and then go around to a door on the right. You will
    see one more enemy. What you will do is send in your team when their guy is 
    close, and then you will blindfire on the guy in this bathroom. Once you kill
    them both, look out the window to maybe see another guy in another window and
    kill him.
    Go back into the bedroom and stack your team on the door. Snake it to see the
    two shield guys waiting, and then tell your team to frag and clear. Kill anyone
    else and then go around the corner and into the next room. Send Mike to the
    door and Jung will get on the computer and tell you stuff. While they do all
    that, you look up and be ready for rappel lines and guys to attack from above.
    Let Jung help you kill the enemies as they land, and then send him to revive
    Mike. After the fight, go through the door, use the outfit boxes, and then go
    down the steps alone. Oh yeah, you may want to grab a light machine gun, the
    MK46 since it does more damage; give it the recoil stock too. You may even 
    consider getting maximum protection from your armor.
    Act 7 - Scene 3: Showdown		( A7S3SHO )
    Go through the door and watch the quick scene. When you regain yourself, 
    run to the left and hide behind the block. Just start blasting the chopper
    until you hear they used their radio. Ignore the bad guys on the court and just
    keep a steady stream of fire on the chopper, and retreat to cover when you 
    take too much damage. Once you you hear that they have used the radio, the 
    chopper will stop firing. This is your cue to detach from your cover and stand
    back. You'll see it shoot missiles toward you, so sprint to wherever the 
    missiles aren't going. 
    Then you'll have to take cover on the right side of this fence. For the moment,
    take out a few of the enemies on the court and be ready for the chopper to 
    attack from the left side this time. You don't have to fire at the chopper
    anymore, but do pay attention to when it stops firing. That is your cue to 
    again run away, this time to the left. 
    Now quickly kill whoever is on the court and then go to the left side of this 
    fence to find an opening you can go through. Run across the courth and take 
    shelter in the shack. All that is left now is to gun down the bad guys as they
    storm your position and ignore the chopper. Retreat to cover if you are damaged
    and just wait for the missile to hit the bird.
    Once it is down, go out the side of the shack to confront Gabe. Listen to him
    as he talks, and keep your cursor over his chest. Once your gun comes up, you 
    know what to do, at least I hope you do (pull the trigger).
    And that's it, game ends. It may take a while, but your team will appear near
    Gabe's body and then the outro dialogue. Not the best ending, and I don't even
    remember how this relates to the first game, but it's all good.
    * 5. Gun Guide ( BANG555 )                                                    *
    A work in progress. And by work in progress I mean I need your help. If you
    have all these guns, or if you know what they are all like, feel free to 
    send your advice about them to me. 
    The game provides stats for all the guns, so no reason why I need to list 
    them all here. This is just my general opinion on each item, or someone else's
    if need be.
    Doesn't include armor and clothing because there are too many of those, and
    it's not hard to figure out what those are and what they do.
    Submachine Guns
    UMP45 - My favorite, and good enough until you unlock some more.
    MP5N - Second best, I guess.
    MP9 - Not worth it.
    MAC 11 - Unless you want to relive your glory days in the hood, this is pretty
    weak gun, homie.
    P90 - Haven't used it, but if it's the gun I think it is, it's pretty good. I
    guess it took a hit from the last game, but still good.
    MP7A1 - The next step after you unlock it.
    Skorpion VZ83 - A MAC on roids, which is still pretty bad.
    Type 05 - Big clip, good accuracy, and by far the best SMG when you get it.
    AUG PARA - Strong and fast ROF, but small clip. Almost on par with an assault
    rifle, but still not that great.
    Light Machine Guns
    MK46 - The best, as far as I know.
    21E - More accurate than the MK, but weaker. It's okay if you want to use
    MG36 - Has a fast reload time, so that's a good advantage. Also has good 
    power to tear through thin walls.
    M249 SPW - Should be the SAW, and it is the best in show.
    Assault Rifles
    M468 - My favorite, although, I haven't unlocked a bunch of the guns.
    SCAR-H CQC - A solid gun with long range.
    Famas - High Rate of Fire, but 25 bullets. 
    552 Commando - Another solid choice. A strong gun.
    G3KA4 - Penetrates just a little bit better than the SCAR (that's what sheeee,
    oh I better not).
    G36C - Nothing wrong with it. Just have five more bullets, less ROF, and not
    as accurate as the Famas. 
    TAR21 - On paper, same as teh G36C, it just looks weirder.
    AUG A3 - Just can't shoot through as hard of stuff as the M4, but there isn't
    much wrong or much right with this gun.
    AKS-74U - A more accurate AK-47, but less powerful. Solid choice.
    M8 - 30 bullet clip and good ROF. A great gun.
    FNC - An upgraded M468, so the best gun when you get it.
    L85A2 - A gun with high recoil, but low accuracy. Overrated, I guess.
    AK-47 - It's extremely powerful, but extremely inaccurate.
    Sniper Rifles
    L96 Arctic Warfare - Haven't unlocked, but it must be good, for one reason or
    another. And many others feel the same way.
    SR-25 SD - Okay, probably the biggest mistake from my first guide. Not sure
    why no one just said, "Dude, it's silenced," and then said nothing more. But
    yeah, being a quiet sniper rifle makes this probably the best of the starter
    rifles. I guess that's what the SD means.
    PSG1 - Shoots faster than the rest, a big plus.
    Scout Tactical - Same as the SV98 and M4.
    SV-98 - Same.
    M40A1 - Same.
    500 Tactical - the best, obviously. Haven't unlocked it, so I don't know it's
    stats, but I did use it in the campaign and it was pretty good, and I hear it's
    a good multiplayer choice too, if it doesn't get you booted.
    XM-26 LSS - just a terrible shotgun. It has just 5 bullets and it's less than
    the rest in every aspect. It seems to fire fast, but it's just not a great 
    shotgun. Others say it's crap too.
    SPAS 12 - same as the next two, but fires a bit faster.
    87MCS - same as the SPAS, so it's just which one you like to look at best.
    M3 - almost the same as the 87 and SPAS, just a tiny bit weaker.
    Desert Eagle - Not better than the bull, but still, looks count for something,
    Raging Bull - Yeah, it's the best by far, and a gun that will probably get you
    booted from multiplayer. Has a bad reload time and ROF.
    P99 - weak.
    USP40 - just as weak as the P99, so don't use it either.
    MK.23 - the best of the standard pistols, but that's not saying much.
    92FS - an accurate gun with a good clip size, but it's pretty weak.
    Glock 18 - its' a weak, inaccurate, tiny, submachine gun, so avoid.
    Shield - yes, it has it's own category to itself for no good reason. It takes 
    1400 Assault Points to unlock, so you know I don't have it. But you'll find 
    many in the single player campaign, and they suck. You're ten times slower and
    all you get to use is your pistol. If you crouch, your head is exposed; if you
    stand, your feet are exposed. It is good for when cover is scarce, but other 
    than that, there are better options. You can carry and holster away, FYI.
    Frag Grenade - The universal thing you should always bring with you no matter
    what. Toss it and hope enemies are in the radius. 
    Smoke - The second thing you should always bring. Toss this down and put on
    your thermals to gain the advantage. Those this into unfamiliar areas, or areas
    you know are infested with enemies, and this will cover you. Not so in 
    multiplayer, as everyone has thermals too.
    Flashbang - The better multiplayer choice. Toss this and anyone looking at it
    will be blinded for a moment. If you get flashed, crouched and start backing up
    and fire wildly in front of you.
    Incendiary - It looks like red dirt when it explodes, but it is fire. These 
    are similar to frags, only these don't do as much damage and they explode on
    impact. These and frags are the choice of anyone going on all offense.
    C4 - You just toss them and then press the grenade button again to detonate
    the thing. Probably a better multiplayer option than single player.
    Breach Charge - Absolutely no reason to carry these with you in single player.
    These are used to blast open doors and damage enemies on the other side. But
    again, your team carries these in the campaign.
    * 6. Author Info / Copyright                                                  *
    soadfreak118 - for PS3 controls
    Brandon Citer - for main gun guide contribution
    Koen van Zuylen - for gun guide help
    Michael Breitfeld - for gun guide help
    Vidal Karen - for gun guide help
    Redskinz08 - for gun guide help
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