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    Move List by Truncated

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 03/20/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Last update: 2010-MAR-20
    Compiled and copyrighted 2001-2002 by Anton Berglin (AKA Truncated on GameFAQs)
    - con_carnage@hotmail.com. It's mine, all mine (except for the trademarks of
    their respective owners) and you can't use it for anything other than personal
    use without asking me.
    Please contact me if you find any mistakes, omitted moves, or have additional
    information, of course I will give you full credit. I realize the moves list is
    very Max-centered (most tips for him) since I usually play him. More tips are
    more than welcome. Also, if you know anything about how the blocking works
    please tell me.
    Damage was measured in Duel mode which doesn't seem to regard the stamina of
    the different characters (neither does 1/2-player mode). The only damages
    measured in a regular game are those of the grenade and the bosses. In a
    regular game hitting a teammate does only a fraction of the damage enemies
    receive. (see "Throw and Team damage")
    I have invented a new verb in order to write this FAQ: to special.
    Credits go out to:
     * Streets of Rage Online (www.classicgaming.com/soronline) - The reason I
    wrote this in the first place, their moves list is based on this FAQ. Also
    where I got the official names for the moves, and the bonus punk names.
     * SEGA Force (discontinued Swedish SEGA magazine) - Taught me a thing or two
    about this game back in the days.
     * My brothers - for renting and playing this game with me countless times.
     * The GameFAQ boarders Jeremy "velo city" Shope, Quick Man, Josh the FunkDOC,
    sumu1004, yestinchong, Anthony, Gen2000 and Yang Ren (in no particular order)
    for their valuable tips and additions.
     - CONTENTS -
    -Generic moves
     * Invulnerability
    -Throw, Team and Block damage
     * Ground attacks
     * Special attacks
     * Jumping attacks
     * Holding attacks
     * Other notes
     * Ground attacks
     * Special attacks
     * Jumping attacks
     * Holding attacks
     * Ground attacks
     * Special attacks
     * Jumping attacks
     * Holding attacks
     * Other notes
     * Ground attacks
     * Special attacks
     * Jumping attacks
     * Holding attacks
     * Other notes
    -Useful bugs
     * General tips
     * Triggering enemies
     * Levels 1-8
    Before we get on to the moves list...
    knockdown - hit that causes your enemy to fall
    XX hits   - maximum XX number of hits for a move
    x YY HP   - each hit does YY healthpoints of damage
    slam      - throw that can't be landed from
    (?)       - uncertain information
    NOTE      - technical information
    TIP       - gameplay information
    Other things you should know: A full lifebar is 104 HP. An apple restores 32
    HP. At every change of scene both characters get 8 HP. In the last elevator
    both characters get 32 HP at every floor and an additional 32 HP when they
    reach the top floor.
    Land - Up+C
    Press and hold in air when thrown to land on your feet and take no damage. If
    you are two people playing you can throw each other at the enemies. Players are
    invincible and knock down everything in their path while being thrown. You seem
    to be invulnerable for about a second after landing too. Be aware that hitting
    an enemy mid-air delays your landing; don't let go of Up+C too early!
    NOTE: You cannot land on your feet with suplexes, sweeps and the like. I have
    marked these moves SLAM. You can damage nearby enemies with slamming moves too
    but they generally have to be closer.
    NOTE: You get points every time you throw someone, even if they land.
    Special - A or Toward+A
    When you press A without a direction you do your defensive special technique.
    This makes you invulnerable, so you can use it to dodge projectiles and long
    range weapons even if you don't hit any enemies with it. Defensive special
    depletes life only when you hit something, offensive special always takes life
    as long as you finish the animation and does NOT make you invulnerable. The
    cost is 8 HP (1/13 of a lifebar) for both moves, meaning you can do 12 specials
    per life (the 13:th would leave you with 0 life).
    Regular Combo - B
    For most enemies you can do a slow combo (only the first punch repeatedly)
    until they're dead. This works when they are all coming from the same
    Jumping attacks - C, then B
    With the large number of anti-air attacks in this game, it's a common mistake
    to stay too much on the ground. Downward attacks are great for grabbing people,
    and a dropkick can take out any enemy (even if they have an anti-air move) as
    long as it is timed correctly. Most anti-air attacks miss if you just jump
    straight up, try it against Donovan!
    Grab - Toward or Up/Down
    To grab an enemy and perform the holding moves, just walk into him. If both of
    you and the enemy have holding attacks it is sort of random who grabs whom. If
    one of you is in a frame other than walking (punching, getting hit, standing),
    that one is sure to get grabbed. Thus, if you jump and do your downward attack
    so that your enemy starts "shaking", you will always grab, from the front or
    back depending on the direction you press right after landing. This is useful
    for Max's powerful behind moves.
    Backward attack - Hold B, then press C (repeatedly if desired)
    Except for Max's use of pipes and swords (see his other tips) and the specials
    this is the only knockdown move to attack backwards from where you're standing.
    Most of the time you can just turn around and smack your foe with the regular
    more powerful attacks, but know this: The AI characters reacts different
    whether you have your back or your front against them. The Signal enemies can
    be real pests sliding all the time, just face away and they will try to move in
    and throw you instead. If you're holding a weapon this move will throw that
    Vault - C
    Switches side when you're holding an enemy. If done twice the opponent will
    break loose. Max is unable to vault but instead jumps holding the enemy.
    Blitz - Forward, Forward, B
    If you're facing the other direction from where you want to blitz, you will
    have to press forward three times, one for turning around and two for the blitz
    itself (this has been fixed in SoR3).
    You are invulnerable when:
     * performing any of the throws
     * vaulting (Max's holding jump appears to count as a vault)
     * doing your defensive special
     * you get up after being knocked down (about 1 second)
     * you are being thrown (mid-air)
     * you land from a throw with Up+C (about 1 second)
     * picking anything up
    This means you might want to wait a while before you vault/throw to avoid that
    shuriken coming your way...
     - WEAPONS -
    There are four weapon classes:
     * Swords (38 HP) and pipes (24 HP); identical weapons to all playable
    characters except the sword does more damage. Ninjas can use the swords, bikers
    and Donovans can use the pipes.
     * Knives (16 HP); identical to ninja knives for all characters except Blaze
    (see Blaze's Other tips). Jack and Galsias use these, in a highly annoying way
    I might add.
     * Ninja knives (16 HP); AKA Kunai, naturally used by ninjas.
     * Grenades (12 HP); which I do not recommend using. Tossed by bikers.
    You drop your current weapon if you grab someone, pick up another weapon, get
    knocked down or thrown (not your best move). When a weapon has been dropped
    three times, by you or anyone else, it disappears. You can also throw your
    weapon away anytime you like by holding B and pressing C. Anyone hit by a
    thrown weapon will lose 8 HP.
    The exception is the grenades which you pick up live and throw with B. I think
    noone has ever managed to drop one three times before it goes off.
    Some further testing with the grenade has shown that it does 12 HP when thrown
    by a player, and 16 when thrown by a biker.
    Another interesting fact about the grenade is that it cannot hurt you while you
    are jumping. Thanks to Yang Ren for sending this in.
    Damages are weapon specific and do in no way depend on the wielder (for
    playable characters at least), only the technique and speed when using them do.
    Throw damage
    Getting hit by someone thrown by...
    Max:   32 HP
    Axel:  16 HP
    Blaze: 16 HP
    Skate: 16 HP
    Signal:  16 HP
    Ninja:   16 HP
    Barbon:  16 HP
    Jet:     16 HP
    Zamza:   16 HP
    Abadede: 16 HP
    Shiva:   16 HP
    NOTE: The atomic drop does not count as a throw but as a direct attack, and
    therefore the damage for being hit by it is still 70 HP (same as enemy being
    Team damage
    For all direct attacks:
    Standard damage / 4, rounded up to the nearest even number.
    Some examples:
    Blaze suplex: 32/4 = 8 => 8
    Axel punch: 6/4 = 1.5 => 2
    Axel backfist: 8/4 + 12/4 = 2 + 3 => 2 + 4
    Skate roller uppercut: 16/4 + 24/4 = 4 + 6 => 4 + 6
    NOTE: If an attack hits both an enemy and your co-player, the enemy will also
    receive team damage.
    For thrown punks or thrown weapons:
    Full damage as listed above.
    NOTE: Since atomic drop is considered to be a direct attack, team damage is
    70/4 = 17.5 => 18. Combined with the previous note, this means that landing on
    your partner holding an enemy, the enemy will also only lose 18 HP.
    Block damage
    It appears blocking can be of three types:
    1) Evade (ninjas)
    2) Damage removed (Barbon, kickboxers, Shiva)
    3) Knockdown removed (Barbon, Zamza)
    In the case of 1), hits are not registered at all.
    For 2), hits are registered, points are given and life is absorbed for
    specials, but the blocking enemy is unhurt.
    For 3), it’s the same as 2), except that the enemy receives normal damage but
    is never stunned or knocked down.
    Barbon can block in two ways. Usually, blue hit animation = type 2, yellow hit
    animation = type 3.
    There is one error in this model however, and that is that for Max’s Thunder
    Tackle on Zamza, normal damage is NOT dealed for blocking type 3, but only
    about 8 HP per hit. If you figure it out, please contact me.
     - MAX -
    Regular combo - B repeatedly
    1: Chop (1 hit x 8 (or 16) HP)
    2: Chop (1 hit x 8 (or 16) HP)
    3: Hook (4 hits with 14+10+14+10=48 HP)
    4: Hammer punch (1 hit x 16 HP, knockdown)
    NOTE: The chops actually does two hits, but the first goes upward. To see this
    stand close to two barrels. This almost never happens with regular enemies,
    although you might accidentally chop a Jet when he tries to kick you sometimes.
    It's impossible as far as I know get both hits on one enemy. The one upwards
    does 16, the regular one 8.
    TIP: The hook is the essential attack in Max's combo. The first hit (elbow)
    goes backward from you. You can get in all 4 hits only if you stand inside an
    enemy. Jump (and preferrably elbow down) to get inside an enemy without
    grabbing them to do this.
    TIP: You have to stand close enough for the hook to do 2 hits minimum, or else
    there is a risk (and a big one, in harder difficulties) that the enemy will get
    in a punch before your last knockdown hit. Also, since it is the only punch to
    hit more than once, getting two hits will be the difference between doing the
    combo one or two times on most enemies.
    NOTE: The last hit in the hook goes straight through some enemies (thanks to
    velo city for pointing that out!), namely Yakuza (in truck), Electra (Park 3),
    Zamza, Ninja, Shiva, Robots (stage 7), Jack and Mr.X. This seems to be a bug,
    but since it only with happens with some enemies of the same sort, I’m not
    sure. Practically it means those enemies are likely to break through your
    Hammer punch - Hold B and release
    1 hit x 24 HP, knockdown
    Identical to last punch in combo.
    Slide - Forward, Forward, B
    For close/medium enemies: 1 hit x 16 HP, knockdown
    For far enemies: 1 hit x 16 HP
    TIP: You can at any time interrupt your regular combo with a slide if you're
    approached from behind. This knocks the enemy down at once and gets you out of
    TIP: You can do the slide at the right distance from an enemy so that you hit
    him just before Max rises. This way he'll be stunned and you can continue
    comboing him, grab him, or slide again to knock him down directly.
    TIP: Max is slow. If you need to get away from somewhere quick, sliding
    repeatedly is much faster than walking.
    TIP: If Signal enemies and Max slides toward each other, Max's move has
    precedence. Warning: If they aren't knocked down by the hit there is a risk
    they will throw you.
    Mule Kick - Hold B and press C (repeatedly if desired)
    1: Elbow backward (1 hit x 8 HP)
    2: Kick backward (1 hit x 16 HP, knockdown)
    NOTE: Both moves are executed consecutively on one press of C.
    TIP: This is the best move when held from behind. Execute it as soon as you get
    released, and you will hit before the one holding. If there is an enemy in
    front of you too though, you'd be better off with a press on the A button.
    NOTE: You cannot perform this move if you're wielding a weapon, the same move
    throws the weapon. BUT, if it's a pipe you're holding and someone grabs you
    from behind, press B instead, Max will hit backwards with a pipe too.
    Knuckle bomb - A
    1 hit x 24 HP, knockdown
    Thunder tackle - Toward+A
    Close enemies (tackle): 2 hits with 16+30=46 HP, knockdown on second hit
    Far enemies (roll): 1 hit x 16 HP, knockdown
    Blocking enemies: up to 13 hits, 124 HP (Zamza) or 7 hits, 212 HP (Barbon)
    NOTE: The tackle actually cycles two different frames, 16 HP and 30 HP with
    knockdown, starting at 16 HP.
    NOTE: If Max is hit (non-knockdown) during the first part of the animation, he
    will do a special again. The type will depend of whether you’re still holding a
    direction or not.
    TIP: Use enemies' ability to block hits to their disadvantage. Charge with this
    move, and you will do untold number of hits since they are never knocked down.
    Blocked hits do less damage, but since you're doing tens of them and the move
    is designed to hurt a lot from just two, the damage is large anyway. (this only
    works with some blocking enemies – see above)
    TIP: Word of warning: When mowing through large amounts of enemies, one of them
    may get in a punch because you stop a while at every hit.
    Jumping Hammer Punch - C, then B
    1 hit x 20 or 32 HP, knockdown
    NOTE: The first and second frames take 20 HP, the last takes 32 HP.
    TIP: This is a very underrated move. Great for taking out Jets (when they do
    the flying punch) and Zamza & co. Much easier to "time" than jumping forward.
    TIP: For the regular enemies you can switch your last attack in the combo for
    this, it has twice as high damage.
    TIP: This move actually hits enemies above behind Max as well (first frame).
    Pointless but fun.
    Drop Kick - Left+C or Right+C, then B
    1 hit x 12 HP, knockdown
    Elbow drop - C or Left+C or Right+C, then Down+B
    1 hit x 16 HP
    TIP: No knockdown, use it to grab enemies. If you jumped to the right, press
    left to grab from behind, and vice versa. Also don't do it until you're close
    to the ground, or the enemy will regain consciousness before you land.
    TIP: Goes "lower" than Max's other jumping attacks, useful against motorcycles
    which otherwise can be tricky to hit.
    From front:
    Flurry - Toward+B
    1. Knee (1 hit x 10 HP)
    2. Knee (1 hit x 10 HP)
    3. Headbutt (2 hits with 12+16=28 HP, knockdown)
    TIP: You can choose to do 1, 2 or all three of these attacks. The extra hit on
    the third attack is seldom worth it though, knock your enemy down with any of
    the other moves instead for more damage.
    Bear Punch - B
    5 consecutive hits x 16 = 80 HP, knockdown on last
    NOTE: It is very hard to see what the hell Max is up to. It hurts a lot though.
    On some enemies it looks as if Max is twisting their neck. I've been told by
    velo city that the official name of the move is Bear Punch.
    TIP: This move cannot be stopped when started, neither by you or the opponent,
    only by outer interference. This is highly useful for Abadede who usually
    always specials out of being beaten up, but bad whenever there are more enemies
    TIP: This move does MASSIVE damage, even more than the Atomic drop. It is much
    slower and more risky though.
    Brain Buster - Away+B
    1 hit x 34, knockdown, slam
    Jumping throw - C or C+Left or C+Right, then B
    1 hit x 40 HP, knockdown
    NOTE: Peculiar enough this move is NOT a slamming move, meaning you can land on
    your feet if it's performed on you.
    NOTE: Max, unlike the others characters, cannot vault over the enemy to perform
    the behind moves, he uses this move and the Atomic Drop instead.
    NOTE: However, if there is a wall or other obstacle in front of Max, you can
    jump towards it, hold away from the wall as you land. This way you will grab
    the enemy from behind instead. Thanks to Yang Ren for this trick.
    From behind:
    German Suplex - B
    1 hit x 62 HP knockdown, slam
    NOTE: Really hurts. Not such a big deal if you panic and do this move instead
    of the somewhat better jumping one.
    Atomic Drop - C or C+Left or C+Right, then B
    1 hit x 70 HP, knockdown, slam
    TIP: About two thirds of a lifebar. And nothing beats that sound of spinal
    fracture. :)
    NOTE: This move counts as an attack rather than a throw. This means that if you
    land it other enemies they will receive attack damage (70 HP) instead of
    regular throw damage (32 HP for Max). Yum.
    Other Notes on Max
     * Max is slow, but with an iron pipe even he can change the world in the right
    direction. :) Max is the only character to hit both ways with pipes and swords.
    Face away from an enemy for speed, face towards him for range, damage is the
    same either way.
     * Max (or at least I when I play him) has trouble with the fireshooting
    Yakuza, who outspeed him. Try to corner them (they have no throws) and let
    loose hell.
     * Atomic Drop does the most damage from behind. Two knees plus the choke hold
    does the most damage from front, but also leaves Max very vulnerable. Two knees
    and a back or jumping throw is much faster and also does decent damage.
     * Max can do a total of 14 (!) successive hits without the opponent being able
    to respond, taking 180 HP (nearly 2 lifebars). Jump and elbow down (1), chop
    (1), chop (1), hook (4, since you're inside the opponent), grab, knee (1), knee
    (1), bear punch (5). This is not such a good idea if the opponent knows
    specials or if there are other people around.
     - AXEL -
    Regular combo - B repeatedly
    1: Jab (1 hit x 6 HP)
    2: Jab (1 hit x 6 HP)
    3: Straight punch (1 hit x 8 HP)
    4: Low sidekick (1 hit x 10 HP, knockdown when attack 5 fails)
    5: High sidekick (1 hit x 14 HP, knockdown)
    NOTE: Thanks to the magic of emulators with frame advance I now know how
    the last two kicks work. The only factor is WHEN you push the button.
    There is a two-frame window when your arm retracts from the third hit.
    (2 frames is 0.033 seconds on NTSC, and 0.04 seconds on PAL.)
    If you push earlier, there will be no kick at all (but you can push again)
    If you push on either of these two frames, both kicks will be performed.
    If you push later, only one kick will be performed.
    TIP: Practice the timing, this single last kick is the difference between
    beating up dozens of enemies one or two times.
    Double Sidekick - Hold B and release
    2 hits with 16+20=36 HP, knockdown on second
    Identical to two last kicks in combo, except the second kick never fails.
    Grand Uppercut / Bare Knuckle - Forward, Forward, B
    3 hits with 24+4+20=48, knockdown on last
    (total usually 20-24, if you don't start close)
    NOTE: There is a bug version of this move. Press: Forward, Forward, Back+B (an
    easier way is perhaps to jump, and in the air press forward, forward, back;
    then B just after you land). Axel will perform the forward animation, sliding
    backwards. If you do it in Bare Knuckle 2 Beta it's the other way around,
    meaning Axel slides forward while doing the backwards animation, which looks
    even sillier.
    TIP: This is Axel's best move and probably the best in the game. Large damage
    (toned down in SoR3), and closing in on the enemy as you perform it. You can
    also interrupt your regular combo with it if you need to knock them down
    quickly. If you often miss the double sidekick this is an especially good
    NOTE: It seems that if you do the third hit in the regular combo, the first hit
    in the Grand Upper will be removed. Thus it is better to do only two punches
    and then a Grand Upper. (Thanks to Sumu1004 for this.)
    TIP: With charging enemies like Fat Guys, Abadede, Zamza, and Bear, tap forward
    rapidly until the enemy charges, then press B. Axel's move has precedence.
    TIP: This move can also be used to counter jumping kicks if timed correctly.
    TIP: Some enemies can be hit directly when they rise. Do this move over and
    over as they rise then. Good targets include kickboxers, robots, and Yakuzas.
    Backfist - Hold B and press C (repeatedly if desired)
    1: Elbow backwards (1 hit x 8 HP)
    2: Backfist backwards (1 hit x 12 HP, knockdown)
    NOTE: Both moves are executed consecutively on one press of C.
    NOTE: You cannot perform this move if you're wielding a weapon, the same move
    throws the weapon.
    TIP: This is the best move when held from behind. Execute it as soon as you get
    released, and you will hit before the one holding. If there is an enemy in
    front of you too though, you'd be better off with a press on the A button.
    Dragon Wing - A
    1 hit x 16 HP, knockdown
    NOTE: Does not last very long and is poor from invulnerability perspective, but
    has good range both forward and backward.
    Dragon Smash - Toward+A
    8 hits (6+8+8+10+6+8+8+20=74 HP), knockdown on last hit
    NOTE: This move may seem deadly but is in fact rather bad. You are very
    vulnerable to attacks from behind and most bosses somehow break free of the
    onslaught of punches and give you a taste of what it was like to be on the
    other side of those swirling fists.
    NOTE: If Axel is hit (non-knockdown) during the first part of the animation, he
    will do a special again. The type will depend of whether you’re still holding a
    direction or not.
    Vertical kick - C, then B
    1. Knee (1 hit x 10 HP)
    2. Kick (1 hit x 20 HP, knockdown)
    3. Knee (1 hit x 10 HP, knockdown)
    NOTE: All three moves are executed consecutively on one press of B.
    NOTE: You can hit with the knee after the kick too, but that seldom happens.
    TIP: Kicking on your way down if aiming at an groundbased target makes it
    easier to hit and is safer as well (if you miss on the way up, you hang there
    for a while, defenseless, if you're headed down you can continue punching if
    you miss).
    Jumping Sidekick - Left+C or Right+C, then B
    1 hit x 8 HP, knockdown
    Knee Press - C or Left+C or Right+C, then Down+B
    1 hit x 12 HP
    TIP: No knockdown, use it to grab enemies.
    From front:
    Flurry - Toward+B
    1. Knee (1 hit x 8 HP)
    2. Knee (1 hit x 8 HP)
    3. Double knee (2 hits with 8+10=18 HP, knockdown on second)
    TIP: You can choose to do 1, 2 or all three of these attacks. The extra hit on
    the third attack is seldom worth it though, knock your enemy down with any of
    the other moves instead for more damage.
    Headbutt - B
    1 hit x 22 HP, knockdown
    TIP: Use this move if you need to keep the opponent in the direction you're
    facing and don't have time to do a complete Flurry or Vault+Body slam. It's
    more powerful than the last double knee.
    Back throw - Back+B
    1 hit x 24 HP, knockdown
    TIP: An obvious: throw the enemies at each other.
    From behind:
    Body slam - B
    1 hit x 28 HP, knockdown, slam
    TIP: This move hurts more than the Back throw but will not hit other enemies
    unless they are very close.
     - BLAZE -
    Regular combo - B repeatedly
    1: Jab (1 hit x 4 HP)
    2: Jab (1 hit x 4 HP)
    3: Reverse elbow (3 hits x 6 HP)
    4: High frontkick (1 or 2 hits, knockdown)
    NOTE: Attack number four is somewhat strange. Depending on your distance you
    can get: 1 hit x 10 HP with knockdown (close), 2 hits x 8 HP with knockdown on
    second (medium), and 1 hit x 8 HP without knockdown (far). Blaze advances a bit
    if you get knockdown on the last hit.
    NOTE: The first hit in the reverse elbow hits backward from where you're
    standing, but you can get in all three if you stand inside the opponent. This
    means you will get only one hit on the kick, so you have to grab your opponent
    afterwards for it to pay off.
    TIP: If you get the right distance you can continue comboing until the enemy is
    dead. Warning: This quirk sometimes also leaves the enemy standing without you
    being prepared for it.
    TIP: Watch out with that automatic advance. If you're trying to tackle as few
    enemies at a time as possible (which is a good idea), there is a risk you'll
    "set off" more of them than you want to.
    High frontkick - Hold B and release
    close: 16 HP - medium: 24 HP - far: 12HP
    Identical to attack four in the combo.
    Vertical slash - Forward, Forward, B
    2 hits with 16+24=40 HP, knockdown on second
    NOTE: With the right (or wrong, if you rather see it that way) distance you
    only get one hit, leaving the opponent standing.
    TIP: As opposed to the other characters, I would not recommend aborting your
    combo to do this move. It has decent damage but is much too slow, you can be
    uppercutted or just plain miss.
    360° Footsweep - Hold B and press C (repeatedly if desired)
    1 hit x 8 HP, knockdown
    NOTE: You cannot perform this move if you're wielding a weapon, the same move
    throws the weapon.
    NOTE: You can knock down enemies in front of you even though this is a back
    attack. The range is very short though.
    TIP: This move is also slow. Use A when grabbed from behind instead.
    Embukyaku (Backflip) - A
    1 hit x 24 HP, knockdown
    NOTE: Somewhat lacking in range.
    Kikousho (Fireball) - Toward+A
    1 hit x 12 to 44 HP, knockdown on marked
    1st frame: 44 HP (k)
    2nd frame: 36 HP (k)
    3rd frame: 28 HP (k)
    4th frame: 20 HP (k)
    5th frame: 12 HP
    NOTE: The earlier in the animation you hit, the more damage.
    NOTE: If Blaze is hit (non-knockdown) during the first part of the animation,
    she will do a special again. The type will depend of whether you’re still
    holding a direction or not.
    Roundhouse kick - C, then B
    1 hit x 24 HP, knockdown.
    TIP: As with Max, great for taking out Jets (when they do the flying punch) and
    Zamza & co. Much easier to "time" than jumping forward.
    Side kick - Left+C or Right+C, then B
    1 hit x 8 HP, knockdown
    TIP: Excellent for counterattacking jumping enemies (Fat guys, Ninjas, Shiva,
    Abadede; somewhat hard to hit Elektras though). Nice range also. If your timing
    is right you can dropkick Donovans with no problem.
    Flying chop - C or Left+C or Right+C, then Down+B
    1 hit x 12 HP
    TIP: No knockdown, use it to grab enemies.
    From front:
    Flurry - Toward+B
    1: Knee (1 hit x 8 HP)
    2: Knee (1 hit x 8 HP)
    3: Chop (1 hit x 16 HP)
    TIP: You can choose to do 1, 2 or all three of these attacks. The extra damage
    on the third attack is seldom worth it though, knock your enemy down with any
    of the other moves instead for more damage.
    NOTE: Lots of people think that the last move an elbow, but pause the game and
    see for yourself.
    Throw - B
    1 hit x 32 HP, knockdown, slam
    NOTE: It's hard to make out how Blaze exactly slams her opponent to the ground,
    but it think she puts one foot behind the opponents foot and pushes him in a
    back-down manner, thus her jump backwards. Shun-Li from SFII has a very similar
    move, and if you've played SoR2 Beta you know Ancient's fascination with SFII.
    NOTE: The enemies will land before you, so if they have short rise-times
    (ninjas for example) I recommend the Suplex instead.
    TIP: Decide between this and the back sacrifice throw depending on whether
    there is a risk of hitting your partner and a chance of hitting other enemies.
    Back sacrifice throw - Away+B
    1 hit x 28 HP, knockdown
    From behind:
    Suplex - B
    1 hit x 32 HP, knockdown, slam
    Other notes on Blaze
     * Blaze is faster than the two stars would have you think (that is, faster
    than Axel).
     * Blaze is an excellent weapon user and whacks away quite a few hits/min with
    good range. With swords and pipes you can easily hit enemies jumping at you.
    With knives she has a special move, press B:
    1. Stab (2 hits with 4+16=20 HP)
    2. Slash (1 hit x 16 HP, knockdown)
    Both are done every time you press B. Two hits on the stab if you're close,
    good reach and damage. One drawback is that if you miss you still perform the
    second attack into thin air. Also, this doesn't work with ninja knives.
     * It is completely impossible to fight in a skirt like that. (not confirmed:)
     - SKATE -
    Regular Combo - B repeatedly
    1. Jab (1 hit x 4 HP)
    2. Jab (1 hit x 4 HP)
    3. Low kick (1 hit x 4 HP)
    4. Roller kick (2 hits with 8+16=24 HP, second knockdown)
    TIP: The first hit of the roller kick is aimed backwards. Stand inside your
    enemy to get all 5 hits.
    TIP: The first three attacks do almost no damage, and the fourth is moderate at
    best. You will find yourself relying a lot on grabbing the enemy with Skate.
    Roller kick - Hold B and release
    2 hits x 12 HP, knockdown
    Identical to attack four in the combo.
    Run - Forward, Forward (hold)
    Skate is the only character able to run.
    NOTE: If Skate is facing the opposite way from where you want to run, it will
    take one keypress to make him turn around, and two more to start running.
    TIP: After hitting the enemy 1-3 times with the regular combo, you can run in
    to grab them. Thanks to Gen2000 for reminding me of that.
    Dynamite headbutt - B while running
    1 hit x 40 or 24 HP, knockdown
    NOTE: You do 40 HP damage with the headbutt, 24 with the somersault.
    TIP: If you're doing your regular combo you can at any time interrupt it for
    this move, it is more powerful than the last kick.
    TIP: You can mow down large amounts of enemies with this move. Warning: There
    is a small risk that Donovans or Yakuzas will do their anti-air move,
    especially if there are a lot of enemies (you temporarily lose speed when
    hitting something).
    Backflip kick - Hold B and press C (repeatedly if desired)
    2 hits with 16+24=40 HP, second knockdown
    NOTE: You cannot perform this move if you're wielding a weapon, the same move
    throws the weapon.
    NOTE: Stand close for both hits.
    Double spin kick - A
    1 hit x 16 HP, knockdown
    NOTE: Somewhat lacking in range, also constantly misses Jets.
    Corkscrew kick - Toward+A
    6 hits with (8+8+8+8+8+24=64 HP), knockdown on last
    TIP: Another of Skate's attacks being target of anti-air moves, use with
    caution. Also it's fully possible to miss the (powerful) knockdown hit and go
    straight through your target if you stand too close.
    Double back kick - C, then B
    1 hit x 24 HP, knockdown
    NOTE: I suppose the only thing double about this attack is that Skate uses both
    of his feet performing it.
    Side kick - Left+C or Right+C, then B
    1 hit x 16 HP, knockdown
    Roller press - C or Left+C or Right+C, then Down+B
    1 hit, 24 HP
    TIP: No knockdown, use it to grab enemies.
    From front:
    Flurry - Toward+B or B
    1. Headbutt (1 hit x 6 HP)
    2. Headbutt (1 hit x 6 HP)
    3. Elbow (1 hit x 16 HP, knockdown)
    TIP: You can choose to do 1, 2 or all three of these attacks. The extra damage
    on the third attack is seldom worth it though, knock your enemy down with any
    of the other moves instead for more damage.
    Roller Uppercut - Away+B
    2 hits with 16+24=40 HP, knockdown
    NOTE: Trivia - In SoR3, this move is a nonslamming throw. Here it's just a
    NOTE: This move hurts... quite a bit in fact. Not as much as the Migraine, but
    it's much faster. Not bad for a teenager.
    Overhead throw - B while doing Vault
    1 hit x 30 HP, knockdown
    NOTE: You land and become vulnerable before the one throwed starts to hit other
    people. This is evident if you throw anyone at a charging fat guy with
    firebreath who will hit you before the Galsia or whatever hits him.
    TIP: Can be done while vaulting either way. You can vault twice and throw on
    second vault since you don't let go of the opponent until you land.
    TIP: Don't bother throwing if you're not hitting someone else. Both the Roller
    Uppercut and the Migraine do more damage.
    From behind:
    Migraine - B
    6 hits with 16+4+4+4+4+16=48 HP, knockdown on last
    NOTE: You are not invulnerable while doing this, surrounding enemies with high
    attacks might knock you off. Also, unlike Max's Bear Punch it's interruptable
    by the target, Abadede WILL special out.
    NOTE: You will sit in the air until a punch misses. It doesn't matter who you
    hit as long as it is something.
    Overhead throw - identical to the move from the front.
    Other notes on Skate
     * Skate is the only character able to throw opponents both forward and
    backward, but also the only character to completely lack slamming moves (which
    do more damage).
     * An easy rule of thumb with skate is that punches are weak and kicks are
     * Skate is blazingly fast with a knife (even moreso in SoR3). Being by far the
    worst character with a pipe he has terrible speed and reach, and you can se him
    sweating after each attack. >:)
     * Skate can do 12 consecutive hits. Roller press (1), punch (1), punch (1),
    kick (1), grab, headbutt (1), headbutt, (1), vault, migraine (6).
     * Skate's ground moves are very weak but his holding moves are decent. It is
    fortunate he is a good grabber being so fast.
     - ENEMIES -
    For reference, I have collected the enemies’ damage.
    DONOVAN                SIGNAL                   JACK
    Combo:      4+4+8(k)   Slide:      8(k)         Combo:      4+4+8(k)
    Uppercut:   8(k)       Throw:      12(k)        Strike:     8(k)
    Pipe:       24(k)      Backfist:   4+8(k)       Lunge:      16(k)
    NINJA                  ELECTRA                  FAT GUYS
    Combo:      4+4+12(k)  Whip:       (8)+4+8+4+4  Combo:      8+12+16(k)
    Low kick:   8(k)       E.whip:     12(k)        Slap:       12(k)
    Jump punch: 8          Jump kick:  8(k)         Firebreath: 20 (k)
    Shuriken:   8(k)                                Cannonball: 16
    M.shuriken: 8(k)       BIKER                    Jump kick:  8(k)
    Throw:      16(k)      Combo:      4+4+8(k)
    Kunai:      16(k)      Strike:     8(k)         GALSIA
    Kunai spin: 16(k)      Pipe:       16(k)        Combo:      4+4
    Sword:      32(k)      Grenade:    16(k)        Knife:      16(k)
    Sword spin: 24(k)      Run over:   12(k)
    YAKUZA                 KICKBOXER                VEHELITS
    Combo:      4+4+8(k)   Combo        4+4+4+8(k)  Strike:     16(k)
    High kick:  8(k)       High kick    12(k)
    Fireball:   4+12(k)    Medium kick  4+8(k)
    Jumpkick:   8(k)       Knee         8
                           Flurry       4(+4+4+4+4+4+4+4)+4+8(k) *
    * The number of knees in the kickboxer flurry seems to vary by kickboxer.
    The 8 knees are dealt by the ones in the stage 7 and 8.
    These have been collected from various sources.
    The user "gsaurus4" has a lot of demonstrations of these on Youtube.
    Same attack hits several times (Supercombo)
    During some circumstances the same attack can hit the same enemy many times.
    The game has these safeguards to keep this from happening:
    - When say a Galsia is hit, the game keeps track of who hit him. Because of
    this, you cannot hit the same enemy more than once with the same punch. If you
    hit multiple Galsias with the same attach, they will all remember that they were
    last hit by you.
    - The game keeps track of who you hit last. Because of this, two players hitting
    a single Galsia will not be hit more than once with each attack.
    If however there are two players and two enemies (or more), these two safeguards
    do not work. The "hit by" info for the enemies will switch between the players,
    and the "hitting" info for the players will switch between the two enemies.
    This happens 30 times per second (every other frame) when the attacks overlap,
    leading to incredible amounts of damage.
    If both players use standing attacks, another feature of the game comes into
    play: whenever an attack hits something, that frame of animation is prolonged.
    You have probably seen this when hitting several enemies at once, the combo
    becomes slow (the enemies might even break free).
    When two standing attacks overlap both enemies, the attacks get prolonged with
    each hit,  so the combo will go on until one of the enemies die or one of the
    players are hit. When it is the former, the players will be frozen for a while.
    Not overlapping:
    The attacks do not have to overlap. It is also possible to do it with one
    jumping attack and one standing, or two jumping attacks. This will lead to
    slower hit rate (every 9 frames, about 6.67 times per second) but no freeze
    of the players afterwards.
    Escape during vaults
    When you are grabbed, there are three ways to get loose:
    - The grabbing person releases you.
    - You press A and wait 10 frames.
    - You hammer the buttons. More exactly, you need 10 presses. These can be either
    directions or B/C.
    The game erroneously gives the grabbed person possibility to do the last one
    while the grabber is vaulting or Max is jumping with them. This can give rise to
    some strange situations.
    Escaping from Max, from the front:
    The grabbed player will land, but be stuck in the thrown state (in which you
    are unhittable and ungrabbable). This goes on until you special, pick up a
    weapon, change scene, or grab someone. Next time you are grabbed after this,
    you will be thrown automatically.
    This is of course an extremely useful bug, since it makes you invulnerable.
    You can still attack with regular attacks.
    Escaping from Max from the back:
    The atomic drop can hit or miss depending on where the grabbed moves to.
    If the atomic grab misses, Max will be teleported behind the grabbed person.
    If the grabbed person was performing an attack when landing, s/he will be
    locked in hit-stun animation for a while.
    Also, the grabbed person can:
     - Turn around: Max will switch between atomic drop and jumping throw.
     - Jump away: The grabbed person bounces on the ground when they land. They
       can perform air attacks during this small bounce.
     - Special: Usually, the special does not start until you land, and the atomic
       drop will still hit. However, if you break loose on the same frame as Max
       jumps, you can do it on the way up. If Max performs the atomic drop, the game
       will be very confused: the grabbed person will visually be hit, placed in
       hit-stun, but no damage is added. The person can be hit during this
       hit-stun, but no damage registers and the person cannot be knocked down.
       When the hit-stun wears off, the last recorded hit will give damage.
       So if Max doesn't do anything more, the Atomic drop is what will register.
     - Attack Max: Max will not get hit, because vaulting makes you invulnerable.
     - Pick up weapon: Since you are technically in "on-ground" state, you can pick
       weapons when you are hovering over them.
    Escaping from others:
    The grabber will be teleported to the grabbed when the vault ends.
    The grabbed will stop the current animation and is placed on the ground if s/he
    was in the air.
    Skate can still throw people regardless of what they are doing, even during
    defensive special. If they have picked up a weapon, they will drop it.
    Double grab
    Under some circumstances it is possible for both players to grab the same enemy.
    The easiest way is for one of you to hold the enemy, make a flurry attack, and
    at the same time your partner jumps in and does a downward attack.
    Some very strange things can happen...
    - You can vault over an enemy being thrown. When the vault ends, the person
    vaulting will be teleported to where the enemy is, and the enemy will suddenly
    be standing. If the enemy is in the air when this happens, he will still be
    grabbed but continue flying after a while. If he has landed he will not be
    - When throwing, the enemy will fly in the direction as if the person who last
    vaulted/attacked him threw him. In other words, sometimes in the wrong
    - Directly when the double grab has been started, you can flurry attack from
    the back.
    - Since Skate throws during his vaults, it is possible to perform double throws
    with him.
    Grab from behind, from the front!
    Exactly on the frame when you grab a enemy, you can turn around. This causes
    the game to think you have grabbed the enemy from behind. You will be teleported
    behind the enemy.
     - MANIA -
    Mania is, as you perhaps know, the secret difficulty setting. Hold A+B on
    controller 2 as you enter options with controller 1. You can then select Mania
    (or very easy, if you're a wuss), and also 9 lives, which I deeply recommend.
    This means you will need two controllers or an emulator to play this difficulty
    There is a reason for the 9 lives, and the two-player requirement: Mania is
    _friggin hard_. The enemies are faster, smarter, have more life, and the CPU
    pours them onto the screen like there's no tomorrow. You will be beaten into
    silliness and then stomped upon the first ten or so times. The nine lives per
    continue will give you each 3x9=27 lives, plus the 5 (if I'm not mistaken)
    hidden throughout the eight stages. Split the lives evenly. If one of you
    constantly needs more life than the other, she/he needs practice, not more
    lives. You will be fine for 4-5 stages, but after that your lives will be
    depleted at an alarming rate.
    I seem to remember I made it through Mania with Max alone, but I'm not sure and
    if I once could I can't anymore. I thought I could say pretty certain that you
    have to be two to get through, but people on the GameFAQs message board have
    recently said they can do it alone. Being two has is a major advantage however
    - not only do you get 27 extra lives, but also an increased arsenal of moves to
    match the different kinds of enemies.
    Anecdote: The first time I tried Mania, both me and my co-player lost our first
    life to the very first Galsia appearing on the screen, due to a strange bug
    where his first punch killed both of us in one hit. We both just stared at the
    screen and sceamed. I have now been unable to reproduce this, thanks to Quick
    Man and velo city. It is under the section Bugs
    Before I start with the level guide, some general tips:
     * GO SLOW. There is not one tip as crucial as this one, except perhaps for the
    last one in this list. You may find it boring taking on 1-3 enemies at a time,
    fine. Suit yourself and JUSDIIEEEE!
     * Watch the timer.
     * Pick Axel and Max. It works with everyone, but Axel and Max are definitely
    easiest (read: the least difficult). There is a minor advantage having Max as
    player 1 in level 6.
     * Learn your character's moves. All of them. They are all useful, some more
    than other, but they WILL come in handy.
     * Mania is not so much about dealing out as it is about not getting hit. There
    are 600+ enemies in Mania difficulty (depending on how you beat various bosses,
    i.e Bear and Mr.X), and there are less than 60 of you. Go figure. Avoiding
    getting hit is always more important than dealing out extra damage.
     * Defensive special. Galsia's and Donovan's first two punches drains 8 HP, why
    not drain them from yourself via the special and dish out 24 HP to anyone near
    while you're at it? This is even more true if the attack drains more than 8 HP.
    Don't wait until you get hit, use it at once when you're in a tight spot, it
    will pay off.
     * If you don't know how to land from throws, don't bother. (Luckily for you
    this is a moves list as well.)
     * Punks can hit you and be hit when they are outside of the screen (this is
    changed in SoR3). Don't stand near the edges or you're guaranteed to get a free
    smack in the face.
     * If an enemy starts to attack, he WILL hit you if you don't move or counter.
    They NEVER (well, almost... se Abadede) attack in vein.
     * If you realize you will run out of time, do offensive special all you can.
    Since all the HP you have will be wasted anyway it's better to inflict damage
    with it. And of course you won't pick up any health while time is running out.
     * GO SLOW. I cannot stress this enough.
    Triggering enemies
    Enemies trigger (become active and start to attack you) because of various
    reasons listed below.
    This is the most common trigger variant. Enemies will trigger once you reach a
    certain X-coordinate.
    Co-ordinates with timer:
    Some enemies trigger after you’ve stood at certain co-ordinate for a specified
    time. Some enemies share the same co-ordinate but have different timers, so
    that if you go up to the co-ordinate and back immediately, only the first enemy
    will trigger. This can be exploited to take on fewer enemies at a time.
    Thanks to much help from Yang Ren and some from Yosh the FunkDOC, here are all
    the occurrences:
     * Stage 1-1, right edge of the first 1992 sign: Galsia, Donovan.
     * Stage 2-1, just before the first apple: "slow" biker, "slow" biker.
     * Stage 2-1, just after the golden bar next to the second apple: "crashing"
    biker, "homing" biker
     * Stage 2-3, just before the second roadblock: Galsia, Donovan.
     * Stage 2-3, just after the apple: Galsia, Donovan.
     * Stage 2-3, middle of endscreen: Jet, Jet, then donovans one at a time.
     * Stage 3-1: the Donovan on the bench, the second biker.
     * Stage 3-3: All 6 punks will trigger one by one.
     * Stage 3-5, at the beginning: Walk back at once and only 3 enemies will
     * Stage 3-5, just after the apple: Donovan from left, then G & D from right
    one by one.
     * Stage 3-6, Just before the apple: Jack, Electra, Electra, last Donovan.
     * Stage 4-1: All punks will trigger one by one. Trees in the background are
    good references.
     * Stage 4-2: All punks will trigger one by one including two Electras and
    two Big-bens.
     * Stage 5-1: All punks will trigger one by one.
     * Stage 5-2: All punks will trigger one by one.
     * Stage 5-3, at the beginning: Walk back at once then first G&D will trigger
    one by one. After that, all enemies trigger one by one. This is especially
    useful for the Jets.
     * Stage 6-1: All punks will trigger one by one except first two ninjas.
    This is especially useful on the four Kickboxers at the end.
     * Stage 6-2, After the second Big-ben: biker, 2xbiker, biker.
     * Stage 6-2, at the apple: Electra, then the other Electra and bikers
     * Stage 6-2, middle of endscreen: Souther, then jets one at a time.
     * Stage 7-1: All punks will trigger one by one except for two Big-bens.
     * Stage 8-1: All punks will trigger one by one. The time is short though,
    so you almost have to fight some enemies together.
    A specified time after a set starts, someone will jump in. This is the case for
    the sub-boss drops in the last elevator.
    Some enemies trigger other enemies when they die. Examples are the fat guys on
    the deck of stage 5, the Donovan sitting near a house in stage 1, and the
    Yakuzas in the truck in stage 2.
    The computer throws in a new enemy when another dies.
     * Only a certain number of enemies are allowed on-screen at the same time.
    For 1-player games the allowed number is 5, for 2-player it is 6.
    The CPU will throw in enemies to keep the number constant until it runs out.
    Yang Ren has some additional info: the enemies in the scenery, such as bikers
    throwing grenades, are also included in this number. So are "sleeping" enemies
    outside of the screen. For example, on Hardest or Maina level after killing the
    first Donovan on Stage 1-1-2 enemies will be triggered one by one if you don't
    walk, because there are four "sleeping" enemies in the right. If you play lower
    level more enemies will be triggered after killing that Donovan due to there
    being less "sleeping" ones on the right.
     * Most minions are kept at one enemy on-screen at a time. This is the case for
    the fat guys on the deck of stage 5. Mr.X has a flow of 3 at first, then 2, 1,
    and zero.
    Some enemies have multiple triggers. For example Barbon, the stage 1 boss, both
    has a co-ordinate and a timer trigger.
    Stage: You get full time and full HP. I think you can figure this one out.
    Scene: You get full time and 8 HP, and lose your weapons. Scenes are parts of
    Set:   You get full time. Sets are parts of scenes. It's a new set when the GO
           arrow flashes.
    Stage 1: Street, Bar, Alley
    Get the extra life, bottom left as soon as you start.
    Set 1: The Galsias shouldn't pose much of a problem, jumpkick and you won't
    have them on your back. Then walk slow until you reach the Signals. Blitz,
    downward jump attack, or the back attack trick works fine.
    Set 2: Kill the Donovan by the house, but don't walk. Enemies will appear on a
    blood-out/blood-in basis (read about minions above). When there are no more of
    them, continue down. Get the apples, of course. The set boss is a few standard
    punks "sleeping". You can trigger them one at a time if you walk slow. Watch
    the timer on this one.
    Set 3: Get the guy in the manhole at once and give Max the pipe, and this set
    becomes really simple. Just remember that Max hits enemies behind him with the
    pipe, and that the signals throw instead of slide if you turn your back on
    them. If anyone gets in a punch, don't hammer B. The pipe is just too slow.
    Instead, face away and press B, and you will hit first. This applies from now
    Also, the manhole guys are worth 10,000 a piece, so the one who gets them
    (preferably the one who didn't take the extra life at the start) will get an
    extra life.
    Set 4: Just continue smacking the small guys. You CAN tackle the set boss Jack
    without triggering the Donovan at the door, but then you can't use the chickens
    during the battle so it's not worth it. Jack won't be a problem with the pipe
    if you make use of it's range.
    Jack, like you, has the advantage of being invulnerable a short period after
    rising from a knockdown.
    Set 1: You can quite easily progress slow here and take the enemies one by one.
    Just watch your back. Stay off the knives.
    Set 2: A whole flood of Donovans will appear and deprive you of your air
    attacks, and you can't take them one at a time. Blitz all you can and special
    when it gets ugly, but you're bound to take a few hits here. When you get to
    Electra, have Max slide so he gets under her, and as she throws her cape, walk
    up and grab her:
    Knee, knee, bear punch robs her of almost a life.
    The electric whip: Jump and do downward attack, then grab.
    Kick: Jump and do dropkick.
    Axel can grab by walking in from under or above her, but for Max it's safer to
    wait for her attack and counter.
    Set 1: Trigger the Donovan and Galsia (but not Barbon) and beat them, more
    enemies will then appear from behind. Barbon will trigger when you get close or
    after a set time, so beat up as many of his minions as possible before he does.
    It is possible to beat him without triggering the signals and the rest of the
    enemies on the right, but usually Barbon will throw you in there after a while
    anyway. So you might just as well charge right in and get the element of
    surprise as soon as Barbon shouts "Come on!".
    Boss: Barbon
    Ground attacks: Three hit combo (two punches x 8 HP, one kick x 16 HP), high
    kick (16 HP), medium kick (16 HP)
    Grappling attacks: throw (16 HP)
    Cheats: a lot
    Blocks: yes
    Breaks free: no
    Anti air: yes, but seldom uses it (blocks instead)
    Barbon cheats in that he mysteriously grabs you although he is several meters
    away from you (in depth). You can land, but you will seldom grab him because of
    this... unless (!) you get him against the wall on the right, and jump and do
    downward attack. He will usually block, but cannot move backwards as usual.
    Walk forward as you land, and you will grab (remember: anyone in a frame other
    than walking always gets grabbed). Spank the naughty boy, walk a bit back, jump
    in and repeat.
    Barbon combos really slow, if he gets in one hit you could just punch back
    instead of specialing out.
    When both of you get through stage 1 without losing any lives is a pretty good
    reference to when you have a chance of beating Mania.
    Stage 2: Bridge, Back of van, Construction site
    Learn where the motorcycles appear. At a minimum get a feel of when they
    The Bikers are fast and have longer range with their punches than you do.
    Getting the pipe (and keeping it) helps a lot, jumping attacks also work. If
    you are held from behind, hammer A. They are usually too fast in Mania for your
    B+C to work.
    Set 1: A Galsia and a Donovan appears, when they are defeated a "homing" biker
    appears (he will run back and forth and always at the same depth as one of
    you). Jumping downward attack works best. Then a "slow" biker (one which drives
    in, stops, and then drives on) in the middle of the screen, a few more Galsias
    and Donovans.
    Set 2: Never mind the jumping bikers, they won't hit you unless you stand right
    at the edges of the screen (and you remember what I told you about that,
    right?). Another homing biker (use the same technique), and more G&D appears.
    Then you reach the two barrels, stand at the bottom of the screen, and two slow
    bikers will run by. About when you get the pipe in the barrel a biker will come
    crashing in at the middle of the screen.
    Set 3: This is where the fun starts. Two crashing bikers, and one homing, plus
    a Donovan and some grenadetossers (they are always fast, as are the crashing
    variant). Advance and you will see two more barrels. Walk at the top of the
    screen, or you will be run over by a crashing biker with a pipe. Preferably get
    the homing one appearing only a split second later first. Be sure to both be at
    the BOTTOM of the screen when you kill whoever is last of them!
    Set 4: Two grenadetossers rush by at the top of the screen. Just walk. A few
    jumping ones and more driving by at the top of the screen. Continue on two
    bikers, a middle and high one will crash in from the front, at the same time as
    a slow one enters at the bottom. There really is nowhere to stand, but if you
    do your defensive special at the right time, you will kill the slow one and
    damage both of the other ones.
    At last this set ends with two signals and a biker with a pipe, who also gives
    10,000 bonus points. Be sure to get the chickens before you kill the last one
    of them. If one of you grabs the last punk the other can get his chicken, then
    Back of van
    Set 1: Get the money, leave the apple if you don't need it at once, then go
    forward and face two karate ninja types (from now on referred to as Yakuza in
    lack of a better name). They are FAST in Mania, and Max will now have a
    problem. When they try to go behind his back he's not fast enough to grab them.
    Precise timing in punching is needed to hit them before they hit you, but even
    better is not to get in that situation in the first place. That, plus he's to
    slow to interrupt their combo once it has started, and has to special out. Axel
    can just walk upwards and grab when they try the attack-from-behind-routine.
    If Max however DOES get hold of one of them, he will eat him for lunch. Beat,
    grab as he rises, repeat.
    Once the Yakuza are dead the bikers will join in. Have Max stand where the
    pipewielding one is when this happens, and either grab and jump-throw him into
    the others or charge B and let go just as he appears. Then immediately get the
    pipe and whack away as if mad. Get the apple if you can before exiting.
    Construction site
    Get the secret extra life, it's at the top left of the screen.
    Set 1: Various G, D, and Signals. Standing jumping punches for Max (hit with
    the 32 HP-part) and blitzes for Axel works well, as ever. If you get thrown
    forward you'll have to tackle a lot more enemies at the same time. Other than
    that, not much to say.
    Set 2: A wave of Galsias (called Surgers), who are extremely fast and many.
    They always seem to come at you from both sides and you can take a real good
    beating here if you don't special out at once, because the Galsias never knock
    you down. Since they have no anti-air support jump attacks are the obvious
    Set 3: Ah, the Jets. These can be major SOBs if you don't do it right. Listen
    Smash the scenery. Now, walk forward and then double back directly. Do this
    until the first Jet appears, then walk back to the left side. As long as you
    stay on the left side of the screen, you will only have to fight him and not
    the other Jet or Donovans.
    If you should trigger both jets, you only have to kill the green one to finish
    the level, but the other one has less life so he will usually go down earlier.
    Boss: Jet
    Attacks: horizontal punch (8+16=24 HP), diagonal kick (20 HP), slamming throw
    (32 HP), flamethrower (12 HP)
    Cheats: a bit
    Blocks: no, but his hit area is a bit buggy
    Lands: yes
    Breaks free: yes (behind)
    Anti air: no
    Jet's grab is really cheap. Special before it's too late. If he does slam you
    you get a free kick afterwards as he will just stand there and hover for a
    If he's about to kick (when he changes from the usual sine-wave motion to just
    flying upwards) walk up or down, or dropkick if you're feeling lucky. Sometimes
    (when he already has enough height, actually) he just kicks directly without
    warning and you'll need pretty good reflexes on the A button.
    When he does the punch (it's really obvious) jump straight up and press B just
    as he's next to you. If he does this once and you hit, he will usually continue
    doing it until he's dead.
    Standing near the edge might actually help here (there's always an exception),
    since Jet and the Robots are the only enemies AFAIK that has to be on the
    screen to attack.
    You might be thinking "flamethrower?!" but he actually powers up his jetpack if
    you grab him from behind. "GRAB?!" Well, yes. If you really want to try the
    pointless feat of grabbing him, here's how to do it:
    Wait until Jet charges for a kick, walk (run, fool) away from it. After he hits
    the ground (x) he will continue forward for a short distance, during this
    distance he cannot hurt you. Where he stops is where you (A) want to stand.
    Walk forward as his attack frame ends and Tadaa! You might just grab him. But
    most of the time it will be you who are in for the ride.
    Stage 3: Park 1, Arcade, Pirate ship 1 2 & 3, Park 2, Alien House
    Amusement park 1
    Set 1: All Galsias and Donovans except for two bikers. The first carries a
    pipe, steal it and the rest of the scene is a stroll in the park. (Ok, so my
    puns are extremely bad.)
    Set 1: The strategy from Stage 1 Set 1 applies here as well, walk slow and for
    a while enemies will appear on a one in-one out basis. When there are more than
    one Signal I prefer using the back attack trick. Works best when there are only
    Signal enemies, otherwise you might consider taking out the Galsia/Donovan
    first. Both the gaming Signals (Axi and Mavin) give 10,000 points.
    Pirate ship 1
    Set 1: Two Galsias, two Signals and two Donovans. Six enemies in 99 seconds
    means you have plenty of time to take them on one at a time. Just be prepared
    for Mr. Knifeguy, the second Galsia entering the screen.
    Pirate ship 2
    Set 1: Two Galsias drop from the roof to the bottom of the screen, easily
    grabbed by Axel. Then Donovan, Yakuza, Donovan. As always, one at a time folks.
    Pirate ship 3
    Get the obvious extra life in the crate.
    Set 1: First three Galsias, three Donovans, the usual drill, and then even more
    of them. The ninjas, however, are a problem. You can't hit them directly when
    they drop, because they actually drop a little out of the normal playing field
    and then walk in (like some punks sleeping on benches).
    Trigger one ninja at a time. Try to steal the first ninja's sword and hold on
    to it until he is dead. Then when you trigger the second ninja, you can use the
    strategy as described below for the ninjas in Alien house, Set 3.
    There really isn't any good strategy to fight these guys (this time), try to
    disarm them, use the sword, throw away the kunai if you're not going to use it.
    Jumping attacks are mostly useless (the ninjas block and float away) unless you
    are counterattacking their jump, be it regular or the super spin they do with
    the kunai. Special if you have to, blitz also works ok. Specialing to avoid the
    shuriken is essential.
    Amusement Park 2
    Set 1: Our old friends G&D first, as usual. At the end you can use the trigger
    trick to take on Jack and the Electra-type girls. They trigger a bit to the
    left of the apple. Fight them on the left side of the screen if possible.
    All these four have anti-air moves. If you mess up (which happens a lot here,
    for some reason), I suggest trying to separate them, having all four in the
    same spot means you can't attack with anything since they compliment each other
    pretty good. Throw them around like mad so that one or two at most are standing
    at the same time. When Jack gets a new knife (not one from the ground) is an
    excellent time to grab him. A player low on health should take it easy in the
    end of this battle because there is a chicken at the start of the next scene.
    Alien house
    Set 1: First Galsia, then get sword, then the rest of the set should be a piece
    of cake. Keeping the sword is crucial to this level. The sword as you'll notice
    has the same excellent range as the pipe, but with more damage, and also hits
    both ways for Max. You can hit the purple signals while they are sliding too
    with some timing. Axel (or the one without the sword) should walk at the bottom
    of the stage as enemies pop up there without warning (almost; sometimes you can
    see a bit of their white trunks), and Max might accidentally grab them and drop
    his sword. The second purple signal concludes the set.
    The hidden extra life is in at the bottom below Vehelits' neck joint.
    Set 2: Just pick off the usual people one by one with the sword. Make sure you
    kill everyone you can before approaching Vehelits. His trigger point is
    slightly to the left of the middle of the screen. I suggest Max tackles to the
    right just before the trigger point so you will have one player on each side of
    him. Watch the head and follow the up/down motions with your own so that you
    are always on the same depth has him (her?). When he attacks, just do a
    standing jumping attack. (If you jump forward you're guaranteed to get hit.) If
    you get hit and drop the sword, remember where you dropped it but don't pick it
    up until Vehelits is dead. Don't forget to get the extra life before you go on.
    Set 3: Two ninjas and the boss Zamza. You will now understand why you had to
    keep that sword. With the sword you can beat the ninjas losing 0 HP, and here
    is how:
        | _
        |/ \
    M   x   y
    z  w
    First, Ninja (N) will drop to point 'x'. Max (M) will hit him with the sword
    (make sure you make use of it's range). Ninja will then land at spot 'y', and
    meanwhile Max should move to spot 'z', just slightly below. Here comes the good
    part: The ninja will now jump to point 'x' again, and as he does that Max will
    move back up to where he first was standing and slash him with the sword as he
    lands. Repeat.
    The reason you move to spot z is because if you don't, the ninja will not jump
    forward to collect his sword but instead throw shuriken at you. This works for
    both ninjas, make sure however that you are not standing on the sword the first
    ninja dropped when trying to hit the next one. You might even consider throwing
    your current one and pick up the one on the ground instead.
    Sidenote: This works even if there is no sword for the ninja to collect, and
    you can do it with a regular combo if you walk in just as the ninja lands
    (stand at point 'w' instead). More risky but better than nothing.
    When you see the two egg-like things, hit the nearest one with the sword but do
    not advance until both have exploded. Zamza will then drop down, and Max can
    and should grab him as he fades in. With the ninjas and eggs gone you can do
    the knee-knee-bearpunch and rob him of one life. Then continue grabbing as
    described below. Never mind that you drop the sword, you don't really need it
    If you DON'T take out the ninjas before facing Zamza, you can basically kiss
    your hairy hide goodbye. Special like mad then.
    Boss: Zamza
    Attacks: 2-hit clawing combo (16 HP), jumping uppercut (16+16=32 HP), slide (8
    HP), rolling attack (12 HP), jumping kick (12 HP)
    Grappling attacks: slamming throw (16 HP)
    Cheats: not really
    Blocks: yes
    Breaks free: no
    Anti air: yes
    Zamza is definitely my favourite boss. Some people say he's a Blanka rip-off
    but I don't see very many similarities to be honest.
    Zamza is extremely fast and agile, but not very strong. He will wear you down
    however if you don't know how to catch him.
    If you punch him he will usually block and slash you with his long-distance
    combo. So don't.
    If you do a jumping attack he will perform his jumping claw uppercut. So don't.
    So what to do then? Grab or counterattack.
    Grab as he fades in.
    Grab as he lands from a jump. This is hard this time as there are no shadows.
    Grab as he lands from a missed claw uppercut(!). To get him to do this, jump
    straight up about one Axel-width from him (a little closer than you might
    though you could, but buggy collision detection works to your advantage), a bit
    before he rises from being knocked down. Attack while in the air and he will
    miss, you will land before him, walk in and grab as he lands.
    Counter the slide by a standing jumping attack.
    Counter him running in to throw you by a standing jumping attack.
    Counter the jumping kick by a (really good timed) standing jumping attack.
    Counter the rolling attack by getting the hell out of the way. It CAN be taken
    with a standing jumping attack, too. Press A if (when) you realize you won't be
    able to get away from it.
    You can counter him running towards you with Max's tackle to perform the untold
    number of hits trick mentioned above, too.
    Stage 4: Entrance, Stadium, Secret elevator, Wrestling arena
    On the whole health powerups start to get scarce just about here.
    Set 1: You will notice that the signal coming at you is much faster than usual,
    enemies now seem to be Level 2 or something. Tackle one enemy at a time (that
    means don't get thrown forward) until Max gets a pipe, then you can start to
    loosen up a little. There are three pipes in this scene, so don't panic if you
    lose the first one, just revert to going slowly forward. One is in the very
    first litter can, so just smash it and be on your way! Galsias with knives will
    come from both sides, so be ready (A is a handy button). The set ends with two
    Donovans in red trunks.
    Set 2: Four Donovans, two of which are armed with pipes. A lonely Galsia and
    then more Donovans. Usually you would have to tackle the Donovan and the Yakuza
    at the same time, but with a pipe you can trigger (a nicer way of saying smash
    the forehead of) the Donovan and take care of him before the Yakuza.
    With a pipe Max is in luck - its range is identical to both the Yakuza's jump
    kick and his palm fireball, but faster. So when you see him launching an
    attack, press B and you will prevail.
    If you by any chance should come without your trusty steel avenger, here's an
    easy way to handle (single) Yakuzas: Jump over his fireball and do a downward
    attack. Grab and you're practically done.
    Time could be tight here.
    Set 1: DON'T let the blue signal throw you, or will quickly find yourself
    outnumbered. Do the back attack trick if you have to. Then advance slowly and
    trigger enemies one by one. Don't get thrown now either, naturally. Set will
    finish with two pipe-wielding Donovans.
    Get thrown twice in a row and you will have to take on three signals, a Galsia,
    two regular Donovans, and two Donovans with pipes. Wee-ha. Should that happen,
    go for the pipes to clean up quick.
    Set 2: Armed with your everlasting friend the pipe the steady stream of G&D now
    shouldn't be a problem (if you haven't already I hope you're starting to see
    the reason why Max is so essential to beating Mania). It's time for two palette
    swaps of our old acquaintance Electra - Metal.M and Sug.Q. The name of the
    latter sounds in swedish very much like a dirty thing girls do... Ahem, but
    never mind that now. An easy way to beat them is to repeatedly dropkick - this
    is one of the few times you want to keep enemies clumped. Walk away a bit and
    walk towards them again each time they come onto the screen. If they come out
    of sync they usually don't go back again and you'd be better of taking one
    The pipe doesn't help much, so if you drop it pick it up after the girls are
    cleared. Just make sure you have it for the next set.
    Set 3: More G&M (Mr.X seems to have an infinite minion supply), just whack 'em
    down. The apples here are the last before the boss. Once you reach the middle
    of the stadium (I hear it's called the diamond), two fat guys will appear from
    the sides. As long as you only have one each to worry about they are easy.
    NOTE: You can also get one Fat Guy at a time if do the trigger trick, just like
    the stage 2 boss. Thanks to Josh the FunkDOC for bringing this to my attention.
    If they do firebreath, jump towards and do downward attack (do not dropkick).
    If they jump, jump towards and do dropkick.
    If you hit too slow, they will slap you, but that shouldn't happen.
    The "slow combo" works wonderful for Axel but is harder for Max, he is better
    off grabbing his guy. They have no throws and can be grabbed/blitzed as they
    rise too. Throwing and slamming them is no problem in this game as opposed to
    SOR 1 & 3.
    If you jump doing downward attack at them when they're just standing, they will
    sometimes counter with their jumping attack. Let them attack first.
    You will notice the pipe doesn't help much against these guys so don't bother
    with it.
    Secret elevator
    This is a long, difficult scene (as are all elevators in this game) with lots
    of enemies at the same time, and no health supplies. Expect to die a few times.
    Set 1: Right at the start, one of you should switch sides. Max can slide to the
    other side quick.
    Notation is simple: Galsia (G), Donovan (D), Yakuza (Y), Axel (A), Max (M),
    arrows ---> represent possible landing spots for an enemy.
       /     \
      / D   D \
     / G     G \
    /A         M\
    This is how the enemies drop. At this scene, don't do a simple combo when there
    are more people around, it's too slow and you will get swamped. Do standing
    jumping attacks, blitz, or grab them as they fall.
    Set 2: _____
          /    ^\
         /  Y  | \
        /   A  |  \
       /       Y M \
    First the right Yakuza drops, and he adjusts his depth to match yours
    (represented by the arrow). Preferably use Max's blitz right after he's land,
    then Axel gets a free grab on the other.
    You can't grab the Yakuza as they fall, they will always face your way with
    their jumping kick. If you hear them chanting "Chaa!" as they drop you know
    you're in the completely wrong place and should press A at once.
    Take one each and you should be fine. Once you got your first grab they are
    dead meat.
    Set 3: _____
          /  ^  \
         /   |   \
        /    |  G \
       /A  D G D GM\
    Enemies will appear in waves here. As you kill them off more will come raining
    down to replace them, like this:
       /     \
      / D G D \
     /         \
    /           \
    Stay in your respective corners and you will be fine. Special out immediately
    if you get hit, or you WILL lose a life due to the non-knockdown punches of the
    Set 3: _____
          /^   ^\
         /^|   |^\
        /^|| A ||^\
       / GYD M GYD \
    As you can see there really is no place to stand but the middle as all enemies
    have height adjustment. You cannot escape in the corners (even though it may
    look like it in the picture). Drop order is from left to the right.
    Set 4: _____
          /  D  \
         /  D G  \
        /D       G\
       /     G     \
    Keep on beating, you're almost there.
    Set 5: _____
          /^   ^\
         /D|   |G\
        / Y|   |Y \
       /   Y   Y   \
    Isn't it nice how the enemies always attack in easily memorised patterns?
    You're pretty much on your own here, you have to adjust your battle to your
    situation. Some points might be worth mentioning:
     - The Yakuza have no throws and will be grabbed if you walk in when they rise.
     - You are invincible for about 1 second after being knocked down. Grab as you
    rise and pull a fast damaging move (i.e. Atomic drop, Body slam).
     - This is one of those times when the tackle is likely to be interrupted by
    the large amount of enemies.
     - Separate the enemies, try to keep each other's backs clean.
     - There is a chicken waiting for you right afterwards (no, not Abadede), a
    player with little health could stay passive for the last part of the battle.
    Wrestling arena
    Set 1: The big wrestler from SoR1 returns, and he has been working out since
    last time.
    Boss: Abadede
    Ground attacks: 3-hit punching combo (8+8+24=40 HP), running punch (36 HP),
    chest slam (32 HP), uppercut (12 HP), defensive special (20 HP)
    Grappling attacks: slamming throw (32 HP), non-slamming throw (20), bottle
    opener (4+4 HP)
    Cheats: nah
    Blocks: no
    Breaks free: yes
    Anti air: yes
    How to grab him:
     / \W
    M   x
    Get a depth difference, jump and elbow down and land at the x directly below
    Abadede. You will of course miss, but Abadede will perform his uppercut into
    thin air, which is a perfect time to go up and grab him. As long as you do your
    grappling moves quick he won't special out. Remember that no enemy can special
    out from Max's bear punch. He's not so cocky after a few of those.
    Sometimes Abadede will walk down instead of uppercutting, but then you hit him
    with the downward attack and grab him anyway.
    If you try to grab him by just walking in from below or above, prepare to say
    hello to the floor. You cannot grab him when you would normally be invulnerable
    either. He doesn't do the non-slamming throw or hit you with his bottle opener
    (a joke?) in Mania, only lower difficulties (thanks to velo city for that).
    Don't get in combo combat - he will almost always special out, if your attacks
    don't hit directly after each other.
    Axel's blitz works wonders against the running punch. Tap forward constantly
    and press B as he charges.
    He will usually do the chest slam after he's knocked you, counter it with a
    forward jumping attack or Axel's blitz.
    You can dropkick him as long as you hit with the tip of your feet.
    You can combo if you are quick, if there is a too big pause between hits or too
    many hits in a row (six, I think) Abadede will break free.
    Last but not least: If he specials, YOU special. Always. Got that?
    Stage 5: Lower deck 1, Lower deck 2, Upper deck
    Lower deck 1
    Set 1: Immediately at the start one of the annoying Galsias with knives will
    run at you. I don't know why, but he will run faster at you if you're
    positioned further forward, which means: Stand still, and he will come at you
    like a turtle. Two steps forward will trigger a Donovan from behind and four a
    pipe-armed Donovan from the front. You can easily see why you don't want these
    enemies at the same time, as jumping is the preferred method of disarming them.
    Just continue killing off the regulars coming at you until you reach a door-
    like structure to the right. Here a Donovan and a fat guy will drop at the same
    time. Stand in the middle with the pipe and go for the fattie, the Donovan will
    usually walk in where he drops and you can hit them both in one swing. A Galsia
    will also drop if you walk just a bit further in, so delay that if possible.
    Now, the door on the right mysteriously acts as a wall before this set is done.
    Use this to constantly beat up the three enemies mentioned as they rise. They
    all have different rise-times and you will need to adjust your pipeattacks to
    this. If you drop the pipe you can let it be until Mr. Fat is dead as you
    really only need it to beat the dozen-enemies after the set.
    Set 2: The usual guys come at you in the usual manner. Beware just after the
    crates, a depth adjusting Yakuza will drop and plant his foot in your head if
    you're not careful. Stop when you see the shadow on the ground and smack him
    with the pipe and you'll be safe. Take the usual small steps until the set end
    with another Yakuza, thankfully the sitting version. They're fast, punch
    _before_ they walk in.
    Lower deck 2
    Set 1: Beware that as soon as you lose a life here the set boss Barbon and a
    Donovan will trigger and join the carnage. The lack of weaponry here is a
    complicating factor.
    As you walk forward your first kickboxer will drop from the ceiling. He will
    adjust his depth to yours (very practical) so just walk forward to grab him.
    Unfortunately a Galsia will come on screen at the same time, so either finish
    the kickboxer quick or save your last attack for a throw/slam that will hit the
    Galsia too. If the Galsia interrupts your grab the kickboxer will make short
    business of you, so special before you get hit. The player not grabbing can
    also try to help by taking care of the Galsia.
    The kickboxers can be hard. Often they are passive and enter as another enemy
    attacks you. Never mind their grab attack, you will always grab as long as they
    haven't attacked you first, and they don't take blocking damage. If they knee,
    do a jump attack, or if you can take the hit (8 HP, same as a special) walk
    towards them as they land to grab. Special out from their combo at once. Axel
    can easily move in and grab them, Max will have a more difficult time. Learn
    the pattern when they try to switch side to attack you from behind, they are
    easily grabbed then. If you do a defensive special and miss, they will wait
    just out of range and move in with a knockdown kick as it ends. When you see
    this, special again because everything else is too slow.
    Don't get kicked forward, you'll trigger more nasties.
    Just before the crates another kickboxer will drop down (what do they do
    anyway, cling to the ceiling Spiderman-style?), this time always at the middle
    of the screen. Dispose of him in a likewise manner. After that a few Galsias
    and Donovans, and the set boss Barbon-look-alike, Wayne. It is very easy to be
    cheated out of the chickens here, you'd almost be better off picking them up as
    soon as you have a chance.
    The regulars come in handy as ammunition here. That and a lot of specials will
    be the solution for this uneven set. If you get Wayne up against the wall the
    Barbon boss tip about endless grabbing works here as well.
    Upper deck
    Set 1: The key to beating this scene easier is holding on to the swords.
    Unfortunately, that isn't easy.
    Kill G & D, I trust you know how to by know. Get the sword and go forward
    slowly. You can do the trigger trick here, which if executed correctly will
    save you a few lives. Here’s how...
    The rails look something like this:
    |_   ___     _   ___/  a = axe
    |a|_| a |___| |_|a     c = crate
    |    cc    X           X = jet trigger point
    Just walk up to the X and back to trigger them one at a time.
    If you die (time running out is common) you will respawn ahead of the X, and
    all remaining enemies will trigger. When this happens, I know of no good way to
    take care of this set. What I usually do is just stand still and special all
    the time (yes, ALL the time), until at least one jet is dead. After that things
    are a little evened out (most standard enemies are usually dead), and you might
    start to fight normally again. If you find that two jets + leftover punks still
    are too much, continue doing special until there is one jet left, after that
    you can apply Level 2 boss tactics.
    A small test in single player showed that I lost 1 life doing the trigger
    trick, 2 lives doing special all the time, and 4 trying to fight regularly (but
    still doing special when I needed to). Then again, I might suck.
    There are some other things worth mentioning:
     * If you are knocked and drop the sword, don't pick it up until the set is
    done. It does nothing to help you with the jets.
     * Getting thrown by the jets does NOT cause you to drop your sword. Good, but
    don't get thrown to start with.
     * If you die from a jet's throw when holding the sword it's gone, no matter
    how many times you had dropped it before. Bad. This is likely because you
    special until you're out of life, and then get thrown. Jump when you're out of
    life and this won't happen.
     * You will probably lose more life if you try to go for the apple. Save it for
    Set 2: Now you will see (partly) why you went out of your way to bring the
    sword. The bikers are no match when you have superior reach (usually they
    have). If you failed to bring the sword jumpkicks are probably your best
    alternative. Problem number one will come flying at you from the left armed
    with a kunai, special immediately when you hear the somersault sound, or even
    before. If you stand in the upper part of the screen he will jump into the
    grenades if you miss or he hits (always something). Try your best to handle him
    without moving forward, but it's near impossible. If you disarm him of his
    kunai, throw it away, it is nearly worthless in your hands.
    More bikers, grenades, and another ninja with a sword will emerge if (when) you
    get thrown forward. Two swords are now in circulation and you hopefully you are
    able to have at least one when the set ends. Unlike the with jets, pick up the
    swords if they're lying around, or else the ninjas will eventually get them.
    Another option is to guard a sword by standing on it and doing defensive
    specials, and pick it up when the set is over.
    Set 3: Galsias will appear at a steady rate from behind, take them out one by
    one. Really easy with the sword, but shouldn't be a problem else either. If one
    of you is low on health the other should handle this because if one of you die
    he will trigger both the fat guys. Alone the first one shouldn't be a problem
    with the tips described above. A few Galsias from behind afterwards, but
    nothing you can't handle.
    Bear will trigger just before you reach the crates. The second fat guy will
    trigger a bit further forward. Thus, trigger Bear and fight him in the
    admittedly limited space you have as long as possible. If you die or get to far
    to the right, split up. The one with the sword (usually Max) on Bear, the other
    on fat guy, or if you have no sword Axel on Bear and Max on fat guy (see
    Boss: R.Bear (aka "badpelle")
    Ground attacks: 3-hit combo (blazingly fast; but only 4+4+12=20 HP), charging
    uppercut (20 HP), standing uppercut (12 HP), jumping butt thingy (16 HP), elbow
    chest slam (16 HP)
    Grappling attacks: 4 x headbutt (8 HP each), then a stomach punch (16 HP)
    Cheats: some, on grappling
    Blocks: no
    Breaks free: yes (behind)
    Anti air: yes
    I have never seen anything so big move so fast in any fighting game.
    If you have a sword, this is where you use it. Bear has worthless range and is
    easily intimidated just by slashing away. You won't ever get hit, won't trigger
    the fat guy and no Galsias will come to interrupt.
    If you didn't bring one, use Axel's blitz when Bear moves in for the charging
    uppercut. Tap forward and press B when you see him pull his elbow back.
    Requires some timing and training, but is by far the best thing to do when you
    don't have a sword. This works bad with Max since most of the time Bear will
    still be standing after his blitz. Anthony and I both discovered that Max's
    jumping hammer punch counters it quite well, if you hit with the
    Bear moves in a zigzag pattern a little something like this:
    ^    X--     ^
    | A /   \   / \
    |        \ /   B
    M         v
    With Max (or the keeper of the sword), adjust your height to his and slash
    before he gets near. With Axel, tap but attack in advance (somewhere around the
    X, you'll get the hang of it) and Bear will run into your grand upper. When
    he's in front of you it's usually too late.
    Your forward jumping attacks will have a high failure rate, but it's not
    impossible to hit Bear with them.
    If he jumps at you, special (Axel can opt for his blitz), or if you're feeling
    lucky, do a standing jump attack.
    If you trigger the fattie, the one taking care of him can just grab and wait
    until Bear is finished. If the fattie dies Galsias will come from the left one
    at a time. You can grab and wait with them too, or use them as ammo.
    If you have no sword, no Axel, and both fatties onscreen together with Bear,
    press reset. That will save you a lot of frustration. >:)
    There is a tiny chance to grab Bear if he misses with his standing uppercut
    (like Zamza). Anthony has found an almost foolproof way to exploit this. After
    you have knocked R.Bear down, hurry up and stand on top of him (he rises pretty
    quick). Do your defensive special just as he rises. He will then perform his
    standing uppercut, and both of you will miss. If you have timed it right, you
    will recover before Bear and can grab him as he lands. Thanks Anthony!
    Most enemies you can grab when you rise from a knockdown, but even that fails
    most of the time with this guy. If you vault or grab him from behind you will
    see his rare chest slam move (not kidding).
    Final point, you only have to kill R.Bear to end the level.
    Stage 6: Beach, Jungle Base
    Wohoo, the waves crash backwards.
    Set 1: Two ninjas will drop after two seconds. Grab them. This is where Max is
    preferably player 1.
    You need to be walking as they land, as always. Either:
    1. Do your worst to them, one time damage. Then regular battle.
    2. Try this dirty trick. Grab with Axel and hold. Grab from behind with Max
    (walk left as the ninja lands). Jump left with the atomic drop. Walk right into
    where the ninja lands, walk left as he rises to again grab from behind. Repeat
    until the Galsia interferes. The grabbing with Max requires timing but works
    every time if you do it right.
    After that the battle continues normally. The ninjas are a pain as always, and
    more punks join in. The set boss on your far right is a red ninja called
    Genyosai (same as the invulnerability device in Final Fight), wielding a kunai.
    Try not to go there before everyone else is cleared if you can, but usually the
    ninjas toss you around like salad.
    Set 2: After a load of very easy punching bags it's time for the next horror:
    four kickboxers. But, fear not, it’s time to use the trigger trick again. The
    trigger point is a bit left of the middle of the screen. The two red ones from
    the left enter first. Fight as long as you can on the left part of the screen.
    If you get all four, try to take on two each. Constant blitz as they rise works
    excellent. Also remember that there is a chicken right after this battle, so
    stay alive.
    Jungle Base
    Set 1: Time is in short supply here. You can, technically, take one enemy at a
    time, but you won't make it in 99 seconds. Focus on the Yakuza, the signals
    aren't much of a problem. If you walk on the right edge you can grab the karate
    guys when they drop, because they don't kick when you're above, only in front.
    It is very easy to walk or get thrown away from the chickens, pick them up
    directly. Watch it with the last guy (when the road starts going horizontally
    again), he drops right below the road's middle line.
    Set 2: Walk very slow, get as few bikers as possible at the same time. If you
    can take all the bikers before you get to the standing fatties to your right
    they will pose no problem (slow combo, constant grab). Remember that the bikers
    have superior reach and your regular combo won't work if they are coming from
    the front. Don't be afraid to special. The fat guys also trigger and attack if
    one of you dies. Should you get all at the same time they quite often line up
    and Max's tackle is a good choice. Jumping counters (downward for firebreath,
    forward for jumps) works OK, but often the bikers grab you on the downward one
    if you do it too early. Do it close to the ground, then blitz. Press forward
    twice just before you land and B exactly when you land. Practice.
    Set 3: First a gang of bikers will ride by. The first purple one is worth 10
    grand, stand just above the road markings and do downward air attack to get
    him. Just avoid the rest. The best place I've found is in the middle bottom of
    the screen, there are no fast ones at that depth but you will still have to
    jump a few. If you stand to the left the jumping ones will get you.
    At the last of the three sandbags you can use the trigger trick again to take
    out the first Electra before the others. The other Electra girl will approach
    from your right, and a whole swarm of bikers on the left. Two of the bikers
    have pipes. I suggest Axel takes on the girls and Max tries to snag one of the
    pipes. The pipe works great against the bikers (if you can keep them on the
    left), but not against the girls, jumpkick them instead.
    Set 4: Boss time! The boss is Souther (Zamza type monster) and his sidekicks,
    three jets, both described above. Using the trigger trick works quite well
    here, you can get only Souther and one Jet. If I get all three Jets, I special
    until the jets are gone and then take on Souther as described above.
    Souther is the main boss, so if you kill him the others go down too. But that
    doesn't happen very often.
    Stage 7: Factory, Elevator
    Set 1: First five people who go down quite easily. Walk slow for the last
    Galsia. Right after the conveyor belt the set bosses drops from the sky, two
    fat guys. If you back off when they drop you won't have to deal with the
    Donovan further to the right at the same time. Take one each and they are no
    Set 2: Simple. One at a time. Be efficient and you will make it in time. Watch
    out for losing your pipe to the conveyor belt, you'll need it. The grenades are
    harmless as long as keep your distance.
    Set 3: Not simple. There are only six enemies here, but they can be hard as
    hell. First, have Max walk forward and trigger the first girl, and give her a
    hit with the pipe. Then let Axel handle her, jump over her whip attack and knee
    down, then grab. Don't throw her left, keep her on the right. When she's
    finished it's Max's turn again. Walk down and hit the sitting ninja with the
    pipe. Now, here's the hard part: do the trick as described for the ninjas
    before Zamza _on the moving conveyor belt_. Yes, I promise this is fully
    possible. If you fail (which is very likely the first few times around) the
    ninja is very likely to throw you around, so get the extra life in the barrel
    quick. If you succeed, do the same thing with the next ninja, and the next
    girl, etc. If not, which somehow happens me most of the time, your skill will
    have to decide the outcome of the battle. Don't be afraid to use special a lot,
    it usually saves you a lot of life.
    Your life expectancy will be dropping rapidly here... No way to control the
    number of foes to face, except... well, killing them.
    I really like this level - lots of action, great music, and insanely difficult.
    Set 1: Donovan, Galsia and a few Signals sprinkled in. Blitz around or do the
    back attack trick (standing far to the right). Be sure to be at different
    depths, or else the signals will throw you at each other.
    Sidenote: There is a D.Signal here, the only one in the whole game. Anyone know
    which colour starts with a D?
    Set 2: Usually the CPU starts to send in so many enemies at this point that the
    game suffers slowdowns and flicker. :) A stream of green regulars from the
    left, one blue Galsia. As you start to kill them off more people join in, and
    three of them are jets. I think you know my only solution to this by now.
    Set 3: Unpronounceables drop time, and it goes a little something like this:
       ^  ^ \
      Y|  | N\
       Y  YN  \
    Not that that helps much. Where you stand plays a minor role. You can go for
    grabbing the ninjas from behind when they drop down, then steal the sword and
    slash like mad, that works for a while. Dodge the shuriken with the A button,
    be sure to use invincibility time after you are knocked or killed - either go
    for a free grab, or tackle if you have the mob lined up since they can't
    interrupt it. If your co-player is killed, you can take advantage of too by
    grabbing as the enemies get up. Don't try to combo anyone, it will never work.
    Whatever you do it is unavoidable to take a lot of punishment here.
    Set 4: Bikers walk in from the left, kickboxers jump in to the right. This is
    an extremely irritating combo since you usually jumpkick the bikers and combo
    the kickboxers, but now the kb's will counter your jumps and the bikers with
    their range and grabs will counter your combos. Focus on the kickboxers, grab
    as they jump in, I suggest throwing them to the left to hit the bikers, plus
    you won't have to fight a two-front war. Trigger the grenadiers who pop up
    after a while, they hit their buddies more often than you if you stay on the
    right side. If there are too many objects on screen they won't explode, so...
    kill someone! :) Previous tips about invincibility time applies here also.
    These guys are insanely fast.
    I'm not even going to suggest that if you could keep the sword from the
    previous set you could take all these guys to school, because that would be
    Set 5: Donovan, Galsia, two Big Ben and a Jack type. Try to keep everyone
    thrown all the time, and have the fat guys onscreen so you're not ambushed by
    their firebreath (meaning: throw them to the right). Jack will probably drop a
    few knives; keep them on the floor, they come in handy. Other than that I don't
    know what to say.
    Set 6: Four robots, jumping around like frenzied.
    Boss: Robots
    Ground attacks: forward mace, upward mace, swinging mace, laser shot,
    electrocution (all 8 HP), self destruct (16 HP)
    Cheats: no
    Blocks: no
    Breaks free: yes
    Anti air: yes
    It's impossible to keep track at all those robots at the same time, but do your
    best. After a while you learn to only look at the ones at your depth.
    Get a knife, they aren't worthless for once. The bots jump around all the time
    so it better with good first-hit damage than combo damage, since they fall from
    first hit.
    When you see/hear a robot firing, press A unless you can dropkick it.
    When a robot lands next to you, press A or blitz it. If possible, blitz again
    and again as it rises, even if it's outside the screen! This works because 1)
    the robots have no grappling attacks, 2) they are not invincible when they
    rise, 3) they (mostly) don't attack outside the screen, and 4) the level ends
    just outside the screen. In the next level it won't do that, so this will not
    Don't blitz blindly, wait until you see the bot rising. When they're outside
    the screen you can use the screen shakes for timing. I have beaten all four
    robots in 40 seconds losing 0 HP using this technique.
    You might think that a bot is far away, but if he starts to swing he will
    always hit unless you move.
    Remember that the robots are defenseless in the air. When they jump depth-wise
    they are easy targets for a stab. Follow up with a blitz (close), another stab
    (medium) or change depth (far).
    The self destruct doesn't hurt much, but be alert for robots low on life as
    they detonate if they are close.
    Don't grab. Sure it's possible, but it doesn't pay off. 95% of the time the
    robot will break free and electrocute you in the process, the other 5% some
    other robot will come by and mace your face.
    I like the sound when they do that. Clonk! :>
    Stage 8: Lobby, Lift
    You will now fight clones of all the stage bosses, except the jets (that's a
    Set 1: First up, the robots. One robot, two Galsias (one with knife) and a
    Donovan with a pipe. Rob him of his pipe and be on your way. The pipe works
    excellent on the robots, especially for Max. Strike on their depth-jump and
    most of the time either the forward or backward hit will register. Then
    continue smashing them as they rise (same as with blitz, but safer). The blitz
    trick works here too, but only as long as the robot is on screen. After pipeguy
    there is one more robot, then set boss: Bear clone (Bear.Jnr) and another
    robot. Of course they are no match for your combined pipe/blitz skills.
    There will be boss from a previous level in every set here. Everyone of them
    you can grab when they drop, so learn when for a free throw!
    Vulture (Barbon)  : Jumps in randomly – mostly after someone else dies. (?)
    Nail (Zamza)      : Jumps in two seconds after the elevator reaches the door.
    Z.Kusano (Abadede): Jumps in five seconds after the elevator reaches the door.
    All the bosses drop at the same place:
     /    X    \
    /           \
    Set 1: Some Yakuzas and other punks.
     /G       G\
    /  Y D Y D  \
    I suggest standing at the top of the screen.
    Set 2: Enemies drop in two waves.
    First:       Second (after elevator stops):
      _________    _________
     /         \  /    N   G\
    / G D     G \/       D   \
    Nail first, so be there. The computer will try to keep six enemies in the
    elevator until it runs out of people to throw in.
     /         \
    /    E E D  \
    The Electras will always join in last. Get rid of them and Nail won't pose much
    of a problem.
    Set 3: Enemies drop in two waves. First:
     /       D \
    /  K     G  \
    Preferably Max stands where the kickboxer lands since he has the more powerful
    grappling attacks. Axel can blitz the other two to the right, so they don't
    interfere with Max. Do your best to take out these before next wave, you might
    consider doing an offensive special and doing atomic drops to increase the
    damage per second.
    About five seconds after the elevator reaches next stop:
     /    Z K  \
    /           \
    Be aware that Z.Kusano is incredibly fast to special out if you grab him when
    he jumps in, so throw directly or opt for Axel blitzing him. If you were fast
    with the previous wave Axel and Max can take one enemy each and this will be
    easy, see level 4 boss for tips. Constant grabbing is easy on the wrestler now
    since there are walls. Jump and elbow down just as he rises.
    You get bonus health after this set, so stay passive and let the other player
    finish off Kusano if you're low on life.
    Set 4: After some extra fast regular punks Mr.X sends in his bigtime badass
    bodyguard - Shiva.
    Boss: Shiva
    Ground attacks: defensive special (flaming round kick; 20 HP), final crash (20-
    24 HP), regular combo (hook, palmstrike, high kick; 32 HP), high kick (12 HP),
    jumping kick (12 HP), jumping palmstrike (8 HP)
    Grappling attacks: triple elbow (front; 8 HP each), body slam (behind, 16 HP),
    Cheats: a bit
    Blocks: yes
    Lands: yes
    Breaks free: yes
    Anti air: yes
    Combos (close, same depth): Don't get in close combat. Keep your distance.
    Should he come in close, special. Grabbing always makes him do the flaming
    defense kick directly during which he is completely unhittable. In the
    extremely rare occasion that you should throw him, he will land just like you.
    Grabs (near, different depth): Try not to get into this situation. Special when
    he comes towards you.
    Final crash (far, same depth): He's practically invulnerable while he does the
    kick but not when runs and not when he lands. When he runs towards you for the
    final crash (or whatever he says), jump straight up or do a standing special.
    His attack will miss and you can blitz since you land/stop before him. It's
    possible to blitz while he's coming right at you, but it's much more risky.
    Jumping attacks (medium, same depth): For Max, stand where he will land (or
    further away) and dropkick towards him. For Axel, stand between where he will
    land and where he jumps and blitz. For both you can dropkick him when he lands
    or just before. If Shiva has done one jump and missed and you're still at his
    depth, he will always do another.
    For far, different depth: Shiva will adjust his depth or distance, but usually
    distance and move in for a grab. Change your depth to his if this happens.
    Reader yestinchong sent me this trick to beat Shiva:
    "Shiva is pretty susceptible to the back attack. However, you have to set him
    up into it in the first place. I remember that what i would do is to knock him
    down first with a standing special. I'd then position myself so that when you
    do a moving jump kick (the one that you said was pathetic for Axel) [sic], and
    he attempts to block it, you land just behind him. He will finish his block
    animation and all you have to do, even if you are facing the wrong way, is hit
    with an easy B + C back attack. It knocks him down. You then turn around,
    position yourself and repeat the moving jump kick. Idiot that he is, Shiva
    tries to block again after he gets up, so you land behind him again and he is
    open once more...
    This takes a bit of practice, but once you master it, you can beat Shiva and
    only lose maybe one special's worth of energy. I think I have beaten him
    without taking a hit once or twice.
    This tactic works to a lesser degree with Max, but because he is slower, it's
    harder to position yourself in time so that as your jump kick lands, Shiva is
    still blocking. But it works....and it also gives a use for the back attack!"
    I have executed this a few times in a row, but have trouble "locking" him in
    the pattern. I have had more success with jumpkicking him to make him block,
    and then blitzing.
    Set 5: Well, it's on to big guy.
    Boss: Mr.X
    Ground attacks: machine gun shooting (8 HP), machine gun smack (28 HP)
    Cheats: excessively
    Blocks: no
    Breaks free: no (but his Galsias does it for him)
    Anti air: yes
    Boooriiing... seriously the final boss should have more than two attacks.
    Besides that his machine gun smack is really unfair, it hits both high and low,
    hurts a lot, and Mr.X's hit area is nowhere to be found.
    If you're standing at the top when the battle starts, he will always smack one
    of you (or both) as his first move. Axel can blitz, Max will almost have to
    Mr.X is invulnerable when you have knocked him down, just like you.
    Take one side each, stand as far up on the screen as possible. Use the small
    guys for throwing ammo. Special as soon as you're surrounded, before you take
    any hits. Also special to block the shots.
    While shooting you can jumpkick him from the front, but you can still get hit
    even when he shoots straight down, so don't jump too close.
    When he starts shooting he's really vulnerable to attacks from behind so move
    in for a grand upper or atomic drop (yum). Max can sacrifice 8 HP for a tackle
    to get behind X quick enough.
    The back attack trick almost works! Mr.X shoots most of the time you're facing
    towards him, but moves in for the smack with your back to him. You need to
    press C before he's in range, else he hits before you.
    In the beginning there are three helpers, but after you kill enough (ten or so)
    there will be two, and after five more only one at a time.
    Eventually Mr.X will go down, and there it is! You have beaten Mania!
    Version history
    1.5 - 2010-MAR-20
    Blast from the past! Some people have sent in new tricks, particularily a man
    named Yang Ren. The advent of tool-assisted speedruns means new tricks and
    bugs have been found. I decided to update the guide.
     * Found out how Axel's 5th combo kick _really_ works.
     * Added new section: Useful bugs!
     * Added many tricks which Yang Ren sent in:
     ** Vault into wall with Max to switch sides.
     ** The grenades cannot hit you while jumping.
     ** More info on number of enemies onscreen.
     ** Complete list of trigger points with timer.
     * Grand upper vs Jets info corrected thanks to Jeremy "velo city" Shope.
    1.4 - 2002-NOV-21
     * Added a set I had missed in the first stage.
     * Added more info on handling Jack in that very set.
     * Added a tip for beating the ninjas in stage 3.
     * Discovered that Jack and Electra had different trigger points in the
    amusement park. Was told by Josh the FunkDOC (thanks!) that this is the case
    for the two fat guys on the stadium too.
     * Discovered that you can see some bottom enemies in the alien house before
    they appear.
     * Discovered Zamza's uppercut can do two hits.
     * Discovered that Jet lands from throws.
     * Reproduced the one-hit-kill glitch mentioned in the introduction to Mania.
    Thanks to Quick Man and velo city.
     * Discovered damage for Abadede's two remaining attacks and added note on
    Max's hook. Many thanks to Jeremy "velo city" Shope for setting me on track!
     * Discovered the complete truth (I hope) of how enemies trigger, and added a
    new section on it and tips everywhere applicable of how to just face one enemy
    at a time.
     * Discovered a bit on how blocking works. More info is still needed.
     * Added the correct name for Max's Bear Punch (previously called Choke
    hold/Neck twist). Thanks to velo city again!
     * Added maximum damage for Max’s tackle on blocking enemies.
     * Added note on Axel's Grand Upper. Thanks to Sumu1004 for that!
     * Added more info on Axel's standing jump attack.
     * Added notes on directed specials for Max, Axel and Blaze. Thanks for velo
    city for reminding me about that.
     * Added chapter "Throw, Team and Block damages", moved legend further up.
     * Added chapter "Enemies" for listing their damages.
     * Added note on Max's Atomic Drop.
     * Added tip on Skate's run. Thanks to Gen2000.
     * Added tip on grabbing R.Bear, thanks to Anthony! Revised a lot of other
    R.Bear techniques too.
     * Added tip on how to best Shiva, by yestinchong. Thanks!
     * Removed faulty info of Vulture's trigger in the elevator, stage 8.
     * Updated info on grenade, which has an erratic behaviour to say the least.
     * Updated damage figures on Axel’s double sidekick.
     * Updated damage figures on Blaze’s directed special.
     * Updated info on Barbon’s damages.
     * Updated the preface to Mania.
     * Also launched SoR1 and SoR3 move guides with damages. The only of their kind
    afaik. :)
     * Uuuh... That’s it, I think. *phew*
    1.3 - 2002-APR-02
    First official version.

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