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Nakoruru by KHsu

Version: 5.0 |

	       Samurai Shodown 2 - Nakoruru Strategy Guide
                              Version 5.0
                      One Part Complete Version
	      |           ,###########8888888888888888#####|
	      |        d888b############8888888888888888###|
	      |      d8888888888b###########888888888888888|
	      |    d8888888888888888b#########8888888888888|
	      |   d88P d888PY88888888PY88b#####888888888888|
	      |   88P 88888 888888888 88888b####88888888888|
	      |   8P  8888' 888888888  88888b###Y8888888888|
	      |   Y8  8888   88888888b  88888b###8888888888|
	      |    `  Y88P     Y888888   Y8P d8888888888888|
	      |          \   d888ba,        d888  d88888888|
	      |           ,   db \       d8888P  d888888888|
	      |           |   YO  )    d88888P  d8888888888|
	      |     ___ ,'   `~~~    d88888P  d888888888888|
	      |    \             d888888P   d88888888888888|
	      |     )          d88888P    d888888888888888P|
	      |     `--     d88888P    d888888888888888P  d|
	      |      '    d88888P    d88888888888888P   ,d8|
	      |       | d8888P     d88888888888888P    d888|
	      |       d8888P      d88888888888888P    d8888|
	      |     d8888P----~~~d8888888888888P     d88888|
	      |    d888P        d8888888888888P     d888888|
	      |   d888P         8888888888888P      8888888|
This picture is used with permission from Timothy Heydelaar

This guide (and any future updates of it) is also available via anonymous
ftp at the following ftp sites:
   brawl.mindlink.net /pub/ss2/guides/nakoruru.guide.hsu
   ftp.netcom.com /pub/vi/vidgames/faqs/ss2nak.txt
   cencongopher.concordia.ca /pub/JustTheFAQs/VideoGames/FAQs/ss2nak.txt

The guide is also available at the following web pages:

You can also check out the set of the Nakoruru sounds found in SS2 at
   brawl.mindlink.net /pub/ss2/audio/nakoruru/

please send comments/suggestions/corrections to
Kenneth Hsu <e3321942@mailbox.uq.oz.au>

This guide is STRICTLY PUBLIC DOMAIN - i.e. it's FREE and anyone should
not profit from selling any part of this guide to anyone.  If anyone
uses part of this guide in another publication - please acknowledge your
source of information!


Revision History


Nakoruru - the transition from SS1 to SS2
	1) Graphics
	2) Game Play

Character Information

Special Moves List And Their Uses

Some Normal Moves And Their Uses

Throws And Other Information

General CPU Strategies
	1) CPU runs towards you
	2) CPU rolls towards you
	3) CPU just standing there and doing nothing
	4) CPU jumping in
        5) Misc. Strategies
	      a) Anticipate your opponents' attack
	      b) Luring your opponent to jump-in
              c) Use of Nakoruru's power special
              d) Jump-in attacks
              e) Dealing with opponents' projectiles
              f) Opponents' missed/blocked normal moves
              g) Opponents' missed/blocked special moves
              h) Countering opponents' special moves
              i) When CPU's POW metre is full
              j) When your opponent is dizzy
              k) Finishing off your opponent

Nakoruru Against Human Opponents
        a) Staying close to your opponent (ticking)
        b) Running in
        c) Rolling
        d) Dealing with projectiles revisited
        e) Punish any close-range or missed B/AB attacks on you
        f) Know all your air counters
        g) Luring your opponents to make mistakes
        h) Opponents running in
        i) Know your opponents' attack ranges
        j) Other things to remember/try


Ending for Nakoruru

Specific Character Strategies (in alphabetical order of character names, 
   note under each character there is a section on CPU pattern/general,
   a section on normal move counters, and a section on special move 

      Cham Cham      Charlotte
      Earthquake     Galford
      Gen-An         Genjuro
      Haohmaru       Hanzo

      Jubei          Kuroko
      Kyoshiro       Mizuki
      Nakoruru       Nicotine
      Sieger         Ukyo

My own ranking of CPU opponents from hardest to easiest to defeat using 

My own ranking of human opponents from hardest to easiest to defeat using

Wishlist for Nakoruru/Rimururu in SS3

Revision History

v0.1 Initial Release - very disorganised and missing many things....

v0.2 Added title picture, special moves and rewrote many sections in the

v0.3 Restructured format for Specific Character Strategy section, minor
     revisions here and there....
v1.0 Added ending for Nakoruru, credits/acknowledgement and minor 
     revisions here and there...

v2.0 Slight format revision (sectioned each character with borders in
     the specific character strategy part for easier viewing), updated
     some of the counters to other characters' special moves as they have
     been verified, a more comprehensive table of contents with
     sub-headings, and all special moves are now called by their proper
     names taken from the SS2 TAPFAQ or the SS2 Move List, added taunts 
     and background info on Nakoruru from SS2TAPFAQ.

v3.0 Minor updates on counters for Mizuki and Nicotine, Jubei, and other
     little bits here and there.  Finally got all the special moves names
     right I think and all special moves counters for each character are
     listed in alphabetical order of the names of the special moves..

v4.0 Major format changes again for easier viewing (also got rid of quite
     a bit of repeated information.  Added two new sections for each
     character in Specific Character Strategies (Normal Move Counters,
     Human Challengers Patterns and Strategy) and also general section on
     tactics against human opponents (Nakoruru Against Human Opponents).
     Again minor updates here and there for the strategies (most notably
     on how to beat CPU Kuroko), special moves counters and combos.

v4.5 The guide is now splitted into four parts for easier viewing.
     Specific Character Strategy (CPU Patterns/General) for all characters
     are re-written into point form for easier viewing.  Minor updates
     here and there.

v4.7 Added info on Nak's winning poses/quotes (part 1).  Minor updates on
     uses of some normal attacks and special attacks, informaton about
     rolling (in General CPU Strategy about CPU rolling in - Part 2),
     information about when to throw (scattered throughout part 2) and
     about what to do after a jump-in.  Also some of the info on specific
     characters strategies are updated.  This version was only available
     at Damone's SS2 Web Page.

v5.0 I was hoping that this will be the final version for this guide.
     But obviously this will not be the case since the there are still
     blanks left in part 3 and 4 dealing with strategies against humans
     playing a specific character.  But other than that I think the
     guide is very complete...  Changes for each part are:
        PART 1:   Revised Introduction
                  Updates on special move uses/weaknesses.
                  Revised winning poses.
        PART 2:   Completely new combo section (all tested).
                  Minor updates on general CPU strategy.
        PART 3/4: Major overhaul on strategies for Nakoruru vs all other
                  Characters.  Also ALL special moves/normal moves
                  counters are verified/tested.  Tried to fill in most
                  of the specific human strategies/patterns.  Added
                  wishlist for Nakoruru/Rimururu at the end of PART 4
                  (if people have ideas for Nak/Rim improvement in SS3,
                  let me know...)


Damone <damone@ios.com> or <rusignm@iia.org> - For info relating to
   Kyoshiro and Sieger, and guide format.
Robert DeLoura <deloura@pmel.noaa.gov> - For supplying the detailed
   Nakoruru ending, Nakoruru winning quotes.
Andy Eddy <vidgames@netcom.com> - For allowing this guide to be kept at
   his video games FAQ archive.
Scott Fujitomo <SFUJITOMO@delphi.com> - For the exhaustive testing he
   did for me on many Nakoruru combos, counters, and general comments
   and inspiration....
Timothy Heydelaar <hydelaar@crash.cts.com> - For the wonderful title
   ASCII picture!
Shawn Holmes <shawnh@qb.island.net> - For background information, ending,
   and special moves of Nakoruru and info on Mizuki/Kuroko, and also
   verifying counters in this guide on his SS2 at home.
Rei Nakazawa <nakazawa@chaph.usc.edu> - For Mizuki special move counter 
Rich Joseph (Hecubus) <rfj105@psu.edu> - For supplying the special moves
   names of other characters in the game
Dave Kirsch <a00563@giant.mindlink.net>- For keeping this guide at his
   fighting game archive.
Nakoruru <nakoruru@wam.umd.edu> - For information regarding detecting an 
   invisible ninja.
An Nguyen <acn@macsch.com> - For editing/spelling correction, many good 
   suggestions, and testing out many of the counters/combos/strategies in 
   this guide on his Neo machines at home.
Michael T. Pureka <MPUREKA@EAGLE.WESLEYAN.EDU> - Contributions of many
   useful CPU patterns/strategies, and strategies against human Jubei
roach <b1704027@cc.ntu.edu.tw> - Mizuki weakness.

Nakoruru - the transition from SS1 to SS2:

1) Graphics:  Graphically Nakoruru looks more 'mature' than in SS1.  She
has grown a bit taller (now nearly as tall as all the other fighters) and
has a slightly altered fighting stance.  Nakoruru however does not look
as 'spunky' as in SS1 - she looks more 'tranquil'.  This also shows in
her background music and also in Nakoruru's speech.  Some of the victory
poses are also changed (see the winning poses section).  Many of Nak's
attacks have been altered (e.g. crouching B slash, air A, B slashes).
The fighting portrait at the vs. screen is excellent but the portrait of
the alternative colour Nakoruru looks quite 'evil' (dark skin, purple

2) Game Play:  In this department the general consensus is that Nakoruru
has really taken a turn for the worse.  She is no longer the quick SS1 gal
with quick special moves to complement her extreme short attack range.
Nakoruru in SS2 has been slowed down dramatically, she now has delay at
the start and also at the end of most her special moves, and some of the
normal moves are also slower (most noticeably the standing far B slash).
Her range has not been improved despite of this, in fact the range on
some of the move is shortened!  The Mutsube moves using A button is
shorter than in SS1, standing far B slash has lost a bit of range,
standing close AB slash no longer hits ground opponents twice anymore
except on a standing Earthquake.  For a complete list of whinings please
refer to the special moves section and also my wishlist section for
whomever that is going to replace Nak in SS3....

Looking on a slightly brighter side, Nakoruru now has better damage for
her attacks now.  The AB slashes are quite powerful - especially the air
AB and also standing far AB slashes.  They can usually do up to 20%
damage.  The B slashes' damage is also a bit higher and it ranges from
10 to 15%.  Also Nakoruru now can interrupt many of her normal moves
into a special move for combos (see combo sections).

SS2's special moves recognition system is very different from that of
SS1 (where special moves are harder to pull off).  In SS2 special moves
seem to come out left, right and centre - sometimes even when you don't
want it!  This is not good news for Nakoruru as her special moves usually
put her in great danger.  To make sure that the right special move comes
out, do the move slower than usual, making sure that the joystick move
across all the contact points required for the move, and then press the
button with a very slight pause after you have completed the joystick
motion.  This is particularly important for execution of the Power
Special, Apefuchi Kamui Rymuse and to a lesser degree Amube Yatoro.


Character Information (taken from SS2 TAPFAQ)

The Angel Faced Falcon Handler

"Something evil is coming now!"
"I must hurry up.  The world is being destroyed by evil power!"
"Power, speed, and beauty.  I have defeated you in every way."

This damsel of Diana often stands travels to the centre of her country's 
deep forest to commune with Nature.  Recently, the voice of Nature has not
been too positive.  Indeed, it has been silent.  "The very soul of Nature
has been stolen!" screams Nakoruru as she speeds on her journey to the 
Netherworld with her trusty falcon friend, Mamahaha.

Misc. Info: Nakoruru is one of the Ainu, Japan's indigenous/aboriginal
  people.  In 1788, the Ainu still dominated Hokkaido and had not been
  subdued.  Today, several thousand Ainu remain.  Her bird is a Falcon,
  not an Eagle.



Special Moves listing and Their Uses

The moves are listed for a Nakoruru standing on the left-hand side facing

A - Weak Slash, B - Medium Slash, AB - Strong Slash
C - Weak Kick,  D - Medium Kick,  CD - Strong Kick

Moves marked with a '!' sign requires a weapon.

Annu Mutsube                    | Slides along ground with sword extended,                  
				| attacking low for weapon damage.
 O-   / | + Slash               |
    O   O                     ! |

   Annu Mutsube works best as a 'reactional' counter strike move to
whatever your opponent does, and it plays a major part in winning using
Nakoruru.  Because of the huge lag time after the move Annu Mutsube is
not something you can use all day long like Ukyo's Zanzou Fumikomi Giri
(Spirit Slide).  It must be used intelligently.  Use it to retaliate any
missed/blocked normal or special moves and to go through projectiles
(refer to Specific Character Strategies section).

   In SS2 Annu Mutsube doesn't work as an air counter anymore since it
hits low only now and thus will not hit an air-borne opponent.  However,
due to the introduction of a delay for late air AB or CD attacks, Annu
Mutsube can still be used to counter air opponents if they do a late air
AB or CD attacks.  Utilise this delay and stay in the crouching position
when your opponent jumps in, and if they try to hit you with a heavy
attack (for the air AB or CD attacks to hit you when you are crouched,
they must do it very late), go straight into an A Annu Mutsube and get
them when they land!  It works - but requires good timing though.  Or
you can use Annu Mutsube to escape if you're trapped in the corner and
opponent jumps in.

   Another use for this move is in combos - see Combos section for more
details.  Also its huge lag time afterwards can actually be used to
trick your opponents to make mistakes (see Nakoruru Against Human
Opponents items (g)).  Also note that at extremely close range, Annu
Mutsube is a 2-hit move.

   WEAKNESS:  Annu Mutsube has a slight delay time before it starts
depends on the button you pressed (A Annu Mutsube has shorter start time
delay than AB Annu Mutsube).  And the programmers of SS2 decided to keep
the HUGE lag time she has after executing the move.  It also suffered a
decrease in priority and can be thrown out of at the start and be hit out
of any time as long as your opponent can time it right (either with ABs or
annoying kicks).  Also A Annu Mutsube is shorter than in SS1 which also 
doesn't help in your quest to counter-strike your opponent....

Another annoying thing - AB Annu Mutsube is a virtually useless move.
It cannot be used to go though many of the projectiles that A/B Annu
Mutsube can go through (e.g. Senprenetsuzan or Paku Paku Skull etc.)
And then there's that extremely long lag at the start :(  It's huge lag 
time also means that it is useless to retaliate any missed moves - by the 
time you start sliding your opponent would've recoverd! :( :(

Leyla Mutsube                   | Slides along ground, then rises, with
				| sword extended, attacking medium to air
 | \   -O + Slash               | for weapon damage.
 O   O                        ! |

   It is obvious that this move is primarily designed as an air counter
move.  However it is not as easy to use as say Haohmaru's Kogetsuzan
because it travels forward as well as upwards.  To use this move, you
should first learn the range of her A, B, and AB Leyla Mutsube (how far
it reaches up and also forward) and then use the appropriate one
applicable to the situation.  Make sure that when you execute a Leyla
Mutsube, Nakoruru will meet the opponent in the air with the front part of
her (the knife) touching the opponent only.  You might think that using
Leyla Mutsube is too much trouble, but once when you get it right it is
very effective.  For example, if opponent jumps in but is outside of your
jumping-forward AB/B slash counter, then doing the Leyla Mutsube will
counter very nicely.  Also, if an opponent jumps away or jumps straight up
in front of you, then you can execute Leyla Mutsube to hit them.  This is 
now harder to do though as the lag has been increased at the start of the 
move and you virtually has to anticipate opponent jumping back and 
execute the AB Leyla Mutsube at the same time.

   Leyla Mutsube can also be used as a counter strike move like Annu
Mutsube.  Leyla Mutsubes reach your opponent slightly faster than their
Annu Mutsube counterparts (i.e. A Leyla Mutsube reaches an opponent faster
than A Annu Mutsube) but it does not hit low, and does not travel through
any projectiles (but it's useful against certain pet attacks).

   Leyla Mutsube can also be used to get out of corners.  Make sure you
only use AB and only when your opponent is very close to you.  But use
this sparingly....  Another use of this move is for comboing (see Combos
section).  Also note that at extremely close range, Leyla Mutsube is a
2-hit move on ground opponents.

   WEAKNESS:  As with Annu Mutsube, the move has a slight lag time before
it starts (which depends on which button you use) and a HUGE lag time after
you land from it.  Therefore you must make sure that Nakoruru starts rising
before your opponent lands if you are going to use it for air counter.
Also, as with Annu Mutsube, it is not as 'invincible' as everyone thinks.
If your opponents' attack in the air touches Nakoruru on the top behind
the knife they have a good chance of knocking you out of the move or
trading with you.  Also you can be thrown out of the move at the start
quite easily.

Amube Yatoro                    | Sends Falcon out in a burning attack
				| for fire damage.
 -O \   |  / O- + Slash         |
      O O O                     | 

   This falcon attack is very important against CPU.  This is because the
CPU, even at higher levels, will nearly always not jump to avoid Mamahaha
until it has flied forward, this move should be used as much as possible
against CPU to get them to jump forward (then you can hit them out of the
sky) or to take blocked damage.  The spacing for this to work is such
that you are at a distance away from your opponents such that your B
Amube Yatoro will just reach your opponent.  Then if they jump in after
the move you can counter them out of the air.

   Amube Yatoro is, however, only moderately useful against human
opponents.  Good human opponents will automatically jumps forward when
they see Nakoruru turns to summon the falcon, so use it only to get one
tick of blocked damage when you are sure the falcon will hit (e.g. as your
opponent gets up, or while your opponent is reeling back from a previous
attack of yours etc), or when you are very far away (use AB Amube

   It is possible to use this as an air counter but you need nearly
perfect spacing and timing for it to work.

   WEAKNESS:  Again its delay time lets Nakoruru down again.  Amube
Yatoro has delay at the start (while she turns around and then gestures
for Mamahaha to attack) and at the end (hmm, I never knew that putting one
arm down and go back into a fighting stance takes that long...).  The
attack path in which hawk travels is also the same with no variation and
it is very easy for opponents at medium to close range to roll under or
jump and then retaliate.  Also, the Falcon doesn't hit opponents more than
once if blocked anymore.  Because of the increased lag time at the start
of the move, Amube Yatoro can no longer be used in any combos in SS2.

Mamahaha Flight                 | Falcon grabs character; control then
                                | switches to bird for around 5-6 seconds,
 |   / O- + C                   | after which, character falls back to 
 O O                            | ground.

   Apart from being the move that you have to do before you can dive off
to attack with Yatoro Poku or Kamui Mutsube, getting on your falcon has
other uses.  Most importantly is that it might tempt your opponent to try
to jump attack you, then as soon as you see them jumping you can then get
them with Yatoro Poku or Kamui Mutsube off the falcon.  If your opponent
has an upper-cut special move (e.g. Haohmaru, Wan-Fu, Charlotte etc.),
as soon as you see them walking close under you and starting the move,
Yatoro Poku in forward direction off the falcon, this way your opponents'
uppercut move will miss and you will have time to retaliate after landing.

   Also, it is useful when you are ahead on energy, and time is nearly up
(say about 3 or 4 seconds left).  Then getting onto the falcon, moving it
up and away as much as possible and waiting for a time-out win or luring
them to attack you is also very useful.

   It is also possible to quickly get on the falcon to avoid attacks
from your opponent (normal attacks and projectiles etc) and maybe even
dive off to retaliate afterwards.

   WEAKNESS:  Firstly, Nakoruru can only get on the falcon when it is at
the right position (up and slightly behind Nak when she is standing on
the ground).  Therefore, there is a delay before you can get onto the
falcon after Nakoruru has done the following thing: landed from a jump
(either forward or backward), running, rolling and retreating.  You will
need to wait until Mamahaha has reached the right position again.  The
attacks off the falcon would've also been a lot more useful if she can
get on it whenever she wants...  Also, there is another slight delay after
you get on the hawk before you can attack off it (this lag is extremely
small though).  Another thing to remember - Nakoruru is extremely
vulnerable to attack when grabbing on Mamahaha....

   Also, you will eventually fall down from the falcon (and again, there
is a damned delay after landing....).  So if your opponent decide not to
do anything while you are on the hawk, better quickly move it as far away
from your opponent as possible or Yatoro Poku off the bird away from your
opponent as quickly as possible.  Another way to get off the falcon is to
move the falcon to as low as you can and keep pushing the joystick down,
that way Nakoruru will fall off the bird earlier as soon as you are close
to the ground.

Yatoro Poku (While flying)      | Spins downward from Falcon, in direction
				| corresponding to joystick, attacking with
 | or \   or   /  + Slash       | weapon for damage.
 O      O    O      or Kick     |

   This attack off the falcon is not as useful as it was in SS1.  Although
it can still be quite confusing to some human challengers and you can
attack at different angles to produce confusion as to which direction to
block.  But apart from this I don't usually use this move much.  It does
hit multiple times on all opponents if it hits (regardless whether your
opponents blocks it or not) so it is also useful as a finishing move
(but you need to worry about whether or not it will hit.... )  It does
have very high priority in the air and if anyone tries jumping to hit
you while you are on the falcon, executing this move will hit them out
cleanly.  Also you can use this move to escape corners - get on the
hawk, move the bird up and out of the corner while watching for any
attacks from your opponent, and then Yatoro Poku off in the opposite
direction away.  Also see above section on 'Mamahaha Flight'.

   To maximise the chance that you will hit with this move, you must make
sure that Nakoruru spins off the falcon from a position where Nak is just
above the head of your opponent (and nearly touching the opponent) - or
otherwise in general this useless move will miss a ground opponent
totally.  If this move hits an opponent (who blocks it) more than once,
the block stun is usually long enough for Nakoruru to recover from her lag
after the move so that no retaliation against her is possible.  Against
Earthquake this move will hit very reliably as long as you attack off
the bird at the position as specified above.

   WEAKNESS:  In SS2 this move now lags after Nakoruru lands!!!  And
because Nakoruru spins so slowly sometimes the move will not hit
altogether...  If you miss your opponent with this move or if they block
it, you must quickly try either a crouching A or B slash or throw them
after you land and recover from your lag time.  The crouching A or B
slash will hit your opponent if they try an AB slash on you.

Kamui Mutsube (While flying)    | Flies down from Falcon in burning attack,
				| sword extended, hitting for fire damage.
  Slash or Kick (joystick must  |
  not be in the position for    |
  the Yatoro Poku move)         |

   Kamui Mutsube is now actually a better choice for attacking off
Mamahaha in my opinion.  It does more damamge to your opponent than
Yatoro Poku, has the same high priority in the air and you are guaranteed
that it will hit your opponent!  Like Yatoro Poku, this attack will take
multiple blocked damamge on your opponent.  Up to four ticks of blocked
damage can be achieved if you aim for your opponents' head at medium to
close range with Kamui Mutsube.  This move is thus great for finishing the
other fighters off when they don't have very much left and most people
don't know this.  It can also be used to get out of corners like Yatoro
Poku.  To compensate for the longer lag time, Kamui Mutsube actually
travels further away than Yatoro Poku, so it is actually a better choice
for getting out of the corner IMHO.  You can also use it to attack so that
it will hit your opponent at the back of his/her head so that if they
manage to block it, you will still be far away enough not to be
retaliated (this will also sometimes cross up your opponent so that they
will need to block the other way...).

   If your opponet has his/her back against the wall in a corner, it is
possible to get on the falcon, and then Kamui Mutsube off towards the wall
at the corner-trapped opponent so that Nakoruru reaches the wall first and
then travels directly downwards at the opponent.  And since Nakoruru is
right against the wall, she will Kamui Mutsube into the space in between
the wall and the opponent no matter how close he/she is against the
most people don't know how to block this (even the CPU...)  You can also
get on the bird and Kamui Mutsube off to retaliate someone who has just
sent a projectile etc (but need right spacing)

   If you see someone start a projectile move and you are relatively
close, you can also immediately get on Mamahaha, then start moving the
joystick up and forward (to increase range and to avoid projectiles which
are large) while continuously bang on any of the buttons.  This way, as
soon as the lag finishes after you get on Mamahaha (so that you can attack
off it again), you will execute a Kamui Mutsube and if spaced right, it
will hit the opponent trying to throw the projectile.  Note:  this works
best against characters with slow projectile initiation moves and/or small
projectiles - which is probably everyone in the game with three
   (1) Haohmaru:  His tornado envelopes him when it starts, so you need
       to make sure the tornado has cleared him before you dive off to
       hit him.
   (2) Genjuro:  This simply doesn't work against him - his cards are
       too fast and too large and will hit you before you can move
       Mamahaha out of range...
   (3) Ukyo:  Well, due to the nature of his projectiles this will not
       work against him.  In fact it is probably suicide to get on
       Mamahaha when Ukyo throws the firebird...

   Also, while you are on the bird, if opponent tries to hit you out by
jumping or uppercutting, Kamui Mutsube will actually take out most of
the normal air attacks easily.  For the special upper cut moves, what you
see is what you get, i.e. the slash ranges of the moves are exactly where
the characters hit. Specifically:
   (1) Haohmaru: If you are high enough on the bird (and if you will not
       touch the sword part of him when he rises, his uppercut can't
       actually hit you.  Don't try diving into the slash area, or you'll
       be hit. If he does a B or AB uppercut, you can actually hit him
       AFTER he finishes slashing below you and continues to rise.
   (2) Genjuro: No luck here. His upper cut fully protects him from any
       arial attack, because he makes an arc. Unlike Haohmaru, he can hit
       you high up as well so be careful.
   (3) Charlotte: If you dive in front of her slash pillar, you'll get
       hit. But if you are right over her, you can hit her behind her
       slash pillar without getting hit. Judge it visually.
   (4) Wan-Fu: his pillar is higher than he is, so you can't try to hit
       behind his pillar like you can for Charlotte. Again, he can hit you
       so be careful.
   (5) Kyoshiro: again, judge it visually. You can hit in the CENTER of his
       spinning slash (i.e. his body), because his lethal areas are on the
       outside. This is best if you are almost over him as he rises up to
       meet you.
   (6) Nakoruru: If you manage to dive off without touching the sword
       part of the Leyla Mutsube you will hit her out.  Otherwise it's a
   (7) Gen-An:  Usually it trades.
   (8) Cham Cham:  You must make sure you hit Cham Cham with the Kamui
       Mutsube from above her when she tries to jump scratch you on the
       bird.  If you Kamui Mutsube off and Cham's jumping scratch touches
       you while Cham is above you - you will be hit by the jumping
       scratch.  If you are at about same leve, it will trade usually.
   (9) Sieger:  Bliz Sieger move can be very easily hit out if you are
       at same level or above him.  But if you are below him you will be
       hit out.  Sometimes it also trades.
   Also see above section on 'Mamahaha Flight' for related information.

   WEAKNESS:  It does have a longer lag time than Yatoro Poku attack off
falcon so you must make sure you will hit them or you will finish them
off with this attack even when they block it.

Kamui Ryuse                     | Twirls around, whipping cloak out to 
				| create shield that reflects projectiles
 |   / O- + Slash               | back at opponents, as well as inflicting
 O O                            | damage.

   Whipping the cloak about has several important uses actually.  The
most important one being that it makes you invulnerable to pet attacks
(except Mamahaha's attacks) and also that it reflects projectiles.  This
however takes a bit of practice to get the timing right (sometimes I still
have trouble reflecting Kyoshiro's fans).  Also make sure you use A Kamui
Ryuse to reflect projectiles so that if your opponent jump over their own
projectile you will have time to block/counter.

   The second usage for this move is for air countering.  The AB Kamui
Ryuse works fairly well as long as your opponent doesn't have an air slash
attack which stays out below his/her body when he/she is air-borne (e.g.
Kamui Ryuse will not work as an air counter against Ukyo's or Kyohsiro's
air AB).  Make sure your opponent is above and in front of you when you
try this - if opponent is too close and above you when jumping in, Kamui
Ryuse will not work.  Also some CPU characters are easier to hit with
this move than others (e.g. Gen-An).

   Most people think that this move is not very powerful which it is not
if you only manage to hit your opponent with the edge of your cape.
However, if you can manage to envelope your opponent with the cape at
extreme close range and hit them.  This move does pretty good damage, hits
multiple times and often dizzies your opponent!!!  So the best time to
use this move is when your opponent has missed an upper-cut special move
or when they are dizzy.  Then you should walk up to them and execute the
AB Kamui Ryuse at very close range and watch what happens (hee hee...)
I am also trying to walk under and then execute this move but has been
unsuccessful so far...  But it should be possible theoretically....

   Since it hits about 4 to 5 times at close range, you can also use it
to finish up your opponent when they don't have much left and is knocked
down.  In this case, walk up to them and then execute an AB Kamui Ryuse
as they get up.

   WEAKNESS:  Again this move has a very long lag time after its
execution such that if you hit your opponent once with the edge of your
B or AB Kamui Ryuse they can recover quicker than you do and retaliate!
So make sure you don't do this move mindlessly...  Also because of the
joystick motion for the move sometimes Kamui Ryuse will come out when
you are actually trying to execute Amube Yatoro and thus put you at
grave situations (especially against Mizuki, she will always send that
energy pool on the ground whenever this happens...)  The reverse also
happens - especially in the situation when you want to do a Kamui Ryuse
after moving forward...

Apefuchi Kamui Rymuse           | Performs three quick Kamui Ryuse and 
				| finishes by sending out a "shadow" of
 \   |   / O- -O | \   + BC     | Falcon, allowing for four consecutive hits
   O O O         O   O          | (if close to opponent).

   This 'not-so-secret-now' secret move for Nakoruru, while it doesn't
have the range nor the damage as Haohmaru's Tempa Fuzzin Zan, is quite a
nifty move in itself.  The first thing is that Nakoruru does not travel
very far forward in this 4-hitter and thus there is less fear of
retaliation afterwards if blocked (actually she almost ends up in the same
position as she started after the move is finished).  It does pretty good
damage if all 4 hits hit.  And, like Haohmaru's Tempa Fuzzin Zan, Nakoruru
is invulnerable to all projectile and pet attacks (maybe with the
exception of the Mamahaha attack) while she is doing the first three quick
Kamui Ryuses.  So use this move when your opponent is dizzy for variety
and style, or when your opponent does a silly projectile (or pet attack?)
at close range, or use it to finish an opponent off who doesn't have very
much energy left (the move actually takes more than four ticks of blocked
damage if all four cape whips connects because every cape whip takes
multiple ticks of blocked energy as long as the cape is still touching
your opponent.

Note: When using this move on dizzied opponents, make sure you are very
close to ensure all 4 hits hit.  And also make sure your opponent is not
up against the corner because they won't get pushed back when hit while
you still moves forward with your move,  and therefore your opponent will
have a chance to escape/block the other hits or throw you in the process.
Also don't use Apefunchi Kamui Rymuse when your opponents' POW metre is
nearly full as they will POWer up after blocking the first one or two hits
from this move and then you will be thrown.

   You can also use it as an air counter like Kamui Ryuse if you want to.
Also, against all CPU characters (and human characters with a shorter
weapons range, or slower characters), after you jump forward and air AB an
opponet out of the sky, you can execute this move straight after you land
to get some more blocked damage without fear of being retaliated.

   WEAKNESS:  This move has a bit of a lag after execution and people
with long range attacks like Haohmaru or Ukyo can get you if they block
the move.  Also sometimes not all 4 hits will connect - this happens
when the move isn't initiated as close as possible to your opponent, and
also on Nicotine and Cham Cham (even if they are dizzied the first hit
will always miss no matter how close you stand!)  So against dizzied
Nicotine or Cham Cham I will use a different combo on them.

POWER SPECIAL: Irusuka Yatoro   | Glowing, sends bird down, and if 
	       Lise             | strike is successful, five more 
 -O O-   / | \   -O + A         | energy falcons dive into victim for
       O   O   O                | breaking damage.

   Ok, this move looks good when it hits.  But it is not that useful.
You can try using it as an air counter like Amube Yatoro but it is hard
to time and get the spacing right.  I only use this when I am in range
and my opponent throws a slow-speed projectile.  Because the falcon
travels faster than the slow-speed projectile and cancels them in its
path while it still travels forward to get your opponent.  Even if it
doesn't cancel the opponents' projectile, as long as it hits the opponent 
first, Nakoruru will be invulnerable to the incoming projectile as five
more falcons plunge into your opponent's body on the ground.  And also
of course use it when your opponent is dizzy....

   WEAKNESS:  Apart from the situation mentioned above, I will strongly
advise against using this move - especially against human opponents as
they will see it coming miles away.  Also because of the stuffed-up
special move recognition system in SS2 you will sometimes execute a
Mutsube move instead of the power special if you don't do it slowly


Some Normal Moves and Their Uses

(For the ground attacks, if not specified whether it is a close or far
attack, it means that either close or far attacks are the same, or it
applies to both)

Crouching C kick:  This move is very fast - great for keeping opponents
away when they are very close to you.

Crouching D kick:  This move has a slightly longer range than crouching
C kicks and comes out fairly fast.  But it retracts a bit slower, but you
are usually safe from retaliation even if your opponent blocks it.  Use
crouching D kicks also to keep your opponents away and is great for
combos (see combos section).

Crouching CD kicks:  This is an excellent air counter move.  Just make
sure the kick is out before your opponents' air attacks and also your
opponent is in front of you.  It is also a vital move in demolishing CPU
Genjuro (see Specific Character Strategies section - Genjuro)  After you
have air countered your opponent with the crouching CD kick, send the
falcon to get one more blocked damage.

Standing close B and crouching B slashes:  They have limited range I
know.  But the good thing is that they are great in combos (see combos
section).  The moves are great for walking under and then slashing your
opponents with.  If your opponent 'reels back' on the ground after you
walk under and B slash him/her, follow it up with an A Annu Mutsube.  If
your opponent jumps back after you B slash them, send the falcon to get
one more blocked damage.  Running in and standing B slash is also quite
useful if you are close - it can surprise many players and also since it
is very quick to come out it will usually snuff out any attack your
opponent throws at you - if you hit with this, combo!.

Standing far B slash:  This slash has been dramatically slowed down in
SS2, I will only say here that if you hit an opponent with this slash at
the closest distance before it changes to standing close B slash, you
can also chain an A Annu Mutsube after it.  It's hard to get the spacing
right though.

Standing A and crouching A slashes: These slashes come out very fast - I
use it mainly at close range so that if anyone tries a B or AB move they
will be slashed out of their move before they know it.  You can also try
the slash-and-run-and throw tactics with these slashes.

Crouching AB slash:  Another good air counter for Nakoruru.  Again you
must make sure the spacing/timing is right as if you miss with it you
will put yourself in grave danger.  Use this when your opponent in the air
will land just in front of you when they jump in.  Or you can walk under
an opponent and then crouching AB them.  With practise, it can also be
used to counter some special moves and also in combos.

Standing far C kick:  Comes out fast and retracts fast enough to prevent
retaliation.  Great for keeping opponents away.  It is also particularly
useful for ticking and getting on the offensive (see Nakoruru Against
Human Opponents).  The move also works moderately well for an air counter
as long as your opponent lands well in front of you.

Standing close C kick:  Great for ticking and cheaping (kick and run in
and throw)....

Standing far D kick:  This move works fairly well as an air counter as
long as your opponent lands well in front of you.  It works better than
standing far C kick as an air counter because Nakoruru kicks up higher
and also the move has a bit more forward range.  Can be used in combos.

Standing close D kick:  Can use this move in combos and also air counter
(walk under and standing D kick).

Standing close AB slash:  Thr first hit of this move, although it does not
hit ground opponents, is great air counter for jump-in opponents who is
nearly on top of you.  Hit AB when opponent has just gone past the highest
point in their jumping arc.  Can also use it for combos (see Combos
section).  Also, this move is interruptable.  Therefore you can sort
of use it to fake an AB attack at close range and instead of slashing
down go straight into a special move to catch your opponent by surprise.
Or you can use it to counter an opponent out of the sky, and then
immediately interrupt it to send Mamahaha to take a blocked damage.

Standing far AB slash:  Mega damage move and can be used for air counters
on opponents landing in front of you (the move has the same/similar
animation frames as the jump-forward air ABs).  Hit AB when your opponent
is near the top of their jumping arc but haven't gone past it yet.  Can
also combo with this move (see Combos section)  Pressing the AB buttons
while you are still running will produce this move - it is useful in
that if you get the move out when you are reasonably close and as your
opponent is trying to get out some AB move at the same time - you will
probably hit him out...

Jumping forward/backward B and AB slashes:  Good priority air counter
attacks.  These slashes do very good damage and can be used in combos
(see Combos section).  For air counters make sure that only the knife
part touches your opponent so that the chance of your being slash/kick
out of the counter is minimised.  If using air AB to counter, make sure
that it has ample time to slash up before you meet the opponent in air.
Also see Special Moves Listing and Their Uses section - Apefunchi Kamui
Rymuse for relevant information.

Jumping straight-up B and AB slashes:  Good alternative air counters for
jump-in opponents who is nearly on top of you.  Again B and AB ones does
very good damage.

Jumping forward C, D, and CD kicks:  The three kicks are good offensive
air attacks for jumping in on your opposition.  They can also be used in
combos (See Combos Section).  If opponent jumps in at close range they
can also be used as an air counter (jump back and do the air kick).

Jumping straight-up CD kick:  This move stays out for quite long.  You
should execute this move when your opponent is close and knocked down.
Sometimes CPU (and many human players) will get hit as they get up by
the kick.  Then you can combo it with an A Annu Mutsube.  This move can
be a multi-hit move if you execute it very late before you land.

Close standing CD kick:  This move can also be used as an air counter -
although it doesn't work as well as the others.  And also it is a
multi-hit move.  It can also be used in combos.  It also evades low
attacks (since Nako flips herself back in the process)

Far standing CD kick:  This move is also useful in comboing against some


Throws and Other Information

Two-Handed Toss                 | Grabs opponent, and tosses overhead for
 when close, -O + B             | damage.
Twirl-and-Strike                | Trips opponent, and twirls, driving 
 when close, -O + AB          ! | weapon in for damage.
Triple Kicks                    | Grabs opponent, and steps over him/her,
 when close, -O + D or CD       | kicking three times for damage.
Bitch Slap Royale (without      | Locks onto opponent's shoulders, and
			 weapon)| begins repeatedly bashing for massive
 when close, -O + AB            | damage (what a bitch...).
Air Toss (while jumping)        | Grabs opponent in mid-air, and flips,   
 when close, | + B or AB        | tossing opponent away and down for damage.
	     O                  |

   It doesn't really matter which throws you use I think as they all do
pretty much the same damage.  Although the AB/CD throws seem to do a
little big more than the B/D throws.  As with all the other 'hold'
throw, the AB throw without the weapon has a set number of hits now and
now it doesn't matter how furiously you pound on the joystick, the AB
weaponless throw will do exactly the same damamge.

   The air throw does more damamge than all the other throws.  It is a
good idea to get into a habit of pulling down on the joystick when you
jump in the air.  This way when you do a B or AB slash a throw will come
out in the right situation.

   A final note:  THROW AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!!! (Especially against human

Mamahaha Call (When disarmed)   | Whistles to Falcon, calling bird to leave
 |   / O- + C   or              | weapon, re-joining the fight again. This
 O O                            | allows for Mamahaha Flight or Amube Yatoro.
 -O \   |   / O- + Slash        |
      O O O                     |

   When your weapon is stuck on the ground, your Mamahaha will decide to
take to try and pull the sword out of the ground for you (but 
unsuccessfully).  Since Nak cannot really do much withouth her sword, of 
course you should immediately summon the falcon back to aid you as 
quickly as possible or pick up your sword.....  However, in SS2 Mamahaha 
now has a hearing problem and Nakoruru needs to whistle on for quite a 
while to get its attention, thus giving your opponent a good chance of 
hitting you when you are whistling away so make sure you have plenty of 
room between you and your opponent before you start calling your falcon back.

Super Deformed Transformation

 -O \   |   / O- -O \   |   / O- + D
      O O O           O O O

1.  AC:  Tightens bow in hair, "Yosh!"
2.  BD:  Stretches back and yawns.
3.  AC(weaponless):  Same as 1.
4.  BD(weaponless):  Same as 1.

note:  To cancel a taunt, POWering up or the Super Deformed
Transformation, press BC (hop), run/roll or perform a specical move.


Misc.:  Nakoruru can do a 'triangle-jump' in which she firstly jump back
against the side of the screen and then bounces forward from the side of
the screen to reach an even greater height in her jumps.  To do this,
first jump back against the wall by pushing joystick to back/up
position, then push the joystick in a forward position.  However, if you
have done an attack in the air already when you jump back against the
wall, you cannot perform the triangle-jump (some people might have
played SF2 too much and in SF2 you can do this...)

When Nakoruru runs in and do a standing attack without stopping, the
following attack results:

(1) run-in AB: the same as standing far AB
(2) run-in B: the same as standing close B
(3) run-in A: the same as standing far A
(4) run-in CD: the same as standing close CD
(5) run-in D: the same as standing far D
(6) run-in C: the same as standing far C.

Nakoruru's End-of-Round Winning Poses/Quotes

(1) Nakoruru nods and says "Yosh(i)!"  (the 'i' is silent)

(2) Nakoruru wraps the cape all around herself and says "Un, yokatta."
    (Um, that went well.)

(3) Nakoruru turns, her back facing you, then she turns her head around
    and says "Daishizen no shioki desu."  (Punishment in the name of
    Mother Nature!)  She had a similar winning pose in SS1 which is a
    lot better though (in SS2 she does this rather girlishly while in
    SS1 she looks and sounds more like she means it. ^_^

(4) Nakoruru raises her hand, Mamahaha flies down and perches on her
    up-raised hand, and Nakoruru asks it "Hiru nai, Mamahaha?" (Haven't
    you eaten, Mamahaha?)  The bird then chirps back at her.

(5) Basically the same as (4) but as the winning pose is progressing,
    Poppy enters the screen from the right, with a bird on her head,
    and walks up to Nakoruru.  Nakoruru winks and doesn't say anything.

The winning pose you get are determined by the joystick direction that
you push right before you win a round.  Please refer to Nakoruru winning
pose guide or the SS2 Winning Pose guide by Damone for details.

General CPU Strategies:

SS2's AI is a lot more intelligent and also aggressive than that of SS1.
Against Nakoruru, CPU controlled characters like to advance upon Nakoruru
quite a lot.  They stay outside of Nakoruru's attack range and wait there
for you to make a move (where if you attack you will miss and if you jump
you will over jump).  And if you just crouch defending there the CPU will
move in and throw or jump in with an air attack and throw.  Nakoruru
players should be aware of this and know how to deal with this situation
when CPU is advancing upon you.

Below is a general summary of tactics for Nakoruru players when CPU is in
the above mentioned position (i.e. outside of your normal attack range but
within their own attack range).  Some of these are actually pretty basic
and applies to any human characters fighting CPU characters but anyway
here goes...

1. CPU runs towards you:  This happens quite a lot with for example CPU 
Galford and Wan-Fu.  This also happens when CPU is lower on the energy bar
and there is not a lot of time left.  CPU also runs in when you have
just missed with a normal move.  Keep the CPU away with crouching/standing
C kicks and/or crouching D kicks.  Nakoruru can usually get a few of these
kicks in the CPU to tick off some damage.  Make sure you stop the standing
C kicks straight away when you have pushed them outside of your standing C
kick range and then go back into defensive crouch.  Any missed moves on
your part can cost you dearly.  If CPU has already run in too close to
you then you should do crouching C or D kicks to keep them away and then
maybe add one or two standing C kicks (again make sure that you do NOT
miss any crouching kicks).  Alternatively you can try counter throwing as
they run into range.  This is a viable option as long as you are good at
it (and you better be!)

2. CPU rolls towards you:  Be careful when CPU decide to roll toward you
just outside your attack range.  This happens in many situations.  For
example when you have kicked them in the face too many times with the
standing C kicks, or when you just crouch there and do nothing, or when
you send Mamahaha to attack at close range.

There are many ways to deal with CPU rolling in on you, and it depends on
how close the CPU character is when they roll in.  This is because the
first few frames of the rolling animation frames can be interrupted.  By
this I mean if CPU rolls in and get into the throw range before the
interruptable frames have finished, they CAN throw you half-way through
the roll!)  Also you can interrupt these frames with a special move.
These frames however can also be hit by a low-hit attack.  Another thing
to note is that there is a slight lag after the roll has completed where
you can get a quick attack into your opponent who has just rolled in.

So, if CPU rolls in at very close range, I would suggest that you either
quickly get away (hop back or jump back with an air C, or AB Leyla Mutsube
away) or try a crouching attack, or counter-throwing straight away.

If CPU rolls in from afar (i.e. it finishes the roll in front of you),
then quickly do a few quick attacks (crouching A, C, D attacks will all
do) to push them away (you will probably hit them once or twice too).  As
soon as they are outside your crouching quick attack range, switch to
standing C kicks to push them away further.  You can also try counter-

3. CPU just standing there doing nothing:  Since CPU is still outside your
attack range don't be foolish and try attacks on the spot which will miss.
CPU is very good at detecting this and then will use their advantage of
having a better range to hit you as you are recovering from your attacks.
Don't be tempted to jump forward - at this position if you jump forward
you will over-jump and will get slashed/kicked/thrown on the back as you
land.  And if you are corner-trapped don't be tempted to jump back against
the wall either.  CPU usually will find a good way to hit you out of the
air.  I will usually try moving forward a little bit at a time so that
opponent is in my standing C kick range and then try kicking them.
Sometimes CPU also backs off if you move forward bit by bit.  This has
proven to be quite useful.

4. CPU jumping in:  If when they jump in, they will be almost on top of
you, you must think of a way to counter their attack or escape.  If you
do not have time to escape/counter and blocked their move, immediately go
into crouching C kicks or do a crouching A slash when you have blocked
CPU's air attack - this will minimise your chance of getting thrown.
Refer to the Special Moves Listing and Their Uses section and Some
Normal Moves and Their Uses section for air counter moves.

Misc. General Strategies:

   a) Anticipating opponent's attack:  Since our Nakoruru has no range at
all for her attacks :-(, to beat opponents who just keep on using their
big range slashes, you must learn to anticipate and counter strike
successfully against every other characters in the game with a better
weapon-range.  The Mutsube moves should be used here.  Generally, you
should only attempt to use the A Mutsube moves as B or AB starts too
slowly.  Anticipating is hard to do against the CPU but nevertheless you
should try and it is vital you can do this when fending off human
challengers :-).  Many of other characters' standing slashes will miss
if you get your Mutsube moves out in time too - see Specific Character
Strategies section for more information.

   b) Luring your opponent to jump-in:  The only way Nakoruru is going win
against anyone (especially against CPU) is getting some of those nice air
ABs into your opponent.  But in SS2 the CPU rarely jumps.  So you must
find some ways to force them to.  To lure them to jump use Mamahaha,
sending the falcon to attack will usually make the CPU characters jump (if
not forward, then upward).  If they jump forward then you must find a way
to hit them out of the air.  Sometimes CPU also jumps in after blocking
your Mamahaha, and also after you have executed a B or AB Kamui Ryuse far
away.  See Specific Character Strategies section for a list of CPU 
characters with greater tendency to jump.

   c) Jump-in attacks:  Nakoruru's air attack does not have very much
range.  Also due to Nakoruru's long jumping arc it is very easy to 
over-jump and miss an attack completely.  First thing to make sure is that 
this does not happen.  CPU will murder you if you do.  Hop back until you 
have enough space and will not overjump.  Usually you will have enough 
space to jump in safely after your opponent blocks your A or B Mamahaha 
attack and gets pushed back.  When you have jumped in correctly make sure 
your air attack hits.  The safest attack to jump in with is of course 
Nakoruru's kicks.  But you can also use her B or AB slashes which does 
good damage and can be comboed afterwards.  Against small characters like 
Cham Cham it is safer to use the kicks since the air slashes will 
miss her if she is crouched.

If you have over-jumped, I would suggest you either try counter-throwing,
doing a crouching AB roll slash or crouching C kicks or go into a A
Mutsube move straight away as you land.  When jumping in, if opponent
blocks your attack, you can try immediately throwing them when you land
(if you are close to them) or do an attack that needs to be blocked low -
CPU is usually susceptible to be hit by the first low attack you do after
you jump in).  If the air attack hits combo them!!! (refer to combo
section below)

Another thing you can try is to jump in, do an air attack so that the
attack will just 'miss' your opponent on the ground (e.g. do an air CD
kick a bit earlier), then as you land throw straight away.  Or if your
air attack hit a blocking opponent very late and you are almost on top
of them, then when you land you should try to throw as well.  This also
works on human challenger (actually it probably works better...)

Learn all the combos in the combo section so that you can perform it
effortlessly.  And when you jump in on the CPU, always do a Apefunchi
Kamui Rymuse when you land.  CPU will not retaliate this at all and will
block it all (thus you take off 4-5 ticks of damage), and the added
bonus is that if your air attack hits you get a combo.  And also
sometimes after CPU blocks your air attack, it will attempt to slash you
when you land, thus by performing a Apefunchi Kamui Rymuse when you
land, you will hit your opponent if they try anything on you at that

If you knocks down your opponent, or get a chance to, do a jumping
straight-up CD kick near your opponent.  This move stays out very long
and can be comboed with an A Annu Mutsube afterwards.  The CPU also
seems to fall for it quite a bit (especially if you do it as they get

   d) Dealing with opponents' projectiles:  See Special Moves Listing
and Their Uses section, and also Specific Character Strategies on this
subject.  Alternatively roll forward or lie flat on the floor and wait for
projectile to go past you.  Certain projectiles can be slashed off by
Nakoruru in SS1 (Tam Tam's Skull, Kyoshiro's flaming fans and Hanzo's
Shuriken) with her slashes.  It is still possible to do it in SS2.  At
least with Kyoshiro's fans you can slash it in half with Nakoruru's
standing A slash or the standing B slash.  Also, if you block an
opponent's projectile at a close range, you usually still have time to
nail them with an Annu Mutsube before they come out of their projectile
stun time.

   e) Opponent's missed/blocked normal moves:  Again, learn to counter any
missed normal moves and blocked AB slashes at close range with the A 
a list of normal moves which can be retaliated/countered with the Mutsube

   f) Opponents' missed/blocked special moves:  It seems that there is
generally a slight lag whenever a characters land from special moves.  So 
it is a lot easier to retaliate when you block an opponent's special moves 
or if opponent misses with their special moves.  See Special Moves
Listing and Their Uses - Kamui Ryuse, and Combos Sections for more

   g) Countering opponents' special moves:  Many of the other fighters'
special moves can be countered using Nakoruru's Mutsube moves even without
blocking first.  Refer to the specific opponent strategies section below.

   h) When CPU's POW metre is full:  Be careful, although CPU doesn't do
it often, when CPU's POW metre is full you should think twice about
jumping in.  Many CPU characters are programmed to execute their power
special if you jump in and their POW metre is full.  Or when you are
trapped in the corner and CPU's POW metre is full, don't be tempted to
jump back against the wall with a C kick hoping that CPU will move forward
and get hit, they will simply do their power special!

   i) When your opponent is dizzy:  Refer to Special Move Listing (Kamui
Ryuse and Apefunchi Kamui Rymuse) and Their Uses section and Combos section
to see how you can best inflict mega damage on your opponents.

   j) Getting out of the corner when trapped:  Refer to Special Move
Listing and Their Uses - Leyla Mutsube, Yatoro Poku and Kamui Mutsube.

   k) Finishing off your opponent:  Refer to Special Moves Listing and
Their Uses for a list of multiple-hit special moves to finish off a
nearly-dead opponent with lots of style....


Nakoruru Against Human Opponents
Although Nakoruru is not great as a character for challenging, 
nevertheless I dutifully tried using her at the local arcade in Taiwan
(I was on a short holiday overseas...) which was infested with lots of
Haohmarus and Ukyos.  After a great deal of practise (and loss of money),
I can finally defeat average challengers most of the time and also
sometimes beat advanced human challengers.  So I feel it is time for me
to include some tips on this subject - but if you have any good tips
against against any human characters please let me know.....

   a) Staying close to your opponent (ticking):  Okay, now our Nak has
hardly any range for her attacks, and her long range falcon summon is 
really not that hard to avoid.  So what does a Nak player do to win?  
Stay close to your opponent and tick the !#^&@$ out of your opponent!!!
Move in closer bit by bit until you are within your standing C kick range,
and then standing C kick, move forward, standing C kick etc.  Or move even
closer and then crouching A slash, move in again and crouching A slash!
You get the idea.  Don't get monotonous with this, your opponent will try
a quick A slash on you usually as you do your standing C kicks but usually
your A and C attacks are faster than theirs.  Just make sure you don't
miss.  Also, vary the attack pattern.  Tick once or twice and then Annu
Mutsube (at the same time your opponent is trying to get even with his/her
longer range attacks), or tick and then run in and throw (see below)

   b) Running in:  To make up for Nakoruru's lack of range in her attacks.
You must learn to use run-ins effectively.  Run in and throw is a 
MUST-HAVE skill for any Nakoruru players.  OK, this is considered as 
'cheap' by some but if they cannot counter it it is their incompetence as 
it is counterable.  Firstly, get to know Nakoruru's throw range properly.  
Then, practise running in, and then as soon as you get into range press 
one of the throw buttons.  I personally like the D throw the best and it 
seems to work best for me.  Only do this run and throw thing if you start 
running at medium to close range (so your opponent doesn't have enough
time to react).  After a few of these run-and-throws your opponent will be 
expecting a throw when you start running, then vary your tactics - run in 
and then A Annu Mutsube, run in and go back into defensive crouch (to
block their quick attacks, then run in again!), run in and do a standing C,
D or standing close CD kick (if your opponent likes to do crouching
slash as you run in), or crouching A or B slash, or run in and then jump
forward (over those Haohmaru ABs and Bs...) etc.

   c) Rolling:  Rolling forward and throw also works.  But make sure you
roll in at very close range so Nakoruru's sprite overlaps with your 
opponents' sprites at a very early stage of the roll so that they cannot
crouch-attacking you out of the roll.  Then push forward and start 
pressing your throw button...  You can also do a variation of (b) as
mentioned above by running forward, and then as soon as you run close to
your throw range push the joystick to offensive crouch position to roll
forward and then throw.  Do this if your opponent gets to used to your
other running-in and throw tactics.  

   d) Dealing with projectiles revisited:  People who has not played very
much against human Nakoruru's don't usually know that Nakoruru can slide
through/under many projectiles.  So if they are stupid enough to do the
move and the situation is right for you Annu Mutsube through to hit them!
Also, human players have a higher tendency to throw projectiles to you 
(and also at a closer range), make sure you get them afterwards after 
blocking a close range projectile (say, they did the projectile as you 
get up at close range) or again slide through with Annu Mutsube, or 
reflect it if you can.  A note on reflecting projectiles, use it only
when opponents throw their projectiles at close, medium range so that 
your opponent has less time to react to it.  After you reflect it, move
forward.  If your opponent jump forward over their own projectile, air AB
slash them out of the air, or if they jump upwards, Leyla Mutsube to get
them.  If they block it, send Mamahaha to attack at the same time.  
Sometimes, your opponent they will move forward a bit and then jump 
forward straight after they throw their projectile, anticipating your
reflecting of the projectile so watch out.

   e) Punish any close-range or missed B/AB attacks on you:  Referring to
the list in the Specific Character Strategies section, if your opponent
miss any of their AB attacks, or if you block their long-lagtime attacks
at close range, makes sure you make them pay.

   f) Know all your air counters:  Against the CPU usually all you need to
know how to do is the air AB and crouching CD kick for air defence.  But
against human opponents, mix up your air countering tactics (they are many
you can use which will work in the same situation) so that you don't get
too predictable.  Especially if you are used to use air AB as air counter,
sometimes substitute say a close standing AB as air counter as if you get
too predictable, your opponent will simply jump in and attack out early
in the air instead and you will be hit out of the air AB a lot easier.
The only one I will use extensively is walking under and throw/attack.
Don't miss any chance of an air counter as a good human player will seldom
jump against you...

   g) Luring your opponents to make mistakes:  Well I can only give
examples here: 
   (1) When you knock someone down, go up to them and do a standing far 
       AB timed such that you will finish the move at the same time that 
       your opponent can attack.  Many people get fooled by this and will
       attempt a slash or block.  Then since you are quite close, do a 
       crouching B slash to hit them (if they are attempting to slash you)
       or if they are simply blocking, move in and throw.

   (2) Again, remember that many of Nakoruru's attacks can be interrupted
       (see combo section), so if you miss with an attack, you can cut
       down the delay time after that attack with an interrupted Annu
       Mutsube move when you anticipate someone planning an big AB on you.

   (3) Execute an A Annu Mutsube so that you will finish the move just
       outside your opponents' furtherest attack range, then then do 
       another A Annu Mutsube if your opponent attempts to slash you
       with their big-range ABs.

   (4) Certain character does not have good close range 2-hit AB slashes
       (e.g. Jubei, Ukyo, Wan-Fu), you can Annu Mutsube close to them
       and if they are inexperience and tries an AB on you, you can get
       hit by the first-hit, recovers in time and Annu Mutsube before
       the second hit hits you.  This is risky though as experienced
       players will simply throw you or use another attack...

   h) Opponents running in:  Many good players will also try the running
tactics I stated above on you.  There are many ways to deal with this.  
As with the CPU, the safest is of course to do the standing C kick.  But
watch out for them stopping early and slashing you with their longer range
attacks.  Or you can try A Annu Mutsube as they run in to quite a close 
range.  It usually catches them off-guard and will get them.  And of 
course counter-throwing is very important.  If your opponents run in and
then stops not too far away from you, run in and throw them also works
(because there is a few frames where a character 'skids' forward trying
to stop - you can throw them then).  Watch out for Haohmarus or Genjuros
running in and then doing their upper-cut special moves.  Also watch for
people with sliding attacks like Cham Cham's sliding kick running in and
then sliding attack you.

   i) Know your opponents' attack ranges:  You must know by heart all
your opponents' weapon ranges.  In your quest to move in closer to them, 
many people will try and catch you off guard with one of their big ABs
or CD kicks, or when you have gotten closer to them, it will then be the
A, B slashes or C, D kicks.  If you don't know what to expect then you 
are more likely to be caught and hit by one of those when you try to move
forward.  If you know these attacks ranges well, you can anticipate and
counter, or stay just outside these ranges and then if your opponents
don't know the ranges as well as you do and miss, Annu Mutsube to get 
them.  This is quite hard at first but it gets easier as you get more
experienced with the game and using Nakoruru I guess.

   j) Other things to remember/try:  Another list of examples....

   (1) When you have knocked down someone, stand next to them, jump 
   straight up and then do a CD kick in the air as your opponent gets up,
   this must make them block.  Then you land and throw.  Or if they get 
   hit, then do an A Annu Mutsube.

   (2) Get on the falcon at medium to close range, move the falcon up 
   to give yourself a bit of room.  And if your opponent tries to jump
   up and attack you or get your with an upper-cut special move, get them
   with a Kamui Mutsube off the falcon immediately.  



The following sequence of moves to be executed forms 3 types of
'combos'.  One type is the TRUE combo - in which if the opponent gets
hit by the first hit he will not be able to block the second.  The
second type is 'pseudo-combos'.  These are just quick moves in
succession in which if the opponent gets hit by the first one - s/he may
or may not be hit by the second but if s/he is not careful, s/he will
most certainly get hit by the second attack (which is usually an attack
which must be blocked low).  The last type of combo is the 'automatic'
combos which simply are just multi-hitting moves.  These include crouching
AB roll, standing close CD kick, jumping straight-up CD kick (if executed
very late before you land), Kamui Ryuse, Apefunchi Kamui Rymuse and the
Mutsube moves.  These moves will hit opponent two or more times if executed
at very close range.

Some of the TRUE combos works more reliably than the others, and some
will only work on certain characters (or will only work reliably on
certain characters).  Refer to description below each combo for more



   a) crouching C kick followed by crouching D kick.
   b) crouching C kick followed by crouching CD kick.
   c) crouching C kick followed by crouching AB slash.
   d) standing close A or B slash followed by crouching or standing CD
   e) crouching C kick, standing C or D kick.
   f) crouching C kicks, crouching A/B slashes.
   g) standing close C kick, standing far C kick.
   h) standing close C kick, crouching AB/CD.

and so on - try out different combinations of attacks and see which one
works - usually I found that against CPU, (a), (b), and (c) works very
well if your crouching C kick hits at very close range.  Also, if your
close enough (i.e. Nak's sprite is nearly overlapping with your
opponents' when crouching C kick hits), (a), (c), (e) and (f) will
actually combo.  (c) is somewhat unreliable though.

You can also interrupt your normal attacks into as Amube Yatoro for a
'pseduo-combo'.  Even though your opponent will recover before Amube
Yatoro hits them, they will not have time to jump over to get you and
have to block the move.  Amube Yatoro but it will take another tick of
block damage off.  (With 'heavy' attacks, the bird actually will reach
the opponent while they reel back, but for some reason it will not
hit/combo them.  So do the Amube Yatoro slightly later so that bird
reaches them just as they recover).

Standing close AB can also be interrupted into Apefunchi Kamui Rymuse,
but Apefunchi Kamui Rymuse will not combo - but the opponent will need
to block the last two cape flicks so use this only to finish someone


True Combos:

These usually involves interrupting a normal moves into a special move.
Nakoruru can interrupt all of her standing/crouching B/AB/D/CD attacks
with a special move with the exception of crouching AB and crouching CD
which cannot be interrupted.  However, the only special move you can
interrupt the normal moves into are the Mutsube moves since other
Nakoruru special moves are either too slow or too short ranged...

An A Annu/Leyla Mutsube should be used after the medium attacks (B slashes
and D kicks) and B Annu Mutsube should be used after the heavy attacks.

If any of your combos with a Mutsube move as the last move backfires
(i.e. if the Mutsube move doesn't hit even though opponent is still
reeling back), then attempt to throw or crouching A slash, as soon as
you recover from the lag.

Again, I must emphasize that these combos will only work if executed
with extreme precision and some combos will only work on certain
characters or in certain situations (see description of each combos for

Because the combo system in SS2 is somewhat shaky and unreliable, whether
you want to risk reflexively cancelling your kicks or slashes into
a Mutsube move at the end of some of the combo listed below  depends on 
which opponent you are facing, and what type of close crouching AB they 
can do. This is because that's the slash they are most likely to 
retaliate with after a blocked Mutsube.  Some characters like the ninjas, 
Charlotte, Kyoshiro, Genjuro, Sieger, etc have powerful crouching ABs, so 
getting your AM blocked would be bad.  Others like Earthquake, Nicotine 
or Wan-Fu have poor close ABs (EQ's crouching or standing AB will miss; 
the others have dumb multi-hit ABs in which only the first will hit if 
you block right away), so it's worth risking a blocked Mutsube.  Note 
that Wan-Fu can combo his crouching AB into a Confucious slash/swipe for 
good damage, but not CPU certainly does not do it, however CPU Wan-Fu's 
throws are powerful....

Two characters deserve special mention: Haohmaru can do a crouching
AB/uppercut combo (or into a super uppercut if the player's a Haoh freak),
probably stunning you. Getting your Mutsube blocked would probably cost
you the round so I wouldn't do it unless you KNOW you will hit.  The
crouching AB by itself is damaging enough anyway....

Ukyo's close crouching AB is a multi-hit in which the power part (his
overhead slash) can usually be blocked (one of my few gripes about Ukyo).
Don't worry about his standing AB/AI combo because standing AB won't hit
you after a blocked Mutsube! If the Ukyo player is alert, he will do a TG
afterwards or maybe do a crouching D or CD into AI combo. Someone
operating on reflex will probably just do a crouching AB, so it might be
worth it to reflexively cancel attacks into an AM, as Nak needs all the
hits she can get against the number one ranked character in SS2...

Well now, here is a list of True combos for you to try:

1) Air AB/CD, A/B/AB Annu Mutsube (after landing).

Combo effective on:  Everyone in the game, but against small characters
like Cham Cham and Nicotine use CD kick instead of AB slash since AB
slash is a down-to-up slash and can easily miss on these characters.

Reliability: Very reliable

Note:  Air AB/CD must strike reasonably late and as deep as possible to
ensure combo reliability.  Using A Annu Mutsube is best but you can also
B or AB Annu Mutsube - they might do more damage but I am not certain.

2) Air B/D, A Annu/Leyla Mutsube (after landing).

Combo effective on:  Everyone in the game, but against small characters
like Cham Cham and Nicotine use D kick instead of B slash since B slash
can easily miss on these characters.

Reliability: Very reliable

Note:  Again air B/D must strike reasonably late and deep in your
opponent.  Must only use A Mutsube moves after the air attack.

3) standing close/far AB slash or running-in AB, B Annu Mutsube.

Effective on:  Everyone in the game.

Reliability: Fairly reliable

Note:  For standing close AB slash, make sure you are as close as
possible to your opponent for combo to work.  For standing far AB, make
sure you are at the closest position for standing far AB to come out
instead of the standing close AB or otherwise sometimes the combo will
not work.  The alternative is to use running-in AB, which is the same as
standing far AB but you can run in closer to execute it.

Also, this combo is best for retaliating a missed/blocked special move
or adding more damage on dizzied opponents.

Against a non-dizzied Earthquake, standing close AB will do 2-hits, and
in the process push Earthquake back too far for an Annu Mutsube
afterwards, so in this case just do an Amube Yatoro for one more ticked

4) standing close/far CD kick or running-in CD, Annu Mutsube.

Effective on:  Everyone in the game.

Reliability: Fairly reliable

Note:  The same condition as combo (2) applies.  Except if you hit with
a standing close CD, you can use A or B Annu Mutsube, and if you use
standing far CD kick, you must use B Annu Mutsube.  Running-in CD kick
is the same as the standing close CD kick.

5) Standing/crouching close/far B slash or running-in B, A Annu Mutsube.

Effective on:  Everyone in the game.

Reliability: Very reliable

Note:  Very easy to execute - great for retaliating against missed or
blocked special moves.  Get into the habit of doing this when the above
B slashes hits.  For standing far B slash to combo into an A Annu
Mutsube, you must make sure you are as close to your opponent as
possible before standing far B changes to standing close B and also that
you must execute the A Annu Mutsube very quickly.

6) standing/crouching close D kick, A Annu Mutsube.

Effective on:  Everyone in the game.

Reliability: Very reliable

Note:  Very easy to execute - great for retaliating against missed or
blocked special moves.  Get into the habit of doing this when the above
D kicks hits.

7) Air attack, crouching AB roll slash/crouching CD kick.

Effective on:  If used air AB/CD: on Earthquake (fairly reliable), on
               others (not reliable - second attack will miss)
               If used air B/D, reliable on every character.

Reliability:  If used air B/D, then it's very reliable.
              If used air AB/CD then it's very unreliable against
              everyone except for Earthquake where this combo is
              moderately reliable.
              Also, it's more reliable to use crouching AB instead of
              crouching CD since crouching AB comes out faster.

Note:  Only on Earthquake can you use air AB/CD as the first air attack.
If you use air AB/CD as the first attack on other characters the second
attack will usually miss.  Also, use air CD in preferrance to air AB when
performing this on Earthquake/Wanfu, it is more reliable.  On other
characters use air B or air D as the first air attack.  Execute the air
attack as deep and late as possible.

8) Air B slash or D kick, A Kamui Ryuse/Apefunchi Kamui Rymuse

Effective on:  Everyone but more easier to pull off on big characters
such as Earthquake and Wan-Fu.

Reliability: Unreliable.

Note: The trick is to start the joystick motion for Apefunchi Kamui
Rymuse in the air - even before your air attack.  Need to be very close
after the air B or D or Kamui Ryuse/Apefunchi Kamui Ryuse might miss.
The later hits of Apefunchi Kamui Rymuse runs the risk of being blocked
though so only do this combo when you are sure that opponent will be
dead after blocking the Apefunchi Kamui Rymuse....

9) Air B/D, close standing B/D or crouching B/D into A Annu/Leyla Mutsube.

Effective on:  Everyone but easier to execute on bigger characters such
as Wan-Fu or Earthquake.  Again, this combo is hard to execute

Reliability: Unreliable.

Note:  You must be very close for the second attack (character sprites
must be nearly overlapping or even closer) so that the opponent will not
have enough time to recover to block the third Mutsube attack.  If you
use standing slash for the second hit you should combo with Annu Mutsube,
if you use crouching slash for the second hit use Leyla Mutsube for the
third hit (this is just a suggestion for fluid joystick movement)

10) Air B/AB/CD, standing close/far CD kick, B Annu Mutsube

Effective on:  Everyone (if use Air B as first attack)
               Earthquake/Wan-Fu (if use Air AB/CD as first attack)

Reliability: Unreliable.

Note:  Air attack must hit late and deep.

11) Air AB/CD, standing close CD kick, A Annu Mutsube

Effective on:  Cornered opponents against the wall

Reliability: Unreliable.

Note:  Air AB must hit late and deep.  Interrupt the standing close CD
kick as soon as the first hit hits (don't wait for the second hit!).

12) Air AB slash, standing far D kick, Amube Yatoro.

Effective on:  Everyone.

Reliability:  Very reliable.

Note:  Air AB must hit late and Deep.  Need to move forward slightly
after landing for the standing far D kick to hit.  Amube Yatoro will not
combo but will add one more ticked damage.

13) standing far AB/CD, Irusuka Yatoro Lise.

Effective on:  Everyone.

Reliability: Very unreliable.

Note:  Execute Irusuka Yatoro Lise as soon as possible to interrupt the
AB/CD attacks.

14) Air AB slash, standing far CD, Irusuka Yatoro Lise.

Effective on:  Only on Earthquake, Wan-Fu and sometimes Sieger.

Reliability: unreliable.

Note:  Air AB must hit deep and late.  Keep your joystick in forward
position as air AB hits, do the standing far CD kick and complete the
motion for Irusuka Yatoro Lise as soon as possible to interrupt the far
CD kick.

15) standing close AB/running-in AB, Mamahaha Flight, Kamui Mutsube

Effective on:  Can work on everyone - preferrably trapped in the corner.

Reliability: Very unreliable...

Note:  Interrupt the standing AB to get on Mamahaha, then dive off
immediately with a Kamui Mutsube.  Might have to move Mamahaha slightly
up and foward then dive off.  This is not a very reliable combo - I can
only get it off about one in ten tries (other times Nakoruru lands in
front of her opponent without hitting with the Kamui Mutsube) but it
looks good when it hits...

16) Jumping straight-up CD kick (on the way down), crouching B slash, A
Annu Mutsube

Effective on:  Everyone in the game when they are against the wall.

Reliability: unreliable.

Note:  For this to work, Nakoruru has to do it against a cornered
opponent with her leg hitting deep into her opponent.  Otherwise Nak's
foot will push her opponent too far back for crouching B to hit...

17) Jumping straight-up CD kick (on the way down), A Annu Mutsube

Effective on:  Everyone in the game.

Reliability: Very reliable.

Note:  This is a very reliable combo.  Great way to get CPU/Humans after
knocking them down.


Ending for Nakoruru:

Below is a description of the Nakoruru ending.  It is a mixture between
Robert DeLoura (a translation from the Japanese ending) and the ending
taken from SS2 TAPFAQ (the ending of the English version of SS2).

I will only add here that Nakoruru's sister (Rimururu in Japanese
translation) doesn't have a name in the English version, and she doesn't
call Nakoruru 'sister' in the English translation, she just calls
Nakoruru by name.)

The standard canned bit takes place first... that's the same for 

The standard forest scene.
Cut to Nakoruru, stretched out on the ground unconscious, with Mamahaha
perched on her.  Poppy walks in, and does her "crying" animation (she 
does this in the game sometimes when Galford loses) from across the 
screen.  Galford walks in behind Poppy, and says "Nakoruru!".

Nakoruru sits up and says, "Galford...".

Galford says something like, "I was worried about you"

Nakoruru says, "...Galford...I...."

The forest starts to flash red, and Nakoruru jumps up on Mamahaha (the
falcon-carry move).  Galford says, "Nakoruru!" again.

Nakoruru says, "The forest is still being destroyed by evil power.  I must 
go."  She flies away on Mamahaha.

Cut to that rocky outcropping that everyone stands on just before they 
go to fight Mizuki in the game.  

Nakoruru then says something like "God of great nature, save them and the
forest... please...."

A wide beam of light strikes Nakoruru, and she turns into a small ball 
of light, which rises up and radiates out into the forest (which is
still flashing red), after the small ball of light vanishes into the
forest, the forest goes back to normal.  Her sword falls to the ground,
and Mamahaha chirps.

Cut back to Nakoruru's village.  Mamahaha has apparently brought the sword
back.  Nakoruru's parents are there, and the girl being held by the bear
in the background of Nakoruru's stage is there also.  (She is Nakoruru's
sister, Rimururu.  The name might be different in the English version, but
that's her name in the Japanese one.)  Rimururu is holding Nakoruru's
sword, and says "Sister...."

The sword glows, and Rimururu says, "That voice is... sister?"
(in the English version, the sword glows and says "This is Nakoruru's
voice" instead)

The scene cuts to a background that's an air-brushed picture of Nakoruru,
and text is overlaid on top of the picture.  The text says, "Please don't
cry...My soul will always be here as a guardian of nature.  From now, you
have to fight to protect them."  The scene fades back to the family, and
Rimururu stands up and says, "I understand... Sister."

-- END --

Specific Opponent Strategies:

The following section contains general CPU patterns and strategies against
CPU specific to each fighter, a list of a characters' normal moves (and 
how they can be countered/retaliated), a list of each fighter's special 
moves and how they can be countered/retaliated), and a section called
human opponent pattern/strategies, which describes what patterns a human
challenger might use against your Nakoruru and how to deal with them.


Cham Cham:  

CPU patterns/general:
   - Missed Leyla Mutsube will get countered by CPU with boomerangs.
   - Use kicks when jump attacking since the slashes will generally miss.
   - Keep Cham Cham at approximately the position of your B Amube Yatoro
     attack and do the B Amube Yatoro.  Cham Cham will sooner or later
     jump over it or block it and then jump over it.  Then counter her
     out of the sky with air ABs, Leyla Mutsube or crouching AB/CD.
   - Make sure you can determine whether Cham Cham is jumping normally or
     is doing a jumping scratch (Cham Cham shouts "Heh!" when she does the
     jumping scratch and she shouts "Jumpo!" when she jumps).  Also her
     jump is faster when she does the jumping scratch.
   - Also make sure you can determine which way to block the jumping
     scratch - you need to block FORWARD when the jumping scratch lands
     just behind you and thus reversing the joystick motion for blocking.
   - When you get on Mamahaha, CPU Cham will try two counters:  She will
     either try jump scratching you, or send a upward boomerang after
     you.  If she jumping scratches, dive off immediately with a Kamui
     Mutsube to hit Cham Cham (this will probably trade but in your
     favour).  Or you can Yatoro Poku in down or forward/down direction
     such that Cham Cham will miss you entirely, and then Annu Mutsube
     Cham Cham as she lies on the ground.  If you see Cham Cham start
     sending her boomerang, also Yatoro Poku off the falcon (either in
     down or back/down direction) and then if after landing Cham is
     within your B Annu Mutsube range, Annu Mutsube her afterlanding
     since her Boomerang throw has quite a long lag afterwards.
   - Kamui Ryuse as an air counter against Cham Cham doesn't work very
     well as her air D kick has very high priority.  So don't use this
     when Cham Cham jumps in up close.

Special move counters:
   Horizontal Boomerang:  Annu Mutsube under it will work fine.  But
   you must make sure you are already sliding or you might get hit.
   It's unlikely for you to get hit though because Cham has such a long
   start time for throwing the boomerang.  Or if you are close enough,
   block it, and then Annu Mutsube to hit Cham Cham while she is still
   recovering from her Boomerang stun time.  (Note:  Cham's Boomerang
   recovery time varies depending on whether she used A, B or AB
   Boomerang - but usually even the A Boomerang has a lag long enough
   for you to hit - and CPU generally use AB)

   Jumping Scratch:
   To counter without blocking, do a standing close AB slash when Cham
   Cham comes into range with the jumping scratch.  Or if you are an
   expert with timing and spacing, you can try jumping back with a C or
   D kick or A or B slash to get her but I can only do this sometimes.
   A well-timed crouching AB roll (do it so that Nak is slashing up with
   the knife when Cham Cham is about to hit Nak with the Jumping Scratch)
   will also get Cham Cham (this sometimes trade though)

   Or you can block the jumping scratch and retaliate afterwards.  You 
   must get her before she lands as Cham Cham doesn't have a lag time 
   after landing from a blocking jumping scratch.  B Leyla Mutsube can be
   successfully used to get her if she does the D or CD jumping scratch.
   If Cham Cham is relatively close to you after bouncing back, you can
   run to get into range and do a run-in B/AB to hit her out before
   she lands.

   You can also make her miss by hopping/rolling back or running/rolling
   forward.  If Cham Cham misses (i.e. lying flat on the ground), Annu
   Mutsube and crouching AB roll will hit her as she lies flat on the
   ground.  Of course you can also use the crouching kicks but they
   don't do as much damage.

   (note: don't try countering the jumping scratch with Leyla or Annu
   Mutsube without first blocking it, the jumping scratch cancels the
   Mutsube moves)
   Lion Rush (Power Special):  Block and retaliate with any attack.  If
   you see it coming, an A Annu Mutsube will take the Lion Rush out as
   well as a crouching AB roll slash or a Kamui Ryuse.

   Mura Gaburu (Paku Paku toss a skull):  Reflect using Kamui Ryuse.
   Might be able to slash it off like in SS1 (but the skull is so low
   now it might not be posssible - maybe can use crouching AB roll to
   slash it off?)...  Annu Mutsube under the skull also works but you
   need to make sure you are already sliding.  Or jump over and combo
   Cham or get on Mamahaha and Kamui Mutsube off the bird if you are

   Pakupaku Deos (Paku Paku spins forward):  Kamui Ryuse to hit Paku
   Paku back or you can Annu Mutsube to hit Paku Paku back too (make
   sure you are already away and sliding when you meet Paku Paku with
   the Annu Mutsube).  Because the move is so slow, if Cham Cham is
   stupid enough to use it you can probably just jump over and combo
   Cham or get on Mamahaha and Kamui Mutsube to get her (for stylish
   points I guess ^_^)

   Paku Gaburu (Paku Paku rises and spits a fireball):  If you are sure
   you can Annu Mutsube under it before the fireball explodes on the
   ground, then do it!!  You will hit Cham Cham along with it too.  Or 
   otherwise jump away or block it (make sure you have enough energy left 
   to block it!)                                
Normal Move Counters:
   (1) Crouching CD kick (sliding):  If see it coming, Annu Mutsube
       straight through, or the crouching AB slash will hit her out.  Or
       if close (Cham Cham is still sliding after you block), retaliate
       after blocking.

   (2) Standing close/far AB slash:  Block and then A Annu Mutsube to hit
       her.  Annu Mutsube if missed also.

   (3) Crouching AB slash:  Annu Mutsube if Cham Cham misses.

Human Player Patterns/Strategy:
   (1) Crouching D kick until you are out of range, then crouching CD
       kick you:  Know the pattern and then Annu Mutsube after you have
       been pushed out of range by the crouching D kick.

   (2) Cham Cham players also like to utilise the running-in strategies
       such as run in and slide CD kick, run in and throw etc so beware
       of these.


CPU patterns/general:
   - At the start of the round, quickly hop back or jump back because
     CPU Charlotte will always try a standing far A poke on you.
   - If trapped against the wall and CPU Charlotte is very close it's
     usually safe to just AB Leyla Mutsube away to get out.
   - Get on the falcon and immediately start moving the falcon up so
     that you are directly above and in front of Charlotte (make sure
     that if you Kamui Mutsube off the hawk you will land safely and far
     away).  CPU Charlotte is programmed to do her AB power gradation in
     this situation.  When you see this coming, quickly Yatoro Poku
     forward (or backward) off the falcon to avoid the Power Gradation,
     and then combo Charlotte as she lands from her missed power
     gradation!  Sometimes the Yatoro Poku (forward) will also hit
     Charlotte out of her power gradation.
   - Don't jump or hop back at close range or will be hit by her quick A
     pokes.  Don't do any missed attack or Charlotte will poke you with
     her weapon or you might even eat a crouching far AB...
   - Get away so you have enough distance to jump in so that CPU Charlotte
     won't have time to walk under.  Then jump in and do an air D or CD
     kick.  CPU Charlotte will either try her standing hop kick counter or
     Power Gradation counter which should both be hit out by your air D
     or CD kick.  If she blocks and you land close enough do a crouching D
     kick and after that do a standing C kick to push her away.  If any of
     the D or CD kicks hit while CPU Charlotte was on the ground then
     follow up with an A Annu Mutsube.  Then hop back and start again.
   - Never jump in with a slash!  Charlotte's standing D kick and Power
     Gradation will get you before yours hit her.

Special move counters:
   Power Gradation:  Block and retaliate - see combo section, Special
   Moves Listing and Their Uses Section (Kamui Ryuse, Apefunchi Kamui

   Splash Fount: If Charlotte does her splash fount from far away and you 
   have time to get your Leyla Mutsube out (i.e. Nakoruru has time to
   start sliding before Splash Fount hit you), then Leyla Mutsube will hit
   her out.  Otherwise, if you are too close to the move to get your Leyla
   Mutsube started, you need to block FIRST, and A Annu Mutsube afterwards
   (you need to be VERY FAST if Charlotte used an A Splash Fount, B/AB
   Splash Fount are easily A Annu Mutsubed after blocking though).  Or
   jump over and retaliate from the other side.

   Splash Gradation (Power Special):  Block it and then as the 7-pointed
   star starts fading, B Annu Mutsube through to hit Charlotte.
   Tri-Flash (Triangle Projectile):  Kamui Ryuse to reflect it or Annu
   Mutsube under it.

Normal Move Counters:
   (1) Standing AB (close and far), crouching (close and far) AB:  If
       missed, Annu Mutsube to hit.  But note these ABs can be cancelled
       into a special move, if Charlotte cancels these ABs into a Power
       Gradation it will hit your Mutsube moves out.

Human Player Patterns/Strategy:


CPU pattern/general:
   - Jump in on CPU Earthquake STRAIGHT AWAY at the beginning of each
     round as CPU Earthquake nearly always attacks with a A or B slash
     at the start of a round.  Then combo him after jumping as he is
     still retracting from his first weapon attack (air AB, standing far
     CD into B Annu Mutsube is a good choice for about 45% damage).
     Sometimes CPU Earthquake will jump forward instead of attacking - in
     that case quickly air B/AB him out of the sky.
   - Generally just jump in and attack and attack and combo him if air
     attack gets him.  If he blocks your jump-in attack, when you land do
     a crouching kick or slash which will usually hit him.  Note CPU
     Earthquake will jump back with a air A or C in response to your
     jump-in attacks sometimes so it might be wise to slash out early in
     the air.
   - If CPU jump towards you counter with air AB slash will usually work.
   - Be careful when sending Mamahaha away, since Earthquake now can do
     portal drop he will do that sometimes as you send the bird away.
     Also don't send Mamahaha away when you are too close or you will eat
     a crouching AB.  CPU Earthquake will also sometimes do the Fat Drop
     to avoid Apefunchi Kamui Rymuse and get you as you are recovering
     from this attack.
   - Note that none of Earthquake's slashes will hit you when you are
     close to him and is crouching.  So close combat with crouching
     attacks is a great idea....
   - Earthquake will sometimes do a Fat Copy and then go straight into his
     Power Special as well so watch out for it.
   - Get on Mamahaha, and then move yourself (and the bird) to a
     position such that you are just above and in front of Earthquake's
     head.  In this case, CPU Earthquake will usually try to do the Fat
     Press.  Then Yatoro Poku forward off the bird to hit Earthquake
     as soon as you see the move starts!  Even if Earthquake doesn't do
     anything, Yatoro Poku off the bird to hit him anyway since
     Earthquake is about the only one which Yatoro Poku will hit
     reliably multiple times and after blocking CPU Earthquake will have
     no time to retaliate.

Special move counters: 
   Fat Bounce (bouncing butt attack): The safest thing to do is to send
   Mamahaha to burn him but Leyla Mutsube through his fat butt looks more
   'stylish' :-)  But you have to make sure again that Nakoruru's knife 
   slice through Earthquake first before any part of her body touches 
   Earthquake.  Or otherwise it is a trade usually.  Also you can just 
   jump and slash him out of it, and many of the normal slashes will also
   work (e.g. standing close/far AB, standing B's, crouching AB).  Also
   you can Kamui Ryuse - the list is endless....

   Fat Chainsaw:  Annu Mutsube through it will hit him out.  Or if too
   close, block and then counter with Annu Mutsube or crouching AB roll
   slash or combo him.  You can also standing far AB slash Earthquake
   out of the Fat Chainsaw without blocking - just do the move early!
   Also, try an AB Kamui Ryuse as Earthquake spins in, or do it after
   blocking it (since this move dizzies opponents easily...)
   Fat Press:  Jump in over the flame and combo Earthquake (yes you can
   do it), or if not sure jump over him and attack from the other side.
   If you need to, block it all and nail him with an Annu Mutsube 

   Fat Copy:  If you are not in between the two images, just AB Annu
   Mutsube through both images.  The bomb that appears from the false
   image won't explode in your face since you already slide past it and
   you will hit the real image too.  If you are in between the two image,
   you can look at the top of the screen where Earthquake's name is
   displayed, it is replaced by the motion of the move he performs so you
   can work out which image he is from the button pressed (A=left,
   B=right).  Otherwise just take your pick I guess....  The best thing
   is as soon as Earthquake disappears in a puff of smoke, quickly go to
   one side of the screen so you can Mutsube through both images.
   Portal Drop:
   You can either do a standing close AB slash to counter as Earthquake
   falls down on you from the sky - thus not blocking at all.  Do a
   crouching AB slash as Earthquake falls halfway down works also.

   Or you can block and then B Annu Mutsube to get him as he lands.  You
   can also do a last-minute Annu/Leyla Mutsube just before Earthquake
   hits you with the belly attack from above and thus not block the move
   at all!  Note: you can NOT do this when countering Galford and Hanzo's
   portal drop since they attack with their swords (which is steel)
   instead of their bellies (which is flesh :-) )
   Or you can run forward, and then do a run-in B slash into Annu
   Mutsube combo...

   If Mamahaha is carrying you when Earthquake does a portal drop,
   either quickly get off the bird by performing a Yatoro Poku, and then
   counter as specified above, or you can do a well-timed Kamui Mutsube
   to counter the portal drop without getting off the bird.  Move the
   bird lower so that you have more time to react and execute Kamui
   Mutsube, and once when you are about in the middle of the screen,
   start moving Mamahaha backwards horizontally.  Keep moving the bird
   backwards until the ninjas reappear and falls about one quarter of
   the screen down, then you should Kamui Mutsube off the bird then.

   Yo Yo Gama (Power Special):  Can Annu Mutsube through provided you 
   slide through when blue hand is waving up.  Therefore, you should A
   Annu Mutsube straight away after the blue hand has waved down.  This
   way you will get Earthquake 100% of the time.  Alternatively send
   Mamahaha to get him.  Or jump over and attack from the other side.

Normal Move Counters:
   (1) Standing/Crouching AB slash:  Unfortunately you will need to read
       these moves and jump over it for effective retaliation.....

   (2) Any CD kicks: Annu Mutsube if blocked/missed.

   (3) Standing D kick:  You can A Annu Mutsube Earthquake after blocking
       it if you are fast.  If missed it is very easy to retaliate with an
       Annu Mutsube.

Human Player Patterns/Strategy:



CPU pattern/general:
   - Keep CPU Galford away with lots of standing C kicks which will hit
     many times even if CPU is at high difficulty level.  Stop the kicks
     as soon as you are out of your attack range.  Also go offensive
     with the standing C kicks (i.e. move forward and standing C kicks
     and repeat over and over....)  Standing C kick will hit Galford out
     of most of his slashes (except maybe a standing far A).
   - A pattern utilising the standing C kicks is to go on the offensive
     and do a two or three standing C kicks (moving forward into range
     after each).  And then after these standing C kicks get on Mamahaha
     immediately - CPU Galford usually tries to standing far B slash you
     when you pester him with these kicks and so when you get on
     Mamahaha if he does the standing far B it will miss.  Then quickly
     Kamui Mutsube off to hit him.  If Galford didn't do the standing
     far B, he will then most likely react to you getting on Mamahaha in
     the situation described below.
   - Get on Mamahaha, CPU Galford will either do a portal drop himself,
     or send the dog to drop from the sky.  If he sends the dog, quickly
     Kamui Mutsube off the bird to get him!  The dog will drop at the
     position where the falcon was so you won't get hit.  If Galford
     does the Portal Drop himself, counter as specified in Earthquake's
     Portal Drop.
   - Take advantage when Galford jumps, if you can walk under him, then
     standing B slash him on his back as he lands.
   - When Galford executes the Dog Rush move, the dog rushing forward
     has a colour outline.  You can Annu Mutsube through/under this move.
     The Machine Gun Dog move does not have a colour outline and has a
     delay before it starts and Nakoruru cannot Annu Mutsube under this
     move.  So if you want to Mutsube through the dog make sure you can
     distinguish between the two of them.
   - You can try jumping over Galford in a position so that you don't
     land near him when you land on the other side (but instead you land
     very far away from him on the other side).  CPU Galford is
     programmed to do a standing close AB when you do this but it will
     miss as you land far away from him: then retaliate the missed AB.
   - CPU Galford has a habit of sending out the rush dog at the start of
     a round sometimes.  Watch for it and A Annu Mutsube through it to hit
     both Galford and Poppy (and watch them both lying on the ground in
     agony hee hee ^_^)
   - Missed/blocked Mutsube moves will get you Striked Hezed...

Special move counters:
   Fake Wood/Portal Drop:  The same counter as with Earthquake.

   Invisibility:  Find him!  When Galford turns invisible he isn't 
   entirely 'invisible'.  You can tell what he is doing by sounds, like 
   the 'whooshing' when they jump or the footfalls when they run.

   Galford is easier to find then Hanzo since the dog does not disappear
   with the ninja!!!  So Poppy will readily give away the approximate
   location of Galford (as long as he is not jumping/running).

   Most importantly though it isn't necessary to strike him to know where
   he is.  Swinging away with Nakoruru's limited range isn't helpful.  
   The key to knowing where he is lies in looking at Kuroko.  He always 
   places himself in between the two fighting characters.

   This fact is useful because from that you can roughly guess where the
   invisible ninja is (IE:  If the ninja is approaching you, Kuroko will 
   be moving towards you as well.  If he is running then Kuroko will stay 
   in place and you 'should' hear footfalls).

   Kuroko only stays in place when (obviously) both characters don't move 
   or one character jumps/hops/runs (well, he also stays in place if 
   there's been a blocked slash : where he'll shake his head or a hit 
   slash: where he'll raise a flag.  Either one being irrelevant because 
   then the ninja will have given away his position). 

   Machine Gun Dog:  use Kamui Ryuse, cannot use Annu Mutsube since this
   cancels Annu Mutsube out and you will get munched to death by the dog.
   Alternatively, a Leyla Mutsube will hit the dog out of the move.  So
   if you are close when Galford do this move, quickly A Leyla Mutsube
   to either rise over the dog and hit Galford or hit both of them at
   the same time.  A well-timed slash (crouching B or AB) can also hit
   the dog back.

   Plasma Blade:  Reflect using Kamui Ryuse, or Annu Mutsube under it.
   If you are close enough, get on Mamahaha and then dive off with a
   Kamui Mutsube to hit Galford.
   Poppy Power (Power Special):  Jump over it and attack.  For a
   defensive counter, you can also Kamui Ryuse the dog away like all the
   other dog attacks.  There's quite a delay before the move - so you
   can also Leyla Mutsube to hit Galford if you are close as well and in
   the process go over the dog.

   Replica Dog:  If you see it coming and Galford is relatively close,
   Annu Mutsube to hit Galford before the dog reappears.  Or if you see
   it coming hop/roll back or run/roll forward and the dog will miss.
   If you are already on the bird, Kamui Mutsube off the bird to get
   Galford if you are close, or otherwise just Yatoro Poku backward to
   avoid the dog.

   Rush Dog:  Annu Mutsube through it or use Kamui Ryuse to make your-
   self invulnerable to it.  Make sure you are already sliding with your
   swords extended when you meet poppy if using Annu Mutsube.
   Alternatively, if Galford is close you can also try Leyla Mutsube to
   hit both Galford and Poppy back.  Dog can be slashed by crouching B
   or crouching AB.

   Shadow Copy:  The same counter as with Earthquake's Fat Copy.

   Strike Hez (SPD-like throw):  Pray that he doesn't get that off on

Normal Move Counters:
   (1) Standing far AB slash:  Block and Annu Mutsube (or just Annu
       Mutsube if missed)

   (2) Standing far B:  A Annu Mutsube if missed.

   (3) Crouching AB:  A Annu Mutsube if missed.

Human Player Patterns/Strategy:  
   (1) There is a expert Galford player here locally who can nearly always
       run in and Strike Hez me as I am getting up from a knock-down.
       These are not counterable.  But if the player you play against is
       not 100% efficient with this cheap trick - you should try and
       throw as soon as you get up or jump as soon as you get up to
       escape it.

   (2) Galford players love their standing far Bs and crouching AB/CDs
       so watch out for those when you try to move in.  Galford is like 
       Nakoruru - fast but with a lot more range so it is quite tough for 
       Nak.  Don't jump too much or you will be air ABed to death since 
       Galford has a lot more air range than you do and is just as fast 
       with his air AB.

   (3) Watch out when Human player does the Shadow Copy, retaliate
       immediately.  Good Galford player can always Strike Hez you as the
       2 image appear on the screen straight away so you need to be fast.


Gen-An Shiranui:  

CPU pattern/general:
   - Missed or Blocked Leyla Mutsubes will be countered with a Butcher
     Thrust by CPU.
   - If Gen-An doesn't jump from too close up.  You can consider using a
     well-timed AB Kamui Ryuse as an air counter.  The reason being that
     if you can time it right, you can hit him right before he lands and
     thus do quite a bit of damage with the move.
   - CPU Gen-An also uses the quick sliding D/CD kick a lot when he is
     close in succession.  Make sure you block all of them low.  Note
     that Gen-An kicks up after sliding in when he does the crouching CD
     kick.  Also CPU Gen-An sometimes will do a quick crouching A slash
     after sliding in with a kick so watch out.
   - You can also double-guess the CPU when CPU does lots of sliding in
     C/D kicks.  Execute a crouching AB roll after you block one of
     them, and if CPU decides to slide in after that sliding C/D he will
     be hit by your crouching AB roll.
   - CPU Gen-An jumps a lot.  Whenever Gen-An jumps, counter him out of
     the sky.
   - CPU Gen-An will kick you out of your Leyla Mutsube air counters if
     you don't do it quickly enough.  You need to start your B Leyla
     Mutsube as soon as you see Gen-An jumps.  The safest air counter is
     probably standing far D kick.  Use crouching AB/CD kick sparingly
     as Gen-An's air AB hits down/behind him and so if he does it early
     enough will take you out first.
   - Surprisingly AB Kamui Ryuse is an excellent counter for a Gen-An
     jumping in (CPU) also...
   - Nearly every time after CPU Gen-An blocks your Mamahaha he will jump
     forward.  Also at the start of the round he will usually triangle
     jump off the wall or just jump forward about 45% of the time.
   - Let CPU Gen-An get close to you, then execute a crouching B slash
     just before CPU Gen-An comes into the range of Nak's crouching B
     slash.  CPU Gen-An will usually slide kick in but will be hit out
     by your crouching B slash, if this hits, follow up with an A Annu

Special move counters:
   Butcher Thrust:  If have time, Annu/Leyla Mutsube through it will
   counter.  Or Block it, and Annu/Leyla Mutsube to retaliate as he spins 
   back.  When using the Mutsube moves to counter the Butcher Thrust, you
   must make sure the Butcher Thrust move doesn't touch Nakoruru from the
   top or she will be hit out of the Mutsube or will trade damage with
   Gen-An (i.e. Nakoruru's knife MUST meet Gen-An's spin first before any
   other part of her body).  A well-timed Kamui Ryuse will also hit
   Gen-An out of the move.

   Or you can block it, then send Mamahaha to attack but this is harder to
   time.  Or you can use standing far B slash to slash him out of it 
   quite easily.  Standing C kick also kick him out of this move easily.
   If you meet his Butcher Thrust in the air and you are on top sometimes
   your air kicks will also hit him out of the Butcher Thrust.

   Death Twister (Power Special):  Not quite sure if you can jump in on
   it.  Just block and then retaliate with anything.

   Glove Extension:  If hit by it, usually you will have enough time to
   wiggle your way out of the dizzy and maybe retaliate with a Annu
   Mutsube.  If you block it, you can also immediately go into an A Annu
   Mutsube to hit Gen-An but this needs really good timing (start the
   Annu Mutsube as you are being pulled in by the Glove).  It is also
   possible to Annu Mutsube under the Glove Extension without blocking at

   Poison Blizzard:  Jump in and attack him.  Or just block or reflect it
   with your cape.  Or Annu Mutsube through the cloud.

   Second Skin:  Wait for Gen-An to spin forward, block it and then
   run-in and standing B slash Gen-An before he lands..  Or you can
   counter it with a Leyla Mutsube without blocking if you are far enough
   away such that only knife Portion hits Gen-An first.  If Gen-An misses
   with it and lands close to you just slash him with anything before he
   lands.  When Gen-An is emerging from the skin, if you are close enough
   do a Leyla Mutsube which hits him just as he starts to spin upward.
   This also hits him out of the move.  Or time a falcon attack so that
   the falcon hits him as he emerges from the skin to spin upwards also

Normal Move Counters:
   (1) Standing far AB: If you see Gen-An start his long-range AB, you
       will have time to hit him either before he hits you (Annu Mutsube
       when you see his first AB animation frame) or after (block it and
       Annu Mutsube).

   (2) Crouching CD kick: Can be A Annu Mutsubed or crouching AB slashed
       right if blocked/missed.

Human Player Patterns/Strategy:
   (1) Good Gen-An players will utilise Gen-An's crouching A, B slashes
       and the crouching D and CD kicks.  A very popular pattern is that
       Gen-An does the crouching D sliding kick a couple of times until he
       gets relatively close and throw.  Or he does one or two sliding D
       kicks and then follow it up with a crouching A or B slash.  So know
       these patterns and don't fall for it.  A well-timed crouching
       attack after blocking Gen-An's sliding kick will usually break
       the pattern.


Genjuro (Kibagami Genjuro):  

CPU pattern/general:
   All the following strategy is based on crouch CD kicking CPU Genjuro
   at the maximum range of the crouching CD kick (or just outside the
   range).  So try to stay at this position all the time and crouching
   CD kick CPU Genjuro and act on CPU's reaction to it described below:
   - CPU Genjuro will sometimes at the same time try an attack on you
     (Oukazan, or just a slash or something).  But in doing so he will
     be hit by your crouching CD kick.
   - CPU Genjuro might run in or walking forward (to throw you) as your
     crouching CD kick is retracting, in this case quickly start your
     crouching C or D kicks as soon as you retract from your crouching
     CD kick.  If you use a D kick and it hits then follow up with A
     Annu Mutsube.  Can also do crouching B slashes as soon as the CD
     kick has retracted.  Again, combo if it hits.
   - CPU Genjuro also might try a BC hop above your crouching CD kick,
     but as your crouching CD kick stays out quite long he will still
     get hit by it since the BC hop is quite short.
   - CPU Genjuro will also sometimes anticipate your crouching CD kick
     with perfect timing and jump forward, but at the distance specified
     above (i.e. at the maximum range of your crouching CD kick), he will
     over-jump and you will have just enough time to slash him on the
     back with a standing close B (and don't forget to follow up with
     either an Annu Mutsube or a Amube Yatoro)
   - CPU might jump straight up in response to your crouching CD kick and
     then do an air AB as he is coming down.  You can't do much except
     for just blocking it since you don't have much time after you
     retract from your crouching CD kick.  Sometimes CPU Genjuro will do
     this jumping straight up and air AB as he comes down thing even if
     you just do a quick crouching attack.  If you see this and have
     time to get your croucing AB/CD out.  Move in closer and do the
     move to hit Genjuro out of the air.

   Other things to be aware of:
   - Don't do AB Leyla Mutsube to get out of his way - or he will send his
     projectile cards after you when you land!
   - Use Amube Yatoro to attack often, Genjuro doesn't jump over the bird
     very much.  But he will jump forward AFTER he blocks it often.  If he
     does jump forward, counter with a crouching CD kick or an air AB.
   - A couple of crouching C kicks will usually make Genjuro throw a
     Oukazan.  So do the crouching C kicks and Annu Mutsube as soon as
     you see the card projectile comes out!
   - Standing C kicks are also great against CPU Genjuro.

Special move counters:
   Card Game (Power Special):  Block and A Annu Mutsube to retaliate only
   if Genjuro is very close when he attempted the Power Special (i.e.
   Genjuro is within your A Annu Mutsube range he is close enough).

   Oukazan (card projectile):  Reflect using Kamui Ryuse or Annu Mutsube
   under it.

   Sanrensatsu (dashing slashes):  Annu Mutsube will hit Genjuro cleanly
   out of his Sanrensatsu everytime but the move is so fast it is hard
   to counter like this.  Also, if Genjuro is still sliding forward you
   can throw him out of the dashing slashes.  Otherwise block it all
   (block in the same direction as the first - but make sure you know 
   when to block in forward position.  This happens when Genjuro uses a
   B or AB Sanrensatsu at close range), then retaliate.

   Toha Kouyokujin (rising purple slash):  Block and retaliate when he
   lands - use combos, Kamui Ryuse or Apefunchi Kamui Rymuse

Normal Move Counters:
   (1) Standing/crouching Far AB slash:  Annu Mutsube - You will have time
       to get Genjuro if you executed your Annu Mutsube as soon as you see
       the first animation frame of his standing far AB (where he lifts
       his sword up) and if you are close enough.  If he just misses you
       with the move you can also B Annu Mutsube to get him.

   (2) Crouching CD kick:  If you are quick you can A Annu Mutsube after
       blocking the kick.  If missed can A Annu Mutsube pretty easily.

   (3) Standing/crouching B slashes:  Can be A Annu Mutsubed if Genjuro
       misses with them very easily.

Human Player Patterns/Strategy:

   (1) Human players love to use the Sanrensatsu so that they will be
   able to slash you on the back with the move (i.e. you need to block
   the other way)  This happens when Genjuro slides in and slashes after
   he has just gone past you.  So if Genjuro hasn't slashed out even
   after sliding close to you.  Be prepared to block the other way or
   counter him out of the move as he goes past you.

   (2) A variation of (1) is to first do a quick A Sanrensatsu which you
   will block front on, then go into a B/AB Sanrensatsu which will slash
   you from behind.  Again be aware of this and counter as needed.


Hanzo Hattori:  

CPU pattern/general:
   - Hanzo will do a roll forward at the start of the round very often.
   - Generally keep him away with standing C kicks as he gets into range.
   - Also can get offensive with standing C kicks.  Move in and standing
     C kick Hanzo all day will win the round or make him do something
     (like a fake wood).  Standing C kick will hit out any of his
     attempts to slash you (apart from maybe a standing far A).
   - Don't jump in to attack when CPU Hanzo is not doing anything.  CPU
     sometimes will time a perfect Bakuen Ryuu to hit you as you jump in
     CPU Hanzo will also sometimes jump forward and counter you with his
     air AB.
   - Sometimes Hanzo will do a Bakuen Ryuu at close range and run in to
     throw you.  At close distance it is possible to time a B Annu
     Mutsube to go under the projectile and hit Hanzo out quite easily.
   - Be careful when CPU Hanzo is running towards you, he might pull off a
     Bullhead Blast on you.
   - If he runs in after his fire snake make sure you reflect the fire
     snake with your cape!  It will get him occasionally.
   - Amube Yatoro attack should be used rarely.  CPU Hanzo will sometimes
     time a perfect portal drop from above to get you.
   - After walking under and slashing CPU Hanzo on the back, don't send
     Mamahaha to get that tick of blocked damamge because CPU will nearly
     always do a fake wood if you try this and you will get hit.
   - Missed/blocked Mutsube moves will get you Bullhead Blasted....

Special move counters:
   Aerial Shuriken:  If the shuriken doesn't hit you, move forward a bit
   and B Annu Mutsube to get him.  Or you can jump forward over the
   shuriken and combo Hanzo.  If you are relatively close you can block it
   and still have enough time to nail Hanzo with an Annu Mutsube
   afterwards.  A defensive counter will be to reflect it with Kamui
   Ryuse (but the shuriken gets reflected to the ground).  If you are low
   on energy and does not want to be hit by the Shuriken, either jump over
   it to get Hanzo in the air (if he is close), or slash it in half and
   then Annu Mutsube to get Hanzo as he lands (ground far B/AB is good for
   this - do it early so Nak slashes to create an arc in front of her.
   Remember you can interrupt these slashes with an Annu Mutsube so do
   the Annu Mutsube as soon as shuriken is slashed in half).

   Bakuen Ryuu (fire snake):  Reflect it using Kamui Ryuse - especially if
   Hanzo is running towards you after it.  Or jump forward to attack.  You
   can also Annu Mutsube through the Bakuen Ryuu.  I don't know the exact
   condition.  But it seems that you need to get it so that Nakoruru
   slides through the firesnake just after it has touched the ground.
   A Annu Mutsube is not good for this since Nak slides too fast and it
   is hard to time it to slide through the move.  B Annu Mutsube is the
   best for the job.  Usually what happens is that CPU Hanzo sometimes
   will do a Bakuen Ryuu at close range, and as soon as I see it coming
   I start the B Annu Mutsube.  And it nearly always goes though.  It's
   hard to describe the timing/spacing required.  But do learn to do
   this - it is extremely important that you can do this - both against
   CPU and human challengers.

   Bullhead Blast (SPD-like throw):   Pray that he doesn't get that off 
   on you!!!!

   Fake Wood/Portal Drop:  If Hanzo does a portal drop from above the
   counter is the same as with Earthquake/Galford.  But after blocking the 
   Portal Drop, instead of using B Annu Mutsube, you shoud move forward a 
   bit and use A Annu Mutsube instead or run forward and do the run-in B
   slash into A Annu Mutsube combo.  The reason is that Hanzo can do a
   Fake Wood after you nail him with the B Annu Mutsube and get you back 
   because you haven't recovered from your B Annu Mutsube in time to block 
   it.  Annu Mutsube can hit him out of his fake wood attack from below 
   easily.  So if Hanzo does a Fake wood, wait for a split second and go 
   into an A Annu Mutsube which will hit him as he reappears.  Or you can 
   block first and then do the A Annu Mutsube straight after (and you must 
   do it very quickly straight after and only A Annu Mutsube will work if
   you want to block first).  If Hanzo does disappear again after getting
   hit by your A Annu Mutsube, do another one and another one until he
   gives up :-).
   Hellfire (Power Special):  Hanzo doesn't seem to have much stun time
   after he executes this move and there is probably no time to
   retaliate after blocking it.  The move however takes a while to come
   out.  If you see that fire of circle on the ground there is enough
   time to Annu Mutsube forward to hit him first if you are quick...

   Invisibility:  See Galford's invisibility.

   Ninja Multiplier:  Same counter as with Earthquake's Fat Copy.

Normal Move Counters:
   See the same section on Galford for reference.

Human Player Patterns/Strategy:
   See the same section on Galford for reference.



CPU pattern/general:
   - Play turtle.  Watch Haohmaru's move and act on it.
   - If you jump in on CPU Haohmaru he will usually attempt a crouching AB
     slash to counter it.  Therefore, intentionally over-jump and get CPU
     after you land as he is still retracting from the missed crouching AB.
     (But don't do this often as CPU will sometimes do a Kogetsuzan...)
   - Stay in defensive crouch and wait for Haohmaru to do his attack.  CPU
     Haohmaru will move in and do series of quicker slashes.  And if you
     block them all, he will usually move away a bit and try a standing
     far AB slash.  Recognize this and counter with an A Annu Mutsube when
     CPU move away to perform his standing far AB.
   - Sometimes after CPU does a series of slashes, he will back away
     further and then send a Senpuretsuzan.  But if you follow him up
     when he backs away he will stop and move forward again.  So when he
     backs away, wait, and as soon as he starts a Senpuretsuzan, run
     forward until you are within range and counter the Senpuretsuzan
     with B Annu Mutsubeing through it (note: be careful of fakes).
   - CPU Haohmaru will also sometimes stay just outside your attack range
     and do a couple missed slashes or kicks.  Know when he will do these
     and then A Annu Mutsube to counter these missed moves (need to be
     very quick though - need to do the A Annu Mutsube nearly at the
     same time Haohmaru does his quicker attacks.)
   - If Haohmaru jumps in, use crouching CD kicks or air AB to counter.
   - Stay just outside Haohmaru's standing far AB range and crouching C
     kicks like mad will sometimes make Haohmaru do a whiffed standing
     far AB - then quickly A Annu Mutsube to retaliate.
   - If CPU presses in too closely can do a AB Leyla Mutsube to get out of
     the way.  CPU generally won't retaliate effectively.
   - Make sure you don't try to send Mamahaha away when you are WITHIN
     Haohmaru's standing AB range, or otherwise you will eat a standing AB
     before you have time to summon the bird.
   - If you get on Mamahaha, CPU Haohmaru will do two things, he will
     either come close to under you and then Kogetsuzan, or he will
     attempt a CD Resshinzan at the right range to try to hit you.  If
     he attempts a Kogetsuzan, Yatoro Poku off the bird (backward) to
     avoid it and retaliate.  If he tries a CD Resshinzan, Kamui Mutsube
     forward to hit him out quickly.
   - Let Haohmaru follow you in a corner, and then jump backwards and
     immediately triangle jump forward out of the corner.  Usually
     CPU will Kogetsuzan in this case but will miss.  Then retaliate
     when CPU lands.  A similar pattern is to force CPU into a corner,
     and then jump forward and then triangle jump backwards out of the
   - After blocking a standing far AB from CPU Haohmaru, immediately start
     to run towards him and then roll-forward as you get close to him.
     CPU Haohmaru will usually do another standing far AB slash which
     will miss since you rolled forward.  Then you can throw him as CPU
     is still recovering from the standing far AB.

Special move counters:
   Energy Slice (Power Special):  Block it and then Annu Mutsube to get
   him afterwards.

   Kogetsuzan (rising uppercut slash):  Block and retaliate.  Use combo
   (7) listed in the combo section below.  Also, you can A Annu Mutsube
   through to hit Haohmaru out of his Kogetsuzan.  This is actually not
   too hard to do - especially against running-in then Kogetsuzan human
   Resshinzan (leaping somersault slice):  This move has a reasonably
   short lag time (depending on which one Haohmaru performs, CD Resshinzan
   having the longest lag) so you need to retaliate with caution.  Block
   it and retaliate only if Haohmaru is very close to you after he execute
   the move with either an A Annu Mutsube or crouching B/AB slash.  Also,
   if you see it coming, a quick A Leyla Mutsube or crouching AB roll
   slash will take Haohmaru out as he comes into range (but before the
   'glow' on his sword comes out).

   Sake Attack:  You can Annu Mutsube under it.  Or block it first and
   then Annu Mutsube to retaliate.

   Senpuretsuzan (energy tornado)/False Senpuretsuzan:  If you see
   Haohmaru start his tornado move (no matter whether it's a fake or a
   real one) do your Mamahaha attack straight away.  If it's a real
   tornado it will cancel and if it's a fake Haohmaru will have to take a
   tick of blocked damage or if your falcon comes out fast enough you
   might hit him too!  Nakoruru can also slide through Senpuretsuzans with
   either A or B Annu Mutsube (make sure you are already sliding).  Once
   again you can reflect it with Kamui Rymuse.  Or you can use Irusuka
   Yatoro Lise to counter.

   Tempa Fuuzin Zan:  If you see it coming, jump over it (and then
   retaliate after he lands from his final Kogetsuzan).  If there is no
   time to jump, block it all and then retaliate.  Or send Mamahaha to hit
   him if you have time.  Also, as with the Kogetsuzan, Haohmaru can be
   hit out of his Tempa Fuuzin Zan combo by an A Annu Mutsube if you can
   get the move out in time.  If you are low on energy and your opponent
   is doing this move to finish you off, I would say go for it.  Because
   in SS2 when your energy is low, if you get hit by an attack the
   damage is usually reduced to keep you alive for a bit longer.  And
   since you are doing an Mutsube move, after getting hit you will
   bounce backwards and by the time you land Haohmaru will hopefully
   have finsihed all 5 Kogetsuzan and is halfway in the air, then combo
   him as he comes down.

Normal Move Counters:
   (1) Standing Far AB slash:  If just missed, A Annu/Leyla Mutsube to
       get him.  If blocked at close range, run forward to throw.

   (2) Crouching CD kick:  crouching AB roll slash after blocking or A
       Annu Mutsube.

Human Player Patterns/Strategy:
   (1) Haohmaru's who likes sending out his Senpuretsuzan should be
       punished for their silliness.  At far range, reflect it back.  At
       close range Annu Mutsube through it to hit him.  If he does one
       when you get up and he is close enough to be reached by your 
       crouching CD kick, A Annu Mutsube to hit him after blocking it.

   (2) Against Haohmaru's who knows how to do Tempa Fuzzin Zan, you
       should regularly 'check' his joystick for the motion of the move
       and if he is attempting it, Annu Mutsube to get him.

   (3) Human Haohmarus also like to use the Resshinzan to get blocked
       energy off you (it takes about 3 ticks).  Many of them also like
       to add a Kogetsuzan after it so that your retaliation move will
       get hit.  In this case, counter BEFORE his Resshinzan hits, or
       gamble and do an A Annu Mutsube after blocking.

   (4) Watch out when Haohmaru runs towards you.  Some of them like to
       run in and then do a Kogetsuzan in front of you to get you as you
       might be trying to hit them.  Well watch out for this and block and
       counter it.  They usually will do the Kogetsuzan at its maximum
       range which is quite far so block until Haohmaru has run closer
       then that.  You can Annu Mutsube at the last moment as you see
       them running in.

Jubei Yagyu:

CPU pattern/general:
   - If trapped in the corner AB Leyla Mutsube to get away is usually OK.
   - Standing C kick him if he gets into range.  If you standing C kick
     CPU often CPU will then switch to a Mikkaku Ratoh as you C kick him
     so watch out for that.
   - Can also go on offensive with the standing C kicks, and then you
     should get on Mamahaha after standing C kicking him two or three
     times.  And if CPU tries to retaliate (most of the time with a
     standing far B) he will miss, then Kamui Mutsube off to hit him.
   - Make sure you can distinguish whether he is just running forward or
     is doing Mikkaku Ratoh.  If he is just running forward keep him away
     with standing/crouching C kicks.
   - CPU will sometimes either run-in or do a perfect-distance Mikkaku
     Ratoh which stops in front of you and then throw you.  You should
     counter-throw in this case.
   - If you run towards a CPU Jubei, he will usually start a Hasso Happa
     as you get into range.  So utilise this and run towards him and block
     as you get into range when he starts Hasso Happa.  Then retaliate.
   - Be careful when you send Mamahaha to attack at close range, Jubei's
     Mikkaku Ratoh is quick enough to hit you before you recover from
     the Amube Yatoro stun time at close range.

Special move counters:
   Hasso Happa (100-sword Strikes):  Depending on the strength of Hasso
   Happa used, you need to counter differently.  You can A Annu Mutsube
   through the A Hasso Happa and the B Hasso Happa (usually - since the
   B Hasso Happa sometimes slashes against the ground).  The AB Hasso
   Happa can not be Annu Mutsubed under.  Or block it for a while and
   then Annu Mutsube through it as Jubei stops.  Or send Mamahaha when
   you are pushed outside of his Hasso Happa range.  Note the A Hasso
   Happa slashes are red, B Hasso Happa slashes are orange, AB Hasso
   Happa slashes are blue/white.

   Mikkaku Ratoh (charge forward then rising slash):  Block and then
   retaliate as he lands.  It is NOT possible to Mutsube to counter it
   without blocking at close range due to the slight lag at the
   beginning of her Mutsube moves.  If your Annu/Leyla Mutsube is already
   away and sliding you can take this move out with no problem.  You
   should learn the standing far AB into B Annu Mutsube combo and use
   this for retaliation after blocking the Mikkaku Ratoh - this is
   because Jubei will nearly always get dizzied by this when you perform
   this on him after blocking the Mikkaku Ratoh for some reason...

   Suigetsutoh (ground wave projectile):  Reflect using Kamui Ryuse or
   jump over and attack.  Or block it and if Jubei is close after he
   threw the Suigetsutoh, A Annu Mutsube him afterwards.  You can NOT
   Annu Mutsube through this projectile (unfortunately...)

   Yagyu Shingantou (block with one sword/attack with another):  There
   is not much you can do if you are caught in it except for being
   slashed...  But you should try to recognise when Jubei is doing the
   move - when Jubei does the move he is frozen on the spot for about
   nearly 1 second.  During this time you can use any kick to attack
   without being caught by the sword.  Also if you see this and you
   are close Annu/Leyla Mutsube to hit him as he is frozen on the spot.

   Zetsu Suigetsutoh (Power Special):  See Hanzo's Hell Fire special.

Normal Move Counters:
   (note: Jubei has very BAD recovery times after his slashes.  So all
   his slashes (A/B/AB) can be A Annu Mutsubed if they miss!)
   (1) Close standing/crouching AB (a two-hit both of his swords):  After
   blocking (or being hit by) the first one immediately A Annu Mutsube to
   hit him.  Or if the first hit of these AB misses you can also A Annu
   Mutsube Jubei.

Human Player Patterns/Strategy:
   (1) Human players like to poke with the standing/crouching far Bs at
   you all day as you get into range.  If you are playing someone who
   loves doing this - do a reactional A Annu Mutsube to go under it and
   hit them out as you get into range.  Run-in and A Annu Mutsube and
   Run-in and roll and then retaliate also works very well against
   people who cannot help themselves but to hit you with the B pokes.

   (2) If after you run-in, human Jubeis start to use crouching A slash
   as you get close, you should do run-in and then standing C or CD kick
   to hit them (the former is quicker and the later will flip over the
   crouching slash and hit Jubei in the process).  Mix this up with (1)
   and in general being unpredictable gives Nak a good chance of

   (3) If your human Jubei opponent loves to cancel a slash/kick into a
   Suigetsutoh.  You can A Annu Mutsube him quicker than he can throw
   the projectile out after you have blocked his first attack....
   Alternatively block the Suigetsutoh as well and then A Annu Mutsube
   Jubei afterwards (since he will be close after throwing the

   (4) Many Jubei Players also love to get away from you, chuck a
   Suigetsutoh, and then if you jump, he will jump forward to get you in
   the air with his air B or AB.  Don't fall for this, or if you really
   want to jump, kick out early in the air to possibly hit him out

CPU pattern/general:
   - Get into a position where you can hit Kuroko if you execute your A
     or B Annu Mutsube and then crouch defending there and wait for Kuroko
     to make a move.
   - If CPU doesn't do anything, do one or two crouching C kicks and
     Kuroko should react to that.  He will do one of the two things:
     * If he react by jumping in, then just walk under and standing close
       B slash him and then send Mamahaha to get one more blocked damage
       straight after (you can also try jumping AB but Kuroko usually
       jumps in with a kick so if Kuroko jumps in close this is NOT a
       good idea).
     * If Kuroko react by sending a projectile to you.  Annu Mutsube
       through it to counter.  Although the projectiles themselves are
       quite fast, Kuroko has a delay before and after all his projectile
       moves which is long enough for you to A or B Annu Mutsube to get
       him provided that you are within the range.  If Kuroko is going
       to fireball you, he will do it after you have done about 2 missed
       crouching C kicks.  So you should mentally prepare to A/B Annu
       Mutsube after doing about 2 missed crouching C kicks and look for
       start animation frames of Kuroko's fireball moves.
   - Use the falcon to get as much blocked damage as you can but don't
     send the falcon out at close range, Kuroko will roll under the falcon
     attack and throw you afterwards.
   - When Kuroko's POW meter is up he will attempt his POW special many
     times so watch out for them.

Special move counters: 
   Koh Ken (single fireball):  Annu Mutsube under it or Kamui Ryuse to
   reflect it.

   Haoh Sho Koh Ken (massive double-sized fireball):  Annu Mutsube under
   it or Kamui Ryuse to reflect it.

   Double Koh Ken:  Annu Mutsube under it works.  You can reflect both
   Koh Kens in one go as well.

   Mega Smash (cylindrical energy missile):  Kamui Ryuse can reflect it.
   Annu Mutsube goes under it as well.

   Ressen Kyaku (grab and kick for six times):  Make sure you don't get
   grabbed by this...

   Gekihou (Bends and produce giant self-projection):  Annu Mutsube
   forward while he is still doing the move will hit him out.  Or send
   the falcon to burn him.

   Double Senbei Shuriken (throws two cookies, one on top of the other):
   Annu Mutsube under it should work.  Kamui Ryuse WILL reflect both
   projectiles back as well!

   Kaiser Wave (moon-shaped projectile):  Kamui Ryuse to reflect or Annu
   Mutsube under it.

   Flags of Fury (sends flags out on chain):  Same as Gen-An and
   Nicotine's weapon extension move.

   Spike Ball (Hurls a black orb covered with barbs):  Annu Mutsube
   under it.  Reflect using Kamui Ryuse will probably work too.

   Side Splitters:  This move is very easy to counter.  Whenever Kuroko
   splits in half after getting slashed by you.  There are two
      (1) The real Kuroko can be the top half (head and torso) lying on
          the ground.
      (2) The real Kuroko can be the bottom half (legs) standing on the
   You can tell which part of it is real when one of the two parts
   starts wiggling - this is the FALSE part and will EXPLODE!  Avoid
   this and get to the real part (the part not wiggling) and you CAN
   throw Kuroko (the real part) and Kuroko can not do anything about it!
   Or, if situation (1) above is true (Kuroko is top half), and you are
   in between the two parts of slashed Kuroko, you can Annu Mutsube the
   real Kuroko on the ground.  Note you can NOT Annu Mutsube Kuroko if
   he is the bottom half (legs)!  In fact, Kuroko is invulnerable to all
   attacks if he is the bottom half with the exception that he can be
   thrown.  So throw is probably the best strategy in both cases.

   Ryuuko Ranbu (Power Special - charges forward and if hit, begins a
   barrage of attacks):  Block!  Or jump over it.  Kuroko will usually
   do one or two in a row by the way.  You can also Annu Mutsube him out
   of it - but make sure you are away and sliding already or you will
   fall victim to it....

   Curse Ball (Power Special):  Haven't seen this....  But I would think
   that Annu Mutsube under will work still, and probably also Kamui

Normal Move Counters:
   (1) Standing CD kick (flip-back kick - the same one as Nak's close
       standing CD kick!):  This can be countered with an Annu Mutsube if
       blocked or missed.

Kyoshiro Senryo:

CPU pattern/general:
   - If trapped AB Leyla Mutsube to get away.
   - Be careful not to jump in on his power special.
   - If jumping in to attack Kyoshiro make sure you use a kick - you have
     a better chance of hitting Kyoshiro out of his rotating slashes (see
   - If you are going to counter Kyoshiro jumping in on you with your air
     AB make sure you do it quick as sometimes CPU Kyoshiro will do his
     rotating slashes to hit you.
   - Also don't jump away from close range or CPU will also get you with
     the rotating slashes.
   - Do a few crouching C kicks and sometimes CPU will throw a fan at you,
     Annu Mutsube under to hit him.
   - CPU Kyoshiro will nearly always react to your Mamahaha attacks by
     sending out a fan to cancel it.  This also happens when you do the
     Power Special!!  So against CPU Kyoshiro I will actually encourage
     every Nak player to use their Power Special as much as you can!
   - Don't get on Mamahaha when you are close to Kyoshiro, he will
     immediately do a rotating slash to hit you.
   - If CPU jumps straight up on the spot, counter him with a crouching
     AB as he comes down.  If you are out of range, run in as soon as
     you see him jump straight up and then do crouching AB.

Special move counters: 
   Aragotoshi Kyoshiro "Chiniku-no mai" (Power Special):  Block it all
   and get him with an Annu Mutsube afterwards.   Or if Kyoshiro is just 
   spinning there, send Mamahaha to burn him.

   Chi Kemuri Kuruwa (falling rotating slash):  It's safer to block it
   and get Kyoshiro as he lands.  Leyla Mutsube will can counter provided
   that the knife touches Kyoshiro first.  Or otherwise you might trade or
   Kyoshiro will hit you out of Leyla Mutsube.  You can also use crouching
   CD kick/crouching AB roll to get him as long as he doesn't do this move
   on top of you.  Also, you can go into an A Annu Mutsube as he is
   about to hit you - then it will not hit you and the lag after the
   move enables you to get him with the Annu Mutsube.

   Chobi Jishi (flips forward on stick in a fiery spin):  This move is
   kind of tricky to retaliate against.  There are several ways to

   First, you can A Leyla Mutsube to meet this attack front on, either
   when you see Kyoshiro start this move or after you are pushed
   out of range.  You will either hit him out or trade with the move.

   Or, after being pushed out of the range by the move, if Kyoshiro is
   still going with the move, you can jump on top of him (near where his
   pole is) and do a air CD kick to hit him out of it (and possibly
   combo him with an A Annu Mutsube afterwards).  Alternatively send the
   falcon to burn him after you are pushed out of the range and if either
   you or Kyoshiro is near the wall.

   Or, you can block the move, and wait until Kyoshiro is retracting
   from the move and then execute a B/AB Annu Mutsube to hit Kyoshiro
   when he is about to land on the ground.  The timing is such that you
   need to get the B/AB Annu Mutsube going as soon as Kyoshiro starts to
   retract from this move.

   The most reliable way to counter attack this move is actually to
   block it, and then, as soon as you are pushed out of the range,
   execute an AB Kamui Ryuse so that only the cape touches Kyoshiro.

   Fuuretsusen (Fire Fan):  Reflect with Kamui Ryuse or Annu Mutsube
   under it.  You can also slash it in half with Nakoruru's standing
   A slash, and with Nakoruru's standing B slash as well.  See Special
   Moves Listing and Their Uses section on Irusuka Yatoro Lise.

   Kaen kyokubu (Dance of fire):  Annu Mutsube under the fire breath to
   hit Kyoshiro.

   Kaiten Kyokubu (rising rotating slash):  Nakoruru's kick can fairly
   easily hit Kyoshiro out of his Vertical Rotating slash if her kick hits
   Kyoshiro from the top and hits approximately in the centre of the 
   spin.  This is why it is wise to jump in mostly with a kick, not a 

Normal Move Counters:
   (1) Crouching AB:  Can A Annu Mutsube if Kyoshiro misses with this.

   (2) Standing/Crouching CD kick: Can be A Annu Mutsubed if missed or

Human Player Patterns/Strategy:
   (1) Be careful of when you use Annu Mutsube against human Kyoshiro.
   Good human Kyoshiro can do a C Lion's Tail on 'reaction' when they
   see you start sliding with your Annu Mutsube and hit you out of the
   slide :(



CPU pattern/general:
   - Don't miss ANY chances of air counters when Mizuki jumps in on you
     (it's about the only time you have an advantage over her), punish
     Mizuki with some nice big air ABs whenever she jumps.
   - Play defensively in general.  Stay in defensive crouch and counter
     Mizuki's move accordingly.  If she approaches you to within the
     range of your standing C, crouching C or D kick range then do the
     corresponding move to hit her.  You cannot miss any of these or you
     will eat some of her slashes and all of them takes mega damage...
     Also watch out for her to slide in and throw you.
   - Even though it's dangerous, it is worth it trying to jump in a few
     times to try and attack (she doesn't do that perfect-timing with
     projectiles/demon thing if you don't jump in too much)  Sometimes
     you will get her.  Have a quick look to see if the beast, any
     projectile or the energy pool is forming once you jumped in before
     you decide what you going to do when you land from you air attack,
     if nothing is there and your air attack hit then combo her).
   - Mizuki also teleports quite a bit and she usually will appear behind
     you.  She will teleport in the following situations:
     * She sends out a Swine Curse Ball or Mass Confusion Projectile.
       (That's why it's better to jump over these so that you don't have
       to worry about blocking in forward joystick position once Mizuki
     * You attempted either Irusuka Yatoro Lise or Apefunchi Kamui Rymuse.
       (That's why it's not wise at all to use the above moves -
       especially Apefunchi Kamui Rymuse).
   - If your POW meter is up and you see Mizuki preparing for a Mass
     Confusion move, execute your POW special straight away (provided
     you are in range), this is the move that Mizuki takes the longest
     to prepare.  The POW Special cancels the projectile and gets her.
   - Also if you see her backing away, to the far side of the screen,
     this might be an indication that she is going to prepare a Mass
     Confusion projectile.  Follow her in so that you are close enough
     to A/B Annu Mutsube Mizuki after going under the Mass Confusion
   - When Mizuki's POW meter is charged and you are close to her, make
     sure you don't jump back!  She will nearly always do a POWER
     special which will get you before you land!
   - When Mizuki teleports the safest thing is to jump in the direction
     she has just disappeared from (i.e. forward).
   - Try keep your distance and send Mamahaha to do some blocked damage.
   - Be careful of Mizuki's Power Special Projectile, it travels forward
     and then backwards if you jumped over it.
   - AB Leyla Mutsube out of the corner is NOT a good idea.....  Mizuki
     has too many ways to punish you...
   - The Rush Demon move has a bit of electricity (or lightning) at the
     front of the beast and the Mad Demon move doesn't.
   - Some CPU Mizuki Patterns to watch out for:
     * Mizuki does a swipe with her stick, about 50% of the time she
       will then immediately sends her demon afterwards.  So you should
       watch out and A/B Annu/Leyla Mutsube as soon as you see her
       starts the demon moves.
     * If Mizuki's POW meter is charged, and you are fairly close to
       her, doing one or two crouching C kicks will sometimes tempt her
       to do her Power Special.  Again, watch for it and A/B Annu
       Mutsube under it to hit Mizuki.  Don't forget to block the Power
       Special again since it comes back to you...
   - If you want to walk under and attack Mizuki from behind when she
     jumps forward, make sure you use either crouching B or crouching AB.
     This is because Mizuki's air slashes also covers her back and if
     you are standing you will be hit by it first.
   - If you want to get out of corners, get on Mamahaha, and simply 
     direct the bird over the top of Mizuki and away from her.  Even though 
     Mizuki will try to slash you as you fall off the bird, she will usually 
     miss as long as you keep moving the bird away.
   - Don't do any keep-away attacks unless Mizuki is right next to you!
   - Jump in with an air attack, then if Mizuki blocks it, when you land, 
     jump vertically up and execute an air CD kick.  Mizuki will usually try 
     to AB slash you as you fall but it will usually miss and then your 
     air CD will hit and you can combo an A Annu Mutsube after it.
Special move counters: 
   Bitch Slap from Hell (multiple slaps with one hand):  Nothing you can
   do if you are in range except blocking (the slaps doesn't push you
   away either..  Geez..)  Mizuki can do this both standing and crouching.
   I think the Mutsube moves will be hit out by her slaps if she does the
   crouching slaps but if Mizuki does the standing slaps she can be hit
   out of by any attacks that hits low.

   Hell Tempest (power special - a black sphere):  Kamui Ryuse to cancel
   it or Annu Mutsube to go under it.

   Mass Confusion (while & flashing projectile):  Kamui Ryuse can be used
   to 'cancel' the confusion projectile.  I.e. upon contact with the cape
   the confusion projectile disappears.  Annu Mutsube under it will work 

   Passage through Hell (slides portal under opponent and two hands pull
   opponent in):  Block in defensive crouch and you won't be pulled in.
   Rush Demon/Mad Demon:  Like Galford's Rush Dog and Machine Gun Dog, You
   can only Annu Mutsube through the Rush Demon.  I will only recommend
   doing this if Mizuki sends the demon at very close range though (she
   does that often).  But since it's hard to tell which move it is you
   have a 50-50 percent chance - either you slide through and get Mizuki
   along with it, or you get mauled to death by the demon.  I usually go
   for it though....  Not quite sure about using Kamui Ryuse to make
   yourself invulnerable though...  Alternatively, do an Leyla Mutsube
   as soon as you see her doing a demon move and you are close to her.
   Leyla Mutsube will hit all the demon moves out and also Mizuki if you
   are close ^_^.

   Swine Curse (a small lightning ball released by her pet demon):  Kamui
   Ryuse to cancel it or you can Annu Mutsube under it.  But it's
   pointless since by the time you realise that it is the swine curse
   coming it's usually too late since Mizuki has already recovered from
   her special move stun time.

Normal Move Counters:
   (1) Standing swipe with that stick of hers (B?):  If missed, Annu
       Mutsube.  If blocked, also Annu Mutsube to get her afterwards.
       Make sure you are quick though (i.e. use A Annu Mutsube
       immediately after blocking)

   (2) Standing swipe with that stick of hers (AB?): She takes a step
       forward to do this one.  And if it's blocked or missed.  A Annu
       Mutsube immediately to hit her.  This is the one and only Mizuki
       move which has some noticeable lag after it...


CPU pattern/general:
   - Crouch defending at a position where your A or B Annu Mutsube can
     hit CPU and wait for CPU Nakoruru to make a move.
   - Sometimes CPU Nak won't do anything either so in this case do some
     crouching C kicks to make her do something.  The following is a list
     of things CPU Nakoruru will try:
     * If she jump towards you, walk under and standing close B slash her
       (and then send the falcon to attack for one blocked damage)
     * If she runs towards you or roll towards you, continue your
       crouching C kicks.  (and at all times watch her to see if she is
       going to Annu Mutsube)
     * If she get on the falcon, stop crouching C kicks and wait for her
       to attack.  If she Kamui Mutsubes, block it and retaliate, if she
       Yatoro Poku or didn't do anything and just falls off the bird
       after a while, counter also but you must be quick.  Usually if
       she is going to Kamui Mutsube, she will do it fairly quickly
       after getting on Mamahaha, if she gets on the bird and didn't do
       anything immediately, usually she will either just fall off the
       bird or Yatoro Poku off it.
     * If she Annu Mutsubes, block and retaliate.  If she Leyla Mutsubes,
       block and then retaliate.
     * If CPU Nakoruru sends her Mamahaha to attack counter as specified
   - Don't worry if you are trapped in a corner, just continue to do what
     is said above.
   - NEVER, EVER do a AB Leyla Mutsube to get out of the corner, or you
     will get Annu Mutsubed on the back as you land.

Special move counters: 
   Amube Yatoro (Falcon Summon):  If you see it coming and is close enough
   (i.e. CPU is within your A or B Annu Mutsube range) then A or B Annu
   Mutsube forward to hit her (the bird misses as you are sliding low on
   the ground).  Or when you see Nakoruru starts turning around and are
   about to summon the falcon, jump forward then and attack.  The falcon
   will nearly always miss you this way.  Otherwise block.

   Annu Mutsube:  Block and then do any attack that hits low.

   Apefunchi Kamui Rymuse (Super Kamui Ryuse):  Block it!  Don't think
   there is much you can do about it.  If you see it coming, A/B Annu
   Mutsube under to hit her out, or you can jump over her and hit her
   out from the other side.

   Falcon Carry:  Jumping up to attack CPU Nakoruru while she is on the
   bird is generally not a good idea.  But sometimes if I judge it 
   correctly I use B/AB Leyla Mutsube to get her.

   Irusuka Yatoro Lise (Power Special):  Counter in the same way as
   Amube Yatoro.

   Kamui Mutsube/Yatoro Poku (attacks off the falcon):  Block and then do
   any crouching attack (I always use crouching AB roll slash).  Yatoro
   Poku has a shorter lag time after Nakoruru lands from the attack so
   make sure you are quick enough.

   Kamui Ryuse:  Block and Annu Mutsube if Nakoruru used a B or AB Kamui
   Ryuse.  Cannot Annu Mutsube through the cape without blocking first I

   Leyla Mutsube:  If CPU does a Leyla Mutsube that flies over your to
   the other side, start a AB Annu Mutsube after she flies over you (i.e.
   you've turned around) and this will get her on the other side.
   Alternatively you can run after her and retaliate, or send Mamahaha
   after her if you can time it right.

Normal Move Counters:
   (note: Nakoruru can cancel all her B/AB/D/CD into a special moves
   with the exception of crouching AB/CD.  So watch out when you try to
   retaliate a blocked/missed B/AB/D/CD or you might eat a Mutsube move)

   (1) Standing Close AB slash:  Annu Mutsube/crouching slash as soon as
       you see the first part of the move.

   (2) Any AB attacks: Annu Mutsube if missed.

   (3) Any CD kicks:  Annu Mutsube if missed/blocked.

   (4) Crouching AB Rolling Slash:  Block and throw/retaliate.  Or Annu
       Mutsube through it.

Human Player Patterns/Strategy:
   Well, you should've known all the patterns/strategy a good Nakoruru
player will use against you since you've read this guide ^_^


Nicotine (Caffeine Nicotine):

CPU pattern/general:
   - CPU Nicotine will also sometimes try running in and then crouching
     CD kick you so make sure you block that or hit him before it.
   - Try to get him to jump and counter him in the air with either the air
     AB slash or Leyla Mutsube.
   - If you AB Leyla Mutsube to get out sometimes Nicotine will send a
     projectile after you so do it sparingly.
   - Be careful if you want to walk under and slash as Nicotine as air
     moves which will hit opponents on the back (the spiral kick, the
     air AB slash and C slash).  So when walking under, use crouching B or
     AB slash instead of the standing B slash.
   - For some strange reason CPU Nicotine does his 'sneezing' taunts quite
     often.  Make sure when you see it you hit him before his finishes
   - When you jump in to attack CPU, CPU Nicotine will usually
     roll-forward under you.  Be careful if you land close to CPU after
     he has rolled under you.  CPU will try to throw you, or hit you
     after you landed.

Special move counters: 
   Bakusa Jougeki (staff extends via a chain):  the same counter as
   Gen-An's glove extension.

   Confusion:  Just make sure you don't get hit by it!  Block and then
   retaliate.  As soon as the talisman starts falling and change to a
   different colour you can retaliate - crouching AB/CD or Annu Mutsube
   are good retaliation moves.
   Shikigamireifu, fire (fire demon - run low along ground):  Reflect it
   with Kamui Ryuse, or jump over and attack, or block LOW.  You can
   also Annu Mutsube under this projectile right before it hits you -
   the same principle seems which applies to Hanzo's fire snake seems to
   also be true here.  You can slide through the Fire Shikigamireifu
   when the fire demon just just bounced off the ground during its run.
   This is not very hard to do either using B Annu Mutsube.

   Shikigamireifu, thunder (electric bird - flies at head level):
   Reflect it with Kamui Ryuse, or jump over and attack, or Annu Mutsube
   under it, or crouch and let it fly above you.

   Spiral Kick:  A Leyla Mutsube will either hit or trade with Nicotine
   when Nicotine is still spiralling down.  Or, when Nicotine is
   spiralling down, go into an A Annu Mutsube timed so that it reaches
   Nicotine as he lands on the ground (this will either hit or trade as
   well).  Block and retaliate afterwards with an A Annu Mutsube will
   not work.
   Summoning Atavakah (Power Special):  Block it for a short while and
   then Annu Mutsube to hit a still-stunned Nicotine.

Normal Move Counters:
   (note: Nicotine can interrupt most of his attack into a special move.
   But it is only of concern to you if Nicotine cancels his normal moves
   into a Staff Extension since this might hit you because of the
   starting lag of the Mutsube moves)

   (1) Crouching AB:  Can A Annu Mutsube Nicotine if blocked/missed.

   (2) Standing AB: Can A Annu Mutsube if Nicotine misses just outside
       this move's range.

   (3) Standing CD: Can A Annu Mutsube if Nicotine misses at relatively
       close range.

Human Player Patterns/Strategy:


Sieger (Neinhalt Sieger):

CPU pattern/general:
   - Don't send Mamahaha away too many times in succession (especially if
     you are corner-trapped), CPU will do the Blitz Siege when you are
     about to send the falcon to attack (even though CPU usually miss with
     the Blitz Siege but it is not wise to try sending the falcon too many
     times in succession (except when you have your pattern going - see
   - CPU Sieger has a habit of Jumping forward with a CD kick straight
     after he has rolled forward.  So everytime when CPU rolled forward
     expect a jump-forward air CD from CPU and then get your air AB into
   - Whenever Sieger gets in your standing C kick range kick him!!  You
     can also get offensive and move into range and standing C kick him.
     Your standing C kick will hit him out of all his attempted counters
     first (e.g. Tiger Kopf, Wolf Fagen Throw, any of his normal moves)
     but do be careful if Sieger decides to cannon you (but CPU will
     seldom do it).  After going offensive with a few standing C kicks,
     sometimes you should grab onto the falcon - this is because in
     response to your standing C kicks, Sieger will try to counter with
     many of his attacks - and if you suddenly get on the bird, and he
     tries something (like a Tiger Kopf, crouching CD kick etc) he will
     miss.  If you see him miss with these attacks as you get on the
     bird, immediately Kamui Mutsube off to hit him!!
   - If jumping in it is best to use kicks - and kick as early as
     possible since CPU Sieger will usually counter by jumping and doing
     his CD kick belly attack which has very high priority.
   - Don't use Leyla Mutsube to get out of the way or otherwise you will
     get comboed with that backbreaker thing (OUCH!).
   - A very useful pattern for Sieger, send the falcon to attack, Sieger
     will nearly always jumps forward over the falcon and then you
     standing D kick him! (you might need to move forward a little bit to
     get into range though.)  Then as he gets kicked back, you send the
     falcon again (he will jump over it again) and repeat.  Can substitute
     standing kicks with a crouching AB roll slash, crouching CD kick or
     you can jump forward and counter with your air AB slash.  Just watch
     out he doesn't do the Blitz Siege move instead of jumping again.  If
     he did the Blitz Siege, counter as specified below.
   - Be careful when Sieger is close to you - CPU may attempt a Wolf Fangen
     throw - this throw has a slightly longer range than your standing C
   - When you get on Mamahaha, CPU Sieger will do one of two things:
        * If he does nothing, move the bird down so that you will fall
          off it.
        * If Sieger does a Blitz Sieger, start moving your bird back and
          up and then just before Sieger reaches you in air, Kamui Mutsube
          off the bird.  This will usually hit him out.  There is also
          time to Yatoro Poku off the bird as soon as you see Sieger start
          the move.  Then block and retaliate after landing.
   - DO NOT get on the bird when CPU Sieger's POW meter is charged!

Special move counters: 
   Atomic Blast (Power Special):  Block and then retaliate either with
   an Annu Mutsube.  You can also use a well-timed crouching AB to hit
   Sieger without blocking (start crouching AB when Sieger is about to
   hit you with this move).  In general block first unless you
   absolutely cannot spare the few ticks of blocked damage you will
   suffer from blocking this move.

   Blitz Sieger:  Do either Leyla Mutsube or Annu Mutsube when he is 
   about to hit you.  You will hit him cleanly out of the Blitz Sieger.
   Alternatively you can block it and then Annu Mutsube (or block and
   then use combo 7).  Sometimes CPU will do a Blitz Sieger which will
   land just behind you and you need to make sure that you do the
   Mutsube to go on the other side or you will miss.  Last-minute
   crouching AB before the Blitz Sieger hits you also works.

   Finger Flick (reflects projectile):  No concern for Nakoruru - she 
   does not have a projectile!

   Tiger Kopf/launching punch/backbreaker:  CPU will not do the Tiger
   Kopf if it is not going to hit.  But say if he did, block it and
   then Annu Mutsube or just do any slash/combo or throw.  A/B Annu
   Mutsube to meet the Tiger Kopf front on will trade hits, but in Nak's
   favour ^_^.  But make sure your Annu Mutsube is already away and
   sliding....  Or you can use Leyla Mutsube such that it rises above
   the Tiger Kopf but still hit Sieger out (again must make sure Leyla
   Mutsube is away and rising already)...

   Velcan Weinen (turn arm into flamethrower):  I am afraid there is no
   counter for this move.  There is not enough time to Annu Mutsube after
   blocking it.  And you cannot Annu Mutsube through it.  The only thing
   is if you can see it coming (it takes a while to start) then you can
   probably Annu Mutsube to hit him before the arm starts firing.  Or to
   be sure when you see it coming, jump and attack from the air.

   Wolf Fangen (arm extends along ground and grabs):  If you stay in
   defensive crouch Sieger's Wolf Fangen cannot grab you.  You can
   counter/retaliate with an A Annu Mutsube if you are quick with your
   hands and see the move starts.  Or if you block this and is pushed
   out of the range before Sieger's arm starts retracting, you can also
   A Annu Mutsube forward to hit his arm.  Or the safest thing to do is
   to send Mamahaha to take a tick of damamge after you block it low
   (will sometimes hit also).

Normal Move Counters:
   (note: Sieger can cancel his B and standing D attacks into a special
   moves.  Therefore the front lag of the Mutsube moves may be of
   concern when countering Sieger B and standing D attacks if they are
   cancelled into a Tiger Kopf.  You will be hit out even before your A
   Annu Mutsube starts!)

   (1) Standing/crouching far/close B/AB: all Sieger's B/AB attacks can
       be A Annu Mutsubed if they miss just outside its range.

   (2) Crouching CD kick, standing D/CD kicks: All these can be A Annu
       Mutsubed right after you block them or if these moves miss.

Human Player Patterns/Strategy:
   (1) Sieger players like to use that big cannon of theirs to blast you
       whenever you come into range.  So if you get into range and see
       them preparing for that big blast - jump over them.

   (2) Many Sieger players also like to get in close and then tag you
       with a normal attack into the Vulcan Weinen.  If you know he
       is going to do this, going into an A Annu Mutsube after blocking
       the crouching D kick will counter the Vulcan Weinen out.

   (3) Again, no jumping against Sieger.  Use Nak's speed to overwhelm
       and get close for lots of cheaping throws :).


Ukyo Tachibana:

CPU pattern/general:
   - When you are knocked down, CPU Ukyo will sometimes do his apple
     slices as you get up, counter accordingly as stated below.
   - Do AB Leyla Mutsube to get out of the way if CPU Ukyo gets too close.
     He usually won't do any effective retaliation after he blocks it.
   - A variation of this is to do an AB Leyla Mutsube after a missed
     crouching C kick if Ukyo is close.  CPU Ukyo will usually do a
     instant SSS firebird from the ground to hit you if you miss a
     crouching attack up close.  But if you go into an AB Leyla Mutsube,
     SSS firebird will usually miss you (Nak crouches down to slide
     forward and up) and then you will hit him on your way up also!
   - Also, you can basically just AB Leyla Mutsube all day to against
     CPU Ukyo as he gets close to make him take a few blocked damage.
     Do this if you are not confident that you will win against him but
     are ahead on energy!
   - If Ukyo moves in too close don't miss any crouching attacks or CPU
     will do a perfectly-timed SSS firebird to get you.
   - Stay in defensive crouch and watch for Ukyo's moves.  If he moves too
     close push him away with standing C kicks or crouching C or D kicks.
     Stop this immediately after he is out of range or you might eat a
     crouching far AB...
   - Sometimes CPU will suddenly dodge your standing C kick by lying on
     the ground - then after that he will most likely either try to
     standing AB you or TG you from the ground.  In either case just
     block standing.  Don't be tempted to crouch-block!
   - If CPU Ukyo comes in close and does his crouching C kicks repeatedly
     you can standing far C kick him as long as you are in range.
   - Use the falcon to do some blocked damage.
   - A pattern here for you:  if Ukyo blocks your first B Mamahaha attack,
     do another one immediately after which CPU Ukyo will almost always
     jump over but he will be in perfect distance for you to crouch CD
     kick or standing D kick him out of the sky.  Repeat until he dies.
   - If CPU Ukyo jumps, you must be careful, you can usually counter with
     a jumping air AB provided you hit him out very early in his jump.
     Crouching AB/CD does NOT work well as an air counter on Ukyo if he
     jumps in and does a late firebird.
   - Also don't hop back at close range or CPU Ukyo will sometimes do the
     After Image Attack to hit you as you hop back.
   - Never, ever get on Mamahaha against Ukyo!!!  He will immediately
     toss a firebird at you to hit you down!
   - Be careful when Ukyo runs in, he can either stop and slash you with
     his longer slashes, crouching far AB slash you, throw you or instant
     TG from the ground to hit you...  The easiest way is to AB Leyla
     Mutsube out of his way.

Special move counters: 
   Hiken Sasame Yuki (apple splice):  If you see Ukyo toss an apple and
   you are close enough to reach him with an Annu Mutsube BEFORE he starts
   slicing then get him with an A Annu Mutsube (beware of fakes!).  Or
   otherwise wait until he is about to finish with his apple slicing
   (start a B Annu Mutsube after Ukyo is slicing down for the last time:
   Ukyo slices down 4 times for this move.  The AB apple slice starts the
   quickest and the A starts the slowest) and then B Annu Mutsube to get
   him.  It seems not possible to jump in and attack when he is slicing
   the apple now so if you really want to jump in - jump over him and
   attack.  DO NOT do the Annu Mutsube while he is still doing the apple
   slice - you can slide past if you go through only if his sword is not
   slashing down but it is very hard to time.  Sometimes CPU will do this
   special move as you get up.  If CPU does this move very close to you as
   you get up, you can also usually throw him out of the move (since CPU
   usually throws out the apple too late and hence you will have time).
   You can also do a B Amube Yatoro after you are pushed out of the
   range but sometimes your pointing finger will get hit by Ukyo's sword
   still slashing.

   Hiken Tsubame Gaeshi (Swallow Swipe firebird - air or ground):  If Ukyo
   jumps in and does a Swallow Swipe firebird where his sword touched
   you as you block it, Ukyo then will most likely bounce back.  Execute
   Annu Mutsube straight away after blocking to hit him as he lands.  If 
   Ukyo just jumps straight up and does the Swallow Swipe firebird, 
   quickly go into Annu Mutsube to hit him as he lands from the move (the 
   firebird won't get you provided that Ukyo doesn't do it in the last 
   minute befor he lands).  Just make sure you will reach him in time.  
   As for the ground ones, if he hops back and do a firebird, you can only
   block it or jump over it I guess.  You CANNOT Annu Mutsube through
   those hop-back ground firebirds!  Also, you can always try and reflect
   those firebirds with Kamui Ryuse if you can time it well.

   Tsubame Roku Ren (Power Special):  Block it, and as Ukyo is bouncing
   back do an Annu Mutsube to get him as he lands or run forward and
   combo him.

   Zanzou Fumikomi Giri (After Image Attack):  Block and immediately
   retaliate with a crouching A or B.  This move has a very short
   recovery time so usually Ukyo will be able to block it.  Annu
   Mutsube will counter this move but you must be quick except for the
   one where Ukyo slashes downwards after sliding in (D After Image
   Attack).  For that one you must make sure your Annu Mutsube gets
   Ukyo before he starts slicing.  If Ukyo finishes the move very close
   to you, throw.  You should attempt to throw after blocking the C AI
   attack at close range.  After blocking the CD AI attack you can
   either throw or retaliate with a slash.  If you block an AI attack
   when you are against the wall and Ukyo started the move up close, you
   can throw him after blocking no matter what strength of AI Ukyo used.

Normal Move Counters:
   (1) Standing Far AB slash:  If Ukyo misses, Annu Mutsube straight away
       to get him.

   (2) Crouching AB slash:  Block and Annu Mutsube, or just Annu Mutsube
       if Ukyo missed.

   (3) Standing CD kick (slide): Annu Mutsube if blocked/missed.

Human Player Patterns/Strategy:
   (1) Constant bombardment of SSS firebirds:  Against Ukyos who just
       jumps up and down and does his firebirds all day.  Against these
       human Ukyos you should try and stay close all the time.  When he
       jumps and does a firebird you should jump forward over it if
       after you jump over you are not in range of his standing B or AB
       slash.  Or you can block it and then run forward a bit.  If you get
       close enough and he does a firebird, then jump over and do a air D
       kick as you land.  Or you can roll or duck under the firebirds
       and then move forward.  Ground SSS firebirds are much more of a
       nuisance.  Just make sure you get in close as quickly as possible
       as good Ukyos won't attempt a SSS firebird at close range and so
       they will have to use some other attacks.  When reflecting human
       SSS firebirds make sure you be careful and only do it either at
       close range or very far away.  As at medium distance, if you
       reflect a late Ukyo SSS firebird, it will be reflected under ground
       but Ukyo will have time to get you with a After Image Attack while you
       are still recovering from the stun time of Kamui Ryuse.  If your
       POW meter is up, and human Ukyo jumps to do a firebird quickly do
       your POW special to get Ukyo!

   (2) After Image Attack then throw/A slash pattern:  After blocking the
       After Image Attack you should immediately push forward to throw if
       Ukyo is close enough.  Or if he is a bit further and he uses After
       Image Attack and then slash tactic, do an Annu Mutsube after
       blocking the After Image Attack.  Or if you see the After Image
       Attack coming, just Annu Mutsube to slash him out of the move.

   (3) SSS firebird and then After Image Attack pattern:  Just be aware
       of the pattern so when you try to close in on Ukyo after blocking
       his firebird you won't get hit by the After Imamge Attack.

   (4) After Image attack/Instant SSS firebird from the ground:  This
       can be a problem.  I guess you should just remember that block
       the AI high and also what comes after it.  I mean, only Ukyo's
       sliding kicks hits low, and the crouching close AB will come out
       instead of the crouching far after he has cruised in with the AI
       so there's no danger there.



CPU pattern/general:
   - Use your A Amube Yatoro A LOT!!  CPU Wan-Fu will almost always jump
     over this attack.  Then use any of your air counter to hit him out
     (standing D is again the best).  Repeat until he dies.
   - Also, after CPU Wan-Fu jumps over your A Amube Yatoro - you can
     time a standing far CD kick so that it gets CPU Wan-Fu just as he
     lands, then add a B Annu Mutsube after that if it hits.
   - When trapped in the corner, AB Leyla Mutsube to escape is not a good
     idea since CPU Wan-Fu will sometimes decide to do a standing AB slash
     which will get you as you land on the other side (2-hit as well!)
     You can use this occassionally but don't use it too much.  A quick
     grabbing onto Mamahaha and Kamui Mutsube off the bird after moving
     it up a bit to get out of corner is also OK, but make sure you
     watch for CPU running in to Confucious Slash you.
   - Standing C kicks are very useful in keeping big slow Wan-Fu away from
     you.  But beware of the Confucious Swipe CPU Wan-Fu does on the
     ground - only tap on your C buttons if he's within range or otherwise
     CPU will most likely try the Confucious Swipe on you.
   - Don't stay trapped in the corner for too long, and don't jump back
     against the wall when you are trapped in the corner cause Wan-Fu will
     just step forward and then do his Confucious Slash to hit you out of
     the air...  If trappedn in the corner and CPU does the air CD after
     jumping in, crouching AB slash is probably the best counter.
   - Pray that CPU does the Benpatsu Attack.....
   - When you're trapped in the corner, CPU Wan-Fu likes to jump in with a
     butt drop (air CD) and then throw you afterwards so watch out.  CPU
     Wan-Fu also does this after doing the New Confuscious Thunder Bomb
     or the Power Special.

Special move counters: 
   Benpatsu Attack (drains health to power up the POW meter);  LET HIM!!!
   Send Mamahaha to burn him when you see him do this move or you can
   Annu Mutsube him as he bangs his head!

   Confucious Slash (rising flame pillar):  Block and retaliate (combo 7).

   Confucious Swipe (sweep with column):  Block and then retaliate.  Annu
   Mutsube does NOT go under it when the column is at its lowest swing
   arc.  Note that Wan-Fu is vulnerable whenever his back is towards you
   when he sweeps with the column so you might have time to do a quick
   A/B slash or C/D kick to hit him out of the move if he is close and his
   back is facing you.  Or if you time your Annu Mutsube well you can get
   him as his column goes past it's lowest point.

   New Confucious Thunder Bomb (leap and throw weapon):  If you see it
   coming,  then Annu Mutsube before the Column comes down and you should
   nail Wan-Fu as he lands.  Otherwise block!  Be careful of Wan-Fu
   running in to throw you if you blocked.  AB Leyla Mutsube away after
   you block the fire column generally works to get away from a running
   in Wan-Fu and also sometimes preventing him from getting his column
   back.  You also get a tick of blocked damage....

   Shin Kikou Dai Bakuten (Power Special):  Same as with New Confucious
   Thunder Bomb.

Normal Move Counters:
   (note: many of Wan-Fu's attacks can be cancelled into a special move,
          so against a human player you need to be careful because a
          human Wan-Fu might cancel the attack into a Confucious
          Slash/Swipe which will hit you out of your attempted counters.)

   All of Wan-Fu's B/AB/D/CD attacks can be A Annu Mutsubed if the
   attack misses, but keep in mind that Wan-Fu can interrupt most of his
   attacks.  Note the following special cases:

   (1) Standing far AB:  If you are quick on reflexes and has good eyes,
       it is possible to A Annu Mutsube Wan-Fu if you see the move starts.
       Otherwise, block it and immediately do either an A Annu Mutsube as
       long as Wan-Fu doesn't do the standing far AB at its maximum range.
       If he does it even closer you can use crouching slash to hit him
       after blocking it.  If Wan-Fu misses you can also try to Annu
       Mutsube him but need to make sure the Mutsube move reaches him fast

   (2) Close crouching AB: if the first one hits, just block the second
       one and A Annu Mutsube him afterwards (no block reflect!).  This
       assumes he doesn't interrupt the move.

   (3) Standing D: can't Annu Mutsube if you block. If he misses, you can.

   (4) Standing far CD (butt thrust): you can Annu Mutsube after blocking
       or if Wan-Fu misses.

   (5) Crouching D:  If block it up close can probably retaliate with a
       crouching B.  Cannot Annu Mutsube if blocked.

   (6) Crouching CD: Annu Mutsube after a blocked/missed crouching CD will

Human Player Patterns/Strategy:


My own ranking of CPU opponents from hardest to easiest to beat using 
Nakoruru (Just MHO, and it is constantly changing!)

1) Mizuki                      2) Kuroko
3) Ukyo                        4) Wan-Fu
5) Jubei                       6) Charlotte
7) Nicotine                    8) Haohmaru
9) Genjuro                     10) Gen-An
11) Galford                    12) Hanzo
13) Kyoshiro                   14) Cham Cham
15) Sieger                     16) Nakoruru
17) Earthquake                                                          


My own ranking of human opponents from hardest to easiest to beat using 
Nakoruru (Just MHO, and it is constantly changing!)

1) Ukyo/Charlotte              3) Haohmaru
4) Sieger                      5) Jubei
6) Galford                     7) Hanzo
8) Gen-An                      9) Kyoshiro
10) Genjuro                    11) Nicotine
12) Cham Cham                  13) Nakoruru
14) Wan-Fu                     15) Earthquake

My Wishlist For Nakoruru/Rimururu in SS3

Alright this section is really for the programmers who will be working
on the next Samurai Shodown/Spirit game...  (Even though I doubt any of
them will be reading this....)  I guess it is also another place for me
to whinge about how badly Nakoruru has been screwed over by SS2
programmers...  Hopefully they will not make Nakoruru (or Rimururu) as
weak as she is now in SS3.  Well, my *long* wishlists follows:

(note: part of this comes from a series of discussions on the Neo Geo
Mailing List)

Alright, now everyone knows that Nakoruru needs to have her special
moves fixed.  Below are a list of suggestions:

    * Mutsube moves without lag at the start (or make it so that Mutsube
      moves using A button has no starting lag, and decrease starting lag
      on B/AB Mutsube moves.)
    * Annu Mutsubes should continuously take blocked damage until it
      goes into 'recovery' mode.  (At the present moment, if opponent
      blocks an AB Annu Mutsube at close range, they can immediately
      retaliate or not block at all even though Nakoruru is still
      glowing and sliding forward with the move!)
    * Give back the high priority of the Mutsube moves.  At the moment
      Ukyo can slide kick Nakoruru out of an Annu Mutsube!  Gees, one has
      a knife while the other has a sock, and guess which one wins :(
    * Make AB Mutsube slightly more useful (it can't even travel through
    * Maybe it is also possible to make Amube Yatoro semi                       
      'auto-tagetting', what I mean is that if someone tries to jump over       
      the attack while the falcon has not left it's original position,          
      then Falcon will try to attack at the position where the opponent         
      is...  Anyway, basically just something to compensate for the lag         
      at the start or remove the lag!!!  
      projectiles at the moment - this one is optional though.
    * Less lag at the start of Amube Yatoro.  And give variable Mamahaha
      attack paths (either by control of joystick while Nakoruru is
      doing the move or by selection of different buttons)
    * Give back Nakoruru's old Yatoro Poku move from SS1 which will not
      miss an opponent!  Or make it so that there is no lag after Yatoro
      Poku, one way or the other....
    * Less lag after Kamui Ryuse (and more range with the cape....)
      OK, I know the main reason for the huge lag after this move is so
      that Nak can not run in after reflecting a projectile (like what
      Hanzo do...)  But this wouldn't be such a bad special character
      feature reserved just for Nak ^_^
    * No delay after getting on the bird before Nakoruru can attack off it
      again.  And also make it so that Nakoruru can get on the bird as
      long as the bird is reasonably close to her.
    * Maybe a possible application of the above point is to make Nak
      capable of grabbing onto Mamahaha in mid air...  It would open up
      to many new fighting strategies.
    * Change the joystick motions for the special moves!!  My
      recommendation will be (joystick motion for Nak standing on the
      left facing opponent standing on the right):
         Annu Mutsube: same joystick motion but with kick button.
         Leyla Mutsube: same joystick motion (or forward, down,
         forward/down) with a kick button.
         Mamahaha Flight:  Same as before.
         Kamui Ryuse: Same as before.
         Amube Yatoro: down, forward/down, forward with slash button.
         Attacks off the bird:  Same as before.
         Power Special:  Same as before.
         Apefunchi Kamui Rymuse:  The reverse of what it is now (i.e.
         back/down, down, forward/down, forward, back, down, back/down
         plus a slash button).

Other things to consider:
    * Make standing far B come out faster.
    * Make the crouching CD kick retract faster.
    * Make crouching AB interruptable.
    * Devise new normal attacks which gives Nak slightly more range
      (kick or slash)?  This is probably not necessary if her special
      moves are fixed up though I guess...
    * A taunt/fake of Amube Yatoro would be useful if they decide to
      keep the long lag time at the start of Amube Yatoro move.
    * A mid air Amube Yatoro (falcon send) would also be good for giving
      Nak more options while she is in the air.

End of SS2 Nakoruru Strategy Guide.

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