How do i destroy the holdenfort barracks?

  1. OOhh i cant destroy de barracks because i dont know how ,please can someone help me?

    User Info: poloosimon

    poloosimon - 9 years ago


  1. There is a small open hatch on the roof of the barracks that you can set your bomb in. Just run around the building until you see some boxes you can use to jump up on the roof with and it should be right there.

    User Info: HOSTILITY4ALL

    HOSTILITY4ALL - 9 years ago 0   0
  2. Well , there are 2 ways to enter holdenfort
    the west side is just like darkwater , jump over and sneak kill every enemies
    i always take the east side because its an easier way
    (west is short but hard)
    (east is LONG but easier)

    Well if you get tired of dying every time , i give you a golden hint
    First have ALL the skills you can get
    because you need good shieldbreakers and fenrir's bite for quick sneak attacks
    And Dont use healing items , because if you aren't in an enemy zone you will regenerate

    First go to the east entrance , wait until the alarmguy walk further
    jump over the fence and kill him , go to the archer before you and kill him to
    go down (docks) try always to sneak kill enemies , because they die in an instant.
    kill the few guys , and head to the bridge , go under the bridge and kill that one enemy , well on that point , if you get damaged , and no enemies are following you , stand there , you will recover your health (you simpley standing NO crouching)
    Head to the ladder , go up stand there until enemies spot you , they come after you , (most of them fall down and die ) some you must kill
    if that champion spot you , he will come down the way you did (not the ladder the dock passage)
    before fighting him , try killing as many enemies you can
    if you is where you are (down the bridge)
    fight him alone as possible
    (if you haven't the achievement for killing 1 champion without being hit , this is the perfect time)
    after he dies , you will be automaticly stand where the champion originaly was
    kill the archers
    if you are damaged , go under the brigde with your ally corpse
    if you regenerated go up and clear the path , SLOWLY
    before entering the other side of the bridge
    stand and wait until the champion looks to the other side , and as much enemies , go left and jump over the fence , NOW try to get after the house where no one can see you , and kill the following enemies
    if you stand after the house , and follow the way , stop before enemies spot you , throw axes , to kill the enemies in sight
    if you see no one is watching
    jump over the fence , you left and go up , once up , kill another alarmguy , and stay as much as possible by those houses
    well once those enemies are cleared , proceed further ,to the bridge , kill the enemies in sight , (now there are 2 guards sparring to the wooden wall , kill the 2 , go to that GIANT crate like thing , jump up , press B and BOOM
    time for you to fight another war

    User Info: angel_of_dreams

    angel_of_dreams - 9 years ago 0   1

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