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Sima Yi Guide by JaketheScumbag

Version: 1 | Updated: 04/12/2008

      /   ===================================  \
      \                                        /
      /           Dynasty Warriors 6           \
      \                                        /
      /                Sima Yi                 \
      \              Version 1.0               /
      /                                        \
      \       An In-Depth Character Guide      /
      /           For the X-Box 360            \
      \   ===================================  /
      /                                        \




Copyright 2008 by Daniel A. Pas

This is written by and copyrighted to me, Daniel A. Pas, known as 
JaketheScumbag online.

The guide is my own original work. Don't try to sell it, distribute it as
your own work, or post it on your website without my permission. I really
don't care if you print this out for personal use. If you want this on your
website, ask me first. I'll probably say yes. If I do say yes and let you 
post it, please do not take credit for this. It is illegal to distribute 
this for money, so don't do it. 

As of this update, this guide should only be on the following websites:


If this guide is anywhere else, it is without my permission. No portions of
this guide may be reprinted on any other websites than those listed above
without the expressed, written consent from me, the author.

Dynasty Warriors 6 and the characters and contents within are copyright of
Koei Corporation, 2007, 2008.

I, Daniel A. Pas, am in no way, shape, or form affiliated with Koei or any of
its subsidiaries.

Seriously, though, follow these guidelines, and we'll all be happy. If you
don't, I'll make sure you're unhappy.

Enough bad guy notice. Let's crack some skulls!




Hey there, welcome to my guide. I've been a fan of Dynasty Warriors ever 
since I first played Dynasty Warriors 4 about 3 years ago. I was already a 
big fan of the ROTK series and just interested in the Three Kingdoms era in 

Dynasty Warriors 6 is quite a bit different from the other games in the 
series. Most notable is the new renbu system of attacking. Other changes are 
the new experience system, skill and level building, weapons and special 

This guide assumes you are familiar with basic game mechanics, as I really 
don't want to go over what can already be found in the instruction manual or 
what can be learned just from playing the game through a few times.

Anyway, I hope you find this guide helpful.




Directly from the game's Encyclopedia entry:

A Wei officer. He was promoted after Cao Cao recognized his talent and 
ability. In the battle against Shu, he refused to be lured out by Zhuge Liang, 
putting his efforts into a strong defensive effort, resulting in victory. 
After serving four generations of the Cao family, he won a battle with Cao 
Shuang to seize control of the Wei empire, laying the foundation for what 
would eventually become the Jin Dynasty.

From wikipedia:

One legend about Sima Yi is that he could turn his head 180° around on his 
neck to look backwards without turning his body. This characteristic was 
called "the turning-back of the wolf" (??) supposedly based on the fact that
wolves are cautious and aware of everything going on around them as though 
they had eyes in the back of their heads. It is said that Cao Cao heard this
rumor and wanted to test it for himself. According to the legend, he came up 
behind Sima Yi and called out his name, and indeed his head did turn 
completely around.

Basically, this guy was as clever as they get. I admire someone who can see
opportunity when it comes about. He got bamboozled a couple of times, but he
was the man when it came to uniting the land. The Jin Dynasty lasted from
265-420 C.E.

I also got a real kick out of that legend of him turning his head all the way
around. It would have been great if Koei included this in one of his

In the game, he's a pretty badass character. They changed his old weapon, a
war fan, into a pair of magical claws, which I'm a little disappointed in.
Still, though, they're a pretty cool weapon. What's REALLY disappointing,
though, is that Koei decided to change his voice from Dynasty Warriors 5.
Agghh... At least they kept his sarcastic, arrogant attitude that I enjoy so

In my opinion, his best incarnation was Dynasty Warriors 5. But he's still a
very enjoyable character to play as in Dynasty Warriors 6.

On a completely unrelated note- Does anybody remember that old cartoon show
Pinky and the Brain? For some reason, Sima Yi reminds me of Brain. I don't
know why. Lol.




Sima Yi is a unique character, meaning that there are no other characters      
with his moveset. (although his moves do bear quite a resemblance to Zuo Ci's 
from Dynasty Warriors 5) His weapon has decent range and is fun to use and to
watch. The claws he uses gives the impression that he is using telekinetic 
magic to attack his opponent. This is especially apparent in his deadlock 
winning attack...

Regular Attacks:

Renbu Level 1- Sima Yi swings his claws side to side in front of him. Almost
               looks like he's dancing. :)

Renbu Level 2- A couple new attacks will be added, and Sima Yi will spin 
               forward with his claws extended.

Renbu Level 3- Some more swings will be added, and Sima Yi will jump into the
               air swinging.

Infinite Renbu- Sima Yi will send shockwaves forward, harming any in its path.

Charge Attacks:

Renbu Level 1- Sima Yi will extend his claws and spin around in a circle.

Renbu Level 2- Same thing as before, except these are more powerful.

Renbu Level 3- Same thing, except now he will send out three ice clouds in 
               front of him, possible freezing anyone they hit. Very useful!

Infinite Renbu- Same as before, except now there are four ice clouds.

Quick Charge Attacks:

Renbu Level 1- Sima Yi shoots his claws forward.

Renbu Level 2- Sima Yi again shoots forward, adding more damage.

Renbu Level 3- Sima Yi will create a small explosion in front of him after
               the previous slashes.

Infinite Renbu- After the explosion in front of him, he will send a shockwave
                all around him, hitting anyone nearby.

Musou Attack- Sima Yi attacks as if he would in his third renbu, but at the 
              end, he sends out magic bullets from his claws and creates a 
              huge shockwave around him, hitting everyone nearby. Great for 
              crowd clearing!

True Musou Attack- Pretty much the same thing, except more powerful.

Horse Attacks- Sima Yi will swing to the right side with a normal attack and
               send bullets from his claws to both sides with a charge attack.

Dashing Attacks- Sima Yi rushes forward and slashes with both claws with a
                 normal dash attack. He does an even more powerful slashing
                 attack with a charge, causing a small explosion.

Deadlock Win Attack- Sima Yi pushes the general back and waves them up and 
                     down with magic(?) power and slams them to the ground.

Grapple Attacks- Sima Yi pulls the enemy towards him and stabs him in the
                 chest with a normal grapple and envelops the enemy in a
                 damaging whirlwind with a charge grapple.

Special Attack- Rockfall. Rocks will fall from the sky and damage any enemy
                soldier or general they touch. This can be strengthened by
                leveling up. Not very useful, though. :(

Jump Attacks- Sima Yi slashes on both sides with his claws in a normal jump
              attack. In his charge jump attack, he slams to the ground and 
              brings his claws upwards upon landing, causing an explosion. 




Sima Yi gets lucky in that he's only one of 17 characters in this game to 
have a musou mode. Well deserved too, I might add. And he also gets a unique 
battle at the end of his campaign.

I played through this on HARD difficulty. If you're playing on a harder
difficulty- you're on your own.

Before you tackle Sima Yi's musou mode, I recommend leveling him up a little
bit and getting used to using him in general. I waited until Level 20 before
I did. But don't level him up too much- you want at least some level of 
challenge, don't you?

The general idea of Musou mode is simple- kill everybody that stands in your
way and take down the enemy commander while keeping your commander and 
yourself alive. (usually :D)

You'll need a fast horse to hit a lot of the targets. Have one with a speed
rating above 450. Good jumping is nice too- about 425.

Have a good set of claws before you dive into this. You'll want flash, true 
musou, mystic seal, and maybe balance. Of those three, flash is the most
important. Sometimes you just need to waste someone and move on. If it's got
an ice element, hey, even better. I used a set of Eradication Claws at 77 
power, true musou, flash and ice element. Your mileage may vary. :)

Another great advantage of having the flash attribute: your charge grapple
attack kicks ass with this! Since the tornado the enemy is swallowed in 
repeatedly hits him rather than delivering one big hit, that means there's
more chances for a flash hit to kick in. Watch an enemy officer at full 
health go down in one tornado with this. It happens. This helps out a ton 
against powerhouse generals like Liu Bei and Zhang Fei.

Also, I made sure I had Third Renbu level and special start before I started.
These will help you a lot.

Alrighty then? Let's go!




-Take West Watchpost in 5 min - 375 Exp.
-Take North Fort and East Fort in 10 min - 375 Exp.
-Player maintains at least 70% Life- 625 Exp.


Hope you've got a fast horse. Charge forward from your starting position and
take out Xu Sheng. Once he's done, get on the boat nearby and hit the gong.
The boat will start moving. Once it's done, take a leap of faith off and swim
torward the West Watchpost. There's no other way to get there other than by
swimming. Run in and take it down, and call your horse if he's not with you.

By now, Zhuge Liang has appeared at the altar. Jump off the side into the 
water and swim to the landmass to the east. Once you get there, ignore the
base and just charge straight to Zhuge Liang. If you see a bannerman with a 
roving attack, kill him and try to get a war axe power up. If you don't, 
it's no big deal. Barrel through the troops, get off your horse and lay into
Zhuge Liang. Use your tome if you have one, break out your musou attack and
concentrate on no one but Zhuge Liang. You'll defeat him. After he's gone,
waste any of the other officers nearby and move on.

Mount your horse and head to the east fort. Get inside and take it down. Your
allies should be able to take the north fort for you, thus completing the
second objective. Now head for Pang Tong, who has probably defected by now.
Be careful here. He's tough, as is Zhou Yu, who will be nearby. A war axe
helps out a lot.

Once Pang Tong's defeated, Huang Gai's fire attack will be imminent. Stay off
the boats- you'll get hurt if you stay on them. I don't think there is any 
way to prevent the attack entirely. After the pyro maniac's done, clean up 
any other officers you feel like. If you prevented Zhuge Liang's wind and 
Pang Tong's chain strategy, the fire attack won't damage your force's morale 
hardly at all. By now, your army's launched an all out offensive. Now go and 
take out Sun Quan. He's no slouch, though, so don't get careless. 

A note on the third target- It's pretty tough to pull off, and more trouble
than it's worth in my opinion. If you're going for it, make sure you stay off
the boats after the fire attack. Zhuge Liang may be too risky to attack with
all the troops around, so consider carefully. Return often to bases for extra
health. Overall, though, I think you're better off ignoring this one. If you
really want it, go replay this stage in free mode on easy difficulty.




-Defeat Huang Zhong with Xiahou Yuan still alive - 375 Exp.
-Take Mt. Cha Qi and Mt. Tian Dang in 15 min - 375 Exp.
-None of your units withdraw - 875 Exp.


Head for Mt. Cha Qi East Camp and take it down. When you're done, Huang Zhong
and Xiahou Yuan are butting heads. Xiahou Yuan won't last long, so hot foot
it over and leap down into the fray. Huang Zhong's tough, but the other 
officers aren't so take them out first. Once they're done, go and send Huang
Zhong back to the old folks home. Make sure you deliver the final hit, or 
else you won't get credit for the target.

Ignore Mt. Cha Qi and head south from here. Before you go, however, head into
the small valley to the north. There's a box with a horse saddle in it. Head
straight for Ma Chao and take him down as well as any other officers nearby.
Don't worry about Mt. Cha Qi- your allies should be able to take it on their
own if you saved Xiahou Yuan. Once Ma Chao's done, head east and take down
any officers and bases. Once Zhao Yun arrives, hurry over to him and take him
down. Be fast about that, because he'll make quick work of any of your 

After whomping Zhao Yun, run up to the Tian Dang South Gate. Now would be a 
good time to save if you haven't used it already. Full health and a full 
musou bar will be helpful here. Take care when you pop open the gate- there's 
a  viper's nest of officers behind it! Hopefully, you've got a tome or two 
handy. Use them if you have them and break out a musou. Take out the other 
officers before dealing with Zhuge Liang.

Hopefully, none of your officers have withdrawn by now. If they haven't, some
of them are whining for you to bail their butts out. This is your cue to rush 
in and take out Liu Bei as quickly as possible. Before you do that, though,
get yourself some health from one of the nearby urns. Don't forget to take
down the base before beating Liu Bei! You need that to get the objective.
Once the base is yours, grab the health item in the center if you need it and
do whatever it takes to take out Liu Bei. He's pretty tough for a former
shoemaker, huh? Kick his ass back to Foot Locker.




-Take Fan Castle West Post and Fan Castle North Post in 10 min - 375 Exp.
-Xu Huang does not withdraw - 375 Exp.
-The bases inside Fan Castle do not fall - 625 Exp.


You'll have to work very quickly if you want all the objectives.

Rush immediately to the southern gate and bail out Xu Huang. Take down all
the officers and make sure to destroy the ram whenever it appears. After all
the officers are defeated, you'll get a message saying that the attack on Fan
Castle's south gate has been repulsed. Only Mi Fang should be left in this 
general area. Run down there and get him to defect. After that, rush to the 
east and take Fan Castle South Post. Without missing a beat, rush to the west 

If you've been fast, the gate will still be left standing. TAKE DOWN THE RAM!
By now the gate is probably pretty weak. After that, just repeat what you did
at the south gate- take down all the officers and destroy the ram when it
appears. BUT- wait a minute! Don't get too crazy! Leave one enemy officer 
alive. Why? Because when you defeat all the officers and officially repulse 
the attack here, Guan Yu will issue the order to Guan Ping to flood the 
castle, which is what you don't want at this point.

While your allies take forever to take down the last officer, (the only time
you'll ever be thankful for your allies pathetic strength when left alone)
rush up to Fan Castle West Post and take it down, taking care to defect 
Fu Shi Ren on your way. Now, rush back and take down any of the remaining
officers near the west gate. Now, Guan Yu will send Guan Ping to the river.
I don't know what determines Guan Ping's starting position- sometimes you'll
have no chance to take him down, or sometimes he'll appear far enough away
from the river for you to get him. Hopefully, he'll appear far away. Pull out
all the stops and take him down! Rush straight for him and go for the kill. 
This will make the rest of the stage a hell of a lot easier. Once Guan Ping's
done, you can breathe easy. All the rushing is over. Take out the rest of the
officers that appeared and head on over to Guan Yu's base. Zhang Fei will 
come to help his brother soon, so be prepared. He appears just north of the 
Shu main camp. Guan Yu is a beast. Don't get careless and keep your health up 
to win.

If Guan Ping's attack succeeded, you probably won't make the last objective.
Rush in and bail out the officers inside. Swimming around is a real pain. 
Guan Ping himself is pretty powerful, so take him out quickly if you can. Lu
Meng and Lu Xun will come to help you way later in the battle, but they're 
pretty useless. Once you take out all the officers inside, you're ready to
take down Guan Yu.




-Take Southwest Camp and East Watchpost in 15 min - 375 Exp.
-Defeat Ma Chao, Zhang Fei, and Zhao Yun in 15 min - 375 Exp.
-Defeat 10 or more enemy units and score 500 KOs in 10 min - 625 Exp.


You're thrown right in the thick of battle from the start. Zhao Yun and his
posse charge you, and you've got no allies nearby to draw fire from you. So
take care and fight well. After you pummel them, head to the west.

You'll hear Sima Yi say something about letting Shu take the west fort. 
Ignore your own advice and jump right in and defend the west fort. Wei Yan 
and Ma Chao are in here by now, so take them out. You'll probably get into a 
duel here, so that should make things easier if you just use your charge 
grapple. Mop up the officers in here and take the base back if it gets taken. 
Now go southwest and take the Southwest Camp. Go north back into the west 

Take care to defeat any enemy officers that may be wandering around the area
and head east from here. Get to the East Watchpost and capture it to fulfill
the first target. Zhang Fei's probably trying to take the northern camp above
you. Head up there and take him down. He's not as tough as usual in this 
battle, so you get a break.

Around this time, Cao Pi and Zhen Ji will charge out of the castle into
battle. This isn't anything to worry about if you've taken out most of the 
officers around the map. Yue Ying will insult Zhen Ji here, but Zhen, being 
the witty babe she is, reminds Yue Ying of Zhuge Liang's inability to leave 
her... fulfilled. What that means is for you to interpret. You sick bastard. 
Yue Ying naturally resents this. But Yue Ying will be a lot tougher to defeat 
now, so make sure you take her down before she causes problems. Be careful 
with her- she can defeat Cao Pi if you leave her to her own devices long 
enough. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...

Once she's done, you'll probably have defeated 10 officers and are pretty
close to 500 KOs. If not, don't worry. You'll get them coming up. Head into 
Liu Bei's main camp and get down to business. Zhuge Liang will taunt Sima Yi
here- it's pretty interesting. As usual, Liu Bei is very powerful, so stay
on your guard. If you're lucky, you'll get a duel going and you can take him
out one on one.




-Defeat Guan Ping and Yue Ying in 10 min - 375 Exp.
-West River Camp, West River Fort, East River Camp and East River Fort do
 not fall for 15 min - 625 Exp.
-At least 7 of your units survive until victory - 1000 Exp.


You can't afford to screw around in this battle if you want to hit all the
targets, so be sharp.

Get moving to the south and cross the river. The East River Fort and East
River Camp are under attack, so bail them out. Take down any officers you
find. Once Xiahou Ba gets ambushed, run after him and save him if you can,
unless by doing so you would lose one of the river bases. If you've got
all officers cleared out of the bases, they should be safe. At any rate, 
you'll want to head through the valley Xiahou Ba went into and take down any 
of the officers there. Head for the South Fort.

Be careful when attacking this fort- there's fire breathing juggernauts 
inside. And Yue Ying is still pissed from the last battle. Play it very 
cautiously when attacking her- her bow gives her great range, and a couple of 
hits can kill you even at full health. You won't even know what hit you. It's 
for this reason you may not want to use your grapple attack- she can hit you 
while you're trying to get close enough to get her in range.

Once you're done in here, head on over to the west and go after Guan Ping.
He's not very tough here, but don't get careless. About the time you take
down Guan Ping, Zhuge Liang will call out his reserve units to take the
river bases. This is where it gets hectic. If you want the second target,
run like a madman to each of the bases and fight your hardest to beat them
quickly. I gotta admit, though- sometimes it's just too much and you won't
get to them in time. If you're fast (and a little lucky) you can do it, but
it's not too important.

There's a chance you can get Wei Yan to defect to your side in this battle. 
But, to be honest, I think it's better if he doesn't defect. He really 
doesn't help out much, and once he reaches Liu Bei, he'll switch back to Shu.
But when he does, he'll be pissed of at you and be more powerful than before.
Liu Bei's main camp is already a tough nut to crack- you don't need Wei Yan
around making things even tougher. If you let him wander by himself into Cao
Pi's base, Cao Pi will most likely defeat him. You can't defeat him yourself-
he'll just defect when he sees you. If he does defect, though, it's not a
huge deal. It will just ultimately make things harder.

Once you return from defending the river bases, find yourself some health and
heal if you need to. Go to the bottom of the map and take out any officers
along the way. Save if you haven't done so already. Brace yourself for what
I think is the toughest part of Sima Yi's musou campaign- taking down Liu Bei
for the last time. Head on towards his main camp. By now, some of your 
allies are in there fighting. Be thankful for that. If you can, get yourself 
some war armor and a war axe power up from a bannerman before entering.

Once you enter, run in and wait for some of the enemy officers to chase you.
Run out of the base and take them out on the outside. This way, you don't 
have to deal with as many soldiers. Once this strategy isn't working very
well, head on in and take down Zhuge Liang. If you're fast and blow right 
past Liu Bei, he may not chase after you, giving you a chance to fight Zhuge 
Liang on his own. He's not too tough, but by now you're probably hurting, so 
take care. After that, do whatever you have to do to defeat Liu Bei.

Defeat him, and you'll be victorious! The chaos is over, and Wei has won the
land. Surely peace will reign! Or so Cao Cao would like to think. However,
our hero, Sima Yi, clearly has other plans...




-Open Xu Chang Inner Gate in 10 min - 375 Exp.
-Enemy forces do not enter Sima Yi's main camp - 375 Exp.
-None of your units withdraw - 375 Exp.


This is a pretty straightforward battle. The first two targets will happen
for you as long as you play well, but that last one is really difficult to
achieve. It's not even worth that much experience, either. Feel free to ignore
it if you want.

Get moving to the main gate and lay into the Defense Captains. Take them out
as quickly as you can. By now, there's probably a ladder on the side of the
wall. Climb up and take out the ballistas. Head back down and take out any
officers that are attacking. Your officers should be able to take the gate
down on their own now, so head back up the wall and take down the two watch
posts on the side to give your troops some much needed morale. 

Once the gate breaks down, follow your troops in. Cao Cao will blow the city
to hell at this point. You'll lose health while you're between the Outer Gate
and Inner Gate- your meter will drain down to about 60%. The officers in here
are tough. If you're not at a high enough level, you probably won't win here.
Cao Ren is a defensive tank, and Xiahou Dun packs quite a punch. Pull out all
the stops and fight hard. If you find any power ups, take them. Once you're
done, run to the right side of the inner gate and look for the urn. There's
some health in here that you need. If all the officers are defeated here, 
then your troops will be alright without you. Climb up the wall if there's a
ladder and take down the remaining two watchposts if you want some more morale.

Once the gate breaks down, follow your troops inside and get busy. Xiahou
Yuan's pretty tough.  Once you're done here, go after Cao Pi who should have
appeared by now. Whomp him and his wife. If you're low on health, grab some
and head for Cao Cao's main camp. Hopefully your allies have gotten the 
attack started for you. Go in and give your former boss the beat down you've 
been wanting to since you started working for him. He's no slouch though, so 
don't let your guard down.

Once Cao Cao's down, that's it! You've beaten Sima Yi's musou campaign! Enjoy
watching Sima Yi kill Cao Cao and the ending!






Eradication Claws- Standard weapon. 

Necrosis Claws- Skill weapon.

Anguish Claws- Strength weapon.

In my opinion, the type of weapon doesn't really matter too much with Sima Yi.
Go for the Anguish Claws if you can, but it's no big deal. Far more important
are the attributes of the weapon, as explained before. Once again, try to go
for true musou, mystic seal, balance, and above all flash. NEVER use a weapon
with berserk- you'll die much too quickly. 



Original Outfit- Sima Yi wears a blue robe and a strange shaped hat. It looks
                 like a bowling pin.! :D He kind of looks like some sort of
                 ghost or spirit.

Alternate Outfit- Pretty much the same as the other, except with a white and
                  green robe. Koei never put a whole lot of creativity into
                  designing alternate outfits, sadly.



Life: 932
Musou: 974
Attack: 941
Defense: 956




-Very fun to use and watch in battle.
-Great crowd clearing ability.
-Powerful musou attacks.
-Fantastic charge grapple attack, especially when paired with a weapon with
-Great charge attacks with third and infinite renbu. Those ice clouds help a
-Unique moveset, not a clone.


-Somewhat lacking attack range.
-Low life meter. He doesn't get too many health upgrades in his skill tree.
-Jump Charge Attack isn't as useful as with other characters.
-Somewhat low maxed out stats at Level 50.
-His voice is different from Dynasty Warriors 5! Agghh! Damn, Koei! Why?






I wrote this guide by myself, but as always, there are few people that come 
to mind:

You, the reader- For reading this guide. I hope you enjoyed it, and thanks 
                 for being a fan of these games!

Koei and Omega Force- For making this game. Props on a job well done! But
                      please, bring back Jiang Wei...!

CJayC- For running and creating GameFAQs. It must take a lot of work. Here's
       to you! The gaming community is so much better because of your 

Breaking Benjamin, Hinder, 
Bullet for my Valentine, 
and Manfred Mann- For providing music as I wrote this.

Sarah, my ex-girlfriend- For introducing me to Dynasty Warriors series.

Members of the GameFAQS Dynasty 
Warriors 6 message board- I can't remember any names, but for various tidbits
                          here and there. Big props goes out to whoever it 
                          was that made the post I read about the importance 
                          of flash.

Wikipedia- For providing me with information on the real Sima Yi.

www.microspell.com- For having such a great site for easily spell checking
                    this guide! Thanks a ton.

Sima Yi- For being such a genius and kicking ass about 1800 years ago.



What did you think of this guide? Liked it? Hated it? Found it useful? Know
something I don't? Printed it out just so you could wipe your ass with it?
Let me know. I plan on updating this guide, so I would appreciate it!


Get in touch with me at that email address. Just make sure you remove the
(rotinhellspammers!) before sending me something. And make sure it's in ENGLISH.




Well, that's it for me. Have yourself some fun and use Sima Yi in challenge
mode, huh? Nothing's better than the blissful destruction of mindless
fools in rampage.

My final purpose in writing this guide was to make using Sima Yi more
enjoyable. I hope I helped you have more fun with Sima Yi!

I'm outta here! Thanks for reading! And remember Sima Yi's immortal words:

"The mind shall vanquish the sword!"

Yours Truly,


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