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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Xeigrich

    Version: 0.5c | Updated: 10/22/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    DD DDD EE     AA  AA DD DDD   SS     PP  PP AA  AA CC     EE
    DD DDD EE     AA  AA DD DDD       SS PP     AA  AA CC     EE
    	For XBox 360; Released Oct. 15, 2008
    	FAQ/Walkthrough by Xeigrich (toshipublic17 xATx gmail xDOTx com)
    	Version 0.5c (October 22, 2008)
    	COPYRIGHT 2008, Xeigrich
    	All Rights Reserved
    !!!! SPOILER WARNING !!!!
    I'm warning you now, there may be spoilers dropped at any
    point in this guide. I try not to spoil anything on purpose,
    but things like chapter titles, enemy names, etc. may be
    considered spoilers as they may be directly related to the
    plot. I do not guarantee that you will not see any out of
    place spoiler, but you ARE reading a walkthrough so you
    can't complain to me if I ruin the surprise! Read at your
    own risk!
    If you are simply stuck at a spot, use the quick
    search codes (on the left of the Table of Contents and all
    sections) and skip straight to where you're stuck to avoid
    reading parts you don't know about yet (or don't WANT to
    know about yet).
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    [A1IN]	A	INTRO
    [B1WP]	  1 	  WEAPONS
    [B2ST]	  2 	  SUITS
    [B3EN]	  3 	  ENEMIES
    [B4UP]	  4 	  UPGRADES
    [B5TL]	  5 	  TOOLS
    [B6XX]	  6 	  ACHIEVEMENTS
    [B7LG]	  7 	  LOGS
    [CW01]	  1 	  Chapter 1:  "New Arrivals"
    [CW02]	  2 	  Chapter 2:  "Intensive Care"
    [CW03]	  3 	  Chapter 3:  "Course Correction" *COMING SOON
    [CW04]	  4 	  Chapter 4:  "Obliteration Imminent" *C/S
    [CW05]	  5 	  Chapter 5:  "Lethal Devotion" *C/S
    [CW06]	  6 	  Chapter 6:  "Environmental Hazard" *C/S
    [CW07]	  7 	  Chapter 7:  "Into the Void" *C/S
    [CW08]	  8 	  Chapter 8:  "Search and Rescue" *C/S
    [CW09]	  9 	  Chapter 9:  "Dead on Arrival" *C/S
    [CW10]	  10	  Chapter 10: (coming soon)
    [CW11]	  11	  Chapter 11: 	"
    [CW12]	  12	  Chapter 12: 	"
    [DFAQ]	D	FAQ
    [D1TP]	  1 	  TIPS
    [D2QA]	  2 	  Q&A
    [D3GL]	  3 	  GLITCHES
    [E2ST]	  2 	  SPECIAL THANKS
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    [A1IN]	A: INTRO
    Lasers, check. Plasma, check. Kinesis and Stasis powers, check and
    check. Protective armor suit, gotcha. Zombies/Aliens.... CHECK?!
    First off, I'm writing this guide in anticipation of Dead Space
    being an awesome game, up with the likes of BioShock, which I also
    wrote a guide for. Second, writing a guide for a game is the best
    way to get the most out of that $65, since it involves playing
    through probably 3 or 4 times and checking every nook and cranny.
    And what the heck, I like helping people out.
    And now a note about Dead Space. Sure, it's made by EA Games, but
    it's not made by the usual EA guys, and while a lot of people agree
    that EA tends to take good games and franchises, buy them out, and
    turn them over once every 6 months for a stale profit... EA
    definitely can and DOES make a good game now and then. So, Dead
    Space is a game set in outer space, within a spaceship. You are a
    nobody engineer named Isaac Clarke. You wear a protective suit,
    have limited access to weapons, and will have to fight zombies
    created by aliens, made from the corpses of fallen crew members.
    Oh, and there's supposedly some sort of monolith or relic that is
    the center of attention. No, these aren't spoilers, that's just a
    summary of what you learn in the first level. And yes, it does
    sound an awful lot like someone spent too much time playing Halo,
    Half-Life, Prey, Condemned and Mass Effect. But that's the beauty
    of this game. It takes a lot of tried-and-true concepts, mixes them
    up, and makes them work well and feel fresh. Plus, it's creepy as
    hell! Enjoy!
    PS: Turn off the lights, turn up the sound.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Everyone loves lists! Check here to see what you might have missed,
    what you have to look forward to, and to help you make those
    difficult choices like which weapon to buy, or which enemies are
    going to be the bane of your meager engineering existance.
    [B1WP]	B1: WEAPONS - - - - - -
    You have seven weapons to choose from, but each weapon can be
    upgraded with different effects by choosing different upgrade
    paths. You pick up the Plasma Cutter for free at the beginning of
    the game, but most other weapons must be purchased from stores.
    Refer to section B4: Upgrades for information on upgrading your
    Primary:	Energy blast
    Secondary:	Switch between vertical and horizontal shots
    Capacity:	10 default
    Pros:		Accuracy, range, capacity
    Cons:		Weakest weapon
    Cost:		Free
    Comments:	This your basic default weapon, analogous to a
    typical pistol, except that instead of firing bullets, it zaps
    out a line of hot plasma. Never leave home without it. Use RB
    to switch between vertical (up & down) or horizontal (sideways)
    laser sights. For example, use horizontal to sever legs and necks,
    or use vertical to hit shoulders. ALWAYS keep this weapon on hand,
    upgrade it to full as soon as you can, and always keep plenty of
    ammo for it. You will always need this weapon as it is effective
    against virtually EVERY enemy in the game, even where some weapons
    fall short (in range, speed, etc). Don't underestimate this little
    Primary:	Wide energy blast
    Secondary:	Launch a timed explosive
    Capacity:	5 default
    Pros:		Damage, range
    Cons:		Speed, capacity
    Cost:		9,000 Credits
    Comments:	If you can spare the ammo, this is your best
    weapon early on. The primary fire is similar to the Plasma Cutter,
    but it is about 3 or 4 times as wide. Unlike the Cutter, you have
    to use it in horizontal mode (there is no vertical mode). Use
    carefully in close quarters due to the explosive secondary fire.
    First available in the store outside the entrance to the tram in
    Chapter 1. This is my second favorite weapon (with the good ole'
    Plasma Cutter coming first). It's essentially a big, fat Cutter,
    but it will chop the limbs off of damn near anything in one shot.
    With a few upgrades, the only thing holding you back from total
    carnage is the extremely low capacity and reload time. Unlike the
    Cutter, this weapon's plasma line is very slow, and while it's
    nice for close range, and acceptable at medium range (if you learn
    to 'lead' you shots a bit), it's horrible at long range, since
    it's often impossible to aim well enough to predict where the
    target will be when the plasma line hits the aiming spot.
    Primary:	High-speed energy blasts
    Secondary:	"Overhead 360-degree sweep." (from the Booklet)
    Capacity:	50 default
    Pros:		Speed, accuracy, range
    Cons:		Damage, lots of wasted ammo
    Cost:		7,000 Credits
    Comments:	 First available in the store outside the entrance
    to the tram in Chapter 1. Not so great for limb severing, of course,
    but for enemies who are more prone to body shots and direct fire,
    this may become your weapon of choice. Also good for small enemies,
    or fast enemies that are hard to hit. Capacity starts off horrible,
    but with a few upgrades it's no longer a problem
    Primary:	Continuous stream of flame
    Secondary:	Single explosive blast of napalm (damage over time)
    Capacity:	125 default
    Pros:		Damage, Speed
    Cons:		Range, Ammo consumption
    Cost:		11,000 Credits
    Comments:	First available in the Store outside the tram in
    Chapter 2, but you must first advance ahead a bit to pick up the
    Schematics to unlock it. It does do a great deal of damage, somewhat
    slowly, to pretty much any enemy. You can actually target the limbs
    to do more damage to them and sever them quicker, even though the
    fire spreads over the whole enemy's body. If you crank up the
    damage, you'll get a lot more bang for your buck, since at default,
    you'll have to do a couple of slow sweeps even to take out those
    nasty little Baby Infector batches before they all swarm you.
    Primary:	Launch a controllable circular saw blade
    Secondary:	Launch a saw blade in a straight line
    Capacity:	8 default
    Pros:		Damage
    Cons:		Difficulty controlling the blades
    Cost:		8,000 Credits
    Comments:	First available in the Store in Chapter 3, but you must
    first advance through the level about halfway to pick up the
    Schematics to unlock it. I didn't like this weapon at first, as the
    control for the primary fire is rather awkward. It's still difficult to
    aim, since it seems like there's a fixed distance that the blade
    rotates at, requiring you to often walk backwards or forwards to get
    the spinning sawblade at just the right distance. If you can get the
    hang of the controls, this weapon is devastating on a lot of enemies,
    particularly anything with long dangly bits. Also good when jammed
    into the fleshy backs of Brutes. Primary fire is almost useless since
    it's impossible to aim at a moving target, but it compensates for the
    Primary:	Single charged blast
    Secondary:	"Short-range, 360-degree energy blast from feet" (Book)
    Capacity:	4 default
    Pros:		Damage
    Cons:		Range, Ammo consumption, Speed
    Cost:		9,000
    Comments:	First available in the Store in Chapter 4, but you must
    first advance through the level a bit to pick up the Schematics to
    unlock it. I don't personally like this weapon but I haven't used it
    much yet. The charge is really slow, but it does seem to do a HUGE
    amount of damage. Also, this weapon is basically your RPG or Rocket
    Launcher, since each individual unit of ammo (one shot) costs 2,000
    Credits from the Store! That means each shot is 1/5 of a Power Node.
    Use this weapon sparingly. This and the Flamethrower will probably
    be your last two weapon-based achievements, unless you use the Flame-
    thrower a lot in the earlier levels.
    Primary:	Force blast
    Secondary:	Timed AND Proximity force blast grenade
    Capacity:	10 default
    Pros:		Pushes enemies back while damaging
    Cons:		Range, Speed
    Cost:		11,000 Credits
    Comments:	First available in the Store in Chapter 4, but you must
    first advance through the level a bit to pick up the Schematics to
    unlock it. Great for fighting smaller enemies like the Lurkers or
    those little tripod Baby Infector things, but not so great for bigger
    or faster enemies such as your standard Slasher. If you upgraded it,
    though, you might get enough punch per shot to not just knock the
    bigger guys back, but actually knock off their limbs in the first
    shot or two, rather than after 3 to 5 shots. Also good for blasting
    those Wall Mother things if you can get kinda close without getting
    [B2ST]	B2: SUITS - - - - - - -
    Your #1 most important bit of equipment is your suit! It helps you
    breath, protects you from attacks and the environment, and so much
    more. Well, mostly just the breathing and protecting, but that's
    undeniably important (unless you want to suffocate while accepting
    the cold embrace of a death soon to become a new life as a creeping
    Necromorph...). You start out with the Level 1 suit that does
    pretty much nothing but hold up your RIG and hide your shame. You
    upgrade by shelling out Credits at a Store console. Oh, what wouldn't
    you give to have one of those nice MJOLNIR Mark VI suits, or even
    a decent HEV Mark V, eh?
     LEVEL 1
    You start out in your simple engineer safety suit. It's meant to keep
    you safe from occupational hazards, not battle.
    Inventory Slots: 10 (default)
    Cost: Free
    Armor: 0%
     LEVEL 2
    Your first new suit adds extra armor plating for a little extra
    protection. First available at the Store in Chapter 1.
    Inventory Slots: 13
    Cost: 10,000 Credits
    Armor: 5%
     LEVEL 3
    The Schematics for this suit are found right after the beginning of
    Chapter 4. Simply another upgrade.
    Inventory Slots: 17
    Cost: 20,000 Credits
    Armor: 10%
     LEVEL 4
    The Schematics for this suit are found in the lowest deck of
    Chapter 7 (on the way to the SOS Beacon). Yet another upgrade.
    Inventory Slots: (coming soon)
    Cost: 35,000 Credits
    Armor: (coming soon)
     LEVEL 5 - ELITE
    Xbox 360 exclusive free suit. Features the "Xbox 360 colors,"
    which basically just means green/white. It is supposedly only free
    until October 28th, and after that it may or may NOT be available
    as a paid download. There's no reason why you shouldn't use this
    suit instead of the default in-game suits and upgrades, except
    that it's likely to make the game disappointingly easy through
    the majority of the game. (Me? I'm using the on-disk suits to
    give a more accurate guide for those who might not be able to
    download the bonus suits! I'll use the fancy suits for the
    achievements later on.)
    Inventory Slots: 25 (maximum)
    Cost: Free (in-game after actual Marketplace download)
    Armor: 10%
    PS3 exclusive free suit. As far as I know, it's exactly the same
    as the Elite suit, except it's black instead of green. Like the
    Elite suit, it probably won't be free for very long.
    If you pre-ordered Dead Space at a participating retailer, you may
    have actually gotten your email code that would let you unlock
    this suit for a free download from the Xbox Live Marketplace.
    A lot of people didn't get theirs, but you can still buy it for
    200 MS Points (about $2.50 US), which isn't too bad. I can't
    personally comment on the download for the PS3 version of this
    Inventory Slots: 25 (maximum)
    Cost: Free (in-game after actual Marketplace download)
    Armor: 25%
    [B3EN]	B3: ENEMIES - - - - - -
    Most of the enemies you will encounter will be Necromorph organisms
    reanimated from the corpses of human crew members, as well as the
    organisms that reanimate the corpses, and even the other organisms
    that don't have anything to do with reanimating corpses except that
    they're closely related (Necrocousins?).
    NOTE: Except for the word "Necromorph," some are just made-up names,
    as neither the game nor the instruction manual actually tell you
    what most of them are called. They do tell you Brute, Leviathan,
    Slug and Hive Mind but most of the other ones have to be looked up
    outside of the game to find their 'official' names.
    These guys will walk, run, or even jump at you, mostly attacking
    with their arms. They have long spike/talon things sticking out of
    their hands and will swing at you. Blast off their arms to slow their
    attacks, or blast off their legs to drop them to the floor. If you're
    quick, you can run up and stomp it to death with your kick attack.
    They can crawl surprisingly fast, and may even lunge at you. Some of
    them will have a tail extending from the spine, which can also be used
    to attack you, but mostly acts as a third "leg" that lets them crawl
    faster. Shoot off the arms to disable them, and stomp them the
    rest of the way dead if you have time.
    Some sort of fetus-thing with tentacles wriggling all over it. They
    will sprout longer tentacles and leap out at you with almost no
    warning, latch on to your face, then the game prompts you to
    rapidly tap A to rip it off. This kills it, but you probably took
    decent damage, yourself. Try to blast them to bits from a distance.
    Note that their only real "limbs" are the tentacles, so shoot them
    off as quickly as you can. To complicate matters, they can also
    shoot barbs at you from a distance.
    Don't mistake these tiny tripods as nonthreatening. They attack in
    small swarms, and although they are individually very easy to kill,
    they are fairly fast and their size makes it hard to aim. I recommend
    using the Pulse Rifle in small bursts, or a quick shot with the Force
    Gun to take them out in batches. Stay away from them, as they will
    crawl/jump onto your back and nibble at you (rapidly tap A to shake
    free). Try splashing your Stasis shot on them to give yourself more
    time to aim. It's likely that these are actually baby Infectors.
    Sometimes they can also be hiding inside the breakable light-up boxes,
    2 or 3 to a box.
    At first glance you might think this was just another Leaper
    Necromorph, but actually it seems that these things are "pure" alien
    creatures. They latch on to corpses and combine into fresh
    Necromorphs. They will also try to latch on to YOU, but rapidly
    tapping that A button will kill it at the expense of some health.
    You can't really dismember them and they go down fairly easy with a
    volley of body shots, but they are faster and not quite as big as a
    Appears to be a sort of Slasher, but with a giant swollen belly. If
    you attack it (or if it gets too close), it will explode with a
    batch of those Baby Infector creeps. Later in the game, they will
    also explode with a few Head Squid things (though fresh, without
    heads...). Otherwise, it behaves just like a typical Slasher, only
    a bit more sluggish.
     HEAD SQUID (?)
    I'm not sure if these things have a proper name, but they appear to
    be nothing more than a severed head that crawls around on 3 or 4
    tentacles. They behave a lot like Lurkers but are MUCH faster and
    don't shoot barbs. It's unlikely that you'll have time to shoot off
    the tentacles before they grab your face, but give it a try anyway.
    It's easier (but more ammo consuming) to just spray them in the
    face or use a large-area weapon like the Flamethrower, Line Gun,
    etc. They have very little health, so they shouldn't be much of a
    problem, except that they're really fast and can stick to ceilings.
    NOTE: When fresh, as from a Pregnant or possibly falling off of a
    Stalker, they don't always have heads, and are simply 2 or 3 short
    tentacles with one LONG tail tentacle.
    A large ape-looking alien with a slanted forehead and a lot of
    over-powered weapons--er, sorry, wrong game! Brutes are enormous
    monsters that have little resemblance to anything human that may
    have once served as the basis for their creation. You have to
    hit them in the back in order to damage them as the rest of their
    bodies are covered in heavy armor. The best way to take one out
    is to run up to it, blast it with Stasis, then run around to its
    backside and blast it with all you've got! Heavy weapons like the
    Line Gun and the Ripper are great for this, and the Pulse Rifle
    isn't that bad either. Don't bother trying to dismember anything,
    the armor plating makes this impossible. And don't get too close
    to their front side, as their melee attack does devastating
    damage. NOTE: If you hit them with Stasis, it ruins the momentum
    and force of their swing and seems to do significantly less
    damage even if it does hit dead on. ANOTHER NOTE: You can
    supposedly get the achievement "Playing Catch" by catching a Brute
    or Leviathan "pod." I'm honestly not sure what a Brute pod is,
    as I haven't seen any sort of pod come flying my way when a Brute
    is around.
     WALL MOTHER (?)
    I'm not sure if this freak has a proper name. It's stuck to the
    wall in Chapter 5 and in a few other places in later chapters,
    and it doesn't really move at all, but it will swing its tentacles
    around and shoot out little pods. Each pod will grow its own single
    tentacle to shoot barbs at you. If you don't move quick, you can
    have a whole bunch of pods all active at once. They seem to explode
    a few moments after you kill them, and if you get too close to the
    guy on the wall (if you get closer than the Ripper can hold a saw,
    that's too close!), he'll rip off your head for an instant kill.
    This thing absorbs insane amounts of body damage, so you have to
    try REALLY hard to hit the tentacles while they're still. You
    can also grab a red explosive cannister and launch it at the main
    guy on the wall for an easy kill (in Medium or Easy mode, at least).
    I'm not sure if these guys have a proper name. Halfway through the
    game, you start seeing really thin Necromorphs that look like
    emaciated Slashers, except they have a gaint, swollen, glowing red
    sac on the left arm (your right). If you hit the sac, it explodes
    quite violently, so shoot it from a distance. This also damages
    nearby enemies, so use it to your advantage instead of getting
    torn up by it!
    I'm not sure if these things have a proper name. Late in the game
    you will encounter a rather tall, extremely thin Necromorph. It
    will walk around casually and slowly, then when it sees you it
    will start to dash at you. When you kill it, it will fall apart
    into those Head Squid tentacle things which will proceed to
    squiggle around the room and try to eat your face. You can
    usually tell when a Stalker is around the corner by its
    tell-tale, whale-like moaning. This is, if you ask me, the
    creepiest enemy in the game (besides, MAYBE, the Wall Mother
    You only encounter this thing a couple of times, and it's mostly
    a scripted sequence. It will unexpectedly grab you in a few
    places (usually at corners) and you'll flail uncontrollably for
    a moment while it pulls you around by your leg. You'll quickly
    regain control, however, and you can aim your weapon at the
    glowing red bulging spot halfway down the tentacle's length.
    You'll want to shoot as fast as possible and do as much damage as
    possible, because if you take too long, you'll be dragged off to
    an inevitable death. Succeed in doing enough damage, and the
    tentacle snaps in half and you're safe! You also encounter these
    during the Leviathan boss fight, but instead of grabbing you, they
    slap onto the floor and swipe around (which will rip you in half).
    You only fight 3 at a time, and only in 2 waves, for a maximum of
    6 tentacles in that boss fight (possibly more in harder
    This big bastard is one of the reasons you're having so many
    problems, and one of the reasons you have to rescue the princess-
    er, your girlfriend. He's hiding in the giant Food Storage Zero-G
    cylinder at the end of Chapter 5. This is the first REAL boss in
    the game, and it is definitely intense. Everyone knows a proper
    boss fight always has like 10 different things going on at once,
    any number of them potentially lethal, and all of them very
    frustrating. This is close enough!
    The basic strategy is to run sideways (going in a circle, upwards,
    hamster-wheel style), and kill the 3 tentacles wriggling around one
    at a time. When a tentacles comes sliding out and the red bulging
    point is exposed, shoot it with a fast, accurate weapon (Plasma
    Cutter or Pulse Rifle) to kill the tentacle. If you're too slow, it
    will slap down onto the wall/floor and slide around in a circle
    before slipping back down to safety. If you're quick, you can
    either leap across to the other side (straight up) to avoid getting
    hit, or you can TRY to shoot Stasis at it and finish it off. Repeat
    for the other two.
    Then, use Kinesis to grab the big pods that the Leviathan mouth now
    shoots at you (God I hope that's its mouth, and those ARE just
    pods...). Shoot them back to bust consecutive pods or try to shoot
    one back into the mouth while it's open -- it takes careful aim
    and timing. You can grab the red cannisters floating around and
    shoot those in whenever you like, but they won't be enough to kill
    it. The pods themselves do minimal damage, but they knock you down
    and it takes several seconds to get back on your feet.
    There will be a second round of 3 tentacles, same as before, except
    now the mouth will periodically spit out rounds of about 5 pods at
    a time. Take out the tentacles like before, then you can spend the
    rest of the fight focusing on dodging a non-stop volley of pods
    while trying to land one in the mouth when possible.
    Weapons do damage, of course, but only when the mouth is open. You
    can try shooting the alternate fire of the Ripper, Line Gun,
    Flamethrower or Force Gun into the open mouth. It's easier to aim
    when you're closer (ie further down toward the mouth), but that
    also means you have less margin for error in dodging pods.
    Honestly, I found it easier to grab pod 1, launch it back to bust
    pod 2 and itself. Then, grab pod 3, and bust pod 4 and itself.
    Then grab pod 5 and hold it just long enough to find a window of
    opportunity to shoot it into the open mouth before the next round
    of 5 pods would come flying out.
    You'll know when you beat it, because the atmosphere color will
    change, and you'll be alerted by an Objective update and Kendra
    will pop up to congratulate you. "Thanks for all the effort,
    now get ready for the hard part!"
     SLUG (BOSS)
    What's that? Something large? Something organic? Dirty jokes aside,
    this is the second boss in the game. Well, I consider it a boss,
    even though you take it on from the safety of the ADS Cannon's
    Manual Override controls. You wouldn't be able to fight it off if
    you just jumped out into space with your wimpy little handheld
    weapons! This boss is actually rather easy once you get the hang
    of it.
    Once you hop in the ADS Cannon seat, the blinds roll up and you
    see a large mass of NASTY sitting off in the distance. Pop it
    once with a shot from the cannon and it wriggles to life. Four
    tentacles will slide up and out from its main body (which you
    will completely ignore now). Each of the tentacles has one of those
    explosive red weak points, just like the Leviathan Tentacles. The
    tentacles will repeatedly reach down and rip off parts of the ship
    to throw at you. The debris chunks don't do much damage to your
    shield (only 3 to 7 points or so) but the large round tanks will
    knock off a solid 10 points or possibly more. Obviously, those
    tanks are your #1 priority since it's hard to beat a boss when
    you're dead.
    The main strategy here is simple. While the tentacles are going
    nuts hurling things at you, sweep side-to-side holding ONLY one
    trigger at a time. Just like with the Asteroid Shooting before,
    if you hold both triggers at once, you do a LOT more damage, but
    you will overheat and be left defenseless for a few seconds.
    Sweeping side to side will not only make it easier to aim at
    oncoming debris, but you will often hit a tentacle weak spot,
    which can make the tentacle let go of the object in its grasp.
    If a tentacle manages to throw something, SHOOT IT IMMEDIATELY
    before it hits the glass in front of you. Note that sometimes
    things that are thrown at you go JUST far enough to the side that
    they don't count as a hit, so sometimes it's okay to let a chunk
    fly by, but if you wanna stay on the safe side, try to shoot
    When you get a short moment of free time between volleys of
    ship parts, take that time to focus on ONE tentacle weak spot.
    Take them out ONE at a time. If you try to get them all at
    once, you will take way too much damage before you actually
    knock anything off. And ALWAYS focus your aim on debris and
    tanks flying toward you.
    When you kill the two tentacles in the middle, they seem to
    grow back once each. I'm not sure if this is just my mind
    messing with me while I frantically tried to get the Slugger
    achievement (Finish the boss with MORE than 50% shields), or
    if this actually happens, but I went through this boss 3 times
    in a row, and I'm pretty sure they do grow back. This means
    you have to take out 6 tentacles total. I'm guessing the extra
    two were what were holding down to the ship. NOTE: I was on
    Medium difficutly for this, so I can't guarantee it's the same
    on different levels.
    Anyway, I recommend taking out the side tentacles first. They're
    a little harder to aim at, but I found that taking out the middle
    tentacles first meant flying all the way left or all the way to
    the right, wasting time inbetween, since they were on opposite
    sides of the screen. Once you take out the last tentacle, the
    slimy stow-away drifts off into space, and you get a cutscene.
    (coming soon)
    [B4UP]	B4: UPGRADES  - - - - -
    This section is not so much a list as it is a mini-guide. Unlike many
    games that simply give you a list of choices for upgrades, you must
    upgrade along special paths. When you are first able to upgrade a
    weapon, you might be a bit confused. Plus, not only can you upgrade
    your weapons, but you can also upgrade your RIG (the device on your
    back that shows your health and provides oxygen when needed), the
    Stasis Module, and the Kinesis Module!
    The way upgrading works is you start at one of the circuit entry
    points (the white arrow, marked in this guide with a > symbol).
    The empty nodes (circles) do not contribute to your upgrades, but
    you must fill one space in order to fill the next. For example, on
    the Plasma Cutter, you can place am Energy Node on the DMG node,
    then the blank node, then either the next blank node to the right,
    or instead to the REL node below, and so on. You can branch your
    upgrade path as much as you want as long as it's properly connected.
    Hey, these maps kinda look like chemistry homework! Molecules, woo!
    You cannot skip nodes, and you cannot place non-connecting nodes
    such as trying to go from the DMG entry node on the Plasma cutter,
    placing an Energy node in the first blank node, then trying to
    place an Energy node in the DMG node above the first blank node...
    Those nodes do not connect with the line and this is obviously not
    a possible path.
    NOTE: If you are having trouble reading the upgrade maps I have
    provided, please make sure you are using a MONOSPACED FONT such
    as Courier New or Lucida Console. I did not use tab spaces so as
    long as you are viewing this guide with a monospaced font, the
    maps should show up correctly regardless of the program you are
    viewing with (browser, notepad, etc).
    To each upgrade path, I have marked which of the empty (useless)
    nodes you should fill in order to upgrade all of a weapon or
    equipment's upgrade nodes with as few Power Nodes as possible to
    avoid wasting Power Nodes on useless node spots. The useless nodes
    you should fill are marked with parenthesis like this: (O)
    The regular useless nodes you should NOT fill: O
    You should, of course, fill EVERY upgrade node (unless you just
    don't want to).
    If you have found a more efficient path or you
    see I've made an obvious mistake, please let me know, as this
    info is extremely important to readers who don't want to waste
    any Power Nodes! Also, there are slight variations to most of
    the paths. There is generally no single, perfect upgrade path,
    so please don't contact me just to say "I found another path
    for minimum upgrades!" unless it actually uses FEWER nodes than
    my version.
    NOTE: If you have a hard time see which path you take and where
    to put the nodes, draw the map out on paper (or print it out, be
    careful not to print the whole guide!), and use a highlighter on
    every upgrade node (such as DMG or REL) and every (O) spot you
    see. Connect every line except where you just see a bare circle.
    That's the actual "upgrade path" you will take.
     PLASMA CUTTER's Upgrade Path
    DMG increases Damage by 2 pts.
    CAP increases Capacity by 2 pts.
    REL decreases Reload Time by a quarter of a second (0.25 seconds)
    SPD decreases Shot Delay by a fifth of a second (0.2 seconds)
    Upgrade Nodes: 13
    Minimum Nodes for Max Upgrades: 18
                       SPD - - - -  O
                        |           |
           DMG - CAP - (O)         CAP
                  |                 |
    >DMG - (O) - (O) - DMG - REL - (O)
            |     |     |     |     |
           REL - SPD    |     O  - CAP
            |           |     |
    >CAP - (O) -  O  - CAP - DMG	
     LINE GUN's Upgrade Path
    DMG increases Damage by 3 pts.
    CAP increases Capacity by 1 pt.
    REL decreases Reload Time by 0.15 seconds
    MIN increases Mine by 5 pts.
    WID increases Width by half a point (0.5 pts)
    Upgrade Nodes: 14
    Minimum Nodes for Max Upgrades: 17
     REL - (O) - DMG - (O) - DMG
      |           |           |
    >DMG - - - -  O          MIN
      |           |           |
      O           O  - CAP - WID - (O) -  DMG
      |           |           |
    >CAP - - - - MIN         CAP
      |           |           |
     CAP -  O  - WID - REL -  O
     PULSE RIFLE's Upgrade Path
    CAP increases Capacity by 25 pts.
    DMG increases Damage by 1 pt.
    REL decreases Reload Time by a fifth of a second (0.2 seconds)
    Upgrade Nodes: 11
    Minimum Nodes for Max Upgrades: 16
           DMG - (O) - DMG - (O) - CAP - (O)
            |                 |     |     |
    >CAP - (O) - REL - - - - CAP    |    CAP - DMG
            |     |                 |     |
           CAP - (O) - DMG -  O  - REL -  O
     FLAMETHROWER's Upgrade Path
    CAP increases Capacity by 25 pts.
    REL decreases Reload Time by 0.15 seconds
    DMG increases Damage by a quarter point (0.25 pts)
    DUR increases Duration by 1 pt.
    Upgrade Nodes: 12
    Minimum Nodes for Max Upgrades: 18
           REL - (O)         DMG - (O)         (O) - CAP
            |     |           |     |           |     |
    >CAP - (O)   CAP - DUR - (O)   REL - (O) - CAP   DMG
            |     |           |     |           |     |
            O  - DMG         CAP -  O          DUR -  O
     RIPPER's Upgrade Path
    CAP increases Capacity by 2 pts.
    DMG increases Damage by 1 pt.
    REL decreases Reload Time by a fifth of a second (0.2 seconds)
    DUR increases Duration by 1 pt.
    Upgrade Nodes: 12
    Minimum Nodes for Max Upgrades: 18
                 (O) - CAP -  O  - REL
                  |                 |
    >CAP - (O) - REL - - - - DUR - (O) - DMG
                  |           |     |
    >DMG - (O) - (O) - CAP    |    (O) - CAP
                  |           |     |
                 DUR - - - -  O  - DMG
     CONTACT BEAM's Upgrade Path
    CAP increaces Capacity by 2 pts.
    DMG increases Damage by 25 pts.
    CHR decreases Charge Time by a fifth of a second (0.2 seconds)
    REL decreases Reload Time by a quarter second (0.25 seconds)
    Upgrade Nodes: 9
    Minimum Nodes for Max Upgrades: 19
           (O) - DMG         CAP               DMG
            |                 |                 |
    >(O) - (O) - CAP - (O) - (O) - (O) - (O) - (O)
                  |     |           |     |     |
           CHR - (O)   REL         (O) - CHR   CAP
                  |     |           |
                  O  -  O  -  -  - DMG
     FORCE GUN's Upgrade Path
    DMG increases Damage by 3 pts.
    CAP increases Capacity by 2pts.
    SPD increases Speed by a fifth of second (0.2 seconds)
    REL decreases Reload Time by a quarter second (0.25 seconds)
    Upgrade Nodes: 14
    Minimum Nodes for Max Upgrades: 19
    >DMG - REL - (O) - REL - (O) - DMG   DMG
      |           |           |           |
    >CAP - DMG   CAP   CAP - (O)   CAP   (O)
      |           |     |     |     |     |
    >SPD -  O  - DMG    O  - SPD - (O) - CAP
     RIG's Upgrade Path
    AIR increases Air by 20 seconds
    HP increases Hit Points by 25 points
    Upgrade Nodes: 7
    Minimum Nodes for Max Upgrades: 15
    Minimum Nodes for Max Air: 8
    Minimum Nodes for Max HP: 12
    >AIR         AIR         AIR
      |           |           |
    >(O) - (O) - (O) - (O) - (O) - (O) - (O) - (O)
            |           |           |           |
            HP          HP          HP          HP
     STASIS MODULE's Upgrade Path
    DUR increases Duration by 2 pts.
    ENG increases Energy by 20 pts.
    Upgrade Nodes: 6
    Minimum Nodes for Max Upgrades: 11s
                 (O) - ENG
                  |     |
    >(O) - (O) - ENG - (O) - DUR
            |     |
           DUR - (O)
     KINESIS MODULE's Upgrade Path
    RNG increases Range by 4 points
    Upgrade Nodes: 3
    Minimum Nodes for Max Upgrades: 3 (duh)
    >RNG - RNG - RNG
    [B5TL]	B5: TOOLS - - - - - - -
    Besides melee attacks and weapons, you have a variety of other tools
    and abilities at your disposal.
    Stasis slows down organic and mechanical movement. While aiming, hit
    X to shoot a stasis blast at your target. Great for slowing down
    pesky enemies or giving yourself a few vital seconds to slip through
    a doorway. You have a limited amount of stasis shots, but you can
    recharge for free at Stasis Stations or using portable stasis packs.
    This ability is obtained about halfway through Chapter 1.
    Kinesis grabs and pulls things toward you. While aiming, hit
    B to pull your target. Let go by releasing the left trigger, or
    blast the object forward using the right trigger. Great for grabbing
    out-of-reach items or moving obstacles out of the way. Kinesis
    has an unlimited number of uses and never needs a recharge.
    This ability is obtained at the beginning of Chapter 2.
    When gravity is disabled, these boots hold you fast to a stable
    surface. While aiming, hit Y to leap over to the spot you're
    aiming at. You always have your gravity boots.
    Cost: 2,000 (Small) / 5,000 (Medium)
    Standard "health pack" items. They come in Small, Medium and Large
    sizes, which all restore your health immediately. You can hit X
    (while NOT aiming) to use a health pack without having to pull up
    the inventory screen. The smallest pack(s) available will be used
    up first, one at a time.
     AIR CAN
    Cost: 1,000 (Small)
    Refills your suit's oxygen for when you're in a vacuum. Available in
    various sizes. Remember, max air capacity is determined by your
    RIG's upgrade levels, so if you don't want to upgrade, you might be
    keeping an extra few of these around.
    Cost: 10,000 Credits
    Collect these to place into the circuits of your weapons to upgrade
    them. These are few and far between, and rather expensive at Stores.
    Power Nodes can also be used to bypass some door locks (only specific
    ones, though).
    Cost: 1,200 Credits for 6
    Ammo for your Plasma Cutter. Press A while aiming to reload, or keep
    shooting to reload automatically (not wise!). Plasma ammo stacks up
    to 25 units per slot in your inventory, so 45 units takes up 2 slots,
    while 51 units will take up 3 slots.
    Ammo for your Line Gun. Stacks up to 6 per slot.
    Cost: 1,000 Credits for 25
    Ammo for your Pulse Rifle. Stacks up to 100 per slot.
    Cost: 1,000 Credits for 25
    Ammo for your Flamethrower. Stacks up to 150 per slot.
    Ammo for your Ripper. Stacks up to 15 per slot.
    Ammo for your Contact Beam. Stacks up to 15 per slot.
    Ammo for your Force Gun.
    Cost: 5,000 Credits
    "Ammo" for your Stasis device. Basically just recharges your Stasis
    shots when you aren't near a Stasis Station.
    The basic space currency. Spend these at Stores to buy weapons, items,
    and other goodies.
    In order to purchase new things from the Stores, you often have to
    locate and "download" schematic files. These generally are found lying
    around just like ammo or other items.
    Occasionally you will find stuff that essentially worthless to you...
    Except that you can sell it for a pretty price at a Store, such as
    a Gold Semiconductor. These items literally have no purpose in the
    game except to be sold back for lots of Credits.
    Gold Semiconductor - 3,000 Credits
    Ruby Semiconductor - 10,000 Credits
    [B6XX]	B5: ACHIEVEMENTS  - - -
    I'm sorting the achievements by category: how you get them.
    Each achievement is listed by it's name, gamerpoint value, then
    its official description. I'll point out any important secrets,
    tips, or elaborations only when necessary. Each achievement (or
    category) has a quick search code in brackets that will take you
    to a relevant part of the walkthrough to let you know when the
    earliest point in the game is that you can get that achievement.
    There are 48 total, 8 of which are Secret achievements.
    Dead On Arrival (20G) [AC05]
    	Complete Chapter 1 on any difficulty setting
    Lab Rat (20G) [AC12]
    	Complete Chapter 2 on any difficulty setting
    All Systems Go (20G)
    	Complete Chapter 3 on any difficulty setting
    Cannon Fodder (20G)
    	Complete Chapter 4 on any difficulty setting
    True Believer (20G)
    	Complete Chapter 5 on any difficulty setting
    Greenhouse Effect (20G)
    	Complete Chapter 6 on any difficulty setting
    S.O.S. (20G)
    	Complete Chapter 7 on any difficulty setting
    Strange Transmissions (20G)
    	Complete Chapter 8 on any difficulty setting
    Wreckage (20G)
    	Complete Chapter 9 on any difficulty setting
    Keeper of the Faith (20G)
    	Complete Chapter 10 on any difficulty setting
    Betrayed (20G)
    	Complete Chapter 11 on any difficulty setting
    Exodus (20G)
    	Complete Chapter 12 on any difficulty setting
    Survivor (50G)
    	Complete the game on any difficulty setting
    Epic Tier 3 Engineer (150G)
    	Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting
    One Gun (40G)
    	Beat the game using only the Plasma Cutter
    Marksman (5G)
    	Dismember 20 Limbs
    Surgeon (20G)
    	Dismember 500 Limbs
    Butcher (40G)
    	Dismember 1000 Limbs
    Freeze (15G) [AC04]
    	Use Stasis on 50 enemies
    Armstrong (10G) [AC07]
    	Shoot 50 objects using Kinesis
    Brawler (10G) [AC03]
    	Kill at least 30 enemies with a Melee attack
    Tool Time (10G) [AC02]
    	Kill 30 enemies with the Plasma Cutter
    Eviscerator (10G) [AC06]
    	Kill 30 enemies with the Line Gun
    Autofire (10G) [AC06]
    	Kill 30 enemies with the Pulse Rifle
    Live With The Hot Ones (10G) [AC08]
    	Kill 30 enemies with the Flamethrower
    A Cut Above (10G)
    	Kill 30 enemies with the Ripper
    Pusher (10G)
    	Kill 30 enemies with the Force Gun
    Full Contact (10G)
    	Kill 30 enemies with the Contact Beam
    Pack Rat (10G) [AC09]
    	Store 25 Items in the Safe
    Merchant (10G)
    	Collect 8 schematics
    Air Alert (10G) [AC11]
    	Zero-G Jump over 100 times
    Big Spender (10G)
    	Spend 300,000 credits at the store
    Full Arsenal (30G)
    	Own every Weapon in the game
    Story Teller (20G)
    	Collect 75 Logs
    Legend Teller (40G)
    	Collect 150 Logs
    Maxed Out (75G)
    	Upgrade all weapons and equipment
    Ragdoll Check (5G)
    	Force an enemy into a Gravity Panel 5 times
    Z-Baller (5G)
    	Complete Level 6 in Zero-G Basketball
    Crackshot (5G)
    	Achieve a perfect score in the Shooting Gallery
    There's Always Peng! (15G)
    	Find the Peng Treasure
    Kickin' It (?G) [AC10] SECRET
    	Escape from a Lurker's grab 10 times
    Brute Force (15G) SECRET
    	Kill a Brute
    Playing Catch (?G) SECRET
    	Catch a Brute or Leviathan Pod using Kinesis
    Don't get cocky, kid (?G) SECRET
    	Survive the ADS Cannon with over 50% shield strength remaining
    Get off my ship! (15G) SECRET
    	Kill the Slug Boss
    Slugger (10G) SECRET
    	Kill the Slug Boss with more than 50% shield strength remaining
    Exterminator (15G) SECRET
    	Kill the Leviathan
    Mindless Prey (?G) SECRET
    	Kill the Hive Mind
    [B7LG]	B7: LOGS  - - - - - - -
    There are 150 total logs, including text, audio, and video. I
    list them all here by chapter, in the order you should find them
    if you follow the walkthrough in order. HOWEVER, these are just the
    collectible log items you must pick up, not including the entries
    in the Database list that you get from other characters directly.
    See the following list, Database, for a list of ALL logs, including
    the logs you receive from characters in-game.
    NOTE: Actually, the log achievements refer to ALL logs, not
    just the missable ones you pick up. I'm still only listing the
    missable collectable logs here, since the other logs are really
    just transmissions and communications you will mostly get
    automatically throughout the game (with a few excpetions). If there
    are any easy to miss logs that you do NOT pick up as items, I will
    list those here as long as I know about them.
     CHAPTER 1
    [LOG001] In the hallway after you get the Plasma Cutter
    	Benson advises that "they" are traveling in the vents
    [LOG002] Tram Repair Room on the side with the busted loader claw
    	Benson whines that he needs a Stasis module to fix the tram car
    [LOG003] Near the save point outside the Maintenance Bay Lift
    	Benson says to sever the limbs of the creatures to stop them
    [LOG004] On the floor by the Maintenance Bay Key
    	"Repair Invoice" describing 5 days' worth of ship repairs
     CHAPTER 2
    [LOG005] Lower floor of the Research Lab's Main Lab bathroom
    	Guy with a funny accent talks about Necromorphs
    [LOG006] Inside the room surrounded by the bathroom with Log 5
    	The captain and a docter discuss the Marker
    [LOG007] In the hidden room behind the book case near Log 6
    	"Marker Overview" personal log by Dr. Kyne, T.
    [LOG008] In the Imaging Diagnostics Room, left of the Bench
    	"Interesting Results" medical log about an affected colonist
    [LOG009] In the Power Locked area of the Imaging Diagnostics Room
    	Dr. Mercer and Dr. Kyne argue about what was found in the colony
    [LOG010] Just on the other side of the door behind the barricade
    	Nicole begs for helpers from other parts of the ship
    [LOG011] Just outside the door to the Intensive Care Unit
    	Eileen begs for help and sees the colonist, Harris
    [LOG012] On the far end of the hallway, opposite Log 11
    	"Newborns" list of the newborn babies born on board
    [LOG013] In the ICU room, just outside the small hallway.
    	"More Time" science log aboug delaying the Marker retrieval
    [LOG014] In the first big hallway of the Morgue, past Log 13
    	Kyne discusses the colonies problems and the Marker
    [LOG015] In the main area of the Morgue, on the floor
    	"Autopsy Report" about the captain's death
     CHAPTER 3
    (coming soon)
    Your RIG inventory has a page called Database, which lists every
    text, audio, and video communication you receive, whether you got it
    directly from a character, or picked it up from a log storage device
    found throughout the ship. I will note when/where you acquire the
    direct log entries, but for the collectibe logs I will just note
    which collectible log it is with its relevant quick seach code (in
    the format of [LOGxxx]. These logs are listed in the exact order
    they are listed in the game -- sorted as video, then audio, then
    text, from oldest to newest, as you go down the list. They are
    also separated by chapter. Note that you can replay any entry in-
    game if you've already gotten it.
    NOTE: Training logs are all acquired automatically and you can't
     accidentally miss them. You'll get them all if you just play
     through the game, so don't worry about them. You will have all
     of these logs by the time you finish Chapter 2.
    Movement Training
    Action Button Training
    Objectives Training
    Weapons Training
    Health Training
    Map Training
    Dismemberment Training
    Stasis Module Training
    Upgrade Bench Training
    Store Training
    Kinesis Module Training
    Schematics Training
    Kinesis Symbol Training
    Air timer Training
    Zero-G Training
    Secondary Fire Training
    Weapon Select Training
     CHAPTER 1
    Message From Nicole (During intro cutscene)
    Repair The Tram System (First time in Tram Control Room)
    Replaced The Tram Car (When finished in the Tram Repair Room)
    Found The Data Board (When leaving the Bay Office)
    Activated The Tram (Tram Control Room, after using Data Board)
    Go To Medical (After returning to the Kellion)
    Run! (Flight Lounge after Security Console)
    Vent Warning [LOG001]
    Dismemberment (Tram Control Room)
    Stasis Door (Tram track where you get the Stasis Module)
    Tram Status [LOG002]
    Replacing The Tram (In the Tram Repair Room)
    Find The Data Board (After removing the broken tram car)
    Maintenance Bay Unlocked (On the way to the Maint. Bay)
    Shoot The Limbs [LOG003]
    Locked Door (In the Maintenance Bay)
    Arrived On bridge (Once you return to the Flight Lounge)
    Repair Invoice [LOG004]
     CHAPTER 2
    Destroy The Barricade (Upon entering the Security Station)
    Kyne And The Captain [LOG006]
    Nicole's Report [LOG010]
    Engine Problems (While returning to Security Station from Morgue)
    Mercer's Journal [LOG005]
    Found The Thermite (When you take the Thermite in the Main Lab)
    Mercer And Kyne [LOG009]
    Found The Shock Pad (When you take the Shock Pad in the Zero-G bay)
    Destroyed The Barricade (When you use the Thermite Bomb)
    We'll Find Her (After you pick up Log 10)
    Eileen [LOG011]
    Colonist Problems [LOG014]
    Codes Received (After you collect the Captain's RIG in the Morgue)
    Ship Gravity (After the first vacuum, before the Zero-G room)
    Marker Overview [LOG006]
    Interesting Results [LOG008]
    Newborns [LOG012]
    More Time [LOG013]
    Autopsy Report [LOG015]
     CHAPTER 3
    Repair The Ship's Orbit
    Kendra Is Alive
    Engine Fired
    Temple Report 1
    Temple Report 2
    Engine Refueled
    Temple Report 3
    Temple Report 4
    Centrifuge Activated
    -??? (I have not found this log yet!)
    Strange Transmission
    -??? (I have not found this log yet!)
     CHAPTER 4
    The Marker
    Captain's Demise
    Atmosphere Contaminated
    Initial Attack
    Temple On The Bridge
    -??? (I have not found this log yet!)*
    Report From Kendra
    Systems Module Placed
    Hurry Up!
    Asteroid Impact
    Almost Fixed
    One More Minute
    Brute Combat
    Reversed Gravity
    Avoid The Asteroids
    Aim The ADS Cannon
    ADS Online
    Report Of Infection
    List Of Dead
    NOTE: *I've received word via email that you might not be able to
     get all of the Chapter 4 logs in one playthrough. Supposedly,
     the 3rd audio log doesn't show up because the game instead gives
     you the log that tells you the ADS power is fully rerouted. So,
     in the next playthrough, you'd have to do the ADS power missions
     in a different order so that you get your one missing log before
     you get the log that confirms the complete mission. I guess this
     is one part where NewGame+ might come in handy. I'll update
     whenever I've confirmed this.
     CHAPTER 5
    Go To Chemistry
    Got The Poison
    Someone Else
    Door Opened
    Mercer's Experiment 1
    Creating The Poison
    Mercer's Experiment 2
    Hammond On Hydroponics
    Finish The Poison
    Poison Complete
    Secret Lab Revealed
    DNA Needed
    The Leviathan
     CHAPTER 6
    Hammond's Alive
    Victory Against The Leviathan
    Cross Report 1
    Cross Report 2
    Cross Report 3
    Temple's Research
    Pods Destroyed
    A Message
    Cross Report 4
    Getting To The Leviathan
    Kill The Leviathan
     CHAPTER 7
    Distress Call
    Asteroid Launched
    Elevator Problem
    Temple And Elizabeth
    Clear The Boulders
    Key Found
    Kyne's Hostage
    Beacon Recovered
    Elevator Fixed
    Supervisor's Choice
    -??? (I have not found this log yet!)
    Processing Room Problem
    Mining Timeline
     CHAPTER 8
    Go To Communications
    First Contact
    Hammond Returns
    Illegal Mining
    Main Array Problem
    Array Fixed
    Big Problems
     CHAPTER 9
    (coming soon)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    So you need some help getting through, or you just want to play
    through without making mistakes? Maybe you want to be sure you
    get your achievements as efficiently as possible? You're in the
    right place now!
    PLEASE NOTE: I will often refer to "checking your Deck Nav." This
    means to click in the Right Stick to see a holographic blue line
    on the floor. This shows you which way to go to get to your current
    objective. So, if I say "follow the Deck Nav to -blah-" that means
    to click in the Right Stick to see which direction to go, or which
    door to enter. This is mostly to help keep you from getting lost
    or disoriented as I may lead you off the direct path to pick up
    extra things like ammo.
    ANOTHER NOTE: Although I'm playing through on Medium mode the first
    time through each chapter, I'm writing the guide while playing
    through on Easy mode. So far, the only differences I've noticed is
    that enemies go down a LOT easier, but item pickups and enemy
    frequency seems to be the same. There may be some "mistakes" due
    to the different difficulty levels, but it shouldn't be a problem.
    AND ONE LAST NOTE FOR NOW: While most of the items found on the
    floor, on tables, etc. is the same no matter what, and most
    wall containers usually contain the same things between 
    playthroughs, after playing through Chapter 1 about 3 different
    times, I have come to the conclusion that some wall containers,
    some lockers, some storage containers, and most of the light-up
    loot boxes (the ones you smash) are semi-random and can contain
    different things. A box might give you 6 Plasma Energy the first
    time, then the next time you get to that box (in a new game) it
    very well might have 1,300 Credits in it (just an example). So,
    if I happen to say "grab the credits from the locker" but your
    game shows only a Med Pack or something, it's not necessarily a
    mistake on my part, and don't assume you're in the wrong place.
    For this reason, I will mostly just say "item" instead of specific
    things unless I'm fairly confident you're likely to encounter the
    same type of item.
    [CW01]	C1: CHAPTER ONE: "New Arrivals"
    Once the opening cutscene ends, you can now control Isaac.
    Turn around, and exit the ship via the open hallway on the right.
    Run past your shipmates and into the room at the end of the
    walkway. The light-up boxes you see here are item crates...
    Treasure chests, basically. You can't attack yet, so you can't
    get to them yet. Just go to the blue "Unlocked" sign and press
    A to open the door.
    There's a Small Med Pack and 1,900 Credits in the cubby holes on
    the left. There's a save point on the opposite side of the room. Go
    through the next Unlocked door to the right of the save point. At
    the end of this little side hall, find the hologram screen and press
    A (you might have to wait until the talking is done). Now, walk over
    to the single Locked door you passed on your way over and wait for
    the talking to end again (there are some interesting things going on
    in the waiting room on the other side of the glass).
    When the door opens, hold down the Left Bumper and run! There is
    only one path with a few turns (left, right, right). Don't worry
    about the enemies popping up and trying to smack you. Open the Lift
    door when the hallway ends, get inside, turn around, and press A
    at the blue panel.
    Woo, that guy's ugly!
    When the lift stops and opens, go left, and up onto the bright
    platform. Grab the Plasma Cutter from the table. You can now
    use Melee attacks as well. Stomp the corpse there, if you want.
    NOTE: Each weapon's aiming laser also doubles as a flashlight!
    Move to the right of the table and press A on both of the little
    boxes (where the blue lights are) for a Small Med Pack and 1,000
    Credits. Turn around and stomp the light-up boxes for a Medium Med
    Pack and some ammo (or credits). Go around the
    platform and use a melee attack on the sparking console to the
    right of the Locked door (opposite the lift exit). Now open the
    door and hold Left Trigger to ready your Plasma Cutter. Take out
    the Necromorph monster by shooting off it's legs and arms -- you
    can switch the Plasma Cutter from "vertical" to "horizontal" cut
    lines by pressing the Right Bumper while aiming. Grab any loot the
    enemy might have dropped and continue down the hallway. Open the
    Unlocked door here.
     [AC01] ACHIEVEMENT NOTE: Marksman / Surgeon / Butcher
     If you want to speed along your achievements for
     "sever xx number of limbs," stomp on every corpse you see until
     its arms, legs, and head come off. That's 5 limbs per corpse, and
     from my own 'experiments,' even the dead crew members count. I
     recommend stomping because it's silly to waste precious ammo on
     things that won't be attacking you. Your weapon-based
     dismemberments, of course, do count. I'm not sure yet if you have
     to do it in a single playthrough, or if it keeps a running tally
     tied to your Xbox sign-in profile.
     [AC02] ACHIEVEMENT NOTE: Tool Time
     Speed along your Tool Time achievement (30 kills with the Plasma
     Cutter) by using ONLY your Plasma Cutter to kill enemies. Try to
     conserve your Plasma Energy ammo, but don't bother stomping downed
     enemies -- just shoot them to death to make sure it counts toward
     the achievement!
     [AC03] ACHIEVEMENT NOTE: Brawler
     If you'd rather focus on Brawler (30 Melee kills), or if you aren't
     working toward Tool Time, try disabling your enemies and stomping
     them to death instead of shooting them. It's a lot harder to get
     melee kills than Plasma Cutter kills since you have to be up close,
     and melee kills seem to do a LOT less damage than Plasma Cutter
     shots (obviously?). If you're not playing on Easy, be careful with
     this achievement. This early in the game, you can easily be
     overwhelmed since you won't have much backup equipment or health.
     Keep in mind, though, the enemies get harder as you progress
     through the game, so it might just be easier to get it over-with on
     a New Game on Easy.
    Take a left and approach the rubble. Pick up the 1,000 Credits
    (and flinch at the guy on the other side!). Turn around and go down
    the other way. Grab the Small Health Pack and pick up the
    audio log [LOG001], then open the Unlocked door.
    In this room there's some credits and Health in the little
    lockers and containers along the walls (look for the blue lights).
    There's also a save point here. For now, head to the Unlocked door
    at the other end of the room (we'll be back here later). Take a
    right, through another door, and down the hallway. NOTE: You can
    go the other way at any time to scrounge for health or ammo, but
    you'll go that way anyway later. Open the door here and enter the
    tram track.
    There's 1,000 on the floor to the left. Go over to the smashing
    door at the far end of the room and grab the Stasis Module and
    the item box. Use the Stasis power on the smashing door by holding
    Left Trigger and hitting X. Run through the doorway and up the
    hallway. Grab the Stasis Pack on the floor. There's another save
    point here. Head down the right hallway for 3,000 Credits, then turn
    back and enter the bathroom on your right. Grab the Plasma Energies
    and Small Med Pack then head back to the save point. Loot the item
    box for ammo in the hallway just past the save point (by another
    Locked door). Take note, on the floor, there is some graffiti that
    reveals the "alien language" writings correspond to English letters
    and numbers! Now head back again and open the Unlocked door (check
    your Deck Nav or map if you got turned around). Turn back and turn
    right to go through the Tram Repair Room's Unocked door.
     [AC04] ACHIEVEMENT NOTE: Freeze
     Now that you have your Stasis power, use it whenever you see an
     opportunity. There are plenty of Stasis Stations around, especially
     in this chapter. For the achievement, however, try casting Stasis
     on every single enemy you encounter. You only need 50, so it
     shouldn't take long, and as long as you have Stasis Packs or visit
     the Stasis Stations frequently, you could have your achievement by
     the end of Chapter 2.
    Head to the right of the room and open the container on the wall
    for your first Power Node (for upgrading weapons and equipment).
    Turn around and activate the blue panel overlooking the lower
    area. Go up the raised ramp to your right and fight off a
    Necromorph. Grab his loot, and open the wall container for
    some credits. Approach the items on the floor to your left, and
    a monster will pop up behind you; take him out. Grab the med pack
    and the audio log [LOG002], then head over to this side's blue panel
    (same as the other one but opposite). Activate it, then quickly
    turn to long claw that sticks out, and use Stasis on it. Run up the
    ramp to your left and activate the large blue panel (in the center
    of the room). Turn around and use the Stasis Station to recharge
    your Stasis shots. Turn right and go down the ramp, fight off
    another Necromorph (it comes from the wall by the box you got the
    Power Node from) then exit the room via the Unlocked door you
    originally came in through.
    Follow your Deck Nav line back to the smashing door (right,
    down the sloping hallway). Use your Stasis on it again, pass
    through, then recharge at the Stasis Station right outside.
    Head toward the door on the opposite side of the room and
    a Crawling Necromorph comes out of the floor as well as a
    regular Necromorph. Enter the Unlocked door, go up the
    sloped hallway here, and through the next door. Turn right
    and go down the hall, grabbing any items on the floor. Note
    the shadowy silhouette and round the corner carefully. That
    body on the floor is a live enemy! If you move slowly, you can
    blast it to bits before it even gets up. Grab the items around
    the save point, and the audio log [LOG003] further to your left.
    Open the Lift door and activate the blue panel inside.
    There will be a lot of enemies here while you're doing your
    business, so I won't go into too much detail for each enemy.
    You can follow your Deck Nav line and go straight to the
    objectives if you want. There should already be 2 or 3 Necromorphs
    heading toward you; take them out. Grab the credits from the loot
    box on the floor. Head to the right. Note the big red cannister --
    this is highly explosive and can be used as a weapon! Head left
    along the bridge, turn around, take out a hulking Necromorph, then
    turn back and enter the Lift. Activate the blue panel to go up.
    (Yes, there's more stuff to the left, past the Lift, but we're
    coming back to go that way later.)
    There's an item box around to the right, and a wall container with
    some loot to the left. Take out the dormant enemy lying on the
    bridge, then cross the bridge and take out another enemy at the
    other end. Grab the blue Maintenance Bay Key on the floor, as well
    as the text log [LOG004] and some ammo. Turn around, go back across
    the bridge and fight another enemy. Take the lift back down and
    fight off another once it opens! Go around to the right, but take a
    quick left across the low bridge for some items in a loot box and a
    wall container. Go back across and around the left, up the sloping
    ramp. Approach the Locked red door and "use" the Maintenance Bay Key
    on it. Now open it and enter the room.
    Grab the Data Board from the table to your left, and loot the
    locker for a Medium Med kit. There's a wall container with another
    Power Node, and a Bench, both along the back wall. This is your
    first opportunity to upgrade your gear. Right now, you only have
    2 Power Nodes and you can only upgrade your Plasma Cutter, your
    Stasis Module, or your RIG (which controls your air supply and HP).
    If you can't decide, just throw your power nodes on the first DMG
    and the first CAP slots of your Plasma Cutter, or just save your
    Power Nodes for later. (See the Upgrades section for more info).
    Now open the door you came in through, and you may or may NOT have
    to fight an enemy in front of you and another to your right (on
    my secon play through, there was only a dormant enemy lying down
    on the way to the Lift).
    Follow the path to the right, enter the Lift you originally came in
    from, and go back up. Kill the enemy that pops out as you go around
    the corner to the left, pass the save point, and keep going until
    you reach a door on your right -- the Tram Control Room door. This
    is the room I said we'd come back to! Open the door and enter the
    room. Enter the booth on the far left corner of the room and "use"
    the Data Board on the computer.
    Now find the large blue panel in the middle of the big window where
    you can see Hammond and Kendra. Activate the panel.
    Wait for them to stop bickering, then turn around and go through
    the Unlocked door across from the Data Board computer. Make your
    way all the way back to where you first started (yes, allll the
    way). There shouldn't be any enemies, but you'll go through a
    few doors and that first Lift. NOW you'll face a few enemies --
    watch out, they'll slip through the vents and come out behind
    you if you aren't careful. Now keep heading back to that waiting
    room where the enemies first showed up.
    You can break open the loot boxes in here now for some ammo.
    Head through the double doors and out to the ship dock where your
    ship crashed in the beginning. Fight off an enemy on the bridge,
    then enter the ship. Approach the big static screen and "Load" the
    damage report. The ship takes damage from some Necromorph enemies,
    so turn around and RUN back out the ship as it explodes! Get ready
    for some more enemies! There are about four of them, all coming from
    the double door area; finish them off
    Now make your way BACK into the waiting room (Flight Lounge) again.
    Open the set of double doors to the left of the save station
    (they were previously locked).
    Take the credits/ammo from the two little storage boxes on your
    left. If you want, take the little hallway to the right, through the
    Unlocked door, for some items in the men's side of the restroom. Now
    enter the Lift opposite the double doors and go down.
    In this room, you can access your first Store on the right.
    If you've been following this guide, you should have enough
    credits to purchase your Level 2 suit, one new weapon, and
    some health packs. I strongly recommend the suit upgrade and
    either of the new weapons, but you may opt to buy a power node
    or two, as there is a Bench on the opposite side of the room.
    Also, if your inventory is getting cramped, go ahead and dump
    some duplicate items off in the Safe (within the Store).
    NOTE: If you come back to the Store after upgrading your Plasma
    Cutter (or whatever) and find that you can sell back a weapon for
    more than you can buy it for, don't be fooled into thinking it's a
    glitch or something. The game adds 10,000 Credits to the value of
    any weapon for each Power Node added to it. This way, if you made
    mistakes or don't like how you upgraded your weapon, you can sell
    it, buy it back and get a fresh start. For anything other than the
    Plasma Cutter, you WILL lose some Credits in the transfer since you
    sell things back for a lot less than you bought them for, but it
    might be completely worth it if your upgrade path turned out to be
    horribly ineffective on a certain weapon.
    When you're done here, check your Deck Nav and enter that tram car.
    Press A at the holographic screen to end the chapter.
     [AC05] ACHIEVEMENT NOTE: Dead on Arrival
     You unlock the Chapter 1 completion achievement now.
     [AC06] ACHIEVEMENT NOTE: Eviscerator / Autofire
     This is your first chance to access the two new weapons: the
     Line Gun (Eviscrator achievement) and the Pulse Rifle (the
     Autofire achievement). Just like with the Tool Time achievement
     for the Plasma Cutter, pick a weapon and focus on it for as much
     of the fighting action as you can if you want your achievement(s)
     as soon as possible. While it's too late to get one of these
     achievements in the first chapter, you very well could be 50 kills
     into Chapter 2 and get your achievement!
    NOTE: Don't worry, there's another store in the first room of
    the second chapter, so if you already left, you'll get your
    next chance soon enough.
    [CW02]	C2: CHAPTER TWO: "Intensive Care"
    Step out of the tram and approach the wounded woman in white.
    Grab the Kinesis Module from the floor. You can now press B while
    aiming to pick up whatever you're aiming at. Keep holding the Left
    Trigger and walk around to move things. Let go to drop them. You
    can also press Right Trigger while holding something to launch it
    forward. This is mostly used for retrieving distant items, moving
    things out of the way, etc. You can also grab those explosive red
    cannisters and launch them to blow them up!
     [AC07] ACHIEVEMENT NOTE: Armstrong
     Unlike the Freeze achievement which requires you to use your power
     on enemies, this achievement requires you just to use Kinesis on
     any objects. I'm not sure if it counts if you grab the same object
     over and over, but if you pay attention and use Kinesis on EVERY
     object you come across, you'll get this one in no time flat! Plus,
     to make it easier, your Kinesis is unlimited as opposed to your
     Stasis which runs out after a few shots.
    For now, access the store if you still need to, and grab the Small
    Med Pack from the little sitting area with all the body bags. Use
    your Kinesis on the large rectangular boxes blocking the hallway
    to the left of the woman. Pick up the Flamethrower Schematics on
    the floor down the hall and open the door to enter the Security
    Station. Hammond pops in to give you an update.
    Your "barricade" and "captain's RIG missions" are now on the back
    burner. Grab the 3,000 Credits on the floor, and open the locker
    in the little office for 900 Credits. There's also a light-up box
    in there. There's another Store in one corner of the main part of
    the room. Access it and press A to "download" the Flamethrower
    Schematics. NOTE: Any time you find Schematics, they count as an
    item in your suit inventory and take up a slot, so you will
    probably want to find a Store ASAP to get rid of them.
     [AC08] ACHIEVEMENT NOTE: Live With The Hot Ones
     If you have enough Credits to buy your Flamethrower, you can
     start working on this achievement right away. Just another 30
     [AC09] ACHIEVEMENT NOTE: Pack Rat
     At your first Store, you couldn't possibly have had 25 items, since
     the LEVEL 1 suit only holds 10 items. Even if you upgrade to one of
     the bonus suits at that point, you likely wouldn't have been able
     to afford the extra 15 items to buy and then immediately sell.
     I suppose it's possible you might be able to backtrack through the
     whole level and find any items you might have missed, but this
     achievement is SO much easier if you just wait until NOW. Even if
     you don't have a fancy suit, you will be able to just run back to
     this Store and unload everything into Storage a couple of times.
     There's more than enough ammo, med packs, etc lying around in this
     chapter that it really shouldn't take any effort at all. If you
     have one of the bonus suits equipped, just fill up your entire
     suit inventory and unload it all at once into storage. That will
     be more than enough, since you can also store weapons (which do
     not take up suit inventory slots!). This is one of the easiest
     achievements in the game.
    At this point, you have 2 objectives to take care of, which means
    2 separate paths to take. You can do either of them first, but
    I'm going put the thermite part before the shock pad part. If you
    want to do it differently, just skip, go back, then skip again!
    Find the door that says "Research Wing" above it (the other door
    says "Imagine Diagnostics Wing")... It's the door closest to the
    save point. Open the door and shuffle past the corpses. There's
    a Stasis Station around the corner, some ammo on the ground, and
    then another one of those smashing doors around the next corner.
    Use your Stasis on this door like the one in the last chapter.
    Open the next door to enter the Main Lab room.
    There should be a Medium Med Pack in the wall container to your
    left. Walk toward the railing (where you can see down to the floor
    below) and you are alerted to a "hazardous anomaly" and the room is
    quarantined. Yeah, you guessed it: Necromorphs. You'll get about 4
    Slashers coming at you, some of them bust out through the vents in
    the walls. Take these guys out, then find the Lift platform on the
    far end of the room. Ride it down. You'll notice a crawling Slasher
    off to the right behind some pillars. Take it out from a distance
    if you can; otherwise, follow it and dispose of it. You'll find
    thta about 5 or 6 more enemies are coming at you from various
    directions.... good luck! (Don't forget to use Stasis to give you
    some extra time!) When they're all dead, the quarantine is lifted.
    There's a Stasis Station on a pillar to the left of where the
    crawling guy was.
    Head through the bathroom area (where the first guy was crawling)
    and pick up some ammo from a rack. There's an audio log [LOG005]
    on the floor by some sinks. Head out through the open doorway
    back into the lower area of the main room. Take a left and go
    through the Unlocked door to your left. There will be some ammo
    to your left and a video log [LOG006] on the floor. There's a
    bookcase across from the desk; you can use your Kinesis power to
    pull it over to the left, revealing a hidden room. Inside are
    some lockers with 1,000 Credits and some ammo. There's a Gold
    Semiconductor on the floor by the lockers (sell this for 3,000
    Credits at a Store). Across from the lockers, on the floor, is
    a text log [LOG007].
    Head back out and go across and to the right (just past the
    Stasis Station) and enter the Unlocked door to the right of
    the Lift platform. Inside, there are 2 lockers on the left with
    ammo. There's a light-up box on the floor on the other side of
    the room. Leave this room and turn right. There's an Unlocked
    door JUST next to the Lift platform (it's labelled Bio Lab).
    Inside this room there 3 lockers on the left with some loot.
    There's a save point on the back wall, an an Unlocked door to
    the left. Open it and go around the corner... Oh my! Well, go
    left around the windows and there's another Unlocked door.
    Open it and approach the far left corner. That's where the
    little bastard went. It's a Lurker, and you can shoot off its
    tentacles to kill it, but watch out because it can shoot barbs
    at you, and jump on your face. There's a light-up box on the
    floor here, and a Lift platform in the far left corner. Take it
     [AC10] ACHIEVEMENT NOTE: Kickin' It
     You'll be seeing these little Lurker guys regularly from now on.
     To get the achievement, you have to "kick" them off 10 times. In
     order to kick one off, you have to get close to one while it's on
     the ground (doesn't seem to work for me if it's on a wall) and let
     it jump at you, then just quickly start tapping A until you see
     Isaac grab it, throw it down to the ground, and punt it across the
     room. That's one! Do it 9 more times. NOTE: Keep some health on
     hand because it hurts YOU, too, even though it kills the Lurker.
    Step off the platform and find two Lurker's to deal with. There's
    some Plasma ammo on the floor between the two big green tanks and
    the railing. Go through the Unlocked door opposite the Lift
    platform, and then go through the next Unlocked door.
    You're now back in a room in the upper floor of that Main Lab area
    from before. There's some ammo on the floor behind the desk and to
    the right of the Locked door, as well as a Power Node in a wall
    container (also to the right of the Locked door). Grab the Thermite
    from the desk, and the Locked unlocks for you. This area should
    look familar. Go through the Unlocked door across from you, use
    Stasis on the smashing door (again) and pass through. Round the
    corner and there are two Slashers to fight. Go through the big
    Unlocked door at the end of the hall and you're back in the
    Security Station room.
    Now it's time for the other item. Use the Store and save point
    while you're here if you want to (might be a good time to get
    the Pack Rat achievement!), and sell off that Gold Semiconductor
    you found. Don't forget to buy any weapons you don't have yet.
    When you're ready, find the door you haven't gone through yet.
    It's the one just to the left of the Store, labelled "Imaging
    Diagnostics Wing."
    Through the door, make your way around the u-turn hallway. Don't
    worry about the banging and the silhouette at the end of the hall.
    Approach it and you'll see what I mean. There's a Stasis Station
    to your right just inside the doorway, and some ammo beneath it.
    There's an Unlocked door at the far end of this little room. It
    leads to the Imaging Diagnostics room. Open it.
    In this room is a Bench, a Locked door to your left, and a giant
    horizontal, red cylinder that kinda looks like an MRI machine.
    There's a text log [LOG008] on the floor in the left corner.
    NOTE: If you do not care about achievements or getting all of the
    logs, you can save your Power Node for upgrades.
    If you have a Power Node, you can use it to open the Locked door
    to gain entry to a small room. Inside is an audio log [LOG009] on
    the floor, a Gold Semiconductor on a machine near the door, and two
    lockers opposite the door. You can probably sell most of the items
    back and almost afford another Power Node anyway, so it's not a big
    That red cylinder is an obstacle you must move. Use Kinesis on the
    blue pentagon symbol, and look or walk to the left to slide it out
    of the way. Cross over the ramp and you're confronted by a Leaper
    crawling toward you, and another one probably leaping down at you
    from a vent high up on the wall. Take out the trash, then (on the
    new side), spot the large glowing device on the floor as well as
    a hole in the wall about the same size. It has a blinking lighting
    bolt symbol in it. Grab the device with your Kinesis, and
    carefully slide it back into the hole in the wall. It'll only go
    about halfway in, so if it slides too far in, it will wiggle and
    pop out (this is a minor glitch, don't worry). When that's done,
    there's a spark and the Lift platform to your left will turn
    blue. Don't use it yet. There's an Unlocked door back and to your
    left (in the same spot on this side as the Power Lock door was on
    the other side). Go inside.
    There's a wall container across from you, some ammo and a body
    on the other side of that table, and the Pulse Rounds Schematic
    on the far right corner. The wall container holds a Power Node,
    but when you take it, you will be loudly surprised by a Slasher
    from the vent in the wall right there on your left! Grab the
    Schematics and exit this room. NOTE: If you're low on inventory
    space, run back to the Store now to offload that Gold Superconductor
    and the Pulse Rounds Schematic. This is also a good time to use
    up some of those Power Nodes if you'd like to upgrade at that Bench.
    Take the Lift platform up. At the top, notice there's a glowing unit
    of ammo on a ledge just below the railing. You can use Kinesis to
    pull it over and grab it. Step off onto the upper level of this
    room. You need a way to get across the gap to the other side, so
    find the blue pentagon that's on TOP of the red cylinder, and slide
    the machine over so that the flat part on top bridges the gap. Hop
    across and a Leaper will bust out of a vent off on the wall off to
    the left (above where you originally entered this room). A Slasher
    will also bust out of a vent on your level, off to your right. Go
    around to the right, use the Stasis Station if you need it, and
    use your Kinesis on the blue pentagon symbol again to slide the
    machine over to this side of the gap. Hop across and there's a save
    point on your left. Smash the sparking door panel to unlock it, then
    open the door. In this little hallway, there's an Unlocked door that
    leads to the next room, and a Locked door that, as far as I've been
    able to tell, can't be unlocked and doesn't lead anywhere.
    When you open the Unlocked door marked Zero-G Therapy Room, get
    ready to move quickly! The air gets sucked out and you find yourself
    in an area of the ship that has been badly damaged -- so badly that
    the wall is entirely missing! Unless you upgraded your RIG's air
    capacity or you have a few air cans on hand, you will only have 70
    seconds to make it to the other side. Quickly run around to the
    left into a divided area, open the two lockers (one should contain
    an air can), run through an open doorway and open another locker,
    turn right, go through the open doorway, turn left, and open the
    Unlocked door. Run through and the air supply is restored, and you
    can breathe freely. Open the big round Unlocked door and step into
    a giant cavernous facility.
    Walk up to the blue panel and activate it to turn off the gravity
    in this room. Don't worry, you won't go floating off uncontrollably,
    you have Gravity Boots by default. This means you will stick to any
    stable surface, you can walk over some angled surfaces such as
    ramps, and you can aim your gun at any stable-looking surface and
    hit Y to leap over there. You'll stick to that surface instead. I've
    heard reports of people getting motion sickness and feeling
    disoriented from these parts of the game, so be careful.
     [AC11] ACHIEVEMENT NOTE: Air Alert
     If you REALLY want to, you can sit around in this room and jump
     back and forth 100 times and get your achievement now. Sure, it's
     fun the first couple of dozen times, but you will wear out the
     novelty very quickly, and it might even make you feel sick since
     the gravity re-orients itself each time you jump (kind of like
     the gravity walkways and gravity switches in Prey, another fine
     Xbox 360 game). You'll get plenty more chances to Zero-G jump
     around later in the game, but this is your first opportunity.
     If you want to get it out of the way, be my guest... It takes
     about 3 or 4 minutes if you do really quick, short jumps in a
     circle, hamster-wheel style.
    Your goal in this room is to unlock the door on the platform across
    from where you're standing. There's another one of those empty holes
    in the wall next to the door over there, and this room just happens
    to be convenienly filled with about half a dozen of those flashing
    devices. There should be one floating right by the platform over
    there, so leap across and pop it in with your Kinesis (which, by the
    way, is an extremely useful ability to have in a Zero-G
    environment...). There should also be a light-up box floating nearby
    if you want to loot it. When you're ready, open the door you
    unlocked and head into the little room. There's 1,000 Credits on the
    floor to your right, next to a wall storage container that will
    probaby have ammo in it. On a machine on the other side is the
    Shock Pad you need to complete your goal! Grab it and exit through
    the same door.
    There will be 3 rather confused looking Leapers floating
    awkwardly, yet angrily, toward you. Take them out like normal, or
    feel free to hop around and mess with them (try shooting those red
    cannisters at them from across the room, it's a... blast!). Leap
    across to the other platform and open the big round Unlocked door
    again. Head through the next Unlocked door and back into the vacuum
    area again -- remember, 70 seconds! Be extra careful this time, as
    there will be a Slasher waiting for you right there in one of the
    divided rooms. Head around and through the other Unlocked door and
    back into the airlock. Say "hi" to the Slasher that drops down in
    front of you. NOTE: For you nitpickers who might be wondering why
    you can still hear muffled noises when are fighting in the vacuum,
    well that's because the vibrations from the gun or melee attack
    vibrate throughout Isaac's body just enough for him to detect it
    audibly! Ha! They did think of everything!
    Go through the Unlocked door and start making your way back to the
    Security room. Hop the gap, slide the machine, hop the gap again.
    When you reach the Lift platform, an enemy will pop out behind you.
    Take the Lift down when he's dead, and another one will be running
    toward you on the floor. Cross the room and open the far left
    Unlocked door. You want to head through the open doorway to the
    right of the Stasis Station which is across from you, but here you
    encounter a new enemy, the Tiny Crawler, AKA Baby Infector. These
    little buggers are either tiny versions over the Leaper enemies you
    have been encountering, or they are baby versions of the Infector
    enemies you will soon encounter. Either way, they are a serious
    pain in the ass because if you try to stomp on them, they will
    swarm onto you and drain your health while you frantically smash
    the A button to try and shake them off. My recommendation is to
    spray at them with the Pulse Rifle or the Flamethrower, though the
    Line Gun and Plasma Cutter do get the job done. Also, throw a Stasis
    shot at them, because they're damn fast! Continue through the u-turn
    hallway and through the big Unlocked door. You're back in the
    Security Station room.
    As usual, stop by the Store if you need to, and it's never a bad
    idea to save. When ready, step over to the barricade and "use"
    the Thermite Bomb on the glowing hologram and step through.
    Open the door behind the barricade and enter the Ishimura Clinic
    area. Grab the audio log [LOG010] on the floor. Go up the ramp
    and through the Unlocked door. Inside the clinic's waiting room,
    there's a light-up box around to your left. Go through the single
    Unlocked door on the other side of the room and enter the
    Emergency Room. Let's see... Alien freaks that reanimate dead
    stuff, and you're in an Emergency Room. That's right! There will
    be a couple of Lurkers here. There's some ammo on a table by a
    gurney to the right of the door you came in through, and some
    more on the floor across the room and to the left from that door.
    There's a light-up box in the middle of the room you can smash.
    The Locked door labelled "Morgue" is not the way to go. Going around
    the room counter clockwise, there's some Credits on the floor, one
    of those glowing battery devices you put in a hole in the wall, the
    hole you need to put it in, and the big Locked door it opens. Across
    from the big Locked door is a small area with a couple of lockers
    inside (usually containing Credits and ammo). Ignore the Oxygen
    Recharger on the wall, and go grab that glowing battery device and
    put it in the hole in the wall. Open the door (marked ER Hallway A)
    and step through.
    Get ready for a fight! There will be at least one Lurker and 3
    Slashers (one Slasher comes up behind you). Ignore that Locked
    door and make your way right, around the corner. Head through the
    big open doorway (labelled ER Hallway B) and to your left will
    be an audio log [LOG011] on the floor. Before going through the
    big Unlocked door marked Intensive Care Unit, head to the far end
    of this hallway -- you should be able to see the light of some
    items glowing on the floor over there. Run over to the items and
    an enemy pops out of the floor. Kill him and quickly turn around
    to find two more enemies who need to learn some tough love. Bust
    open the light-up boxes and grab any ammo or loot lying around.
    There's another text log [LOG012] here, too, on the floor. Ignore
    this Oxygen Recharge as well. Run back up the hallway to the big
    Unlocked door on your right.
    Don't worry about the psycho in the ICU container... yeah. Go
    around and you'll see another text log [LOG013] on the floor just
    to the left of a small hallway. Step into the little hallway and
    there's a save point, a small Locked door (ignore it) and a big
    Unlocked door. I highly advise saving here as you will have a
    nice tense fight coming up soon (as well as potentially running
    into a stupid glitch, but you can completely avoid that if you're
    well prepared). If you want to run back to the Store and stock
    up on anything, do so now. Otherwise, open the big Unlocked door
    (labelled "Morgue") and step into the long hallway. Those blasts
    won't hit you if you stop here. Now grab the audio log [LOG014]
    off the floor and and make your way down the hall. Kill the
    Lurker that waddles over, then open the Unlocked Lift door.
    Take it down and step out, then open the Unlocked double doors.
    This is the Morgue. Get ready for an intense fight with some
    new enemies, the Infectors. Step out a few steps. If you look
    to the left, there are a bunch of drawers. There's a glowing
    spot where 1,000 Credits are sitting. You can pull them over
    now with Kinesis, or you can grab them later. There's also a
    text log [LOG015] and some ammo off to the right, which you
    can also pull over now with Kinesis or save for later. You
    can pull over any corpses you see lying around (there's only
    one or two) and smash them to bits right now, to avoid having
    the Infector show up and raise them. Walk around the bloody
    gurneys when you're ready.
    That bat-looking thing that drops down behind the glass is
    an Infector. Infectors are the actual creatures that take
    the corpses and turn them into Necromorphs. If you watch the
    gruesome scene taking place before you, you'll notice that
    the Infector simply ravages the corpse and does God-knows-
    what to it, then it hops off and leaves, while the newly
    created Necromorph gets up and does its own business (in this
    case, breaking the glass to attack you. By the way, if you
    haven't caught on, that corpse is the captain's, and yes,
    you kill him.
    This guy acts just like a normal Slasher, but he seems to take
    a bit more of a beating, either because it was created from
    the captain and is "special" or simply because he's fresh. You
    have to kill the Infector too, and if you were wise and smashed
    the corpses beforehand, you'll only have these two enemies on
    your hands. Just throw a couple of Stasis blasts at them and hit
    them each with all you've got. They go down pretty quick of you're
    well-prepared. Pick up the Captain's RIG from the downed creature.
    Head over into the examination area (where the glass is broken) and
    pick up the Power Node, med pack, and 1,000 Credits from the floor.
    Ignore that Locked door. Go back out and turn around to the left.
    There's another Lift door here, marked "Return to Emergency Room."
    NOTE: Do not take the previous lift that you came in through. It
    can glitch and leave you stranded, having to do all this over again.
    Step out of the lift and open the Unlocked door across from you.
    Immediately ready your weapon and take out an angry Slasher, then
    open the Unlocked double doors to your left. Round the corner to
    your right, down the ramp, and open the next set of Unlocked
    double doors. You're now back in the familiar Security Room again.
    Save here if you want, then open the big Unlocked door to the left
    of the barricade rubble (the Tram Station doors). Run through the
    hallway and through the little station, into the tram car. Press
    A inside the tram at the screen to end the chapter.
     You unlock the Chapter 2 completion achievement now.
    [CW03]	C3: CHAPTER THREE: "Course Correction" 
    (coming soon)
    NOTE: I'm currently at Chapter 7, myself. I won't say my time is
    very valuable, but I don't have all that much free time after
    work and in between everyday life. Writing a guide is extremely
    time consuming -- writing a GOOD one, anyway. I could probably
    crank out an objective-based guide in a matter of minutes while
    I'm playing through normally, but that wouldn't be nearly as
    helpful as a full-blown walkthrough. So please, readers, be
    patient. Once I finish my last few chapters, I will immediately
    start working on Chapter 3 and so-on. And if you're stuck, go
    ahead and email me at
    tonyjones17 xAT!x yahoo xDOT!x com
    and I'll see if I can help you out.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    [DFAQ]	D: FAQ
    [D1TP]	D1: TIPS  - - - - - - -
    *Pay attention to the music and sounds! This is a survival horror
    game, and a lot of enemies give away their presences by making
    scuttling, scratching, groaning noises, etc. Also, the game tends
    to play a "horror sting" noise like a piano smash or a violin
    screech when an enemy pops up, although you're likely to get a
    lot of false alarms if you panic and frantically turn around every
    time you hear a scary noise!
    *When facing a Slasher or other upright enemy from a distance, shoot
    the legs FIRST to prevent them from running up to you, then, either
    run up and stomp its arms or -- if you have the ammo to spare --
    blast off the arms to finish it off.
    *Open doors and containers with caution, as they are often placed
    so as to leave you vulnerable, or to allow an enemy to sneak up on
    *Those tall red cannisters you see all over are highly explosive,
    as you probably already found out. Sometimes it's better to aim
    at an explosive near an enemy rather than taking on the enemy
    directly. Also, once you have your Kinesis ability, those cannisters
    are basically giant grenades -- just don't fling them around too
    close to yourself!
    *You never know when you'll need something, so always keep a couple
    of med packs, at least one slot's worth of ammo for each of your
    weapons, and a Power Node or two on hand at all times if possible.
    If you have inventory space to spare, bring along an air can and a
    stasis pack, too!
    *When backtracking through a level, ESPECIALLY if you have completed
    an objective and are returning to a previous area, do not expect the
    path to be clear! Often you will encounter new enemies in areas where
    you already killed everything, though this actually happens fairly
    rarely if you are just going back to a Store, Bench, etc. and haven't
    progressed in your mission objectives yet.
    *Don't hold B while using Kinesis. You only need to tap B once to
    grab something. Holding down B seems to give buggy results when
    placing items down.
    [D2QA]	D2: Q&A - - - - - - - -
    Q: I'm trying to melee/punch/kick a monster and all that happens is
    my gun flips around! What's going on?
    A: You have to release the Left Trigger (to exit the aiming mode)
    in order to melee. While aiming, Right Bumper is actually the
    Secondary Fire mode, which just happens to have the effect of
    flipping your weapon sideways if you're using the Plasma Cutter.
    Besides, you don't actually need to "aim" while meleeing, right?
    Q: I have a Power Node and I'm at a Bench; I want to upgrade! Help!
    A: First off, you need to decide what item you want to upgrade.
    Consider what has been most difficult or frustrating for you so far
    and go for that. Then just access the Bench with the A button, pick
    your item, and now decide which part of that item you need to
    power up in order to help. For example, if you have a hard time
    killing things, go for a weapon's DMG upgrade nodes. If you're
    dying a lot, aim for your RIG's HP nodes. Just keep in mind you
    might have to "waste" a lot of Power Nodes just to get to what
    you want, and it might be a better idea to upgrade something with
    more immediate effects and wait on that until you have more Power
    Nodes at your disposal.
    Q: In Chapter 2, how do I power up the lift on the way to find the
    Shock Pad?
    A: You have to use your Kinesis ability to grab the giant flashing
    battery on the floor, then slide it into the hole in the wall
    where you see a red flashing lightning bolt symbol. Don't hold B
    the whole time (just hit it once), otherwise it will wiggle and
    pop out. Thanks to Scott via email for pointing this out.
    Q: How do I unlock the "hardest difficulty"?
    A: You have to beat the game on Medium or Hard difficulty first.
    Then it is an option when you go to start a New Game.
    Q: Why does it say "Round 1" on my save files?
    A: I'm not 100% sure yet, but as you might have guessed, this is
    probably part of a NewGame+ feature. For those who are unfamiliar
    with the concept, this means that (probably) when you beat the
    game, you can restart at the beginning with all the items and
    upgrades you already had when you finished the game. Your save
    file would then say "Round 2" for clarification. I'm not sure
    if you'll be able to change difficulties, but I don't see why
    they wouldn't let you at least pick a harder difficulty the
    second (or third, or fourth!) time around.
    Q: I've downloaded a bonus suit, can I switch back to my previous
    suit again?
    A: If there's a free way to do it, I haven't found one yet. It
    looks like the only way to "switch back" is to buy your old suit
    again. Of course, the 2 bonus suits are vastly better than the
    on-disk suits, so it won't hurt to just keep the better suit. If
    you don't want to waste the money but you just don't feel right
    using that grossly overpowered bonus suit, just wait until you
    get to the next level of on-disk suit and buy that one like you
    would have normally. You can ALWAYS go back to your bonus suit(s)
    for free, and you ALWAYS start a new game with the default Level 1
    suit, by the way. In fact, starting off fresh on Chapter 1, you
    don't even get to a store until the very end so no matter what,
    you HAVE to play through with the weakest suit.
    [D3GL]	D3: GLITCHES  - - - - -
     CHAPTER 1
    #1 After the section in the Morgue, I got into the lift to go back
    the way I came, but the elevator stopped halfway up, opened, and
    when I walked out, I fell into a sort of "in between" area. I don't
    think I was supposed to be there, because I couldn't see anything
    around me but when I looked up, I could see through some walls. It
    think there must be some sort of programming error that makes the
    Lift stop and open sooner than it should, and since it's not
    supposed to be open at this point, there's nothing stopping the
    player from moving through certain parts (as opposed to a real
    elevator shaft which would have solid bits here!). Nothing I could
    do except reload my last save. I haven't tried this again yet,
    since it's inconveniently right after a tense part of the game.
     CHAPTER 4
    #1 Submitted by "junk mail" via email:
    In chapter 4, right after you kill the brute, if you take the
    elevator to the 1st floor and complete the objective you need
    to head back to the elevator and take it up to floor 3. HOWEVER,
    i suggest saving your game before doing that because of this
    ridiculous glitch.
    Once on the elevator, if your character is leaning up against
    the wall he will FALL THROUGH THE ELEVATOR FLOOR! He falls down
    the entire shaft (depending however high up you got in the
    elevator). If its a tall enough fall he dies on impact, I have
    no clue what happens if its an early fall and he survives. BUT
    THATS NOT ALL. if you let the game auto reload your last save,
    YOU CANT EVEN GET BACK ON THE ELEVATOR. the Unlocked light found
    on the door isn't there and it won't let you take it to continue
    the game.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    [E1CI]	E1: COPYRIGHT INFO  - -
    All text, Copyright 2008 Xeigrich
    All rights reserved. Do not reproduce this guide in any form
    for any reason other than your own personal use (and reasonable
    variations thereof). You do not have permission to post or submit
    this guide to any website or publication without first CONTACTING
    me, the author: toshipublic17 xATx gmail xDOTx com
    Any content for which I do not own the copyright is assumed to be
    protected under Fair Use. Credit is always given where due.
    This guide is ONLY to be found on the following sites:
    ...as of version 0.5a, October 21th, 2008. If you find this guide
    on any other site, please contact me at the aforementioned email
    address and let me know.
    [E2ST]	E2: SPECIAL THANKS  - -
    EA, for actually making something new and good for once!
    The guys at GameFAQs, GamesRadar, Cheat Code Central and
     Super Cheats for hosting my FAQ!
    Everyone who emails me! It makes me want to keep working on the
     guide and make it even better!
    M'Hael via email for the final secret achievement, "Kickin' It"
    the1337noob via email for the real names of many of the enemies
    Scott via email for the tip about not holding B during Kinesis
    "junk mail" via email for a glitch (no name given)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    0.1a	Oct 15, 2008
    Skeleton guide, some basic info (some lists, legal info).
    0.2a	Oct 15, 2008
    First chapter, most basic info available
    0.3a	Oct 16, 2008
    First chapter complete. Achievements, lists, small FAQ, & Legal
    sections available and mostly complete. Walkthrough continuation
    in the works. All weapon and upgrade info except the final 2
    0.4a	Oct 17, 2008
    Fixed some minor errors, added in the Bonus Suit info and a question
     in the FAQ section.
    Added GamesRadar and CheatPlanet as allowed sites as allowed hosts.
    0.4b	Oct 18, 2008
    Added CheatCodeCentral and Super Cheats as allowed hosts.
    Added final secret achievement (thanks to M'Hael via email)
    Ironed out the Chapter 1 walkthrough since it was a rough draft
     and needed some corrections and additions.
    0.5a	Oct 19, 2008
    Added a List section for the Audio and Text logs (to help with
     people working on the Audio Log achievements). It's incomplete
     right now, of course, but I have everything for Chapters 1 and 2.
    Added walkthrough notes about difficulty levels, items, etc
    Added some quick search codes for the achievement list, linking it
     to the relevant parts of the walkthrough.
    Added objective names as chapter subtitles for better flow
    Added a Glitches section since I've experienced one myself and have
     gotten a couple of emails about glitches already.
    Added Chapter 2 in the walkthrough.
    Added the "proper" names for most of the enemies (thanks to
     "the1337noob" via email)
    0.5b	Oct 20, 2008
    Finished lists for Weapons and Upgrades.
    Added the most efficient paths for Upgrades.
    Added some to the Enemies list.
    Added some to the Logs, Database list.
    0.5c	Oct 22, 2008
    Added a tip about Kinesis in the FAQ (thanks to Scott via email).
    Added a few more tips to the Tips section.
    Added a glitch (thanks to "junk mail" via email).
    Added to the Enemies list (including some Bosses).
    Added more commentary to the Weapons list.
    Added up to Chapter 8 in the Logs, Database list.
    Added a couple of FAQ section questions
    Added a note about the "missing" log in Chapter 4
    I'm probably going to revamp the format. Not the actual formatting,
    but the order of the sections. I kind of don't like how the
    achievements list and all that is BEFORE the walkthrough, but it'll
    be a pain to swich all the section letters and search codes. I'm
    currently in Chapter 9, and I'm going to beat the game on Medium
    as quickly as possible before I continue working on writing the
    walkthrough sections. I keep getting the feeling that I need to go
    back through the first two chapters and fix my errors because I'm
    finding out things as I make progress on my main save file, and
    this is seriously slowing down both the guide's progression and my
    progress on my main game file. So, hopefully, I can beat the game
    quickly and then I can whip out the rest of the walkthrough in a
    If you notice any obvious mistakes, omissions, or would
    like to offer a contribution or suggestion, hit me up at:
    toshipublic17 xATx gmail xDOTx com
    And mention "Dead Space" in the subject field! PLEASE don't email
    me just to complain about something, or to point out measley
    NOTE: Anyone who may have emailed me in November 2008, I might not
     have gotten your email! I have recently lost access to my usual
     email (the "tonyjones17" one) and if you used that address to send
     mail, I probably can't get to it.
    	For XBox 360; Released Oct. 15, 2008
    	FAQ/Walkthrough by Xeigrich (toshipublic17 xATx gmail xDOTx com)
    	Version 0.5c (October 22, 2008)
    	COPYRIGHT 2008, Xeigrich
    	All Rights Reserved

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