• Codes

    The pre-order codes are the same for all copies of the game, rather than unique codes. To use them, go to the hangar screen, then enter the following.

    (HOLD LT) X, LB, X, RB, Y, XUnlocks A-12 Avenger II
    (HOLD LT) LB, Y, LB, Y, LB XUnlocks F-18 HARV
    (HOLD LT) RB, X, RB, X, RB, YUnlocks FB-22

    Contributed By: Frost7.


  • Unlockable Aircraft

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding aircraft.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    A-10A Thunderbolt IIComplete mission 16
    A-6A IntruderReach level 07
    A-7B Corsair IIReach level 03
    AV-8B Harrier IIReach level 08
    EA-6B ProwlerReach level 13
    EF-111A RAVENReach level 04
    Eurofighter TyphoonComplete mission 14
    F-117 NighthawkComplete mission 13
    F-14A TomcatComplete Mission 08
    F-14B BombcatComplete mission 12
    F-14D SuperTomcatReach level 24
    F-15 ActiveComplete mission 04
    F-15C EagleComplete mission 10
    F-15E StrikeEagleReach level 25
    F-16A Fighting FalconComplete Mission 09
    F-16C Fighting FalconReach level 30
    F-2Reach level 06
    F-20 TigersharkReach level 11
    F-22 RaptorComplete mission 17
    F-4G AdvancedWildWeaselComplete mission 02
    F-5A Freedom FighterReach level 05
    F-5E Tiger IIReach level 15
    F35 JSFComplete mission 19
    FA-18 RCReach level 12
    FA-18C HornetReach level 27
    FA-18E SuperHornetComplete mission 11
    JaguarReach level 22
    Mig-25 FoxbatReach level 02
    Mig-29 FulcrumComplete mission 03
    Mig-33 SuperFulcrumComplete mission 07
    MIRAGE 2000 CReach level 09
    MIRAGE 2000-5Reach level 23
    MIRAGE 5Complete mission 06
    MIRAGE F1Reach level 14
    MIRAGE IIIReach level 21
    MIRAGE IV PReach level 16
    Rafale CComplete mission 15
    Saab-35 DrakenAt Extras menu select "Exclusive Content". Create an Ubisoft account. Then select "Saab-35 Draken" to unlock.
    Saab-39 GripenReach level 33
    Su-25 FrogfootComplete mission 01
    Su-27 FlankerComplete mission 05
    Su-32 FNReach level 26
    Su-34 FullbackReach level 32
    Su-35 SuperFlankerReach level 34
    Su-37 TerminatorReach level 36
    Su-47 BerkutReach level 40
    X-29Reach level 31
    XA-20 RazorbackAt Extras menu select "Exclusive Content". Create an Ubisoft account. Then select "XA-20 Razorback" to unlock.
    YF-12AReach level 17
    YF-17 CobraComplete mission 18
    YF-23 Black Widow IIReach level 35

    Contributed By: kcinshin.

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