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Guide and Walkthrough by QueenAdreena

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/12/2010

-_____                 |\   ,,
  ' | -,          _     \\  ||
 /| |  |`  _-_   < \,  / \\ || '\\/\\
 || |==|| || \\  /-|| || || ||  || ;'
~|| |  |, ||/   (( || || || ||  ||/
 ~-____,  \\,/   \/\\  \\/  \\  |/
(                              (

           -__ /\\                                        ,
             ||  \\                                   '  ||   '
            /||__|| ,._-_  _-_  \\/\\/\\  /'\\ \\/\\ \\ =||= \\  /'\\ \\/\\
            \||__||  ||   || \\ || || || || || || || ||  ||  || || || || ||
             ||  |,  ||   ||/   || || || || || || || ||  ||  || || || || ||
           _-||-_/   \\,  \\,/  \\ \\ \\ \\,/  \\ \\ \\  \\, \\ \\,/  \\ \\

             ++      Written By: Jennifer N. Rigsby       ++
             +++     Started: 03/27/10                   +++
             +++     Completed: 04/12/10 (Version 1.00)  +++
             ++      Copyright 2010 Jennifer N. Rigsby    ++

                        +++Table of Contents+++

Update History..............(S0001)
Walkthrough: Prologue.......(WE000)
Walkthrough: Episode 1......(WE100)
Walkthrough: Episode 2......(WE200)
Walkthrough: Episode 3......(WE300)
Walkthrough: Episode 4......(WE400)
Walkthrough: Episode 5......(WE500)
Walkthrough: Episode 6......(WE600)
Walkthrough: Episode 7......(WE700)
Legal Information...........(S0LGI)

 - - - - - - - - - - - -  -  - Update History - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

04/12/10: Version 1.00 of the guide complete. I'm planning to fix up early game
sidequests (because it's not very efficient to replay chapter 2 so many times)
and add general tips to get through the game easier.

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - Walkthrough: Prologue - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

York & Zach                                                          Chapter 00

+Trading Cards              +
o 01: Francis York Morgan   +
+Items:                 +
o Steel Pipe            +
o First Aid Kit (Small) +
o Can of Pickles        +
o Lollipop              +
o Fuse Box              +

NOTE: Do NOT read character Trading Card descriptions until you beat the game.
Some of them contain huge story spoilers that may lessen your enjoyment of the

First thing's first: walk by the kids, to the southeast wall of the room (you
can press the BACK button to view the map, but this room is so small that you
shouldn't need it). Grab the Trading Card that floats above the blue light to
get [Trading Card 01: Francis York Morgan]. There are 65 of these to collect
throughout the game and are available to view via the menu.

Observe EVERYTHING in the room then walk up to the kids and choose to speak
with them. A scene will start to play and you will need to pay attention
because you will be prompted to quickly press the interact button (A) at a
certain point.

Turn around from where you start and use the knife to remove the wooden
blockage. This hidden path leads to a [First Aid Kit (Small)]. Head back. You
should see a symbol with a handgun floating above a toolbox, which you can use
to store items. There is a [Steel Pipe] nearby, indicated by a blue light. Near
the car is a medallion that will give you Agent Honor. Start heading down the
path, cutting away the fencing that blocks your way.

There will be a short scene during which you will again be prompted to press
the interact button. When that's done, go west as there is nothing to the
south. A short scene will reveal to you that Michael Vick is the probable
killer. Soon enough, you will find yourself at a small building. Enter the
building and pick up the [Can of Pickles] near the entrance. Turn on the
generator to start a scene.

Just use the handgun to shoot it a few times, then head outside, where two more
enemies await. If you happen to get grabbed, follow the button prompts
displayed at the bottom of the screen. Another medallion sits at the end of the
path to the north. Backtrack a few steps and enter the gate to the west. Ahead
is a phone that you can use to save your game and across from the phone is a

Follow the walkway, killing  the lone enemy, until you reach a split and two
crates. Go south first to kill an enemy and grab a medallion. Turn on the
generator, then return to the split and go west this time. There are two
enemies here, but there is a can you can shoot to cause an explosion to damage
them. Eventually, you will reach another split. Go right to find an enemy and a
medallion. Turn around and move forward, breaking the fence on the way.

Keep going down the walkway until you come to anther small building and a
couple of enemies. Enter the building and examine the generator to get a [Fuse
Box]. Leave and continue down the path, then shoot the lock off of the door to
enter the cabin. Examine the generator and select the Fuse Box to get the power
back on. Go back outside and take the path to the left, which is now unlocked.

Slowly approach the more open area ahead as you will be ambushed by several
enemies. Try to get headshots to cause the enemies to drop their weapons and
stumble around. They will continue to spawn, so grab the medallion sits next to
the blue car and head southwest. A scene will play, which will require you to
quickly follow the button prompts at the bottom of the screen. Keep walking and
examine the gate.

Save your game if you want, then collect the two medallions along the road to
the right. Now turn around and follow the road in the opposite direction. There
is one more medallion to collect on the way to the red arrow.

 - - - - - - - - - - - - Walkthrough: Episode 1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

First day of investigation                                           Chapter 01

+Trading Cards              +
o 14: Angel Isaach          +
+Items                  +
o Sugar Doughnut        +
o Stabilizer            +
o Can of Pickles        +
o Egg                   +
o Coffee (Milk)         +
o Crackers              +
o First Aid Kid (Small) +
o Flare                 +

Press the interact button during the scene to view a short summary of the story
so far. Pick up the [Trading Card 14: Angel Isaach] directly in front of you
then the [Sugar Doughnut] on the nearby end table. Exit through the east door
and hold down the button indicated during the scene.

You can use the suitcase to change suits. You may also save and access the
toolbox from this room as well as shave in the bathroom. Leave through the door
with the peep hole. Turn left and enter the only door that you can on this side
of the hallway. Pick up the [Stabilizer] in the shower. Leave the room and
continue down the hallway, going left again, through the door. Enter the next
door straight ahead.

Enter the double doors to the right, the open armoire to find a [Can of
Pickles]. Leave and go to the other side of the room, beyond the green house
area. Pick up the medallion to the left, then return to your room. Head down
the other side of the hallway. To the left is a lobby area and dining room.
Open the microwave behind the front desk to obtain an [Egg]. In the dining
room, you'll find [Coffee (Milk)]. To find another medallion, go up the stairs
and to the end of the walkway from the lobby.

Leave through the nearby doorway, then enter the next door that you can
interact with on the left. Open the armoire here to get [Crackers]. Go to the
end of the hallway and turn right. Enter the first door that you can interact
with on the right to find an armoire with [First Aid Kit (Small)] inside.
You'll find a [Flare] in the next room. Now head all the way back to the lobby
and to the hallway across from it.

You can examine the vending machines to buy a few different snacks and drinks,
but you shouldn't need them now. Instead, continue forward. Again, pay
attention for the button prompts during the scene. Pick up the medallion on the
outer edge of the room. There is a coffee machine you can use in this room

You will find Polly at the front desk, who offers to sell a variety of goods,
including a fishing rod and some bait. Exit through the hotel's front door to
finish the chapter.

Sheriff Office                                                       Chapter 02

+Trading Cards              +
o 35: Brian the Insomniac   +
o 30: "Rosy Lips" Gina      +
o 18: Lilly Ingram          +
o 17: Keith Ingram          +
o 56: Record Player         +
o 22: Olivia Cormack        +
o 31: Jack the Raging Bull  +
o 45: Cigarettes*           +
o 53: Gina's Sponge         +
o 33: General Lysander      +
o 07: George Woodman        +
o 58: Grecotch              +
o 25: Richard Dunn          +
o 24: Quint Dunn            +
o 23: Sallie Graham         +
o 61: Quint's Bike Tank     +
o 54: Anna's Dress          +
o 43: Coffee                +
o 64: A&G Diner Menu        +
o 08: Emily Wyatt           +
o 52: Industrial Waste      +
o 44: Turkey Sandwich       +
o 49: Arnold and Sylvester  +
*Must be raining

-------------------------------------- --------------------------------
+Items                               + +Sidequests                    +
+------------------------------------+ +------------------------------+
o Master Key                         + o 18. Part Time Job 1          +
o Flare                              + o 19. Part Time Job 2          +
o Flower with No Name*               + o 20. Part Time Job 3          +
o Bronze Card                        + o 21. The Legendary Guitar     +
o Silver Card                        + o 30. Top Rank                 +
o Key to the Closet                  + o 33. Special Service          +
o Legendary Guitar Grecotch          + o 34. Benjamin Franklin        +
o Lollipop                           + o 27. Where's the Dress!       +
o Anna's Dress                       + o 28. Anna's Diary             +
o Anna's Key                         + o 01. Delivery Man Q           +
o Anna's Diary                       + o 29. Engagement Ring          +
o Red Dust                           + o 06. Nice Try Cooking*        +
o Engagement Ring                    + o 07. Another Nice Try Cooking*+
o Wrench (Infinite)                  + o 04. Lost Arnold              +
o Suit "Hawaiianblue"                + o 05. Nameless Flower          +
o Dumbbell                           + --------------------------------
o Grey Squirrel Keys                 + *Must be raining
o Long-Tailed Flying Squirrel Keys   +
o Pointy-Tailed Flying Squirrel Keys +
o Curvy-Tailed Flying Squirrel Keys  +
o Striped Squirrel Keys              +
o Radio                              +
*Must be raining

You will get the [Master Key] and a [Flare] after the scene. If you take a look
at the map, you'll see that Greenvale doesn't seem like such a small town. Exit
the car and check out the outside of the hotel. You can find six medallions on
the premises. Near the water is a boathouse with some crates outside. If you
break open the crates, you should find [Bait (Normal Worm)]. You will have to
break some fences down during this process. You can also try fishing at the
piers if you want.

There are some Trading Cards scattered around, so you might as well grab them
now to get yourself associated with the town. Unfortunately, the map view
changes and the cardinal directions aren't labeled. Locate and drive up Muffler
Road to reach the hospital. You'll notice a checkered flag on the map near the
hospital; drive into the glowing circle at its location to start a race of
sorts that will require you to drive through checkpoints. When you finish, you
will be shown a scene of a bird's nest in a tree.

Run around to the right side of the hospital, around the back. There are five
medallions that you can grab along the way to another glowing circle in a
basketball court(it's at the Trading Card symbol on the map). Step inside it to
make several medallions appear in the immediate area. Approach the short hedge
and examine the darker tree, where you should see the bird's nest. Shoot it to
make [Trading Card 35: Brian the Insomniac]. Shoot the lock off of the nearby
gate to allow quicker access to this area in the future.

Enter through the hospital's front doors, where you can talk to Fiona at the
desk. Otherwise, get back in the car and follow Muffler Road, then Sprite
Avenue. You should see a Trading Card on the map in a tan, rectangular area,
which turns out to be a construction site. Collect the medallions in the area
if you want, then go to the area that the map marks with a Trading Card. Behind
the pipes is [Trading Card 30: "Rosy Lips" Gina].

Follow January Way to Book Mountain Bank, near the red arrow that indicates
your mission target. A Trading Card symbol is next to the bank. [Trading Card
18: Lilly Ingram] is right next to the bank's front doors. Find Lincoln Street
in this same area, where you will see another Trading Card marked on the map.
In order to get this, you will need to complete the nearby check point race.
Completing the race removes part of the fence at the school. Pick up [Trading
Card 17: Keith Ingram] in front of one of the basketball hoops. Shoot the lock
off of the gate to get out of the area faster.

There is another Trading Card close by, next to a building marked as "Galaxy of
Terror." There is a set of stairs at the side of the building, and at the top
is [Trading Card 56: Record Player]. Now, locate Milky Way Avenue on the map,
which turns into January Avenue. Just across the bridge, you will see two
Trading Cards. Drive to the one on the right first, near Darius Inc. G.V.
Electrical Substation. Stand back and shoot the barrels blocking the Trading
Card to get [Trading Card 22: Olivia Cormack].

A small red square nearby marks Keith's House. Enter his garage to find a
[Bar]. There are a couple other items in his house, so make sure to check. Make
your way to the other card in the vicinity. All you have to do for this one is
to run up and grab it and you'll get [Trading Card 31: Jack the Raging Bull].
There are several more cards further down January Way. First, if it's raining,
let's get the one on White Spruce Farm. Break down the fence surrounding the
building, then pick up [Trading Card 45: Cigarettes] in the well. This card
will not be in the well if it is not raining.

Return to January Way and move on to Heaven and Hell Gas Station. Grab [Trading
Card 53: Gina's Sponge] right outside the door. From here, go up Silent Avenue
to an area with three more Trading Cards. Two of these are in the area
surrounding Lysander's Junkyard. To get the first one (the one closest to
Silent Avenue) you will have to weave around the junk piles and break a couple
fences. Eventually, you will find [Trading Card 33: The General Lysander]. Go
through the same process to get the card on the other side, [Trading Card 55:
York's Car].

Check your map and make your way to George's House, which is nearby. [Trading
Card 07: George Woodman] is sitting on the porch at the back of his house. Make
your way to the Milk Barn. It's red area on the map is mostly covered by two
phone symbols. The store will not be open if it is raining. Go inside and pick
up [Trading Card 58: Grecotch] located behind the counter. Purchase Cheddar
Cheese and an Onion from Lilly. You will need them later for a quest.

If you speak to Lilly again, she will give you a sidequest: [Quest 18: Part
Time Job 1]. After accepting the quest, you will be in the storehouse. There
are three yellow squares and three boxes, so simply push the boxes onto the
squares. You will get a [Bronze Card] for your efforts. Talk to her again and
she will give you a similar quest: [Quest 19: Part Time Job 2]. Note that you
may need to leave and sleep for awhile in order for the next quest to become
available. In return, Lilly gives you the [Silver Card].

Either rest until the next day or finish and redo the current chapter and Lilly
will have a third quest: [Quest 20: Part Time Job 3]. This one is a little bit
trickier. I'll refer to the box on the left as 1, the box in the center as 2,
and the box on the right as 3. Move box 2 one square to the right, then move
box 3 one square down. Push box 1 down by one square. Push box 2 to the yellow
square on the left side. Push box 3 to the yellow square on the right side,
then finally move box 1 to the center yellow square. Lilly will give you [Key
to the Closet] when you finish. [Quest 21: The Legendary Guitar] will start at
this time.

While you won't be able to enter the house, Keith and Lilly's garage will be
open while they're home, at around 20:00. Open the closet in the garage to get
the [Legendary Guitar Grecotch]. Now you can choose to either keep the guitar
for use as a weapon, or give it back to Keith, which will land you the Gold
Card. If you want to complete all of the quests, you must give him back the
guitar while he is working at the Milk Barn. But since it's night now, head
over to Swery 65'.

Talk to Richard at the bar and buy a Dart Gun. You can now play darts in the
bar. You will need to beat Richard's high score. Your pulse gauge will rise
while playing, and if it reaches its max, you will no longer be able to aim.
Stabilizers don't seem to help much at all, so you just have to be fast. You
will notice that sometimes a certain area of the board will glow. Hitting that
area will give you a 5x bonus. The bull's eye will be glowing on the last
throw, which you can use to get a ton of points. If nothing is glowing, hit the
triple 20 to get 60 points. You will receive [Trading Card 25: Richard Dunn]
for getting in third place, and for second place you get [Trading Card 24:
Quint Dunn]. When you beat Richard's score, you will get [Quest 30: Top Rank].
You will also be given a [Weapon Bag] which will allow you to hold more

Follow Tree/October Street, then Moonlight Avenue, and finally Liberty Avenue
until you reach Moyer's Lumbermill, where another Trading Card is located. If
you are running low on food or need to sleep, you can stop by Albireo Graveyard
on the way. Green Tomatos will continually spawn on the rack at the back of the
building. Keep making your way to the lumbermill, and if it happens to be
raining, stop to pick up a flower by the side of the road. Doing so will result
in a short scene during which you receive a [Flower with No Name]. If it's not
raining, you can either sleep or wait to pick it up later. The flower grows in
several different areas, so when it rains, make sure to pick one up.

At the lumbermill, complete the checkpoint race near the entrance, which will
open up a part of the fencing surrounding [Trading Card 23: Sallie Graham].
Leave this area and return to January Way. Next to Swery 65' is Quint's
House/trailer. Enter his house to get [Trading Card 61: Quint's Bike Tank].

The Heaven and Hell Gas Station should open sometime around 10:00. Drive up to
the blue circle to initiate a scene. You can complete [Quest 33: Special
Service] by having Gina wash your car six times. In addition to the special
service, you will get a [Lollipop]. Jack the Raging Bull may be attending the
gas station; who comes out to help seems to be random, so keep going back until
you get who you want. You can complete [Quest 34: Benjamin Franklin] by
choosing to bribe Jack from the "filler up" menu. You will have to bribe him
until the total adds up to $1000, which will take four times. You cannot bribe
him consecutively, so you will have to come back on different days.

If it is 12:00, you can go to Anna's House, near the Sheriff's Department. At
this time, Sallie should be inside. Speak with her twice to get [Quest 27:
Where's the Dress!]. Go upstairs and enter the only room you can. Check the
desk to find a picture of Anna in her prom dress. Go back downstairs and enter
the bedroom to the left of the stairs. You can find [Anna's Dress] in the
closet that connects to this bedroom. Bring the dress back to Sallie and the
next quest, [Quest 28: Anna's Diary] will automatically start. You will be
given [Anna's Key].

Go back upstairs and unlock Anna's room. Simply examine the small dress to get
[Anna's Diary] and the quest will be completed. [Trading Card 54: Anna's Dress]
can also be found in her room. Also near the Sheriff's Department is the A&G
Diner. There are two Trading Cards inside: [Trading Card 43: Coffee] and
[Trading Card 64: A&G Diner Menu].

You can now get a quest from Becky. Her house is pretty far from your current
position. Start by finding Veil Way from Anna's House, which leads to Muffler
Road. Follow Muffler Road in the direction of Calvin Bridge. This road will
eventually lead you to Becky's House, which is by a large lake. If you do not
see her icon at her house, you may want to rest until she appears so you don't
have to wait. Speak to her twice to get [Quest 01: Delivery Man Q].

You need to go to Quint's House. He should be there by about 16:00, so rest at
the graveyard until then. Examine the shelf by the door to get Quint away from
his bike, then quickly observe the bike while he is away to get [Red Dust]. You
can show this to Quint if you want to. Bring the dust to Becky and she will
give you an [Engagement Ring]. Another quest, [Quest 29: Engagement Ring] will
begin at this point. Bring the ring to Quint to get [Wrench (Infinite)] and be
done with this hassle quest line.

There are two quests that you can do for Emily, but you will have to wait for a
rainy evening, at around 18:00. Again, the graveyard is the optimal place to
rest until you are given the proper weather. Make sure that you have Cheddar
Cheese and an Onion so you aren't wasting your time. Once inside, head upstairs
and take [Trading Card 08: Emily Wyatt] from the dresser. Find Emily in the
Kitchen and she will give you [Quest 06: Nice Try Cooking]. Give her the
Cheddar Cheese and she will give you [Suit "Hawaiianblue"].

Emily has a similar quest, but you may need to finish the chapter and redo it
for it to be available. You can also just wait to do it during another chapter
that the quest is availble in. Whenever you decide to do it, go to Emily's on a
rainy evening with an Onion. Talk to her to get another quest: [Quest 07:
Another Nice Try Cooking]. Hand her the Onion to complete it and get [Trading
Card 52: Industrial Waste].

Finally, go to the Sheriff's Department. After the scene, use the map to guide
you to the location of [Trading Card 44: Turkey Sandwich], which is in the
refrigerator in the kitchen. While in the kitchen, also pick up the [Dumbbell]
and the [Grey Squirrel Keys]. Talk to George Woodman in the office room to get
[Quest 04: Lost Arnold]. You can complete this right away if you already picked
up the Dumbbell in the kitchen. George will give you [Trading Card 49: Arnold
and Sylvester] for helping him.

You actually only need the Curvy-Tailed Flying Squirrel Keys, so you can go
right to the basement to get them and skip getting these next keys. Enter the
locker room, across from the kitchen. In the back you will find [Long-Tailed
Flying Squirrel Keys]. In the storage room next door, pick up the [Pointy-
Tailed Flying Squirrel Keys]. Go to the basement and pick up [Curvy-Tailed
Flying Squirrel Keys] from one of the cells. Go to the other side of the
basement, where you will find an area for targeting practice. The [Striped
Squirrel Keys] can be found here.

Now enter the material room and hand Thomas the Curvy-Tailed Flying Squirrel
Keys to finish this chapter. That said, I highly recommend that you replay
Chapter 2 after your progress to Chapter 3 is saved. This will give you a
chance to finish up sidequests. All of your progress is carried over. Redoing
the chapter will force characters with multiple sidequests, such as Lilly at
the Milk Barn, to give you the next quest. A certain quest from George is
another reason to redo Chapter 2, as he will reward you with a very useful item
that you will want as soon as possible.

If you found Arnold for George and picked the Flower with No Name (on a rainy
day), then George will have another quest, [Quest 05: Nameless Flower]. You can
find him in his house at night, so sleep at the graveyard until around 20:00 or
so. If you already got the flower, you can complete the quest immediately.
George will give you a [Radio] in return.

Autopsy Report                                                       Chapter 03

+Items                           +
o Card Key for Underground Floor +
o Card Key for Central Building  +
o Key to Entrance                +

If you went looking for Trading Cards during Chapter 2, chances are that you
have already been to the hospital. Follow Veil Way to Muffler Road, then take
that all the way to the hospital. Enter the room marked on the hospital map for
a scene and a rather simple puzzle. If you want to figure it out on your own,
skip the next paragraph.

In case you don't know what the pieces are called, the first is the Knight, the
second is the King, third is the Rook, the fourth is the Pawn, the fifth is the
Biship, and the last piece is the Queen. All you have to do is select the
pieces in the order that the riddle names them, so you choose Knight, Rook,
Bishop, etc.

After completing the puzzle, you will get [Card Key for Underground Floor].
Head to the other side of the hospital, where you will find stairs leading to
the basement. Use the card key to unlock the door, then follow the arrow to
another room. After the scene, you will have to examine several areas of the
corpse to proceed. You will have to check her face multiple times to check the
different areas.

Return to the autopsy room. You will need to navigate your way back upstairs.
There are a few enemies roaming the hallways, and a few items scattered around
the basement that weren't there before. When you reach the main floor, head to
the room at the northeast, which is really the only place you can go. When you
get there, look under the sheet on the operating table and you will get [Card
Key for Central Building].

With the card key, you can now reach the lobby. You will have to first pass
through a room with several beds and items, along with an unlimited supply of
Lollipops. Make your way to the southwest room. Interact with the computer to
make a bed eject from the machine in the adjoining room. Grab the item on the
bed, which turns out to be the [Key to Entrance]. Use the key to get to the
hospital's entrance. There are a couple enemies here that have weapons, so make
sure to get headshots so they stumble and drop them. Once they're dead,
approach the vines blocking the exit to initiate a scene.

Profiling                                                            Chapter 04

+Trading Cards         +
o 10: Ushah Johnson    +
o 39: Armed Shadow     +
o 03: Anna Graham      +
---------------------------------- ----------------------------
+Items                           + +Sidequests                +
+--------------------------------+ +--------------------------+
o Gold Card                      + o 17: The Bond Between Men +
o Missing Piece of Pin Heel Shoe + o 32: Medical Studies      +
o Chip with Rusted Metal Dust    + ----------------------------
o Picture of a vest with holes   +
o 2 bent pieces of grass         +

Just let Emily and George go on their own, since there are a couple quests you
can do now. First thing's first: head to the gas station to bribe Jack again if
you haven't finished that quest yet. When you're done, go to the Milk Barn and
talk to Keith for [Quest 17: The Bond Between Men]. Give him his guitar to
complete the quest... unless you want to keep it. Keith will give you the [Gold
Card] for giving the guitar back.

If you got the Radio from George earlier, you can use it to warp to the
hospital. Talk to Fiona at the front desk to get [Quest 32: Medical Studies].
You just have to give three consecutive answers correctly. The possible
questions and correct answers include:

1. Which part of the cell is the cytoplasm?
  -The interior excluding the nucleus
2. What is the correct way to treat an emergency burn?
  -Cool with water ontop of clothing
3. Which of the following are contrasting taxonomic kingdoms?
  -Eukaryote and Prokaryote
4. What is the difference between encephalitis and encephalopathy?
  -Inflammation and pathogens in the brain
5. Who wrote the medical text "Anatomische Tabellen"?
6. How many milk teeth are there altogether?
7. What is the medical definition of "shock"?
  -Blood stops circulating to the organs
8. What are antibiotics?
  -Drugs that stop bacteria from growing
9. Which of the following has anything to do with a generic drug?
  -A patent has expired
10. What kind of medical treatment means "I will please" in Latin?
11. Which part of the heart does the blood enter first?
  -Right atrium
12. Where does the "O" blood type take its name from?
  -O means zero A and B antigens
13. What is the medical term for aspirin?
  -Acetyl-Salicylic Acid
14. 20% of the atmosphere is oxygen. What % do we use when breathing?
  -Roughly 17%
15. Where does DNA exist within the cell?
  -The nucleus
16. A bump on the head. What is inside of it?
  -Blood and lymph fluid

After answering the questions correctly, Fiona will give you [Trading Card 10:
Ushah Johnson]. Outside of the hospital, you may notice a purple arrow. Step
inside the circle to replay the other world hospital section. There will be
many more enemies, but there is also a Trading Card you can get this time; you
will find [Trading Card 39: Armed Shadow] in the southwest room of the main
floor. Be especially cautious when you reach the entrance as there are many
enemies there and you won't have much room to move around when you first enter.
You can exit the area by using the glowing circle.

The main mission is unfortunately far away. Use the Radio to warp to somewhere
near the graveyard, such as the Milk Barn, then locate and drive down Flower
Road. This is the really long, curving road. George will bitch at you for being
late when you finally get there, even though we told him that we were doing
other stuff first. After the twins tell you what they saw, a short scene will
start during which you must press the A button to start profiling.

Behind you is a tree with a bird's nest (glowing blue) near a large, hollowed
out log. Shoot the bird's nest to get [Trading Card 03: Anna Graham]. Shoot the
bird's nest in the tree near the shed to get [Missing Piece of Pin Heel Shoe].
Quickly press A after picking it up to start profiling. A tree opposite of the
shed has another bird's nest, but you will have to go around the bushes to get
the [Chip with Rusted Metal Dust] that was in it. Again, quickly press A to
start profiling. Next, pick up the [Picture of a vest with holes] and [2 bent
pieces of grass].

Murder Site                                                          Chapter 05

+Items                           +
o 10mm Submachine Gun            +
o Reversed Peace Sign            +
o Key to the Engineering Section +
o Gear Box                       +
o Damaged Red Hair               +
o Doorknob                       +
o Peeled Off Fake Finger Nail    +
o Torn Piece of Red Raincoat     +

The only thing you can do is go to the lumbermill. You will automatically enter
the lumbermill when you reach the green circle. Three enemies will immediately
begin advancing towards you, so make sure to get headshots. There are some oil
cans in the room so you can try shooting those if an enemy is near, but be
careful that you don't shoot them when you are close. Also, remember to break
open boxes that you see since they may contain First Aid kits or other useful

After the first profiling scene, go up the stairs and pick up the [10mm
Submachine Gun]. I recommend using this sparingly for now since it will come in
handly later. Observe the altar for a short scene and go up another set of
stairs. Enter the first room on the right and answer the phone. You will get
[Reversed Peace Sign] to aid the profiling process. Open the key box on the
wall on the other side of the room and take the [Key to the Engineering
Section]. Leave the room and continue down the walkway. Climb down the ladder
and enter the engine room. Enemies will continue to spawn in the area upstairs.

In the engine room, hit the machine's handle with any melee weapon you have to
operate it. Go down the stairs and follow the hallway to the next room on the
left. Interact with the object marked by a red glow. When you're done, leave
and continue north, climbing over the obstacle blocking your way, until you
reach another room. When you reach a more open area of the room, take the [Gear
Box] from the locker. Several enemies will attack, so use the Submachine Gun to
quickly kill them. You can leave this room and continue making your way through
the lumbermill.

When you reach the elevator room, go behind the elevator and place the Gear Box
into the machine. Ride the elevator, then choose to Peek near the area that the
spark is coming from to get [Damaged Red Hair]. A couple enemies will spawn
after the profile scene. When the elevator stops, save your game and go through
the south door. From here, make your way to the east side of the map. You will
need to shoot the lock off of the door in the northeast corner. After the short
scene, shoot the tree and pick up a [Doorknob] at its base.

Return to the room just south of the elevator and place the Doorknob on the
door with the tree carved into it. During the scene, you will have to quickly
shake the left stick button back and forth. Afterwards, you will get [Peeled
Off Fake Finger Nail]. Follow the hallway and observe the mirror in the first
room to the right. Leave and go through the gate in the hallway, heading for
the northwest part of the map. When a scene starts, pay attention to the bottom
of the screen so you can input the prompts in time. Shoot the lock off of the
door in the northwest part of this area. Turn on the circuit breaker in the
safe room and then answer the phone.

Make sure to save your game at this time. Attempt to exit the room to initiate
a scene. You will have to find a hiding place. You should see a red glow that
will let you hide under the ledge of a sink/counter, across from the circuit
breaker. Make sure not to come out until it's clear or you die. When he gets
near, you will need to hold down the left trigger to hold your breath.

Now it's back to the elevator room. Oh, wait. You will first have to complete a
long button pressing scene. When you reach the boxes, you actually have to push
them. There is ANOTHER one as soon as the elevator reaches the bottom and you
will have to be fast. It will throw in some different buttons like the Right
Bumper, so be ready for that. After the scene, you will get [Torn Piece of Red
Raincoat] and the chapter will conclude.

Greenvale inhabitants                                                Chapter 06

+Trading Cards             +
o 37: Raincoat Killer      +
o 20: Michael Tillotson    +
o 16: Jim Green            +
o 26: Polly Oxford         +
o 59: Ushah's Potato Chips +
o 38: Shadow               +
---------------------------------- -----------------------------
+Items                           + +Sidequests                 +
+--------------------------------+ +---------------------------+
o Rod of Legends                 + o 13: Legendary Tabatha     +
o 10mm Submachine Gun (Infinite) + o 10: Periodic Riddle       +
o Hip Bone                       + o 14: Map to Psychic Spot A +
o Right Hand Bone                + -----------------------------
o Right Foot Bone                +
o Left Hand Bone                 +
o Left Foot Bone                 +
o Sternum                        +
o Skull                          +

You can choose to replay the lumbermill at this point. If you do, you can get
[Trading Card 37: Raincoat Killer] after taking the elevator up to the second
floor. The card will be in a room on the northeast part of the map inside of a
filing cabinet. After you grab that, leave through one of the glowing circles
(gold arrows on the map).

Use the Radio to warp back to The Tree of Anna and drive to the Forest Park at
the end of the road. Pick up [Trading Card : Michael Tillotson] at the edge of
the parking lot. Rest at the sleeping spot near the river, between the Forest
Keeper's Cabin and the Forest Park until it is raining in the morning. Fish at
the nearest fishing spot and try to catch the large fish with the blue
background. When you fail (you have to actually land on the fish), you get
[Quest 13: Legendary Tabatha]. If you are having trouble, you need to wait
until it is a few spaces before the indicator, near the center.

You can enter Jim Green's cabin at 10:00. He will give you the [Rod of Legends]
when you talk to him. Head back and really catch Tabatha this time for a short
scene. You probably also noticed a present icon with a pink background. Fish
here again and catch that to get [Trading Card 16: Jim Green].

Go to the hotel and fish at one of the docks in the back. Try to land on the
present icon with the pink background to get [Trading Card 26: Polly Oxford].
After that, go to the hospital and talk to Ushah, who will give you [Quest 10:
Periodic Riddle]. Tell him to "Read the first letters vertically" to complete
the quest. He will give you [Trading Card 59: Ushah's Potato Chips] for helping

When it is not raining, go to the Milk Barn and talk to Keith. Check what he
has in stock and buy the Spiritual Map A for $1000. After the scene, you will
get [Quest 14: Map to Psychic Spot A]. A gold arrow on your map will show you
the location of the tunnel. Use the Radio to warp to either the lumbermill or
Lysander's Junkyard, then drive to the tunnel. You will need to clear out few
rooms of enemies to complete the quest.

The enemies are spaced out pretty far, so as long as you don't run to the
middle of the rooms right away, you shouldn't have any trouble. Some of the
rooms even have barrels you can shoot to make it even easier. The last enemy
room may give you trouble, since they all have shotguns. Don't stay in the same
place for too long, try to isolate enemies, then blast them in the face with
the SMG. The last room has no enemies. Pick up the [10mm Submachine Gun
(Infinite)], then step into the circle in the center of the room to complete
the quest.

One last thing you might want to get out of the way is to replay the Wood Path,
which is on Hamilton Way, near A&G Diner. You will find [Trading Card 38:
Shadow] in the first building after the wooden walkway. You can leave the area
after getting it. There are seven bones in total: [Hip Bone], [Right Hand
Bone], [Right Foot Bone], [Left Hand Bone], [Left Foot Bone], [Sternum],
[Skull]. If you do not see a bone right away, check to see if there is a bird's
nest in a nearby tree.

If you haven't gotten all of the bones marked on the map yet, do so now. There
are seven bones in total: [Hip Bone], [Right Hand Bone], [Right Foot Bone],
[Left Hand Bone], [Left Foot Bone], [Sternum], and [Skull]. If you do not see a
bone right away, check to see if there is a bird's nest in a nearby tree.
 When you are done, head over to the Community Center (rest or smoke first if
needed). After the scene, talk to everyone to advance to the next chapter.

Dinner                                                               Chapter 07

+Trading Cards            +
o 34: "Roaming" Sigourney +
o 32: Wesley the Gunsmith +
o 09: Thomas MacLaine     +
o 36: Willie              +
o 06: Carol MacLaine      +
------------------------ -----------------------------
+Items                 + +Sidequests                 +
+----------------------+ +---------------------------+
o Panda Bear Card      + o 44: Cold Pot 1            +
o Suit "Passion Red"   + o 35: Beginner Collector    +
o Low Gear Parts       + o 36: Amateur Collector     +
o Out of Focus Picture + o 37: Normal Collector      +
o Weather Doll         + o 38: Great Collector       +
------------------------ o 40: Low Gear Parts        +
                         o 12: Someone in the Forest +
                         o 03: Memories of Anna      +
                         o 09: Unwanted Customer     +
                         o 08: Memorable Cooking     +

Press A when prompted during the scene and you can choose to have dinner with
the police officers. When you're finished, you may notice Sigourney wandering
around outside. If she is, she will have [Quest 44: Cold Pot 1] for you. Just
drive her home (she lives near Becky), taking whatever short cuts that you can.
When you get her home, she will give you [Trading Card 34: "Roaming Sigourney].

The Panda Bear near the Milk Barn will be open at night from now on. Wesley
will give you several quests relating to Trading Cards. He will first give you
[Quest 35: Beginner Collector]. If you have at least 8 cards, he will give you
[Trading Card 32: Wesley the Gunsmith]. The next quest in the series, [Quest
36: Amateur Collector] will begin immediately. Show him at least 16 cards, he
will give you the [Panda Bear Card].

Again, the next quest will start immediately. To complete [Quest 37: Normal
Collector], you need to show him at least 32 cards. If you do, he will give you
[Suit "Passion Red]. The next quest, [Quest 38: Great Collector], will require
48 cards, which you shouldn't have at this point. Next, go to Lysander's
Junkyard (he will be sitting outside at night). He will give you [Quest 40: Low
Gear Parts]. If you look at the gate surrounding the junk yard, you will see
that the numbers and letters show you a grid. Use that to find E-5 and pick up
the [Low Gear Parts] on the ground there, then bring it to the General.

He has other quests that you can do starting in this chapter, but you will need
to redo the chapter in order to do them now. In this guide, I will mention his
next quest the next time you can do it, but if you really want to improve your
car, you can certainly redo the chapter and get them done sooner. Sleep until
you get a rainy day, then go to Keith's House. Speak to the twins and they will
give you an [Out of Focus Picture] and [Quest 12: Someone in the Forest].

Carol will show up at the Tree of Anna. The exact time she shows up may be
somewhat random, as I have seen people claiming different times. She showed up
for me at about 16:15 and I was able to actually talk to her at 16:21. The
weather was overcast that day. If you still have trouble, try actually
following her around. When you talk to her, you will get [Quest 03: Memories of
Anna]. Hand her the photo and she will give you [Trading Card 09: Thomas
MacLaine]. Return to the twins on a rainy day and they will give you [Trading
Card 36: Willie].

At night, you can go to the Galaxy of Terror. Thomas will be behind the bar and
you should see a quest icon above his head, even if it doesn't show on the map.
He will give you [Quest 09: Unwanted Customer]. The customer may not show up on
rainy days, so wait until another day if it's raining. Otherwise, you should
find him in the back, near Carol, at 22:00. Talk to him and you will get
[Trading Card 06: Carol MacLaine] from Thomas.

In the morning, go to the Milk Barn and buy an Egg, Country Ham, and a Can of
Hollandaise Sauce from Lilly. Wait for a rainy evening, then go to Emily's at
around 19:00. She will give you [Quest 08: Memorable Cooking]. After the scene,
you will get a [Weather Doll].

Go back to the hotel. During the scene, you will have to choose the correct
answers to the questions that York asks. Choose: red seed, a broken stiletto
heel, and a round object.

 - - - - - - - - - - - - Walkthrough: Episode 2 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Muses Gallery                                                        Chapter 08

+Trading Cards         +
o 63: Kaysen's Seeding +
o 60: Polly's Pepper   +
o 11: Forrest Kaysen   +
o 51: Sigourney's Pot  +
o 04: Becky Ames       +
o 12: Isaach Ingram    +
o 13: Isaiah Ingram    +
o 19: Harry Stewart    +
o 29: Fiona "Freckles" +
------------------------------- ----------------------------
+Items                        + +Sidequests                +
+-----------------------------+ +--------------------------+
o Picture of a Beautiful Lady + o 31: The Beauty           +
o High Gear Parts             + o 41: High Gear Parts      +
o .357 Magnum (Infinite)*     + o 45: Cold Pot 2           +
o Key to Brian's House        + o 11: Snack for Willie     +
o Wesley Special (Infinite)   + o 49: Seven Bones          +
o Suit "Dancing All Night"    + o 50: Ghost House Treasure +
o Olivia's Memo               + o 39. Top Collector        +
o Key to the Gallery          + ----------------------------

Head through the partially opened door, then approach to the person in the next
room. Back in your hotel room, leave to initiate a scene. When it's over, talk
to Polly at the front desk for a quest: [Quest 31: The Beauty]. Head to the
northeast part of the hotel and grab [Trading Card 63: Kaysen's Seeding] from
the green house area. Polly's room is just to the northeast from there. Her
lost item is sitting right on the floor, the [Picture of a Beautiful Lady].
Return to Polly with the picture to get [Trading Card 60: Polly's Pepper].

Leave the hotel to initiate a scene. Afterwards, go to the backyard of the
hotel and pick up [Trading Card 11: Forrest Kaysen]. After you've picked that
up, use the Radio to get to the junkyard. Lysander has another quest for you:
[Quest 41: High Gear Parts]. You will find the [High Gear Parts] using the
signs surrounding the area, except this time they are at J-10. Bring the parts
back to the General to finish the quest.

Next, find Sigourney on the map (if she's not right outside the junkyard, hit
the triggers while on the map and you should find her soon enough). Talk to her
to begin [Quest 45: Cold Pot 2]. Check your map as soon as it starts to figure
out the best route to take. When you get her home, she will give you [Trading
Card 51: Sigourney's Pot].

If you have gotten all of the bones on the map, go to the Milk Barn, where you
will most likely run into Forrest and his dog, Willie. They should be there at
13:00. You will get [Quest 11: Snack for Willie] after the scene. If you're
running low on bait, buy some at the Milk Barn while you're here. Track down
Forrest and Willie using the map. When you find them, check the dog house in
the back of his truck. Depending on the amount of bones you picked up, the
reward varies. For example, if you get all seven, you get a [.357 Magnum
(Infinite)]. For six, you will only get a [Sword].*

Go to Becky's and fish at the spot behind her house. Land on the pink present
to get [Trading Card 04: Becky Ames]. Find Keith's House on the map. Fish at
the only spot you can see while viewing his house from the map and get the pink
present icon. This will net you [Trading Card 12: Isaach Ingram]. Check the map
again, to the Woody Path warp on Hamilton Way. Just before that is a bridge
with a fishing spot (June Bridge). You actually have to take a nearby set of
steps down under the bridge to the actual fishing spot. Fish up the pink
present there to get [Trading Card 13: Isaiah Ingram].

Warp to the lumbermill, then check the nearby lake on the map. Fish at the spot
near the resting spot for [Trading Card 19: Harry Stewart]. Head to the fishing
spot between the hospital and hotel, on Muffler Road. The pink present here
contains [Trading Card 29: Fiona "Freckles"] Now head to the graveyard. I'm not
sure if you have to do this at a specific time or not, but at 17:30 you will be
able to start another quest concerning the bones. To start, examine the dug up
grave and you will get [Quest 49: Seven Bones]. If you already have collected
all seven bones and got them back from Willie, talk to Brian to finish the
quest immediately. He will give you [Key to Brian's House].

The next quest, [Quest 50: Ghost House Treasure], will start immediately. His
house is near Nick's House and the Sheriff's Office. You will need to enter
through the smaller gate to the right of the larger one. Enter the next gate on
the right of the house to enter a hedge mage. Climb the ladder on the side of
the house to reach the other side of the maze, pushing the gargoyle statues off
of the roof one the way. You find [Wesley Special (Infinite)] under the
gargoyle statue on the ground.

Rest until the Panda Bear is open. You should now have enough Trading Cards to
finish the last quest and receive [Suit "Dancing All Night"] as a reward. The
next quest, [Quest 39: Top Collector], will begin, although you will not be
able to finish this one for quite awhile. Rest, then head in Muses Gallery in
the morning. You will clearly be able to see on the map a Trading Card behind
the art gallery, but a car is blocking the path now.

Enter the gallery and then approach the door to your left. Speak with Olivia,
then pick up [Olivia's Memo] and the [Key to the Gallery]. You will need to
know a combination in order to access the northeast part of the gallery.
Oliva's Memo will tell you the order the numbers are in and where you find
them. Each painting that you can examine to find the combination is marked by a
red glow. The number of trees in the painting corresponds to a number of the
combination. The third painting is located in the basement.

A. Tree at Sunset/Trees at Twilight - 6
B. Autumn Leaves/Red Leaves - 4
C. Dancing Red Butterflies/Red Butterflies Frolicking - 1

So that would make the combination 641. Enter the combination and proceed
forward to initiate a scene and end the chapter.

A & G                                                                Chapter 09

+Trading Cards       +
o 05: Diane Ames     +
------------------------- -----------------------------------
+Items                  + +Sidequests                       +
+-----------------------+ +---------------------------------+
o Emily's Car           + o 46: Cold Pot 3                  +
o Gas Tank Parts        + o 42: Gas Tank Parts              +
o Key to York's Car     + o 43: York's Car                  +
o York's Car            + o 02: Guardian of the Art Gallery +
o The Girl in the Woods + -----------------------------------
o Key to Back Yard      +

Get into the car to start a scene. Once again, find Sigourney on the map to
start [Quest 46: Cold Pot 3]. When you get her home, she will give you [Emily's
Car] to use. Next, go to the junk yard to get [Quest 42: Gas Tank Parts] from
the General. Head to N-5 in the junk yard and pick up the [Gas Tank Parts] and
then bring them back to Lysander.

If you completed the bribing Jack at the gas station sidequest, Lysander will
have another quest: [Quest 43: York's Car]. Check the General's shop screen and
pay the $5000 it costs to repair the car. He will give you the [Key to York's
Car], but you will have to come back the next day to get the car and finish the
quest. Go to sleep and in the morning talk to the General and examine [York's
Car], which is parked in front of the junk yard.

Go to Muses Gallery when Diane is not in her office area, at 15:00. She will
give you [Quest 02: Guardian of the Art Gallery]. Go to the north outside area
(the map shows stairs on both sides, the east side of the map). Climb up to the
window, then look through and shoot the lock off of the door. Go back inside,
and enter the door you unlocked. Pick up [The Girl in the Woods] and return it
to Diane. She will give you in [Trading Card 05: Diane Ames] return.

Warp to the diner and, after the scene, talk to Nick. Afterwards, talk to
Olivia to key the [Key to Back Yard]. Smoke a cigarette until 21:00, then enter
the diner's back yard.

The 2nd sacrifice                                                    Chapter 10

+Items                   +
o Reversed Peace Sign    +
o Red Seed               +
o Bloody Camisole        +
o Key for the Safe       +

Unfortunately, you can't leave your car, so you can't warp to Becky's House.
Inside is another Other World scenario. As soon as you step forward, the
Raincoat Killer will attack. Get ready to hit the X button quickly. Move
through the mansion; you will eventually reach some mannequins. You will have
to destroy them in order to proceed. In the second room with mannequins, the
enemies seem to continuously spawn, so just run through there.

Eventually, you will reach a room where a short scene will play. Examine the
mirror here to get [Reversed Peace Sign]. Defeat the enemies that spawn and
continue up the stairs. Open the armoire upstairs to get [Red Seed]. Enter the
door that has opened up and continue on. You will reach a room in which you
will need to hide from the Raincoat Killer. Run to the armoire marked with a
red glow and hold you breath at the times prompted. Continue forward until you
reach another chase event, which is thankfully much shorter than the last one.

You should now be back in the front room of the house, on the side you haven't
been to before. Upstairs you should see a red glow. Approach it and take the
[Bloody Camisole]. Back track a little bit and a scene will play. Enter the
bathroom and pick up the [Key for the Safe]. Back in the bedroom, remove the
painting from the wall (near the phone), then use the key to open the safe
behind it.

Lost child                                                           Chapter 11

+Trading Cards       +
o 42: Mad Wild Bird  +
---------------- ------------------
+Items         + +Sidequests      +
+--------------+ +----------------+
o George's Car + o 47: Cold Pot 4 +
---------------- ------------------

Find Sigourney and complete the next quest, [Quest 47: Cold Pot 4] for her. She
will give you [George's Car] when you get her back home. Return to Becky's
House and replay the Other World scenario. You will see the Trading Card on the
side of the room as soon as you enter, but, as before, you will not be able to
reach it directly. Pick up [Trading Card 42: Mad Wild Bird] when you reach the
west side of the entrance room. When you get the card, leave through the nearby

If you went to collect the Trading Cards from the park earlier, then you should
be able to use the Radio to warp right to it. During the scene, pick the
following choices: the art gallery, Quint, a sketch book, Isaach and Isaiah,
and Diane.

Fallen goddess                                                       Chapter 12

+Trading Card       +
o 21: Nick Cormack  +
---------------------------------- ------------------
+Items                           + +Sidequests      +
+--------------------------------+ +----------------+
o Suit "Greenvale"               + o 48: Cold Pot 5 +
o Green Apple                    + ------------------
o Red Apple                      +
o Ripe Apple                     +
o Red Seeds                      +
o Key to Special Exhibition Room +
o Broken Stiletto Heel Shoe      +
o Reversed Peace Sign            +

Find Sigourney again. She may be by Harry's Mansion. When you get to her, she
will give you [Quest 48: Cold Pot 5]. She will be quite far away from her
house, the prepare to take several minutes on the drive. When you get her back,
she gives you [Suit "Greenvale"]. Go to the diner and smoke until it closes and
kicks you out to initiate a scene.

Go to the Galaxy of Terror and step into the green circle when the time reaches
22:00. Now you will need to follow Nick, staying about 50 to 100 yards behind
him. It will be a long drive to the art gallery. After the scene, go down the
path on the right side of the gallery that was previously blocked. Run by the
enemies and pick up [Trading Card 21: Nick Cormack] behind the gallery.

Break through fences to find the other entrance to the gallery, which is
directly behind it. Walk through the linear hallways until you come to a new
enemy. Basically, just run past her, then quickly turn around and shoot at her.
If she is laying on the ground, prepare to press the B button to dodge her
attack. Take the ladder up to the main floor.

There is a timed puzzle that you will have to complete or York will go crazy
and you'll fail the investigation. Pay attention to the three paintings with a
red glow beneath them on your way to the tree. You should see three apples on
the tree, which you will need to knock off and pick up. If you are having
trouble seeing them, use the infinite Wesley Special on the tree to make it
drop a total of three apples: [Green Apple], [Red Apple], and [Ripe Apple].

Put down the Ripe Apple at the stand by the old man painting, put the Green
Apple with the baby, and the Red Apple next to the younger man. Kill the three
enemies that spawn. Check to see if they drop anything; one of them may have a
shotgun, but I'm not sure if they always drop it. Anyway, pick up the [Red
Seeds] next to the tree. A few rooms later, pick up the [Key to Special
Exhibition Room].

Keep moving through the museum. When you reach the special exhibition room, you
will see a [Broken Stiletto Heel Shoe]. Go back to the oval-shaped room and
continue north. Get to the stairs in the northeast tip of the map to reach the
lower level. There are several enemies in the room at the end that will bombard
you as soon as you open the door. Turn on the sliding storage room with the red
glow to get the [Reversed Peace Sign].

Climb down the ladder and continue forward. You will have to fight three more
ceiling crawling enemies on the way to the exit. Follow Willie to the bedroom,
then push the armoire to the side of the doorway and enter the room.

Past                                                                 Chapter 13

+Trading Cards        +
o 40: Crawling Shadow +
----------------------------- ---------------------------------
+Items                      + +Sidequests                     +
+---------------------------+ +-------------------------------+
o Letter from Nick          + o 24: Nick's Letter             +
o Letter from Olivia        + o 26: A Return to Better Things +
o Key to Back Door of Diner + o 25: Big Bag                   +
o Item Bag                  + ---------------------------------

You can choose to go to the bar with George. When there, talk to Carol for a
scene and then talk to George. Go to sleep (not in the hotel) and in the
morning go to the sheriff's department and talk to Nick in one of the cells in
the basement. He will give you [Quest 24: Nick's Letter] and a [Letter from
Nick]. Go to Nick's House and hand the letter to Oliva to get [Letter from
Olivia] and [Quest 26: A Return to Better Things].

Go back to Nick and give him Olivia's letter. He will give you [Key to Back
Door of Diner] and [Quest 25: Big Bag]. Enter through the diner's back entrance
(there are two, only one of which you can enter). In the kitchen, you will find
an [Item Bag].

Return to Muses Gallery and replay the Other World mission. Go down the stairs
in the northeast section of the main floor to find [Trading Card 40: Crawling
Shadow]. Leave the Other World and go to the hotel. During the scene, choose
the following answers: it was right after the crime, Kaysen, footsteps of
boots, and no.

 - - - - - - - - - - - - Walkthrough: Episode 3 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Tea break                                                            Chapter 14

+Trading Cards     +
o 15: Angel Isaiah +
--------------------------------- -----------------------------
+Items                          + +Sidequests                 +
+-------------------------------+ +---------------------------+
o Spiritual Map B               + o 15: Map to Psychic Spot B +
o 12Ga Shotgun CQB (Infinite)   + -----------------------------
o Umbrella for Guest Room No. 5 +
o Umbrella for Guest Room No. 6 +
You'll have to go through a series of doors. Going north, then east, should
lead you to [Trading Card 15: Angel Isaiah], which is located in a dresser.
Eventually, you will reach a room with a man standing in the center of it. Tell
him, "Yes, I'm going alone." Approach Kaysen in the hotel's lobby to initiate a

Go to the Milk Barn and buy [Spiritual Map B] from Keith. This will give you
[Quest 15: Map to Psychic Spot B]. You can get to the location quickly by
warping to Thomas' House. Like last time, enter the glowing circle. There are a
several enemy-filled rooms. All of the enemies in the first and fifth room have
shotguns. In the second and sixth rooms, the enemies spawn out of a ring of
fire, so most of them will kill themselves in the fire before they get to you.
There are also a couple long hallways that you will have to fight Crawling
Shadows in. In the last room, you will find [12Ga Shotgun CQB (Infinite)].

Now that the extra stuff is out of the way, go to Harry's Mansion. The door to
the room Harry is in is locked. Enter the second room on the right and pick up
[Umbrella for Guest Room No. 5]. In the third room on the right, you will find
[Umbrella for Guest Room No. 6]. The next room on the right, room number three,
contains [Umbrella for Guest Room No. 3]. Now enter the door across from room
number three, where you should see several statues. Three of these statues have
a red glow.

From left to right when facing the statues: place umbrella 6, 5, then 3. That
should make the statue's eyes glow. When all three are placed, go talk to Harry
to complete the chapter.

Red seed                                                             Chapter 15

+Items        +
o Red Seeds   +

Warp to Lysander's Junkyard then drive the rest of the way to the graveyard.
After the scene, begin making your way down the nearby path, blocked by fences.
Enemies will keep spawning on the path, so just run by them when you can. When
you reach the fence, push the statue forward to get in. Approach the trees to
get [Red Seeds]. Warp back to Harry's Mansion. He is in a different room this
time. You will come across another room with statues. This time, you will need
to push the statues into their correct positions on the grid. Check the tiles
on the side and move the statues to the places on the grid that add up to the
following numbers: 14, 23, and 26.

If you move one to the right place, a short scene will show the statue's eyes
glowing. When all three are in position, enter the door and talk to Harry.

Hidden memories                                                      Chapter 16

+Items                 +
o Broken Safe          +
o Red Seed             +
o Dried Drops of Water +

Go to the Sheriff's Department, but make sure that York isn't really hungry or
tired, because you'll be taken straight to an Other World section. When you
reach a room with electronic storage shelves, check the one with a red glow to
get [Broken Safe]. Continue on, there is really only one way that you can go.
Pick up the [Red Seed] in the room with the long table and computers.

Return to the hallway and enter the room directly across from the room with the
table. Follow the hallway until you reach a room with two shelves. Check one of
the shelves to get [Dried Drops of Water].

New Raincoat Killer                                                  Chapter 17

You will have to go fishing at this point. Catch the blue case over the yellow
background. Stop the indicator when that symbol is about second from the left.
That's it for this chapter.

The 13th bell                                                        Chapter 18

Warp to Harry's Mansion. This will start another Other World section, but
luckily Harry's Mansion isn't as confusing as it may look, and, best of all,
there are no Crawling Shadows! Head forward, through the door, and a scene will
start. Approach the door to the right of the painting, kill the enemies that
spawn, then go through. Take the left hallway to come to a circular room. Stand
in the center of the statues to spawn a few enemies. Just shoot the cans to
kill them quickly, but make sure that you aren't too close.

Head through the now unlocked door and continue through the series of hallways.
You eventually will reach another circular room with statues. Approach the door
to spawn some enemies. They will continue to spawn for awhile, but keep killing
them and the door will unlock. If you follow the hallway to the left, it will
lead you to a couple First Aid Kits and a shortcut to a part of the mansion you
already passed through. Continue to the right and a scene will play.

When you reach the crescent-shaped room with glass windows, you will see two
statues with red buttons in front of them. Push one of the buttons, then
quickly run and push the other. Head through the hidden passage that opens up.

Apartment                                                            Chapter 19

+Trading Cards        +
o 57: Thomas' Biscuit +
+Items            +
o Red Wig         +
o Wet Boot Prints +
o Thomas' shoes   +

Since you can't leave the car to warp, you will need to drive to Thomas'
apartment. After the scene, open the nearby cabinet to get [Trading Card 57:
Thomas' Biscuit]. After you have that, grab the [Red Wig] next to it. Observe
the floor in the next room and you will obtain [Wet Boot Prints]. Enter the
connecting bathroom and pick up [Thomas' shoes].

Cruel device                                                         Chapter 20

+Items                  +
o Thomas' Sheriff Badge +
o Wooden Ice Pick       +

The Radio won't work now, so you will have to drive down January Way, towards
the Galaxy of Terror. On the way, York will see someone in the road and you
will need to follow this person. You will eventually end up in the Galaxy of
Terror. Eventually, the Raincoat Killer will start to chase you. At some point,
York will say that he needs to hide, so hide in the cabinet with a red glow.
Remember to hold your breath at the times the game indicates. After he leaves,
enter the red door and continue forward.

You will run into the Raincoat Killer again, but this time, you only need to
quickly avoid his attack. Enter the second to last bathroom stall on the left
side and peek through the hole in the wall. Kill the two zombies that appear,
then enter the stall that they came out of to pick up [Thomas' Sheriff Badge].

In the hallways that follow, you will need to kill several Crawling Shadows. I
recommend using the infinite shotgun instead of the machine gun to reduce the
time it takes to kill them by about half. In the next room, turn on the light
switch on the right side, which should shine a red light over the door and
unlock it. Make your way through the storage rooms until you run into the
Raincoat Killer again. This starts another chase sequence.

Eventually, you will reach a room with a piano and microphone. Pick up the
[Wooden Ice Pick] near the piano. Attempt to walk to the other side of the room
and the Raincoat Killer will chase you for a short time. Head down the stairs
and enter the door at the bottom. A WTF scene will now commence.

 - - - - - - - - - - - - Walkthrough: Episode 4 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Cat fight                                                            Chapter 21

+Trading Cards            +
o 27: Brian Xander Morgan +

Run along the forest path. You will be able to see [Trading Card 27: Brian
Xander Morgan] clearly on the path, near its end. Now you will need to follow
Willie for quite awhile. You will have to play through another Other World
sequence, but you won't have your full weapon arsenal, so make use of the
barrels. The gun that you do have, however, is quite powerful and is capable of
killing enemies in only a few hits.

After going up several flights of stairs, you will reach a room with a bed. You
can pick up an unlimited number of medium First Aid Kits here, so stock up and
heal yourself before continuing on.

Now, for the first boss fight. First of all, there are some quick-time events
that you will have to complete to dodge the hooks swaying around. You won't
have to worry about these so much, since the buttons you need to press will
show up regardless if you're shooting/aiming or not. The hardest part about the
fight is that the boss can be hard to target and the lock-on is basically
useless. After it has been shot a few times, the boss will begin to swing on
the hooks, use it to attack you several times, and then will slowly move back
to the gears. That is the best time to deal damage since the boss more or less
stays still for awhile.

Leave the room and begin walking down the hallway and a scene will start.

The throne of abyss                                                  Chapter 22

+Items                +
o Key for Hidden Room +
o Key for Cell No. 01 +
o Key for Cell No. 03 +
o Key for Cell No. 04 +
o Key for Cell No. 02 +
o Key for Cell No. 06 +
o Key for Cell No. 05 +
o Carol's Ear Rings   +

Enter the office room, and then to George's office. Pick up the [Key for Hidden
Room]. Backtrack to the office room and kill the two enemies that appeared; one
of them will drop [Key for Cell No. 01]. You don't actually need to pick up all
of the cell keys (you only need keys six and five), so you can skip to those if
you wish. Return to the hallway and kill the enemy near the stairs to the
basement and pick up [Key for Cell No. 03]. In the lunch room, one of the
enemies has [Key for Cell No. 04].

[Key for Cell No. 02] can be found on one of the enemies in the locker room. In
the material room, check the first storage shelf from the left. An enemy will
be in it, but it will drop [Key for Cell No. 06]. In the basement, you can use
the keys that you have aquired to access the cells. Enter cell number six and
kill the enemy that spawns to get [Key for Cell No. 05]. Enter cell number
five, push the door open, and continue forward.

Approach the alter to make several enemies spawn. There isn't much room to
maneuver, so you will have to constantly run around the room and shoot whatever
is closest to you. I recommend using the submachine gun so that you can stagger
multiple enemies quickly since they tend to stand in a group. When they are
dead, pick up [Carol's Ear Rings].

 - - - - - - - - - - - - Walkthrough: Episode 5 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dawn                                                                 Chapter 23

+Items                              +
o Curvy-Tailed Flying Squirrel Keys +

NOTE: Do NOT replay any chapters while in the middle of this one, especially
chapter 2. Replaying chapter 2 while in the middle of chapter 23 will result in
the loss of a key needed to complete chapter 23. Thank you to the various
GameFAQs users who warned about this glitch.

Enter the Sheriff's Department again. You will soon come to a room with deer
heads lining the walls. Some of the deer heads are upside down and have a red
glow beneath them. Go around and shoot the upside-down deer heads to unlock the
door. If you enter the room that the Raincoat Killer enters, you can find
Thomas' Biscuit inside... for emergency stat-recovering, but do we really want
his biscuits now?

Continue down the hallway and into the next room. You will have to evade the
Raincoat Killer's attacks. To get him to stop for now, simply shoot him once.
The same thing happens in the next room, but he won't flee when you shoot him.
Instead, just run up close to him and he will run off. Head into the resting
room, visible on the map. Pick up the [Curvy-Tailed Flying Squirrel Keys]
there. If you rejoiced at the fact that there were no Crawling Shadows in the
long hallway leading to the room, think again; you will have to fight two on
the way back.

Use the squirrel key to open the door in the room with the electronic storage
shelves. A few rooms later, you will have to deal with the Raincoat Killer
again. Simply run up to him while dodging his attacks and he will flee. In the
next area, there is a small room to the right where you can find Emily's Bagel
Sandwich. Continue forward until you reach a room with jail cells. The Raincoat
Killer will attack you as you go through, but you only need to dodge him.

Open the one cell that does not have vines blocking it. Enter the door in the
back, then head up the stairs and prepare for a boss fight.

You will need to shoot the boss in the back to damage him. The best times to do
this are when he is preparing to throw his axe, since he slightly turns. You
can also shoot him immediately after you dodge his charge, depending on the
your position after rolling out of the way. If he charges at you, press the
buttons displayed on screen to avoid taking damage. You can also dodge the axes
he throws, but if you're using the submachine gun, it's faster to just shoot
the axe in mid-air to keep it from hitting you.

If you don't have trouble with aiming, the shotgun is actually much better to
use on this boss. Simply wait until he charges you, do the quick-time event,
then quickly turn and shoot his back. Since the shotgun is much stronger than
the submachine gun, the fight will take significantly less time.

After a scene, you will have to fight his second form. You need to do pretty
much the same thing, except this time, wait until he is taunting you to run up
behind him and shoot his back. If he starts to run at you really fast, then you
should just run out of the way. For the third part of the fight, you will need
to quickly shoot the axe the boss throws while it's in mid-air.

Red tree                                                             Chapter 24

+Trading Cards         +
o 28: Valentine Morgan +
o 62: Stuffed Deer     +
+Items            +
o Key from Kaysen +
o Map             +

Turn around immediately and pick up [Trading Card 28: Valentine Morgan]. Walk
along the path, talking to the people on the way. Open the envelope on the
table in the next room. After the scene, you will get [Key from Kaysen] and a
[Map]. Drive to George's House.

The first thing you should do is grab [Trading Card 62: Stuffed Deer] from the
bathroom, visible on the map. Chosoe to look under the curtain with a red glow,
then push the door behind it. Push the armoire out of the way to complete the

 - - - - - - - - - - - - Walkthrough: Episode 6 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Zach Morgan                                                          Chapter 25

...Is there any song that could be any less appropriate for this than what they
picked? Anyway, you don't have much time to play around. You are trying to get
to the point marked by a red arrow, but you will have to go a roundabout way to
get there. From the starting position, run down the street ahead and you should
eventually see a forested area to the left. Follow along the red fence, then
break through the wooden fence and continue going straight until you reach the
road. From here, just basically follow the road to the red arrow.

When you're back in control of York, do not shoot any of the people or else
he'll go crazy and it's game over. Although, if you want to do it anyway for
fun, you'll be put at the point where you switched to York if you choose to
continue. Step into the green circle to continue. During the scene that
follows, you can choose the third option. You can pick the other ones first, if
you want to see the scenes.

There are a few phases to this boss fight. To start, just keep shooting at him
while he's hanging from the ceiling. He follows a predictable pattern. After
you shoot him enough, he will fall, then roll at you. You will have to press a
series of buttons to dodge him. If successful, he will be on the floor nearby
where you can easily shoot him. You will have to do this several times.

The next part is an annoyingly long quick-time event, similar to running from
the Raincoat Killer. If he gets close, you will have to, very quickly, press a
series of four buttons. Occasionaly, you will have to press the B button to
evade his projectile attacks. You can pause the game during this section if you
need to so your hand/arm can rest.

Now that that's over, the boss has another phase. You must shoot the doll that
he is holding in order to do damage. His attacks are really easy to dodge. If
he shoots out green colored beams in the ground, just run back (away from him),
adjust your position if needed, and you should dodge it. His other attack is
just shooting the same orb projectile that he has been.

When his health meter is depleted, he will turn around and put the doll away.
Wait for him to slam his fist in the ground to cause the green beams, but this
time climb up his hand (he will leave it there for awhile). Climb up his
shoulder, and when you reach the top, shoot the doll. If you are having trouble
seeing the doll, use the submachine gun and just start shooting down his chest
and hopefully you will hit it. If you take too long, you will be thrown off and
the doll will have regained its health.

 - - - - - - - - - - - - Walkthrough: Episode 7 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Epilogue                                                             Chapter 26

+Trading Cards                    +
o 47: Reversed Peace Sign         +
o 48: Red Seeds                   +
o 41: Mad Wild Dog                +
o 46: Red Tree                    +
o 02: Francis York Morgan (Child) +
o 50: Liquified Food              +
o 65: Swery*                      +

------------------------------------- -----------------------------
+Items                              + +Sidequests                 +
+-----------------------------------+ +---------------------------+
o Spiritual Map C                   + o 16: Map to Psychic Spot C +
o RPG (Infinite)                    + o 22: Greenvale Trivia      +
o Axe (Infinite)                    + o 23: Incomplete Treasure   +
o 5.56 Assault Rifle CQB (Infinite) + -----------------------------
o Grass Cutter (Infinite)           +
o Chain Saw (Infinite)              +
o Bird Carving                      +
o Light Sword (Infinite)            +

There are still some sidquests to do and Trading Cards to collect before going
to the hotel to complete the game. You can start by going to the Milk Barn and
buying [Spiritual Map C] from Keith. Doing so will beging [Quest 16: Map to
Psychic Spot C]. This quest can actually be quite annoying and long, since you
have to fight all three bosses again. The weapon reward you get will be useless
at this point unless you want to replay chapters.

If you decide to complete Keith's quest, go to the electrical station (right
next to Keith's House) and step into the glowing circle. The first fight will
be a little easier because you can use the submachine gun and don't have to be
as precise with your shots. The other two fights will be the same as before.
After you defeat the last boss, you will be in a room with [RPG (Infinite).

There are now several Other World sections to complete for Trading Cards and
infinite Weapons. In the Greenvale Sheriff's Department, you will be able to
find [Trading Card 47: Reversed Peace Sign] and [Axe (Infinite)]. The Trading
Card is located in the jail cell, right before the huge staircase, and the axe
is at the top of the stairs, to the right of the blocked door. The infinite RPG
can make this go a lot faster, but make sure to be at a distance from enemies
you use it on.

Next, replay the Galaxy of Terror Other World. Like the Sheriff's Department,
there are two items to get here. The first of these items is [Trading Card 48:
Red Seeds], located in one of the bathroom stalls. The second, the [5.56
Assault Rifle CQB (Infinite)], is in the last room, in front of the piano.

Replay the Community Center Other World scenario to find [Trading Card 41: Mad
Wild Dog], located in the area that you fought the first boss. The [Grass
Cutter (Infinite)] is in the last room, where York was previously locked up.
The last Other World section to replay is at Harry's Mansion. [Trading Card 46:
Red Tree] is in the center of the circular southwest room. In the last room,
where you found Harry before, is the [Chain Saw (Infinite)].

Now go to the normal version of Harry's Mansion. Harry will have a quest for
you: [Quest 22: Greenvale Trivia]. You will just have to answer some trivia
questions about Greenvale, similar to the quest Fiona gave you, so you need to
give three correct answers in a row. The possible questions and answers

01. Wesley's gun shop, Panda Bear is open during which of the following hours
   -20:00 - 6:00
02. In Diane's art gallery, most of the paintings are of what?
03. What type of dog did Forrest Kaysen own?
04. What did York consider a big problem after Emily visited him in the hotel?
   -Emily had been thinking about Zach
05. What makes the owner of the gasoline stand, Jack the Raging Bull talk?
   - Benjamin Franklin
06. What did the twins attack York with?
07. In the beginning, why was Diane out of town?
   -Was at an auction
08. Which of the following was Anna Graham's dream?
   -To become a model in the city
09. What are the names of George's dumbbells?
   -Arnold and Sylvester
10. Sheriff's assistant Thomas also worked at which of the following locations?
   -Carol's "Galaxy of Teror"
11. Where was SPOILERS killed?
   -In the bathroom
12. What was written on the Velvet Falls cup?
   -The big fish are biting at Velvet Falls
13. Who does the cooking, Nick or Olivia?
14. Sigourney always carries around a certain item. What is it?
   -A pot
15. Richard's son Quint. What is his favorite pastime?
   -Tinkering his bike
16. The keeper of the woods Jim Green. Who is he the father of?
   -Lilly Ingram
17. Who had lunch at the hotel with Polly when it was raining?
   -Forrest Kaysen
18. What did Thomas call Emily's cooking?
   -Amazon frontier cooking

Harry will give you [Trading Card 02: Francis York Morgan (Child)] as a reward.
Go outside and smoke to pass the time. At 21:00 (9PM), go back inside Harry's
Mansion and talk to Michael. Take the diary on his desk to get [Quest 23:
Incomplete Treasure]. Warp to the diner, then sleep at the nearby farm until it
opens. You will see a rather obvious blue glow on the right side of the diner.
Pick up the [Bird Carving], then wait until 21:00 to talk to Michael again. He
will give you [Trading Card 50: Liquified Food].

Now that you have all but one Trading Card, go to the Panda Bear and show
Wesley your collection. He will give you [Light Sword (Infinite)]. Since you've
done everything, go to the hotel to complete the game. During the scene, you
can press A to talk before going to sleep. Keep watching after the credits to
see another scene and to save your completed game.

Go into the bonus features of the game from the main menu. You should see a
note on the table that says:

TV - 35
VB - 14
TC - 26
PT - 2-03

This refers to the bonus features and tells you how to unlock the final Trading
Card. Check the following to unlock the card/??? door.

1. Television - No. 35: Epilogue
2. Juke Box - No. 14: Miss Stiletto Heels Full Version
3. Trading Cards - No. 26: Polly Oxford
4. Coverage Photos 02 - No. 03: Nature #03

You will hear a sound when you check the picture if you did it correctly. Now
you will be able to access the ??? door. Keep going through doors and you will
eventually run into York. He will give you [Trading Card 65: Swery]. You can
return to the door after getting the card and this time you will find York and
Emily (I just kept going north). Nothing really happens, but you can go back
there and let them smile at you as often as you like.

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Sidequests - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sidequests are listed by an order that they can be started in rather than the
numbered order.

18. Part Time Job 1
  o Available: 2-4, 6-9, 12-16, 18
  o Host: Lilly Ingram
  o Where: Milk Barn during a clear day
Lilly has given you part-time work tidying up the Milk Barn's storeroom by
pushing the boxes around. The Milk Barn is only open when the weather is nice.
Lunch break included!
  o Reward: Bronze Card

19. Part Time Job 2
  o Available: 2-4, 6-9, 12-16, 18
  o Host: Lilly Ingram
  o Where: Milk Barn during a clear day
Lilly has given you more part-time work tidying up the Milk Barn's storeroom by
pushing boxes around. Didn't you take care of this just a short while ago? What
are they doing in there?
  o Reward: Silver Card

20. Part Time Job 3
  o Available: 2-4, 6-9, 12-16, 18
  o Host: Lilly Ingram
  o Where: Milk Barn during a clear day
Lilly has given you further part-time work tidying up the Milk Barn's storeroom
by pushing the boxes around. Honestly, they can't even be trying to keep it
tidy in there!
  o Reward: Key to the Closet

21. The Legendary Guitar
  o Available: 2-4, 6-9, 11-16, 18, 26
  o Host: Lilly Ingram
  o Where: Keith and Lilly's garage when they are home (evening and rainy day)
Use the [Key for Closet] obtained from Lilly for your hard work to open the
closet in Keith's garage. He should be home in the afternoons on rainy days.
  o Reward: Legendary Guitar Grecotch

17. The Bond Between Men
  o Available: 2-4, 6-9, 11-16, 18, 26
  o Host: Keith Ingram
  o Where: Milk Barn during a clear day
Quietly return the [Legendary Guitar Grecotch] to Keith when he is working at
the Milk Barn. This could be the start of a lasting friendship.
  o Reward: Gold Card

27. Where's the Dress!
  o Available: 2-4, 6-9, 11-16, 18
  o Host: Sallie Graham
  o Anna's House
Anna's mother Sallie is searching for [Anna's Dress]. Find the dress somewhere
in Anna's house and give it to Sallie.
  o Reward: Anna's Key

28. Anna's Diary
  o Available: 2-4, 6-9, 11-16, 18
  o Host: Sallie Graham
  o Where: Anna's House
Use [Anna's Key] obtained from her dress to search her room. There must be
something out of place in there. Anna's room is on the second floor.
  o Reward: Anna's Diary

01. Delivery Man Q
  o Available: 2-4, 6-9
  o Host: Becky Ames
  o Where: Becky's House
Follow up on Becky's friends and find "Delivery Man Q" from Anna's diary. Sneak
into the house of someone whose name starts with Q, find evidence and take it
to Becky.
  o Reward: Engagement Ring

29. Engagement Ring
  o Available: 2-4, 6-9, 11-16, 18
  o Host: Quint Dunn
  o Quint's House
Delivery Man Q is probably Quint. He may well have some important evidence
concerning the case. Give Becky's [Engagement Ring] to him and he may tell you
the truth.
  o Reward: Wrench (Infinite)

30. Top Rank
  o Available: 2-4, 6-9, 11-16, 18, 26
  o Host: Richard Dunn
  o Where: Swery 65' (open at night)
Use the [Dart Gun] to play the darts game and defeat Richard's long standing
top score.
  o Reward: Weapon Bag

33. Special Service
  o Available: 2-4, 6-9, 11-16, 18, 26
  o. Host: "Rosy Lips" Gina
  o Where: Heaven & Hell Gas Station
Gina, at Heaven & Hell Gas, will perform a special service if you use the
carwash a certain number of times. Why not check it out? I wouldn't get your
hopes up, though...
  o Reward: Lollipop

34. Benjamin Franklin
  o Available: 2-4, 6-9, 11-16, 18, 26
  o Host: Jack the Raging Bull
  o Where: Heaven & Hell Gas Station
Jack, at Heaven & Hell Gas, wants $100 bills. Hey, don't we all? However, if
you give him more than $1000 he'll supposedly give you some really big info.
For the investigation, then...!

06. Nice Try Cooking
  o Available: 2-4, 6-8, 11, 13
  o Host: Emily Wyatt
  o Emily's House on a rainy evening
Emily only ever cooks at home on evenings when it is raining. Find the
"Fermented Dairy Products" that she needs for her next dish and help her out.
  o Reward: Suit "Hawaiianblue"

07. Another Nice Try Cooking
  o Available: 2-4, 6-8, 11, 13
  o Host: Emily Wyatt
  o Where: Emily's House on a rainy evening
Emily only ever cooks at home on evenings when it is raining. Find the
"Vegetables that become sweet when heated" that she needs for her next dish and
help her out.
  o Reward: Trading Card 52: Industrial Waste

04. Lost Arnold
  o Available: 2-4, 6-9, 11-13
  o Host: George Woodman
  o Sheriff's Department
George has lost his beloved [Arnold] somewhere in the Shefiff's Office. He
can't train without him! Find what he's looking for and get it back to him.
Help him get his groove back.
  o Reward: Trading Card 49: Arnold and Sylvester

05. Nameless Flower
  o Available: 2-4, 6-9, 11-13
  o Host: George Woodman
  o George's House during the evening
George's mother is sick and so he wants to get her favorite flower for her.
Find the [Flower with No Name] that only blooms in the rain and take it to
George when he's at home after 21:00.
  o Reward: Radio

32. Medical Studies
  o Available: 4, 6-9, 11-16, 18, 26
  o Host: Fiona "Freckles"
  o Greenvale General Hospital
Fiona, in the hospital, has given you a quiz on medical matters. Get three
correct answers in a row to clear it. Why not give it a try?
  o Reward: Trading Card 10: Ushah Johnson

10. Periodic Riddle
  o Available: 4, 6-9, 11-16, 18, 26
  o Host: Ushah Johnson
Ushah has been given a "riddle" from Fiona that uses elemental symbols, but has
no idea what the answer is. This doesn't seem related to the case... but why
not help him find the answer?
  o Reward: Trading Card 59: Ushah's Potato Chips

13. Legendary Tabatha
  o Available: 6-8, 11, 13, 16, 26
  o Host: Jim Green
You'll never catch [Tabatha] with your current fishing rod. Borrow the
legendary fishing rod from Jim and try again. [Tabatha] appears near the
waterfall only on rainy days.
  o Reward: Rod of Legends

14. Map to Psychic Spot A
  o Available: 6-9, 11-16, 18, 26
  o Host: Keith Ingram
"Cope's Tunnel" is marked on a suspicious map purchased from Keith at the Milk
Barn. Go to the marked location and clear the "Other World" challenge there.
  o Reward: 10mm Submachine Gun (Infinite)

44. Cold Pot 1
  o Available: 7-9, 11-16, 18, 26
  o Host: "Roaming" Sigourney
Sigourney often wanders the town when the weather is nice. Having been told
that her "pot is getting cold!" you now have to take her home. Driving safely
may not cut it this time.
  o Reward: Trading Card 34: "Roaming" Sigourney

35. Beginner Collector
  o Available: 7-9, 11-16, 18, 26
  o Host: Wesley the Gunsmith
Wesley, the owner of the shop Panda Bear, is an avid trading card collector.
Show him your own collection. 8 cards will get you a "small thank you." His
shop hours are from 20:00 to 06:00.
  o Reward: Trading Card 32: Wesley the Gunsmith

36. Amateur Collector
  o Available: 7-9, 11-16, 18, 26
  o Host: Wesley the Gunsmith
Wesley, the owner of the shop Panda Bear, is an avid trading card collector.
Show him your own collection. 16 cards will get you a "moderate thank you." His
shop hours are from 20:00 to 06:00.
  o Reward: Panda Bear Card

37. Normal Collector
  o Available: 7-9, 11-16, 18, 26
  o Host: Wesley the Gunsmith
Wesley, the owner of the shop Panda Bear, is an avid trading card collector.
Show him your own collection. 32 cards will get you a "big thank you." His shop
hours are from 20:00 to 06:00.
  o Reward: Suit "Passion Red"

38. Great Collector
  o Available: 7-9, 11-16, 18, 26
  o Host: Wesley the Gunsmith
Wesley, the owner of the shop Panda Bear, is an avid trading card collector.
Show him your own collection. 48 cards will get you a "rare thank you." His
shop hours are from 20:00 to 06:00.
  o Reward: Suit "Dancing All Night"

40. Low Gear Parts
  o Available: 7-9, 11-16, 18, 26
  o Host: The General Lysander
Find the [Low Gear Parts] in the Junk Yard. The General will use it to increase
the performance of your car.
  o Reward: Low Gear Parts (car improvement)

12. Someone in the Forest
  o Available: 7-9, 12-16, 18
  o Host: Isaach Ingram
Someone is walking in Anna's forest in the early afternoon, when the weather is
clear. Give this person the [Out of Focus Picture]. Let the twins know once you
have found out who the "ghost" is.
  o Reward: Trading Card 36: Willie

03. Memories of Anna
  o Available: 7, 9, 11-16, 18
  o Host: Carol MacLaine
Someone is taking walks in Anna's forest in the early afternoon when the
weather is clear. Find this person and hand over the [Out of Focus Picture]
from the twins. It could be a new lead!
  o Reward: Trading Card 09: Thomas MacLaine

09. Unwanted Customer
  o Available: 7-9, 11, 12
  o Host: Thomas MacLaine
A customer at the Galaxy of Terror has practically been stalking Carol, causing
trouble for her. Drive off this "Unwanted Customer" who comes to the bar after
  o Reward: Trading Card 06: Carol MacLaine

08: Memorable Cooking
  o Available: 4, 6-8, 11, 13
  o Host: Emily Wyatt
Find the "Something chew and salty" "something soft with two colors" "Yellow
Sauce" that Emily needs for her next dish and help her out.
  o Reward: Weather Doll

31. The Beauty
  o Available: 8, 9, 11, 12, 14-16, 18, 26
  o Host: Polly Oxford
Polly has a precious piece of "memorabilia" somewhere in the hotel. Find it and
give it to her. Not to be rude, but memory deteriorates with age. You might
want to check her room...
  o Reward: Trading Card 60: Polly's Pepper

41. High Gear Parts
  o Available: 7-9, 11-16, 18, 26
  o Host: The General Lysander
Find the [High Gear Parts] in the Junk Yard. The General will use it to
increase the performance of your car.
  o Reward: High Gear Parts (car improvement)

45. Cold Pot 2
  o Available: 7-9, 11-16, 18, 26
  o Host: "Roaming" Sigourney
Sigourney often wanders the town when the weather is nice. Having been told
that her "pot is getting cold!" you now have to take her home. What is she
doing with that pot outside anyway?
  o Reward: Trading Card 51: Sigourney's Pot

11. Snack for Willie
  o Available: 8, 9, 12-16, 18
  o Host: Forrest Kaysen
Willie has nabbed a [Bone] uncovered in the course of the investigation. It
could be important evidence. Get the [Bone] back from Willie's kennel in the
back of Kaysen's car.
-NOTE: Make sure to have all 7 bones before starting this quest.
  o Reward: .357 Magnum for having all seven bones, reward deteriorates if you
had less

49. Seven Bones
  o Available: 8, 9, 11-14, 16, 18, 26
  o Host: Brian the Insomniac
Wild dogs have been through the grave-yard and now 7 [Bones] are missing. Brian
has pretty much demanded that you get them back. Use his marks on the map, find
the [Bones] and return them.
  o Reward: Key to Brian's House

50. Ghost House Treasure
  o Available: 8, 9, 11-16, 18, 26
  o Host: Brian the Insomniac
Use the [Key] received from Brian to check out his house. It is an old place in
a corner of downtown. There might be something important hidden there... or
maybe not.
  o Reward: Wesley Special (Infinite)

39. Top Collector
  o Available: 7-9, 11-16, 18, 26
  o Host: Wesley the Gunsmith
Wesley, the owner of the shop Panda Bear, is an avid trading card collector.
Show him your own collection. 64 cards will get you a "super rare thank you."
His shop hours are from 20:00 to 06:00.
  o Reward: Light Sword (Infinite)

46. Cold Pot 3
  o Available: 7-9, 11-16, 18, 26
  o Host: "Roaming" Sigourney
Sigourney often wanders the town when the weather is nice. Having been told
that her "pot is getting cold!" you now have to take her home. Why is the pot
getting cold such a problem?
  o Reward: Emily's Car

42. Gas Tank Parts
  o Available: 7-9, 11-16, 18, 26
  o Host: The General Lysander
Find the [Gas Tank Parts] in the Junk Yard. The General will use it to increase
the performance of your car.
  o Reward: Gas Tank Parts (car improvement)

43. York's Car
  o Available: 9, 11-16, 18, 26
  o Host: The General Lysander
According to Jack your beloved car, wrecked on the mountain road, has been
taken to the General's scrap yard. Request its repair and then buy it back.
  o Reward: York's Car

02. Guardian of the Art Gallery
  o Available: 9, 11, 12
  o Host: Diane Ames
Diane is hiding something. Find the painting of [The Girl in the Woods]
slumbering somewhere in the art gallery and give it to her. She may open up to
  o Reward: Trading Card 05: Diane Ames

47. Cold Pot 4
  o Available: 7-9, 11-16, 18, 26
  o Host: "Roaming" Sigourney
Sigourney often wanders the town when the weather is nice. Having been told
that her "pot is getting cold!" you now have to take her home. She's just doing
this on purpose, isn't she...
  o Reward: George's Car

48. Cold Pot 5
  o Available: 7-9, 11-16, 18, 26
  o Host: "Roaming" Sigourney
Sigourney often wanders the town when the weather is nice. Having been told
that her "pot is getting cold!" you now have to take her home. What's the truth
behind this pot?!
  o Reward: Suit "Greenvale"

24. Nick's Letter
  o Available: 13-16, 18
  o Host: Nick Cormack
Nick, in prison, has asked you to take a letter to Olivia for him. She's holed
herself up at home, so take the [Letter from Nick] to her.
  o Reward: Quest 26

26. A Return to Better Things
  o Available: 13-16, 18
  o Host: Nick Cormack
Having obtained the [Letter from Olivia] containing her heartfelt feelings,
take it to Nick in his holding cell and put his mind at ease.
  o Reward: Key to Back Door of Diner

25. Big Bag
  o Available: 13-16, 18
  o Host: Nick Cormack
Something important is hidden in the Diner's kitchen. Use the [Key to Back Door
of Diner] received from Nick to get inside after hours and continue the
  o Reward: Item Bag

14. Map to Psychic Spot B
  o Available: 14-16, 18, 26
  o Host: Keith Ingram
"The scene of a railway accident" is marked on a suspicious map purchased from
Keith at the Milk Barn. Go to the marked location and clear the "Other World"
challenge there.
  o Reward: 12Ga Shotgun CQB (Infinite)

16. Map to Psychic Spot C
  o Available: 26
  o Host: Keith Ingram
"The GV Electrical Substation" is marked on a suspicious map purchased from
Keith at the Milk Barn. Go to the marked location and clear the "Other World"
challenge there.
  o Reward: RPG (Infinite)

22. Greenvale Trivia
  o Available: 26
  o Host: Harry Stewart
Talk to Harry while he is at home and he'll give you a quiz on Greenvale. Get
three correct answers in a row to clear it. Why not give it a try?
  o Reward: Trading Card 02: Francis York Morgan (Child)

23. Incomplete Treasure
  o Available: 26
  o Host: Michael Tillotson
Michael says he had lost a "most precious object" while he was at the diner.
Find it and give it back to him. He is at home between 21:00 and 22:30. Talk to
him when Harry isn't there.
  o Reward: Trading Card 50: Liquified Food

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