Is Dark Kahn playable?

  1. I know its a longshot, and I would hate it if he is playable since hes so cheap. But I was thinking that if you beat arcade mode with both Dark Seid and Shao Kahn he might become playable.

    User Info: oblivionzero44

    oblivionzero44 - 10 years ago
  2. What new characters would they put in? Hopefully reptile, whatever genius left him out and put in baraka should get fired.

    User Info: oblivionzero44

    oblivionzero44 - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. No, Dark Kahn is not yet playable.
    As you may already know, downloadable content is planned to contain new playable characters, however Dark Kahn has not been declared to be a part of these add-ons.

    User Info: ethant8787

    ethant8787 - 10 years ago 3   0

Other Answers

  1. Nope, sorry dude. Only Shao Khan is unlockable, but hopefully downloadable content will fix that.

    User Info: HardXExplain

    HardXExplain - 10 years ago 0   3

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