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Sun Ce Guide by Sun_Ce_of_WU

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/09/2008

Sam Dragos


Sun Ce





1. Version Information/Copyright
2. Background
3. Moveset
4. Skill Tree
5. Musou Mode
6. Fighting Analysis
7. FAQ/Frequently Asked Questions
8. Credits/Contact Info


1. Version Information


1.0:	Researched his background, took changes from DW6 and previous DW's,
	started on his moveset, built his skill tree, created musou mode,
	created FAQ, and finally gave credit to where credit is due.

Copyright:	This FAQ is for *gamefaqs.com* use only, if you wish to take
		information from this FAQ, please contact me to get the 
		thumbs up for approval otherwise you violate copyright.


2. Background


Sun Ce
Born - 175 AD
Died - 200 AD

Sun Ce is the eldest son of Sun Jian, along with his younger brother Sun Quan
and little sister Sun Shang Xiang.  All 4 members were known as the Sun
family.  Following Sun Jian's death, Sun Ce came under the command of Yuan 
Shu.  Being the ambitious leader of the Sun family, Sun Ce was not under Yuan 
Shu's control for very long.  He exchanged the Imperial Seal which his father
had found for some 3,000 troops to retake the Jiang Dong province his father
had once established under his banners.  During the initial conquest Sun Ce
had many capable officers in his ranks including Huang Gai, Zhou Yu, Cheng
Pu, and many other officers.  Huang Gai known for his loyalty to WU, and Zhou
Yu being Sun Ce's best friend(BFF JILL) and sworn brother.  Over a short 
period of time Sun Ce was quickly gaining control over most of Jiang Dong, 
and by then the people and his soldiers began calling him the "Little
Conqueror."  As Sun Ce began building up the Kingdom of WU, according to Luo
Guanzhong's novel, he was shot in the face with an arrow while being 
ambushed.  Even with the wound he fought off several assasins with no weapon.
Aid finally came and the assasins were killed however days later, a ghost
from Sun Ce's past haunted him.  This ghost was Yu Ji, the immortal that
Sun Ce had executed reasons being that his father fought and killed false 
wizards and people with strange powers in order to end the chaos.  Yu Ji 
haunted Sun Ce till his grave, and power was handed to Sun Quan.

To unlock Sun Ce, you must play Sun Jians story mode and play on Xia Pi.
From there you must not allow Sun Ce, Zhou Yu, and Sun Quan to be killed.

New Sun Ce:
Sun Ce has changed to say the least, he has a new look and a new WEAPON,
I know we all missed his tonfas.  Anyways, he looks more like a Spartan 
soldier now, and with his new style a lot of girls are liking the new look,
it's a video game but who cares.  Instead of tonfas, Sun Ce is now killing
thousands of soldiers with an awesome spear.  Some things have stayed with
Sun Ce, including his attitude and the speed of his attacks.


3. Moveset


s:		Downward slash		
ss:		Upward slash
sss:		Side slash
ssss:		Spins and stabs
sssss:		Downward slash
ssssss:		Upward slash
sssssss:	Does a 360 slash
ssssssss:	Slash upwards also attacking with end of weapon
sssssssss:	Spinds the other way with a slash
ssssssssss:	Repeatedly sends out airwaves at an angled level
Hold T:		Does a 360 with his spear, at infinite renbu he sends a
T:		Spins while hitting enemies with spear.
T:		Adds another spin attack
T:		Does a side slash
T:		Creates a ground shockwave that damages all within the 
		vicinity, may also guard break.
Horse Charge:	Does a powerful downwards slash.
Horse attack:	Does repeated downward slashes, number of attacks vary on 
		renbu gauge.
L2:		Sends out his special which is swift attack
R1:		Rolls forward
R1+Square:	Grabs opponent and does multiple stabs then a stab with the
		spear behind his back.
R1+Triangle:	Grabs opponent with spear and throws him down, in a circular
Jump Charge:	Jumps high in the air, does a turn and slams spear into ground
		and also sending out a directional shockwave
Jump Attack:	Jumps into air and does a sideways slash at the enemy.
Deadlock Win:	Digs spear into ground, kicks the enemy twice, then comes 		
		back down and soes a 360 slash.
Counterattack:	Swings around with a slash.


4. Skill Tree


           /            \
          3  4--------5  6		            7
         /  /          \  \                        / \
        /  8            9  10   11----------------12  13
       /  /              \  \  /                 /
14----15-16---17         18  19-----------------20
         /     \          \                    /  \
       21      22         23---24------------25-26-27---28----29----30
       /        \         			/             /
    /            \          /                   / \          /
   37-38       39---40---41                   42   \        43
        \       /          \                 /     \      /
        44--45--46         47---------------48       -49-

1:Attack+	2:Victors Aura	3:Rage	4:Third Renbu	5:Life+
6:Musou++	7:All+	8:Life++	9:Pouch	10:Musou+	11:Attack++
12:Life++	13:Musou++	14:Life+	15:Attack+	16:Attack+
17:Musou++	18:Musou+	19:Wild Rage	20:Defense+	21:Spirit
22:Water Sense	23:Infinite Renbu	24:Musou+	25:Attack++
26:Bonus Special	27:Defense+	28:Defense+	29:Defense++
30:Defense++	31:Life+	32:Attack+	33:Attack+	34:Defense+
35:Command	36:Defense+	37:Attack+	38:Musou+	39:Attack+
40:Musou++	41:Life++	42:Attack++	43:Special Start
44:Adrenaline	45:Life+	46:Swift Foot	47:Musou+	48:Battlecry


5. Musou Mode


Well first off you might already know that Sun Ce does not have a Musou Mode.
I thought this a little strange since he started the Kingdom of WU, whereas
Lu Xun and Gan Ning have one, I love everyone from WU but I thought it would
be better if Ce had one instead.  In order to remedy this, I have done some
thinking and have compiled this list of Musou Modes.  No cutscenes of course
just some free mode action.

Stage 1:	The Yellow Turban Rebellion
Stage 2:	Battle of Hu Lao Gate
Stage 3:	Conquest of WU territory
Stage 4:	Invasion of Xu Chang
Stage 5:	Battle of Chi Bi
Stage 6:	Battle of Yi Ling

Yellow Turban Rebellion:
Recommended Level:Any

Ah the Yellow Turban Rebellion which has been in all of the Dynasty Warrior
games except for probably the first one, which was fighting.  It's the stage
we all know and love, of course led by Zhang Jiao, aka Jesus, along with his
wizardly yet freaky generals, Zhang Liang and Zhang Bao.  If you have never 
played a Dynasty Warrior game before then be prepared to laugh at how 
ridiculous everyone sounds.  The stage starts off with Sun Ce starting on the
right with his father, Sun Jian.  Break through the first gate and take out
the first general that comes before your eyes, then move up the stairs and
break down yet another gate.  Once that has been accomplished, hurry and take
over the base, then head towards the middle and jump down.  A cutscene should
appear, then keep heading towards the middle until you come upon another
base, kill the officers and break down the bridge to have your allies join
the frenzy.  Next you have the choice of heading west or east, I would go 
with east, because fighting with WU is usually a better idea, since they are 
the best fighters.  You should come across Huang Gai trying to break down
a gate, help him destroy it and take over the base, then move up the steps 
break another gate down.  You should come across a trapfield, destroy the
officers which are pumped up on roids to stop the traps, keep moving with 
your fellow WU soldiers and break the next gate, one more gate after this I
promise.  You should encounter Zhang Liang, kill him quickly as he is also
on steroids, if you are low on health at this point, either run back to a 
base or destroy the pot that is there for an elixir.  After killing Zhang
Liang, destroy the magical pot to stop the winds, you shouldn't worry about
the west side, since your allies are keeping up with you.  Pretty soon the 
wind on the stairs will stop and He Jin will join the battle yet again.  Keep
following Huang Gai north, and destroy the last gate then rush up the stairs
and swing round towards the middle alter, there you will face Jesus along
with some petty officers, kill those guys off quickly.  Be cautious because
Zhang Jiao is really strong and is raging red, if Sun Ce is weak then use my
Fighting Analysis(Section 6) to defeat him.  Beat him and stage 1 is over.

Hu Lao Gate:
Recommended Level:20

Hu Lao Gate is a tough stage, and for veteran Dynasty Warrior fans, this 
stage is a nightmare with a fresh or underlevelled character, and I will 
explain as the stage wears on.  You start off with Sun Jian and Zhou Yu and
move along northeast, basically killing officers, breaking down gates, and
taking over bases.  the only part you have to worry about though is to watch
for your allies and make sure they aren't getting beaten back.  For now I 
would focus on rushing to allies if their morale is low, keep fighting until
Zhang Liao shows up in the center base where the battle is congested.  Zhang
Liao will be like Zhang Jiao except being a better fighter, there is also the
chance of gettin into a duel, so make sure you don't rush them by yourself
if you don't want to duel.  Defeat Zhang Liao and keep moving with your
allies, soon you will reach Hu Lao Gate.  Once there, defense captains and
officers will be protecting Hu Lao north and south gate.  Your objective
is to break down the gates with the ram.  To do this you must quickly 
dispatch all surrounding officers and kill any and all defense captains.
Your seige engineers will start building ladders and catapults, protect the
ladders, as they will help you tremendously.  Once the ladders are set up,
climb them and destroy the anti-seige weapons along the top of the wall.
Once those are all down, our ally seige engineers will start building rams
to break down the gates.  You have one of two options here, the first one is
to rush straight towards Dong Zhuo and break down his gate and kill him, or
the more difficult option of facing the mighty Lu Bu.  If your character is
still fresh or below level 20, and you are still getting the hang of this
I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU DON'T PURSUE LU BU.  If you are an experienced veteran
of this game and you are looking for a challenge, then pursue Lu Bu and kill

Conquest of WU Territory:
Recommended Level: Any

This stage is pretty much straightforward.  Kill all enemy officers is the
victory condition.  All you pretty much have to worry about is your commander
getting killed, however if you yourself are killing quickly, then you have
no worries.  Yuan Shu will come later for reinforcements as your enemy, and
SHU will come as reinforcements to aid you in defeating Yuan Shu.  Basically,
this is a free for all, so do as you please.

Invasion of Xu Chang:
Recommended Level: 10

This battle is where Sun Ce's forces make a preemptive strike against Cao
Cao.  It is a huge map with a very beautiful castle, the music is also quite
intriguing.  You first start off in front of the castle gates.  From here
you have two options, the first being the fastest, the second being the 
longest.  We will go through the longest way first.  You first start off by
killing all the defense captains and breaking through the wall, use the same
strategies as in the Hu Lao Gate battle, once after the gate is broken,
keep heading north and you will come up to three or four officers, kill them.
Once that is done, you will come across the inner gate, break it down the
same way as you did for the outer gate.  Once you break through, you will
head north up the castle stairway, beautiful view, personally my favorite
view out of all the stages.  Fight your way through and eventually Xiahou
Dun and Yuan will show up with reinforcements, total officers should be 
around eight.  You can choose to kill them or kill the enemy commander to
finish the stage.  Now that is said, let's move onto the much easier way.
After you finish reading this you will bang your head against something
for not seeing it earlier haha.  Once again you start off in front of the
gate, move west and go through a forest, there should be a base to the far
left, break through and continueto the right out of the base, keep heading
north for a bit and you will come across a gate, break it down and WOW you
just got past TWO castle gates, now rush the commander and win.

Battle of Chi Bi:
Recommended Level: 20

This battle can be easy or hard, depends if the fire attack is successful or
not.  I would make the fire attack succeed for a sure win, in order to do
this you must have the wind prayer succeed and Huang Gai defection occur.
From the start of the stage, start killing off any enemies that are near you.
Also try and take over some bases while you are at it.  When you receive the
message of Zhuge Liang ascending the alter, you must then rush there as
quickly as possible.  Once there, enemies will be heading towards the alter
or already attacking Zhuge Liang.  Defeat all the officers before Zhuge Liang
is defeated, once that is done the wind prayer will succeed.  From there Zhou
Yu will give the command for Huang Gai to begin the fire attack.  You need
not worry about Huang Gai.  From the alter, just jump down and head towards
the ships, start killing everyone that crosses your path.  By now the fire
attack should occur and all your enemies on the ships will have lost a 
significant amount of health, easy battle so far.  Once everyone on the ships
is defeated and Sun Quan is free from enemies, you may then head towards Cao
Cao and defeat him to win the battle.

Battle of Yi Ling:
Recommended Level: 25

The battle of Yi Ling is a battle of vengeance for Guan Yu's death led by the
enemy forces commanded under Liu Bei.  From the start of the stage move east,
along the shoreline and quickly kill officers and take over as many bases as
possible before the fire attack by Zhu Ran occurs.  Once that is done, Zhang
Fei will lose his rage and will be much easier to defeat.  After a short
while you will begin to see that enemies you have previously defeated have
come back from the dead, zombies you might say.  No, it is some sort of magic
created by Zhuge Liang, and we all know how Sun Ce hates magic, so let's go 
and finish off the Sleeping Dragon.  In order to make the enemies stop
spawning, you must enter the Stone Sentinel Maze and navigate your way
through to the middle.  This can be very confusing however it can be done
in a minute or two, make sure you have a horse and don't stop moving.  Once
in the middle, you will come across Zhuge Liang surrounded by Guan Ping and
many other foes, defeat them all as quickly as possible.  Once they are all
defeated, you will see stone statues all in a circle, destroy all the statues
to make the officers stop reappearing and also show the pathways of the maze
on the map, now you won't be lost anymore.  Exit the maze, and check if there
are any enemies attacking or close to attacking Sun Quan, head towards Sun 
Quan and help your brother kill off the attacking forces.  Once Sun Ce's
brother is safe, head north and defeat all the remaining officers and kill
Liu Bei to finish the battle and Sun Ce's Musou Mode.

Congratulations, you have beaten a Musou Mode in Free Mode!!!


6. Fighting Analysis


In order to utilize Sun Ce to his fullest potential, you must first 
understand the proper techniques of this game are.  When playing on master
or chaos, it is quite easy to see that you cannot button mash square and 
triangle.  Rather you must learn to roll every attack or two, by doing this 
you evade any oncoming enemy attacks.  Right after Sun Ce has recovered from 
his roll, you must instantly start pressing square, then after attack or two,
rinse and repeat.  This is especially useful when clearing large crowds.  
There are many advantageous side effects by doing this.  Since Sun Ce's first 
two attacks are primarily wide ranged, the simple technique of "Roll Attack"
as I like to call it, will gradually fill up your musou in no time.  Once 
it's filled, unleash your wrath upon the enemy.  Some argue that it is best 
to not use it all, and some argue to completely deplete, however I like to 
use it until an enemy officer is killed and end the musou, or use it all to 
clear a path to escape, the choice is yours when using it.  His special, 
swift attack, is extremely useful in any situation where you find yourself 
surrounded by a horde of enemies.  My suggestion is to spam it whenever you 
have the oppurtunity, since Sun Ce can only carry two and he gets a free tome
whenever he reaches 300 K.O.'s, I say go right ahead and use it.  He first 
sends out a purple shockwave that will dramatically weaken foes and also 
boost your attack, it is basically a musou attack but you can get hit.  
With that said, it easy to say that Sun Ce is a great crowd clearer, however 
can the same be said about dueling?

There will be times where you are challenged to a duel, especially one where 
it is a hard level and you are playing on a high difficulty, I will now give 
some sugestions on how to duel properly for Sun Ce.  When challenged to a 
duel and you need your musou filled up for a quick finish, I suggest you use 
his Hold+T attack to knock some oppenents out while replenishing your musou 
gauge, in some cases the enemy officers dueling will be on guard a distance 
from you and waiting to strike, this is a perfect oppurtunity to use Sun 
Ce's range.  When actually dueling the officer I find it best to conserve 
your musou and only use it as a last resort.  With that said, the only proper 
way to attack is to spam his charge chain.  I highly warn others to stay away 
from regular attacks as the enemy can counter them at any second, and by 
using charge attacks you surely deplete their health into a musou kill range. 
But in order to attack all these foes properly, which weapon would be the best 
choice for Sun Ce to go into battle with?

My opinion of the best weapon for Sun Ce is a standard weapon.  His strength 
and skill weapons are good but playing at high difficulties, you need range 
and lots of it.  I would like to add that Sun Ce attacks rather fast with a 
skill weapon however on master and chaos the range lost from skill is his 
undoing.  strength is also good in situtations against enemy officers, with 
crowds he once again lacks range and would be pummeled by organized attacks.  
Sun Ce has phenomenal range which should be taken advantage of and with his 
swift attack bringing him to infinite renbu instantly, it is a dream come 
true.  However to utilize standard weapons efficiently, it is best to have 
these "must have" attributes which include: Flash, True Musou, Mystic Seal, 
and Ice or Fire as the element.  Flash will have a chance of giving instant 
death to soldiers and a huge loss of health to officers.  True Musou is great 
because why would you have a regular musou, when you can have the strongest 
one.  Mystic seal is also a wonderful attribute, it increases the effect of 
elements on weapons, let's say you have ice, more people will get frozen when 
you attack and do a bit more damage, same can be said about fire instead 
soldiers will burn.  Fire is Sun Ce's original element and added with a fire 
weapon and can bring out the pyromaniac in you.  Ice is a great element also 
since it freezes your opponents, which can do many things like buy you time 
to attack or run, or make your opponent immobile, so that your frenzy of 
swinging your spear can begin, or just laugh at the fool frozen inside.


7. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happened to Sun Ce's tonfas?
A: KOEI decided to give him a spear because they felt a spear would go well
   with his Greek costume.

Q: How do I get unique Horses?
A: Look at the faqs/guides section and ctrl+F them, this FAQ was specifically
   made for Sun Ce.

Q: Which weapon is best for Sun Ce?
A: I believe that the best weapon for Sun Ce is the standard, because he has
   incredible reach, and for a character with swift attack and starts with a 
   tome, he can reach infinite renbu with a click of a button.

Q: I thought Sun Ce was dead before the battle of Chi Bi, why is he alive?
   A: In Zhou Yu's Musou Mode and Sun Jian's, Sun Ce makes appearances in 
   battles he never participated in, mainly because he had died from an

Q: What happened to Sun Ce's wife, da Qiao?
A: Sadly she was cut from this installment, however fans do miss her so she 
   most likely make a comeback in the next Dynasty Warriors game.


8. Credits


I would first like to thank parents for raising me and supporting me.

Gamefaqs for the help it has gotten me through my video games and allowing
me to give back

Saika Magoichi for first giving me information on Sun Ce in Dynasty Warriors

Muni Shinobu for giving me the thumbs up to use his material, KEEP IT UP!!!

Kingdom_of_WU2 for giving me support

JediChicken for also supporting me

My fellow Dynasty Warriors fans who enjoy this game as much as I do

TEAM CAKE for always keeping me interested

KOEI for creating such a wonderful game

And finally myself for actually writing this FAQ about my favorite character.

Sam Dragos
EMAIL - sxd5538@rit.edu
AIM   - turborabbitgti

COPYRIGHT 2008 Sam Dragos

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