How do I get past (Holdenfort Barracks?)

  1. I have completed every mission on this island except for defeating the Holdenfort barracks. I have found a piece of the next dragon amulet and have to find the other piece to summon the next dragon. im guessin that the piece is somewhere in holdenfort barracks, because i have no other place to look, but after i enter holdenfort barracks from the side wall entrance were there is no spikes, i start losing every time. ive stealth attked about 10 trillion monstars, and have even beat both of the red monsters with the very long swords, but i think im missin some sort of strategy for this part without having to fight so many people. if ne one knows the strategy for this part and what my main mission is once i am inside then it would be GREATLY appreaciated. thanks

    User Info: koltonian

    koltonian - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Once you get in holdenfort to destroy the barracks you have to sneak around. The barracks look like an army house if uve seen hellboy 2 at the begining when it shows his house when he was little thats what the barracks look like u have two climb on to it i think there are some boxs around it but u get on it and u push somthin near one of the trap doors on top and it blows it up and then you go to war

    User Info: jam2592

    jam2592 - 10 years ago 0   0

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