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Kuroko by Haohmaru

Version: 1.0 |

                    *KUROKO ON ~ARCADE~ FAQ* 

                              V 1.0  

          by Manoro-kun 
What is this FAQ about?
     This FAQ is for playing KUROKO on the arcade on player 2
position and against the machine. This is *NOT* the FAQ to get
Kuroko on the Neo Geo home system or any other home system for that
matter. As far as I know Kuroko is only playable in a human vs.
human in the home system. Why Kuroko was put as a usable character
on the machine is still a matter of speculation (a test mode
*TILT*. He retains all his powers and SUPER MOVES intact. He has
very little recovery time and can take a lot of damage on a CPU

How to get him:

     Kuroko may not be available in ALL arcade machines. Here are
some requirements I think *may* be necessary to get him. This has
been done by experimenting on various machines and may not be
necessary but this is what works and doesn't work for *us*.

---- The use of a multi-video game console is not necessary. It
works Ok on a single-game one.

---- Do the code after putting in the quarter ( or 2 on some damn
quarter sucking arcades *GRRR* ) on the 2nd player slot. Must be
from the beggining...as in the "Press 1st or 2nd player " screen
with flowers or icycles falling.

---- This does not require any fancy timing or precision like in
the Capcom games. Please keep the chronometers to yourself :)

     If you do this the game will TILT and you will lose your
quarter(s) and maybe the other player's if there was someone else
playing. Nice way to get into a brawl (*SMACK*) 

The code:

1st step: First place 2nd player joystick on DOWN (*NOT UP*)
(Please note that the pressing the 1st player button is NOT
necessary and pushing UP is incorrect)

2nd step: WHILE HOLDING 1st step , press 2nd player START AND AT

After that....... nothing happens. You get the normal character
choosing icons. Now choose your favorite character just in case you
got the code wrong. If you got it right, you character goes POOF
and guess who you get. 

NOTE: Even though you get Kuroko you will still hear the chosen
character's war cry (for example, OAAAAH!!!!! for Haoh.)

     Adopted from the complete Kuroko FAQ. I have changed some to
how I get them to work. There may be more than one way to get them
or shortened for that matter. They've already been confirmed (and
overused)  >:)
     _These are RIGHT FACING_ even though Kuroko faces left most of
the time. Please convert to left facing when playing as such. I
kept the traditional right facing to avoid confusion (hopefully..)
A dot means charge.
|  |  \   -O  A                    Kohken (Ryo Sakazaki, AOF)   | 

|  O   O                                                        | 
|                                                               |
|  O- |   /  A                     Double Kohken                | 
|     O  O                                                      | 
|                                                               | 
|  |  \  -O  B                     Mega Smash (John Crawley, AOF) 
|  O   O                                                        | 
|                                                               | 
|  -O  |  \   A                    HaohShoKohKen (Ryo, AOF)     | 
|      O   O                                                    | 
|                                                               | 
|  |  \  -O  \   |   /  O-  A       Wave              
|  O   O      O  O  O                                           | 
|  |   /  O- / | \  -O  BC         Spikey Black Object          |
|  O  O     O  O  O                                             | 
|   /  -O  A                       Double Senbei Shuriken (Jubei| 
|  O.                               Yamada, FFS)                | 
|                                                               | 
|   /  -O  BC                      Electrical Sphere            | 
|  O.                                                           | 
|  |   /  O-  A                    Flag Extension (dizzies and  |
|  O  O                                            pulls closer)| 
|  Tap C repeatedly                Gekiho (Tung Fu Rue, FFS)    | 
|  -O  ABC                         Missile Reflection           | 
|                                                               | 
|  -O  BCD                         Reflection Slash (unlike above,
|                                                               |
|                                   will do [blocking] damage)  |
|  ABC or BCD when attacked        Death Fake                   | 
|                                    ABC -- front half explodes | 
|                                    BCD -- back half explodes  | 
|  O-  /  |  \  -O (x2), D       Super Deformed                 | 
|     O   O   O                                                 |

|  -O  B, AB, D, CD               RessenKyaku (Tung Fu Rae, FFS)| 

|  -O  \   |   /  O-  -O  AB       RyuukoRanbu (Ryo Sakazakii, AOF 
|                                               Kim Kap-hwan,FF2)
|       O  O  O                                                  | 
|  -O O- / | \  -O        CD        RyuukoRanbu  (Kuroko pauses to 
|       O  O  O                                   take a breather) 

     Note about sword clashing: When you clash swords with any
computer opponent (that's when you meet face to face and a "tap
button" icon appears just above the characters) push DOWN on the
joystick and press or tap any slash button.
                                This will cause the computer to
lose its sword and also for one replica to be created. One sword is
real and the other one is false. 
                                There seems to be a pattern of that
determines which one is real and which one is not. For example, for
most of the characters , the real sword is the one that lands
closest to you and yet for Haohmaru the opposite is true. This
happens regardless of the button pressed during the clash. 

NOTE: These may be started with jumping(/landing) kick (C,D, or
CD). There are not too big since the opponent won't last that long.
These are meant primarily to get the CPU with the awesome Super
"Re-dizzy combo"
AB + chain..... step closer and AB + chain ... step closer... etc.

Super-Ouchy COMBO:
(When POW is full)~ AB + Super Move (need to be fast with this one)

Happy Birthday COMBO: (easier variation of the above)
(When POW is full)~ AB + Chain (use half-circle back if you get
double FB too often)... now he's all dizzy, you got POW, and he`s
in front of you.... guess what!

-Landing with CD and executing with the Super Move as you land is
also possible-

There should be more. With Kuroko's speed, his moves are the only

     Use Kuroko's AB freely (except with Nako.. she will roll under
and catch you). Don't worry about getting hanged after an AB block.
Kuroko's recovery time is almost nonexistent. If for some STRANGE
reason you start to get low on energy 'cuz you were trying to get
the machine with the SUPER MOVE (We know you're out there YOU
showoffs ^_^ ) start blasting with fireballs!! VERY RARELY or never
will the machine roll under them and I have not still seen one
reversed. The CPU is rather dum when facing Kuroko missiles and if
you use the double fireball it will get hit if it tries to use of
its missiles. You still can't be throwed normally but you can still
be SPD. ABC (blue) reflector is fast but will not take damage on
enemy if it makes contact with them (good for last chance
reflections). BCD (yellow) reflector is good for killing opponents

with little life since it does take off blocking damage plus it
looks "KEWL". Use Gekiho (Tap C) on cornered or about-to-get-up
dizzied opponent.
     As for the Super Move (can't stop talking about the darn thing
:) ), use the chain to cancel missiles and catch opponents, then do
Super Move. After a missed Super Move attempt, those fast with the
joystick may try to do the move again just before being missed or
you may try to AB it so that then you can go into the chain and
dizzy him 


When you reach your intermediate cinema ( after
beating 6 or so opponents ). Blocky lightning cackles and you get
the same message Mizuki says to some other characters about killing
the other 4 and getting your wish. After that you get this:

        <=  STOP                    \ \     (double tap back-down)
        >?                           O O

     Sometimes after you finish the CPU with the Super Move on the
last round , the other round will begin with a null your opponent
(CPU just "stands" there in well, "standing" animation) and all
your buttons and specials are nullified. You can still throw the
CPU and that will restore the game and your moves. 
     While in the mode mentioned above you can hurt the computer by
dashing and pressing AB or CD. Just dont get too close or you'll

KUROKO(cpu) VS. KUROKO (2nd player)

     YES, KUROKO VS. KUROKO IS ****POSSIBLE****!!!!!! I've got him
many times already!!! I went cheezy on him the 1st time (wanted to
see what happened if I beat him) and kept using double FB. He kept
constantly firing double senbei. I hit him every time he used
Haohshokohken. Nothing special happens when you beat him. *shrug*
     Second time I had vowed to go at him face to face with him. HA
HA!!! Got beat up during the early part of the 1st round, the I got
him with the AB, chain, AB, chain, etc. (Yes, that works). 2nd
round: *MANIACAL LAUGHTER HERE* I got him with the Super Move and
this *WILL* take damage on Kuroko!!!!!!!!!!!!  *grin*

Mizuki VS. Kuroko-sama

     The battle royale of the century!!!! If you ever wondered who
was stronger , now you can find out the answer by yourself!! And
trust me , the deadliest Kuroko is the one you use. Keep blocking
low!! Her grabs result in a combo that do a good deal of damage.
Your grabs and Super Moves result in her disappearing and does not
take away *A SINGLE PIXEL LINE* off the life bar. Pig curse will
make disappear just like Hanzo/Galford trick and will take no
damage from attacks (Invincibility) . I'm not sure if you can still
be grabbed. Reflections of her missiles/dog attacks only cancel
     Ok, SUPER MOVE MANIACS!!!! The only way to get Mizuki with
this is for Mizuki to be with 2 pixel lines of life such that when
you execute she will block and take BLOCKING damage for it. 

Endings and other notes:
     Kuroko's ending always seems to be Nakoruru's. Dunno why...
maybe the creators like Nako too much. There may be some other way
to get other endings, but these are unknown to me.  
  some quotes (incomplete):

" O I said I was the king of evil "
" My damned seal has disap****** " (line is cut off by screen)

Kuroko may be one of the following in disguise:

     1) The fraggin' Energizer Bunny. Just look at the Gekiho and
        the sound of all those fireballs!! DAMN!
     2) Logic would point to that Kuroko is the frustrated,
alcoholic, and frenzied 5th Ninja Turtle that drove Eastman and
Laird to stop the comic. Just look at this guy dash across the
screen!!!!! VROOM VROOM VROOM!!!!
          I am in no way associated, related, employed in any way,
shape, form or manner to SNK of America (or SNK of Japan). I love
playing their games and am an avid fan of the Samurai Spirits
series. The Kuroko code was discovered as pure coincidence. No
chaos theory or statistics replies please.

     Many thanks go to the following people:
~Friends who helped with the testing:~
Nelson ---------------------------------802921497@rumac.upr.clu.edu

The Complete Kuroko FAQ mantainer ----------------- Kuroko double
sword trick and general moves

     This FAQ is available at

FTP://ftp.netcom.com/pub/vi/vidgames/faqs as file: ss2_kur2.txt

Questions, suggestions and friendly toned comments may be mailed to
To play Kuroko on the NEO-GEO home system check the complete Kuroko
FAQ at:

The Neo Geo Homepage mantained by Spaceman Spiff (cant remember the
adress right now)
...and mirror sites.

Made in 00680              
by an otaku from                      

-------snip------------snip-----END OF FAQ------------snip-snip- 

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