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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Loopy

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        STREETS OF RAGE 2 (Sega Mega Drive/Super Famicon) FAQ V1.2 BY LOOPY
    This document is a simple FAQ detailing the characters, the sub-bosses, the
    main bosses and tactics for beating them.
    The SOR2 game takes place after the end battle for the first SOR (I haven't
    made an FAQ for that yet and I probably won't. It's a naff game but if you do
    want me to write one, tell me. My e-mail address is in the Feedback section
    later on in this FAQ. I'm also open to requests for writing FAQs for SOR3)
    Mr. X was thought to be killed by Adam, Blaze and Axel, but he returns. He
    kidnaps Adam in a bid to lure Axel and Blaze into a trap. Axel and Blaze
    enlist the help of Adam's kid brother Skate and wrestler friend Max.
    Together, they will make sure X doesn't walk again.
    There are four characters to choose from in the game: Axel, a martial artist;
    Blaze a Judo expert; Skate a young street-fighting, roller-skating dude and
    Max, a wrestler. Each have their strengths and weaknesses:
    Axel is probably the best all rounder. He doesn't have the speed of Skate or
    the strength of Max, but is pretty good in all areas. The best choice for
    Apart from being one of the most sexy characters in the game, she's fast and
    her suplex does good damage. Another choice for the beginners. She makes a
    good team with Axel (as well as making a good couple!)
    The only character who can run. Skate can be a real headache to the enemies
    if you know how to use him. His Migraine can really heart. His attack level
    is pretty lame though. Amateur users should pick Skate -- he's the fastest of
    the team.
    The slowest, but the hardest hitter. If an enemy gets grabbed by Max, they
    can kiss their butt goodbye. Max's backbreaker is the biggest damage-maker in
    the entire game -- nearly a whole energy bar! Advanced users only.
    Moves List
    (Indentations mean that one move can be followed by the other)
    A note about weapons: if you drop a weapon or pick up another one, the count
    of the first weapon goes up one. If the weapon count goes to three (3), the
    weapon disappears and cannot be used any more.
    Axel's Moves (Facing Right):
    B,B Two Punches
      B Double Side Kick (May not hit twice)
    R,R+B Flaming Uppercut
    A 360 Flaming Punch (Axel takes damage if this move hits)
    R+A Punch Flurry (Axel takes damage every time you use this move)
    * Grapple Hold (Front)
      B,B Two Knees
        B Head Butt
        R+B Double Knee
        C Grapple Hold (Behind) -- Can only press C twice
        L+B Leg Throw
      B Head Butt
      L+B Leg Throw
      C Grapple Hold (Behind) -- Can only press C twice
    * Grapple Hold (Behind)
      B Body Slam
      C Grapple Hold (Front) -- Can only press C twice
    B+C Back Fist/Throw Weapon
    U+C (Hold) Mid-Air Recover -- Only if launched by throw (e.g. Leg Throw)
    * NOTE: When holding a weapon, Axel will automatically THROW it when you
      press B. You can't use a weapon more than once because of this (bummer.)
      (Some people have been e-mailing me saying that this is incorrect. I've
      checked and it seems that I'm right. When I press B, Axel DOES seem to
      throw the weapon -- maybe it's just the emulator I'm using...)
    Blaze's Moves (Facing Right):
    B,B Two Horizontal Chops
      B Knee, Kick (May not hit twice)
    R,R+B Vertical Slash
    A 360 Backflip Kick (Blaze takes damage if this move hits)
    R+A Fireball (Blaze takes damage every time you use this move.)
    * Grapple Hold (Front)
      B,B Two Knees
        B Power Slam
        R+B Face Smash
        C Grapple Hold (Behind) -- Can only press C twice
        L+B Leg Throw
      B Power Slam
      R+B Face Smash
      L+B Leg Throw
      C Grapple Hold (Behind) -- Can only press C twice
    * Grapple Hold (Behind)
      B Suplex
      C Grapple Hold (Front) -- Can only press C twice
    B+C 360 Low Sweep/Throw Weapon
    U+C (Hold) Mid-Air Recover -- Only if launched by throw (e.g. Leg Throw)
    * NOTE: When holding a knife, Blaze will slash twice per press of B. This is
    Skate's Moves (Facing Right):
    B,B Two Punches
      B Flip Kick (May not hit twice)
    R,R Dash
    R,R+B Flying Headbutt (For most damage, try to hit with the head, before
          Skate starts to roll in mid-air.) This move can be delayed (e.g.
          R,R (Hold) then press B whilst holding R when you want to attack.)
    A 360 Low Spin Kick (Skate takes damage if this move hits)
    R+A Super Dash (Skate takes damage every time you use this move)
    * Grapple Hold (Front)
      B,B Two Head Butts
        B Elbow
        R+B Elbow
        L+B Flip Kick Finisher (Hits twice)
        C Grapple Hold (Behind) -- Can only press C twice
      L+B Flip Kick Finisher
      C Grapple Hold (Behind) -- Can only press C twice
    * Grapple Hold (Behind)
      B Migraine Attack
      C Grapple Hold (Front) -- Can only press C twice
    B+C 360 Low Sweep/Throw Weapon
    U+C (Hold) Mid-Air Recover -- Only if launched by throw (e.g. Leg Throw)
    * NOTE: Skate is slower to recover from using weapons. Skate can only throw
      by pressing B whilst he is _IN THE MIDDLE_ of flipping over his opponent.
      It doesn't matter which way he's flipping (to the back or to the front.)
      Either way, the enemy _can_ recover out of it (if they want to, that it.)
    Max's Moves (Facing Right):
    B,B Two Chops
      B,B Hook, Power Smash (Hook may not hit twice, but can.)
    R,R+B Sliding Kick (If timed correctly, opponent won't be knocked over and
          you can follow with a Grapple Hold (Behind) lock.)
    A 360 Arm Spin (Max takes damage if this move hits)
    R+A Shoulder Charge (Max takes damage every time this move is used)
    * Grapple Hold (Front)
      B,B Two Head Butts
        B 7-Hit Neck Breaker *BIG Damage* <= Max is vunerable to attack whilst he
          does this move. If you want to do this, make sure no-one else is around
          or get your team mate to cover you whilst you do this move. If you do
          this move after the head butts, you can take close to 80 or 90% of the
          opponent's energy off. Only the Backbreaker can do nearly as much
          damage as this. You are committed to all seven hits once you press B.
        R+B Two-Hit Head Butt Finisher (won't hit twice if opponent dies after
            first hit.)
        C Jumping Launcher
          B (At Apex) Mid-Air Drop
        L+B Suplex
      B 7-Hit Neck Breaker *BIG Damage* <= Max is vunerable to attack whilst he
        does this move. If you want to do this, make sure no-one else is around
        or get your team mate to cover you whilst you do this move. If you do
        this move after the head butts, you can take close to 80 or 90% of the
        opponent's energy off. Only the Backbreaker can do nearly as much damage
        as this. You are committed to all seven hits once you press B.
      R+B Two-Hit Head Butt Finisher
      L+B Suplex
      C Jumping Launcher
        B (At Apex) Mid-Air Drop
    * Grapple Hold (Behind)
      B Reverse Suplex *BIG Damage*
      C Jumping Reverse Launcher
        B,B,B... Backbreaker *!!__MASSIVE__ DAMAGE!!* <= Use on the bosses!!
    B+C Reverse Kick/Throw Weapon
    U+C (Hold) Mid-Air Recover -- Only if launched by throw (e.g. Leg Throw)
    * NOTE: As you can tell, Max CAN'T flip over his opponent, so to do the
      Backbreaker you need to lock them in a Rear Grapple straight away.
    * To grapple, walk up to an enemy without attacking them. If you get close
      enough, you get them into a grapple, although you need to be alert as the
      enemy can get _you_ into a grapple if you're not careful. To break a
      grapple hold, either use the standing A move (you'll take damage) or try
      using B+C (only for back grapples -- doesn't always work.)
    This is the walkthrough section. Here, I'll talk you through each of the
    areas in a stage and tell you who you may meet. I'll be playing the game
    through on Normal mode, varying difficulty will mean different people will
    appear and you may get more/less enemies en route, depending on your chosen
    Stage 1, Area 1 -- The Street (Boss: Jack)
    Here you'll meet a couple of Garcias and a few Signals. You may meet some
    black guys (Donovan.) No strategy, just whack 'em to the ground. Skate's
    Migraine can wipe 'em all out. When you get to Jack, make sure you keep
    whacking him so that he doesn't get a chance to use his knives. Note the fact
    that he will drop his knives so you can pick them up and use them against
    him. A good strategy against Jack and his later clones is to do
    B,B,{Pause},B,B,{Pause},etc. and get the other player to cover your back
    whilst you do this.
    Stage 1, Area 2 -- The Bar (Boss: Electra)
    You'll meet more Garcias and Signals. This time, the Signals have got some
    brains and may slide you (a la Max) so be alert. They're still no match for
    you, though. When you get to the bar, you spot a cowgirl talking to the
    barman. When she sees you, she throws off her coat, the barman runs away and
    she starts laying into you with her whip -- her _electric_ whip. Yep, say hi
    to Electra. The whip does cause a fair amount of damage if it shocks you.
    Bear in mind that only the TIP of the whip that causes the electric damage.
    The way to beat Electra is to avoid her whip and go in for a throw. Max can
    slide under the whip if you're early enough, and, if you time it right, you
    can end up behind her for a Backbreaker and finish the fight real quick.
    Stage 1, Boss Area -- Behind The Bar (Boss: Barbon)
    This is the final area of the first stage. Here you'll find a few Garcias and
    Donovans. You'll also find the boss, Barbon. He'll throw off his waistcoat
    with a shout of "Come On!" Barbon likes to throw you around, make sure that
    you use the mid-air recover. He likes to block your high kicks as well. Your
    best strategy is to kill all of the people around him and pin Barbon between
    you and your team mate with B attacks -- he can only block one side. If you
    manage to get in close enough to get a grab, take the chance. Watch out for
    his roundhouse kick.
    Stage 2, Area 1 -- Bridge Top (Bosses: Blade, Signal)
    From Dan Dickman:
    > Say, theres a free guy on stage 2! its right after the truck! Its in the
    > way left corner! You walk up there  and can't see it because of the truck!
    In this area, you'll meet Garcia, Donovan and Signal clones. You'll find
    some bikers zooming past. You need to knock them off with a flying kick to go
    on. Watch out for the grenades. You can pick them up and throw them if you
    want, but it's risky, they could explode in your hand.
    Stage 2, Area 2 -- Trapped! (Bosses: Hakuyo then Ryukurou & Various Bikers)
    You find several bikers on the wall. You can't hit them yet. Beat up the
    Japanese warrior, Hakuyo and they'll come and attack you. Ryukurou, another
    Japanese warrior, will jump down with a kick, so try not to be caught out.
    Beat them all up and you'll make your way out automatically.
    Stage 2, Boss Area -- Top Of Building (Boss: Jet)
    This area is longer than Stage 1's boss area. Fight your way to the right of
    the area, you'll meet Donovan, Garcia and Signal clones along the way. Soon
    you'll see the boss fly by. This is Jet. He is very hard to hit. The best way
    to get him is to hit him with jump kicks when he charges you. If we floats
    up, he'll try to diagonally charge you. Be ready, you can grab him from
    behind if you time it right. On hard setting and above, it is difficult to
    beat him in time. Leave the chickens until you need them. Just kick, kick,
    kick him to death. Use Max's strength to your advantage.
    Stage 3, Area 1 -- The Streets (Bosses: Donovan, Z)
    This area is easy. Watch out for Garcia and his knife, he can be *very*
    Stage 3, Area 2 -- The Arcades (Boss: G. Signal)
    Smash a couple of arcade machines for some bonuses. Short area, beat up all
    the guys and you'll walk up the stairs.
    Stage 3, Area 3 -- Back Room (Bosses: Joseph, Garcia, Donovan, R. Signal,
    Y. Signal, Gonzalez)
    Nothing to say here, just beat everyone up.
    Stage 3, Area 4 -- En Route To The Boat (Bosses: Suzaku & Martin)
    Suzaku is a Japanese fighter (like Hakuyo and co.) He can hit you with a palm
    strike so stay alert. Beat him and anyone else around and you'll walk onto
    the boat.
    Stage 3, Area 5 -- The Boat (Bosses: Kusanagi & Hanzou)
    A short area. Make sure you pick up the extra life in the box. Watch for the
    ninja's weapons, they can really hurt.
    Stage 3, Area 6 -- The Streets (Bosses: L. Lisa & Beano)
    It looks like you're back at the beginning, nope. More guys to beat up. You
    meet a Jack and an Electra clone here. They're much harder than their earlier
    counter-parts, but the strategy still remains, KILL 'EM! Beano has the most
    energy so you might want to get rid of Lisa first and then concentrate on
    Beano. Lisa will jump kick more often and Beano will slash more often. Beano
    will throw his knives a lot so unless you're playing as Skate, you're in for
    a hard time. TIP: When a knife comes flying at you, use the standing A move.
    If you don't hit anyone, the knife will pass straight through you and you
    won't take any damage.
    Stage 3, Boss Area -- Misty Area (Sub-Boss: Vehelits, Boss: Zamza)
    This area is amazingly long. Fight your way to the right, beating up everyone
    foolish enough to get in your way. When you get to Vehelits, move to one side
    of the screen. When he moves in, do a jump kick (not a flying kick) - C then
    B, not R+C,B. Play the waiting game against him. If you have a team mate,
    get him/her to move to the other side and vertical jump kick Vehelits to
    each other. A word of warning, when you smash the eggs, back off, as they
    explode. When you get to Zamza, prepare for a tough fight. He can hit you
    very hard and, yes, it _does_ hurt. He can Reverse Slam you whenever he feels
    like it. You will probably need to use your A and T+A moves a lot so you'll
    need the chickens. Zamza does know how to block and he'll do so a lot. You
    may lose a life here. TIP: I play as Max and do T+A when he blocks. For some
    reason, when I did the Charge and Zamza blocked, he took 1 1/2 FULL bars of
    damage! And yes, he did die after that!
    Stage 4, Area 1 -- En Route To The Stadium (Boss: Ko-Shu)
    Garcia clones armed with knives are a-plenty here. Be alert. The signals will
    not be stupid and can and will throw you so make sure you recover. Ko-Shu
    will drop in like the other Japanese fighters so make sure you're ready. Use
    a pipe if you manage to grab hold of one.
    Stage 4, Area 2 -- The Stadium (Sub Bosses: Sug. Q, Metal. M, Boss: Big-Ben)
    Fight your way to Sug and Metal. They are just Electra clones so use the same
    strategy as before, only this time, you've got two to handle. When you get to
    Benny, you must take something into account. You CANNOT suplex him, you'll
    get flattened and take damage -- he's too heavy. *Only Max* is strong enough
    to suplex Ben without getting flattened. Beat him up and you'll automatically
    enter a lift. To beat Ben, get him into locks and throw him. Use Body Slams
    and Power Slams. Stupidly, Leg Throws work as well (you won't get flattened.)
    Stage 4, Area 3 -- Lift (Bosses: None)
    No particular bosses here, this is like an endurance battle. Beat anyone and
    everyone who lands on the platform. Watch out for the Japanese fighters
    again. When you've beaten everyone, you'll move off the platform
    Stage 4, Boss Area -- Ring Side (Boss: Abadebe, "The Ultimate Warrior")
    Abadebe can hit very hard, so make sure you make your hits count. Do not try
    a flurry of hits (like rapid B's or Axel's T+A), he'll break it and hit you
    in the process. Go for grapples and throws, not combos. You may need to use
    your A moves a lot here (with the exception of Axel, as already mentioned.)
    If you lock him, make sure you throw him IMMEDIATELY -- loitering will be
    severely punished.
    Stage 5, Area 1 -- Below Deck (Bosses: Byactko (Level 1), Wayne (Level 2))
    You need to make your way up to the deck so fight right till you get to a
    flight of stairs. You'll find Byactko (another Japanese fighter). He'll palm
    strike you and jump kick you whenever he has a chance. He's a little more
    tricky than the usual Japanese fighters. Beat him up and you'll go up to the
    next level. Fight your way right again (you'll meet Raven, a Thai Kick-Boxer,
    along the way. At the end of the second level, you'll meet Wayne, a harder
    Barbon clone. Use the same strategy as before.
    Stage 5, Area 2 -- On Deck (Bosses: Big-Ben Clone)
    You're now on-deck. Fight your way right, beating up everyone and avoiding
    the grenades. You'll come across Mach (a Jet clone), Donovan/Garcia clones
    and several Ninjas. Beat them all up and continue to make your way to the
    right, avoiding the grenades. Near the end of the deck, you'll fight a Ben
    clone, Balloon (?), and then go up against the boss.
    Stage 5, Boss Area -- Dead End Of Ship Deck (Boss: R Bear)
    R Bear is a REAL headache. You can't get grabs often on him. The best
    strategy is to use your standing A when he locks you and your T+A when you're
    close enough. Use the chickens when you need it. You'll get Garcia clones
    coming into the screen. Leg Throw them into Bear when you have the chance --
    he'll take damage. You can lose up to two lives here.
    Stage 6, Area 1 -- The Beach (Bosses: Falcon, Condor & Pheasant)
    You'll find several ninjas as you go along. All the clones here have brains
    and won't hesitate to punch and/or throw you so be alert. This is a tough
    area, especially when you go up against the Thai Boxer bosses. Just like with
    Raven before them, they can and will block. They have long range with their
    legs so make sure your hits count.
    Stage 6, Boss Area -- Level Road (Bosses: Stealth & Souther)
    This area is simple, if rather crooked. You'll find several clones of enemies
    you've already met (major ones include Electra & Big-Ben.) Beat them all up
    and move right. You'll find Stealth & Souther -- Jet & Zamza clones. The
    strategy is the same for their previous counterparts, but they're much
    harder. If you're playing in two-player mode, get your team mate to deal with
    one of the bosses whilst you deal with the other. Souther is the main boss
    and when he dies, so will Stealth, so, if you can, ignore Stealth completely
    and concentrate on Souther (this is tough.) Souther has more energy than
    Zamza so this fight _will_ last longer. I Shoulder Charged Souther and
    although I took a lot off him, he still Reverse Slammed me.
    Stage 7, Area 1 -- The Factory (Bosses: Buoh & Dallala)
    Simple left-to-right fighting here. Beat everyone up, including the
    sub-bosses (too many to mention but they're all the same.) At the end, you'll
    come across an Electra clone (Dallala) and a Ninja (Buoh.) They are tough.
    Beat them and you'll leave. Don't forget to pick up the extra life on the
    Stage 7, Area 2 -- The Lift (Bosses: Various)
    Like the lift on the way to Abadebe, this is like an endurance test. You'll
    meet several boss-type enemies to beat. To name a few: Jet, Jack and those
    annoying Thai Kick-Boxers are here. Be expected to lose at least one life
    Stage 7, Boss Area -- Top of Lift (Bosses: Molecule & Particle)
    These guys are easy but irritating, they jump around a helluva lot. Don't
    stay on the same horizontal level as them or you'll get a mace (spiky ball)
    in the face. They can also fire lasers (which is bloody difficult to avoid)
    and if you're too close, they can shock you. If you can lock in a grapple,
    Suplex or Slam them and immediately back away, because as they near death,
    they can activate their self-destruct and cause damage to you.
    Stage 8, Area 1 -- Mr. X's Building - The Corridor (Boss: Bear Jr.)
    Stage 8 is the last stage (thankfully), but it's also the hardest
    (unsurprisingly.) You'll find some old enemies making a comeback. You'll see
    Garcia, Donovan, Molecule/Particle clones amongst a few. Then you'll come
    across Bear Jr. He's just like his dad -- annoying. Beat him up any way you
    can and you'll move on. Don't forget the cake in the vases. You'll need it.
    Stage 8, Area 2 -- Mr. X's Building - The Lift (Bosses: Various)
    This is one of the hardest areas in the game. Forget about the lift you took
    on the way to meet Abadebe, this is harder. You move up the lift and beat up
    the people and bosses from almost every stage jump in. You'll get Barbon,
    Zamza and Abadebe clones. You'll get a little energy back when the lift
    starts to move again so you may be OK. It's not uncommon to lose a life or
    even a credit here.
    Stage 8, Boss Area -- Mr. X's Room (Sub-Boss: Shiva, Boss: Mr. X)
    At the top of the lift, you'll see Shiva and Mr. X. You'll find some easy
    guys to beat up first, namely Garcias and Donovans. When you've beaten them
    all up, X will signal Shiva to join in. Shiva is extremely difficult. He (at
    least, I _think_ it's a he..) will grab and slam you without hesitation. The
    moment you spot you are grabbed, press A. You'll lose a bit of energy, but
    it's better then being slammed. Try your best against Shiva. Try anything and
    everything. Keep moving and try to go for grabs when you can. DON'T LEG THROW
    HIM. He can recover like you can. Do Suplexes or Migraines. When he dies, X
    will stand up, holding a gun. What a Goddamn cheat! He will start firing
    bullets around, hitting both you and the enemy -- what a psycho! If you get
    too close, will smack you with it. You will lose up to three lives here. I
    hope you've been picking up the 1UPs like I told you, you'll need it. If you
    time it right, you _can_ slip between the bullets and get behind him. Try to
    get a back lock in and suplex or backbreak him. If you choose Max, this fight
    may not last a long time. When X dies, everyone else does too. After you win,
    you'll get the ending. I won't spoil it for you. CONGRATULATIONS, YOU'VE JUST
    Yep, there are some cheats to the game, don't punch them in until after
    you've clocked the game at least once, you'll ruin the fun. If you find the
    game too easy, try the Mania level, I lost 3 lives in the first area of the
    first level on this setting! Good luck completing it!
    Cheat Mode:
    Highlight the "Options" selection on the main menu. Hold A+B on 2P's
    controller and press any button (except the direction buttons) on 1P. Hold
    until the Options menu appears. You'll now have several more options. The
    difficulty settings can now be set to "Very Easy" and "Mania" (Super Hard.)
    You can also set up to 9 starting lives and choose your starting level
    (1 -> 8.)
    Identical Characters:
    Your team mate always choosing your favourite character? On the title screen,
    hold Right+B on 2P's controller and Left+A on 1P's controller. Press C on
    2P's controller (you might need to use your feet for this bit, especially if
    you're punching in this code by yourself! :) A word of warning, if you both
    choose the same character, both you and your team mate will look EXACTLY the
    same. So don't blink while you're playing or you'll get confused.
    There are some secret bonus power-ups you can pick up in certain stages. I
    know of only a few. If you know of others, tell me.
    Stage 1, Area 1: As soon as you start, hold Left-Down until you can't move
    anymore. Press Punch and you'll pick up an extra life. Helpful for later on.
    Stage 3, Boss Area: When you get to Vehelits, just before going up against
    Zamza, beat him up and walk in front of the hole in the wall where he
    started. Now, press Down till you get to the bottom of the screen (where half
    of you can't be seen because it's so misty.) Press Punch and you'll pick up
    another extra life.
    This is my first FAQ, so please go gentle on me. My e-mail address is
    jjyooi@yahoo.com and I welcome any feedback, good or bad.
       FAQ (C) Loopy (jjyooi@yahoo.com) All other (C) Copyrights Acknowledged

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