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Achievement Guide by JM A

Updated: 04/15/10

Velvet Assassin
Achievement Guide
XBOX 360
April 15, 2010
Version 1.0

 Version History
v1.0  -  First Version


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Velvet Assassin © SouthPeak Interactive, Replay Studios
FAQ Copyright © Griffin Knight

I.    Introduction          [NTR]
II.   Normal Achievements   [NOR]
III.  Mission Achievements  [MSN]
IV.   Secret Achievements   [SCT]
V.    Collectible Locations [COL]
VI.   Letter Locations      [LTR]
VII.  Miscellaneous Notes   [MSC]
VIII. Credits               [CRD]

I.    Introduction                                                        [NTR]

   Velvet Assassin is a stealth action videogame realeased for XBOX360 and PC.
You control Violette Summer, a british agent trained to sabotage and kill high
ranking German officers. Violette Summer is based from a real life World War II
secret agent/saboteur Violette Szabo.

   The achievements is broken down in to three categories namely, Normal
Achievements, Mission Achievements and Secret Achievements. Normal Achievements
are achievements that can be acquired eventually by just playing the game,
Mission Achievements can be acquired by doing special actions or fulfilling a
certain requirement and Secret Achievements are achievements that were labeled
as secrets by the game and also requires a special action/requirement.

II.   Normal Achievements                                                 [NOR]

Ace (30)
Complete campaign in Normal difficulty

Assault (10)
Complete mission "Le Boeuf"

Delivery Service (10)
Complete mission "The Third Man - Prison"

Demolition (10)
Complete mission "The Lost - Fuel Storage"

Down-And-Dirty (10)
Complete mission "The Third Man - Sewers"

Firebug (10)
Complete mission "Leave A Light On - Storage"

In The Lion's Den (10)
Complete mission "Leave A Light On - Docks"

Infiltration (10)
Complete mission "Death Of The Butcher - Cathedral"

Legend (50)
Complete campaign in Agent difficulty

Liberator (10)
Complete mission "Death Of The Butcher - Crypt"

Master Of Shadows (10)
Complete mission "The Lost - Valley"

Phoenix (10)
Complete mission "Fade To Grey - Hospital"

Witness (10)
Complete mission "The Third Man - Ghetto"

III.  Mission Achievements                                                [MSN]

Admiral (10)
Secure precious collectible in "Leave A Light On - Storage"

When you reach the higher level on the storage room, find and activate a lever
near the catwalk and bookshelves to lift a box on the ground floor. Go back
down where the box was and grab the Marine Honor Dagger collectible.

Assassin (50)
Kill 200 enemies silently during a campaign

The earliest stage you can acquire this achievement is in Stage 10 - Le Boeuf.

Assertiveness (10)
Kill 50 enemies during a campaign

Kill 50 enemies. Silent Kill counts. The earliest stage you can acquire this
achievement is in Stage 3 - Death of the Butcher - Cathedral.

Attentiveness (10)
Secure 15 collectibles during a campaign

Secure 15 collectibles. The earliest stage you can acquire this achievement is
in Stage 3 - Death of the Butcher - Cathedral.

See Collectible Locations section for the list of collectibles.

Bad Temper (30)
Kill 150 enemies during a campaign

Kill 150 enemies. Silent Kill counts. The earliest stage you can acquire this
achievement is in Stage 7 - The Third Man - Sewers.

Blast'Em (20)
Trigger 5 grenades during a campaign

Sneak behind 5 guards with grenades attached on their belt and instead of
pressing A to silent kill, press B to remove the pin. Does not count as
silent kill including enemies that got caught in the explosion.

Blitzkrieg (50)
Complete the campaign in less than 5 hours

Finish the game in less than 5 hours. There are 12 stages in the game
therefore, you have 25 minutes to finish a mission. Early stages wouldn't
take that much time.

Curiosity (30)
Find all letters during a campaign

See the Letters Locations section for the list of letters.

Detox (30)
Complete a mission without using morphine although you have some

You can do this early in stage 1 by running through the last guard and use
your knife. This would prevent you from acquiring the Phantom (30)
achievement early if you haven't have this yet.

Diplomat (10)
Secure precious collectible in "The Third Man - Prison"

Stage 9 On the commander's office, find a painting and activate it. It will
open a secret passage behind the desk. Go through the secret passage and kill
the Prison Commander which will also give you the Secret Achievement: Killjoy
(20). Grab the Diplomatic Corps Dagger on the desk to acquire the achievement.

Disciple (10)
Earn first skill point

Requires you to get your first 1000 experience points. You can acquire this as
early in Stage 1. Requires you to find the first 4 collectibles. Check your
menu screen and use the first skill point.

Eagle Eye (50)
Secure all collectibles during a campaign

See Collectible Locations section for the list of collectibles.

General (10)
Secure precious collectible in "Death Of The Butcher - Cathedral"

Stage 3 where you kill an officer with a Rusty Key. Find a small alcove near
the area where he is patrolling and grab the Army Honor Dagger to acquire the

Gold Lover (10)
Secure precious collectible in "Death Of The Butcher - Crypt"

Stage 4 on the stained glass room on top just after you climbed a spiral stair
case. Push the crate towards the stairs to uncover the Gold Bar which nets you
the achievement.

Golden Bullet (10)
Secure precious collectible in "Le Boeuf"

Stage 10 inside the mill, find the Golden Rifle Bullet on the corner of the
first floor.

Gotta Light? (20)
Kill 10 enemies with the flare gun during a campaign

Flare gun does a 1 hit KO. Does not count as silent kill.

Grand Master (50)
Earn 15 skill points during a campaign

This achievement requires you to obtain all collectibles and accomplish the
secret achievements.

See Collectible Locations section for the list of collectibles and the Secret
Achievements section.

Master (30)
Earn 10 skill points during a campaign

See Collectible Locations section for the list of collectibles and the Secret
Achievements section.

Ninja (30)
Complete a mission firing a gun only when killing silently

You'll eventually get this when Violette performs a Silent Kill using her Colt.
The earliest possible stage you can acquire this achievement is in Stage 2,
The Lost - Fuel Storage, where you get your first firearm. This also works with
the shotgun.

Phantom (30)
Complete a mission without getting identified

You can get this achievement as early as in Stage 1 by using Morphine on the
last guard. If in case you failed to acquire the achievement in Stage 1, your
next chance would be in Stage 7 - The Third Man - Sewers.

Relentlessness (50)
Kill 300 enemies during a campaign

You'll get this achievement in the last stage taking into account that you've
killed almost all enemies from the previous missions.

Rogue (10)
Kill 50 enemies silently during a campaign

The earliest stage you can acquire this achievement is in Stage 4 Death of the
Butcher - Crypt

Sharp Senses (30)
Secure 40 collectibles during a campaign

The earliest stage you can acquire this achievement is in Stage 7 - The Third
Man - Sewers.

See Collectible Locations section for the list of collectibles.

Slayer (30)
Kill 100 enemies silently during a campaign

Kill 100 enemies. Silent Kill counts. The earliest stage you can acquire this
achievement is in Stage 5 - Leave a Light On - Docks.

IV.   Secret Achievements                                                 [SCT]

Art Connoisseur (20)
You have hidden the golden statue in "Death Of The Bucter - Crypt"

In the room near the area where you were first introduced about triggering a
grenade, there's a nazi talking to himself about the golden statue. Kill him
and find a stone poking out from the wall to activate a hidden chamber. Push
the golden statue (until Violette stops doing so), go back to the switch and
activate it again to hide the golden statue.

Avenger (20)
You have killed the drunken submarine captains in "Leave A Light On - Docks"

There's 2 submarine captains. The first one is near the giant crane and guarded
by two nazis and the second one is on the area past a room with torpedoes,
two guards and a safe that contains submarine documents.

A submarine captain's room/shed is easy to identify, it's a small room, lit
with a gas fueled lamp inside. Both rooms are not hidden. A submarine captain
needs only one stab to be killed. No need to use the colt.

Close Combat Expert (20)
You have killed all enemies silently in "The Lost - Valley"

Self explanatory. How you kill the final guard will determine another
achievement you can acquire.

A. Using morphine will net you the Phantom (30) Achievement.
B. Get the morphine (don't use it) and Use your knife to kill the guard will
   net you the Detox (30) Achievement.

Plus the Master of Shadows (10) Achievement for completing Stage 1.

Informant (20)
You have found the collaborators list in "Le Boeuf"

In the area where you get out from the 2nd floor of the balcony, continue
through the path until you find an archway with a door on its right (an area
just before you go up on the mill) enter the room and kill the patrolling
guard inside. Head down the stairs and through the room filled with kegs,
push the crate and use your knife to destroy the wooden barricade. Inside
lies the Collaborators List.

Killjoy (20)
You have killed the prison commander in "The Third Man - Prison"

Stage 9 On the commander's office, find a painting and activate it. It will
open a secret passage behind the desk. Go through the secret passage and kill
the Prison Commander to acquire the achievement. There's also a precious
collectible on the table which allows you to get the achievement: Diplomat (10)

Miss Know It All (50)
You have accomplished all secret objectives

You need to get all the secret achievements in this section.

Miss Merciless (20)
You have killed every enemy in "The Third Man - Ghetto"

There are five hidden enemies in this stage. 3 Sniper/gunners and 2 normal
guards. The sniper is located on the farthest and very top of the building
just when you turn right from your starting point when the "Sniper Cutscene"
began. Requires a sniper rifle to kill him.

2 gunners are resting on the destroyed/ruined building just on the left part
when you position yourself on the center of the bridge. The adjacent building
where the first sniper's position. 1 is patrolling inside the ruined building
thus, you have a moving target while the other is stationary. Use the sniper
rifle to kill the patrolling enemy first then the second one will be alerted
and will start to shoot which will enable you to see his location.

The last 2 normal guards will be called by the Nazi General if he saw you in
last area of this stage (a road with cars and trucks), he should whistle in to
call those two. Be sure not to kill the Nazi General if he haven't whistled the
2 guards. Kill the other guards first before making an appearance to the Nazi
General, be quick to kill the 2 because if you hide too much, they'll go back
inside the big gate and you need to make the general whistle them out again.

Wine Connoisseur (20)
You have found the wine bottle in "The Lost - Fuel Storage"

On stage 2 - The Lost - Fuel Storage, on the middle floor of the Munitionslager
area, a room with a big exhaust fan/vent and 2 guards talking. There's a door
with a wooden barricade inside it, use your knife to destroy the barricade and
get the Wine Bottle inside.

V.    Collectible Locations                                               [COL]

Stage 01. The Lost - Valley
   1. Knight's Cross - In the far end area going in the opposite direction from
      the drunk Nazi.
   2. Signet Ring - Possesed by the third Nazi.
   3. Lighter - On the crates on the hill where the third Nazi patrols.
   4. Silver Cigar Box - Behind the sandbags near the 4th Nazi.
   5. Sniper Badge - In the middle shack, besides the shack with morphine.

Stage 02. The Lost - Fuel Storage
   1. Hanseatic Cross - Second room on the shelf with morphine.
   2. Harmonica - On the crates after passing through the long hallway.
   3. Signet Ring - On a small room near a lit cage and 2 nazis talking.
   4. Telescope - On the top floor of the Munitionslager room.
   5. Edelweiss Badge - Behind the car that is near with another chained car.
   6. Pocket Flask - Behind one of the towering tanks on the greenly lit
      poisoned room guarded by three nazis.

Stage 03. Death of the Butcher - Cathedral
   1. Music Box - Behind the creates before going up on the first ladder.
   2. Knight's Cross - On the barrels outside. Opposite wall of the fusebox.
   3. Sniper Badge - Lit sewer room, on top of the barrels guarded by a nazi.
   4. Army Honor Dagger - In an obscured alcove on the far-end garden part.
   5. Lighter - In front of a door on the sink, just before the checkpoint.
   6. Pilot's Watch - Behind the pile of loot at the end of the stage.

Stage 04. Death of the Butcher - Crypt
   1. Pocket Flask - In the second room near the first guard.
   2. Edelweiss Badge - On the table on the room with the grenade introduction.
   3. Harmonica - Possessed by the guard on the golden statue room.
   4. Hanseatic Cross - Behind the crates with grounded water.
   5. Pilot's Watch - In the room with lamps and coffins.
   6. Hanseatic Cross - Below the barrels, next room after the Pilot's Watch.
   7. Silver Luger - Hidden under a 2nd crate before going up stairs.
   8. Gold Bar - Under the crate on stained glass room near the spiral stairs.

Stage 05. Leave a Light On - Docks
   1. Lighter - Near the door on the primary area & before the end of the dock.
   2. Sniper Badge - Second room after climbing up in a confined area.
   3. Signet Ring - The desk in the 2nd room after the leaning guard outside.
   4. Telescope - Hopping over the window near where the signet ring is.
      Find a wooden barricade and destroy it.
   5. Silver Cigar Box - On top on the jail-like room after the engine room.
   6. Knight's Cross - On the floor inside the second submarine captain.

Stage 06. Leave a Light On - Storage
   1. Edelweiss Badge - On the crates across the catwalk.
   2. Marine Honor Dagger - Under a crate, can be lifted from the 2nd floor.
   3. Hanseatic Cross - Behind the circling crates with a patrolling guard
      outside where you get the explosives.
   4. Pocket Flask - Go left outside the trains area and climb a crate.
   5. Music Box - In the corner inside the room after the grounded fence.
   6. Harmonica - In the room after setting the explosives. Checkpoint area.
   7. Pilot's Watch - On the flaming barrels before you reach your car.

Stage 07. The Third Man - Sewers
   1. Pocket Watch - Shoot the barrels near the ladder going down.
   2. Ligher - Climb up the ladder to the isolated area you've initially seen.
   3. Sniper Badge - On top of a crate in the pipe near the 2 guards talking.
   4. Signet Ring - Center of the circular floor near a crate with a gas mask.
   5. Knight's Cross - On the barrels in the center of the poison gas room.
   6. Pilot's Watch - On the ground through the staircase and a locked door
      on the flamethrower area near the end of the stage.

Stage 08. The Third Man - Ghetto
   1. Pocket Flask - On the pile of ruble near the dead man and 1st guard.
   2. Edelweiss Badge - On top of the middle shack with 3 guards in the area.
   3. Silver Luger - Next shack after the jacketless nazi & getting the rifle.
   4. Hanseatic Cross - Behind the L-shaped wall outside with a guard.
   5. Harmonica - On the desk behind a tilted bed after jumping from the
      ruined building.

Stage 09. The Third Man - Prison
   1. Signet Ring - Near the switch to turn off the electricity.
   2. Silver Cigar Box - 2nd floor of the prison room, inside one of the cells.
   3. Diplomatic Corps Dagger - On the prison commander's office, activate a
      painting to reveal a secret passage. The collectible is on the table at
      the end of the room where you can find the prison commander a letter and
      a morphine.
   4. Telescope - In a small guarded room in the dining area.

Stage 10. Le Boeuf
   1. Lighter - On the courtyard with 2 guards talking, on the bench near them.
   2. Sniper Badge - Behind a painting on the room with a code on the table.
   3. Music Box - Same room where the Sniper Badge is. Located on the table.
   4. Pocket Watch - Inside a safe. On the room before going outside the
      balcony. The safe requires a code to open.
   5. Pocket Flask - Just after getting the Pocket watch, climbing down the
      ladder outside, behind the ladder are a piles of wood. It's on top of it.
   6. Knight's Cross - Inside the archway room with a guard patrolling inside.
      Pushing the crate and breaking the barricade on the room filled with kegs,
      inside lies the collectible along with the Collaborator's List.
   7. Golden Rifle Bullet - In the corner of the first floor of the mill.
   8. Signet Ring - Going through a small house and exiting on the backdoor with
      crates outside lies the collectible.

Stage 11. Fade to Grey - Hospital
   1. Pilot's Watch - On the room with 3 guards and a rusty key on a desk, push
      the crate on the far end near the fusebox to get through the collectible.
   2. Hanseatic Cross - On the statue on the first outside tree-filled area.
   3. Harmonica - After the chapel area, beside the smoking nazi outside.
   4. Signet Ring - On the bench with 3 nazis after the area with Harmonica.
   5. Edelweiss Badge - On the bench near the waters after crossing a shallow

Stage 12. Fade to Grey - Village
   1. Sniper Badge - After the first five enemies, go left of the truck, follow
      through the path and climb a crate on the left. The collectible is in the
      ground at the end of the road near an explosive barrel and 2 nazis.
   2. Silver Luger - Going through a house on the left of the alley near the
      first flamethrower nazi. The collectible is located at the back part of
      the house.
   3. Silver Luger - Inside the boathouse at the far-end of the map.

VI.   Letter Locations                                                    [LTR]

Stage 2 - The Lost - Fuel Storage
On the desk of the nazi listening to the radio.

Stage 4 - Death of the Butcher - Crypt
On the desk In a room near a Pilot's Watch in the corner and lamps on floor.

Stage 5 - Leave a Light On - Docks
One of the desks inside the office with a Signet Ring and a locker with a Flare
gun + 3 flares.

Stage 7 - The Third Man - Sewers
On the desk of the isolated area you saw in the near beginning of the stage.
You need to go down and climb it up through a ladder.

Stage 8 - The Third Man - Ghetto
On the table inside a locked shack that can be opened by using a Rusty Key from
the Nazi general, just after you killed the jacketless nazi and obtaining the
rifle from the first shack.

Stage 9 - The Third Man - Prison
Inside the cell from the second floor in the prison area just right after you
climb the stairs from the first floor.

Stage 10 - Le Boeuf
On a crate on the basement of the first shack with 4 guards and a levered boat.

Stage 11 - Fade to Grey - Hospital
After the cutscene, it's on the desk of the dead Maurice near the wardrobe.

VII.  Miscellaneous Notes                                                 [MSC]

- There's a chance that you cannot acquire the Assassin and Relentlesness
  achievement even if you managed to kill the required amount of enemies
  probably due to the game's glitchy checkpoint/end chapter loading. You'd
  might notice that when you try to load from the last checkpoint and sometimes
  the game will end up loading from checkpoints/chapters way back.

- Enemy kill count does not stack/add-up when you try to retry a mission.

- There are 5 missing/hidden nazis on Stage 6 - Leave a Light On - Storage
  which makes you 5 kills short.

- It's fine to be spotted by an enemy, there's no counter for "number of times
  spotted". What counts are kills and silent kills.

- Silent kill methods:
   1. Sneak behind and press A.
   2. Use a morphine.

- Non-silent kill methods:
   1. Using a knife (exception are the drunken submarine captains).
   2. Using any firearms (colt, luger, shotgun, sniper rifle, flare gun, etc.). 
   3. Shooting an explosive barrel.
   4. Shooting a poison barrel.
   5. Triggering a grenade.
   6. Electrocution.

VIII.   Credits                                                           [CRD]

SouthPeak Interactive
Replay Studios

- End of Document -

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