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    Playmate FAQ by ProfessorNinja

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    This guide is intended to help find the elusive Playboy Playmates. Due to pop-
    ular request from the GameFAQs boards, it also lists the names (and dates of
    appearance) for the centerfolds in question. All images are the actual center-
    folds for the playmates. Other publication data (such as multiple appearances,
    or appearances as Playmates of the Year) are not listed.
    First, a disclaimer: This guide relies on landmarks in both time and place and
    is thus quite spoiler-heavy. It is my recommendation that, since the collect-
    ibles can really ruin the flow of the narrative (going out of your way to find
    skinmags in the middle of a firefight is a little odd), it's best to get these
    on a second playthrough anyway.
    Due to the game's only semi-sandbox nature, these can't be found at any time.
    Instead, you must find them during the chapters listed. These are in the order
    I found them, though you may have a different order depending on where you
    choose to explore first. As a general rule, never leave an area (through a door
    or whatnot) until you've found all the Playboys in the area.
    Without further ado...
    ===== PLAYMATE LOCATIONS =====
    No playmates are available in this chapter.
    Playmate 1: When you meet up with Joe, look on his coffee table in the main
    room. It's sitting out in the open.
    [Lari Laine, Miss May 1958]
    Playmate 3: When Joe takes you to meet up with Bruski, look across from
    Bruski's office and the car crusher, where you'll see a garage. Inside that
    garage, on some shelves, you'll find this playmate.
    [Ellen Stratton, Miss December 1959]
    Playmate 18: After speaking with Derek, you'll be asked to load some crates.
    The Playboy will be sitting on the ground directly outside the interior doorway
    you're lead through.
    [Connie Mason, Miss June 1963]
    Playmate 4: Drive to Maria's apartment building. When you get there, go inside.
    Just inside the door you went in, you'll find the Playboy in question.
    [Sally Sarell, Miss March 1960]
    Playmate 40: There is a security guard on the first floor, simply manning the
    desk. Next to him on the desk is the Playboy.
    [Susan Denberg, Miss August 1966]
    Playmate 6: When you head down to the basement to disable the safe alarm (which
    you should do anyway), feel free to explore the basement. This Playboy will be
    found on the floor of a storeroom.
    [Ann Davis, Miss September 1960]
    Playmate 5: Look on the build map to find the Industrial Specialists Office.
    Go upstairs and into the office. It's in there.
    [Linda Gamble, Miss April 1960]
    Playmate 9: After making it through the bookstore, Joe will lead you up some
    stairs. At the top of the stairs, check the box in the far right corner on the
    tile floor. The Playboy is there.
    [Dianne Danford, Miss November 1961]
    Playmate 2: At the next stairwell, Joe will want you to run up several flights
    of stairs to get to the roof with him. Before doing so, head all the way down
    these stairs to find this Playmate sitting on the floor.
    [Elaine Reynolds, Miss October 1959]
    Playmate 8: After making it across the arcade sign, you'll traverse to the other
    roof. After fighting off more cops, Joe will lead you into a room and tell you
    to go out the fire escape with him. Before going to the fire escape, look on the
    floor next to the shelves in this room to find the Playboy.
    [Tonya Crews, Miss March 1961]
    Playmate 7: When you drive back to Joe's apartment, you'll be directed to go up-
    stairs and go to sleep. Instead, head all the way down the flight of stairs in
    Joe's apartment. You'll find the Playboy on the ground.
    [Connie Cooper, Miss January 1961]
    Playmate 11: After using the MG42, Joe and Henry will tell you to follow them
    downstairs. Again, instead of following them, head the opposite direction. Go
    upstairs and search the hallway for the Playboy Playmate.
    [Marya Carter, Miss May 1962]
    Playmate 10: Once inside the distillery, you'll fight your way to the first set
    of stairs. Across from these stairs, there's a small office. In that office, on
    some shelves, is Playmate no. 10.
    [Kari Knudsen, Miss February 1962]
    Playmate 12: After the cutscene where Henry is shot by the fat man, you'll have
    to escort him out. Directly to your right from where you start after the cut-
    scene is where you'll find this one.
    [(Merissa Mathes, Miss June 1962]
    Playmate 13: When you're let out into the exercise yard, look for some prisoners
    sleeping near the wall of the prison, across from the basketball courts and
    behind some bleachers. Go behind these bleachers. Under the legs of the sleeping
    prisoner is where you'll find the magazine.
    [Jan Roberts, Miss August 1962]
    Playmate 14: Near the basketball court there's a grey outbuilding. Head around
    to the far side of this building, and in the small alleyway you'll find the
    magazine. Hug the wall of the basketball court that's connected to the building
    to avoid triggering a cutscene that will make this Playboy unobtainable.
    [Mickey Winters, Miss September 1962]
    Playmate 15: After your bare-knuckles fight with the black inmate in the laundry
    room, you'll be called by a guard saying that you have a visitor. Before going
    to the guard, look on one of the clothes presses for the magazine.
    [Laura Young, Miss October 1962]
    Playmate 16: Before heading to Joe's apartment to "catch up with Joe", pay a
    visit to Harry at Harry's gun shop. Head inside, and down to where you meet
    Harry. On the floor in this room is the Playboy Playmate.
    [Toni Ann Thomas, Miss February 1963]
    Playmate 17: You'll go with Joe to check out your new apartment. One floor down
    from your new place, look in the hallway for a small table. On top of that table
    is Playmate 17.
    [Sharon Cintron, Miss May 1963]
    Playmate 50: At the end of the hallway on the top floor (the one your apartment
    is on) is where you'll find this Playboy.
    [Elizabeth Jordan, Miss May 1968]
    Playmate 46: This rather obviously placed Playboy is sitting on the kitchen
    table of your new apartment.
    [Angela Dorian, Miss September 1967]
    Playmate 19: When you're at the foundry, fight your way through the first wave
    of enemies. You'll get to a spot with a plate of cheeseburgers, some colas, and
    a few weapons lying around. Turn to your right (the direction the game wants
    you to head). You should see a drab grey shack on the left-hand side. Go inside
    this shack, and on top of some barrels you'll find Playmate no. 19.
    [Phyllis Sherwood, Miss August 1963]
    Playmate 21: This one is rather tough to describe given its general area. Unlike
    other magazines, it's simply sitting outside near some oil drums. After fighting
    your way through more enemies, some of which are running across overhead cat-
    walks, look around the oil drums near the catwalks. Sitting outside, plain as
    day, is this magazine.
    [Terre Tucker, Miss November 1963]
    Playmate 20: After the fighting is done, look to where your Mafia buddies are.
    There's a kind of shanty or lean-to to the left of them. Inside that shanty, on
    the ground, is the Playboy.
    [Victoria Valentino, Miss September 1963]
    Playmate 41: When you head to Maltese Falcon, a cutscene will follow. After re-
    gaining control, don't leave the Falcon just yet. Head to the bar, and next to
    the bartaps you'll find the magazine.
    [Lisa Baker, Miss November 1966]
    Playmate 23: Once in the sewer, you'll get some sewage dumped on you. Before
    continuing on, look to your left. There's a small dead-end sewer tunnel, and
    the magazine is in there.
    [Melba Ogle, Miss July 1964]
    Playmate 22: You'll enter the slaughterhouse in a coal room, with a guy sleeping
    in a chair. Before heading out into the corridor, look between the large pile of
    coal and the coal bin to find the magazine.
    [Nancy Jo Hooper, Miss February 1964]
    Playmate 24: As you make your way through the slaughterhouse, you'll come across
    a room with two guys making small talk about quitting their jobs. Tucked into
    one of the corners of this room is Playmate no. 24
    [China Lee, Miss August 1964]
    Playmate 25: When you get to the Empire Hotel, and following a cutscene where
    you suggest you'll see if you can find another way in, you'll enter the laundry
    area. Search around the laundry area for a small office with a Chinese man
    sitting at the desk. On the desk, is the Playboy you're looking for.
    [Astrid Schulz, Miss September 1964]
    Playmate 27: Joe will eventually tell you to you to go to the roof with him.
    Rather than follow Joe up the stairs, go all the way down the stairs until the
    path is barred off. Near the barred-off stairway is where you'll find it.
    [Jo Collins, Miss December 1964]
    Playmate 26: On the roof, after you fight your way to the lift, you'll have to
    call the lift by using the button. Before doing so, look around the lift plat-
    form for the Playboy in question.
    [Rosemarie Hillcrest, Miss October 1964]
    Playmate 48: When you come home, before heading to bed, look in the bathroom off
    your bedroom. The magazine is on the floor.
    [Kaya Christian, Miss November 1967]
    Playmate 47: In Leo Gallante's house, search around the 2nd floor hallway as you
    look for a way out. In the hall, on a windowsill, you'll find Playmate no. 47.
    [Reagan Wilson, Miss October 1967]
    Playmate 29: Still in Leo's house, still on the second floor, check the bathroom
    for a copy of Playboy.
    [Sue Williams, Miss April 1965]
    Playmate 28: When you decide to teach your sister's husband how to treat her
    with respect, you'll go to where he's partying. As you enter the apartment where
    he's at, directly across from the open door is one that's closed. Go ahead and
    open it, and take this Playboy from the between the legs of a drunk greaser.
    [Sally Duberson, Miss January 1965]
    Playmate 49: After your house is burned down, you'll look to Joe for help.
    While he makes some calls, look next to his bed to find yourself Playmate 49.
    [Lynn Winchell, Miss December 1967]
    Playmate 30: After you shoot up Tara's, there's a small hallway next to the bar.
    The hallway in question is either directly across from the front of the pub, or
    to your right if you're standing at the bar, facing the hallway the leader of
    the Irish gang ran down (this is the hallway the game wants you to go down).
    Head down the other hall instead, and find the magazine in there, partially
    tucked under a box.
    [Maria McBane, Miss May 1965]
    Playmate 32: Once you enter the warehouse proper, control will be taken from you
    as you park the car. Once control has returned, look around the south side of
    the main parking area. You'll find it behind a delivery truck, between the truck
    and the loading dock and beside some crates.
    [Allison Parks, Miss October 1965]
    Playmate 31: Just past the parking lot, there's a dead-end alley leading to the
    north. At the back end of the alley, behind a dumpster, is Playmate no. 31
    [Gay Collier, Miss July 1965]
    Playmate 33: After the cutscene where the phony "cops" attack, you'll have to
    flee the area through a fairly linear path. There's a sort of green junction box
    on one of the walls along the route. On the floor next to this box you'll find
    the magazine.
    [Pat Russo, Miss November 1965]
    Playmate 34: When you read the Chinese restaurant, after clearing out the first
    room, you can follow Joe or you can head upstairs to the upper dining area. Head
    upstairs. Sitting on the seat of a booth on the south side of the upper floor is
    the Playboy.
    [Dina Williams, Miss December 1965]
    Playmate 36: Following Joe, you'll come across the Tong's clandestine opium den.
    You'll find it in one of the opium booths.
    [Priscilla Wright, Miss March 1966]
    Playmate 35: Once you get down to the basement, you'll be directed to sneak
    around. You'll eventually sneak to a room where you'll witness a small in-
    game scene of a man emerging from a room, and Joe bumrushing him and pistol
    whipping him to death. That room is an armoury full of weapons. When you enter
    there's a small safe on the ground next to a desk on the right hand side. On top
    of that safe is where you'll find the magazine.
    [Melinda Windsor, Miss February 1966]
    Playmate 44: When you and Joe break free on the rooftop, after you've cleared
    out the guards on the roof, look around the southeast corner of the building for
    a small recessed area. There's some scaffolding next to the area you're looking
    for. Poke around that area to find the Playboy.
    [Joey Gibson, Miss June 1967]
    Playmate 37: As you make your way downstairs, you'll come across a floor where
    an enemy will throw a molotov cocktail, lighting the main path on fire and
    forcing you to climb over some building material to your left. On a pallette in
    the northwest corner of that floor is where the magazine is sitting.
    [Dolly Read, Miss May 1966]
    Playmate 38: As you make your way through that floor, explore the south side of
    it. Near the south wall where some sun shines through the canvas, about a
    quarter or a third of your way to the far end of the floor, is where you'll find
    Playmate no. 38. It's sitting next to a small, unfinished section of wall.
    [Kelly Burke, Miss June 1966]
    Playmate 45: After fighting your way through a few waves of enemies and getting
    into the observatory proper, you'll have a small firefight in the entrance area.
    There will be a set of stairs up and down, a large skylight overhead, and a
    chandelier. Since the game wants you to go up, to find the Playboy you must, of
    course, head down. Take the stairs down and find Playmate no. 45.
    [Dede Ling, Miss August 1967]
    Playmate 39: After heading to the observatory rooftop (directly after the last
    Playboy you got) and fighting the enemies up there, you'll notice the game wants
    you to head through the far door. To get to the far door you must go down a
    narrow pathway on the roof. Turn around from that hallway, facing away from the
    door, and look for a small recessed area on your left. The magazine is in that
    [Tish Howard, Miss July 1966]
    Playmate 43: Immediately after heading inside the above-mentioned door, you'll
    come to a telescope. Behind the telescope, tucked near the stairs, you'll find
    the penultimate Playboy.
    [Gwen Wong, Miss April 1967]
    Playmate 42: During the climactic fight with Falcone and his men in the planet-
    arium, in the middle of the theatre you'll notice the large projector for the
    planetarium. Inside this small projection area is Playmate no. 42, the last
    Playmate in the game. You can also pick it up after the fight.
    [Fran Gerard, Miss March 1967]

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