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Blood Code by CHallam

From: C.Hallam@iti.salford.ac.uk
Subject: SS2 Full blood code
                      Samurai Showdown II CD Blood Code

   I am halfway through reading my 406 mailing list messages (I haven't
   been into University for a couple of weeks) and I keep seeing this
   blood code request.
   For SS2 CD:
     * Go to the options screen
     * Highlight 'Exit' with the cursor
     * Press all four joypad buttons together (red, yellow, green and
       blue or whatever they are)
       You will now have exited the options menu
   The code is now activated - Full blode code with English text
   (provided you have set the text to U.S.A. on the option screen)
   including all the fatalities - mid air split with falling bonuses,
   blood spurt and slice in two/disappear.
   This code will take a bit of practice to get right but a good way of
   checking without loading up the full game is to then go to the "how to
   play" instructions with Haohmaru and Genjuro demonstrating A, B, AB
   etc. This doesn't have to load and the blood sholud now have changed
   from green (yuk) to red.
   I don't know who said to just set the language options to "Japan" but
   you only get the red blood on this setting- NO FATALITIES - plus you
   have to read Japanese (which is not easy when you only know the
   Hiragana and Katakana alphabets)

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