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Achievement Guide by neeker

Version: 1.05 | Updated: 02/24/09


                      XBOX 360 ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE V. 1.05

          _______.___________..______       _______  _______ .___________.
         /       |           ||   _  \     |   ____||   ____||           |
        |   (----`---|  |----`|  |_)  |    |  |__   |  |__   `---|  |----`
         \   \       |  |     |      /     |   __|  |   __|      |  |     
     .----)   |      |  |     |  |\  \----.|  |____ |  |____     |  |     
     |_______/       |__|     | _| `._____||_______||_______|    |__|     
      _______  __    _______  __    __  .___________. _______ .______      
     |   ____||  |  /  _____||  |  |  | |           ||   ____||   _  \     
     |  |__   |  | |  |  __  |  |__|  | `---|  |----`|  |__   |  |_)  |    
     |   __|  |  | |  | |_ | |   __   |     |  |     |   __|  |      /     
     |  |     |  | |  |__| | |  |  |  |     |  |     |  |____ |  |\  \----.
     |__|     |__|  \______| |__|  |__|     |__|     |_______|| _| `._____|
                                __  ____    ____ 
                               |  | \   \  /   / 
                               |  |  \   \/   /  
                               |  |   \      /   
                               |  |    \    /    
                               |__|     \__/     

                                  By: neeker
                           Gamertag: Optimus Neeker


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If you happen to see anyone other than the above hosting this, please let me 
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Also, please note that, as with most gaming guides:


If you can get offended by spoilers, please don't use a guide.

1.  Contact Information
2.  Introduction
3.  Getting Started
4.  Achievements: Moves & Combos
5.  Achievements: Arcade Mode
6.  Achievements: Challenge Mode
7.  Achievements: Multiplayer Mode
8.  Achievements: Miscellaneous

Version history

Hi, I'm Lestor Wong. I post on GameFAQ.com/ GameSpot.com by the username 

Feedback for this document can be directed to lestor underscore wong at yahoo 
dot com. You may check out my other works here:


Street Fighter IV is a difficult game for achievement-hunting. The CPU is 
unforgiving, and the person you fight online always seem to be that one second 
faster than you, chaining you all over the place before you could react. This 
guide is made from the viewpoint of a Street Fighter newbie, so that even a 
player who's not that skilful can also unlock some of the achievements in the 

I reckon you'd need to be extremely skilful to unlock the whole lot, but if 
this guide can help people to unlock at least 50% of the points, I'd consider 
it to be a great achievement itself. Personally, I'm aiming to unlock 700G for 
this game before I call it quits. I know I'm not skilful enough to do the 
rest. Nevertheless, I'll list the requirements and tips from various sources 
that I've gathered to help you in your quest.

Before we start, there are a few things that you need to know. 

I'd strongly recommend getting a fight stick to play this game. It's not 
essential, as I've played with some very skilful players who chain attacks for 
fun with the Xbox 360 controller, but if you aren't particularly strong in the 
game, a fight stick will help you tremendously, if only to perform those pesky
super/ ultra combos. 

Personally, I use a Hori EX2 (unbadged) stick. It's not a "pro" stick and it's 
certainly not the best out there, but it's cheap and it works. Check out 
Gamespot.com's Arcade Stick Comparison if you want to have a read on what's 


Take a look on your computer's keyboard. Note that numbers pad that's usually 
on the right of the keyboard, which is displayed as below:

                                 7  8  9

                                 4  5  6

                                 1  2  3

Imagine these numbers around your joystick/ left analog stick/ d-pad. I'll use 
them to depict the direction of some moves. For example, to perform Ryu's 
Hadouken (fireball), you'd need to execute 236 + any punch. By 236, I mean 
down, down right, right. 

I'll use short form througout the guide for button commands. The following are 
the list:

L - Light
M - Medium
H - Heavy
P - Punch
K - Kick
+ - One action following another
/ - Buttons must be pressed together

So, a HK basically means "heavy kick". A 236 + HP means the above direction 
followed by a heavy punch. LP/MP/HP means you need to press all three punch 
buttons together.

I don't suggest you play this way when you're online, but when fighting the 
CPU, you may consider using the following characters to gain an upper hand.

Dhalsim:  His HP, HK and MK have good range, so you can simply spam these 
          buttons and most of the time, you should hit your opponent before 
          they could respond on the easier difficulty levels. 

Zangief:  His Double Lariat (LP/MP/HP) move is the cheapest of the lot. In 
          fact, you'll use this move a lot as it quickens the process of 
          unlocking several achievements.

Blanka:   Rapidly pressing the MP button will execute his Electric Thunder 
          move. When an enemy jump towards you, he/ she will be toasted.

E-Honda:  Rapidly pressing any punch button will execute his hundred slaps 
          move. It's the perfect stress reliever as you get to slap your 
          opponent repeatedly while shouting "yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah"! 

Chun-Li:  Works similarly to E-Honda's move, but instead of pressing punch, 
          rapidly press any kick button.

The Street Fighter series emphasizes a lot on moves and combos. It's therefore 
not a surprise that there are several achievements relating to using these 

Description: Perform 100 Special Moves

A special move is, well, a special move that's signature to the character 
you're using. Ryu and his fireball, Sagat with his uppercut and E. Honda with 
his flying headbutt are some examples. You'd need to perform such moves 100 
times, cumulatively with any character, to unlock this achievement. You do not 
need to hit an opponent successfully with the move to add towards the count. 

You should get this after about 30 minutes of playing normally. If you find it 
difficult to execute these moves, consider using Zangief and his Double Lariat 
(LP/MP/HP), or Blanka with his Electric Thunder (rapidly tap MP). These two 
are the easiest special moves in the game.

Description: Perform 100 EX Special Moves

When fighting, when you land a hit on an opponent, and when you're hit, the 
four-square meter underneath the screen (in light blue) will begin to fill. 
This is the EX bar. Once a square is filled, it starts flashing, meaning you 
can execute an EX special move. 

Not all special moves has an EX-factor. You may want to check the command list 
of the character you're using to find out which are the ones has an EX-effect. 
They're highlighted by a blue asterisk in the command list within the game.

To perform a EX move, do a special move normally. Instead of pressing just one 
button (either a punch or a kick), press two buttons (either punch or kick). 
For example, when executing Ryu's fireball, do a 236 + MP/HP. The fireball 
that shoots out won't be in the normal flashing white/ blue color. Instead, 
it'll be in red/ orange. It also does more damage than a normal special move. 
Once this is executed, the flashing light blue square in the EX bar will be 

There's a way to get this achievement easily without worrying about yout EX 
bar though. In Challenge Mode, play Normal Survival Level 1. There are eight 
fights in this challenge, and all the enemies are rather slow. The key here, 
however, is that this level gives you an unlimited EX bar. Meaning, you can 
keep spamming EX attacks without the light blue square being emptied. You can 
therefore keep replaying the level (click "Retry" once you've completed it) 
while spamming EX moves until you unlock this achievement. 

Description: Perform 100 Successful Focus Attacks

To execute a focus attack, hold MP+MK until your character does a slow-motion, 
powerful attack. When this attack connects successfully, the character 
graphics will change to the very cool brush-styled drawings. The achievement 
requires "successful" attacks, so you must actually hit the opponent with the 
attack. One good way to continuously chain this is to stand near to the an 
opponent, do the move, and then immediately do it again when the opponent is 
standing up again. 

Description: Perform 1000 Super Combo Moves

I'd suggest using Ryu for this achievement. His super and ultra combo moves 
are very easy to connect. To do the super combo with Ryu, execute a 236 + 236 
+ P (any punch). However, in order to do this, your EX bar must be fully 
filled up. You'll see the word "SUPER" by the side of the bar, indicating that 
you can do a super combo move. 

As with "EX-cellent Master", you can do this in Normal Survival Level 1 due to 
the unlimited EX bar. Simply keep spamming the move until the achievement pops 

Description: Perform 50 Super Combo Finishes

A super combo finish means that you actually KO an opponent with a super combo 
move. When this happens, the background will flash and the screen will show 
the words "SUPER COMBO FINISH!". You should be getting these finishes when 
spamming the super combo move in Normal Survival Level 1. 

Description: Perform 100 Ultra Combo Moves

To do the ultra combo with Ryu, execute a execute a 236 + 236 + LP/MP/HP (all 
three punch buttons). When successfully done, an animation will show up. For 
Ryu, it'd be a close-up of him charging up an extremely powerful fireball, 
and he'll shout "Metsu! Hadouken!". This move is insanely powerful, and will 
reduce your opponent's health by at least 40%. To use it, however, you must 
be hit by an opponent until the circular meter (the "revenge", ultra meter) 
beside your EX bar begin to flash in red and yellow. 

Nevertheless, you can do this in Normal Survival Level 1, again! This is 
because apart from the unlimited EX bar, this level also has an unlimited 
ultra meter. Talk about convenience. Simply keep repeating this move until 
the achievement unlocks.

Description: Perform 50 Ultra Combo Finishes

An ultra combo finish means that you actually KO an opponent with an ultra 
combo move. When this happens, the background will flash and the screen will 
show the words "ULTRA COMBO FINISH!". You should be getting these finishes 
when spamming the ultra combo move in Normal Survival Level 1. 

Description: Perform 365 Flashy Background Finishes

A "flashy background finish" refers to either super combo or ultra combo 
finish. The background flashes when you KO an opponent with either moves. Do 
365 of such KOs, and you'll unlock this achievement. 

Without sounding like a broken record, do this in Normal Survival Level 1. 
I managed to do all 365 in three evenings (about 100+ a night), for the 

Description: Achieve 10 Perfect Victories

This is not exactly a move and combo, but when doing the super/ ultra combos 
in Normal Survival Level 1, you should achieve perfect victories (i.e., you're 
not being hit even once by the opponent) easily by just spamming the combos. 

If you want to get it fast, you can also boost with a friend and get him to 
stand there for 10 games for your punching pleasure. 

Description: Perform 10 Personal Actions

A personal action works like a taunt. You execute it by holding HP+HK. Either 
do this in Normal Survival Level 1 (duh!), or do it with a friend. You can 
taunt 10 times in one round of 30 seconds to unlock it.

Arcade is the story mode of Street Fighter IV. There are a number of achieve-
ments that you can unlock when playing this mode.

Description: Clear Arcade Mode with one character on medium or higher 

Complete Arcade Mode without switching character on the required difficulty. 
You can lose a fight and use continue to replay, but you must stick with the 
same character. 

See "World Champion" for an easy tip to get this.

Description: Clear Arcade Mode without using a continue on medium or higher 

Since you can't use a continue, it basically means you can switch character 

See "World Champion" for an easy tip to get this.

Description: Clear Arcade Mode on the Hardest difficulty.

You can lose a fight, use continues, and switch character. This will unlock 
as long as you beat the game on the "hardest" difficulty. After fighting 
Seth, you'll usually have to fight Akuma to end the campaign. 

Now, an easy way to unlock all the above three achievements in ONE PLAY-
THROUGH. Remember Zangief and his Double Lariat? It's your key to victory 
here. Even on hardest, the CPU seems to have no clue about handling this move. 
To make things easier, use the following settings:

Rounds:    1
Time:      30 Seconds

From here, just engage and spam LP/MP/HP all the way through. You'd probably 
get some perfects along the way. If you happen to meet a Zangief-killer (like, 
Cammy), just land a couple of hits and block all the way so that you get a 
judgment (time-out victory). With only 30 seconds on the clock, each round 
ends in a breeze anyway. 

Seth, the usual "boss" character, may prove to be a slight problem. You can 
try jumping and kicking, but it's really just easier to just duck and spam 
Double Lariat as usual. Once his health is low enough, block until time is out 
for the judgment victory. If he sucks you towards you, jump and do a HK. This 
usually allows you to get out of his "sucking range". Seth teleports a lot 
too, so be careful and stand alert on his whereabouts. Some of his attacks 
are unblockable, so just bear with it and hope for the time-out win. It 
shouldn't be a big problem to beat him in one attempt. 

After Seth, you should face Akuma (unless you're so good that Gouken appears, 
but that's another achievement altogether). Akuma is just another regular dude 
that falls to the might of the Double Lariat. 

Once Akuma is defeated, you'd have completed hardest difficulty without using 
a single continuing, and without switching character. All the three achieve-
ments will unlock concurrently, hooray.

Description: Unlock all Characters

This is an extremely time-consuming achievement. There are 25 characters in 
the game, 16 are unlocked at the beginning, six are unlocked by completing 
Arcade with specific characters, and three are boss freaks that require very 
specific circumstances to unlock.

These characters can be unlocked on any difficulty. I'd suggest doing it on 
"Easiest". The requirements stated below are for this easiest difficulty. 

First off, the 16 starting roster:

Crimson Viper 
El Fuerte

Next, the six additional characters:

Feilong  ->  Complete Arcade with Abel
Cammy    ->  Complete Arcade with Crimson Viper
Sakura   ->  Complete Arcade with Ryu
Rose     ->  Complete Arcade with M.Bison
Dan      ->  Complete Arcade with Sakura
Gen      ->  Complete Arcade with Chun-Li

Now, the three bosses:

Akuma    ->  - The six additional characters must be unlocked
             - Complete Arcade with any character
             - Replay Arcade with this character
             - Get at least one perfect victory during replay 
             - Do not use a single continue during replay
             - Defeat Akuma (who *should* appears after Seth)

Gouken   ->  - Complete Arcade with any character
             - Complete Arcade with Akuma (?)
             - Replay Arcade with any character
             - Get at least one perfect victory during replay
             - Get at least two ultra combo finishes during replay
             - Do not use a single continue during replay
             - Defeat Gouken (who *should* appear after Seth)

Seth     ->  - Complete Arcade with the first 22 characters
             - Complete Arcade with Akuma
             - Complete Arcade with Gouken

Now, the easy way to do the above.

The key characters to use are Zangief and Dhalsim. 

Zangief's key skill is once again Double Lariat. For Dhalsim, simply spam 
HP, MK and HK. His limbs are long enough to allow you to hit opponents from 
range without having to execute any special attacks.

Using either character, set Arcade to the following:

Rounds:      1
Time:        30 Seconds
Difficulty:  Easiest

Play through Arcade with both characters, and complete them. Then, replay with 
either of them. When you reach Seth (final boss), deliberately die. You'll be 
given the chance to continue. Do so, and switch to another character that you 
want to complete Arcade mode with. For illustration's sake, we'll switch to 
Ryu now. 

Defeat Seth with Ryu, and the game will consider that you've completed Arcade 
mode with Ryu, therefore unlocking Sakura in the process. There's no need to 
complete every fight with Ryu, just the final fight. 

The reason I suggest using Zangief and Dhalsim clearing Arcade mode is because 
you can clear the rounds very quickly by spamming their easy-to-execute moves. 
There's no need to remember difficult combos. In the case of Dhalsim, simply 
pressing the basic buttons will bring you all the way to Seth without major 

Do the same for all starting characters. You'll unlock some additional charac-
ters along the way. Remember there are 16 starting characters to complete. 

Now, do the same for the unlocked additional characters. Some of them unlock 
more additional characters. Repeat Zangief/ Dhalsim till Seth and die process 
for all these six additional characters. 

Seth should be the only opponent that will give you any problems, if at all. 

For most characters, the easy way to defeat Seth is to:

- do a diagonal jump forward, followed by a HK
- once landed, spam HK a few times
- jump back, hold/ block as necessary (Seth uses Sonic Boom)
- rinse and repeat
- Seth has an attack that sucks you towards him, do a jump and HK to escape 
- Seth teleports frequently, make sure you get hold of his whereabouts
- Seth has an unblockable super/ ultra combo that sends you flying through 
  the room
- repeat HK as often as you can

For Zangief, you should just spam Double Lariat. 

For Balrog, squat and do a HP when Seth approaches. Jump/ block to avoid his 

Now that 22 characters are completed, replay Arcade again with either Zangief 
or Dhalsim. This time, ensure that:

- you do not use a single continue
- you score at least one perfect victory

Akuma should appear after Seth. Defeat him, and he'll be unlocked.

You should now complete Arcade Mode with Akuma. I'm not sure whether you can 
use the same method with him, but it's easy to complete the story with Akuma 
anyway. Don't even bother using any special attacks. Just spam his HK (which 
is very fast and vicious) throughout and the enemies will fall by the wayside. 

Now, replay Arcade Mode with Ryu, and change settings to:

Rounds:      1
Time:        60 Seconds
Difficulty:  Easiest

For the first round, try your best to get a perfect. Spamming fireballs and 
HKs help a lot. 

For the second to fourth round, hit your opponent until his/ her health is 
down to about 20-30%. Do not attack now, and let the opponent hit you until 
your ultra meter flashes. Do a ultra combo finish to KO him/ her. You must get 
at least three ultra combo finishes.

After fighting Seth (remember: you can't use continues), Gouken should appear. 
Defeat him with the usual HK attacks and he'll be unlocked. Changing time to 
60 seconds is to give you more time to build the ultra meter.

Now, play Arcade Mode with Gouken. Change settings back to:

Rounds:      1
Time:        30 Seconds
Difficulty:  Easiest

The usual HK spams throughout should be sufficient. Once you defeat Seth with 
Gouken, Seth will unlock, together with the very precious 20G. If everything 
goes well, the above would take you about three hours to achieve.

Description: Clear Arcade Mode with all characters on medium or higher 

Use the Zangief method to reach Seth, die deliberately and switch character to 
the one you desire. Defeat Seth similarly using time-out. It's obviously easily 
said than done, since medium difficulty is still rather challenging for the un-
initiated (like yours truly). I've completed eight characters at this point in 
time, and the fights against Seth have been a torrid experience. My advice is 
to stay calm and hold your ground instead of going in all out, since Seth 
counters jump kicks with dragon punches. 

Note the achievement requires all characters, so the likes of Akuma, Gouken and 
Seth must also be completed. I'm not sure who Seth will fight if you play as 
him throughout, but I used the Zangief method and Seth ended up fighting him-
self in the end. 

Description: Defeat Gouken and clear Arcade Mode on the hardest difficulty 

I've unlocked this one, and it appears that for Gouken to appear, you'd need to:

- achieve at least three ultra combo finishes
- achieve at least one perfect
- no continues

Using Zangief seems to be the easiest way to get this. As usual, spin your 
way through to wear down the opponent's health. Then, deliberately get hit to 
build up the ultra meter. Unleash the ultra attack (632147896 + 632147896 + 
LP/MP/HP) and you're good to go. This one is a bit tricky to connect, so I'd 
suggest that you:

- plug in a second controller
- press "start" on the second controller if you miss it to bail yourself out
- finish off the dummy game anyway you see fit
- retry

NovaLevossida adds that the easiest way to connect Zangief's ultra combo is 
to "... use the focus attacks (MP/LP). When the attack connects, it will stun 
the opponent. If you immediately enter the input for the super/ ultra, it will 
grab the opponent while he's stunned and do the move. Since you're using the 
focus attack, you won't waste meter trying to grab a jumping opponent, but it 
can missed if you enter the input too slow and the opponent falls down. 
Nevertheless, this is probably the easiest method for people who don't play 

I managed to unlock this by with the following settings:

Rounds:      1
Time:        60 Seconds
Difficulty:  Hardest

Feel free to up the time limit if you need more time to build the ultra meter.

This set of achievements are the hardest to unlock in my opinion. Challenge 
Mode epitomizes the unforgiving difficulty level that Street Fighter IV has. 
I wish you all the best in your quest if you want these points.

Description: Clear a challenge in Challenge Mode

Complete Level 1 of Normal Survival or Time Attack, and this will unlock. I'd 
suggest Time Attack, since you'd only need to win four rounds to complete the 

Description: Clear Normal Survival in Challenge Mode

In Survival, you get one life to fight through several rounds in several 
levels. Normal Survival has 20 rounds for your fighting (dis)pleasure. Each 
level has different conditions. For example, Level 1 gives you unlimited EX 
and ultra meters. There are some tricky ones that mask the opponents' health 
bars, requires you to fight without using special attacks and gives 2X attack 
damage to your opponents. They're generally ok if you use the Zangief method 
to spin your way through. 

To complete a level, note the win quota before the level starts. For example, 
to win Level 1, you'd need 4 wins, even though the level has eight rounds. 
Getting four wins is enough to unlock the next level, but achieving eight will 
give you a gold medal for the level. 

This challenge can become frustrating because some of them can go on as 
long as 25 rounds.

PS: At this point in time, I'm stuck at Level 20 for this challenge.

Description: Clear Hard Survival in Challenge Mode

There are five levels in Hard Survival, and they requires 10 or more wins. 
The opponents are also tougher to fight. 

I reckon you could still spin your way through with Zangief, but you may need 
to exercise more caution when it comes to defending.

Description: Clear Normal Time Attack in Challenge Mode

Time Attack works like this: you're given x amount of time before the level 
starts. You're told how many seconds will be added if you win a round, and 
how many rounds you need to win before it begins. You get more time if you 
perform super and ultra combo moves, and win with perfect health. As with 
Survival, each level also has different requirements. 

This challenge is quite easy, but the difficulty steps up in the mid-10s. 
You'll usually find most enemies easy to fight with Zangief, but beware of 
Cammy's Spiral Arrow. The CPU spams this regularly, and Double Lariat cannot 
reach her since it's a low attack. 

There are 20 levels in this challenge.

One of the challenges (I think it's Level 14) requires you to complete without 
using special moves. This means that you can't use Double Lariat. I'd suggest 
using a character you're comfortable with, so that you can dish out super/ 
ultra combos. If you can time Zangief's moves well, use him because his normal 
punches and kicks dish out some hefty damages anyway.

In one of the later challenges (Level 18?), there's only one round to fight. 
You'll face Zangief and he's a beefed up version. Continue spinning lariats 
and you should be fine.

The last level pits you against 25 opponents (i.e., the full roster). In this 
challenge, you start with full EX and ultra meters. Make use of them wisely to 
finish the fights quickly. Cammy, the Zangief-killer, appears in Round 7. If 
you can get past her, you should be fine since the rest of the enemies can all 
be swept aside with lariats.

Description: Clear Hard Time Attack in Challenge Mode

There are five levels in Hard Time Attack. As with Survival, you'd need to 
defend more. Try not to think about the time. If you lose the fight, timing 
doesn't matter anyway. Again, Zangief seems to be your best bet. 

Description: Clear Normal Trial in Challenge Mode

See "No Challenge Too Hard".

Description: Clear Hard Trial in Challenge Mode

In Trial mode, you've to complete every character's trial missions. These are 
highly skill-based, and are definitely way out of my league. Since this 
challenge is character-specific, you'll also have to unlock all characters 
to unlock the trials of those locked players. These two must be the hardest 
achievements to get in this game...

Description: Earn Gold Medals in all Challenges

... until you see this achievement. Yes, gold medal for every single 
challenge. That means 100 levels to complete with perfection. You'd have to 
agree that this takes practice and patience more than anything. There's no 
easy way of unlocking this one.

Description: Clear all challenges in Challenge Mode

You'd need to complete:

- 20 Normal Survival (bronze medal minimum)
- 20 Normal Time Attack (bronze medal minimum)
- 5 Hard Survival (bronze medal minimum)
- 5 Hard Time Attack (bronze medal minimum)
- 25 Normal Trial (one for each character, bronze medal minimum)
- 25 Hard Trial (one for each character, bronze medal minimum)

Total 100 missions. 

Street Fighter IV has tons of multiplayer achievements. There's no reason why 
you couldn't unlock them all if you find a friend to boost them with. The only 
hindrance here is time, since you'd need lots of it to get that elusive 500th  
match played.

Description: Win 1 Ranked Match

See "Playing to Win!".

Description: Win 3 Ranked Matches in a Row

See "Playing to Win!".

I GOT NEXT! (30)
Description: Win 5 Ranked Matches in a Row

See "Playing to Win!".

Description: Win 10 Ranked Matches in a Row

Ranked matches in Street Fighter IV are easy to boost with a friend. Both of 
you should be on chat (party/ private, it doesn't matter). You should then 
host a game with unpopular settings, for example:

Type:      Ranked 
Rounds:    1
Time:      30 Seconds
Language:  Deutsche

Your friend can now do a Custom search using the above settings. The chance of 
finding each other is very high. Moreover, if someone other than your friend 
joins your session, you'll get the option to kick the player, making it 
impossible not to play with your friend. 

Once in session, just win 10 games in a row to unlock all the above. Return 
the favor when you're done.

Description: Win 5 Xbox Live Battles (Ranked or Player)

See "10 Years Too Late".

Description: Win 10 Xbox Live Battles (Ranked or Player)

See "10 Years Too Late".

Description: Win 50 Xbox Live Battles (Ranked or Player)

See "10 Years Too Late".

Description: Win 100 Xbox Live Battles (Ranked or Player)

From the above settings, continue to play with your friend. It's up to you how 
you'd want to trade the wins. Just keep fighting until both of you unlock the 

You can check your online progress by using the "Player Data" option in the 
menu. It'll show you how many games you've played online, and how many you've 
won. It's pretty handy to track the wins as it gets boring.

Description: Play 100 Xbox Live Battles (Ranked or Player)

See "Proof of Battle".

Description: Play 200 Xbox Live Battles (Ranked or Player)

See "Proof of Battle".

Description: Play 500 Xbox Live Battles (Ranked or Player)

It doesn't matter if you win or lose, these achievements will unlock as long 
as you play the games. You could obviously boost this with a friend on single, 
30-seconds round to speed up the process, but this one will definitely take 
some time.

Description: Create 10 Multiplayer Lobbies

Simply go to the "Xbox Live" option in the menu, and select "Create" to open 
a room. There's no need fight any battles, just quit the lobby after creating, 
and create another one. Repeat until the achievement unlocks.

Description: Collect 100 Medals

See "Medals Get!".

Description: Collect 500 Medals

See "Medals Get!".

Description: Collect 1,000 Medals

See "Medals Get!".

Description: Collect all Medal types

These must be done in multiplayer matches. There are 18 medal types, and 
doing certain things in fights will unlock the medals at the end of the game. 
The medal types are:

- Win a round.
- Win a round with 81-100% vitality.
- Win a round with 61-80% vitality.
- Win a round with 41-60% vitality.
- Win a round with 21-40% vitality.
- Win a round with 11-20% vitality.
- Win a round with 0-10% vitality.
- Win a round with Perfect.
- Win a round with Chip Damage.
- Win a round with an Ultra Combo Finish.
- Win a round with a Super Combo Finish.
- Win a round with a Regular Move.
- Win a round by Judgment (Time-out).
- Escape a Throw/ Do a Quick Stand Move.
- Perform a Reversal.
- Perform a Counter-Hit.
- Perform a First Attack.
- Dizzied an opponent

To get "Medals Get!", you'll need to acquire at least one of all the above 
18 medal types. Most of them are self-explantory, and all of them can be 

For the one that requires chip damage, play a long game, and reduce your 
friend's health down to very low. Now, get your friend to press back to block. 
Spam normal special attacks to reduce your friend's health a little by a 
little, until you KO him. 

For the reversal/ counter-hit ones, ask your friend to do LPs on you. As he 
does so, punch back. Most of the times, you'll get both medals by doing this.

For the one that requires escaping a throw, get your friend to try throwing 
you. As he begins to do so, press throw as well, and you'll break his throw.

You can acquire unlimited medals. After unlocking all the medal types, 
continue playing online to unlock more medals until you get 1,000 to get all 
the cumulative medal achievements. 

If you choose to boost with a friend for this one, you may consider using 
the following method:

- The person who needs the medals (1P) uses Zangief
- The person who's helping (2P) uses any other character
- 1P walks towards 2P, uses Double Lariat -> First Attack Medal
- 1P waits walks close to 2P stand up, waits for him/ her to stand up
- 2P attacks 1P using LP repeatedly
- As 2P attacks, 1P uses Double Lariat again -> Reversal & Counter-Hit Medals
- 2P stops
- 1P repeatedly uses Double Lariat until 2P is dizzied - Dizzed Medal
- 1P KOs 2P with Double Lariat - Won, Won with Vitality & Regular Move Medals

Total: 7 Medals for each victory

Of course, if you're confident in your own ability, you can always challenge 
others online. If you win, you'll tend to score lots of medals. I once won a 
fight with 17 medals, for example. 

Description: Fight 10 opponents via fight requests 

In the menu, press RB to enter your personal settings. Set Arcade REQ to on 
(player or ranked match, it doesn't matter). This will make you visible when 
people search for matches when you're playing Arcade Mode. If a player enters 
you session, you'll get a "Here comes a Challenger!" message. Fight him, and 
this will count as one fight via fight requests. Do this 10 times and you're 
done. Win or lose, it doesn't matter.

Note that you'll have to actually fight the match to unlock the achievement, 
and not just accept and quit.

These round up the achievements. 

Description: Set your Title and Icon

Playing the game's various modes will unlock titles. Playing (and winning) 
online matches also unlock titles and icons from time to time. Once you win 
an online match, you'll earn your first title and icon. Go to the menu, and 
press RB to enter your personal information. Set the tile and icon, press B to 
save, and you should unlock this achievement.

Description: Collect all Titles

There are 432 titles to collect in this game. They can be unlocked by playing 
the game's various mode (Arcade, Challenge, online, etc.). 

Description: Collect all Icons

There are 260 icons to collect in this game. They can only be unlocked by 
playing online matches. They appear to unlock by number of games played (win 
or loss) and number of games won. Some may be unlock by winning/ losing 
streaks. I do not have the confirmed details at this point in time. 

Description: Unlock all Colors

See "No Sweat".

Description: Unlock all Personal Actions

Each character has 10 colors and personl actions. They can all be unlocked by 
completing the Normal Challenge Mode for Survival and Time Attack.

Both challenges have 20 levels each. See the Challenge Mode achievements 
section for the nature of these challenges. The rewards are listed below:

Time Attack Normal 1 = Color 3
Time Attack Normal 2 = Personal Action 2
Time Attack Normal 6 = Color 5
Time Attack Normal 7 = Personal Action 4
Time Attack Normal 11 = Color 7
Time Attack Normal 12 = Personal Action 6
Time Attack Normal 16 = Color 9
Time Attack Normal 17 = Personal Action 8
Time Attack Normal 20 = Personal Action 10

Survival Normal 1 = Color 4
Survival Normal 2 = Personal Action 3
Survival Normal 6 = Color 6
Survival Normal 7 = Personal Action 5
Survival Normal 11 = Color 8
Survival Normal 12 = Personal Action 7
Survival Normal 16 = Color 10
Survival Normal 17 = Personal Action 9

(Above information is courtesy of chokemaniac & JTL at the x360a.org forums.)

Description: Ruler of All

Nothing much is known about this achievement, but it appears to be a "100% 
completion" requirement. From PS3 Trophies information, it seems that this one 
will unlock after you unlock all other achievements. 

Which makes me wonder: what's the point?

This guide is "incomplete", because there are some achievements that have not 
been properly covered. Since I'm not confident of unlocking everything, I'd 
appreciate if you could advise on faster/ better ways to unlock the 

Meanwhile, I must say that I didn't expect so many emails and Xbox Live 
messages in response to this guide. I think it has over 10K in hits in a day+ 
and my mailbox is packed with emails with subject headed "Street Fighter IV". 
Most of the emails are about the conditions to unlock all the characters, 
so I've made the necessary amendments to the list. Unfortunately due to the 
whole lot of emails about this, I'm unable to provide credits to everyone. 

Version 1.00: "Incomplete" version completed (2/20).
Version 1.05: Updated characters unlocking conditions, tip for doing Zangief's 
              super/ ultra move, more information to Time Attack and tips for 
              unlocking "Legendary Champion" (2/24).

Willy Poh
David "Darkchyle"
Eugene "Fannboy"
Play-asia.com (the $5 HDMI cable rocks!)
ASCII Generator (@ http://www.network-science.de/ascii/)

I'd like to say that I've done better than Prima/ Bradygames/ anyone else that 
publishes game guides, but I know that a text document can never look as 
appealing as a thick book with colorful pages. Nevertheless, if you like this 
guide, and would like to contribute to my continued existence in this world, 
you may send Paypal to the following email:

lestor underscore wong at yahoo dot com

Copyright Lestor Wong 2009.

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