• Codes

    The pre-order codes are the same for all copies of the game, rather than unique codes. To use them, go to the hangar screen, then enter the following.

    Unlocks A-12 Avenger II(HOLD LT) X, LB, X, RB, Y, X
    Unlocks F-18 HARV(HOLD LT) LB, Y, LB, Y, LB X
    Unlocks FB-22(HOLD LT) RB, X, RB, X, RB, Y

    Contributed By: Frost7.

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  • Unlockable Aircraft

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding aircraft.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    A-10A Thunderbolt IIComplete mission 16
    A-6A IntruderReach level 07
    A-7B Corsair IIReach level 03
    AV-8B Harrier IIReach level 08
    EA-6B ProwlerReach level 13
    EF-111A RAVENReach level 04
    Eurofighter TyphoonComplete mission 14
    F-117 NighthawkComplete mission 13
    F-14A TomcatComplete Mission 08
    F-14B BombcatComplete mission 12
    F-14D SuperTomcatReach level 24
    F-15 ActiveComplete mission 04
    F-15C EagleComplete mission 10
    F-15E StrikeEagleReach level 25
    F-16A Fighting FalconComplete Mission 09
    F-16C Fighting FalconReach level 30
    F-2Reach level 06
    F-20 TigersharkReach level 11
    F-22 RaptorComplete mission 17
    F-4G AdvancedWildWeaselComplete mission 02
    F-5A Freedom FighterReach level 05
    F-5E Tiger IIReach level 15
    F35 JSFComplete mission 19
    FA-18 RCReach level 12
    FA-18C HornetReach level 27
    FA-18E SuperHornetComplete mission 11
    JaguarReach level 22
    Mig-25 FoxbatReach level 02
    Mig-29 FulcrumComplete mission 03
    Mig-33 SuperFulcrumComplete mission 07
    MIRAGE 2000 CReach level 09
    MIRAGE 2000-5Reach level 23
    MIRAGE 5Complete mission 06
    MIRAGE F1Reach level 14
    MIRAGE IIIReach level 21
    MIRAGE IV PReach level 16
    Rafale CComplete mission 15
    Saab-35 DrakenAt Extras menu select "Exclusive Content". Create an Ubisoft account. Then select "Saab-35 Draken" to unlock.
    Saab-39 GripenReach level 33
    Su-25 FrogfootComplete mission 01
    Su-27 FlankerComplete mission 05
    Su-32 FNReach level 26
    Su-34 FullbackReach level 32
    Su-35 SuperFlankerReach level 34
    Su-37 TerminatorReach level 36
    Su-47 BerkutReach level 40
    X-29Reach level 31
    XA-20 RazorbackAt Extras menu select "Exclusive Content". Create an Ubisoft account. Then select "XA-20 Razorback" to unlock.
    YF-12AReach level 17
    YF-17 CobraComplete mission 18
    YF-23 Black Widow IIReach level 35

    Contributed By: kcinshin.

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