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Achievement Guide by neeker

Version: 1.05 | Updated: 06/23/08


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               __ _ _ __| | ____ _  __| (_) __ _ _ __  
              / _` | '__| |/ / _` |/ _` | |/ _` | '_ \ 
             | (_| | |  |   < (_| | (_| | | (_| | | | |
              \__,_|_|  |_|\_\__,_|\__,_|_|\__,_|_| |_|
             __      ____ _ _ __ _ __(_) ___  _ __ ___ 
             \ \ /\ / / _` | '__| '__| |/ _ \| '__/ __|
              \ V  V / (_| | |  | |  | | (_) | |  \__ \
               \_/\_/ \__,_|_|  |_|  |_|\___/|_|  |___/

                 XBOX 360 ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE V. 1.05
                             By: neeker
                      Gamertag: Optimus Neeker


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to keep track.

If you happen to see anyone other than the above hosting this, please 
let me know so that I can feed them to the sharks, torture their feet 
with a feather and throw them into a mall infested with zombies. 

Also, please note that, as with most gaming guides:


If you can get offended by spoilers, please don't use a guide.

1.  Contact Information
2.  Introduction
3.  The Achievements
4.  Conclusion

Version history

Hi, I'm Lestor Wong. I post on GameFAQ.com/ GameSpot.com by the 
username "neeker". 

Feedback for this document can be directed to lestor underscore wong 
at yahoo dot com. You may check out my other works here:


PS: My previous XBL account has been stolen and is no longer valid. 
Please note my new gamertag. 

Arkadian Warriors is an action RPG modeled after the legendary Diablo. 
It's not exactly a must-play, but in an XBLA environment loaded with 
lousy ports and rip-offs, 800 MS points for some old-school dungeon-
crawling sounds like a reasonable deal. Not to mention, the game also 
has some easy achievements to boot. 

This guide explains how to get the full 200/200.

As with all XBLA games, there are 12 achievements in Arkadian Warriors. 
You can get them by using any of the three classes: soldier, archer or 
sorceress. I got all achievements by using the soldier class, simply 
because I enjoy close-range melee combat. I'm not sure about the rest, 
but the soldier also has an invincibility spell that is extremely 
useful towards the end of the game.

Anyway, here goes.

Description: Achieve a 10-kill Chain

I'm not exactly sure what's a "kill-chain", but I assume it means the 
number of times you kill an enemy without being hit. Some said that 
you've to kill the same type of enemies 10 times without being hit, 
but I didn't do that, and I still got this achievement. 

A common way for doing this is to replay Level 1 when you're on a 
higher level. Do not kill the enemies in the first room, but instead 
run into the next one while luring those monsters with you. Once 
you're sure that there are at least 10 enemies on the screen, spam 
the A button to kill them all. Due to how fast melee combat can 
kill close enemies in this game, the soldier becomes the class that 
can get this achievement easily.

There's also an easy way for this. Some time during the final boss 
fight against the Gorgon, she'll release tons of snakes in the arena. 
These snakes die with one hit if you're at a reasonable level. You can 
go around killing them before disposing Gorgon. I managed a kill-chain 
of 25 in about 30 seconds... and I stopped because I got bored. 

Description: Complete at least one quest with each character

Start a new game, complete the first quest as the Soldier, and exit.

Start another new game, complete the first quest as the Archer, and 

Start yet another new game, complete the first quest as the Sorceress, 
and exit.

Achievement unlocked.

Description: Destroy all monsters in a dungeon level

I got this in the first quest, on the very first level. Each dungeon 
has several levels, and you only need to kill all enemies in one of 
these levels to unlock this. Use the map to explore the entire level. 
Anything that appears as red on the map is an enemy. If you need to 
kill certain monsters for the quest, they'll appear as yellow on the 

So, there's no trick to this. Just explore the level and kill every-
thing in sight. 

Description: Equip a full suit of armor: Helmet, Armor and Weapon

The weapon is default, so you're already 1/3 there where you start the 
game. When you kill monsters, they drop items at times. If you happen 
to chance upon a helmet or an armor, equip it immediately. Shouldn't 
take you more than two quests to get this.

Or, you can simply buy cheap armors and helmets from the merchant, 
and equip them (press RT, select item, and press A to confirm) to 
unlock this.

Description: Kill 100 monsters using exploding vases

In dungeons, you may notice that there are some vases that light up 
upon contact, and explode after a few seconds. These are the exploding 
vases needed for this achievement. Once you reach about Level 8, your 
health should be strong enough to withstand multiple hits of these 
vases. Bring some HP potions, and return to the first quest. 

As with the kill-chain achievements, do not kill monsters on first 
sight. Instead, lure them, run behind these exploding vases, and STAY 
PUT. These low level monsters will stupidly ignite those vases till 
they explode. They will be bombed to immediate death as a result, while 
you take only minimal damage. Rinse and repeat, and use a potion to 
replenish HP when your health is low. It's best to do this in the first 
quest (Frenzied Boars) because the enemies there die with one hit of 
the explosion.

You won't get all 100 in one run. Complete the quest by beating the 
Boar King (easy as you level up), and replay the level again until you 
get this achievement. It should take about 20-30 minutes to do so.

Description: Defeat 10 monsters while in Alter Ego form

See the yellow meter on the top left corner of the screen? That's your 
Alter Ego meter. It builds as long as you land a hit on enemies. Once 
it's full, the game will prompt you to press Y to transform into 
your Alter Ego form. 

You just need to kill 10 enemies when you're in said form to unlock 
this achievement. You may want to consider replaying the first level 
again for these kills, since most of those enemies take one hit to 
kill in this mode.

Description: Complete two quests in one continuous co-op session

The problem with this is not about finding people to play with. It's 
more with the fact that a co-op session usually ends up with plenty of 
lags. Your partner can actually control your camera view, and you 
can't move on any further if your partner is lagging behind. Not to 
mention, there's also some "teleportation" of players all over the 
place in-game. 

If you can bear with the above, simply play through two quests in one 
session to unlock this... and never look back. I recommend doing the 
first and first levels. No, this is not a typo. :)

Description: Find 15 secret rooms

"Secret Rooms" are not exactly very secretive. In fact, they're so 
blatant that you can even see them on your map! To make things even 
easier, the wall structures of these rooms are also evidently 
different. For example, in the first level, a secret door is hidden by 
barrels. Once you find such a wall, hit it once or twice to open the 
door. You need to find 15 of these to get the achievement.

And yes, you can replay the first level for as much as possible to 
find these rooms because dungeon maps are generated randomly in this 

Within these rooms, you can find treasures, so to speak. These consist 
mainly of gold, potions, and sometimes (only sometimes) weapons that 
you can either equip or sell for gold...

Description: Buy or sell 100 items

... which brings me to the topic of buying and selling. To get this 
achievement, you need to buy or sell 100 items. You can usually get 
this over the course of the game. If you're really desperate for this, 
you can consider buying 10 potions and selling it back (for half the 
price that you paid for) repeatedly (if gold permits). Each time you 
do something like this, you get a count of 20 for the achievement.

Description: Have 500,000 in your wallet

As you continue to play the game, you'll pick up extra weapons and 
gears. Equip the best ones, and sell the rest for gold. A reasonably 
powerful weapon can fetch about 25,000 to 35,000. You can also replay 
missions to farm for weapons to sell. I once made over 120,000 gold from 
one single mission replay (got lucky) by picking up four expensive 
weapons, so hitting 500,000 isn't really that difficult.

Once the game shows that you have 500,000 with you, press start to 
pause the game. The achievement will unlock there and then.

I also read that this achievement is accumulative, that you don't need 
to get all 500,000 in your wallet to unlock it. Well, I can tell you 
that it's not true. I've been keeping track of the gold I earned and 
spent over the course of the game, and I've longed accumulated (and 
spent) 500,000 without getting the achievement. I got the achievement 
when I sold my final spare weapon to hit 517,000. 

Description: Finish the game by beating the Gorgon

Easy boss fight if you bring a full inventory of HP and magic potions. 
Equip the invincibility spell, cast it and go all-out attack on the 
boss. Once you spell's effect is over, drink a magic potion to regain 
full MP, and then repeat the same process.

The Gorgon will counter with her own lackeys and what-not. Ignore them. 
Just keep MP full, cast invincibility, and hack away to victory. 
Shouldn't take you more than two minutes to dispose her.

Description: Reach Level 20 with any character

If you still haven't reach Level 20 by the time you slained Gorgon, 
replay the final level to continue with the EXP grinding. The last 
dungeon gives lots of EXP each run. I got Level 20 midway through this 
level and ran all my way to Gorgon thereafter, and I still got 18,000+ 
EXP without killing most of the enemies. So I guess this level is the 
best ground to farm. Continue to play this level until you reach the 
the desired level.

This concludes the guide. Do let know me if you spot any mistakes, or 
have a better/ faster way of doing certain achievements. 


Version 1.00: Guide completed (1/10).
Version 1.02: Fixed some typos (1/10).
Version 1.05: Replayed game on my new gamertag, and added new tips on 
some achievements (6/23).

Sierra/ Wakana Studios
ASCII Generator (@ http://www.network-science.de/ascii/)

Copyright Lestor Wong 2007-2008.

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