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FAQ/Walkthrough by DomZ Ninja

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/08/13

            Winner of the GameFAQs FAQ of the Month for April 2008

  _,-----.           _,----.
 `-.   ,-'          `-.   ,'
    \  \              /  /
     \  \            /  /__  ___      __   ___   _         ___       _______
      \  \          /  /\  | \  |   ,' ,'  \  | \ `.       \  |    ,'  ___  |
       \  \        /  /  | |  | | ,' ,'     | |  |  `.      | |   /  ,'   \/
        \  \      /  /   | |  |  ' ,'       | |  |    `.    | |  /  /
         \  \    /  /    | |  |   (         | |  | |`.  `.  | | |  |    ____
          \  \  /  /     | |  |  . `.       | |  | |  `.  `.| | |  |   `._  |
           \  \/  /      | |  | | `. `.     | |  | |    `.    |  \  \     | |
            \    /       | |  | |   `. `.   | |  | |      `.  |   \  `----' |
             \  /        |/   |/      `._`. |/   |/         `.|    `----.  /
              \/                                                       /_,'

                   B  A  T  T  L  E     F  O  R     A  S  G  A  R  D


                          VIKING: BATTLE FOR ASGARD

                      Copyright (c)2008-2013 DomZ Ninja


 Author: DomZ Ninja
 E-mail: domzninja[at]hotmail[dot]com
 Updated: 04/08/13
 Version: 1.1

 NOTE: This guide does contain spoilers!


                              TABLE OF CONTENTS


See that series of numbers to the right of each section? If you want to find 
a specific section in the FAQ, press CTRL + F to open a search box. Type in 
the series of numbers for the desired section that you're trying to find and 
press Enter. Whabam! The search function will take you there in an instant.

 [1] VERSION HISTORY.................................................. [0100]
 [2] CONTROLS......................................................... [0200]
 [3] WALKTHROUGH (NIFLBERG)........................................... [0300]
      Brighthelm...................................................... [0301]
      Brighthelm...................................................... [0302]
      Hilltop Farm.................................................... [0303]
      Brighthelm...................................................... [0304]
      Ancient Ruins................................................... [0305]
      Battle Arena.................................................... [0306]
      Ancient Ruins................................................... [0307]
      Gorge........................................................... [0308]
      Cave............................................................ [0309]
      Encampment...................................................... [0310]
      Drawbridge...................................................... [0311]
      Quarry.......................................................... [0312]
      Ambush.......................................................... [0313]
      Shipwreck....................................................... [0314]
      Encampment...................................................... [0315]
      Monastery Cave.................................................. [0316]
      Cave............................................................ [0317]
      Monastery Cave.................................................. [0318]
      Darkwater: Skulls............................................... [0319]
      Darkwater Portal................................................ [0320]
      Ancient Ruins................................................... [0321]
      Battle at Darkwater............................................. [0322]
 [4] WALKTHROUGH (GALCLIFF)........................................... [0400]

      Galcliff Landing Camp........................................... [0401]
      West Camp....................................................... [0402]
      Distillery...................................................... [0403]
      Ruins........................................................... [0404]
      Cave Camp....................................................... [0405]
      Mercenaries..................................................... [0406]
      Watchtower...................................................... [0407]
      Ambush.......................................................... [0408]
      Central Cave.................................................... [0409]
      Quarry.......................................................... [0410]
      Eastern Cave.................................................... [0411]
      Central Cave.................................................... [0412]
      Plateau Camp.................................................... [0413]
      Holdenfort: Skulls.............................................. [0414]
      Holdenfort Barracks............................................. [0415]
      Battle at Holdenfort............................................ [0416]
      Holdenfort...................................................... [0417]
      Guerrilla Camp.................................................. [0418]
      Mine............................................................ [0419]
      Vineyard........................................................ [0420]
      Farm Camp....................................................... [0421]
      Lumber Mill..................................................... [0422]
      North Beach Camp................................................ [0423]
      Arena Camp...................................................... [0424]
      Watchtower...................................................... [0425]
      Bridge Camp..................................................... [0426]
      Bay Ruins....................................................... [0427]
      Caldberg: Skulls................................................ [0428]
      Dragon Gem Mugin................................................ [0429]
      Crypt........................................................... [0430]
      Dragon Stones................................................... [0431]
      Battle at Caldberg.............................................. [0432]
 [5] WALKTHROUGH (ISAHOLM)............................................ [0500]

      Landing Camp.................................................... [0501]
      Ingolf's Quarry................................................. [0502]
      Beekeeper Im.................................................... [0503]
      Kiarr's Farm.................................................... [0504]
      Strange Noises.................................................. [0505]
      Camp at Cold Beach.............................................. [0506]
      South Watchtower................................................ [0507]
      Nydi's Distillery............................................... [0508]
      Ambush.......................................................... [0509]
      Thornvik: Skulls................................................ [0510]
      Infiltrate Thornvik............................................. [0511]
      Mountain Encampment............................................. [0512]
      Legion's Prison Cave............................................ [0513]
      Battle at Thornvik.............................................. [0514]
      Thornvik........................................................ [0515]
      Lumber Mill..................................................... [0516]
      Forest.......................................................... [0517]
      Gateway......................................................... [0518]
      Camp............................................................ [0519]
      East Tower...................................................... [0520]
      Fellkeep........................................................ [0521]
      Shaman's Cave................................................... [0522]
      Cave............................................................ [0523]
      North Camp...................................................... [0524]
      Cave............................................................ [0525]
      Dragon Stones................................................... [0526]
      Camp............................................................ [0527]
      Camp............................................................ [0528]
      Camp............................................................ [0529]
      Camp............................................................ [0530]
      Turncoat's Location............................................. [0531]
      Giants' Forge................................................... [0532]
      Battle at Hel's Fortress........................................ [0533]
 [6] MOVE LIST........................................................ [0600]
 [7] ACHIEVEMENTS..................................................... [0700]
 [8] THANKS/CREDITS................................................... [0800]


[1] VERSION HISTORY                                                     [0100]


FAQ/Walkthrough #29

 Version 1.0 (04/20/08) - FAQ/Walkthrough complete and submitted.

 Version 1.1 (04/29/08) - Added some ASCII maps of the four main cities.


[2] CONTROLS                                                            [0200]


|  D-Pad                      |  N/A                                         |
|  Left Analog Stick          |  Move                                        |
|  Right Analog Stick         |  Move Camera                                 |
|  Start                      |  View Options                                |
|  Back                       |  View Map/Inventory                          |
|  X Button                   |  Slow Attack                                 |
|  Y Button                   |  Jump                                        |
|  A Button                   |  Fast Attack                                 |
|  B Button                   |  Interact                                    |
|  Right Trigger              |  Use Magic                                   |
|  Left Trigger               |  Block                                       |
|  Right Bumper               |  Use Item                                    |
|  Left Bumper                |  Enter Rage Mode                             |


[3] WALKTHROUGH (NIFLBERG)                                              [0300]


 NOTE: This walkthrough is based on the Normal difficulty.

 NOTE: Uz da map. No, seriously, I'll be using a lot when referring to the
       directions in the walkthrough. If I say "go north", I mean go north on
       the map. It's a useful tool to boot.

Niflberg is the first of three islands featured in Viking: Battle for Asgard. 
It is fairly large and you will be spending a lot of your time here towards 
the beginning of the game. 

 BRIGHTHELM                                                             [0301]

After the opening scene, Skarin will be dropped off in a populated field. You 
can press Back to view the map, but the only available option is Brighthelm. 
Take the time to get familiarized with the control scheme and the camera.

Your first task is to talk to Shaman Asta, who happens to be standing right 
next to your starting location. Walk forwards and talk to the woman with the 
orange speech bubble above her head. Cool, you have to go summon dragons or 
something. A new point on your map (Ancient Ruins) has opened up, but ignore 
it for now.

Seek out Chieftain Haral by going down the hill and walking down the dirt path 
to the right. He is past the Inn behind a few kneeling men. Speak to the 
chieftain to access Hilltop Farm. There is really nothing else to do here in 
Brighthelm, so I recommend going past Haral into Oddastrond.

--- ODDASTROND ---------------------------------------------------------------

Pretty beaches. You can find plenty of Gold and Mead here. Start off by going 
to the left side of the area. Walk around the beached ships to reach three 
Vikings tied to a pillar. Repeatedly tap B to free them, who join your army. 
You can spend the rest of the time combing the beach to find goodies.

You can also find another trio of imprisoned Vikings on the right side of 
Oddastrond. Walk down the beach to find them in a small alcove. Free them. As 
a small note, despite how pretty the water may look in this game, don't go for 
a swim. You'll end up quickly losing your HP until you drown. However, your 
health can slowly fill back up by not moving. You cannot do anything else in 
Oddastrond, so return to Brighthelm.

 BRIGHTHELM                                                             [0302]

Now that you have some Mead, you can trade it in for Gold. Go to the Inn (the 
big hall next to Chieftain Haral). Cash in your Mead with Torv the Innkeeper to 
get 220 Gold for each barrel. You should have found two barrels in Oddastrond, 
so cash them in for some Gold. I wouldn't recommend buying anything right now, 
so go to the right of the Inn and enter Tunthwaite.

--- TUNTHWAITE ---------------------------------------------------------------

This area is dark and stormy, and you will find some enemy soldiers here. When 
in the presence of enemies, Skarin will enter a low stance and will walk 
quietly. If spotted, use A and X to slice and dice. Kill the first soldier 
near the bridge, then walk to the left to reach a cave. There are around four 
enemies inside, so try and lure each one outside and eliminate them. Remember 
that your HP refills on its own. Once all enemies are defeated, destroy the 
pots inside for Gold and free the Vikings.

Exit the cave and follow the torches down the trail. At the intersection, take 
a left and head up the hill towards Hilltop Farm. You can always use your map 
if you get lost or confused. You will get a notice saying that you have 
uncovered new information on your map. You now have the locations of some
Leystones. Leystones are basically a fancy word for portal. Stepping into a 
Leystone allows you to transport across great distances. You now have 
the "Hilltop Farm Leystone" and "Brighthelm Leystone" on your map. 

Walk down the slope towards the water's edge and kill the three soldiers here. 
Collect the Mead and Gold in the sand, then return to the path. Continue 
forward to get a message about Hilltop Farm. Kill the undead soldier feasting 
on human flesh, then enter the farm.

 HILLTOP FARM                                                           [0303]

Many Vikings have been imprisoned in large cages, so you must infiltrate the
farm and free them. Of course, stealth doesn't work all the time, so you can
bulldoze your way through the hordes of enemies as well. Walk forward towards 
the center of the farm and kill the Legion whose back is facing you. Bad 
move. There is a cage in front of you (it's shining, just like any other 
important item/object in the game). If the coast is clear, repeatedly tap B on 
the cage door to rip it open.

Doing so will free several dozen Viking fighters, so they should easily help 
you out against the baddies. Let them deal with the undead soldiers while you 
search the farm for Gold. Once Hilltop Farm has been liberated (shouldn't take 
much after freeing the prisoners), track down the green blip on your radar to 
reach the miller of the farm. He will give you another quest, which in turn 
reveals more of the map.

--- TUNTHWAITE ---------------------------------------------------------------

Simply backtrack after exiting Hilltop Farm to find some cargo lying on the 
ground, along with Legions and an archer. It's much easier to spot it since 
it's a lot sunnier out. Defeat the three enemies, then open the chest to 
retrieve the lost cargo. 

If you face the path leading to the Hilltop Farm, go up the hill to the right 
of it and press B at the shiny rock to activate the Hilltop Farm Leystone. I 
suggest using it to reach Brighthelm. I love easy access.

 BRIGHTHELM                                                             [0304]

Go down the hill and talk to Osgood near the shop to give him back the lost 
cargo. After receiving some nice info from him, I suggest buying some map 
upgrades. You should have enough Gold for all three. As for now, there is 
still a lot of stuff to do in Tunthwaite.

--- TUNTHWAITE ---------------------------------------------------------------

Now you can scrounge around for extra Gold with your new map accessory. From 
the entrance, go straight down the path past the bridge to reach Trostitt. 

--- TROSTITT -----------------------------------------------------------------

There are some Legions fighting down here in the beach, so get rid of 'em. 
Pick up the Mead and Gold, then take the narrow path on the side of the cliff 
wall to reach an intersection populated by two soldiers. Mmmm, dead bodies. 
Kill them both and take the right path. Enter the cave on the right and kill 
the three sleeping enemies, then exit and go forward. Slay the next two 
enemies to reach a bridge. This bridge leads back to Tunthwaite and is right 
near Brighthelm. Just showin' you that if you want to head back to town.

Return to the fork and take the left path this time. Activate the nearby 
Leystone and enter the Ancient Ruins. 

 ANCIENT RUINS                                                          [0305]

Just by looking straight ahead you can see the sheer amount of enemies here. 
There must be around 20 Legions just walking around. Stealth is key here, 
because you don't want all of those guys on your tail. If they do spot you, 
run down the hill to Trostitt and the group will dissipate. Pick them off four 
or five at a time, then repeat the process until everyone is killed. Or just 
use stealthy tactics.

From the Leystone, walk to the right side of the path into the grass. Kill the 
hungry Legion and quickly sneak onto the dirt road ahead. Kill the guard 
walking away from you to reach a prison cell. Defeat the lookout guard, then 
free the Vikings. Just like before, they will clear out the area for you. Talk 
to the guard in front of the prison to get some new missions. 

Now that the ruins have been liberated, take some time to explore. You can 
navigate through the stone rafters to reach several nooks and crannies. On the 
path leading to the prison, there should be some steps leading to a high 
ledge. Jump up the steps and go across the ledges and platforms. You will end 
up at the top of the Ancient Ruins. When you reach a dead end, climb on the 
vines attached to the wall to reach another ledge below. Follow this path to 
reach a chest containing a Hugin Gem.

Check your map for the location of the Battle Arena. It's very close by (at 
the beaches of Trostitt), so head there. It's a giant peninsula surrounded by 
stone pillars. Shouldn't take too long to get there.

 BATTLE ARENA                                                           [0306]

Learn Njord's Wrath (it's for free!), then master Odin's Will. If you want, 
you can also learn Thor's Hammer as well, but don't waste all of your Gold on 
mastering techniques. After learning some new moves, exit the arena.

--- TROSTITT -----------------------------------------------------------------

From the arena, go north to reach Warrior Havelock's location. If you 
remember, you were once here when you first visited Trostitt. Turns out 
Havelock is playin' for the bad guys, so we have no choice but to take him 
down. First off, take out the archers on the wooden ramp to the left. Once 
they are taken care of, defeat the soldiers. Havelock should be your last 
obstacle. He has a lot of health and blocks a lot, so block yourself and 
attack when you see an opening.

After defeating Warrior Havelock, you will receive Havelock's Helm. With the 
good news in hand, return to the Ancient Ruins.

 ANCIENT RUINS                                                          [0307]

Talk to the guard in front of the prison to let him know the results. Now that 
the army at the Ancient Ruins has allied with you, you now have enough to 
enter the Gorge. However, we still have one more requirement before our first 
big battle: obtain the Battle Horn.

If you want, you can return to Brighthelm and cash in your Mead for Gold. If 
you haven't picked up Health Advance Stage 1, you should probably do so now. 
Once ready, use the Leystone to enter Hilltop Farm Leystone. From here, walk 
forward to enter Slaterdale.

--- SLATERDALE ---------------------------------------------------------------

Walk forward (to the right of the Hilltop Farm Leystone) down the path. You 
can see a big-ass warrior walking your way, so prepare for a nasty battle. 
This brute is known as a Champion. You can probably see why he's a champ: big, 
bulky, and carries around a massive blade. First and foremost, pick off the 
lowly Legions before trying to tango with the Champion.

Once it's just you and him, start evading his sword strikes (Left Trigger + Y) 
left and right. He has several sword strikes, but the key one is when the 
Champion smashes his sword in front of him. If you manage to dodge the attack, 
it'll get stuck in the ground. This is the time to strike. Press B once the 
symbol appears over his head to tackle him. Now repeatedly tap A to stab the 
Champion in the face. Keep doing this until he dies.

Defeating the Champion nets you the Battle Horn, Skirmish Key, and a Dragon 
Rune. You can now enter the Gorge, but first return to Brighthelm. Sell any 
Mead you have and refill your health. When you are ready, select the Gorge on 
your map and press A.

 GORGE                                                                  [0308]

Well, it's hard to really describe battles in this game. You have an army and 
so do the enemies. Ding ding. Go and fight. It's really fun to fight in a wave 
of sweaty guys and bloody swords, but sometimes the game can kinda lag during 
battles. It's easy to stay in the back and watch the chaos, but not very fun. 

Once you plow through the greeting crew, immediately walk up the hill to the 
right and free the two sets of Vikings. Now hop in the crowd at the center and 
chop away. Though it's quite epic, this is nothing compared to battles later 
in the game.

After liberating Slaterdale, search the remaining area for Gold and chests. Go 
up the winding hill past the locked door to reach the top of the Gorge. Kill 
the small handful of enemies and free the trio of Vikings. Return to the camp 
and talk to Arnulf near the locked door. He asks you to go through the cave 
because his crew is filled with sissies. Well, if I must. Go through the cave 
and defeat the two soldiers inside. The one at the exit will run away, so 
follow him down a large slope.

--- BRUTHWAITE ---------------------------------------------------------------

Defeat the Legions and go across the bridge, then eliminate the pesky Legion
archers. Make sure not to fall off of the cliffside into the river. However, 
feel free to knock the undead soldiers in. Go up the ramp and jump across the 
broken bridge to the other side. Jump up the steps and kill the Legion that 
is gruesomely eating a corpse. Continue forward to reach the Clifftop Path 

We don't need to use it, so start heading across the bridge to meet the 
swordsmen in the middle. Knock them off of the bridge and proceed across. 
Watch out for the shielded soldier on the other side. Kill the enemies up 
ahead and jump across the gap. You will reach a cave at the top of the cliff.

 CAVE                                                                   [0309]

There are around four Legions along with two shielded Legions, all of whom 
remind you that blocking is a good thing. Enter the cave past their dead 
bodies and move forward. There's plenty of Gold to find along the way. Kill 
the hungry Legion as the other one runs away. Walk around the perimeter of 
the central area and kill the undead soldier as he plans a surprise attack.

When you reach the end, drop down the stone steps and let the water take you 
to the bottom of the cave. As you approach the campfire, a weird cutscene will 
take place. Continue forward to find an Assassin. These guys are really short, 
but quick as hell. Block and slice him apart, then exit the cave.

 ENCAMPMENT                                                             [0310]

The game will tell you to avoid horn-blowers. Like the name implies, these 
guys are sentries that will alert other Legions with the sound of their horn. 
Stealth is needed when dealing with these enemies to avoid landing in hot 
water. Hide behind the boulder next to the horn-blower, then execute a quick 
slash for a one-hit kill.

There is a guard, well... guarding a prison cell to the right. Wait for him to 
walk away, then break open the cell to free your buddies. Those cronies won't 
even know what hit 'em.

 DRAWBRIDGE                                                             [0311]

Walk past the Drawbridge Leystone and take the bottom path at the base of the 
drawbridge. Kill the Legion that jumps out at you, then look ahead. An enemy 
will enter the base of the drawbridge, so sneak in and backstab him. Enter the 
room to the right and kill the sleeping guards inside.

Now return to the Drawbridge Leystone and go to the right. You should be on a 
large plateau adjacent from the drawbridge. Jump from the plateau onto the 
ledge, then shimmy across to the other side of the base. Hoist yourself up 
onto the bridge and kill the enemy, then enter the room. Drop down through the 
hole and kill the two guards here. Open the chest for some Gold and exit to 
reach a small walled-in area.

Kill the enemies, then climb the vines on the side of the base to reach the 
top. Defeat the archers, then head across the plank. Fall through the two 
holes to reach a room filled with two shielded Legions. Eliminate them and 
inspect the lever in the corner. Use this to lower the drawbridge, allowing 
your army to enter Bruthwaite. Walk around the red spiked wall to enter the 
next region.

--- BIRGLA GROF --------------------------------------------------------------

Enter the cave along the narrow path to find some more baddies. Kick their 
sorry asses out to the street and exit. You should find some more Vikings tied 
up, so free them and proceed forward. It won't be long before you reach the 
Quarry. Go around to the other side and head inside.

 QUARRY                                                                 [0312]

Legions will greet you as you walk down the ramp, so do your thing. Most of 
them are normal soldiers, but there are some shielded Legions and archers 
thrown in. Once you defeat the bulk of the enemies on this side, search for 
Gold and walk to the left. Take out the undead soldiers and continue forward 
to reach a ramp. Go up the ramp and take down the archers, then open the chest 
for some more Gold.

Drop down and free the Viking captives, though there probably are not any 
enemies left. It shouldn't take long before the Quarry is liberated. Once 
everything is nice and sunny, search the area for any Gold. The Quarry
Leystone is located on the north side, so activate it. Return to the Quarry
and talk to Kell, the Quarry Master. He will assign you the next mission.
Something about killing bad guys. Gee, new and exciting. Open your map and
select "Ambush" to get the fight on!

 AMBUSH                                                                 [0313]

This is another large-scale battle. The area is very small, and archers will 
fire arrows at you from the safety of a hill. You can run up the hill and slay 
them all or just ignore 'em and continue mashing through the enemy troops. 
This battle is just as simple as the first one, so don't expect much of a 
challenge. Heck, it probably won't go on for more than a minute.

Return to the Quarry and bear the news to Kell. His troops will be added to 
your army. Exit the Quarry at the northern side. Walk forward and you should 
spot another small beach filled with wreckage, Legions, and most importantly: 
some Viking prisoners.

 SHIPWRECK                                                              [0314]

Drop down the hill and kill the four enemies. Grab the Gold and Mead here, 
then open the chest for Medical Supplies. Free the trio of Vikings on the 
opposite side of the beach. A new spot has opened up on the map that's a 
little ways away, so we'll have to start doin' some backtracking. I know, I 
know. It sucks but we have to free some more Vikings.

Upon exiting the Shipwreck, you will most likely be ambushed by an Assassin. 
Show him what's up. Head east past the Quarry to reach Auster-Berg.

--- AUSTER-BERG --------------------------------------------------------------

More rain. Ignore the giant base: that's another area that we cannot access 
just yet. Head towards the small clutter of trees to find more prisoners. Free 
them and walk forward to reach the Darkwater Leystone. From here, go to the 
right to reach another beach. It's also another Encampment.

 ENCAMPMENT                                                             [0315]

This encampment is situated on the beach, but it's more or less the same 
spiel. You can't really use stealthy tactics here since there's no cover on a 
darned beach. Simply charge in and introduce them to your swords. Open the 
prisoners to clear the area and liberate Auster-Berg. Past the prison cell is 
a hill. Collect the Mead at the base and then grab the Gold at the top.

Now that we got that little side-mission out of the way, use the Darkwater 
Leystone to transport to the Quarry Leystone.

--- BIRGLA GROF --------------------------------------------------------------

Walk towards the giant cave and use the explosives on the gate by repeatedly 
tapping B. Enter.

 MONASTERY CAVE                                                         [0316]

Take down the two soldiers at the entrance and kill the archer at the end. 
Take a right to reach a big pit. Collect the Gold at the bottom, then climb 
back up to the top. Shimmy across the narrow ledge to the left and continue on.

Talk to Ingemar in front of you. He isn't a big fan of Skarin, but giving him 
Medical Supplies will cause them to join you. Exit the Monastery Cave the same 
way you came in. Another cave has appeared on the map, so head there. Walk 
around the back side of the Monastery Cave to reach Kirkla.

--- KIRKLA -------------------------------------------------------------------

Ignore Darkwater to the right and use your map to reach the cave. It's a very 
tiny cave, so it is easy to miss. Take note of the two torches signifying its 

 CAVE                                                                   [0317]

Wow, this is easy. The cave is only one chamber, filled with a few enemies and 
the Vikings. There's no possible way to be stealthy, so slice 'n dice, then 
free the prisoners. Now that they are freed, you can move onto the Monastery. 
However, you may want to return to Brighthelm to pick up some stuff. Learn
some new moves as well, such as Fenrir's Bite and Freya's Chariot (The
Hammer). Fenrir's Bite is by far the best ability in the game, so definitely
spend the Gold to learn it. When ready, teleport to the Quarry Leystone. Head
to Kirkla.

--- KIRKLA -------------------------------------------------------------------

Start heading back to the last cave you were at, but stay on the path that 
leads behind the Monastery Cave. As you go down the cliff trail, you'll get 
another odd flashback thing. Run forwards towards the boulder and hide behind 
it as two Legions come your way. As they walk past you, use Fenrir's Bite to 
sneakily take them both out. 

Run up to the next boulder and defeat another pair of enemies. Go forwards to 
reach a campfire, but hide behind the blocks nearby. Kill the lookout and then 
hide behind the blocks. Another one will come and seemingly replace him like 
nothing ever happened. Keep killing them one by one until the coast is clear.

Head towards the entrance, where an innocent bystander will get knocked off of 
a ledge by an undead soldier. Jerk. Run underneath him to enter the Monastery.

 MONASTERY                                                              [0318]

Use Fenrir's Bite to take out the horn-blower near the entrance, then go 
around the perimeter of the room. Kill each of the feasting Legions. It's a 
lot harder to stay hidden in this room, so you may get caught. If so, tear 
everyone apart. Go up the path and kill the next two sentries. Kill the 
lookout near the cliff and head towards the Monastery Leystone. Easy escaping 
if you ever need it.

Take down the archers and soldiers in front, and make sure to kill the 
shielded Legion near the doorway. Hide behind the block and make it your first 
priority to kill the horn-blower. From here on, you can either free the 
Vikings on the right and let them fight alongside you, or you can try to clear 
out the room Solid Snake style.

After defeating everyone, free the next set of Vikings in the far right side 
of the room, then exit via the doorway in the corner. Kill the lone soldier in 
the staircase and make your way up top. Defeat the two enemies on the bridge 
here and chase after the glowing red Legion. Shimmy past the first gap, then 
jump across the next one. At the third hole, use the vines on the wall to get 
across. Follow the enemy into a room to get ambushed by an Assassin.

After taking care of the punk, continue through the Monastery to reach a large 
square room. Defeat the enemies here and also take note of the Interior 
Monastery Leystone in the room to the right. Use the crank to open the 
portcullis, where you'll find a Champion below you.

Some Legions will run up the stairs to confront you, so stay put and take 'em 
out. Free the six Vikings on both sides of you so they can deal with the 
lesser enemies. Of course, they are all pansies and will die in two hits. 
Thanks guys. Deal with any stragglers so you can focus on the Champion.

The same strategy applies here. Avoid his sword swings and attack when you see 
an opening. After a while, a button prompt will appear over the Champion's 
head. When you see this, initiate the button combo to finish him off. You'll 
earn the Ancient Key afterwards. Use the key on the wooden double doors behind 
you. You'll finally encounter that damned glowing guy!

Shamans suck, don't they? All this loser does is summon enemies while being 
protected by a red shield. However, you may notice the glowing red poles 
surrounding the Shaman. Your task is to destroy them all; three hits is all 
they need to fall apart. While you're doing this, take down the soldiers that 
appear. Once all of the glowing poles are destroyed, the Shaman's force field 
will lower. Press X to deliver the finishing blow to him.

The Shaman will drop the Dragon Amulet. A doorway leading to the entrance of 
the Monastery will open up. Go through to reach the Leystone. Teleport to the 
Darkwater Leystone and head north to Vatten Stathe.

--- VATTEN STATHE ------------------------------------------------------------

If you're big on getting achievements, now is a pretty good time to get the 
Skullbagger 1 Achievemnt. After participating in the battle at Darkwater, you 
cannot get this achievement. So I'd say now is a good time to get it. Beware, 
you will have to be very stealthy when getting these skulls. You are 
infiltrating a city after all. 

 DARKWATER: SKULLS                                                      [0319]

    .---------------.          ______
    |   DARKWATER   |         |      `./`.
    '---------------'         /        `./
                             /           `./`.
         __________________,'\             `./
        |   5 |     ___4  / ,'\  2.-.        `.
        |    / ,-  /   | |  \_,`. '-'          `.
        |__,   |   |___/  \_   .-|       .--.    `.
        |__|              | \  '-|       '--'  ,-'|
        |                _|-' .--|          ,-' __|
       /           __,--'     '--'   .-.   /   |  |
     ,'   /`.--'                     '-'  /    '--|
     `._,'  /       _,--.           .-.   ,--.    |
       \  ,' _\    ___ 3|           '-'   `. |    |
        |/  |__|  |   | |              /-._/ |    |
        _\   __|  |   | |             /    `,|_   |    
      _| |  |__|  |   | |                .-'.       <--- ENTRANCE
     |   |    /   '-._| |                '--'     |
     |__ |            _,'--.__                .-. |
        ||                    `-._      .--.  | |1|
      __||               ______   `.    |__|  |_|-|
     |   |              |      |   |   \    _,'   |
     |___| ,---.__6_,   |___   |        `--'      |
        |,'  __,'           '--'                  |
        |  ,'   _,----./`.__                 _, / |
         \'   ,'   O   `.__,'_,--.       _,-'   \_|
          `.     O   O  /      |  \         .-.   |
            `.    O O  |  .--. |  __________'-'   |
              `.        \_|__|_|_|    __    |____,'
                `.---._,'        |___|  |___|

 | I tried my best to make an ASCII map of the town in order to help you in |
 | searching for the skulls. Each skull is numbered and labeled on the map  |
 | to further inform you. Unfortunately, the map is fairly crude and isn't  |
 | as accurate as the in-game map. I suggest using the walkthrough below to |
 | find the skulls, but hopefully the map can be used as a reference point. |

I would like to make a note that if you collect a skull and die, you still 
have that skull. No need to get it again after you're revived. It makes things 
much easier. 

I'll be using the map a lot, so pay attention and use it as well. On top of 
that, I'll be using the map when giving out direction. When I say "go east", I 
mean from the map's viewpoint. 

Alright, we have to actually get inside Darkwater without being spotted. Go to 
the southeast corner of Darkwater and walk around the perimeter. You should 
spot part of the fence covered in a blanket (which has a picture of a tree on 
it). It's low enough to jump over, so do so. Once inside, hop over the fence 
to the left and jump on top of the barrels to find SKULL #1.

Quickly return to the spot where you came in and run straight this time. Go 
down the steps and walk around the right side of the house. Run towards the 
street and hide in-between the two stacks of boxes when the coast is clear. 
When it's safe to go, run across the street and past the torch to the right. 
Assassinate the Legion staring at his meal and take down the one behind the 
house; he's staring at a wall. These guys are brilliant.

Now that this side of the area is cleared, run back towards the bull that was 
presumably being cooked before we killed the chef. Walk towards the butter 
churner (these guys are old-school) and towards the fence. Use your camera to 
look on the other side of a fence. You should spot a well, and SKULL #2 is in 
between the well and the other side of the fence. It's possible to jump over 
the fence, grab the skull, and jump back across without being noticed. Try it.

Alright, now sneak back to the torch. The next skull is surrounded by dozens 
of Legions, so there is no way to get out alive. Run straight ahead past the 
torch and ignoring a group of enemies. Go around the fence and run in the 
corner towards another pack of soldiers. SKULL #3 is behind them, in the 
corner near a pillar. You won't survive, so just die.

Now that you are resurrected, return to the area near the second skull. Walk 
past the roasted bull and go towards the red wall. Part of the wall has been 
removed of spikes, so jump over it to the other side. There is a trios of 
Legions including a horn-blower on the other side. Immediately kill the horn-
blower and the other two as well; no other enemies should be alarmed by your 

From the red fence, walk straight towards a stack of crates lying against the 
wall. SKULL #4 is hidden behind the second stack. From the fourth skull, run 
forwards towards the small fence. There are three openings to areas you can 
head to. The rightmost leads to an archer training area, so ignore it. The one 
on the left leads to an enemy tent, so avoid that one as well. Quickly run 
into the central doorway. Immediately upon entering, run behind the boxes to 
the right to find SKULL #5 tucked away in the corner.

There's only a measly archer here, so execute a stealth kill and run up the 
ramp. You're on the upper level of Darkwater, so you'll most likely get 
spotted. But this is the last skull, so who really cares? Run straight ahead 
and ignore the archers on the walkway to the right. They may or may not spot 
you, but that's not the point.

Run to the end, where there is a lone box at the end. Walk against it and turn 
towards the street. SKULL #6 is right across the street from you. You can 
literally run straight ahead and pick it up. You'll get engulfed in a massive 
group of Legions, but that's okay: you got the Skullbagger 1 achievement!

 DARKWATER PORTAL                                                       [0320]

Now back to the main walkthrough. We have to access the Portal at Darkwater, 
which requires more sneaking inside the town. It's like we never even left. 
From the entrance (the southeast side), take a left like you are heading 
towards the first skull's location.

Go past it and execute the Legion near the campfire. Take down the next one 
near the giant wooden jugs. Run up onto the ramp and sneak past the two groups 
of archers. Once on the other side, stealth kill the lone soldier and jump 
over the crates. Enter the glowing red portal to power up the Dragon Amulet. 
We can now summon the first dragon! You can just jump over the ramp and run 
away from the town. Only two or three enemies should spot you, but that's no 
problem. Use the Leystone to teleport to the Ancient Ruins.

 ANCIENT RUINS                                                          [0321]

From the Leystone, run to the left side of the ruins and stand on the large 
pedestal. Tap B to summon the Dragon Arl. Test out his power on one of the two 
ships. Pretty neat if you ask me. Now that we summoned a dragon, we can 
assault Darkwater. I recommend stopping at Brighthelm to purchase some Healing 
Potions and maybe even learning some moves at the Battle Arena. When you are 
ready, lay siege at Darkwater.

 BATTLE AT DARKWATER                                                    [0322]

The previous two battles are nothing but a mere scuffle compared to the war at 
Darkwater. You know what Darkwater contains, and now we have to fight each one 
of its inhabitants and more.

Freya informs you that the Shaman here will summon more Legion, so he is your 
main target. However, you have to get through plenty of foes to reach him. 
Your first obstacle is a Champion. Eliminate him with normal means, except 
avoid the army of Legions while doing so. He will drop two Dragon Runes, so 
press Back to use Arl to attack the Shaman.

Once the Shaman is toast (literally), you will be able to enter Darkwater. Run 
inside and go straight ahead to find another Champion. Collect the Dragon 
Runes and use them to destroy the second Shaman. Make sure to kill the one in 
the northwest corner of Darkwater; it'll make things easier.

You will have to kill the third Shaman on your own, and he should be very 
close to the entrance. From where the Champion was, run between the house and 
the fence to avoid the massive amount of shielded Legions in the town square. 
Cross the street to arrive at the final Shaman. Target the glowing sticks and 
attack each one. Destroy all four poles, then eliminate the Shaman to finish 
the battle. 

However, there is one massive Legion to fight. His name is Drakan, and he 
fights similar to a Champion. He has a humongous sword that he likes to swing 
around, so dodge it like you would against a Champion. Drakan can also fire 
his gauntlet similar to a Hookshot from Zelda. When he moves his hand forward, 
hide behind one of the pillars so you aren't hit. Continue attacking while 
dodging his attacks, then input the button command to finish the big guy off.

After the cutscene with Hel and Freya, you'll learn some backstory about 
Drakan. Once you regain control of Skarin, you will move onto the second 
island: Galcliff. 


[4] WALKTHROUGH (GALCLIFF)                                              [0400]


 NOTE: This walkthrough is based on the Normal difficulty.

 NOTE: Uz da map. No, seriously, I'll be using a lot when referring to the
       directions in the walkthrough. If I say "go north", I mean go north on
       the map. It's a useful tool to boot.

Galcliff is the second island and as you can see from the map, is much bigger 
than Niflberg. There is plenty of mission to participate in her. Your first 
main task in Galcliff is to take over Holdenfort. 

 GALCLIFF LANDING CAMP                                                  [0401]

The Galcliff Landing Camp has plenty of shops and buildings to get
accommodated to, just like Brighthelm. Stop at the shop, which is right next
to your starting location. I recommend picking up a Health Advance Stage 2 and
maybe some Map Upgrades if you have the Gold. Also talk to Champion Jarl for
some new missions (that we'll deal with later). 

After exploring through the camp, return to your starting location. Turn 
around and head towards the archer training area. Jump up on the ledges and 
continue climbing to reach a small campfire. None of these people are 
important, so pass by them and continue around the narrow path leading to the 
top of the mountain. Continue to reach the cliff overlooking the camp. Proceed 
towards the forest to enter Rannsaka.

--- RANNSAKA -----------------------------------------------------------------

If you look ahead, you can see another prison cell. Walking a few more steps 
will give you another area on the map, "West Camp". Well, here we are.

 WEST CAMP                                                              [0402]

Stay near the patch of trees and inch towards the prison. There is a nice 
amount of Legion forces here, so it's best to stay quiet. Run up to the small 
ledge but don't jump up to the camp. Hug the wall and walk to the right as a 
sentry leaves the camp. Run up and execute him, then quickly hide behind the 
nearby tent.

If you haven't been spotted yet, quickly sneak past the two sleeping enemies 
and rip down the prison wall. The Vikings will surprise everyone and help 
dispatch them. Some of the Legions here are tough. The shielded Legions now 
have iron shields that are tougher to destroy. Once the area is clear of 
enemies, you can either stop back at the landing camp or proceed south.

Follow the Viking crew to the Distillery Leystone, which isn't too far away 
from the West Camp. From the Leystone, go south down the steps to enter the 
next region.

--- BJORRTON -----------------------------------------------------------------

You can see how large the Distillery is just from looking forward, but it is 
best to clear out the surrounding area of Legion first. Go to the right 
towards the coast to spot a small batch of Legion away from the Distillery. 
You should take them out first, because they are so far away from the rest of 
the gang that no one will notice that you have killed them. They usually split 
up, so take 'em out one by one.

Run forward and hide behind the giant spire. There is one shielded Legion that 
stays put near a fence, but another one moves back and forth. It's best to 
take out the shielded foe first, because you don't want to deal with him if he 
sees you. Take them both out and walk towards the fence. Jump over and hide 
behind the big structure right in front of you. We are inside.

 DISTILLERY                                                             [0403]

You can actually see the imprisoned Vikings right in front of you, but we have 
to wait until enemy forces are clear. If you look towards the center of the 
Distillery, you can see a large group of Legion walking away. That's why we 
want to be sneaky.

Walk around the wooden silos until you are near the front of the cell. If you 
look to the right, there are two Legion next to a cart looking outside of the 
Distillery. Kill them just for the hell of it, then run back behind the wooden 
jug thing. Wait until no Legion is in sight, then run forwards and free the 

Have them kill some Legions for a scene. All the Vikings will hide, so seek 
out any remaining Legion. There should only be a few left. Once all Legions 
have been exterminated, the Distillery will be liberated. Search the area for 
Gold and any goodies. Next, go to the northeast section of the Distillery to 
find the Bjorrton Leystone.

Talk to Distiller Njal (the green dot on the radar) to learn about the 
legendary flame-pot recipe. He recommends that you go to the Ruins in order to 
find his father's recipe. You will get the Cellar Key. Move north from the 
Distillery into Rannsaka.

--- RANNSAKA -----------------------------------------------------------------

Simply follow the dirt path north. At the intersection, go to the left towards 
the West Camp, but stay on the path to reach the Ruins. Kill the shielded 
Legion that merrily walks around the entrance of the Ruins. A second shielded 
Legion will probably notice you, so kill him as well. Enter the Ruins.

 RUINS                                                                  [0404]

A soldier is staring at a hole in the floor, so execute him and drop down. 
Open the door at the end and quickly kill the Legion Assassin. Climb down the 
ladder and open the treasure chest to obtain the Secret Recipe. Hm, that was 
oddly easy. Climb back up the ladder and head through the door, then climb the 
rope wall to exit the Ruins.

Return to the Distillery and give Njal the Secret Recipe. You will get a Flame-
Pot along with an extension of your army. Exit the Distillery at the northern 
end, and take a right at the intersection this time. Kill the three soldiers 
and free the Vikings tied up on the pole.

Run straight at the path, but go up the hill instead of continuing down the 
road. You will enter Kelda's Domain. 

--- KELDA'S DOMAIN -----------------------------------------------------------

Run behind the shack and swiftly execute the two Legion eating the corpse. The 
Cave Camp is right behind the corpse, so be prepared. This camp is fairly 
easy, so you won't have to worry about too much chaos.

 CAVE CAMP                                                              [0405]

It's not too easy to infiltrated the camp without being seen, so I just went 
balls to the wall and killed everyone Viking-style. There are only two shield 
Legions and a few archers. Free the Vikings to liberate Kelda's Domain.

Warrior Hrut stands in front of the prison, so talk to him. He doesn't trust 
your mad killin' skillz, so you have to prove to Hrut that you can command an 
army. You will have to enter the Central Cave and return to Hrut with the 
Legion insignia. Eh.

We'll worry about that a lil' later. For now, we still have one more uncharted 
area nearby to check out. Lets head over to the Mercenaries. From the Cave 
Camp, go south to reach a road. Follow it (and the map) to enter Sutherin.

--- SUTHERIN -----------------------------------------------------------------

Walk forward and take a right down the dirt path. Veer off the path to the 
grassy area to the left to find the Southern Watchtower Leystone. Now continue 
forward to eventually reach Bjorrton and the Distillery. 

--- BJORRTON -----------------------------------------------------------------

Walk around the left side of the Distillery (southern side on the map) and hug 
the cliff wall along the way. You will reach the Skirrafel Leystone near the 
coast. Pick up the Mead nearby and go past the campfire into the cave.

 MERCENARIES                                                            [0406]

It's a small place, but cozy. Talk to Mani, the Mercenary Leader, to learn of 
their demands. Like any good mercenary, they want money. Lots of it! In order 
to get them to join you, you have to set up an ambush at the southern 
watchtower. Sounds easy enough if you ask me.

Exit the cave and return to the Southern Watchtower Leystone.

--- SUTHERIN -----------------------------------------------------------------

Now go east to reach a trio of Legion guarding some Vikings. Kill them all and 
free the three allies. Proceed down the path until you are assaulted by a wave 
of flaming arrows. Oh, so that's why the map said "stop the rain of fire". 
Ugh, I already don't like this. Pass by the Sutherine Leystone, kill the two 
enemies near the entranceway, and continue into the Watchtower.

Ascend the steps and go towards the door. Hm, no key. That's not good. Walk 
around to the eastern side of the tower and drop into the cellar. Grab some 
Gold and exit. Continue around the side of the tower to find a horn-blower. 
Execute him to get the Tower Key. Now you can use it to enter the Watchtower.

 WATCHTOWER                                                             [0407]

Skarin will bust the door open and alert three enemies. Way to go. Kill them 
all and climb the ladder to the next floor. Admire the purdy fur rugs and 
climb up to the third floor. There are some archers situated around the edges, 
so knock them all to their doom. Open the next door and climb the rope wall.

Kill the Legion on the right side of the doorway that tries to ambush you, 
then head up the stairs while slicing through archers. Open the chest for some 
Gold and climb the next ladder.

There is a Shaman perched up here along with three archers. Knock the archers 
off of the tower roof first, then target the Shaman. Like always, destroy the 
glowing red poles while dealing with the enemies that he summons. Once the 
Shaman's shield has lowered, deliver the finishing blow. Sutherine is now 
liberated! Exit the Watchtower the safe way (don't jump).

Teleport to the Skirrafel Leystone and let the mercenaries know how it went. 
Now select Ambush on the map and get ready for a fight.

 AMBUSH                                                                 [0408]

This battle takes place on a big bridge. It's bigger than the battle at Gorge 
and the other ambush, but still smaller than Darkwater. It can get pretty 
hectic on such a narrow area, so watch your health and make sure not to get 
knocked off of the bridge. It won't take long before you win the battle and 
get a War Chest.

Use the Southern Watchtower Leystone to teleport to the Skirrafel Leystone. 
Give Mani the War Chest to have his forces join you. Now we still have to win 
over the hearts of Hrut and the Vikings at the Cave Camp. Time to head to the 
Central Cave. Teleport to the Southern Watchtower Leystone.

Follow the trail north to reach Kelda's Domain.

--- KELDA'S DOMAIN -----------------------------------------------------------

If you look on the map, there are many entrances to the Central Cave. We will 
be taking the western entrance. Continue up the hill to reach the cave 
entrance to the right.

 CENTRAL CAVE                                                           [0409]

Squeeze through the tiny tunnel to reach a ramp. Four Legion are walking away 
from you, so you should be able to use Fenrir's Bite on two of them before the 
rest notice. Kill the other two, then take out the Legion to the left of the 
ramp. Go forward and take a left at the fork. Kill the two Legions and shimmy 
across the ledge for some Gold. Go back and take the right path.

Sneak towards the shielded Legion and own him, then go across the bridge. Pass 
by the roots towards a large room. If you look forward, you can see a ledge 
with some Gold lying on it. Grab onto the ledge and hoist yourself up, then 
grab the next ledge above you. Shimmy around the bend and lift up to the next 
platform. Now run across the edge of the wall to eventually reach a small area 
with a Champion.

This guy is bigger and badder than the previous champs, so you will have to 
attack him a lot more before the button sequence will appear. Just keep 
dodging his attacks and wait for the opening to appear. Once the Champion is 
killed, open the chest for some Gold.

Turn around and drop down the steps towards an enemy campfire. Defeat all 
three Legions (make sure you take down the horn-blower), then return to the 
steps. Pass the steps and defeat the next few Legions to reach a Viking 
prison. Dice up the Legion guards and free the Vikings. The Vikings will lead 
you to another Leystone.

We have done all we can in the Central Cave for now, so use the Cave Leystone 
to teleport to the Bjorrton Leystone. Return to the Cave Camp and talk to 
Hrut, who lends you his forces. Warp to the Sutherine Leystone.

Man, we are all over the place! Go across the bridge from the ambush to enter 
Brenna Grof. 

--- BRENNA GROF --------------------------------------------------------------

Walking straight ahead will cause you to find the Brenna Grof Leystone. Walk 
down the trail and take a right to reach another Quarry.

 QUARRY                                                                 [0410]

Hide behind the tree nearby and kill the three Legions that are leaving the 
Quarry. Now go to the right of the path and kill the archer near the run-down 
shack. Run around it to another house and kill the Legion eating the dead 
body. Go to the back end of this house to spot a guard. Quietly slice him, 
then run past the crates near the woodshed.

Just past the pile of logs is a shielded Legion. Assassinate him and run 
forwards towards a pair of archers on a ledge. Sneak around them, then climb 
up the ledge towards them. Use Fenrir's Bite on the first one, then knock the 
second one off of the ledge to his death. No one should spot you. Run back 
down from the ledge and continue around the perimeter of the Quarry.

Run against the fence and kill the archer at the gate. Run past the house to 
the other side of the fence. The prison is right on the other side of the 
fence, but there is a lookout standing on a stack of boxes. It's hard to run 
up to him and use Fenrir's Bite, so you may want to resort to a Throwing Axe. 
After he's toast, run up and rip the door off of the hold before the other 
Legions notice. Let your pals take care of the rest.

Once the area has been liberated, return to the entrance of the Quarry. 
Remember the first archer you killed near the shack? Well there should be a 
large tower to the left of him. Climb up the ladder to the top of the tower, 
then use the walkway to reach a plateau. Go up to find ruins of a house and 
some Legion. Kill all three, then save the Vikings.

Return to the Quarry and collect all the treasures inside. Talk to Olen to get 
another task. Time to rescue some more guys at the Eastern Cave. Take the 
eastern exit and go up the hill to a desolate house. Defeat the handful of 
soldiers here and free the tied up Vikings. Continue down the path to reach a 
canyon. Well, here we are.

 EASTERN CAVE                                                           [0411]

There is only one enemy you have to fight here, but that enemy is a Champion. 
Still, you should have no problem dealing with him. Once he is killed, you'll 
receive a Rusty Key. Use it on the nearby gate to enter the cave.

Walk on the bridge and jump to the platform to the right. Now press B to 
safely drop to the ground instead of having your brains splat after a long 
fall. At the end of the path is a chest containing some Gold. Return to the 
bridge and walk towards the locked door. Shimmy across the narrow ledge on the 

There are archers posted on the cliff across from you. There is no possible 
way to reach their position unnoticed. Drop down, then jump up to the cliff. 
Kill the first one, then knock the other two to the ground below. Kill the 
small group of Legions that run up to your location. Open the door to reach 
the entrance so the Vikings can go through. Now drop down and free them, then 
exit the cave.

Return to Olsen and speak with him. He will thank you by not only lending you 
his men, but also giving you Explosives. Now we can finally complete the 
Central Cave. Use the Brenna Grof Leystone to transport to the Cave Leystone. 

 CENTRAL CAVE                                                           [0412]

The Legion have returned, so take out the bunch in front of you. From the 
Leystone, take the left path to reach a bridge. Defeat the archer and you'll 
get another weird, trippy flashback thing. Use the Explosives on the gate in 
front of you and go forward into Flatturgrunnur.

--- FLATTURGRUNNUR -----------------------------------------------------------

What a wacky name for a region. Anyways, go forward to automatically find the 
Leystone here in Flatturgrunnur. Ha, I love saying that name. Anyways, head 
into the Plateau Camp.

 PLATEAU CAMP                                                           [0413]

The camp is filled with mostly shielded Legions, so you don't want to get 
spotted by them. Go past the Leystone and head to the other side of the 
plateau so you're on the left side of the prison. You can actually free the 
prisoners without killing anyone. Just wait for the soldier and the shielded 
Legion to walk away from the cell, then dash over and rip the door off.

Once the coast is clear, open the chest in the center of the camp for a Mugin 
Gem Fragment. Collect the Gold as well. You have two options: take the risky 
path leading to Holdenfort or the long way. If you want to take the long way, 
teleport to the Brenna Grof Leystone and walk there. If you want to take the 
risky way, jump down the mountainside to pretty much land in Holdenfort's 

--- HOLDENFORT STATHE --------------------------------------------------------

Walk through the large meadow in front of Holdenfort to find the Holdenfort 
Battlefield Leystone. The only other task we can do right now is infiltrate 
Holdenfort, so howabout we try and find those skulls, mm?

 4 HOLDENFORT: SKULLS                                                   [0414]

          _,-' .----. .-.`.                  .----------------.
      _,-`.    |    | '-' |_______           |   HOLDENFORT   |
     /    /`.  '----'  _,-'       |____      '----------------'
     |   /__/`.__,--         __   |    |_
     |       5/  .-.       ,'  |  |    | `.
     |---   -'   '-'     ,'       |    |  |
      \__             _,'.        |    |  |__  ______               ____
       | |       .-  / \  `._      \__/---'          `.            |    |
       |-'       |     /        _____                 .`.          |    |_
       |___      |,-._/    |   |     |              ,' _ `.________| .--. |__
      / _  `     /    \____|___|_____|   ____      / ,' `.    ,'  |  |__| .--'
   _,' / `. |    \    |      --'        | |  |    |  \    \   \   |       |
  | `. `._/ |     |   /  ,--.___        | |__|-.      `._,'   | _,' ___  _|
      `.___/       \_/ ,'4_____ `._,'   |__   _|  |  ___   _,--'  ,'   ||
  |                 | / |      |  '               | |   | |     ,'     ''
  |   ___  ___      | | |______|  .      _,--.    | |___| |     |
  |--'        \     | |-----------|     ' __  \   '-----.-'     |
  |   .---.    |    | |  _____    |      |__| |         |3      |
  |   |___|   _|___/  | |     \                       __|-'     |
   \     __,-' |  |   | |_____/   |         __,---.  |      |   |
   /`---'      |  |  _|           |    _,--' .--. |  |      |   |
   \    ,-.__,-|  |-' \_,-.______,|---'      '--'           |   |
    `--'       |  |         |  |  |______   _   __          |   |
               |  |         |  |    ||   `.|      |      ___|___|
               |  |         |  |    ||     `._____|__,--'
               |  |         |  |    ||
               |  |         |  |    ||
    ,-._       |  |         |  |  __||___
   /    \     _|  |-.__     |  | |       `.__
  | .----`-._/_|__|_   `.___|__|_|,--.   -'  |         .-------.
  | |.---. |  |     `.  / |           \   |   \        |     .-|
  | ||   |    |      | |  |           |    \2__|_______|___     \
   \|'---' | _|      |  \ | ___    ___/`.  '-._|                 `-.
  .-|------'       _,'   |||   |  |   |                            |
  |               |   _  |||   |  '-. | |              .-.__.---.__|
  | |         _,--|  /   |||___|    '-'. \_            |        |  |
  | |   O       6_  |    ||       `----'\___          _'.__     |  |
  | | O   O    ,' \ |  _,'|  __    ___  |   |-.--'             ,'  |
  | |  O O     \_,' ,-'   /1|  |  |     '-._| '--.___              |
  |  \___       ___/   _,'  |__|    .---.        ___        /  ___ |
   \     `--.--'   `--'\      |   '-|   |       |   |      |  |   ||
    `-------'           \   .-'     '---'       |___|      |  |   ||   
                    .-->    |          _                   |  '---'|
        ENTRANCE ---'     \_|_________|_|___   .---.     __|___  __|
                                                                ^--- ENTRANCE

 | I tried my best to make an ASCII map of the town in order to help you in |
 | searching for the skulls. Each skull is numbered and labeled on the map  |
 | to further inform you. Unfortunately, the map is fairly crude and isn't  |
 | as accurate as the in-game map. I suggest using the walkthrough below to |
 | find the skulls, but hopefully the map can be used as a reference point. |

In order to get the Skullbagger 2 Achievement, you must collect all of the 
skulls found in Holdenfort AND Caldberg. Since we cannot reach the latter yet, 
lets get a head start and collect the skulls in Holdenfort.

Head to the western side of Holdenfort and jump over the destroyed portion of 
the fence. Walk around the crates and to the left side of the house. There is 
a Legion staring at something in the corner of the fence. Stealth kill him, 
then look down at what he was staring at. It's SKULL #1. Exit Holdenfort the 
same way you came in and head to the eastern side of the town now.

The entire part of the fence here has been reduced to rubble, so you can just 
waltz right on in. Run to the left immediately after entering the town. Jump 
over the fence and hide behind the cart. A horn-blower will walk around the 
cart. Just as he walks past the right side of the cart, pop out and deliver a 
Fenrir's Bite to silently kill him. 

Run to the right side of the house and kill the archer right in front of you. 
Go down the ramp and hide behind the crates against the edge. When the coast 
is clear, jump down and run in front of the food stand. Drop down from the 
left side of the stand and SKULL #2 should be to the right of your location, 
right next to a wooden structure.

Go up the ramp and run forward. Hide behind the pile of fish baskets and look 
straight ahead. There's a Legion on the left side of the big floodgate. Kill 
him, then jump onto the floodgate. Shimmy across to the other side and run 
down the dock. Usually, three Legions will walk up and down the dock. You can 
either wait until they reach the floodgate and kill them, or just hide.

Run past the ramp and continue down the path to a dead end. SKULL #3 is right 
behind a wooden rack filled with barrels. Return to the ramp and proceed 
straight ahead. Once at the top, take the left path (a group of Legions and an 
archer are practicing right in front of you). Go through the fence near the 
house and hide between the house and the tent. There is a chest here, so you 
might as well open it.

From the right side of the tent, jump over the fence and run straight ahead. 
There should be a crate against a high wall (to the right of a staircase), so 
use the crate to climb the wall. Once up on the grassy hill, slowly walk 
forward. Look at the house to the left and take a peek down. SKULL #4 is lying 
at the edge of the house, so drop down from the hill and pick it up.

Backtrack to the staircase and head up to the top. Run past the fence and 
continue up the hill to the very top. A horn-blower is on duty, so make sure 
to kill him. Run down the path until you reach a well in the middle. Once at 
the well, leap over the fence to the right to find SKULL #5 in the corner.

Now return to the location of the fourth skull (but don't drop down to its 
exact location). Sneak up the hill to reach the bottom of a bridge. Your task 
is to climb through the wooden support beams to cross the other side. First 
off, jump onto the base and shimmy to the inside of the support beam. Now 
press Y to jump from one ledge to another. It's not too difficult, but move 
the camera around to see all of the ledges and jump/shimmy your way through 
the support beams.

Once you are finally on the other side of the bridge, run across the hill and 
up the steep incline to reach a house and a fence. The fence is to the right 
of the hill, so hop over to find SKULL #6 right in the corner. 

 HOLDENFORT BARRACKS                                                    [0415]

Well, look at that. We are actually in perfect position to destroy the 
barracks! I mean, that's one of the main goals we need to complete. From the 
sixth skull's location, run across the street into a fenced in area. Two 
shielded Legions are sword training on a wall, so sneak attack them both. Jump 
up the crate onto the barracks. See that shining trap door? Walk over to it 
and repeatedly press B to ignite the charge.

You can now infiltrate Holdenfort. If you do not want to right now, I'll let 
you know how to get out of here. Run behind the barracks to find a yellow 
blanket covering part of the fence. Jump over the blanket to reach the exit. 
However, it's being blocked by two shielded Legions. You can knock them off of 
the cliff behind them with your shield parry (LB + A). Once both are dead, run 
down the hill to end up in the area near the Holdenfort Battlefield Leystone.

If you wish, you can head back to the Galcliff Landing Camp and stock up on 
supplies. Maybe some Healing Potions will do. When you are ready, unleash your 
assault on Holdenfort.

 BATTLE AT HOLDENFORT                                                   [0417]

Are you ready? I hope so. This war is similar to the one at Darkwater, where 
you will have to use Dragon Arl to attack Shamans. This one is a little 
different for the main fact that you don't fight in the town, but in the field 
instead. That means there is a lot more room to do battle. The only con is 
that this battle is so much bigger than any you have faced, and this game 
suffers from some pretty bad lag.

Run straight ahead with your troops to notice the familiar red aura of a 
Champion. Run straight in the center of the enemy troops and do battle with 
the big man. Once you survive the battle (and the lag), use the Dragon Runes 
he dropped to attack the Shaman on the right side of the battlefield.

Now that there is only one Shaman left, run up to him and start attacking the 
glowing stakes. The only Legion you should worry about are the shielded ones, 
since they are the toughest and give your troops the most trouble (i.e.: they 
kill them). Make sure to use any Health Potion if you need it and continue 
attacking the Shaman's defense system. Once he is killed, the second portion 
of the battle will start. Wait, there's another part?!

Yep, now we actually have to horde the city and destroy the troops inside. 
First off, use your single Dragon Rune to destroy one of the blockades. I 
suggest the main entrance blockade. Once the greeting crew has been taken out 
of the picture, run inside. If you have any elemental powers, I suggest 
powering your troops up.

Run straight ahead with your men and take down the battalion that stands in 
your way. The first Shaman is just up ahead, so barge through and take him 
out. Like before, try to take care of the shielded Legions first. Remember 
that destroying a glowing stake can damage any Legion nearby.

After killing the first Shaman, you will get one Dragon Rune. However, you 
need two to initiate an attack on the Shaman. Looks like we'll have to do it 
on foot. The second Shaman is on the very edge of a dock, so command your 
troops and head over to his location. This Shaman is a lot easier to beat, 
since you can shield bash his troops right into the water.

After defeating the second and final Shaman, a Champion will show up and 
challenge Skarin to a battle on a bridge. It's a pretty cool scene, because 
each army is on separate sides of the bridge and cheering their representative 
on. Well, it's just a lowly Champion. You've dealt with many of them at this 
point. After he kicks the bucket, Arl will show up and breathe fire on more 
Legions. Thanks!

Yeah, we are STILL battling. There are two more Shamans to fight again. 
However, we have three Dragon Runes, so use two of them on one of the Shamans. 
I suggest taking out the one in the northern region of Holdenfort, because the 
one on the right side is surrounded by water. You know what that means: 
cheaply killing all of the soldiers by knocking them into the water!

Blast the first Shaman and head to the eastern side of the city. You can use 
the third Dragon Rune to take out the archers in the center of Holdenfort as 
well. Start making your way down the ramp leading to the eastern edge of town. 
Remember, if you are ever low on health or magic, use your finishing blow (X 
when an enemy is dazed) to replenish some.

Once you reach the Shaman, make sure you have some Vikings with you. Running 
in by yourself is suicide. Power them up while you're at it and start knocking 
some shielded Legions to their watery grave. Whenever you have breathing room, 
utilize it by attacking the glowing pillars. Rinse and repeat until the Shaman 
is no more.

Guess what? Two more Shaman to kill. Run up the steps and go to the right to 
find the first Shaman. He's pretty close by, but his troops (and himself) are 
located on top of a hill. They've got the high ground! Power up your army and 
deal with the lesser forces at the base of the hill. Getting even five or ten 
Vikings up the hill is enough, because all of the Legions will be focused on 
them instead of you.

After killing the first Shaman, you should have gotten a second Dragon Rune. 
Use both of them on the other Shaman to start another scene. There is only one 
more portion of the battle, so brace yourself!

You must use the portal on the hill to summon your Shaman. Doing so will end 
the battle in your favor. Wait for the Viking army to cross the bridge with 
you, then warm up by mowing down the Legions at the bottom of the hill. Slowly 
advance with your powered-up army to the portal. In order to summon the 
Shaman, you must repeatedly tap B. That pretty much means you cannot get hit 
for several seconds. There are no Shamans here, so there is a limited amount 
of Legions here. Kill most (if not all) of them, then summon the Shaman.

Your Shaman must be protected as she converts the portal, so just stand next 
to her and take out any Legion that comes her way. Not many enemies should get 
past your Vikings. Once the portal is converted, the war will finally end.

 HOLDENFORT                                                             [0417]

It looks so much nicer here in Holdenfort now that we liberated it. There is 
plenty of stuff to do here, so check out the shops and explore for Gold. You 
can trade in your Mead to Innkeeper Holmstein and pick up some items or 
elemental runes. Pick up the Health Advance Stage 3 immediately.

Speak with Chieftain Honir, who is at the top of Holdenfort near the portal and 
barracks. He gives you several new tasks and opens up two gates leading out of 
the city. Go to the northern end of town and speak with Shaman Asta, who will 
open up another gate right behind her. Go through to enter Njordfell.

--- NJORDFELL ----------------------------------------------------------------

There's a sole Legion that is just begging to get stabbed in the face, so 
fulfill his wish and enter the cave. Defeat the soldier inside and leave, now 
go west up the stone steps. Follow the mountainside past some destroyed ships.

Continue up the side of the mountain until you reach the bulk of the
"graveyard". Continue towards the western side until you're at the edge of
the cliff. You'll know you're going the right way when it gets dark and

Jump over the first gap and watch the two archers walk across the bridge above 
you. Run under and shimmy across the next gap. Proceed through the rather 
straightforward path until Skarin falls into a hidden pit. A scene occurs with 
some arrogant Viking guerrillas make fun of you. Climb out of the hole and 
follow them towards the Longboat Graveyard Leystone.

 GUERRILLA CAMP                                                         [0418]

In order to win over the guerrillas, you must find the second part of the
Mugin Gem in the nearby cave. From the Leystone, go to the right and enter the
room on the left. Pull the crank to activate the elevator, as you plummet into
the mine.

 MINE                                                                   [0419]

Go forward and kill the three Legions in front of you. The left path leads to 
a dead end, so go right. Follow the path until you reach a gap. You have to 
shimmy across, but there is a guard on the other side. You'll end up getting 
spot. No worries though, just get across the gap and kill him. 

Defeat the shielded Legion alongside the guard and go down the path to the 
left. As soon as you enter the path, look to the left. You will find a dark 
alcove guarded by a shielded Legion. Slay him and open the chest for a Rusty 
Key. This spot is incredibly dark and very difficult to spot. Hug the walls to 
eventually find it. Go back to the main path beyond the gap and head straight 
this time. 

You'll find another shielded Legion guarding a cell. Kill him and open the 
cell with your key. However, just as you open it, a Legion runs over and kills 
him. All that trouble finding the key, and it wasn't even worth it?! Argh!!

Go past the door and follow the tunnel (ignoring the dead bodies) to meet up 
with Drakan. He says he took the Mugin Gem to Caldberg, and entering that city 
isn't a good idea. Thanks a lot. Defeat the enemies he sicks on you and you'll 
get a cutscene after. Something about seeking a crypt.

Skarin wakes up in the Guerrilla Camp. These jerks still don't trust Skarin, 
so you will have to hunt down the gem in the lion's den. Well, we'll put that 
off a little later. It's too daunting right now. >_>

From your location, go straight and through the wooden gates to Tunthorpe.

--- TUNTHORPE ----------------------------------------------------------------

Go down the very steep hill and kill the archer along the way. Once you reach 
the bottom, start cutting through the trees and go east. Our next destination 
is the Vineyard. Go through the stream and kill the Legion here. Climb the 
hill leading to the Vineyard.

 VINEYARD                                                               [0420]

You can use the vines here as hiding spots as you weave in and out, killing 
the bad guys here. Once you reach the fence, kill the Legion wandering around 
and go to the right. Run to the left (where he came from) and jump up the 
crates. Kill the four undead soldiers eating the dead body, then inspect the 
brown jar. Press B to ignite it. Run back towards the vines and wait for it to 

When the explosion occurs, some Legion will run towards the commotion. Jump 
over the fence to the right and kill the lone archer, then make your way 
around the perimeter of the Vineyard. When you reach the second entrance of 
the area, destroy the two Legions standing guard. Run under the roof and kill 
the next two Legion, then walk towards the feasting ground.

Two more batches of enemies are having a meal, and conveniently, there are two 
more bombs next to each of them. You can ignite the bomb without having them 
notice, so do so with the nearby bomb. Run away and let them blow up, having 
more Legions run towards the fire.

Now only two enemies are left guarding the prison. They are big Legions
(Knights) though, so try and kill them as fast as you can. Once both are
finished, free the Vikings and let them take care of the rest. Phew!

Talk to Farmer Blyn to receive the Letter of Request. We have to deliver this 
to an archer in Holdenfort. From the Vineyard, go north to eventually reach 

--- GODHOLT ------------------------------------------------------------------

Walk north through the surprisingly desolate area. Once you activate the 
Godholt Leystone, warp to Holdenfort. 

Vidar is right near Chieftain Honir at the top of Holdenfort. After speaking 
with him, return to the Vineyard. Talk to Blyn and let him know that archers 
are coming to his pad.

Return to the Godholt Leystone and go east. You'll start to reach the Lumber 
Mill, but don't enter it just yet. Activate the Lumber Mill Leystone and go 
south to reach another camp. 

 FARM CAMP                                                              [0421]

Yeah, this is a breeze. A shielded Legion will walk down the path by himself, 
so take cover behind a tree and take him down. After that, it's up to you. 
There aren't that many enemies here, and it's not difficult at all. Do work. 
After freeing the Vikings here in the Farm Camp, continue south.

You'll soon reach the Austerine Leystone and a small band of enemies. Sweep 
the floor with them and return to the Leystone. If you go south, you'll just 
end up returning to Holdenfort. Instead, use the Leystone to teleport back to 
the Lumber Mill Leystone.

 LUMBER MILL                                                            [0422]

Cross the bridge and start walking towards the Lumber Mill. Alert the two 
guards at the entrance and kill them both, then hide behind the logs. Surprise 
the other Legions that walk around here and also dispose of the shielded 
Legions on the bridge.

Cross the bridge and kill the enemy here, then go up the ramp. The archer 
lookout here won't know what hit him. Continue up the incline to the top. A 
Champion and horn-blower wander around here. Wait for the Champion to have his 
back at you, then kill the horn-blower. I'm not sure if you can actually pull 
off a Fenrir's Bite on a Champion, but I s'pose you can try. Either way, just 
kill him.

Defeating the Champion will net you a Crane Key. Go backwards and drop back 
down the hill. Take a right down the street in between the fence and house. 
Defeat the shielded Legion and his cronies up ahead, then follow the street. 
As you can see, there is a large group of enemies just standing around, doing 
nothing. Run behind the large crane and use your key on it. The crane will 
drop the prison cell on the Legions and free the Vikings simultaneously.

Search the vicinity for Gold and talk to Saw Master Bori. He won't be able to 
work on the siege weapons until you liberate the camp down at the beach. The 
beach is below the Lumber Mill, but a fall like that is never good. Return to 
the Godholt Leystone and take the hill leading down to the beach.

Run down to the beach and slay the Legion berating the poor old man. Kill the 
other one staring blankly into the ship. There are more Legions on the other 
side of the ship, but they're all so distracted that you can kill each one 
without having the other notice.

Repeat the process with the Knight and free the tied up Vikings. Continue down
the sandy beach to find some Mead, then go back to the ship. Now head down the
opposite side of the beach to eventually reach the camp.

 NORTH BEACH CAMP                                                       [0423]

Defeat the horn-blower near the tents before he can wake up his comrades, then 
stab them while they peacefully sleep. Jump up the stone steps and kill the 
Legion that walks up the hill. Take down the shielded Legion; no one should 
see you. Go up the hill, then walk behind the prison. Defeat the guard in 
front of it. There is a horn-blower on the other side of the prison, but you 
can free the prisoners just as he wakes up the other Legions.

Once the area is freed, open the treasure chest for Heavy Grindstone. Now give 
it to Bori to get started on the new weapons. Teleport to the Longboat 
Graveyard Leystone. Look behind the Leystone to see a rope wall leading to a 
platform. Use the rope walls to reach a grassy area.

--- HOLMGANGDALE -------------------------------------------------------------

This is really nothing special. Just like the thirty-something other camps we 
have liberated, it's a tiny area filled with a small handful of Legions. 
However, it's best to always use stealth here. It's a lot more fun that way.

 ARENA CAMP                                                             [0424]

The only enemy you need to worry about is the horn-blower, who patrols the 
outskirts of the camp. Silently take him out, then use the tents for cover to 
eliminate the shielded Legions. Other than them, there are a few normal 
soldiers and two archers. Nothing too bothersome. Free the captives to 
liberate Holmgangdale.

If you want to stop by at the Battle Arena, just head south from the Arena 
Camp. Along the way you will also find the Holmgangdale Leystone. Learn some 
new moves at the Battle Arena, preferably The Spear of Odin and Hel's Fury.

From the Battle Arena, continue south. You should find a tiny batch of 
enemies. If you want to be safe, take out the horn-blower and use Fenrir's 
Bite on everyone else. If not, raise hell like any good Viking should. Free 
the tied up Vikings here and return to the Arena Camp.

Go north and kill any Legion in the way. It's usually just two or three guys. 
Keep going north to reach the main road.

--- NORDER-GAL ---------------------------------------------------------------

When you reach the main road, start going towards the Northern Tower. There's 
no door here, so jump over the broken fence next to the stairs. Kill the 
Assassin, Berserker (tomahawk dude), and the soldier. Once they are out of the 
way, drop down into the cellar.

 WATCHTOWER                                                             [0425]

Take down the Berserker that surprises you and the other Legion. Go up the 
stairs and climb the first ladder. Open up the chest for Gold and keep 
ascending the wooden ladders. When you reach the next floor, knock all of the 
archers out of the tower and climb up to the next floor. You will be greeted 
by two shielded Legions. Drop down the ladder (or let them knock you down). 
Wait for them to follow you down to the previous floor, then shield bash them 
to their doom.

Go back up and continue upwards. Climb up the staircase while the Assassins 
and soldiers keep you company. When you reach the tower roof, dispose of the 
archers on the left and defeat the Shaman. It's just like the first 
watchtower. Once it has been cleared of Legion, exit the same way you came in.

Go west and clear out a small troupe of Legions near an abandoned house. 
Continue to find the Caldberg Leystone. Use it to warp back to the Holdenfort 
Leystone. From Holdenfort, walk over to the archer training course and proceed 
through the gates. Kill the archer that drops down and follow the road to the 
next region.

--- ROTTUNNAY ----------------------------------------------------------------

Go down the hill and climb up the stone steps to the right. Go up the plateau 
overlooking the hill you just went down. Dispatch the archers and use Fenrir's 
Bite on the shielded Legion. Free the three Vikings and return to the base of 
the hill.

Continue down the trail to reach the Drawbridge Leystone. Kill the two Legion 
guards and lower the drawbridge. Now you can freely travel back to the first 
area. To be exact, you'll be right near the Plateau Camp. Anyways, ignore the 
drawbridge and follow the road past the Leystone. 

 BRIDGE CAMP                                                            [0426]

Defeat the horn-blower at the entrance to the camp - that is a must. Sneak 
past the two feasting Legions and take down the ones that are actually doing 
their job. Silently open the prison door so the Vikings can kill the enemies 
sleeping on the job or stuffing their face.

Go forward past the camp to reach some ruins that happen to be by the bay. 
Yes, they are indeed called Bay Ruins.

 BAY RUINS                                                              [0427]

Run towards the fence and hide behind it. Wait for the horn-blower to separate 
from the group and slice him in half. Only two Legions should notice you, but 
that's not a problem. Defeat them as well and run around the left side of the 
ruined shack. Kill the sleeping Legions and quickly knock the three shield 
Legions off of the cliff. No one else should notice what happened.

Well, there are only three enemies left, so it's no biggie. Get rid of them 
and free the prisoners. Go forward towards a giant bridge. Yes, this is the 
bridge leading to Caldberg. However, instead of crossing the bridge, lets go 
under it. Walk down to the sandy beach below the bridge.

--- CALDBERG STATHE ----------------------------------------------------------

Walk under the bridge and surprise the shielded Legion patrolling around. Once 
at the other side, go to the left and kill another group of enemies. You can 
find some Mead at the far end of the beach. Make a right at the bridge and 
follow the hill up to another Leystone. This is the Caldberg Stathe Leystone.

Decapitate the archer on the other side of the Leystone and continue up the 
incline. Defeat the pair of Legions nearby and run towards the rope wall. 
Climb it to reach the right side of the city's main gate. We're on the other 
side of the bridge, but no need to fight all of the enemies there! 

 CALDBERG: SKULLS                                                       [0428]

                     |   CALDBERG   |
                     '--------------'             ________
              _,---._                  __,--.__,-' __     `-----.
            ,'    __|`-.           ,--'    __  |  |  |     ,-.__|
           /     |__    \        ,'_      |  | |  '--'    /|
          /         |    |      /,' \     '--|     .-.   //
         |_| |______|    |     / \_,'        |   1 '-'  ||--.
          \        _|    |     \ _           |----------'|__|\ <--- ENTRANCE
         _/_| |6__|       \____/|_|          |----------.|    |
       _/          \      |'--'|________.--.           .--.   '--------------.
     ,'___        ,'      |    |________|  |           |  |                  |
     |    |     ,'  _     |    |  ____  '--'           '--'   .--------------'
     |____|   ,'  ,' \     \__/  /____       |----------'|__  |
   ,-'|     ,'  ,'    `.                     |----------.|  |/
   '._|   ,'  ,|        `-.___,---.          |          ||--'
     \_   `.,'5|          || ||  _|       .--|           \\
       \       |        __|| || |   .--.  |__|  |____|    ||  __
    _,-'        \      |  ||_|| |___|__|    ____|____|     '-'  |
   /  L      _   |    /   '---|    ____   ,'  _       \    .----'
  |         |_|  |___| .-.    |        |  |2_/ |__  .- |   |
 ,' __      |-|  |---| '-'    |        |__|         |__|   |
 | |_______4| |__|___|____    |          |___       |      |
 | |    ||    _|.--------.|    \         |   | ___  '--.---'
 | |_,--''-. '--'        ||__   \_____.--.___||___|    |
 |  \      |             '--.|-      |'--'   '--- .-.  |       L = Leystone
  \  `-    |                ||-   ___|   ,--,-.__ '-' /
   `.      |                ||-  |       './ /   `---'
     `-._  '.              _3|___| .-.  __ `-.
         `-. `.           '------| '-' |__|  |
            `. `-.              /         __/
              `-. `.         _,' ,--.__,-'
                 `._|       /_,-'

 | I tried my best to make an ASCII map of the town in order to help you in |
 | searching for the skulls. Each skull is numbered and labeled on the map  |
 | to further inform you. Unfortunately, the map is fairly crude and isn't  |
 | as accurate as the in-game map. I suggest using the walkthrough below to |
 | find the skulls, but hopefully the map can be used as a reference point. |

While we're here sneaking around in the city, we might as well collect some 
skulls! Right? Okay. 

From your position, look forward to find a rope wall. Climb up to successfully 
enter Caldberg. Go to the left and climb up the ladder. Swiftly kill the 
archer up here, then return to the ladder. Don't climb down, but wait for a 
shielded Legion to walk past the ladder. Now that his back is facing you, 
slide down and execute him.

From where you entered the city, go to the right. Kill the shielded Legion 
here and go straight. Hop over the fence and look forward to spot a hungry 
enemy. Kill him, then run behind the shack that is to the left of the stairs. 
Go around the other side to find SKULL #1.

Return to the entrance and go to the left along the outside wall. Alright, 
this is tough. Every guide or walkthrough or whatever always tells you to go 
across the wall because you won't be spotted by enemies on the floor below. 
But EVERY time I try, I always get hordes of enemies on my tail. I managed to 
fight through them all, but I'm looking for a better strategy here. There are 
normal Legions, shielded Legions, steroid-ridden guys, and psychotic freaks 
that wield tomahawks.

If you manage to get out alive, run through the outer wall to reach a 
staircase leading down to the floor. Walk past it and instead climb down the 
rope wall. Kill the Legion feasting on human flesh, then run behind the house 
to the left of the staircase. Grab SKULL #2 back here and kill the archer.

Go back to the rope wall and climb back up. Now execute the archer right in 
front of you and go down the wooden steps. Climb down the first ladder, then 
descend the one on the right. Enter the nearby tunnel and kill the Assassin 
that surprises you. At the bottom of the tunnel is a stack of crates you can 
hide behind. The Legion rarely moves in front of you, so toss a throwing axe 
at him when no one is looking.

Hop over the crates and run around the structure to the right. Go around to 
the other side, where you'll encounter an archer overlooking the water below. 
Kill him, then climb down the rope wall right next to him. Once on the dock, 
run towards the bend and wait for the Legion to come around the corner. When 
he does, own him. SKULL #3 is behind the first crate when you turn the corner.

Continue all the way down the dock until you reach a dead end. There are only 
two Legions and an Assassin that stand in your way. Once at the dead end, 
climb up the rope wall. Once at the top, look to the right. You can see SKULL 
#4 at a tree trunk. Stay behind the food stands and peek out to grab it.

Return to the rope wall and go to the left this time. See the lantern lying on 
the ground? Run right past it and behind the house/boxes. Go around the house 
towards a staircase and a Leystone. Kill the two soldiers on the stairs and 
run up to activate the Caldberg Leystone. That makes things a helluva lot 
easier if you die here.

From the Leystone, go up the stairs and hide behind the wagon. You have to go 
through the passage to the right, but there is no way to sneak past the two 
big guys unnoticed. Kill them both and speed through the tunnel. Run to the 
dead end to find SKULL #5 sitting by its lonesome.

Return to the stairs and ascend them to meet up with another Knight. Kill him 
and run over towards the next staircase. Hide behind the wall and peek out to
see if anyone is running down. If anyone is coming, wait for them to reach
your location and surprise them. Run up the stairs and to the right, where you 
will find SKULL #6 tucked in the corner of the balcony. Yay!

 DRAGON GEM MUGIN                                                       [0429]

Okay, lets get back on track here. Return to the Leystone in Caldberg and go 
back down the stairs towards the fifth skull. Go across the small bridge and 
immediately kill the horn-blower. Defeat the two Legions and the crazy dude 
with the tomahawks. There should be a staircase leading up and one going down. 
Take the one on the right and go up.

Defeat the small group of enemies, then enter the building. There is a Shaman 
here with his back turned to you, so finish him off. Open the chest to the 
left of the altar to get the Mugin Gem Piece! Return to the Leystone and get 
the heck outta here!

Return to the Guerrilla Camp and talk to Garm. Yeah, you didn't think I could 
do it. Well, suck it! Ha! According to the map, we only have to do two more 
things in order to fight at Caldberg. Before summoning the next dragon, 
lets "prepare our weapon". Whatever that is. Just teleport to the Holdenfort 
Battlefield Leystone, 'kay?

From here, go east up the hill to reach a tiny abode.

--- BRENNA GROF --------------------------------------------------------------

There is a small amount of Legions here, so dispose of them quickly. Go across 
the large stone bridge and kill the three shielded Legions. Bashing them off 
of the bridge will do just fine. We will get a Crypt Key for our efforts. 
Crypt? Didn't that one flashback say something about "seeking the crypt"? Well 
lets seek it out. Open the door and go inside.

 CRYPT                                                                  [0430]

Run up the damp stairs and onto the balcony. Ooh, pretty sight. Go down the 
stairs and follow it to the gazebo-lookin' thing. See that flashing pedestal? 
Tap B to insert your weapons in it, which will give them a permanent upgrade. 
Hooray for stronger weapons!

Exit the Crypt and return to the Holdenfort Battlefield Leystone. Warp to the 
Drawbridge Leystone and cross the bridge. Go to the right into Flatturgrunnur.

--- FLATTURGRUNNUR -----------------------------------------------------------

From the drawbridge, go to the right (west on the map). Free the Vikings that 
are oddly all by themselves. Continue up the hill to reach the Dragon Stones.

 DRAGON STONES                                                          [0431]

Lets summon the next dragon now that we have the chance. Stand on the pedestal 
and tap B to summon Dragon Kelda. Psst, guess what? We can now fight at 
Caldberg! However, this won't be a walk in the part. Definitely go back to 
Holdenfort and stock up on Upgraded Health Potions and some elemental runes. 
When you're ready, select Caldberg on the map.

 BATTLE AT CALDBERG                                                     [0432]

Now would be a good time to inform you that Shamans aren't the only targets in 
upcoming battles. Giants are now introduced at the battle of Caldberg. And I
don't mean the good, dream-shattering, Super Bowl-winning kind (still relevant
as of 2012!). I mean the strong, and very ugly kind. Unlike Shamans, however,
Giants cannot be targeted by your dragons.

Time to face him mano a mano. Run along the bridge with your troops towards 
the main gate. When you reach the Giant and his men, power up your troops with 
either Fire or Lightning. The Giant must be killed with your own blade, so run 
up to its feet and start hacking away. He has several attacks: an double-hand 
overhead smash, a stomp of the foot, or tossing you around like a rag doll. 
Don't be greedy when attacking and always take your time. 

Continue slashing at the Giant's legs. Like when fighting the Champion, it 
doesn't look like you're damaging it, but trust me, you are. Keep attacking 
until a button appears onscreen. You will have to input three sets of button 
commands to finally kill the Giant. If you mess up, you'll have to restart the 
button sequence.

Once the Giant is killed, you will get two Dragon Runes. Use them on the 
Shaman in the balcony above the main gate. The Vikings will wheel in the 
battering ram and use it to bust the gate down.

There are three Shamans inside, but one of them is basically right in front of 
you. However, a Champion is also right in front of you. Ignore the pawns and 
eliminate him to get two more Dragon Runes. Use both of them on one of the 
three Shamans (don't target the one in front of you: go for the one on the 
left or right).

Regain your health and magic on the Legions, then go around the buildings to 
find the Shaman on top of a wooden platform. He is fairly easy to beat, since 
you can knock the Berserkers he summons off of the platform. Killing the 
Shaman will earn you one Dragon Rune. The Shaman will summon a Champion, but 
don't worry about him. It's easier to kill a Shaman than a Champion. Destroy 
the Shaman the same way as the previous one to end the portion of the battle.

There are two more Shamans here, but you have two Dragon Runes. Use it on the 
Shaman that's farthest away. Hell, you don't even have to deal with the second 
Shaman on foot, because there is a Champion near the area where you start! 
Kill him and use the two runes to blow up the second Shaman and his pals.

Advance through the city to find some more Shamans. Two to be exact. Go 
forward through the crowd and take down some Legions if you need health or 
magic. Climb up the steps and run past the hordes of enemies towards the 
Shaman. The only Legions that should focus on your are the Berserkers. Though, 
they are surprisingly fragile. Kill the Shaman here to get one Dragon Rune.

The second Shaman is in a very tough spot. He's on top of a ledge connected by 
a bridge and a staircase. However, he keeps summoning Legions that appear at 
the top of the stairs and at the bridge. Your Viking friends are kept at bay 
by the enemies at the bridge, so none of them can cross and help you fight the 
Shaman. However, it's way too dangerous to go in alone.

Power up your troops and hope that a handful can squeeze across the bridge and 
help you out. Run up the stairs and ignore all enemies to target the Shaman's 
glowing poles. Only worry about the Berserkers here. Or if you have enough 
Dragon Runes, you can always bomb him. Onto the next part.

Two more Shamans and another Giant here. Run up the stairs alongside your 
comrades and fight more Legions here. Try to clear the area of enemies before 
targeting the Giant. It's easier that way sine you will have more room to 
fight. Defeating the Giant is the same as before, so attack him and input the 
button commands until it dies at the hand of your two blades.

You will receive a Dragon Rune after slaying the Giant. The first Shaman is 
right up the steps, so slice your way through the crowd and defeat him just 
like the past seven or so. Use your two Dragon Runes to defeat the final 
Shaman and move onto the next part of the war.

You must run to the portal and summon your own Shaman, so run up the steps and 
across the hall. As you do, you'll get ambushed by an Assassin. Kill him and 
continue forward. Kill the second one and run up the stairs. Kill the archers 
raining arrows down at you and proceed to the portal.

Skarin will be stopped by Drakan at the portal. Time to fight this big dude 
again. Remember, Drakan is just like an overpowered Champion. Avoid is sword 
swings and whittle him down until he is tired. Once that happens, input the 
button sequence to finally kill Drakan. After learning some backstory of Hel, 
you will move onto the third island: Isaholm.


[4] WALKTHROUGH (ISAHOLM)                                               [0400]


 NOTE: This walkthrough is based on the Normal difficulty.

 NOTE: Uz da map. No, seriously, I'll be using a lot when referring to the
       directions in the walkthrough. If I say "go north", I mean go north on
       the map. It's a useful tool to boot.

Isaholm is the third and final island in the game. Have you noticed that the 
previous island was a lot bigger than the first? Well just wait to see how big 
Isaholm is. Your first main task in Isaholm is to take over Thornvik. 

 LANDING CAMP                                                           [0501]

I'm liking the snowy landscape. Descend the hill and talk to Osten to get 
some new markings on your map. Like always, pick up the Health Advance Stage 4
and the map upgrades. Like the Galcliff Landing Camp, there really isn't much 
to do here. Our next target should be the Ingolf's Quarry, since it's all by 
its lonesome in the mountainside. We might as well liberate it and never go 
anywhere near that spot ever again. :)

Exit the Landing Camp through the northern exit. You will reach a new region 
in Isaholm: Skatha Grof.

--- SKATHA GROF --------------------------------------------------------------

Walk forwards towards the torches and follow the path. It won't take very long 
before you end up reaching the Ingolf's Quarry, which is a pretty large area. 

 INGOLF'S QUARRY                                                        [0502]

You can take two paths at the entrance to the quarry: the upper path or the 
lower path. I will guide you through the upper path. As you edge towards the 
bridge, take down the group of three at the front. It's just a Knight and some 
normal soldiers. Kill them, then take down the Berserker and the shielded 
Legions patrolling the bridge. They shouldn't be too much of a threat.

Cross the bridge and take out the two Legions on the other side. The upper 
path here is enemy free, but make sure you aren't spotted by the guys below. 
Go forward towards the edge of a cliff. You're at the back gate of the quarry, 
so remember this spot. Knock the shielded Legion off and go towards the next 
bridge. Clear the enemies surrounding the bridge and go across to reach the 
Ingolf's Quarry Leystone.

Unfortunately, there is a nice amount of Legion around the Leystone. Focus on 
the Berserkers first, then head back across the bridge. Go up a little ways to 
find another bridge. Proceed across this bridge here and clear out the enemies 
on the other side. Go to the left across the walkway to encounter a Champion.

Champions on Isaholm are the toughest yet. They are much faster with their 
attacks and constantly knock you back with their hand when you go in to 
attack. It's kind of like fighting Drakan again. Still, the same procedure is 
needed to kill one. Once the Champion bites the dust, you will get a Quarry 
Key. Open the chest behind his remains for some Gold and continue across the 
wooden walkway.

Climb down the rope wall at the edge and continue down to reach a dock. The 
water here is shallow enough for you to wade in, so walk over to the coast and 
defeat the archers on the hill. You will end up at the back gate of Ingolf's 
Quarry, so sneak to the gate and execute the three Legions posted here. It 
doesn't really matter if the horn-blower uses his horn because honestly, you 
killed most of the enemies in the quarry already.

Turn back around to find the locked gate right next to where you came in. Use 
the key and run towards the boulder. There are only three shielded Legions 
here; wait for the first to walk towards the campfire to the right of your 
location and stealth kill him. Finish the other two off and free the Vikings. 
Any remaining Legions will run over towards the commotion, but c'mon, they 
don't stand a chance.

The quarry has been liberated, so go scrounge around for Gold or something. 
Before leaving, talk to Ifor to get a new mission. He wants some honey, so we 
have to fetch it for him. Wow. All of the jobs we've had to do were somewhat 
cool, like recruiting archers and collecting explosives, but we have to fetch 
this old fart some honey? Yawn.

Exit Ingolf's Quarry the same way you came in and head west. Just follow the 
path and you'll end up at the place in no time. Along the way you will get 
ambushed by two Assassins.

 BEEKEEPER IM                                                           [0503]

Walk up the narrow plank towards the tiny house and speak with Im at the front 
door. She agrees that she will spare some honey for the sick people. Wow, that 
was surprisingly easy. Only four enemies along the way and that's it? I should 
not be complaining.

Head back to Ingolf's Quarry and give Ifor the Honey. He will lend you his men 
for the battle ahead. After that's done with, talk to Ingolf right behind the 
gate. He will lend you some more men and hand over some Explosives. After, 
exit the quarry. Head back towards Beekeeper Im and continue past her house. 

--- HVELTTUN -----------------------------------------------------------------

You will find the Veittun Leystone as soon as you enter the region. From this 
spot, go up the hill to the right; there is no path signifying where to go, so 
just run up the snowy hill. It won't be long before you reach Kiarr's Farm. Of 
course, just like any other major area, it's now overrun by Legion. 

 KIARR'S FARM                                                           [0504]

As you walk up the hill, you should spot a shielded Legion and two Knights 
walking towards the edge of a cliff. Kill all three and start up towards the 
farm. Head to the left side and slay the two archers behind the shed. A 
Berserker may or may not notice you; if he does, just silently kill him too.

Start towards the right side of the farm and hide behind the windmill. Get rid 
of the three archers behind the windmill and run behind the house on the 
right. Walk around to the other side and stealth kill the shielded Legion 
standing on the front porch. Get rid of the second Legion walking around the 
vicinity as well. Now it's time to go deeper into the farm.

Hide behind the vines behind the nearby house and run to the right. There is a 
Berserker standing near a campfire, so take him down and sneak behind the 
house right next to the fire. Use the boxes to jump over the fence right 
in-between the two houses and open the chest for some Gold. Now execute the 
guard standing on the opposite side of the fence. Return to the back of the 
house and start towards the northwest end of the farm. There are two shielded 
Legions guarding the northwest exit, so slice 'em up. 

There is a nearby training camp for a bunch of Legions, so avoid them at all 
costs. Return to the left (east) side of the farm and go south near a patch of 
trees. Kill the two shield Legion and the soldier here while under the dense 
trees. Head down to the southern gate and take down the lone soldier here.

The middle of the farm can be dangerous. There is a Shaman, Champion, and some 
normal thugs all guarding the prison. If you enter the middle of the farm from 
the south side, you will have to easiest time defeating the enemies here. You 
can take down a Knight and some archers before the Champion notices. Once they 
are toast, target the Champion. The Shaman is so far away that he won't even 
notice the Champion getting his ass handed to him.

After the Champion is defeated, you can easily rip down the prison doors and 
free your comrades. Just as this happens, the Shaman will notice you and 
summon some Legions. Let the Vikings deal with the lesser enemies while you 
target the Shaman yourself. Afterwards, the stragglers at the training camp 
will show up and get killed themselves. After all Legion forces have been 
cleared out, the farm will be liberated.

Kiarr is located near the east entrance. He wants you to investigate a strange 
noise south of the farm. Do we really have a choice? Nah. Lets go check it 
out. From the eastern end of the farm (Kiarr's location), go to the left 
towards the house. Follow the mountain wall to slowly reach a steep incline 
along the wall. Continue up the side to get another flashback. 

 STRANGE NOISES                                                         [0505]

Go forward to find two humans on the edge of the cliff. Talk to both of them 
to learn that they're just living the Viking life. Nothing evil about them. 
The woman will tell you to give an Ornate Brooch to Kiarr. Give it to Kiarr to 
complete the mission.

Take the southern exit of the farm and continue down the steep incline. Follow 
the road to reach a nearby camp along the beach. Might as well eradicate it 
since it's so close by.

 CAMP AT COLD BEACH                                                     [0506]

You should spot a Legion guarding the entrance. Run behind the boulder to the 
right of his position and slash him. Run behind the tents to the right and 
kill the shielded Legions. Also take down the sleeping enemies if they haven't 
woken up yet. This is one of the smaller camps, but that's probably because 
there are only three Vikings imprisoned here. Clear the area of shielded 
Legions and soldiers, then free the three men.

Return to Kiarr's Farm. Time for some explorin'! It's time to go to the 
western part of the map. Head to the west exit and try to cross the bridge 
until a massive explosion blows it to pieces! Time to find another way. 
Instead, take the northwest exit from the farm and cross this bridge. There 
are some Legion standing by, so wipe the floor with them and enter Wassailton.

--- WASSAILTON ---------------------------------------------------------------

Go down the path right in front of you and you can see the South Watchtower 
looming in the distance. It's close by, so lets head there and get rid of the 
Legion scum lurking inside.

As you approach the tower, slay the four soldiers sitting by the campfire. A 
shielded Legion is on the right side of the tower as well, so he'll probably 
notice all the chaos. 

 SOUTH WATCHTOWER                                                       [0507]

Enter the cellar and take down the two grunts, then head up the stairs to the 
first floor. Huh, the front door was open the whole time. Climb the ladder in 
the corner and do the same to reach the third floor. No archers are here, just 
one lowly soldier. Kill him and head up the next ladder. Dispose of the two 
soldiers up and continue your ascension.

When you reach the staircase, open the treasure chest in the corner and head 
on up. There is only one guard on this floor, but it's so obnoxiously dark 
here that it's hard to tell where he is. Climb the ladder at the top to reach 
the roof. No Shaman here this time (hooray!), so there are only three archers. 
Knock them off of the roof. Hm, the mission still isn't over?

We may have killed all of the Legions inside, but some shielded Legions and 
soldiers enter the tower from outside. Start climbing down to eventually meet 
some in the middle. Kill them and exit the tower to find the rest standing 
around. Defeat every last one outside (and inside) to finish the quest.

From the watchtower, head northwest to find the Wassailton Leystone. Continue 
west to eventually find yourself at Nydi's Distillery.

 NYDI'S DISTILLERY                                                      [0508]

From the main entrance, run to the left and hide behind the large stack of 
boxes. A Berserker should eventually pass you, so jump out at the right moment 
and slice him in two. Run along the perimeter of the Distillery to find a 
Knight and a soldier against the cliff. Stealth kill the Knight and knock the 
other enemy off of the cliff.

If you make a mad dash across the open area to the western side, you should be 
fine. Hide behind the shed and confront the Berserker and two shield Legions. 
Since they are right on the edge of the cliff, knocking them to their death is 
the best option. From the shed, run between the two houses and kill the three 
archers here, then quickly return to the backs of the homes.

Go to the left (north on the map) and drop down from the ledge. You will find 
another Berserker/shield Legion combo up ahead, so get rid of them now while 
nobody else is around. Now run up the ramp and duck behind the wooden silos. 
As you can see, the prison is right in front of you and nobody is guarding it! 
Free the Vikings and clear out the other Legions to free the area.

Talk to Nydi to get some new information. Since you already possess the 
Explosives from Ingolf, we can immediately start the ambush. Select it on the 
map to start it up!

 AMBUSH                                                                 [0509]

Nothin' more than a normal ambush. You've done this what, twice already? Since 
we destroyed the Legion's superbly-crafted wooden bridge, you can knock 
enemies through it for an easy kill. All in all, this battle should not take 
long at all. There are a few Knights here, but the rest of the squad are just 
soldiers. Nothin' too treacherous about this ambush. 

Return to the Distillery and head northwest to enter Thornvik Stathe.

--- THORNVIK STATHE ----------------------------------------------------------

If you take the cliffside path as you exit the Distillery, you can reach the 
entrance of a big cave. Head inside to find the Battle Arena. Learn Baldur's 
Silence and Valkyrie Stampede, and maybe even Odin's Doom is you're big on 
jumping attacks.

Climb down from the mountain path and walk on the ground now. Go north to 
reach another trail embedded in the mountain wall. Climb up and free the 
Viking trio, then kill the two Legions. While you're at it, stray from the 
path and head up the hill to find the Distillery Leystone. Go back to the 
trail and proceed north. We can't free our Viking buddies in the prison cave 
yet, because the Viking traitor has it. I wonder where he would be...

Thornvik, duh. Time to infiltrate another Legion-filled city. Like always, 
there are also skulls littered in this city, so lets grab them while we're 
here. All we have to do is collect a measly four skulls to get the Skullbagger 
3 achievement. Lets get choppin'!

 THORNVIK: SKULLS                                                       [0510]
            ________________|         |___  _____________
          ,'               4|         |        \         |
         / .----.       _.--|         |         |   ___  |
        |  |    |           |_________|            |   | |
        |  '--.-'    .-.                           |   | |
        | ----'      '-'                         \ |___| |
        |   _   .--.                              |      |
        |  | |  '--'              ___             '-     |
        |  |_|  _        __      |   |                   |
        |     ,' |     ,'  |     |_  |                   |
        |__,-'  ,'   ,'   ,'    /  '-'\       _,--.      |
        | |`._,'     |__,'      \      `.__,-'     `-.___|
        |-'            |         |
        |  ______       \        |                     .--------------.
        | |      |3    ,'        |                     |   THORNVIK   |
         \|___.--'              /                      '--------------'
        ,'          ,--._    _,'
        `._____,---'     \   \                             __
                          \   \              _,-----.___,-' ,' .-.
                         ,'    `---._______,'    .---|      '. '-'
                   ,-._,'                  \\    |   |       /
               _,-' ____    O               ||   '---|      /   ^--- ENTRANCE
      __     ,'    |    | O   O             ||-._   2|    1/
 .-> /  \__,'      |____|  O O              ||     --' /`./
 |  |       .---.                          .''-.__     `./
 |  |       |___|     __,'                .'---.  |     /
 |  |                                  --'    ||__|    |
 |  |              ___                        ||  '    |
 |   \            |   |            .---.      ||       |
 |    `./`.       |___|            |   |      ||--'    |
 |      `./                        '---'      ||       |
 |        `./`.     .-      `---.__          / `.      |
 |          `./     | ____     __  `--       `._/      |
 |            `.     |    |   |  |                  ,--|
 '--- ENTRANCE  `.   '----'   |__|                _/  /
                  `. `-._    _________              ,'
                    `.   `--|         |___________,'
                      `.    |         |
                        `.__|         |

 | I tried my best to make an ASCII map of the town in order to help you in |
 | searching for the skulls. Each skull is numbered and labeled on the map  |
 | to further inform you. Unfortunately, the map is fairly crude and isn't  |
 | as accurate as the in-game map. I suggest using the walkthrough below to |
 | find the skulls, but hopefully the map can be used as a reference point. |

From the main gate, walk to the right. You will end up reaching a giant pit of 
lava, but there are some stones you can walk on. Jump across the stones to not 
only find some Mead, but also to get around the fence and into Thornvik.

Kill the archer as soon as you enter the city and run towards the stack of 
crates. When the coast is clear, run forward past one of the main gates. Hide 
behind a pile of logs and kill the group of four Legions that walk by. No one 
else should notice. SKULL #1 is on the other side of the logs. There are 
stairs leading up to the outer wall, where archers will patrol. One is right 
near you, so you can run up and kill him before running back down.

From the stairs, follow the wooden fence on the right side of the street. Once 
the fence ends, jump onto the ledge and onto the other side of the fence. 
Follow it to find SKULL #2 right in front of a house. Go to the left side of 
the house and continue north. Use the rubble to hide behind as a shielded 
Legion stops at a nearby tent. Execute him, then run across the bridge (which 
is to the right of the red portal).

After you make it across the bridge, run to the left. Hug the edge of the 
cliff, but don't fall into the lava. Continue along the cliff's edge to reach 
ruins of an old house. SKULL #3 is lying right near the rubble. From the 
skull, run straight ahead and climb up the stone steps. Don't worry if a few 
enemies come to attack you; just kill them and be on your way.

Run north to a house that's been reduced to nothing but its support beams. Run 
along the outer wall towards a tower. Walk towards a cellar door and look 
behind it to find SKULL #4 in the corner. Achievement get!

 INFILTRATE THORNVIK                                                    [0511]

Well, since we already have infiltrated Thornvik, we are halfway done with 
this mission. Drop down into the cellar to find the Viking traitor. He can put 
up quite a fight, but continue to block and use Valkyrie Stampede if you have 
it. Once he goes down, you'll receive the Prison Key. Climb the stairs to exit 
the tower.

The best way to leave Thornvik is to just leave the same way you came in. 
Backtrack to the Distillery Leystone and warp to the Wassailton Leystone.

--- WASSAILTON ---------------------------------------------------------------

Go north to reach another camp.

 MOUNTAIN ENCAMPMENT                                                    [0512]

Head around the right side of the camp and climb up the ramp. A bunch of the 
Knights here are sleeping, and the only guys that are awake are archers. Knock 
the first two off of the cliff, then stab the Knights when they are sleeping. 
If any wake up (pretty likely), then test out some of your new moves on them. 
If you use Odin's Doom on the lesser enemies, one hit will make them explode. 
Yes, EXPLODE. It's like going to a Gallagher show.

Head down the hill to the other side of the camp and get rid of the three 
archers. There aren't even any Viking prisoners here in this pathetic camp, so 
go on a Gold Raid and continue north from the camp. You'll encounter three 
enemies guarding another cave. Defeat them all and head on inside.

 LEGION'S PRISON CAVE                                                   [0513]

This is the prison cave that's being run by the Viking traitor, so it'll 
probably be a rough ride. Immediately upon entering the cave, an Assassin will 
jump on you and proceed to rake your eyes out. Slice him to bits and stealth 
kill the Knight up ahead. At the stalagmite, take a right and slay the guard.

Follow it to reach a prison cell and two enemies. Once they're dealt with, go 
forward and jump right in the crowd of Legions surrounding the Leystone. 
Defeat every last one of them to activate the Prison Cave Leystone. Now use 
your key to open the door. Moving on.

Walk across the bridge and let the enemies come to you. When they do, shield 
bash them into the lava below. The prison cell is right in front of you, but 
it's locked. Kill the archer to the left and run to the end of the path. Move 
up the ramp and kill the Knight and two shielded Legions guarding the small 
room up ahead. Use the lever in the room to free the imprisoned Vikings.

Have them stretch their muscles by killing the Legions down here, then lead 
them back across the bridge. Help them defeat the Berserkers up ahead. Cool. 
You can now lead an assault on Thornvik. Stock up on Upgraded Health Potions 
at the Landing Camp and set off for battle.

 BATTLE AT THORNVIK                                                     [0514]

There are three Shaman at the start of the battle. However, you also have your 
hands full with a Giant and a Champion at the main gate. Your first target 
should be the Giant, so power up your troops and head to the gate. Target the 
giant with sword strikes and follow the button sequences when they appear 
onscreen. Once the Giant is defeated, you will get two Dragon Runes. I suggest 
attacking the Shaman resting on the outer wall (the one in the middle).

The Champion is usually hanging out on the left side of the battlefield. Just 
look for the red aura pulsating from his body. Track him down and kill him for 
a Dragon Rune, now start up the hill towards the Shaman. He is protected by a 
lot more enemies, so power up your troops and have some of them help you out. 
After killing the Shaman, use your two Dragon Runes to kill the third.

There are not only two Shaman here, but also two Giants. Work on some of the 
troops until one of them walks over to you. Kill him for two Dragon Runes and 
bomb one of the Shamans. Target the next Giant and execute him as well. You 
will get two more Dragon Runes. Blast the final Shaman to enter the final 
portion of the battle.

The main gates will be blown open, so charge inside Thornvik. You will have to 
reach the portal and summon your Shaman. Look for the glowing red object on 
the map and track it down. It's right next to the bridge connecting the 
northern section of Thornvik. Since there are no more Shamans to summon 
enemies, you can kill most (if not all) of them while getting to the portal. 
Stay with your men and wipe out each wave of Legions until you get to the 

After summoning the Shaman with B, protect her by standing alongside your 
troops. Do this for around a minute to win the battle. That was... uhhh...
surprisingly easy. I think that battle was even smaller than the one at 

 THORNVIK                                                               [0515]

Thornvik has been liberated, but it's still a dump. Talk to Innkeeper Valin to 
give him any Mead you have found and locate Chieftain Alfan. He will give you 
Travel Papers and a bunch of new jobs to complete. Explore the area and pick 
up some goods at the shop, especially the Health Advance Stage 5. Show the 
guards at the north gate the Travel Papers and they will gladly open it for 
you. Go forward into Boltor's Domain.

--- BOLTHOR'S DOMAIN ---------------------------------------------------------

We should probably head out to the Lumber Mill like Alfan said. Go north 
through the burnt trees to reach the Lumber Mill Leystone. The Lumber Mill is 
right in front of you.

 LUMBER MILL                                                            [0516]

There is no way of getting around the shielded Legion and archer at the front 
entrance, so kill them both. Try to lure them back to the Leystone so no one 
else sees you slaughter them. Kill the two Legions behind the cart to the 
left. As you can see in the background, there's a frickin' Giant here.

Stay behind the cart and wait for two soldiers to stand near the entrance. 
Kill them and run behind the house to the right of the front entrance. Slay 
the two guards here as well, then return to the front gate. We have to get to 
the north end of the mill, but running through the middle isn't such a good 

Drop off of the ledge and run AROUND the entire Lumber Mill to find a north 
gate. Kill the Knights and archers guarding the entrance, then hide behind the 
shed to the right. Kill the two shielded Legions guarding to attract the 
attention of a Knight and another shielded Legion. Wait for them to turn 
around and not care about their fallen comrades anymore, then give them the 
same fate. 

There are still enemies here, including a Giant and a Shaman, but the path 
leading to the prison is enemy-free. Run over and free the Vikings, then 
target the Giant. Once he is dead, have you and your troops go after the 
Shaman. The Lumber Mill will become peaceful and happy once the Shaman is 

Seek out Lumber Master Beck and talk to him. His men need lumber to build new 
equipment, but the woods are filled with Legion. Wipe the forest clean of 
enemy infestations and his men will join your army. From the Lumber Mill, go 
south past the charred trees. Kill the shielded Legion by the shack and enter 
the forest. 

 FOREST                                                                 [0517]

Wow, this place is crawling with Legions. They are usually grouped together 
and do their daily patrol through the forest. One horn-blower waits in the 
middle of the forest. The key is to ignore him, because running into the 
middle of their pack will alert everyone.

Stay on the left side of the shack and hide behind some of the trees. Wait for 
the Legion groups of patrol near you. When they notice you, kill all three. 
They are so far away from the rest of the squad that no one will even see 
their deaths. There are only three groups of three and one horn-blower, so 
just take out each group one by one. You will receive the Warband Insignia 

Return to the Lumber Mill and show Beck the insignia. After bearing the good 
news, he will lend you his army of men. Warp to Thornvik Leystone and go 
through the northern gate again. This time hang a right and walk past the 
Dragon Stones.

Kill the Legions on the path ahead and head up to the fiery landscape. Defeat 
the three Legions standing in a circle and activate Bolthor's Domain Leystone. 
Toss a throwing axe at the archer across from the broken bridge, then jump 
over. Hop across the next few platforms and stealth kill the Legion. Drop down 
the stone steps and shimmy across the wooden ledges.

--- THORNVIK STATHE ----------------------------------------------------------

Continue across the next broken bridge to enter Thornvik Stathe. You can tell,
since it's all sunny and nice. Except there are still some Legions nearby. 
Kill the archers on the side of the cliff and run forward to find the Gateway.

 GATEWAY                                                                [0518]

Kill the shielded Legion at the top of the steps and the other one patrolling 
the walkway. Go behind the walls to find another Legion and some Gold. Once 
you are on the opposite side of the Gateway, walk down the stairs to get 
ambushed by a Berserker. 

Kill him and continue down the stairs to the balcony. Slay the two archers and 
pull the lever on the side of the wall to open the Gateway. Now you can freely 
travel to the other side of the island without any hassle! Enter the building 
and slide down the two ladders to face off against a Knight and a shielded 
Legion. Once both have been reduced to nothing, open the door. Now the Gateway 
is fully open. Drop down and go through the newly-opened gate.

--- GATTIT -------------------------------------------------------------------

Run forward to spot a sentry, who will run away once spotted. Follow him to a 
small campfire filled with a Berserker and archers. No biggie. Kill them all 
and free the three Vikings imprisoned here. Go up the nearby hill and execute 
the soldier in front of the cave. Move inside, kill the Assassin, then exit.

Continue east and drop down the ledges. Kill the lone soldier here and move 
through the field. Continue forward to reach a camp.

 CAMP                                                                   [0519]

Wow, that's it? It's just called "camp"? All the other camps had somewhat 
interesting names. Well, I guess because this place isn't interesting. Just a 
run-of-the-mill camp filled with soldiers, a Knight, and a Berserker. Go 
across the stream and kill the pair of archers, then free the Vikings here.

Continue up the stone ledges to find another set of Vikings. Kill the two foes 
here and free them. Cross the massive stone bridge and face off against the 
Knight, Berserker, and shielded Legions. Don't bother going anywhere farther, 
because the path past the bridge loops back to the Gateway. Head back across 
the bridge and proceed  northeast to Norder-Isa.

--- NORDER-ISA ---------------------------------------------------------------

Continue up the mountainside to find... nothing. No enemies, but you can see 
the East Tower in the distance. Enter the cave opposite of the tower and kill 
the Berserker inside. Climb up the incline leading to the tower. Get rid of 
the nearby enemies and activate the East Tower Leystone. 

Well, the front door is locked and the cellar is shut, so we need a new way to 
get inside. Climb up the side of the mountain next to the tower and kill the 
Legions in your way (especially those damned archers). When you reach the top 
of the mountain, enter the cave and kill the enemies inside. Yeah, just for 
the hell of it. Now cross the bridge leading to the East Tower.

 EAST TOWER                                                             [0520]

You're pretty much at the top already, so ascend the stairs and go up the 
ladder to the roof. Immediately upon climbing up to the roof, block so the 
Berserker doesn't knock you down to the previous floor. Shield bash all of the 
enemies here off of the roof, then open the chest for the East Tower Cellar 
Key. Instead of going back across the bridge, stay in the tower and climb down 
each floor.

From the top floor (not the roof), go down the ladder to find a group of 
Legions. Kill them all and continue down. Knock all of the archers off of 
their platforms and descend the ladder. When you reach the first floor, 
prepare to attack some Berserkers and two archers. Proceed into the cellar and 
use the key on the door. The cellar was filled with Vikings, so lead them out 
of the front door. Help them kill the shielded Legions until the coast is 
clear and the area is liberated.

From the East Tower, walk north along the dirt road to enter Legionbeck.

--- LEGIONBECK ---------------------------------------------------------------

Instead of taking the upper path to Fellkeep, head down the incline towards 
the base of the bridge. Fight the Berserkers under the bridge (lol dey trolls) 
and free the Vikings. Go farther to reach a pond populated by a Giant. Ugh, 
these guys are like the new Champions in which you find them everywhere now. 
Kill the Giant and slaughter the three soldier guarding the door. This is the 
door to the Shaman's Cave, but we don't have the key yet. At least we 
liberated Legionbeck.

Go up the path leading to Fellkeep Stethe.

--- FELLKEEP STETHE ----------------------------------------------------------

Fellkeep is one of the lucky ones. It actually wasn't infested with Legions 
and instead filled with happy humans. Cross the bridge to Fellkeep.

 FELLKEEP                                                               [0521]

Track down Shaman Asta and speak with her. She talks about some crazy lingo of 
you being a wolf or something. Whatever. At least she gives you the Shaman's 
Cave Key. Sadly, there isn't much to do here in Fellkeep. I guess you can comb 
the town for Gold and activate the Fellkeep Leystone, but there are no shops 
or inns. Lame. Exit and return to the pond where the Giant once stood. Use the 
key on the door and enter Shaman's Cave.

 SHAMAN'S CAVE                                                          [0522]

This place looks a little... old. Proceed through the tunnel and open the 
treasure chest to get the Sacred Herbs. Okay, now we just have to burn them in 
a "door of fire". Lucky for us, our map actually deciphers that. Return to the 
bridge at Fellkeep and look straight ahead. From the bridge, go southwest 
through the trees to Helhola.

--- HELHOLA ------------------------------------------------------------------

Oh, I get it. It's like "hellhole". Clever. Knock the Legion troop off of the 
cliff and into the lava, then free the Viking prisoners. Activate the Helhola 
Leystone. Next, move along the narrow path. Defeat the two archers and turn 
towards the wall to see an entrance to the cave. According to the map, the 
door of fire is inside this cave. Lets go!

 CAVE                                                                   [0523]

Proceed forward and kill the three Legions staring at a pit of lava. That's 
never smart. Go through the nearby tunnel and kill more Legions. It's a very 
straightforward path, so keep going and slash anything that moves. When you 
reach a large, fiery room, go around the perimeter as it spirals downward. 
That weird totem pole face thing is really creepy. When you reach a dead end, 
step on the platform and burn the Sacred Herbs.

Well, you'll get another weird flashback thing! Uh, did anything actually 
happen? Bogus. Exit the cave and use the nearby Leystone to teleport to 
Fellkeep. Talk to Shaman Asta to get some new markings on the map. We must 
find the third gem, which isn't too far away. Leave Fellkeep through the 
western exit and cross the drawbridge to the next region.

--- NORDOR-HOLM --------------------------------------------------------------

Descend the hill to find three Legions walking towards you. Kill them and go a 
little further to uncover a new area on the map: the North Camp.

 NORTH CAMP                                                             [0524]

The horn-blower near the entrance will signal to his buddies that an intruder 
has appeared. Well that sucks. All the soldiers will wake up and charge you. 
There are some Knights, a few Berserkers, a handful of shielded Legions, and a 
couple soldiers. It's a lot, and it really sucks. I found it best to focus on 
one enemy and spam Odin's Doom on each of the Legion. It's basically a one-hit 
kill, especially on the lesser foes.

Once the camp has been liberated, free the Vikings. Go to the southeast end of 
the North Camp to find another entrance to the cave. Defeat the guardsman and 
untie the Vikings inside. Once that's through, proceed towards the snowy 
bridge. Take out the lookout archers and enter the cave.

 CAVE                                                                   [0525]

So we have to respect the land we walk on? Psh. Lets just kill some punk-asses 
here. Start off with the three Legions near the campfire, then move ahead 
towards the pit of lava. Knock the soldier in and jump over the gap. Go 
forward to find a lava jet, which basically symbolizes a fork in the road. The 
left path leads to a dead end with an Assassin. Go right to find another fork. 
Take the left path this time and dispose of the three Legions.

From this point on, there are no more intersections. Sneak through the cave to 
reach a large, circular room. Take the bridge on the right to encounter a 
Shaman protecting a locked door. We don't have the key yet, but kill him 
anyway. Return to the other side of the bridge and go straight. 

Follow the path to reach an Assassin. Bash his skull in and open the treasure 
chest he was guarding for a Cave Gate Key. Backtrack to the locked door and 
use the key to open it. When you reach the bottom of the room, kill the 
soldiers and focus on the Giant lumbering around in circles. Stay in the 
center of the room so you won't fall in the lava if you're hit. After toppling 
the Giant, open the chest at the end of the peninsula to obtain the Mjolnir 

Exit the cave and return to Fellkeep. Use the Leystone to teleport to the 
Thornvik Leystone. Exit the city through the northern gate and you'll 
basically be right on top of the Dragon Stones.

 DRAGON STONES                                                          [0526]

Jump on the center of the stones and summon Dragon Bolthor. That's the last 
one! Return to Thornvik and teleport to Fellkeep. Head back towards the North 
Camp, but continue west past it and the nearby cave.

--- JOTUNHELM ----------------------------------------------------------------

Activate the North Camp Leystone right in front of you. Guess what's also in 
front of you? Another camp.

 CAMP                                                                   [0527]

Yep, it's just called "camp". Figured the guys at Creative Assembly would be,
uh... what's the word I'm looking for... oh right, creative! Anyways, you're 
situated on a cliff, so I wouldn't worry about being stealthy. Just get the 
attention of all the Legions and push them off of the cliff. Or you can spill 
their guts.

Untie the Viking captives at the camp and drop down off of the cliff to reach 
a pair of houses. There are only four enemies here, so slay them and go east.

 CAMP                                                                   [0528]

This camp is south of the camp above, so it's not too hard to get lost. This 
camp actually has a prison cell filled with Vikings. Only one guard patrols 
the prison because the other one is sleeping. Kill him as he does his rounds. 
If the sleeping guard wakes up, kill him too. The important aspect is the 
other half of the troops are on the opposite end of the camp and can't 
hear/see worth crap. Free the Vikings and take them out as well.

See that smoldering crater to the west of your location? That's the Giants' 
Forge. We can go there now, but I'd much rather liberate the blandly-named 
camps instead. There are two more, so head to the one northwest of the forge.

 CAMP                                                                   [0529]

There is nothin' fancy about this camp. It's small, jam-packed with enemies, 
and nowhere to hide. There are a few shielded Legions, some Knights, regular 
soldiers, and a Shaman that summons Berserkers. Get rid of the ones that 
actually don't reappear (everyone but the Berserkers) and then focus on the 
Shaman. Berserkers go down easy, so kill each one and target the glowing pole 
things. Once the Shaman is toast, free the Vikings.

Jotunhelm may be liberated, but there's one more camp southwest of the forge. 
It's a bit farther away than the others, but still nowhere near a journey or 

 CAMP                                                                   [0530]

This camp is a bit easier, since it's situated on a cliff (that's overlooking 
the Lumber Mill). Go down the hill and kill the first two enemies, then wait 
for the rest to come. Let the horn-blower do his job and knock the Legions off 
of the cliff and into the lava, one by one. Once the camp is clear, open the 
prison gate and set the Vikings free.

There's actually an objective here! Speak with Kuan to get another mission. He 
wants you to kill another Viking traitor named Kalgrim. From the camp, go east 
to eventually reach the Turncoat's Location. There area is cleared, so you do 
not need to worry about any Legions on the way there.

 TURNCOAT'S LOCATION                                                    [0531]

This area is very barren, so there's really no sneaking around. Kill the two 
Berserkers first so they don't interfere in your fight. Kalgrim is wandering 
around the area, so if you see him, start the fight. He blocks a lot and is 
hard-hitting, so dodge a lot and use Valkyrie's Stampede. Also use your Rage 
attacks to put him down.

After killing Kalgrim, you will get the Traitor's Shield. Return to the camp 
(the southwest one, I know, they're all named the same) and deliver the shield 
to Kuan. Now that those petty camps have been liberated, it's time to finally 
enter the Giants' Forge. Head to the large crater and activate the Giants' 
Forge Leystone on the western side. Now you're ready to start your descent.

 GIANTS' FORGE                                                          [0532]

There are four Legions guarding the entrance. Take out the soldiers, then 
focus on the pair of Knights. Take the path on the right. You will come to a 
group of Legions that knock an innocent human down to the bottom of the pit. 
Give them a taste of their own medicine by shield bashing them to their 
untimely death.

When you reach the eastern end, climb down the rope bridge and slaughter the 
Legions here. Walk to the left and knock each archer off of their perch. Make 
your way down to the next "floor". Cross the bridges and when you end up on 
the eastern side, drop down the steps and shimmy across the ledge. Use the 
rope bridge at the end to drop down to the bottom of the forge.

This floor is filled with lava, so have fun burning enemies to a crisp as you 
knock them into the liquid magma. Walk around the giant circular floor and get 
rid of all the Legions here. Once it's all clear, climb up the steps on the 
west end and head towards the giant door. In order to cross the pit of lava in 
front of you, shimmy across the open door to the inside quarters.

Immediately scurry up the stairs on the left to find the Jotunhelm Leystone. 
Open the treasure chest behind it for some Gold and head back to the entrance. 
Descend the stairs on the right and approach the shining pedestal to power up 
your weapons again. That's a wrap!

Now the real question is: how the hell did we manage to go through Giants' 
Forge without fighting one damn Giant? I shouldn't be complaining, but this 
isn't what I expected. Use the Jotunhelm Leystone to teleport back to Thornvik 
and stock up on supplies. If you haven't realized it yet, this is the final 
battle. There isn't anything else to do, so start the war.

 BATTLE AT HEL'S FORTRESS                                               [0533]

Awwww yeah, this'll be epic to the max. Three Shamans are each located on the 
tall lookout posts. Start the battle by attacking the ground troops. It won't 
be long before a Champion storms onto the battlefield. Take him downtown to 
receive two Dragon Runes. It doesn't matter what Shaman you use them on, so 
take your pickings.

The Shamans here are in a tough spot, since you have to climb up a narrow, 
spiraling platform to reach them. Not only that, but there are plenty of 
enemies protecting them. Knights, archers, and Berserkers that constantly get 
summoned by the hags. It's best to keep your enemies at bay by knocking them 
off of the tower instead of trying to kill each one.

Once you defeat the second Shaman, another Champion will appear. Take him out 
to get two Dragon Rune. Use both of them on the final Shaman (you should still 
have one more left). After killing all three Shamans here, you will enter the 
next part of the battle.

The outer wall has fallen down, so Skarin and the troops storm in. You have to 
kill a total of three Giants here. If you need health or magic, fight the 
soldiers here. Remember to power up your army with elemental runes as well. 
The good thing about Giants, unlike Champions, is that they create a gap 
around them so you don't have people running in between as you try to attack.

Each Giant drops two Dragon Runes when defeated. You should have three after 
defeating one Giant. Use two of them on the second Giant, then tackle the 
third one on foot. It doesn't matter which one you use the dragons on, but I 
s'pose the one on the left is a good idea. He's a little too close to the lava.

The Viking army will proceed farther into the fortress. You have to use the 
portal inside Hel's Fortress to summon your Shaman. Run up the massive 
staircase and knock any enemy that appears off of the ledge. Head up the next 
set of steps and across the bridge. You will be annoyed by the Knights and 
soldiers that resurrect out of nowhere, but knock them off of the bridge and 
run towards the portal.

Make sure there are no enemies near the portal when you begin to summon your 
Shaman. When she appears, attack any enemy nearby. I suggest knocking them 
down with a shield bash, then using Odin's Doom on their collapsed body. Once 
the Shaman finisher her job, a scene will appear. Freya will tell Skarin to 
deal with the problem at the source. It's just you versus them. The dragons 
clear the path ahead of you, but Skarin is still on his own.

Knock the two Knights and shielded Legions off of the tower and begin heading 
up to the top. Defeat the archers at the top of the ramp and press forward. 
Two Assassins will appear, but you should be able to kill the first one just 
as it appears. Finish the second off and move up the tower.

Four Knights stand in your way, but a dragon breathes fire in front of you. 
Try knocking the enemies into the fire to roast them alive. Some soldiers and 
a Knight appear on the stairs up ahead. Defeat them to be greeted by a pair of 
Berserkers and soldiers. Once they are taken care of, keep going until you 
reach a bridge.

A Shaman ahead will summon soldiers to do its bidding. Slash through the 
Legions until you reach the Shaman. There are only two glowing poles, so 
quickly destroy them and kill the annoyance. The good news is that he only 
summons soldiers, and they are really never a problem.

Go past the Shaman's remains and make a left. Defeat the Knight and pair of 
Berserkers on the stairs. More enemy troops will attack you as you go up the 
stairs: usually just Knights and soldiers. When you reach the next bridge, you 
will encounter a nasty group of Berserkers, Knights, and a Champion. However, 
a dragon flies in and burns them all to a crisp. Thank the stars.

Another Champion appears, and the dragons aren't here to help us. He is one of 
the Isaholm Champions (aka: the toughest ones), so keep your guard up and 
dodge constantly. Kill the Champion and kill the Assassin and shielded Legion 
that appears behind him. The key to coming out of these little scuffles alive 
is that right as the enemies appear out of thin air, press X to pull off a 
stealth kill to take one foe out of the picture.

Make your way up the next few flights of stairs, killing all the Knights and 
soldiers that stand in your way. When you reach the Shaman at the top of the 
steps, knock the other enemies down with your shield and quickly eliminate the 
Shaman. Climb up the final set of stairs to finally reach the top! Hel is 
waiting for you, and she looks mighty pissed. It's the final battle!

 BOSS: Hel

The strategy for fighting Hel is similar to that of a Shaman. She will 
construct fiery poles that you must destroy. Each pole takes seven hits to be 
destroyed. While you attack her defense system, Hel will summon enemies. The 
room is split into quadrants, with each section of the room holding a pole. 
The quadrants are split up by walls of fire.

When in a quadrant, focus on the pole and the surrounding enemies. They can 
get hurt by the fire along with you, so try to knock them into the flames. 
After destroying a pole, simply wait. The flame walls will randomly lower for 
a short amount of time. When you see the opening, run to the next section of 
the room.

The only enemies you have to fight in this room at first are shielded Legions 
and soldiers. After destroying two of the four poles, Hel will start to summon 
Knights and Berserkers. The Legions will also appear in larger quantities and 
more frequently. At this point, focus on killing the enemies instead of Hel's 
shields. When the coast is clear for a few seconds, start attacking the 
glowing stakes.

After destroying all four poles, sit tight and kill the hordes of enemies 
until the next part of the battle begins. Hel will turn into a disgusting, 
indescribable beast. It doesn't look scary or intimidating, just gross and 
pretty dumb. Hel not only looks very similar to a Giant, but she also attacks 
just like one. She will stomp on the ground, deliver an overhead smash, or 
simply turn around (which can hurt you). On top of that, Hel can also breathe 
fire out of her mouth.

Attacking Hel is also just like a giant. Run to her backside and slash away at 
her legs. Constantly dodge when needed and keep on hacking. Once the button 
appears, start the button sequence. Like the Champions and Giants, you will 
have to successfully input the buttons shown onscreen. This one is a little 
longer than the others (four sets of button sequences), but you will defeat 
Hel after correctly finishing the button sequences.


Hel will die, and the ending scene will start. Sit back and enjoy the ending. 
Well, that's it for my guide. I hope it helped you, and I certainly hope you 
enjoyed it as well. That's it for me, tune in next time.


[6] MOVE LIST                                                           [0600]


Here is a list of every move you can learn from the Battle Arenas found across
the three islands.


- Press A while jumping

Does a medium amount of damage to your foe, but leaves you open to greater 
damage should you be hit while attacking!


- 1 move combo + X

This attack will stun your opponent for a short time.


- Hold LB + Tap X

Slow Rage level 1. Medium paced attack with medium damage to enemies. A good 
combination of speed and skull-cracking destruction!


- Hold LB + Tap A

Fast Rage level 1. A speedy, stabbing thrust! Does little damage but is very 
good against shielded enemies or Assassins!


- X when stealthy

Viking stealth. Fenrir's Bite will have you moving silently with much speed, 
Warrior! The enemy will not know you are coming until it is much too late!


- Hold LB + Tap X, X

Slow Rage level 2. Slow paced, but with medium damage. Will break wooden 
shields and break the skulls of Legion grunts!


- 2 move combo + X

This move will stun your enemy, Viking! They will then be open to other brutal 
attacks from your sword!


- Hold LB + Tap A, A

Fast Rage level 2. Fast paced with a medium degree of damage. No enemy may 
dodge this attack! The weakness of Assassins - they all fall against this!


- X while jumping

A furious high damage move. Will shatter a wooden shield to useless splinters!


- 3 move combo + X

A medium damage move which will stun Hel's scum. This move also breaks through 


- Dodge (LT + Y) + A

A counter-strike. Time your dodge to perfection to turn defense into attack 
with a lightning fast counter strike. Assassins have no defense against this 


- X when stealthy and close

This move will get you closer to your enemies than you have been before - 
their surprise when you slice them will please your Goddess!


- X while jumping

Fierce damage from this attack, Warrior! This swipe will destroy even a metal 


- Hold LB + Tap X, X, X

Slow Rage level 3. This attack is slow but mighty! A high damage attack which 
will break stone shields and detonate your Legion foes!


- 4 move combo + X

A medium damage combo which stuns your enemies. Shields cannot hold out 
against its might!


- Hold LB + Tap A, A, A

Fast Rage level 3. A swift move that inflicts a medium amount of damage on 
your enemies. This one will kill multiple opponents and would be well used 
against Assassins and Berserkers.


[7] ACHIEVEMENTS                                                        [0700]


Here are all the Achievements found in the game, in alphabetical order.


Locate and kill a Legion Assassin


Kill 200 Legion soldiers


Kill 50 Legion without using a Health Potion


Locate and kill a Legion Champion


Kill 5 Legion just using throwing axes


Finish off 150 Legion with fatality moves


Finish off 100 Legion with fatality moves


Finish off 25 Legion with fatality moves


Kill Hel's Harbringer Drakan


Complete the second dragon gem and summon a dragon


Recover the final dragon gem and summon a dragon


Find and charge the dragon gem Hugin and dragon amulet and summon a dragon


Use your defensive bash to knock Legion foes to their doom


Power up over 500 Vikings in your armies with runic magic


Liberate the Farm, Distillery, Lumber Mill, and Quarry in Galcliff


Find and slaughter a Legion Giant


Glacially wipe out a Legion using the ultimate ice attack


Lead your army to victor at the battle for Caldberg


Lead your army to victor at the battle for Darkwater


Lead your army to victor at the battle for Holdenfort


Lead your army to victor at the final battle for all Midgard


Lead your army to victor at the battle for Thornvik


Liberate the Farm, Distillery, Lumber Mill, and the Quarry at Isaholm


Kill 10 Champions


Kill 10 Giants


Kill 100 Legion soldiers


Liberate the Farm and Quarry at Niflberg


Lead your army to victory at Hel's Fortress without need for immortality


Use the ultimate fire attack to kill a Legion


Liberate Galcliff completely on the Hard difficulty level


Liberate Galcliff completely on the Normal difficulty level


Liberate Niflberg completely on the Hard difficulty level


Liberate Niflberg completely on the Normal difficulty level


Complete the quest to sneak into Darkwater


Collect the 6 skulls in Darkwater


Collect the 6 skulls in Holdenfort and the 6 skulls in Caldberg


Collect the 6 skulls in Thornvik


Kill 500 Legion soldiers


Buy flame-pots and incinerate 10 Legion soldiers with them


Kill a Legion Champion without being hit


Execute 100 sneaky kills


Kill 50 Legion soldiers


Send a Legion back to the underworld in the most lightning-tastic way


Learn all the moves in the game


Master the first new move at the Battle Arena


Reach the end of the game on the Hard difficulty


Reach the end of the game on the Normal difficulty


Master a total of 4 new moves


Master a total of 8 new moves


Master a total of 12 new moves


[8] THANKS/CREDITS                                                      [0800]


Of course, this guide couldn't have been made without some extra help. Here is
a shoutout to everyone who made this FAQ possible:

 CJayC: For being an awesome host of an awesome site.

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