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FAQ/Walkthrough by Stratafyre

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 05/05/09

             NM=   ?M                   =M8   NM          8                     
         D~   ,7 M~ MMM    M  M      8M       ZMMMM$       ,                    
       7    M8M     ,MMM M:  $    ,D      N           N                         
          M:      M  ,,MMNO     MM      M                  ,                    
      8  D D  :  MZ   ,MI8    M7                          ~                     
      ,= M      M    MMM,   MM                          I                       
         M:  MM~MM   MM   MM,      I     M           MI                         
                   NMM  8NMM7I?NO  MM      MM    N  MMIZ+8M  +MMMMMM           
                  MM  ,M? MM       $M     ONMZ   M  8M         MM               
                 MM  MI   MM   M   :M       M$  M   OM   N     MM               
                M$ NN     MM ,MM   =M        M O:   ZM ,$      NM               
               M M        MM     M +M    M   ,MM    $M     $   DM               
               M7        MMMMDMNM  NMMMMM    ,M    8NMMMDMM    MMZ              
                     M= ,M           88M                                        
                   N             MI   , N                                       
                   M           MMN,=   M                                        
                  ,MN        M=MM,N ,M                                          
     DM,        MNND ?M$   MM M8NM                                              
 , N     DMMMI   M~    ,Z M  M ?~= O   :: =   M      ,:      ~,   ,,  ,     ,:  
 M    ,NI        ZO     MM  MOM    M M   ~N   MN   ~M,  ~: M   :D M+ IM     M   
      M       MM M    OMMMMMM MM     MM      ~ M   ,MN     MM     M  N,M8   M   
7    =    N    =?    MM,  MM   7MM=   MMM    M DM    NMM,   NMM   M  D  MM  M   
       NONM =M7    MM    MN       MM     MM M   MM     +M=     MM M  M~  +M M   
 M    ~,         M8     MM   M    M$M,   M,M    ,M M    M,M    M  M+ 8I    MN   
  :+  Z  M  OMN8,     ?7ZZD : MN7, :,DMI          ? MNI  , DNI   NMM,MM     M   
      M                7                                                        
      \               ,                                                         
       ,..          .D                                                         

Table of Contents:

1) Introduction.........................................[INT01]
2) Game Basics..........................................[BAS02]
3) Violette's Gear......................................[GEAR2]
 3.1)  Weapons..........................................[WEAP2]
 3.2)  Equipment........................................[EQPT2]
4) Walkthrough..........................................[WALK4]
 4.1)  The Lost - Valley................................[TL-VY]
 4.2)  The Lost - Fuel Storage..........................[TL-FS]
 4.3)  Death Of The Butcher - Cathedral.................[DTBCA]
 4.4)  Death Of The Butcher - Crypt.....................[DTBCR]
 4.5)  Leave A Light On - Docks.........................[LALOD]
 4.6)  Leave a Light On - Storage.......................[LALOS]
 4.7)  The Third Man - Sewers...........................[TTM-S]
 4.8)  The Third Man - Ghetto...........................[TTM-G]
 4.9)  The Third Man - Prison...........................[TTM-P]
 4.10) Le Boeuf.........................................[LEBOE]
 4.11) Fade To Grey - Hospital..........................[FTG-H]
 4.12) Fade to Grey - Village...........................[FTG-V]
5) Collectible Locations................................[COLCT]
6) Letter Locations.....................................[LETTR]
7) Achivements..........................................[ACHVE]
 7.1)  Normal Achievements..............................[BASEA]
 7.2)  Secret Achievements..............................[SCRTA]
8) Contact Info.........................................[CNTCT]


So, this is my first attempt at a walkthrough, so we'll have to see
how well it goes. I first saw a gameplay demo for Velvet Assassin at NY Comic
Con, and it looked pretty nifty, so I ended up grabbing it when it came out.
It seems like it's kind of a niche game, as the scores in reviews so far are
a bit mediocre, but if you enjoy stealth games, or World War II games that 
aren't First Person Shooters, you'll probably enjoy Velvet Assassin. I think 
that's about all I've got for now, so let's get on to the actual FAQ.

Game Basics.............................................[BAS02]

Velvet Assassin puts you in the shoes of Violette Summer, based on
the real life Violette Szabo, as she destroys German depots, executes high
ranking German Officers, and has odd hallucinations as a result of your
spending over three quarters of the game in flashbacks from before she was

A quick rundown of the controls:

Left Analog Stick  - Move Violette
Right Analog Stick - Move the Camera around Violette
Directional Pad    - Up and down cycle through your available
                     weapons, while left and right reload
Right Bumper       - Alternates between running and sneaking
Left Bumper        - Toggles flashlight
Left Trigger       - Aim
Right Trigger      - Attack while aiming
Select             - Wears the gas mask, if you have one
X                  - Use Morphine
A                  - Silent kills, open doors, pick up items, use objects
B                  - Drag Bodies, trigger grenades
Y                  - Makes Violette whistle

This is a stealth game, so you're going to want to concentrate on
that aspect, because if you try to run and gun your way through, you'll end
up not only alerting the entire level, but running completely out of ammo
before you take down half of the Nazis. Except in at very specific times, or
after you're absolutely certain you've cleared an area, you should be in the
'Sneaking' mode, as your footsteps are silent, and you are better able to
stay within the shadows.

In the lower left hand of your screen, there's a 'Danger' indicator
in the shape of Violette. A purple aura means that you are hidden, a red
aura means that the Nazis are alerted to you, and a flashing purple and
red indicator seems to mean that they are alert, but don't necessarily see
you yet. As often as possible, you want that purple aura, because it means
that the enemy can't see you unless they are practically on top of you.

Since the majority of the game takes place in the past, through
Violette's memories as she's laying in a hospital bed, you get to use
Morphine to give you super powers. I really suggest avoiding it, since you
don't have it as an option during the last set of missions. There are also
a few areas where you absolutely /have/ to use it in order to get the max
silent kills, but I'll make a note of those in the walkthrough area.

One thing I've noticed is that, even if you have a purple aura,
enemies can sometimes see you if you're aiming. So make sure you have cover
in front of you, in addition to shadows, when you're aiming with a weapon.

As far as upgrading, always take Stealth first, then Morphine, and
then Strength. Stealth is by far the most useful until later levels, as 
there is always some way to kill just about everyone without Morphine.

Violette's Gear.........................................[GEAR2]

3.1)  Weapons...........................................[WEAP2]
Fighting Knife -
Easily your most important weapon, and the only one you always have available.
Silent kills are instant, while it takes about 3 hits on Normal to take someone
down, outside of silent kills.

Colt 1911 -
Used in some silent kills, at random, this is good for situations where you're
out of morphine, and in an awkward position to try to pull off a silent kill.
In a pinch, you can use it if you accidentally alerted the enemies, as a single
headshot will take them down.

Luger -
You're only going to be using the luger if you screw up, as it is very loud.
Takes a few hits, unless you hit the guy in the head.

Flare Gun -
Same as above, or you're trying to get the achievement.

G43 Sniper Rifle -
Pretty useful, but keep in mind that it isn't silenced. A headshot will kill
them, and there's no good reason to not be getting headshots.

Shotgun -
Great at short ranges, but obviously pretty loud.

StG44 Assault Rifle -
Loud and ridiculous inaccurate, but you don't really have an option when you
do finally get it. At longer ranges, fire single shots. Up close, you can
aim a bit low and dance the automatic fire up. Takes about three shots.

3.2)  Equipment.........................................[EQPT2]
Vest -
If you're trying to do a full stealth run, you're almost better off not
picking up vests, so you aren't tempted into gunfights. They do a fair bit
of protection, just about doubling your survivability.

Gasmask -
Protects you from various poisonous gasses, at the cost of being unable to


4.1)  The Lost - Valley.................................[TL-VY]

This is your basic tutorial mission, but you can still end up missing a few
stealth kills if you aren't careful. At the start of the mission, you want to
run straight forward under the bridge, and come around to the right for a
ladder. There's a drunk Nazi at the top, and so long as you're sneaking, you
just have to come up behind him. Going the opposite direction on the bridge,
overlooking where you started the mission, is the first Knight's Cross

Following the path up until you have to hop across a chasm, you need to wait
until the two Nazis separate. If you don't get to the first fast enough, you
will end up alerting the second, so it's usually best to wait until the second
makes a full circuit, then kill the first as soon as the far Nazi turns his
back. Then wait for a third round, and take the second Nazi down. It can be
difficult to catch up to him while in Sneak mode, so you can hide in the
bushes across the bridge when he comes back. Search his body for a Signet
Ring, before heading up the hill to the stack of crates, where you can find a

Crawl through to the opposite side of the wall, then make your way slowly
through the bushes/flowers to the darkened shack, where you can pick up your
first dose of morphine. Use it to take down the last Nazi, while you avoid
alerting the patroling Nazi above. Search his body for a Rusty Key, then grab
the Silver Cigar Box from behind the sand bags on the right. Wait until the
patrol up top turns his back and starts walking further up the hill, then
sneak across and into the shack with the blinking light in it. That'll be a
Sniper Badge.

All you have to do now is sneak back across and enter the bunker.

Kills: 4

Collectibles: 5


4.2)  The Lost - Fuel Storage...........................[TL-FS]

Ransack the starting room, there's a Medkit if you need it, and a Colt 1911
inside of the locker. Push the crate out of the doorway, then grab the
Hanseatic Cross and Morphine on the shelves to your left. There's a hallway
that leads out from the opposite side of the room, and you can see a Nazi
illuminated through a small square of light. Circle around to kill him, then
search his body for a key to open the next door. The next hallway has a fuse
box on the right wall, and breaking that will cause the next enemy to
investigate the light. While his back is turned, kill him, then dump the body
out of sight. Don't try to hide in the first alcove, the flashing light will
give you away. The next alcove is far more safe, and not that hard to get to
when the Nazi down the hallway turns his back. Wait for him to start walking
away, and you should be able to chase him down.

The end of the hallway is around the corner, and as soon as you pass through
the door, you can make your way to the Medkit and Harmoinca on the first stack
of crates. There's also Morphine in an alcove on the left side, behind a few
crates, and another Medkit just forward of that. You want to head to the first
door on the right, into a hallway full of broken glass. Avoid this as best you
can, as the sound will alert anyone nearby. Peeking through the keyhole, you'll
see a Nazi Officer turn on a radio, after he's vacated the room, you can sneak
in, turn the radio off, hide in the nearby shadows, and catch him when he turns
it back on. Make sure to drop the body somewhere dark. Searching his body gets
you a Rusty Key.

There's a letter on the first desk in the next room, be careful walking over
the broken glass between the two. Watch for the flickering light, and after it
switches out, cross into the small antechamber directly across from the Radio
room. From there, you can enter the room next to lit cage. Grab the Signet Ring
from the shelves, and then crawl through to listen to the Germans talk. Once
they've finished their conversation, one will pace for a bit, then show you his
back. Take him down, and drag him out of view of the entrance, then watch the
other. He'll almost come in the room, then turn and give you a chance to kill
him. Grab the Gasmask from on top of the crate, and make your way back to the
main garage.

Head directly across to the "Munitionslager", and all the way up the stairs to
grab a Telescope collectible, then back down to the center floor. Take a quick
look inside, then enter the room, As soon as the German wanders out into the
room you're in, take him down, then break the fuse box. Whistle right in front
of the open archway, then hide behind it to take down the guy down the hall.
In the next area, you get to listen to another conversation, while they are
talking, use the fan blade's shadow to get across to the other side of the
room, where you can nab Morphine if you need it. Follow the drugged up German
into the next hallway and neutralize him, then come back for his buddy. You
can catch him if you're quick by following him when he turns to walk towards
the wall, or you can use a dose of Morphine to make it far more easy.

There's a door you can open in the wall past him, that leads to a wooden
barricade. Stabbing it once with your knife will remove that, and you get a
bottle of wine for a secret achievement. Following the hallway where you
killed the drug Nazi, you'll need to hop over two chainlink fences, then peek
through the keyhole at a Nazi who appears to be nodding off. Open the chain
door on your right, grab the Medkit if you need it, then go back outside of
that little room to whistle. Sneak back into the room, and wait until the
guard turns his back to ice him.

When you check through the next door, you'll see one Nazi with his back to
you, and one further off facing straight at you. You can safely open the
door and walk into the room, however. If you go right, follow the tool bench
and flip the switch, it closes the shutters over the window, changing the
light pattern in the room, but also brings the jacketless Nazi over towars
you, if you duck behind the car, he'll eventually wander back, and you can
kill the uniformed Nazi with no problems, then loop back around to deal with
the first. Behind the other car is an Edelweiss Badge collectible, and up the
stairs is a switch that turns off the electric door in the previous room.
There's also a Medkit, if you need it. After you've grabbed the explosives,
head back to the main garage intersection.

Now you'll be going behind the door with the Gas Mask sign on it. Go down the
stairs, ignoring the locked door for now. Peek through the keyhole, and when
the jacketless Gasmasked German turns, you can come out and hide behind the
explosive barrel for another random subtitled conversation. As soon as it
ends, follow the jacketless German and execute him. Head back to the corner,
and wait for the other German to turn around before darting around between
the gas tank and the room separating half-wall. After he passes by one last
time, you can kill him and dump the body around the corner, before heading
back down between the tank and wall to loop back and finish off the third
guard. Behind the second of the vertical tanks on the far wall, there is a
Pocket Flask collectible. If you really feel the need, you can break the
fuse box at the end, near the shotgun shells, to give yourself a little more
breathing room.

Push the crate up against the wall, and use that to climb up onto the catwalk.
Plant the explosives, and then get the hell out of dodge. There's a shotgun
in a locker, shells and a medkit in the next room, along with a door that
leads back out to the stair well, take it to the top, but beware of the guards
that have come spilling out. Wait to open the door until the first turns his
back, then use Morphine to take him out. Immediately turn and run back through
the door, the second guard will come out, alerted, but eventually he'll calm
down and turn with his back to you. Kill him, then run down the exit hallway
until you get to a thinner catwalk area. There are red barrels in the next
section, shoot them with your Colt to take out the last two guards, then run
to freedom.

Kills: 20

Collectibles: 6


4.3)  Death Of The Butcher - Cathedral..................[DTBCA]

Start the mission by sneaking around the corner, jumping across the gap in the
dock, and hiding behind the first set of crates. The first German will patrol
back and forth, but you can get up behind the second set of crates and take
him down when he patrols back in your direction. The second will smoke until
you get close, then talk about the view. At no point does he really become a
threat. After he's dead, continue on to the end of the dock for a Music Box.
Once you climb up the stairs, a Nazi will wander out of the shack and start
smoking. You can either skip this entirely by climbing up and over his shack,
or you can whistle to get him to come out, then circle around any one of the
obstacles available to nail him, sneak inside and get the shiny key. Across
the top of the shack, if you take a right, you can find a Medkit and some
Morphine. There's also a Knight's Cross to the left, past the opening and
behind a few barrels.

After they've finished talking, one of them will wander out of the opening
near where you found the Knight's Cross and Morphine. Kill him, and drag
the body out of sight before heading inside, careful not to be spotted by his
compatriot. Head across past the first bridge, to the second that has a waist
high wall. Cross and shut off the radio, killing the second Nazi when he's
fiddling with it. You'll use the key on the door, and then come around to see
a German smoking next to a fuse box, no problems icing him there. Hit the
fuses and crawl along the side of the shack, inside there is some Morphine,
watch the patroling guard outside until you get a chance to duck inside the
outhouse, cautious of the broken glass on the floor. Once he passes by again,
you can hop out and finish him. Follow close along the opposite side of the
splitter wall, and you can take down the third guard with no problems. 

Climb down the ladder and head around the corner to break another fuse box,
watch the Germans on the boat until you get a chance to duck on board, and
circle around to the starboard side. One of them will eventually come back
to the port side, and you can kill him there. Leave the second one for now,
head off the other side of the boat, and directly across to an alcove. After
the third guard wanders past, you can kill him, then return to the boat to
kill the remaining Nazi. The door is locked, and the chain link door is 
electrified. To shut off the power, you have to push a crate in and flip a
switch. Check through the keyhole on the next house to see a Nazi Officer,
you can wander in and kill him, then search his body for a key.

The next room contains an SS Uniform disguise and a rusty key. Grab them
both, then hope in the wardrobe in the boat room. Once you've changed,
you'll notice a white bar in the middle of your screen. That's the alert
bar, when it shrinks to nothing, they will notice something's wrong and
come at you. Once they are both on the boat, you don't have much to worry
about. Run to the next door, and use your morphine to kill the single guard
so that you can pick up the Sniper Badge on the barrel in front of him.
Climb up the ladder, and weave in and out of the Germans until you get to
the outhouse through the two trucks, and change back into your clothes. If
you're so inclined, you can go back and kill the two nearest guards in the
previous area through a combination of hiding and whistling. Crawl into the
next area, then head into the shack for a Medkit, if you need it. Follow
the shadows across to the barbed wire, and then around along the rosebushes
and watch until you can get up next to the guard with his back to you. Once
you have the maximum amount of time to do so, kill him, then dump him
behind the bushes, then do the same with the other guy. There's a pack of
Morphine in the back corner. Grab the next guy as he turns in his patrol,
not much of a problem if you time it well.

Follow the shadows into the next section, but watch out, because a lot of
these shadows simply won't cover you properly. Get to the far side, and
hide in the red bushes to take down the guard wandering around. Search his
body for a Rusty Key, and head back through the bushes you were hiding in,
to a hard to see small alcove that contains an Army Honor Dagger. Head
through the door, across from you, in the sink, there is a Lighter, you
may have to stand up to grab it.

Now, there are two ways to accomplish the next section, the first is to
simply Blitzkrieg the area in the SS Uniform, which doesn't require much
instruction. So the rest of this part of the walkthrough will deal with
trying to silently kill all of the guards in this area. You can sneak out
and around to the left side of the truck, and when the guard gets behind
the sandbags, you can whistle him over. It definitely takes some fine
tuning, because you need to be wicked close to catch him before he hads
back out into the light. You can do the same behind the crates, next to
the rosebushes, for the second guard here. To get the last two, you've got
to get them to chase you into the shadows, then once they stop looking,
you can grab one, then the other. Once you've finished them off, the map
is clear, and you can run to the right of the stairwell leading out of
the level to grab a Pilot's Watch.

Kills: 29

Collectibles: 6


4.4)  Death Of The Butcher - Crypt......................[DTBCR]

Before anything else, push the crate in front of the light so that you don't
end up flashing your shadow. Look through the door and wait until the guard
comes right up in front of you and turns to show you his back, go through the
door and neutralize him. Grab the Pocket Flask and head down the right side of
the hall until you hit the corner, when you turn left, if you wait, you'll see
a German come into view, then turn and head off. Time yourself to this, and
hop up two alcoves so that you're right next to him when he stops. Kill him,
then sneak around and kill the Nazi leaning against a pillar. After passing
through the door, trigger the grenade on the German's belt right as he begins
to walk, it should take out at least one of the other two, and you can circle
around the nearby coffin to take out the third. Make sure to grab the Edelweiss
Badge on the table near where the grenade went off. 

Through the next door, flip the switch to turn off the electricity that's
running into the water, then go directly across to push the crate back, then
turn left and crawl through. Wait for the closer guard to walk away before
coming out, hide on the right, and trigger the grenade as soon as you can,
safely. Grab the key from their bodies, head into the door past them, if you
need a Medkit or Morphine, then head down the stairwell. Peek through the
keyhole, then hunt down the Nazi Officer inside. Search his body for a
hamonica, then check the wall on the left side, if you're facing the door.
Hit the hidden switch there, then push the golden statue back into the crypt
that opens up. Hit the switch again once it's in there, you'll get a secret
objective completed. Head back up and around to wear you turned off the
electricity, grab a Hanseatic Cross from the backside of the crates where you
entered, and take out the guy at the top of the stairs, the other two won't
see you doing it. His body'll even slide down the stairs, so you don't have
to worry about it.

Listen to the conversation, or not, I don't really care, you have to wait
regardless. Once they start wandering away, use the whistling to get one into
the coffin room behind, then the other. Follow up the left side, past the
motor, to find the next door. You can whistle the first couple of them, and
use the center pillar to take them out. You can then walk directly up to the
last one to get him. There's a Pilot's Watch in the back right corner, and a
letter on the desk. In the next room, the one with barrels, there's a
Hanseatic Cross Hamburg at the back, on the left under the barrels. There's
also a shotgun in the locker, but you shouldn't really need it. Even though
there's a bright light on the other side of the next door, you're safe to
enter. Push the first crate back, then the second to grab a Silver Luger,
then push the first crate to it's original position to grab some extra
shotgun shells.

At the top of the circular staircase, wait for the Nazi to patrol, then kill
the nearest to the stairs, but make certain to drag his body into the
shadows under the stained glass window, or the other will see it and
investigate. Wait for another patrol, then take down the second. There's a
vest on one of the crates, and if you push the crate back towards the stairs,
you can grab a Gold Bar for a special achievement. Hopefully, you still have
some Morphine at this point, because you're going to need it to get any
silent kills in the final area.

You have to sneak as quickly as possible to get across to the opposite side
before the light breaks and floods the area so that you can't get any more
silent kills. You can take down the one guy here, and one more with morphine,
but you'll likely have to shoot the third guard at the bottom. You will
probably have to shoot the first of the two at the top, but you can silent
kill Shunkel when he turns around.

Kills: 22

Collectibles: 8


4.5)  Leave A Light On - Docks..........................[LALOD]

Starting the level, you want to head through the chain link door and make your
way along the shadows to the shack. Turn off the radio, then kill the guy who
comes to turn it back on. You can whislte next to the small, square window,
then immediately get out of the shack towards the direction you came from. When
they guard enters, you can follow him in for the kill. Head directly across to
the opposite side of the road, and follow behind the crates until you get to
the three large spools of cable. You can dance around these to catch the Nazi
officer, then head inside the small shack to kill another guard. Head back out,
and look for the hole in the barbed wire on top of the fence, you can climb
over there and head through the door.

On your right as you come through the door, there's a Lighter collectible. At
the end of the dock is a crate you can push to reach the ladder, climb up to
the next area. Lure the guard out with a whistle, you can kill him by circling
around the stack of crates. Head up on the right side, to the next door, and
enter the caged off area for a Sniper Badge. Jump down, and wait until you can
safely whistle to draw the first guard over. Kill him, then repeat this process
for the second. Inside the following room is the key you need, along with a
fuse box to break. Head back out and up the stairs, use the key to open the
cage that was locked on the second level, for a vest and a Medkit, then back
out and up the stairs to the third level. Lure the first guard with a whistle,
circle around and avoid the door due to the broken glass. Climb over the fence,
instead, and hit the fuse box before killing the Nazi there. Inside the cage,
use the lever and head back down the stairs, as the exit is now clear. Follow
the shadows around the wall of crates, and move past the front of the truck
when the two Nazis aren't looking. You can then take out the first between the
two sets of boxes. If you're quick, you can follow the second to an alcove that
isn't shadowed, but he doesn't seem to notice you if you cram yourself in the
corner. You can then chase him down when he passes by. The final Nazi is easy,
he's just leaning against a post.

Head through the door in front of him, and past the first door on your left to
the second, peek through the keyhole and wait for your chance to take out the
officer. Grab the Signet Ring from the desk, and the Flare Gun if you're
trying to get the achievement, then grab the letter on a desk further back.
Break the fuse box, and then whistle to attract the guard from the other room,
after you've dealt with him, you can turn off the switch in the central room
and jump through the window, circle around to your right and knife the wooden
barricade to get a Telescope. Go back through the window, out of the building
and to your left past a truck. There's a fence you can climb over, and a brief
loop through crates until you get to the three guards. You can sneak around
the outside of the U of crates, and either kill the guard outright, or trigger
his grenade to kill all three unsilently. If you head out immediately after
they stop talking, you can tag the smoking Nazi before the other turns back
around in his patrol, then it's just a matter of chasing him down.

Follow the water until you can get into the shadow of the crane, then cut
across behind the two guards when they start talking to each other. You can
circle around the shack and get the first while the second is patrolling, then
duck inside the shack and grab the second while he's looking for whoever just
killed the first. (Alternately, you can hop over the fence in the area that
contains the torpedos, and do the same. Kill the sleeping submarine captain,
then climb up onto the crane. Grab the gas mask before climbing down the
ladder, the guard here is easy enough to kill after breaking the fuse box, and
searching his body nets you a key. The locker behind him contains a few more
shots for your Colt, and the key unlocks the nearby door. Go across the
bridge, and when it is safe to do so, head behind the L shaped crates and
across to between the two tanks. If you head around the tank on your right,
there's some morphine on the ground. As far as I can tell, you have to use the
morphine you have, and the morphine on the ground, in order to get silent
kills here. Whistle the closest guard between the two tanks, hit him with a
morphine kill, grab the extra morphine, then do the same on the far side of
the four tanks with the far guard. The last guard you can take down just by
whistling. Continue past and hop over the fence. Wait behind the crates until
the jacketless Nazi leaves, then take the other down as soon as he patrols.
Use the engine to lure the jacketlass guard back in, and take him down as
well. There is a Medkit on the shelf, if you need it. Head through the door,
take out the single guard inside. Finally, push the crate over and then
climb on top to grab a Silver Cigar Box.

Leave the building, and take out the German as soon as he patrols through
the door and halfway turns his back to you. Crawl beneath the crates, and
head around to the front of the truck. Take down the guard on the edge of
the water, after the officer patrols away, then hide behind the torpedos
until the officer faces the spotlight, you can kill him then. Search his
body for a code, then move into the shack to grab Medkits, then near the
far edge of the shack, you can hop over a box. Follow around the side of
the building until it juts out, then head in through the open doorway
around the corner. Wait until both guards have their back turned, then dart
into the alcove just before the broken glass. When the jacketless Nazi has
his back turned to you, you can kill him. Go back between the two sets of
torpedos, and around to the right. You can crawl beneath the guard shack
and come out on the other side of the broken glass. Kill the last guard,
and use the code to unlock the safe for some documents about the Submarines.
You can grab some Morphine off of the tool bench before heading back out
and around to another door. Wait until the Germans behind the fence turn,
then circle to the right and into another submarine captain's room. Kill
him, then pick up the Knight's Cross from the floor.

You have to climb the fence to get to the next area, just make certain that
neither of the two guards are looking at you, when you do. Immediately head
up to the first crate, and wait for a chance to hide in the V crated by the
crates ahead. Once they turn again, you can follow the one through the door,
and take him out over there, before heading back for the other. You can
climb either fence, the one directly forward, or the one on your right. The
one on the right makes this far easier. Head through the door, and circle
around into the shack when the two guards aren't looking. You can grab a
flare, then kill the stationary guard at the opportune moment. Kill the
other guard when he comes to investigate. There is a guard that you can only
see through a square window in the shack, you have to shoot him. Head across
the bridge to end the level.

Kills: 37

Collectibles: 6


4.6)  Leave a Light On - Storage........................[LALOS]

If you're quick, you can make your way through the door and around on the left
to take out the first Nazi before he moves, but you can basically chase him to
the end if you have to. The locker has a Flare Gun, and you can walk through
the chain link door for a switch that will electrocute the guard leaning
against the wall, and most of the time you can get the second one with the
same switch when he goes to check the body. If you want silent kills, however,
you'll have to do some pretty extreme strategic whistling. In the next room,
you can circle around to the left without alerting the first guard, and break
a fuse box. The guard will immediately present you with a chance to kill him.
Make sure to drag his body somewhere, or the other guards are going to find it.
Hide behind the spool, on the side where the door you came through is, and kill
the second guard as he heads up the ramp.

Breaking the second fuse box gives you a little breathing room, and you can
hide at the top of the last ramp to catch the penultimate Nazi when he wanders
past. You'll have to use whistling to get the last one. The door next to him
has another guard, with his back to you, and a locker that contains more ammo
for the Colt. Up the stairs, you'll have to climb over two fences in order to
take out the guard silently, then wait for the other to come back across the
bridge to finish him. Go down the bridge, and all the way to the left for an
Edelweiss Badge. There's a lever on an I-Beam between the catwalk and door
which will lift the crates that were blocking the item below, head back down
and grab the now-exposed Marine Honor Dagger for a secret achievement. Go back
upstairs, where you can grab more Morphine off of a desk, then through the
next door. You can catch the fully uniformed German while he is in the
darkness, if you're careful. You'll can take the other out when the lights
flicker and die. Hit the lever, and continue on. The next set of rooms has a
Medkit, and further on is a single Nazi you should have no trouble with. Head
down the first half of the stairs, but don't go down the second until the
patrolling guard has turned his back.

Go immediately to the left and into the shadows, climb over the fencing to
shut off the electricity to the water, then go around to the door of the
shack. There's a vest, Medkit and a flare inside, but you shouldn't need any
of them. Wait for the guard to patrol, then move across between the two
spools, you should then be able to take him out. You can catch the next guard
anytime he's out of the light, mostly on the ramp, and then just chase the
flashlight Nazi around until you catch him. Then you can grab the explosives
from the other side of the shack, across the water that you de-electrified.
There are now more guards outside, another that circles the crates is rather
easy to take out, search his body for a key, and if you haven't already, grab
the Hanseatic Cross Hamburg from the back corner of the massive pile of

You can use the key on the door next to the stairs, then head out into the
open near the trains. Come around to the left and climb up on top of a crate
to find a Pocket Flask. You can get the nearest guard by whistling between
the first set of crates outside of the door and the wall, then hiding behind
the spool nearby. It can be a little iffy, though, and may take a couple
tries. Head forward to the left and duck into the alcove in the stack of
crates when the guard at the front of the truck isn't looking. The next part
can be just as iffy as the first, you have to wait until that Nazi is nearly
back at his post in front of the truck, then whistle and duck into the alcove.
This'll bring the Nazi Officer over, and when he turns his back, if you've
timed it right, you'll be clear to kill him, then drag him back behind the
crates. After this, you can carefully move along where the officer was to get
to a set of shadows that makes executing the last rather simple. Head inside
the shack to flip a switch, that will turn off the electricity at the nearby

Inside the next room, circle around the corner to grab a Music Box, then head
back out through the door, grabbing the morphine if you need it. Heading back
outside, you'll notice two more guards have shown up. If you are exceptionally
fast, and have fully upgraded your stealth ( If you're following this guide,
you should have! ) you'll have a fraction of a second to take him down, making
the whole area far more easy. Just wait until the other shows you his back,
then take him down. As soon as you pass between the two sections of train, it
spawns guards that track you down. If you run to the far end of the shadow of
the train that's closest to the electric fence, you can use morphine to take
the running one down when the other stops looking. This set can be really
random, and it may take a few tries to get them all silently. On the other
hand, it is very easy to just take them down with firearms. After you're down,
climb up on the crates between the trains, and set your explosives.

You'll pretty much have to use Morphine to kill the guy at the end of the
train, but you should have plenty left at this point. After you scale the
fence and enter the room, check the back corner for a Harmonica. You can get
the next guard with Morphine, but that's just about the end for silent kills
in this map. Enjoy blasting your way through the next area with the shotgun or
Colt, and make sure to grab the last collectible, a Pilot Watch, from a set of
barrels as you turn the last corner. The end claims there are 39 enemies, but
I have no idea where they are hiding five of them.

Kills: 39(?)

Collectibles: 7


4.7)  The Third Man - Sewers............................[TTM-S]

Outside the first door, there's a guard patrolling nearby on the catwalk. Wait
until he stops and faces towards the center before taking him out, then
continue around to the next door, take note of the currently inaccessible
treasures, and pass through into the next area. Wait until the light dies and
the guard moves away, then move through the doorway that the light comes out
of, taking him out. Move around to break the fusebox, then turn off the radio
for an easy kill. Search his body for a key, then grab the gas mask, and open
the locker to find a Colt. Shoot the explosive barrels at the top of the
ladder for a Pocket Watch. Climb down the ladder, go through the door and kill
the patrolling guard before climbing the ladder to the area you'd seen before.
There's a letter, some morphine and a Lighter. Be careful when you climb back
down, the other guard can see you at the bottom of the ladder if he's facing
properly. He's easy enough to take out, just follow along, on the opposite
side, and take him out at the bottom in the larger dark area.

Outside of the door is the same central area, stick close to the wall to avoid
being seen by the guards below, grab the morphine and continue on through the
door. Head up the pipe until you see the two Nazis talking, when they
separate, you can grab the Sniper Badge off of the crate. Head past the
corner, out of the pipes, to kill a guard. Breaking the fuse box makes killing
the second one simple. Back into the pipes, through a door and out along a
dividing wall, when the light flickers, you can come around and head up to a
small walkway next to a tank, wait for the patrolling guard to pass, then kill
him. You'll have to whistle and circle around the central area to kill the
second. Climb down the ladder, break the fuse box, then climb down the next
and head left. Whistle in this area, then head across to the other alcove.
The guard with the grenade should go across so that you can kill him, then you
can move across the bridge and to the left, whistle, and hide in the same
alcove as before. As soon as the German turns his flashlight off, chase him
down for the kill. Peek through the door, and once the guard has turned, go

Head up to the crates on the left, and when you get the chance, the barricade
on the left. As soon as the patrolling Nazi is at the far left, and turns his
back to you, kill the guard in the middle and head back behind the barricade.
You'll have to use Morphine to kill the second. It's okay, there's a Morphine
in the center, along with a medkit, a gas mask you can't pick up, and a Signet
Ring. Search the body of the first guard for a key, put on your gas mask, and
head into the next room. Climb down the ladder and listen to the two guards
talk, then kill the one on the left of the room. You'll have to leave the
other for later, specifically, after you climb up the ladder and break the
fuse box. Stick close to the railing to avoid the lights set into the walls.
Once you've broken the fuse box, you can go back down  and kill him with no
problems. Grab the Knight's Cross from the two barrels, then head back up the
ladder. With the lights out, you should not have much of a problem taking the
last two down.

Out the door, and get ready for the biggest pain in the ass so far. The best
way to kill these two is to circle left and head up through the shadows when
they aren't looking, hide in the far back left staircase to kill the normal
guy, then back and around to kill the flamethrower guard when he's looking
out over the edge. As soon as you kill these two... two more show up. So be
ready for that. At the bottom of that same staircase is a Pilot Watch. Use
Morphine to kill the guard the comes up out of that staircase after you kill
the first two, and you should get a chance to kill the fourth one, which
triggers a fifth and final guard. The only way to silent kill him is with
another Morphine, so if you haven't upgraded your Morphine stat, you are out
of luck. Once this gauntlet is over, you can go through the door that the
last guard unlocked as he came through to end the level.

Kills: 22

Collectibles: 6


4.8)  The Third Man - Ghetto............................[TTM-G]

Starting where the last level ended, you can climb up by using the ladder,
circle around into the cage with the hanging man for a dose of Morphine. Head
into the next room, but stop just before the light. This triggers a Nazi to
come over and check the body in front of you, get rid of him, then grab the
Pocket Flask on the pile to your left. Climb up and out of the sewers, then
move across to the other shack. There's a strip of shadow next to the fence
outside, but watch out for the broken glass. You'll have to wait through the
conversation here. The closest one will patrol over to the shadows and turn
around, you can kill him drag him off and then do the same when the 2nd comes
back. You can climb up the ladder for an Edelweiss Badge, then go around
the chain fence opening to kill the final guard in this area. The shack behind
him has more ammo for your Colt.

After the brief comments by the officer and guard in the next area, the Officer
will patrol right past you. Kill him, then whistle the guard in and continue on
The next area is designed for you to trigger a grenade and kill at least three
guards, but you can get all silent kills by luring the three patrolling Nazis
between the trucks at the center of the area, then circling around to kill the
leaning guard. Behind him, there's some Morphine and a medkit. Crawl through to
the next area, there's a hole nearby the shack. Move through the shadows to the
next shack, kill the jacketless Nazi, behind him there is a locker that has a
Sniper Rifle. Don't try to use it, you don't have any ammo yet. Whistle the
Officer over, he'll stand in the same place that the jacketless Nazi had. Kill
him, then search his body for a key. Go through the bushes to the shack, inside
there is ammo for the G43, a Silver Luger and a letter. Whistle just outside of
the shack, on the side of the fence, and it'll cause the guard to come stand
right outside the door, easy kill. Climb outside, hop the fence and follow the
shadows across to the next shack, where you can grab another dose of Morphine.
When the guard has his back to you, move around and behind the shack, and
across to the shadows. There's a Hanseatic Cross Hamburg, and you should have
no problems killing the guard.

There's a vest in the final shack, but you should already have one at this
point. Climb up, jump across to the other shack, then back down. Wait for the
guard to stop mocking the corpse, then head across for more G43 ammo. As soon
as the guard is leaning against the tree, you can climb over the fence and take
him down. When you get to the next area, the sniper is in the window on the
square side of the building, all of the way at the top. Killing him brings two
more guards out, one of which will run straight over to the shadows you are
hiding in. Whistle him in, kill him, then get across the street while the other
isn't looking. You can move down the street and take him out with few problems,
he spends most of his patrol in the dark.

Sneak to the center of the bridge, there are two snipers in the building across
the walls from where you were before. One is near the wall closest to you, the
other is in the center. Take both of them down with your rifle, then move
through the building. Move around the sideway bed for a Harmonica, then you're
good to go to the end of this sidewalk. Crawl through to the next area, and as
soon as you're clear to do so, sneak across to the shadow of the truck. Wait
until you're clear again, then move to the fence's shadow and across to the
wall opposite of where you came in. You can whistle to get the guard into the
shadows for a kill, if you're lucky, the others will come to investigate, and
you can get a kill in if you're careful. Otherwise, find darkness near them
whistle them in, there's one more guard and an officer. However, if you want
to get the secret achievement for killing all of the enemies in this level you
have to alert one of the guards in this area. This spawns an additional two
guards that come out of the door to the last are. You should have plenty of
ammo, so go ahead and blast away, or alert them, then use your the stockpile
of Morphine you should have at this point. If you have at least three doses of
Morphine, you can max out the silent kills in this level. I'm not sure if you
have to alert the Officer or not, but I always do, just to be safe, as
Officers blow a whistle that calls in back up. You cannot silently kill the

Kills: 25

Collectibles: 5


4.9)  The Third Man - Prison............................[TTM-P]

First thing to do is push a crate in front of the light that is shining on the
door. This makes it so the guy behind the door won't see you the instant you
pass through. As soon as he turns around, you can start following him, then
take him down. Head through the door on your left and listen in on a
conversation. Once they stop talking, the one in full uniform will approach
and turn at the divider wall. Kill him quickly, and drag him into the shadows.
Once the other returns to the toolbench, you can kill him too. There's a dose
of Morphine on the desk nearby.

Go through the door on the left of the tool bench, climb down the ladder, and
move around the tank to wait at the end of the shadows. You can kill the
patrolling guard as soon as he passes, then search his body for a key. Head
back up the ladder, around and to the other door, which you can now unlock.
This makes it simple to kill the guard on the other side, then you can flip
the switch and grab the Signet Ring right next to it. There's a dose of
Morphine on the floor below, after you've grabbed that, head back out and
across the water to the door. Go up the first flight of stairs and into the
room, you can grab the first guard just after he opens the door, and circle
through the rooms to come out behind the second. Once the second is dead, the
third should not be a problem. Turn to your left, and head into the hallway.
There will be a fourth and final guard that comes out after you've gone in a
certain distance, kill him, then turn and go into the room that was behind
the third guard. Grab a key, and an SS Uniform, then use the wardrobe to
change into the disguise and head back to the fourth guard, there's a door
you can pass through into a dining area.

Weave your way through the Germans to the next room, through the door on the
far end. Move up the first staircase, and into the cell for a letter. Just
past the next staircase, on the same level, there is a Silver Cigar Box
inside of a cell. On the third story, you need to hit a lever that will open
the door on the right side of the second story, head back down and go through
to the next area. Circle around the catwalk, be careful of the one Nazi with
a flashlight, and head into the commandant's office. After you have a
flashback, run across to the wardrobe, change, then run back and hide in the
shadows to the right of the door. EVentually, an officer will wander in and
you can kill him. Grab the key on the desk, and the morphine if you need to,
before heading out to kill the guard that is now outside.

After they are both dead, go back into the commander's office. Check the
painting on the wall, and use it to open a secret passage behind his desk.
Climb down, sneak around and kill the Commandant. Search the table nearby for
a Diplomatic Corps Dagger, which will net you both two achievements.

At this point, you can maybe kill the guard on the catwalk, but after that,
the only silent kills you can get in this area, and in the main prison area,
are with Morphine. There's a collectible below you, you have to go back
through the prison block and kill the three guards to get a Telescope in the
area where the officer and the cap wearing guard are standing. Or, you can
throw the SS Uniform back on, and make your way through that way. Depends on
if you want the collectible and non-Silent kills. After you've gotten through
all of this to the next area, change out of your SS Uniform if you're wearing

Creep out along the shadows to kill the guard on your left, near the
guillotine. Then turn around and kill the guard near the electrified rack.
You can turn the electricity on to kill him, but it does not count as a silent
kill. Make sure to kill him when he's not in the light, or he'll notice you.
Whistle to attract the other officer, then move through the next door to kill
the final officer. Use the chains to end the level.

Kills: 26

Collectibles: 4


4.10) Le Boeuf..................................[LEBOE]

Run down the road until you see a guard, he won't turn around, so you can just
sneak up and kill him. Continue on down the road until you see the truck and
the power relay tower. Take a right and head down to the side of the shack.
There's a ladder you can climb, and on the opposite side of the roof there's a
hatch you can enter. When you jump down, one of the guards will enter the
shack, you can kill him, and when you're clear, kill the other one while he's
looking out over the lake. Break the fuse box inside the shack, then kill the
guard that investigates, whistle to get the fourth and final guard in this
area. There's a lever in the basement that will allow you to lower the boat.
There's Morphine on the main floor and in the shack outside, and a letter in
the basement on a crate. Head back out, and use the lever to lower the boat,
which you can then use to cross the lake.

On the other side, move to your left until you get to a door. If you're not
trying to get as many silent kills as possible, change into your SS Uniform
and continue. Otherwise, go through the door, wait until both have their back
to you, and move up behind the four barrels. This should trigger them to start
talking, you can move up on your left through the shadows. Once they finish,
you should be in front of the large wooden doors, against the opposite wall of
the courtyard. Whistle to get the first one in, then make your way back over
to the door. It'll take a few patrols, pretty slow going, but you can take
down the other as well. Grab the Lighter from the nearby bench. Head outside
through the chicken coops, and chase down the guard. There are two guards
inside of the next courtyard, if you can time it right, you can whistle the
first one close to the darkness and kill him while the other is patrolling
away. Immediately head into the darkness on the other side, behind the light,
and you can either get the second guard when he checks the body of the first,
or when he goes back to patrolling. There are crates you can climb in the
corner, by the balcony, to get inside of the building.

Break the fuse box, and kill the guard while he's checking around. Peek
through the next doorway to see a guard standing in the light. Whistle to
bring him closer to the door, then take him down we he turns back around.
Head directly across the room after this, and the next. Make this part easy
on yourself, and just use Morphine to kill the guard wandering around the
balcony area, as there is another Morphine in the bathroom on the right once
you have killed him. Go across the bathroom, the door on the left if you are
entering from the balcony, break the fuse box and kill the guard. There is a
code on the table near him, and a Music box behind a painting around the
corner and a Sniper Badge around the opposite corner.

Go back out to the balcony, and go around the corner to the door. Once you
are inside, head to the back to hide in a wardrobe. A guard will enter, stand
in front of you, then turn. Take him out. Open the nearby safe for a Pocket
Watch. Head out the last door and climb down the ladder. Behind the ladder,
on a wood pile, is a Pocket Flask. Wait until the next guard turns his back,
then hop over the crate and hide behind the barrels directly in front of you
until you get a chance to kill him. The next archway has a door you can
enter, peek through the next door on the right, and wait for a chance to kill
the guard. Head down the stairs into a room filled with barrels, and push the
create therein. Use your knife to break the barricade, and go into the secret
room to get a Knight's Cross, some Morphine and a list of collaborators that
should get you the last secret achievement, and an achievement for getting
all of the secret achievements. Grab the vest on the barrels, then head back

Wait until both of the guards under the next arch turn, then head forward
and hide behind the barrels, under the wooden balcony. Use the Morphine you
just picked up to kill one, in any place that will allow you to quickly hide
the body before the second sees you. Kill the second at your leisure. You
can head up into the mill now, grab the Sniper Rifle and the Golden Bullet
on the lower floor, the Bullet is on the other side of the mill machinery.
After you have it, climb the two sets of ladders. Kamm is through the open
window in the chateaux. Hitting the gas tank will light him up, and you can
head back down to the base of the mill, and outside to hide in the strip of
shadow right in front of the truck. Once the three newly arrived guards lose
interest, you can climb over. If you have any morphine, use it, you should
have two left at this point. Then you only have one left to deal with, he
should be easy to silent kill. The house at the top of the hill is open now,
and you can go through and hop over one more crate to find a Signet Ring.
If you all out run to the big wooden door, there's a chance you can hide so
that the two Nazis that run in don't see you, and you can silently kill at
least one of them. Otherwise, you'll have to shoot them. Head back to the
dock, and once you're across, into the shack. There will be one guard on the
other side, whistle him in to kill him.

Sneak up through the bushes on that side of the house very carefully, and
you can loop around and kill the officer and guard that are standing near
the power relay tower. This is very iffy because of how close they are, but
a little luck and some persistence can get you both. Follow the road back to
the checkpoint from before, there are two guards there now. Slink back in to
the trees on the right side, they will eventually both start looking back at
the lake, and you can take them down and then escape.

Kills: 32

Collectibles: 8


4.11) Fade To Grey - Hospital...........................[FTG-H]

So, did you like having Morphine Mode? Too bad, because you don't have it
anymore. Head out and down the hallway to grab the final letter, which should
get you an achievement. Hide in the wardrobe until the guards leave. Chase the
guard down the hall to the left, kill him, and head back to the door at the
far end of the hallway. Inside, kill the guard without alerting the other side
of the room, then head back out and through the last door, the one on your
right now. Whistle to attract the closer guard, kill him in the dark area,
and then make your way across whenever the other is not looking. You can get
around behind him by circling the tree in the center. Head through the door
on the other side after they are both dead. 

Once the Nazi near the door leaves, you can quickly kill the guard leaning
against a post, drag him into the shadows, then kill the first when he comes
back in. Go through the door, take down the last guard, and head through the
unlocked door, and the one after it. You can kill the first two guards by
whistling them into the darker section, then jump over the thin beam nearby
to sneak behind the last. There's a fuse box that can make this process even
more easy behind the third, if you feel you need it. Push the crate nearby
to grab a Pilot's Watch. Grab the Rusty Key on your way out, that will let
you through the other door in the bathroom area. There's only one guard 
through here, so you shouldn't have any problems with him. Go through the
next area until you are outside. Once the two start conversing, and the other
has his back to you, you can move around the dividing wall and use the bushes
to get to the far side. Whistle here, to make the next kill far easier. At
this point, the two guards should be done talking, you can whistle one of
them in to the same shadows to get him out of the way. Head back to the red
bushes, that you used to get over here in the first place, and whistle to get
the second of the two Nazis that had been talking. That leaves one final
guard, who should not be a problem. Check the base of the nearby statue for a
Hanseatic Cross Hamburg.

Going through the shed, you'll be in a chapel. If you're fast you can dart
around the first pew on your side, wait until the two guards pass, then dart
around the next pew so that you're in the back corner. Kill the guard with
the flashlight when he comes back, then grab the other and continue on.
There's one patrolling Nazi, and one smoking. The smoking guard won't move,
so take the other out at your leisure, then kill the smoker. There's a
Harmonica right next to him. Search his body for a key, and then head out
through the shack. Take a left, and go straight through into the next shack.
After the Nazi patrol turns, kill the guard at the edge of the shadows. Wait
for another patrol, then head into the bushes on the opposite side of the
rock to kill the patroller, then jump over the crate to kill the last guy.
There's a Signet Ring on the bench next to him. Jump over the fence on your
left, go behind the truck, and sneak along the wall when the two patrolling
guards aren't looking.

You can whistle to get the guard on the bridge closer, and if you time it
properly, you can get him at the end of the bridge while the other isn't
looking. If you're lucky, he'll head to the end of his patrol and start
urinating on the flowers. Take him out then, and grab the Edelweiss Badge
from the bench past the marble box. Circle around to the left side when you
come out from between the two hedges, and whistle to draw the guard into the
darkness to kill him. Sneak over to your target house, and get inside for
one last kill. Scour the building for Medkits, an StG44 and a Luger, along
with some ammo, and get ready for a shoot out. There's no way to get silent
kills from here on out, in this level, so just check outside, try to kill
one or two of them, then pick them off as they enter the house. Once they're
all dead, run out past the truck from earlier to end the level.

Kills: 39

Collectibles: 5


4.12) Fade to Grey - Village............................[FTG-V]

Run forward until you get to the burning village, then sneak around until you
hear them talking. If you've got enough patience, you can whistle all five of
these guys, one at a time, into the shadows to kill them. If not, just open up
the explosives when there are enough of them around. Once you've finished them
off, head up and to your left to a truck, you can climb over a crate to get to
the other side. Sneak along the right side of the next truck, and take out the
guard on the left first. If you're fast, you can take out the other guard,
then run back to the same side of the truck you were on, and take out the
third guard that comes to check their corpses. Grab the Sniper Badge from the
ground nearby.

Head up and to the left, past the truck to continue on. As soon as the closer
of the two guards in the next area turns, move up to kill him behind the one
that starts off by firing his rifle at the building. Then you can kill the
other, who remains stationary. You should be able to sneak up just below the
next Nazi and whistle, that will make him turn around, and if you time it
right, the other will be patrolling as you come up to kill the first. After
killing him, sneak past to the shadows, the body will alert one of the guards,
and you'll see another pop around the corner of the building ahead of you.
Take him down, and then circle around to carefully get the last.

In the next area, you can loop around to the right and catch one of the guards
as he goes into an alleyway, then the one directly outside when both he and
the other turn their backs to you. However, there is a sniper in the window
above, so you'll probably have to shoot the rest of the guards, and the sniper
in the window, unless you get incredibly lucky. After that, you can cross the
street and peek inside of the building on the hill. There's an officer inside
that you should be able to ice pretty simply. 

Head down the road and hide behind the corner until the Nazi with the
flamethrower turns back around heads down the road. Kill the guard looking at
the corpse, then quickly move down to kill the flamethrower soldier. Enter a
door on the left side of the alley for ammo and a Silver Luger. Go through
the next door in the alley to continue on. There are two options here, if you
don't want to get the last collectible, you can very carefully sneak out and
around to your right, where you can continue on with the level. Otherwise,
you have to kill everything here. There are probably around ten guards, and
the only way to kill them is a straight up shoot out. You can destroy a few
barrels, but there are no silent kills. After you kill them, the last Silver
Luger is in the boathouse past them. Through the next door, you can take a
left and climb up a ladder. Open the door and walk out onto the top of the
staircase, and aim down, there should be a red barrel across the road. Shoot
that to kill all but one of the guards below, you can finish the last one
off rather easily. Head up the hill for the final gunfight of the game.

You can get there attention by sneaking up the left side, and shooting the
flamethrower Nazi. Immediately turn, run back down the hill until just
before the bridge, and hide between the shack and the edge, take them out
as you can. After they are all dead, run all the way up to the church and
to your right, there will be a tree, use that as cover to kill the rest
that come up the hill. After you've killed enough, the game will end.

Kills: 49

Collectibles: 3

Collectible Locations...................................[COLCT]

Level 1
1) Knight's Cross -
Overlooking the starting area, by going the opposite direction from the drunk

2) Signet Ring - 
Search the third Nazi's body.

3) Lighter - 
Stack of crates, top of the hill after #2.

4) Silver Cigar Box - 
Far right just before the end of the level, behind the sandbags.

5) Sniper Badge - Middle shack in the last area.
Level 2
1) Hanseatic Cross -
Second room, after pushing the crate.

2) Harmoinca - 
Crates in the garage, after the long hallway.

3) Signet Ring -
Shelves after the Radio Room.

4) Telescope - 
Top floor of the Munitionslager.

5) Edelweiss Badge - 
Motor Pool room, behind the car that isn't up on chains.

6) Pocket Flask - Poison Gas room, behind the center vertical tank.
Level 3
1) Music Box -
End of the starting dock, before going up the ladder.

2) Knight's Cross - 
After climbing up, before going into the boat house, check behind some barrels
on the opposite wall of the fuse box.

3) Sniper Badge -
After donning the SS Uniform, kill the one guard in the sewers, and grab the
badge on the barrel.

4) Lighter - 
Through the door, after the rose garden when you change out of the SS Uniform.
It's in the sink.

5) Army Honor Dagger - 
Alcove in the Rose Gardens, before exiting through the door, at the far end,
in the rosebushes.

6) Pilot's Watch -
Just before the end of the level, around behind the pile of stolen art.
Level 4
1) Pocket Flask - 
Second room, right after killing the first guard.

2) Edelweiss Badge - 
On the table, after you trigger the grenade on the guard's belt.

3) Harmonica -
On the body of the Nazi Officer admiring the golden statue.

4) Hanseatic Cross - 
Electrical switch room, before you save the Golden Statue, on the back of the

5) Pilot's Watch -
Far right corner of the room with floor lamps and recessed coffins.

6) Hanseatic Cross - 
Barrel room, on the left in the back, below the barrels.

7) Silver Luger -
Beneath the second crate before you go up the stairs.

8) Gold Bar -
Under a crate after the first spiral staircase, before the second.
Level 5
1) Lighter -
On your right, coming out of the initial area where you climbed over the

2) Sniper Badge -
After climbing up, it's in the second room, in a caged off area with a

3) Signet Ring -
Inside the second room, after killing the Nazi leaning against a chain
link fence.

4) Telescope -
Outside the window from #3, after breaking a wooden barricade.

5) Silver Cigar Box -
On top of the wall, after the room where you can turn on the engine.

6) Knight's Cross -
On the floor, beneath the bed of the second submarine captain.
Level 6
1) Edelweiss Badge -
Across the catwalk, at the far end on some crates in the first room.

2) Marine Dagger -
Beneath crates in the same room, lifted by a lever on the second floor.

3) Hanseatic Cross -
The large room outside of the shack where you get the explosives,
behind the large block of crates.

4) Pocket Flask -
As soon as you get outside, go left and climb up a crate.

5) Music Box -
Inside the room after the electric fence, just around the corner.

6) Harmonica -
First room after detonating the explosives, back left corner.

7) Pilot's Watch -
A set of barrels, around the corner just before you get to your car.
Level 7
1) Pocket Watch -
After you kill the Nazi with the radio, shoot the explosive barrels at the
top of the ladder.

2) Lighter -
Up a ladder in the long hallway, down the ladder after you get the Colt
and turn off the radio.

3) Sniper Badge -
On a crate in the pipes, where the two Germans are talking about High

4) Signet Ring - 
Bottom floor of the circular room, in the center, near a crate.

5) Knight's Cross -
First poison gas room, on the barrels in the center.

6) Pilot's Watch -
Far left recessed stairwell in the room with the flamethrower guys.
Level 8
1) Pocket Flask -
Right at the start of the level, after you kill the first guard, on your

2) Edelweiss Badge -
On top of the center shack when you exit the sewers, the ladder is next to
where the two Germans are conversing.

3) Silver Luger -
After you get the sniper rifle, the officer has a key that will let you
into a shack in the same area. The letter is in there.

4) Hanseatic Cross -
Same area as #3, all the way back where the guard wearing a helmet is,
behind the wall.

5) Harmonica -
Right after you jump down from the building with two snipers, behind a
tipped over bed.
Level 9
1) Signet Ring -
Right next to the switch that turns off the electricity to the water.

2) Silver Cigar Case -
Second story of the prison block, in a cell at the bottom of the

3) Diplomatic Dagger -
Use the painting in the commandant's office to open a secret passage,
once you kill the commandant, the dagger is on the table nearby.

4) Telescope -
In the dining area, behind the officer and guard in a small alcove. You
have to kill both of them to get it.
Level 10
1) Lighter -
The first courtyard after crossing the lake, on a bench.

2) Sniper Badge -
Inside the same room that you get the code, behind the door around the

3) Music Box -
Behind a painting, in the same room where you get the code.

4) Pocket Watch -
Inside a safe, in the room after the balcony inside.

5) Pocket Flask -
Behind the ladder, on a woodpile, immediately after #4.

6) Knight's Cross -
In the same room as the list of collaborators.

7) Golden Bullet - 
At the base of the mill, behind the machinery.

8) Signet Ring -
After sniping Kamm and going through the small house at the top of the hill,
you hop over a crate. The Signet Ring is one the ground.
Level 11
1) Pilot's Watch -
In the room after you go through the bathing room, beside the fuse box you
can push a crate back to grab this.

2) Hanseatic Cross -
Base of the statue in the first out door area.

3) Harmonica -
Next to a smoking Nazi in the second outside area.

4) Signet Ring -
On a bench, after jumping over a crate to kill a guard, the next outside area
past #3.

5) Edelweiss Badge -
After going across the foot bridge, on a bench.
Level 12
1) Sniper Badge -
After the first group, over a crate and past a truck, where two guards are

2) Silver Luger -
After killing the flamethrower soldier and his pal in the alley after the
sniper, you can enter a room on the left, and then another door through
there. It's on the floor in the back.

3) Silver Luger -
Boathouse in the area after #2, through about ten guards.

Letter Locations........................................[LETTR]

Level 2 -
Desk, after killing the Nazi Officer listening to the Radio.

Level 4 -
Desk, Far side of the room with floor lamps and recessed coffins.

Level 5 -
Desk, inside the second room after killing the Nazi Leaning against a chain
link fence.

Level 7 -
Climb up a ladder in the long, split hallway.

Level 8 -
After you get the sniper rifle, the Officer has a key that will let you into
a shack in the same area. The letter is in there.

Level 9 -
First cell across from the first staircase in the prison block.

Level 10 -
Basement of the first shack, on a crate, near the switch to power the crane
for the boat.

Level 11 -
Plot point, on the desk next to the wardrobe.



7.1)  Normal Achievements...............................[BASEA]

Master Of Shadows - 10
Complete mission "The Lost - Valley"

Demolition - 10
Complete mission "The Lost - Fuel Storage"

Infiltration - 10
Complete mission "Death Of The Butcher - Cathedral"

Liberator - 10
Complete mission "Death Of The Butcher - Crypt"

In The Lion's Den - 10
Complete mission "Leave A Light On - Docks"

Firebug - 10
Complete mission "Leave A Light On - Storage"

Down-And-Dirty - 10
Complete mission "The Third Man - Sewers"

Witness - 10
Complete mission "The Third Man - Ghetto"

Delivery Service - 10
Complete mission "The Third Man - Prison"

Assault - 10
Complete mission "Le Boeuf"

Phoenix - 10
Complete mission "Fade To Grey - Hospital"

Ace - 30
Complete campaign in Normal difficulty

Legend - 50 
Complete campaign in Agent difficulty

Phantom - 30
Complete a mission without getting identified

(Should be able to get this one on the first mission, if you're following
this walkthrough.)

Gold Lover - 10
Secure precious collectible in "Death Of The Butcher - Crypt"

(See the location of "Gold Bar" above, in collectibles.)

Golden Bullet - 10
Secure precious collectible in "Le Boeuf"

(See the location of "Gold Rifle Bullets" above, in collectibles.)

General - 10
Secure precious collectible in "Death Of The Butcher - Cathedral"

(See location of "Army Honor Dagger" above.)

Diplomat - 10
Secure precious collectible in "The Third Man - Prison"

(See location of "Diplomatic Corps Dagger" above.)

Admiral - 10
Secure precious collectible in "Leave A Light On - Storage"

(See location of "Marine Honor Dagger" above.)

Attentiveness - 10
Secure 15 collectibles during a campaign

Sharp Senses - 30
Secure 40 collectibles during a campaign

Eagle Eye - 50
Secure all collectibles during a campaign

Disciple - 10
Earn first skill point

Master - 30
Earn 10 skill points during a campaign

Grand Master - 50
Earn 15 skill points during a campaign

(Requires you to find all collectibles.)

Curiosity - 30
Find all letters during a campaign

Blitzkrieg - 50
Complete the campaign in less than 5 hours

Assertiveness - 10
Kill 50 enemies during a campaign

Bad Temper - 30
Kill 150 enemies during a campaign

Relentlessness - 50
Kill 300 enemies during a campaign

Rogue - 10
Kill 50 enemies silently during a campaign

Slayer - 30
Kill 100 enemies silently during a campaign

Assassin - 50
Kill 200 enemies silently during a campaign

Gotta Light? - 20
Kill 10 enemies with the flare gun during a campaign

( There are plenty of maps with flare guns, and if you hit a guard, it is an
instant kill. Go nuts.)

Blast'Em - 20
Trigger 5 grenades during a campaign

( There are far more than five chances to do this, but they don't count as
silent kills.)

Detox - 30
Complete a mission without using morphine although you have some

(Easy enough, just don't use Morphine to kill the final guard in the first

Ninja - 30
Complete a mission firing a gun only when killing silently

(Following this walkthrough, you should get this several times over.)


7.2)  Secret Achievements...............................[SCRTA]

Close Combat Expert - 20
You have killed all enemies silently in "The Lost - Valley"

(Use Morphine to kill the final guard.)

Wine Connoisseur - 20
You have found the wine bottle in "The Lost - Fuel Storage"

(Location is in the walktrhough for this level.)

Art Connoisseur - 20
You have hidden the golden statue in "Death Of The Butcher - Crypt"

(See the walkthough for this level.)

Avenger - 20
You have killed the drunken submarine captains in "Leave A Light On - Docks"

(Again, walkthrough.)

Miss Merciless - 20
You have killed every enemy in "The Third Man - Ghetto"

(If you can't get this, you're probably missing the final two. If the officer
is alerted in the last area, he'll call in two guards as reinforcements.)

Killjoy - 20
You have killed the prison commander in "The Third Man - Prison"

(He's in a secret passage, there's a lever in his office, behind a painting.)

Informant - 20
You have found the collaborators list in "Le Boeuf"

(Right before the mill, in the wine cellar. Push the crate, then destroy the
wood barricade.)

Miss Know-It-All - 50
You have accomplished all secret objectives 

Contact Info............................................[CNTCT]

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