How do I use superweapons on the 360?

  1. How do I do it

    User Info: 0865678

    0865678 - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. For the Scain, Traveler-59, or Reaper-17 there is a building you need to build called the Rift Generator and there are other building like this for all of the factions. Go to the build menu and it should be on the second build que page. Build it and wait for it to charge for I think 6 minutes. Then bring up the quick select ring and click on the 6' o-clock icon or the bottom one and there you go. You find all other of your other weapons as such there as well.

    User Info: RicMu91

    RicMu91 - 9 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. Hold the left stick to bring up the ring, choose the bottom icon that looks like an atom, and choose the superweapon.

    User Info: gogeta1903

    gogeta1903 - 9 years ago 0 0

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