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Achievement Guide by neeker

Version: Final | Updated: 05/13/08


          ----------- XBOX 360 ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE -----------
          __ _  __             _                 _     _____ 
         / _(_)/ _| __ _   ___| |_ _ __ ___  ___| |_  |___ / 
        | |_| | |_ / _` | / __| __| '__/ _ \/ _ \ __|   |_ \ 
        |  _| |  _| (_| | \__ \ |_| | |  __/  __/ |_   ___) |
        |_| |_|_|  \__,_| |___/\__|_|  \___|\___|\__| |____/ 

        ------------------- VERSION 1.15 -------------------

          *This should be the final, final, final version!*

                             By: neeker
                      Gamertag: Optimus Neeker


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Also, please note that, as with most gaming guides:


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1.  Contact Information
2.  Introduction
3.  General Tips and Tricks
4.  Story Achievements
5.  Gamebreaker-Related Achievements
6.  Challenge-Related Achievements
7.  Head-to-Head Achievements
8.  Online Multiplayer Achievements
9.  Miscellaneous Achievements
10. DLC Achievements
11. Conclusion

Version history

Hi, I'm Lestor Wong. I post on GameFAQ.com/ GameSpot.com by the 
username "neeker". 

Feedback for this document can be directed to lestor underscore wong 
at yahoo dot com. You may check out my other works here:


This guide will explain how you can unlock all 1,000 points in FIFA 
Street 3, EA Sports's latest street offering. 

The achievements in this game can be categorized as follow:

- Match Type Achievements
- Gamebreaker-Related Achievements
- Challenge-Related Achievements
- Head-to-Head Achievements
- Online Multiplayer Achievements
- Miscellaneous Achievements

Note that all achievement unlocks after you end a game type and save. 

Here are just some ideas on playing this game.

- A "Lead FIFA Street 3 Profile" basically means playing the game with 
your gamertag.

- If you're having problems winning, you can switch the difficulty to 
Easy at anytime using the Game Settings option. The default level 
(Medium) is quite easy to get by for most of the games though. 
You won't be able to change the difficulty level in the FIFA Street 
Challenge Mode, however. 

- Scoring goals are not as straightforward as just getting close to 
goal and taking shots. Try doing tricks (Y to juggle, right analog 
stick for a variety of tricks, and RT when near a wall to do a Prince-
of-Persia with the ball) often to build up Gamebreakers.

- Gamebreakers are killers in this game. It doesn't guarantee a goal 
though, so try to have a clear sight of goal (winning the ball back 
in your own half and passing it quickly to the front player usually 
sets this up nicely) and shoot lightly when you're on Gamebreaker to 
ensure success.

- You can extend Gamebreakers by performing tricks and then scoring a 
goal. If you score a goal when your opponent is on Gamebreaker, you 
reduce their Gamebreaker to zero.

- Tackling is a bit of a hit-and-miss. Try pressing RT and going in 
with X (heavy tackle) while you're near an opponent to win the ball 
back. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but you'll get by.

- There are various game modes so winning criteria are different in 
different games. I'll explain them in the sections below.

- Turn autosave off just in case you screw up something.

This is self-explanatory. Play every available game type once and you 
unlock the below. You can unlock them by playing games with the "Play 
Now" option on the start menu, and choosing each type of game mode. 
You don't even need to win them to get the achievements.

Description: Complete a Score match with the lead FIFA Street 3 

A score match is straightforward. Complete a game with "Score" as the 
criteria to unlock this. This game type is basically a "first to X 
score" match. The minimum number of goals you can set (for quick 
completion) is THREE.

Playing a team with good finishers help a lot in doing this easily. 
Do a Brazil vs New Zealand on easy (use Brazil, of course) if you're 
having problems.

Description: Complete a Score Difference match with the lead FIFA 
Street 3 profile

A score difference match requires you to complete a game that with a 
"win by X goals" objective. The minimum score difference that you can 
select is TWO.

Description: Complete a Timed match with the lead FIFA Street 3 

A timed match basically means a game with a time limit. The minimum 
time you can set for this is FOUR MINUTES.

If the game ends in a tie after the time limit, the golden goal rule 
will be applied. Basically, "next goal wins".

Description: Complete a Headers and Volleys match with the lead FIFA 
Street 3 profile

This is a different kind of score match. The first team to score five 
header or volley goals wins. The easiest way to volley the ball is to 
juggle (Y) and then unleash a shot (B) before the ball touches the 

You can also consider going down the flanks and crossing the ball in. 
The target will either volley, perform a bicylce kick, or head the 
ball. Hopefully these will go in. 

If you intend to do the crossing method, play with a team with at 
least one good passer and one good finisher if you find it difficult to 
score in this match. The passer should always be the provider from the 
flank. Because players interchange position freely in this game, your 
good finisher may not be there to meet your crosses all the time, but 
it gives you a better chance of scoring. 

The juggle-volley method, however, is still the way to go if you want 
to get this over and done with quickly.

Description: Complete a Gamebreaker Goal match with the lead FIFA 
Street 3 profile

The first team to score a certain number of Gamebreaker goals win in  
this match type. The minimum number of goals you can set for this is 

Try to use a team with a recognized trickster (eg. Ronaldinho for 
Brazil) and build the tricks up to quickly fill your Gamebreaker bar. 
Note that while you build skills, the bar shows yellow. If you lose 
possession and don't continue to do the skills, the bar will decrease. 
To ensure that you "earn" progress for the bar, you'll need to turn 
the yellow bar into a blue bar by sending a shot in at goal. An easy 
way to do this is to simply perform tricks in your own half until you 
hit full bar, and then unleash a shot towards goal to turn the bar 
into a Gamebreaker. 

Try to score as many goals as possible when you're on Gamebreaker too 
to do this fast. Sometimes, opposing goalkeepers will stupidly throw 
the ball at the feet of your players after conceding a goal, so take 
the opportunity to rack up the scores.

Also, just in case you don't know how to do so, you need to press RB 
when the Gamebreaker is confirmed to activate it. You can do this at 
anytime as long as the bar is full and the Gamebreaker is already 
confirmed (blue shining bar).

Description: Complete a Five-A-Side match with the lead FIFA Street 3 

Choose "Five-A-Side" on the game type to play this match. I believe 
that in a five-a-side game, you can't use Gamebreakers (correct me if 
I'm wrong), so just playing normally. 

Note that you can also unlock the above achievements by playing the 
FIFA Street Challenge Mode of the game, which consists of all the above 
variety on a competition level.

Gamebreakers play a huge part in FIFA Street 3, and it shows when a 
whopping 225 points are allocated to this feature. And, you can unlock 
them while playing any match type, in conjunction with those match 
type achievements above. Some of these can be done together in one 
single game too.

Description: With the lead FS3 profile, fill your Gamebreaker bar in 
one possession in any mode except Practice

Not as difficult as it sounds, really. Use a trickster and start 
earning the points in your own half with a combination of juggles and 
skills. If you're in danger of being tackled, pass the ball to an 
unmarked player and continue until your bar is full. Shoot towards 
goal to confirm the Gamebreaker, and you're done.

Description: Score a Gamebreaker goal with the lead FIFA Street 3 
profile in any game mode except Practice

Score a goal while on gamebreaker, how hard is that? As mentioned in 
the Tips and Tricks section, try to line up a clear sight of goal 
(winning the ball back in your own half and passing it quickly to the 
front player usually sets this up easily) before shooting. Don't shoot 
hard since the ball will fly over the bar. A simple tap on the B 
button would suffice. 

Description: Score 3 Gamebreakers with the lead FS3 profile on the 
same Gamebreaker in any mode except Practice

This one is slightly trickier, but you can continue from scoring one 
Gamebreaker to get this one really easily if the opposing goalkeeper 
does one of those crazy throw-the-ball-back-to-you-after-conceding 
antics. All goalkeepers in the game, regardless of how good they're in 
real life, will do this crap every now and then. I managed to score four 
in a row while on Gamebreaker because of the stupid goalkeeper that I'm 
playing against... and he was not from New Zealand/ China PR/ Scotland! 

Of course, if the goalkeeper doesn't throw the ball back to you after 
conceding while you're on Gamebreaker, you'll actually have to win the 
ball back and try to shoot. This is a little tougher since tackling is 
a hit-and-miss affair in this game in my opinion. If you can't do this, 
I've an alternative plan for you later...

Description: Score a golden goal with the lead FIFA Street 3 profile 
in a timed match while on Gamebreaker

Play a timed game to four minutes, and then start building up the Game-
breaker bar ASAP. Once you confirm the Gamebreaker, start passing the 
ball from around in your own half until time is up. This is when "next 
goal wins" kicks in. Go on to activate Gamebreaker once you're clear 
on goal and score. You win 1-0 with a golden goal.

Description: Score with the lead FIFA Street 3 profile while your 
opponent is on Gamebreaker

Let your opponent run rings round you so that they build up their own 
Gamebreaker. Once they activate it, try your best to win the ball back. 
Even if you concede a goal, you should quickly roll the bar out to 
start a counter-attack and do whatever you can to score. You don't 
need to score a Gamebreaker to unlock this achievement here. Any goal 
will do, so just do a juggle-juggle-juggle and shoot on sight. As long 
as you score a goal when the opponent's Gamebreaker bar (in red) is 
still on, you'll unlock this after the match.

Now, to the "alternative method" of unlocking the above. If you really 
can't do them legit, you can unlock the whole lot by putting in a 
second controller and controlling both teams. Just... try not to do 
this too often, ok. :P

You can play FIFA Street Challenge Mode in this game with any team 
that you've unlocked, but you cannot swap players between teams. The 
teams in the game is formed based on various features of real life 
players. For example, a "Youth Star" team will have players like Nani 
and Adu, while a "Stocky" team will have meat pies like Mark Viduka 
and Paul Robinson. There are quite a number of teams that you can 
unlock while playing this mode, but the only three teams that matter 
in terms of achievements are the Champions, the F50, and the World 

Description: With the lead FIFA Street 3 profile, complete a match 
with F50

The F50 is unlocked right after you win your first challenge (Youth 
Challenge), which consists of two games. You need to beat the Youth 
Stars to unlock this team. The F50 consists of players like Lukas 
Podolski from Germany and Xabi Alonso from Spain. It's easy to get 
this team because the difficulty level for the Youth Challenge is 

Once you unlock the team, play a game as them in the next challenge 
(or replay the first challenge if you want) to get the achievement.

Description: With the lead FIFA Street 3 profile, complete a match 
with the Champions

The Champions is unlocked after you complete the Champions Challenge, 
which is the seventh challenge in FIFA Street Challenge. This 
challenge does not unlock right away, so you'll have to play a lot of
games before you can have a go at it. It's also considerable more 
difficult to unlock this team, because the difficulty level for this 
challenge is hard.

Try to use a team that has a variety of players instead of a team 
that is specialized in only certain skills. For example, you may think 
that having a team of "Finishers" can help you win this challenge 
easier since players in the finisher class are better at scoring. This 
may not be the case though, because finishers are also poor at 
defending, so you may end up having a hard just trying to win the ball 
from the opponent. 

In fact, to make things easier, I'd suggest using the Enforcers for 
this challenge. I know that a team of strong defenders may not be the 
best bet when you need to perform skills or score, but having the 
ability to win the ball consistently is the key to winning this 

You may also want to know that the Champions is made up of a team of 
former World Cup Champions. Players include Rudi Voller from Germany, 
Franco Baresi from Italy and Ronaldinho from Brazil.

After you get the Champions, play a game as them (perhaps in the Youth 
Challenge for a easier) to unlock the achievement.

Description: With the lead FIFA Street 3 profile, complete a match 
with World Stars

The World Stars are even harder to unlock than the Champions. You need 
to win the All Stars Challenge to get them, and the difficulty level 
for this challenge is set at "cheeky". Well, it's basically the most 
difficult level for the game...

... which means, you need a good all-rounded team to beat it. I'd go 
with the Champions (duh!), since Franco Baresi is perhaps the best 
ball-winner in this game. He even scored a few vital goals for me!

Rudi Voller is useless, by the way, even with a five-star rating. :P

UPDATE: I've good news for people who find it impossible to complete 
the above challenges. You can still unlock them without ever playing 
FIFA Street Challenge! To do so, go online and get someone who has 
unlocked these teams to play a Playground Picks match with you with 
those teams. In Playground Picks, both players choose footballers from 
the same team. Meaning, upon completing the game (win or lose), you'll 
unlock the above challenge-related achievements because you've 
"completed a match with" them. You still won't unlock those teams for 
your own use, but at least you get the achievements.

Head-to-Head is a local multiplayer match type that pits you against 
your (physically present) friend in a series of "best of" games. 

Description: With the lead FS3 profile, complete the last Head to Head 
match in a best of three of any type

Since this involves playing with a friend, you can either ask your 
friend to let you win, or you can just plug in a second controller 
and control both teams for the easy points.

To get this achievement, set the match as follow:

- Head-to-Head
- Score Match to Three Goals
- Best of Three

Since it's a best of three, you'd only need to win two games to unlock 
it. Scoring three goals against a second controller seems like easy to 
me, no?

Description: With the lead FS3 profile, complete the last Gamebreaker 
Goals match to three goals in a best of seven

Set the match as follow:

- Head-to-Head
- Gamebreaker to Three Goals
- Best of Seven

Second controller, score five Gamebreaker goals to win a match, repeat 
it three more times, and there you go.

Description: With the lead FS3 profile, complete the last Headers and 
Volleys match to seven goals in a best of five

Set the match as follow:

- Head-to-Head
- Headers and Volleys to Seven Goals
- Best of Five

So, so easy. With no one blocking your path on the second controller, 
do the juggle-volley method and score seven goals to win a match. Do 
it for two more times to unlock the achievement.

Why so many online achievements? 270 points!

Description: Complete a ranked or unranked match with the lead FIFA 
Street 3 profile on Xbox LIVE

An easy 25G if you can find anyone to play a game with you. Don't 
have to win the game to get this. Try to play a ranked match anyway 
to build up the ranked goals count.

Description: Win a completed match as the host of an Xbox LIVE Play-
ground Picks match with the lead FS3 profile

Playground Picks work like an Adidas advertisement from last year 
(Jose +10 - youtube this, it's cool). You and your opponent pick 
players for your own side, and then play a match. Win a game at the 
"playground" that you host to unlock this. Easy to unlock... if you 
can find someone to boost it with you.

Description: Win a completed Xbox LIVE Playground Picks match hosted 
by another player with the lead FS3 profile

For the same measure as Host Picks, win a game at someone else's 
"playground" to get this achievement. So, if you're boosting and want 
to get both, just host a game, pick the sides, and work with your 
friend to win one and lose one. Get him/ her to host next and do the 

Description: Score 50 goals in completed ranked matches on Xbox LIVE 
with the lead FIFA Street 3 profile

The 50 goals are cumulative. Countrary to my previous observation, 
goals scored in Playground Picks do count for this achievement. I've 
helped a couple of people with this in Playground Picks when replaying 
this game on my current gamertag.

Own goals don't count though, so don't even waste time doing them. 

Description: Complete and win 25 ranked matches on Xbox LIVE with the 
lead FIFA Street 3 profile

Ranked matches are set at timed games of five minutes. You could do 
this in a Quick Match, Custom Match, World Challenge or Playground 
Picks. It'll do as long as it's a ranked match.

The wins are obviously cumulative. You could try winning against 
strangers, or boost with a friend. When boosting, do it in Playground 
Picks because you could actually see a list of gamertags when joining 
a match in this mode. This allows you to find your friend easier than 
playing a normal ranked game. 

Note also that the achievement requires "completed" matches. Meaning, 
if someone quits on you and you're awarded a win as a result, this 
win will not be added to your count of 25. Meaning, if you hit 25 and 
still don't unlock it, just continue winning a few more and it should 

Description: Complete an Xbox LIVE match against another player who 
has Street Fever with the lead FS3 profile

This is one of those annoying viral achievements that are becoming 
increasingly popular over recent months. Someone from EA has this 
achievement, and if you happen to play with him/ her, you earn the 
achievement. You can then give it to someone else by playing with 
others. It's a bit like having unprotected sex while being HIV 

Many thanks to Scott Rae 91 and KickTheBoss for giving me this virus 
on both my previous and current gamertags.

Here are the final achievements that don't fit anywhere other than 

Description: Take 50 shots on goal in any game mode except Practice 
with the lead FIFA Street 3 profile

This is a cumulative achievement. Just play a couple of games and you 
should unlock this one. You can consciously count the number of shots 
you attempt, but I got this while playing a Challenge Mode game 
without even bothering. If you want to get it fast, play a timed game 
that's 10 minutes or longer, and just rain shots at every opportunity. 

WALLY (35)
Description: Run on the walls 50 times in any game mode except 
Practice with the lead FIFA Street 3 profile

I'd suggest that you do this when attempting Golden Gamebreaker. After 
earning the Gamebreaker, you'd be wasting time until the time limit. 
Instead of passing the ball around, why not run on the wall in your 
own half 50 times to earn this achievement? I did this near my own 
goalkeeper and was never in danger of losing the ball. Pass the ball 
to an unmarked player if the opponent somehow chases you around. Since 
you're playing a timed game with "next goal wins", you can continue 
running on walls even when you hit the time limit since the game won't 
end unless someone scores a goal. 

For good measure, try to run the walls more than 50 times in case you 
count wrongly while being bored during the process. 

Description: Score a goal in every environment in any game mode except 
Practice with the lead FS3 profile

There are seven environments in FIFA Street 3. They're:

- Samba
- Oil Rig
- Rooftop
- Beach
- Riverside
- Shipyard
- Mediterranean

NOTE: The DLC locations are NOT REQUIRED for this achievement. 

Easiest way is to play seven four-minute timed matches or a win by two 
goals difference matches (whichever is easier for you) in "Play Now", 
and select a different environment each time you do so. 

Description: With the lead FIFA Street 3 profile, score a hat trick 
with CROUCH in any game mode except Practice

Hey, Peter Crouch makes it to the cover of a footie game! And with it, 
an achievement involving him too! Why not Ronaldinho or Gattuso (who 
are both on the cover as well), but Crouch? We'll never know!

On a serious note, this achievement is the one that made me buy this 
game. Being a Liverpool fan, I'm a huge supporter of Crouch even though 
he isn't the most elegant player out there. But I feel that he forms a 
good partnership with Fernando Torres (like the John Toshack-Kevin 
Keegan "big man-small man" combo), and has been unfairly treated by 
someone called Rafa Benitez who thinks that he's a great manager but 
isn't exactly one.

Anyway, apologies for digressing. Back to the topic, Crouch isn't 
a skilful player in the game, so getting him to score a hat trick 
isn't that straightforward. If you want this fast, do a "Play Now" 
and control England. Consider playing against New Zealand or China PR 
to make it easier for him to score. If you need more time, consider a 
score match to 10 goals or a timed match to 10 minutes. If you happen 
to hit Gamebreaker, pass the ball to him to shoot. Basically, anything 
to make him score. You can't miss him. He's the tallest man on the 

Or, you could simply "second controller" this achievement. 

This new section is created in May '08, after EA released a venue pack 
(it's called the "Arena Pack" on XBL) that somehow includes additional 
achievement points. You'd need to purchase this downloadable content 
at 300 MS points in order to earn these achievements.

The three new locations from this pack are:

- East End
- Jungle
- Riverside PM

There are five new achievements with this DLC. They involve playing 
as certain teams or on certain match types on these new grounds. If 
you've already unlocked the Predators team from the Street Challenge 
mode, all these achievements can be completed in a little less than 
half an hour. 

Description: With the lead FIFA Street 3 profile, complete a Game-
breaker Goal match in East End

This is as straightforward as it can be. East End is one of the three 
new locations from the DLC. Simply play a Gamebreaker match there to 
unlock the achievement. As with all those "complete x-type match" 
achievements in this game, you don't even need to win to get the 
points. To speed things up, set the game to three goals (the minimum) 
and get it over and done with.

Description: With the lead FS3 profile, complete the last Score match 
to 10 goals in a best of 7 in Jungle

Set the match as follow:

- Head-to-Head
- Score match to 10 Goals
- Best of Seven

Simply use the second controller trick again to win four games in
quick succession to end the series for the achievement. Make use of 
Gamebreakers to score more goals during the process just so that you 
can finish this faster. 

Description: With the lead FIFA Street 3 profile, complete a match 
with the Veterans in Jungle

You can do this together with "Jungle Series" if you've the Veterans in 
your roster. It's one of the earliest teams that you'll unlock if you 
actually bothered to do the Street Challenge mode of the game. When 
doing the series, take control of the Veterans. You should net the 
points upon completing the first game in the series.

PM Predators (50)
Description: With the lead FIFA Street 3 profile, complete a match 
with Predators in Riverside PM

Getting the Predators requires more effort than the Veterans. It's a 
team that you unlock pretty late in the Street Challenge mode (the 6th 
challenge). If you have the team, just play any match type as them at 
the Riverside PM and you'll get the points. Consider playing a Five-A
-Side game though, so that you can get the "Twilight Match" achievement 
at the same time.

If you don't have the Predators, you'll have to go online to play a 
Playground Picks game with someone who has it. This method is already 
described in the Challenge Light/ Middle/ Heavyweight achievements, so 
I won't elaborate further.

NOTE: In the game, the Predators are simply known as "Predator" 
(without the 's'). I guess there's a typo in the achievement list or 

Description: With the lead FIFA Street 3 profile, complete a Five-A-
Side match in Riverside PM

I'm almost sounding like a broken record now. Play a Five-A-Side game 
at this new location and there you go. The shortest time limit for this 
game type is four minutes. Note again that you can't use Gamebreakers 
in a Five-A-Side game. 

If you've the Predators in your list, play this game as them to get 
the "PM Predators" achievement as well.

I consider this guide complete at this moment. All the points have 
been unlocked, and I've helped as many people as I could to unlock 
some of them. I sold the game just before uploading this final version 
of the guide, so I cannot help with boosting anymore. As such, if 
you're thinking of sending a friend request to me for this purpose, 

I guess that's all. Have fun!

Version 1.00: Guide completed (2/20).
Version 1.02: Error on online achievement amended (2/22).
Version 1.04: Tips for easy challenge achievements added, one more 
achievement to go for the full 1,000 (2/24).
Version 1.05: All 1,000 points unlocked. More notes on 25 online 
ranked wins (2/28).
Version 1.10: DLC achievements added (5/13).
Version 1.15: Made some changes to the Ranked Goals and Ranked Champ 
achievements (2/8)

EA Sports
Peter Crouch - now at Portsmouth!
Scott Rae 91
J Peps 73
ASCII Generator (@ http://www.network-science.de/ascii/)

I'd like to say that I've done better than Prima/ Bradygames/ anyone 
else that publishes game guides, but I know that a text document can 
never look as appealing as a thick book with colorful pages. Neverthe-
less, if you like this guide, and would like to contribute to my 
continued existence in this world, you may send Paypal to the following

lestor underscore wong at yahoo dot com

Copyright Lestor Wong 2008-2009.

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