How do I beat (the giant worm)?

  1. I'm stuck in the green tunnels I don't know how to beat the worm

    User Info: viperboy18

    viperboy18 - 11 years ago

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  1. actually, it'll take less than 20 arrows if you just hold B to charge the shot it does a large chunk of damage reducing the amount of arrows needed

    User Info: Snowraptor

    Snowraptor - 11 years ago 3   0


  1. When you hear the worm coming, there is an empty green cave a few steps up and to the right. Stay in here and the worm will pass through there at all times. Now you have two options, use bows and arrows and charge them and shoot the worm in the face as he passes by. Aiming it in a perpendicular fashion. It will take about 20 arrows to succeed.

    Another way is to charge the eclipse scythes ultimate technique. It will damage the worm a lot when you hit it with it. Staying in the cave and aiming it like you would aim the arrows.

    A very dangerous method is standing in the middle of the hall and charging the kusari gama ultimate technique and when you hear the worm unleash it. The full UT comes out whether you hit anything or not. Usually a good portion of the UT hits the worm and it does alot of damage, but be ready to go back in the tunnel. If the worm grabs you, its pretty much game over.

    It's very possible to die instantly from the worms grab.

    User Info: iron_defense

    iron_defense - 11 years ago 2   0

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