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Guide and Walkthrough by lordyuanshu

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/09/2008

Dynasty Warriors 6


a) Updates
b) Introduction
c) Stage Walkthroughs
d) Character Musou Mode list
e) Ending

a) Updates
April 2008 - Am putting the website version of the walkthrough into a txt file.
The stage and character walkthroughs were finished up in early March 2008.  

b) Introduction

This walkthrough FAQ is for Dynasty Warriors 6 (PS3).  This FAQ can be viewed
with Dynasty Warriors 6 pictures at www.lordyuanshu.com.  Also, this 
walkthrough FAQ may not be changed, redistributed, plagiarized, and so on.  If
you would like to host the FAQ give me an email and we will talk, but for the 
time being it will only be on lordyuanshu.com and Gamefaqs

c) Stage Walkthroughs

--The Yellow Turban Rebellion--
Han Forces Scenario - * Difficulty
Target 1 - Lower drawbridge in 5 minutes
Target 2 - Defeat Zhang Liang and Zhang Man Cheng and stop the dust within 15
Target 3 - Win within 20 minutes and have Huangfu Song and Zhu Jun in the
Turban Main Camp.  
Strategy - You're likely to start off on the right side, near a gate and the
illustrious Guan Hai.  Quickly defeat him and there will be a base to take.
As you check out Target 1 you'll see that from the east base you just took
over, you can jump down and be just north of the drawbridge.  Deng Mao is by
there, but defeat him and attack the drawbridge to lower it.  Target 1
Once you drop the drawbridge, your forces will run through the center.
Unfortunately the enemy is concentrated heavily in the center as well so expect
Gao Sheng and Huang Shao to come by to attack you quickly.  Liu Pi and Bo Zhang
are north of here in the center enemy base and stay stationary.  Chances are by
this time Cheng Yuanzhi and that west base should be taken over by Cao Cao and
You can take the northeast or northwest route at this point, but I tend to go
northeast for Sun Zhong and Zhang Yan.  This route, you'll face Yu Fuluo and
Zhang Man Cheng, who sets off a fire trap.  He's a difficult one and if you get
too close to the machines you'll get burned.   
This will stop the machines but you still have Zhang Liang to get rid of on the
other side.  More officers (Ma Yuanyi and Yan Zheng, then Zhang Bao and Liao
Hua) to get rid of and then look for a pot south of Zhang Bao's spot.  Destroy
it, and then go to Zhang Liang's side to kill him and destroy that pot too.
The dust should subside.
Zhang Jiao is in the far north, but wait for Huangfu Song and Zhu Jun before
defeating him.  
Overall, this is one of my favorite early levels for leveling up Free Mode
characters as there is much less risk than if you were to do Hu Lao with Lu

--Battle of Hu Lao Gate--
Allied Forces Scenario - * Difficulty
Target 1 - Take Central Watchpost and Northeast Watchpost in ten minutes.
Target 2 - Open Hu Lao Gate North or Hu Lao Gate South in 15 minutes.
Target 3 - Defeat Lu Bu.  
Strategy - First off, if you're just starting a Musou mode with a fresh
character you can forget about Target 3.  You need well built up character
(20's in level at least) to contend with Lu Bu especially on harder
difficulties.  Starting off it's impossible to do damage to him and even once
you are able to, only the Renbu / Charge attack does a good job of keeping him
off balance.  Of course all bets are off if you have a really good horse - you
can just trample Lu Bu to his death regardless of your character's level then. 
Anyway, onto the fight.  You'll be in the southwest starting off either way,
but either through the northeast or southeast path.  The southeast will take
you through Li Jue, Li Su and Guo Si while the northeast has Wei Xu, Li Meng,
Li Ru and Gao Shun.  Since the northeast path goes through more officers and
wraps around faster I tend to take that more often.  
After you take out Gao Shun you'll want to look for that first watchtower -
kill some archers there to take it over quick and continue north.  Your first
real challenge is the base where Fan Chou / Jia Xu / Zhang Liao meet you.
Since Zhang Liao is the last of those generals to come out be wary of him
because he can kill you quick if you're not watching.  
Fortunately once that trio is gone the coast is almost clear to Hu Lao Gate.
Take out the northeast watchtower and target 1 will be finished.  Hu Lao Gate
is in the northwest and you'll see Wang Fang and Niu Fu guarding the walls
with a bunch of Defense Captains.  You'll need to clear all these guys out and
the Defense Captains keep coming from the other side.  Also there are
Ballistas on the walls and you can get at them via ladders (climb up them and
destroy the ballistas on top of the gates so that you can lay siege to the
castle.  While you're doing this, Hu Che Er and Dong Cheng jump over to attack
you.  Zhang Ji a little later also.
Eventually you'll break through either the north or south Hu Lao Gate,
hopefully within 15 minutes for Target 2.  At this time, Lu Bu comes out!
If you don't have a built up character or horse, especially on harder
difficulties, you will die.  So head in and look for Wang Yun and Diao Chan in
the north.  Then there is a bunch of generals in the center before Dong Zhuo
like Hou Cheng, Zang Ba, and Dong Min.  Finally, Song Xian, Hu Zhen and Dong
Zhuo in the final base.  
A couple things to note about Lu Bu.  Once you breech Hu Lao Gate and then
begin attacking Dong Zhuo, he'll call Lu Bu to his side.  You'll need to hurry
to take out Dong Zhuo at this point because Lu Bu makes this situation very
What's worse is that if you attack Dong Zhuo before Hu Lao Gate is taken down,
he'll call Lu Bu to his side and Lu Bu will appear RIGHT by Dong Zhuo.  So you
won't get a chance to kill him quick because Lu Bu will be on top of you.
Which case you'll have to flee and take Hu Lao Gate down and hope Lu Bu gets
distracted away from Dong Zhuo.  Keeping in mind Dong Zhuo is no slouch
In summary this is an exciting battle but much more difficult than the one *
it gets, mostly because of the Lu Bu variable - chances are, starting off
you'll die here if you aren't quick as Lu Bu will find you.

Lu Bu's Forces Scenario - ****** Difficulty
Target 1 - Defeat Liu Bei, Sun Quan, Dong Zhuo, Yuan Shao and Zhang Jiao in 15
Target 2 - Do not allow Hu Lao Gate North or Hu Lao Gate South to be breeched.
Target 3 - None of your units withdraw
Strategy - Okay, this is Lu Bu's final musou mode stage and the ultimate in
his quest to kill as many officers as possible at once.  All of his enemies
have gotten tired of being destroyed by him so they are all teaming up.  This
is not just the playable characters.  This is Liu Biao, Kong Rong, Wang Lang,
Yuan Shu, Tao Qian, Liu Zhang, etc.  
There is not much for strategy.  Lu Bu should be built up well by this time
in the musou mode (and make sure you use a very well built up character if
you're doing this in Free Mode).  Basically there are 40 or so officers as you
make your way clockwise this time around Hu Lao Gate's stage.  Make note to
kill Liu Bei / Sun Quan / Dong Zhuo / Yuan Shao / Zhang Jiao within 15 minutes
for that first target.  As far as your troops withdrawing, so long as you're
killing officers fast enough you should be able to not worry about this.  
The biggest trick is on you, at the very end.  Every enemy reappears and
you've got to defeat them all a second time!  This part can be annoying
because of the slowdown but it's still amusing nonetheless.   

--Battle of Xia Pi--
Cao Cao's Forces Scenario - ** Difficulty
Target 1 - Open Xia Pi south or west gate within 5 minutes.
Target 2 - Take all bases in Xia Pi Castle within 15 minutes.
Target 3 - Within 10 minutes defeat Diao Chan and Zhang Liao.
Strategy - Starting off, I tend to go north to take out Gao Shun quick, and
then proceed east.  Most of the enemy officers take this route, like Cao Xing,
Song Xian, Zang Ba, and Hou Cheng a little more to the northeast.  Hou Cheng
is stationary though so it may take a bit to get to him, plus Zhang Liao and
Zhang Hu pop up too and charge the center base.  

Once the floodgates are lifted you can just go on in, but Yuan Shu will come
to support Lu Bu now.  He comes with a ton of officers - Liang Gang, Li Feng,
Yue Jiu, Chen Lan, Lei Bo, Ji Ling, Qiao Rui, Yuan Yao, Yuan Yin, Zhang Xun,
Chen Ji and of course himself.  Liang Gang will go after your main base
(sometimes more officers do too) and most of the others just attack the far
south base.  Go there and you can kill a ton of Yuan Shu's officers right
then and there.

Unfortunately about this time Lu Bu will rush your own main camp!  He'll
bring along Yin Li, Wang Jie, Xu Si, Diao Chan and whoever else is around.
Take out Diao Chan and rush to Lu Bu's base to secure it.   Unless you're
close to his camp - if so just go take it and the surrounding bases and then
rush to Lu Bu before he takes your main camp over.  Again, remember to take
all the Xia Pi bases for Target 2 (within 15 mins) and defeat Zhang Liao and
then Diao Chan within 10 minutes for Target 3.  

After taking his base, Lu Bu's morale will go down and you'll be able to
actually harm him.  But when you defeat Diao Chan his morale will go up for
a bit as he goes crazy.  You may wish to stay on your horse and trample him
for a bit but to finish him off you might as well get on the ground, use
your special and wail away.  

Sun Jian's Forces Scenario - *** Difficulty
Target 1 - Sun Ce, Sun Quan and Zhou Yu do not withdraw.
Target 2 - Enemy forces do not enter Sun Jian's Main Camp.
Target 3 - Secure 6 or more enemy bases in 15 minutes.  
Strategy - This is the hardest version of Xia Pi Castle and is exclusive to
Sun Jian's musou.  There aren't as many officers attacking initially but
you'll still want to take out Gao Shun and Wei Xu as you work on the nearby
bases, and then Hou Cheng to the northeast.  

After a short while you'll hear about enemy reinforcements and it's Yuan Shu
again with his friends (Lei Bo, Li Feng, Liang Gang, Qiao Rui, Yuan Yao, Ji
Ling, Zhang Xun, Yuan Yin).  You'll need to prevent them from entering your
main camp if you want Target 2.  

Once Yuan Shu's forces are wiped out you can focus on the siege of Xia Pi
Castle.  Chen Gong and Wang Jie are on the west gate interior while Zhang
Hu and Zhang Liao defend the south.  Unfortunately at this point Lu Bu will
just charge out after you and go even more insane once you kill Diao Chan.
The idea is to coax Lu Bu from his main camp, then take the main camp to
destroy his morale.  At this point you can begin to do decent damage against
Lu Bu especially with your charge attacks.  

Lu Bu's Forces Scenario - * Difficulty
Target 1 - Lead Diao Chan and Zhang Liao inside Xia Pi Castle within 10
Target 2 - After defeating Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, take Liu Bei's Main Camp.
Target 3 - Within 15 minutes, defeat 10 officers.
Strategy - Note that despite the * difficulty it's more like a ** or ***
because Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Liu Bei are powered up, and all can make
short work of a non leveled up character.  A good steed trampling session
goes a long way if you have good ones.  

A good amount of Liu Bei's officers are right on top of you, with Cao Bao
to the north and Chen Dao, Liu Pi, Sun Qian, Mi Fang and Mi Zhu coming from
the northeast / southeast.  Once you have this initial wave cleared you'll
have to be careful in ousting Guan Yu to the north.  

Now you can begin the siege on Xia Pi Castle.  Clear the officers like Liu
Feng, Chen Deng and Chen Gui around the castle but you'll notice Hou Jin
and Chen Shi jump from the top of the castle onto you as well.  Try to get
a gate open as fast as you can to make sure you get Zhang Liao and Diao
Chan in the castle within 10 minutes.  Then you can focus on the rest of
the officers but watch out as Zhang Fei will hunt you down soon enough.
He's a good officer to save before fighting with his powerful blows.  Chen
Qun, Jian Yong and Liao Hua are the last remnants of Liu Bei's army.  Just
remember to take Liu Bei's Main Camp for target number 2 before you take
out Liu Bei. 

--Conquest of Wu--
Sun Ce's Forces Scenario - * Difficulty
Target 1 - Sun Quan and Zhou Tai do not withdraw.
Target 2 - Score 500 or more K.O.'s in 10 minutes.
Target 3 - Take North Camp and South Watchpost in 10 minutes.
Strategy - This is probably my favorite * difficulty stage for starting
off new characters (building up Free Mode characters).  There really is
not much risk of difficult officers besides Taishi Ci and he's not exactly
Lu Bu either.  Yuan Shu provides enemy reinforcements but half the time he
dies before I even get to him.
Generally you start in the southeast, which case I usually jump in with a
horse and surprise Yan Baihu and Yan Yu, kill them, and take their base.
Then generally Zhang Ying in the northeast is left for your allies to
defeat while Xue Li, Ou Xing, Dong Xi and Chen Heng are mopped up by you.
Also, take the southwest watchpost when you get a chance.
Sure enough Yuan Shu comes as reinforcements with his massive army of Yuan
Yin, Yuan Yao, Liu Xun, Yan Xiang, Ji Ling, Li Feng, Zhang Xun, Lei Bo,
Chen Lan and himself Yuan Shu.  Fortunately the Shu army comes as backup
for your army.  You may wish to go over here because you need to take the
North Camp base within 10 minutes for Target 3. 
Once they are dealt with (or you can ignore them and let Shu deal with it for
now) go west towards Zhou Xin's base.   Yu Mi is north of there and then
Taishi Ci and Taishi Xiang even further north.  Taishi Ci is the biggest issue
on this stage, as his defense is up really high and if he gets a few attacks
in on you he'll be doing massive damage.  Making matters worse Taishi Xiang
does a good job of backing him up so make sure you have allies with you.  You
may wish to take out Wang Lang in the west first to clear up some of your
Now depending on what's happening with Yuan Shu you can either go back and
clear out his forces (plus Ji Ling's and Yuan Yin's) or you can take out Liu
Yong / Yu Fan in the northwest.  Yuan Shu is dangerously just because of the
sheer amount of officers surrounding him, and because of his lightning arrow

--Campaign Against Yuan Shu--
Liu Bei's Forces Scenario - ** Difficulty
Target 1 - Take South Watchpost in 10 minutes.
Target 2 - Defeat 7 or more enemy units in 15 minutes.
Target 3 - At least 9 of your units survive until Yuan Shu's Main Camp is
Strategy - As you can tell, this stage is extremely similar to the DW6
Conquest of Wu stage.  This time though you are Liu Bei's forces moving on
Yuan Shu's massive army, starting off in the northeast part of the stage.
Generally I take the high road going south along the east wall.  The nearby
Peasants along the mountaintop will join you.  They will tell you of Yuan
Shu's behavior.  Keep riding south - you can jump down and take out Zhang Xun
but I just keep going south to Yu She and Hua Xin.  Soon you will get word of
reinforcements to the southeast.  Depending on how fast you took care of the
two officers listed above, you may have time to hurry to the South Watchpost
to take that quick to get Target 1 completed.  You'll need a fast horse to get
there by the time the reinforcements arive, and I generally jump down and take
out Yang Hong along the way back.
For those reinforcements, you will see Li Feng first, then Lei Bo then Yue
Jiu.  You'll want to ride back and take out this new wave.  Fortunately you
get some support in the southwest in Sun Ce, Zhou Yu and the Wu Forces.  They
can be left alone with Chen Lan and Yang Hong if you left those two alive.
Once the enemy reinforcements are cleared the enemy is then on the defensive
and you can systematically make your way to Yuan Shu's main camp.  Yang Feng
and Yuan Yin are in the central base while Yuan Yao occupies the west-most
one.  Not much else to do but take out Liu Xun in front of the main camp, and
then Han Xian and whoever else Yuan Shu has in there besides himself.  Careful
of his lightning arrows though.    

--Battle of Guan Du--
Cao Cao's Forces Scenario - ** Difficulty
Target 1 - Defeat Wen Chou or Yan Liang
Target 2 - Do not allow Guan Du West Gate or Guan Du East Gate to be breached.
Target 3 - Yan Jin Fort and Bai Ma Fort do not fall
Strategy - Unlocking Yuan Shao requires you to complete all three targets, but
this is a tall task especially target 3.  You will need a character built up a
bit, especially on harder difficulties, and you'll need to be able to quickly
dispatch the rush of officers to Bai Ma and then Yan Jin.  If you take too
long one of the forts will fall and target 3 will be failed.  Again, if you
don't have a built up character you'll find this very hard, and probably
impossible if you don't have a fast horse.  
Initially I like to take a big horse jump off the north cliff and go to Bai Ma
(eastern fort of the two).  Shen Pei and Xun Chen should just be breaking down
the north base door, so take them out.  Unless you can kill Xun Chen / Shen
Pei really quick, you're likely to see them burn the base and by the time
you're done with them, Yuan Tan runs in from the north.  Like a lot of enemies
in this level, Yuan Tan's defense and attack is boosted.  Thus, it'll be hard
to make short work of him, but try to get rid of him fast because Yuan Shang
will be closing in on you, and then Yan Liang and his crew of Chen Zen and Yan
Rou.  Ideally you have Yuan Shang taken out before the latter group rides in,
but it all depends on how built up your character is and how long it takes you
to oust officers. Yan Liang is the once with the burning flame aura around his
character - be wary of him because he's powered up well.  
Hopefully by the time you defeat him, Yan Jin to the west is still up.  If you
can manage to defeat the officers one by one in optimal time you should ride
over to Yan Jin just a little before Yuan Xi / Wen Chou come in.  Han Meng and
Wang Xiu should be attacking the base - I generally have 50-100 soldiers left
in Yan Jin depending on how long it took me to get there.  Quickly clear these
officers out, grab some health, and go NORTH of the base.  The longer you can
hold the enemy out of Yan Jin the more soldiers will build up there - if you
end up fighting Yuan Xi and ultimately Wen Chou in there, you'll lose soldiers
quick and then the base will go.  Worse yet, even if you're outside Wen Chou
often times just rides past you into the base.  So, make sure you take out
Yuan Xi before Wen Chou gets there because then you can focus on Wen Chou
riding in with his horse to get him off of it.  Wen Chou has two other brutes
with him in Lu Xiang and Lu Kuang so it's a great place to save if the
situation gets bad.
With Wen Chou and Yan Liang dead, things definitely turn your way but you're
not out of the woods yet.  Gao Lan generally attacks Yan Jin if the base
doesn't fall earlier (otherwise he'll attack Bai Ma).  He also is powered up
defensively so it'll require lots of hits, but make it quick.  The other
variable in this battle is Target 2, because I generally don't have time to
deal with the south officers so I ignore that issue and go towards Wu Chao in
the northwest.  Along the way you'll see Cui Yan make his way south (with the
intention of attacking Yan Jin's south gate).  You want to leave Yan Jin and
Bai Ma untouched for as long as possible, so do so and make your way to the
At some point Yuan Shao will take his army out of Wu Chao with the intention
of moving on Guan Du.  This is when you get your horse and jump into Wu Chao,
surprising Chunyu Qiong so he's an easy kill.  Then begin taking out corporals
until Lu Wei Kuang comes, and soon enough you'll have Wu Chao burnt.  If you
saved Yan Jin and Bai Ma, you'll notice Zhen Ji appears east of Wu Chao.
Likewise if you lost one of the two you'll find Zhen Ji appear south of Wu
Chao (near Cui Yan).  Take her out either way.
After the Wu Chao fire attack, you'll notice some generals like Xu You, Gao
Lan (if alive) and Zhang He will join Cao Cao's Forces.  Some of them don't
if you take too long but if you have Yan Jin and Bai Ma saved, you definitely
didn't take too long.  The last thing to do is take out Yuan Shao and his
surrounding generals like Guo Tu, Ju Shou, Chen Lin, Liu Bao, Feng Ji and
Tian Feng.  Again, you absolutely do not want Guan Du West or Guan Du East
Gate to fall so you must make haste in killing these generals, as the lower
Guan Du gates surely have had enemies pounding on them for a while as is.  
Lu Bu's Forces Scenario - ** Difficulty
Target 1 - Take Yan Jin Fort and Bai Ma Fort in 15 minutes.
Target 2 - Take Wu Chao Camp and Guan Du Castle
Target 3 - Score 1,000 or more K.O.'s
Strategy - Okay, the only timed thing is taking Bai Ma and Yan Jin within 15
minutes.  Not a difficult task.  
The layout is different than with Cao Cao's forces as Chunyu Qiong and Lu Wei
Kuang start of just north of you.  Xun Chen is around here for Yuan Shao, as
is Jia Xu for Cao Cao.  Once the area is cleared, you might as well head to
the nearby Yan Jin base.  Xiahou Yuan, Wen Chou, Yan Liang, Xu Huang, plus
many other generals eventually congregate here.  You can really slaughter a
lot of enemies without having to go too far!  Of course if your character is
having problems you should probably back off a bit and let the enemies come to
you in smaller packs outside the base.  But if you can handle it, you'll see a
clear stage after the dust settles.
Plus, you have to seal Yan Jin fort anyway.  After that, get Bai Ma and then
head to Yuan Shao's Main Camp.  Along with Cao Cao's Main Camp you'll need to
capture Yuan Shao's, and then take his head.  As usual his ballista bolt
volley musou will bug you but if you let it run out, you should have no
trouble taking him out afterwards.  If you cleared out the west enemies and
the ones at Yan Jin, you probably have some support with Lu Bu or some of his
This leaves Cao Cao, who tends to take refuge in the southeast base.  Don't
forget to take Cao Cao's Main Camp to ensure Target 2.  Target 3 is easy to
get in this stage with all the enemy officers, especially once you get into
Yan Jin base and fight 10+ officers in succession.   

--Invasion of Xu Chang--
Sun Ce's Forces Scenario - ** Difficulty
Target 1 - Open Xu Chang Main Gate within 5 minutes.
Target 2 - Take West Fort and Palace West Post within 5 minutes.
Target 3 - Take all watchposts in 10 minutes
Strategy - The timed targets can be very difficult to reach.  It's generally
one or the other, because to aid the Main Gate siege you have to stick around
and clear the area, while the West Fort and Palace West Post bases are in the
northwest and require some time to get to. 
You may wish to decide your route based on where you character starts off.
Using someone like Sun Quan puts you to the left by Chen Qun and the West
Fort.  The West Fort looks like slim pickings but Cao Zhen appears to slow
you down.  From here you can go ahead and head east, north a little, then
east again.  You're trying to get further in the castle so you can take the
Palace West Post within 5 minutes for Target 2.  Once you quickly take this
(it'll probably get taken back at some point since it's so deep into enemy
territory), hurry back to the Xu Chang Main Gate to clear up the enemy
officers and aid the siege.  If you have a fast horse, you should be able to
rush back there and defeat against Defense Captains messing with your siege
Before taking out the Watchposts for Target 3, dispatch the center officers
like Song Xian, Cao Xiu, Chen Jiao, Yang Xiu, Bian Xi and Cao Hong.  If a
decent horse is at your disposal, riding around and up the stairs to get the
Watchposts for Target 3.  
Not much else at this point besides Cao Chun / Chen Deng.  Though if you
can't get to Xun Yu fast enough, Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan, Dian Man, Yu Jin,
Yue Jin, Han Hao and some subgenerals come as reinforcements to the south.
It's your choice to go down there and take care of them or not.  
Chen Gui and Dong Zhao are at the Xu Chang Main Camp with Xun Yu.  Xun Yu
can use the rockfalls but doesn't provide much else for resistance.  
Lu Bu's Forces Scenario - ****** Difficulty
Target 1 - Xu Zhu, Cao Pi, Zhen Ji, Cao Ren must be defeated in 15 minutes.
Target 2 - Enemy forces do not enter Lu Bu's Main Camp.
Target 3 - Player maintains 50% of life meter.
Strategy - This battle is really no different than the last one under Sun
Ce's Forces, except it's a ****** difficulty instead of ** stars.  Also,
instead of fighting a bunch of generic generals you are stuck with many of
Wei's best ones.  
Cao Ren begins just north of you with Cao Chun.  I tend to kill those two
quick and then focus on the west route (or you can stay and espediate the
siege process).  Han Hao and Cao Zhen slow you a bit if you go west, but then
you can go to the base just north of there and then east to enter Xu Chang. 
Guo Jia and Cao Xiu ambush you along the west path (Kong Rong and Cao Hong
are up there in the base too).  As you head east into Xu Chang, you'll meet
Jia Xu, and then Man Chong, Bian Xi, Zhu Ling, Chen Qun and Xiahou Yuan.
Chances are you'll get the Xu Chang on fire scene coming up soon, or maybe
earlier if you took the gate down earlier.  
Through the second gate is where some of the tougher officers like Zhen Ji,
Cao Pi and Xu Zhu are.  Again, you can enter from the sides instead of
waiting for the siege of the front gates.  These generals are clumped together
so it may be difficult to beat them all (or you may save time by defeating
them all at once).  Just north of here is Xun Yu, and then Yue Jin in the base
east of here.
Around this time, the reinforcements for Cao Cao will come in Jiang Gan and
Cheng Yu in the southeast.  You'll want to get after them so they don't get
into your base and ruin Target 2.  Sometimes though they'll head into Xu Chang
to encounter you there.  Still, you'll have to watch for the northern forces
you haven't messed with yet, as Dian Man and Liu Ye make an assault on the
west fort and eventually head south.  Meanwhile Yu Jin should still be around
protecting a base - other than that it should just be Cao Cao.  As you get
near his throne room, Xiahou Dun appears.  He is on fire and is dangerous both
with his attacks and his defense prolongs the battle.  Fighting Cao Cao (or
anyone at Xu Chang) is annoying in those closed quarters, plus you'll probably
have 1000 allies fighting him too at the same time to help clutter things.  
Sima Yi's Forces Scenario - ****** Difficulty
Target 1 - Open Xu Chang Inner Gate in 10 minutes.
Target 2 - Enemy forces do not enter Sima Yi's Main Camp.
Target 3 - None of your units withdraw
Strategy - As you will be able to see, this is not all that different from Lu
Bu's battle against Cao Cao.  Begin siege on Xu Chang but watch out for Li
Dian, Yue Jin and Dong Zhao ambushing you from above.  Take off to the west
for the base with Yu Jin.
Begin heading east to mop up the enemies in the first area of Xu Chang.  Xin
Pi, Xu Yi, Cao Ren, Xiahou Mao and Xiahou Dun greet you.  Wen Pin, Xu Shu and
Cao Zhen come later from above.  The only way to achieve Target 1 is to defeat
all of these officers first to clear the area for the siege weapons.  
Through the gate you'll find Cheng Yu, Cao Hong, Xiahou He, Xiahou Yuan and a
few reinforcements come in the west and then east in Jiang Gan and Wen Qin.  
More tough officers to go through as Cao Pi emerges in the north with Zhen Ji,
Dian Man, Lu Qian, and then Man Chong just west in the base.  Might want to
take the base first and Man Chong, but the other generals will trickle down to
that area quick.  Fortunately this is one of the last waves of enemies.
To the east is a Cao Rui led base and to the north is Cao Zhang.  You probably
won't have to worry about him.  After going up the stairs you'll come across
Liu Ye around the corner.  All let's that for Sima Yi is to conquer Xu Zhu and
Cao Cao.   

--Battle of Chang Ban--
Cao Cao's Forces Scenario - *** Difficulty
Target 1 - Score 300 or more K.O.s.
Target 2 - Defeat Zhang Fei.
Target 3 - Do not attack the Refugees.
Strategy - This has always been a terribly annoying level for Wei.  In this
one it might be worse since Liu Bei will not stop for you unless you kill the
Refugees (thus forfeiting Target 3).  Liu Bei runs straight to the docks and
if you attack him do your best to keep him in front of you so he doesn't roll
away and keep running.  It goes without saying that a solid horse is a must.
If you don't have a horse you will be in a world of trouble and you'll
probably have to just go straight to Liu Bei and hunt him down.
You'll start in the northeast, but start riding west, south, and then east
towards Liao Hua.  This is the route you need to take.  Defeat him and keep
riding east (ignore the Peasant Captain).  Eventually you'll hook around back
west once you go south a little, bringing you by Jian Yong.  
West of here and a little south is Zhang Fei.  He blocks this bridge and he's
an absolute chore to take out.  Like Lu Bu at Hulao Gate, if you don't have a
sufficiently built up character you'll stand no shot.  Of course you could
horse trample Zhang Fei if you have a good enough horse.  But he's very
dangerous with his high attack and defense.  Making matters worse, he'll
accidentally hop off the river sometimes.  
After Zhang Fei go south and you'll come to Yi Ji and Hu Ban.  Might want to
ignore them unless you're making really good time, as you still need to go
south to clear Guan Yu's base with Chen Zhen, Chen Dao and Ma Liang also
there.  Hopefully at this point, Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang are still a decent
amount east of you.  
Han Hao and Li Dian are the last line of defense for Liu Bei.  If that part
of your army is in trouble go help out, because stopping Liu Bei and his
massive army is hard to do by yourself as Liu Bei runs away from you and the
others peg you.  Mi Fang, Zhou Cang, Zhuge Jun, Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei are
the 5 officers down here.  If you mess with the subgenerals even for a little
bit you'll be surprised how far Liu Bei gets from you.  So either save towards
the end or don't risk that rat Liu Bei fleeing!
Liu Bei's Forces Scenario - ** Difficulty
Target 1 - Score 300 or more K.O.'s. 
Target 2 - At least 2 groups of Refugees reach the docks.
Target 3 - All Refugees reach the dock.
Strategy - As you can see for the Shu side, getting the Refugees to the dock
is of vital importance.  If they are all wiped out, you lose.  On harder
difficulties you have to be very quick in saving the Refugees as they don't
last long unattended.  
You start off in the northeast corner generally (not the far far northeast
corner but in that area) and you'll be by Cao Hong, Han Hao and Yue Jin just
to the southwest.  
As you get on the raised area and are going west, you'll see Liu Yan and
Xiahou Ba to the west with Zhang He farther down as well.  Notice the other
enemy units around the map - some like Xun Yu and Yue Jin are attacking
Refugee units, so if you want Target 3 to be completed you'll have to
sidetrack and ensure their survival.  
Eventually Cai Mao, Xiahou En, Xiahou Shang, Xun You and Xiahou Dun appear in
the far southeast.  This is a huge force and one that is in the direct path of
Liu Bei and his main entourage.  Thus you'll want to clear it quickly as
pursuers from behind will be pushing as well.  Defeating this group and taking
this base is a big step in opening up the final path to the docks.
Hopefully it's too late, but Jiang Gan, Wen Pin, Li Dian and Zhang Liao appear
to the north, then Cao Cao's main forces come by to the west, with Cao Cao
himself heading a group with Jia Kui, Cao Zhang and Cheng Yu.  Defeating Cao
Cao does not net you victory in this one but he is the last group of
reinforcements - you then need to escort any remaining Refugees to the docks.   

--Battle of Chi Bi--
Cao Cao's Forces Scenario - *** Difficulty
Target 1 - Take West Watchpost in 5 minutes.
Target 2 - Take North Fort and East Fort in 10 minutes
Target 3 - Player maintains 70% of Life
Strategy - These targets involving sustaining your Life level can be annoying
and this one is no different.  Unless you have a character built up well past
the normal level in which you'd play this stage (think level 10-15) you
probably won't be able to achieve it, unless you are good and / or
conservative.  Completely task 1 and 2 can be difficult without a quick horse
to go from one side of the stage to the other.
The watchpost in the southwest is your first destination.  Xue Zong and Xu
Sheng will have to be taken out first, and then you'll have to ring the
glowing green gong on the southmost ship.  This allows you to reach the
southland and then jump off to the west to swim over to the watchpost.  
Back on the other side Zhu Zhi should be around here.  Now you're either
going to have enough time to go after Zhuge Liang, or you can keep heading
east to the two forts for Target 2.  The former is harder to achieve as Sun
Shao, Lu Meng, Yu Fan, Lu Su, Zhuge Jin and Zhuge Liang are all messing
around up at the altar.  This is a tough group to beat, and you don't really
have all that much time to kill Zhuge Liang.  Even once you do, the fire
attack is still likely to occur.  If you're really making good time and have
a few minutes to go, you can go to the East Fort.  You'll have to be quick
and hope that your allies took the North Fort too (which is likely actually).
Pan Zhang is over by the East Fort, and Ma Zhong, Lu Dai, and Zhou Yu are
just north a bit. 
If you started in the northeast with Pang Tong you could have followed him to
where he defects and then kill him (his defense and such is boosted).  Zhou
Yu and friends would be over here as well.  
Sun Quan's Allied Main Camp is generally abandoned by Sun Quan and his
subgenerals (Han Dang, Quan Zong, Dong Xi and Zhu Ran).  They make an attack
on your base with Lu Fan, Huang Gai, Su Fei and any other Wu survivors.
Fortunately this means you have help once you start to whittle down their
Allied Forces Scenario - *** Difficulty
Target 1 - Huang Gai succeeds in burning Cao Cao's ships.
Target 2 - Take West Barge and Central Barge in 10 minutes.
Target 3 - None of your units withdrawo
Strategy - As with any objectives that involve not having your units
withdraw, you will need to bounce from one place to the next when allies get
in danger.  All while taking the central and west barges within 10 minutes
and making sure Huang Gai doesn't have anyone stopping him from the fire
Generally you'll start in the southeast or south, so taking out Li Dian at
the nearby west base should be your first move.  Zhang Yan, Jia Kui and Xu
Huang then come north of here.  Meanwhile, Zhu Ling, Man Chong and Han Hao
are battling Lu Meng to the west.  Yue Jin also ambushes Zhuge Liang's unit
and you need him alive for the wind prayer (good for morale).  The best
course of action is to take out Li Dian as fast as possible, then go west to
take out the Zhu Ling / Man Chong / Han Hao triumvirate.  At this time Zhang
Yan and Jia Kui are at the south base where Li Dian was.  Take them out and
then race to Zhuge Liang's altar.  
Yue Jin should be here as he ambushes Zhuge Liang.  Xu Huang is probably not
too far behind.  You must do this to protect Zhuge's prayer being interrupted.
If you can get it off fast enough, race into the Wei fleet and take the
central and west barge as you probably won't have another chance to do so
before the 10 minutes is up. 
By the time you finish Huang Gai will be heading to the center via the east
side.  You must aid him here as Jiang Gan and Yu Jin are near the east base,
then as you go west you'll come across Niu Jin, Jia Xu, Chen Qun, Lu Qian and
Xu Zhu.  Huang Gai will run past and burn Wei.
Your morale should be pretty high at this point assuming this has all been
done somewhat fast.  Now take your horse and go up the hill where Pang Tong
defects and jump into the North Fort.  There's probably somebody like Dong
Zhao or Cao Zhen in here.  But quickly get into Wei's fleet to save any
attacking allies like Cheng Pu from Zhang He, who's is one of the few Wei
generals whose morale goes up from the fire.  He's dangerous and he may have
Xu Shu or Cao Hong hanging around him.  
Once the center is cleared you'll have Cai Mao to the east and Jiang Ji / Yang
Xiu to the west.  Cao Zhi is sent to attack you to the east while Xun You, Cao
Zhang and Cao Cao are in Cao Cao's Main Camp.  Not long after your assault,
they'll abandon their main base.  While the 'no units withdraw' target may
seem daunting it's pretty easy so long as you race around early on to save
generals, as once the fire attack happens your morale skyrockets.  
Lu Bu's Forces Scenario
Target 1 - Defeat Cao Cao and Sun Quan in 10 minutes
Target 2 - Defeat Zhuge Liang
Target 3 - None of your units withdraw
Strategy -  Okay this is another wild Lu Bu stage.  Since Zhuge Liang starts
off on the map you'll want to take him out soon.  He doesn't stay on the stage
long.  First though take out the first batch of enemies like Yue Jin and Zhuge
Jin so that your allies can go south a little bit via the east path.  Then go
take out Zhuge Liang.  From there your obvious destinations are the two
leaders since you have 10 minutes to defeat both of them, a tall task
considering you have to race across the stage.  
I tend to jump off to the north after defeating Zhuge Liang and then take out
Cao Cao.  Neither of the rulers are powered up defensively in this battle.
Though if you defeat Cao Cao, Dian Wei gets powered up (assuming he's still
alive).  Likewise if you defeat Sun Quan, Zhou Yu will be powered up if he's
alive.  Thus before taking out Cao Cao you might want to save yourself the
trouble and take out Dian Wei first before he gets powered up.  
After Cao Cao is defeated, Sun Quan will begin to charge the Wei fleet,
especially if the fire attack succeeds.  Zhou Yu will be to the south so you
can take him out before Sun Quan.  Unfortunately that's not enough, you have
to defeat every general.  Just follow your forces to ensure none of them dies,
but they're pretty tough.   

--Pacification of Cheng Du--
Liu Bei's Forces Scenario - *** Difficulty
Target 1 - Take Fu Jiang North Watchpost and Fu Jiang South Watchpost in 10
Target 2 - Take Third Gate, Second Gate and First Gate in 10 minutes
Target 3 - Pang Tong does not withdraw
Strategy - The majority of your army takes the center route going northwest,
but Pang Tong goes west.  You'll need to watch him as when he gets ambushed,
you need to be there.  It's a big morale hit if he goes not to mention Target

Take Gate 1 and then Zhang Yi will be right around the corner.  Then you will
have access to Fu Jiang South Watchpost to the east.  After you take that
you'll see Wu Lan and Fei Guan closing on your army to the northeast, and Fei
Yi / Meng Da in the west base.  By this time your allies probably have taken
Second Gate, which case Gao Pei and Zhuo Ying have appeared.  Take them out
along with Liu Xun nearby.

After the third gate you'll come to Han Sui and a powered up Yan Yan.
Careful here as he can kill you quick.  Deng Xian and Liu Ba are in the next
base but just hurry on towards Pang Tong as you don't have much time left to
get Fu Jiang North Watchpost but you need to save Pang Tong once Zhang Ren /
Yang Huai surprise him at Luo Feng Po.  

You should be left with just enough time to fly north to Fu Jiang North
Watchpost for Target 1 completion.  Lei Tong is to the east but he's not
really important to defeat.  Just south of here though you may wish to clear
out the enemies for Huang Zhong and friends.  Leng Bao and Liu Han have some
tricks for your allies.  

Back in Cheng Du Southeast Fort where you left Liu Ba and Deng Xian, you'll
likely have Deng Zhi, Wu Yi, Ma Dai and Ma Chao roaming around.  Ma Chao is
the tough one in this stage so you may want to save and use caution around

After his defeat there is not much to defeat except lay siege to Liu Zhang.
Only Lu Yi should be left for his subgenerals.  You'll even get some really
late reinforcements in Zhang Fei and Zhang Bao, which I suppose would be
useful on harder difficulties if the battle is long.  Overall this is one of
my favorite mid-level stages for building up characters.  It goes fast enough
and there are not many dangerous moments save for dealing with Ma Chao. 

--Battle of Jing Province--
Wu Forces Scenario - *** Difficulty
Target 1 - Defeat Zhao Yun and Ma Chao in 10 minutes.
Target 2 - Take Wu Ling Castle, Ling Ling Castle and Chang Sha castle in 15
Target 3 - At least 10 of your units survive until victory.
Strategy - Prepare for a Jian Yong ambush right away.  Guan Xing then rushes
in and Liao Hua a little later.  Once this initial Shu onslaught is quelled
you can take out Wang Fu to the east but then Cheng Pu at Wu Ling Castle is
going to need your help.  Guan Ping and Xiang Lang are in here along with
numerous Lieutenants.  

Watch your back as Hou Jin and Ma Chao are bound to rush in.  Ma Chao needs
to be defeated within 10 minutes along with Zhao Yun (who is with his
subgeneral Fei Yi to the northwest).  After you take Ma Chao out at Wu Ling
you should have the castle, so head south to deal with the reinforcements.
Liu Feng, Ma Liang, Chen Dao and Huang Zhong are all down there by Ling Ling.  

You probably won't have much time left to get Zhao Yun but you have to go
through the Shu Main camp door quickly to get over to Zhao Yun's side.  You
should at least have a few minutes left at this point - just skip Zhou Cang
and Ma Su for now and get them later.  After Zhao Yun is taken care of, help
at Chang Sha where Meng Da, Zhuge Jun and Wei Yan are.  

There should only be a few odd enemy units left at this point, notably Yan
Yan, Ma Dai and Guan Yu at the Shu Main Camp.  As always Guan Yu is dangerous
and can kill a weak character very quick.  

Sun Jian's Forces Scenario - **** Difficulty
Target 1 - Score 500 or more KO's in 10 minutes.
Target 2 - Defeat Guan Yu and Zhang Fei in 10 minutes.
Target 3 - None of your units withdraw
Strategy - This is another 'Sun Jian Exclusive' stage, not the normal Wu
scenario.  It is extremely hard to keep up with all the Shu generals so good
luck achieving Target 3 unless you have a well built up character and / or
are playing on Easy / Normal.  

To the north you'll come across Chang Sha Castle being guarded by Chen Shi
and Yi Ji.  From here, let these allies go west whle you jump south to defeat
Wang Fu, Gao Xiang and Meng Da in the far southeast.  

Unfortunately after a short while a set of reinforcements come to ambush your
party in the north.  Jian Yong, Ma Liang and Liao Hua aren't much fortunately.
You need to deal with them quick as Zhao Yun in the southeast appears and
Cheng Pu will be getting destroyed by Zhang Fei among others in the center.
Guan Xing, Zhou Cang, Fei Yi and Zhang Fei are all clustered together at Wu
Ling South Fort.  Zhuge Jun and Xiang Lang come there a little later too.  If
you want to complete Target 2 you'll have to rush in and kill Guan Yu pretty

Meanwhile Guan Suo, Ma Su and Zhao Yun are attacking your main camp.  The Main
camp can last a bit with Sun Jian here but you don't want to test it.  Also
your allies will be having problems with Yue Ying, Zhang Bao, Mi Fang, Liu
Feng, Chen Dao and any other enemy general clustered together in Jiang Ling

Towards the south you should see Hou Jin, Yan Yan, and Ma Dai scattered about.
Zhuge Liang protects Ling Ling Gate.  Only the deadly Liu Bei is left, so you
may wish to use your save if you have one left.  

Lu Bu's Forces Scenario - *** Difficulty
Target 1 - Take Jiang Ling Castle and Chang Sha South Camp in 10 minutes.
Target 2 - Defeat 10 or more enemy units in 15 minutes.
Target 3 - Player maintains 60% life for 10 minutes.  
Strategy - This is a Diao Chan Musou Mode stage.  Another tricky target with
#3.  Be conservative although you need to take a few enemy camps for Target 1
too.  You'll probably start off in the south so attack Ma Liang in his base
and then Guan Xing when he comes to attack.  

Over to the west is Ma Su, Gao Xiang and Meng Da.  By the time you defeat them
a huge batch of enemy reinforcements litter the stage.  Guan Yu is in the
northwest while Zhuge Jun, Liao Hua and Jian Yong attack in the center.  Yi Ji
is just to the east and then you can take out Yue Ying's base in the center.
Xiang Lang and Guan Yu are probably in here too though so proceed with caution.

More enemy reinforcements now with Guan Ping and then Guan Suo attacking from
the west.  Your allies have probably taken Chang Sha South Camp by now so take
out Jiang Ling Castle for Target 1.  Zhou Cang is already in here, and Guan
Ping is not too far behind.  

Diao Chan in the far east will be needing assistance after all of this.  Zhao
Yun comes as reinforcements, and Zhang Fei,  Mi Fang, and Fei Yi are already

At the enemy camp, Hou Jin, Zhuge Liang, Mi Zhu, Zhang Bao, Ma Dai and Liu Bei
are fighting for their lives.   

--Battle of He Fei--
Wei Forces Scenario - **** Difficulty
Target 1 - Take Chao Hu West Fort and lower the east Drawbridge in 10 minutes. 
Target 2 - Defeat Lu Meng and Sun Quan in 20 minutes.
Target 3 - Achieve Target 1 and Target 2 and win in 20 minutes or less.
Strategy - Target 1 is tricky to achieve because the enemy will go ahead and
lower the drawbridge and ruin everything for you.  Thus you'll need to take
time out to lower the Drawbridge early on to achieve Target 1.
Starting off I like to go south and take on Pan Zhang, Ding Feng and Ling Tong.
If you can manage to take them out fast enough you may as well take the
Drawbridge to the east.  Return west to your allied base that Dong Xi is
attacking.  Then look for the massive group of Wu enemies to the west attacking
Xiahou Dun.  Sun Shao, Ding Feng, Jiang Qin, Zhu Zhi, Sun Huan, and Zhou Tai
are all here to destroy you.  Of course only Zhou Tai is a unique character
among them so you may wish to take him out and watch the others crumble before
Now that you have a minute, take Chao Hu West Fort for Target 1.  Chen Wu and
Han Dang are now attacking Chao Hu East Fort likely, with Lu Meng, Lu Dai, Zhou
Fang and Zhu Huan.  Not much longer and Gan Ning comes out in the southeast but
Zhang Liao comes as reinforcements for you as well.  
By this time your army should be assaulting the Wu Main Camp.  Quan Zong, Zhuge
Jin, Sun Quan and any other Wu survivor would be here.  Strangely enough you
need to defeat all Wu Generals in this stage but at the same time Sun Quan is
very easy to defeat.
Wu Forces Scenario - *** Difficulty
Target 1 - Defeat Cao Ren and Xu Zhu in 10 minutes.
Target 2 - Take Chao Hu West Fort and lower the Drawbridge in 10 minutes.
Target 3 - Defeat Zhang Liao within 2 minutes of his appearance.
Strategy - Interesting targets for this stage.  Of course you'll need to be
paying attention for Zhang Liao's appearance if you want Target 3 completed.
Cao Ren is in the northwest base and Xu Zhu is roaming about in the center,
and you'll need to take a detour east early on for the Drawbridge as well.
Take out Hua Xin just to the north, and then you're probably best off racing
to the east where Cao Xiu, Liu Ye and Yue Jin are trying to protect the nearby
base.  Time to take Chao Hu West Fort and then you'll see Xu Zhu nearby.  He
needs to be taken out for Target 2, and once you do start heading east for the
Drawbridge.  Take out Cao Zhen along the way if you're making good time.  Once
the Drawbridge is lowered, you have Target 2 completed.  But you still have to
go to West He Fei Castle to defeat Cao Ren within 10 minutes.  While you're
making your way back you will probably see Zhang Liao's ambush (remember, you
have two minutes to kill him for Target 3) and hopefully you still have time
for that and Cao Ren's defeat.  If not, Zhang Liao will make his way to your
camp and take it.  The thing about his ambush is he tends to appear at random
spots, often times away from where you are.  Thus you'll need to rush towards
him even faster since you only have 2 minutes to defeat him.  He'll also be
loaded with subgenerals like Zhu Ling, Wen Pin, Cao Chun, Zhang Hu, Xiahou
Mao, etc.  
Also about this time, Yu Jin, Man Chong, Jia Xu, Wang Shuang, Chen Jiao, Li
Dian and Xiahou Dun appear in the far northwest.  Sometimes this group appears
before Zhang Liao's, sometimes after.  
At this point you should just have the northeast forces (and all of your
targets done).  Zhu Guang and Xu Huang should be up here, along with any other
enemy survivors.  Also remember you just have to take the bases so you don't
necessarily need to defeat Xu Huang straight up.  
Sun Jian's Forces Scenario - ****** Difficulty
Target 1 - Defeat Cao Pi in 5 minutes.
Target 2 - Take He Fei West Castle and Chao Wu West Fort in 20 minutes.
Target 3 - Defeat all enemy units in 30 minutes.
Strategy - The targets for this stage are kind of silly especially considering
it is a max ****** difficulty.  Defeating Cao Pi in 5 minutes basically
involves you rushing to the He Fei West Castle which you have to capture
anyway, and taking out Cao Pi immediately.
You may wish to veer off east to take out Man Chong quick, and then Yue Jin
along the way north (via the west route).  Take out Li Dian and go through the
door - Yu Jin is inside but so is Cao Pi, your target.  Yang Xiu is inside
with some subgenerals like Wang Shuang but they are in the southeast part of
the base - deal with them after Cao Pi's death.  
Begin to help your allies to the south if it's not too late already.  Take out
Niu Jin and then Wen Pin in Chao hu West Fort for Target 2's completion.
Before you know it a large group of Wei officers come to the north part of
this base, in Cao Chun, Jiang Gan, Chen Qun, Cao Zhi and Cao Ren.  Of course
Cao Ren is the one to watch out for but the group as a whole needs to be
scattered.  Shen Yi will probably be just to the right of this group if not
with it.
You are probably going to have to abandon your attack to go save your allied
camp from Zhang Liao (and Cao Xiu if he made it through).  Meanwhile your
attack forces will probably die off fighting Jia Xu and Ying Dan, but hurry to
them and take that base once Zhang Liao is finished.  Xiahou Dun in the
northwest likely appears though and he'll require a bit of your time, as he's
powered up too.  
By this time, a mass of Wei forces should be coming to attack your crew via
the northeast.  Jia Xu, Ying Dan, Cao Hong, Chen Jiao, Cao Zhang, Cheng Yu,
Zhu Ling and Cao Rui all should be pressing.  A couple of enemy units take the
back route (Xu Shu, Cao Zhen and Hua Xin).  Cao Cao is very dangerous in this
stage so despite him being all that's left, use extreme caution.  
Lu Bu's Forces Scenario - ** Difficulty
Target 1 - Defeat Sun Quan and Sun Ce within 15 minutes.
Target 2 - At least 6 of your units survive until victory.
Target 3 - Take He Fei West Castle and He Fei East Castle within 20 minutes.
Strategy - Another Diao Chan musou mode only stage.  This one is much
different than the other three stages as Lu Bu's Forces begin in the
Immediately to your west is Sun Huan and Zhou Yu, along with Chen Wu nearby.
From this point you may as well focus on He Fei Castle East Side and hurry
along north (via the east route).  Xu Sheng and Dong Xi should be the first
two that you come to, with Ding Feng and Sun Quan being inside the base.
You'll accomplish half of Target 3 and Target 1 here.
It'll be time to maneuver west after this, with Jiang Qin guarding the center,
and then you can take the southwest route to Sun Ce's base where he's waiting
with Ding Feng and Zhu Ran.  About this time, Huang Gai and Lu Dai appear as
reinforcements in the southwest (Zhou Tai in the northeast also).
North of here your army is fighting against the likes of Han Dang, Pan Zhang,
Sun Jing and Zhu Zhi.  Before laying siege on Sun Jian, take care of Zhou Tai
and Xue Zong to the east.  Or don't both and just take out Zhuge Jin and any
of Sun Jian's other subgenerals laying by his camp, and then take out the
Tiger of Jiang Dong himself.  Watch out for when he uses his Special, you're
best running away and waiting or using triangle - charge attacks if you wish
to attack. 

--Battle of Mt Ding Jun--
Wei Forces Scenario - *** Difficulty
Target 1 - Defeat Huang Zhong and ensure Xiahou Yuan's survival.
Target 2 - Take Mt. Cha Qi and Mt. Tian Dang in 15 minutes.
Target 3 - None of your units withdraw
Strategy - As with any other 'none of your units withdraw' target, you'll
need to race around a lot initially until your morale gets higher and your
allies can survive longer against the enemy (especially so on harder
difficulties of course).  
You'll probably start off in the north, so head northeast to take out Liu Feng
and Zhang Yi.  Hurry to the west after this because Huang Zhong will be
attacking your allies, along with Lei Tong, Yan Yan, Fei Yi, Zhang Yi, and Ma
Su.  Fortunately you have Xiahou Yuan around to help but you must get there
quick to ensure he stays alive.
At this time the south base is being attacked by Meng Da and Ma Chao, but once
this is cleared up you should be in position to take Mt. Cha Qi.  The problem
is some of your allies are getting ahead of themselves and attacking the enemy
base, so you either need to help them first or take Mt Cha Qi very fast.  The
bottom has Wu Yi protecting the entrance and the top has Li Yan, Chen Dao, and
Chen Shi.  
Your attempt at saving all your officers will probably end once Zhao Yun's
reinforcements come, because you'll either have to commit to him or to saving
Xu Zhu at the enemy base.  Tian Dong South Gate has a ton of enemy officers
crawling around like Fa Zheng, Mi Fang, Ma Dai, Zhuge Jun, Zhou Cang and Zhuge
Liang.  Further inside is Deng Zhi, Ma Liang, Jian Yong and of course Liu Bei
himself.  As I've said before, Liu Bei is the most dangerous ruler to fight in
my opinion because he's fast yet still does a massive amount of damage, along
with powered up defense.  
Shu Forces Scenario - **** Difficulty
Target 1 - Defeat Xiahou Yuan and Huang Zhong survives.
Target 2 - Take Mt. Cha Qi and Mt. Ding Jun in 15 minutes.
Target 3 - None of your units withdraw.
Strategy - Another infamous none of your units withdraw stage.  First, you'll
have to hurry to take out Wang Ping in the northwest, and then Dian Man and
Guo Huai up Mt Cha Qi a little.  
Your own base just east of here is being bombarded by Dai Ling, Li Dian and
Cao Zhang.  Further east you'll find more Wei soldiers on the attack in Yue
Jin, and then more waves keep attacking.  You'll be hard pressed to survive
because if you ignore Cha Qi for too long, Cao Hong will take out one of your
allies.  But you can't ignore the waves of attacks.  Xu Zhu comes from the
center and Xiahou De and Yu Jin attack from the east.  I generally take out Xu
Zhu and race to Mt Cha Qi since evidently Zhuge Liang and Huang Zhong can't
handle Jiang Gan and Cao Hong ? (your allies on harder difficulties are just
pathetic when left alone)  You may be better served to just outright take Mt
Cha Qi immediately since it's such a morale boost and hope your eastern allies
survive while you're killing officers.   
Anyway, take out Zhang He and his subordinate Cheng Yu.  From here you can
finish up the rest of the reinforcements and take care of Xiahou Yuan when he
makes his move.  First though the massive army in the east is led by Xu Huang
(if you didn't take him out earlier), Xiahou De, Cao Zhi, Yu Jin and Wang
Then there's the matter of Xiahou Yuan back to the west.  If your allies can
survive until now you're in the clear.  But you need to take out Xiahou Mao,
Wen Pin, Han Hao and then Xiahou Yuan over here.  
This leaves Cao Cao with little protection.  Cao Xiu and Yang Xiu are at the
north Ding Yun base.  The feeble Cao Chun comes up at the West Gate, and then
Hua Xin, Xu Shu and Cao Cao are at the summit.  
Lu Bu's Forces Scenario - ***** Difficulty
Target 1 - Take Mt. Cha Qi and Mt. Ding Jun in 15 minutes.
Target 2 - Enemy forces do not enter Lu Bu's Main Camp.
Target 3 - Win in 20 minutes.
Strategy - Win in 20 minutes.  Sounds easy but it can be tricky especially
with the reborn Dong Zhuo and Zhang Jiao here!  
Since you're probably starting off in the east, take down Fan Chou and Bo
Zhang.  Before heading off to Mt. Ding Jun, take out the enemies attacking
your main camp in Cheng Yuanzhi, Ma Yuanyi and He Yi.
While you're going to Mt Ding Jun you may wish to veer off and take the Xu
Rong base ahead of time.  Or just aid Lu Bu with Mt Ding Jun as Yu Fuluo and
Deng Mao are at the north-most base, and then a mass of Turbans are in the
base at the top of Ding Jun.  Zhang Man Cheng, Liu Pi, Han Xian, Zhang Bao and
Zhang Liao are there to fight you along with phantom soldiers also.  Just
hurry and take out the officers as Li Jue and friends are probably attacking
your base now.  
Other enemies jump down later to attack, but Hu Che Er and Li Jue are first.
Then Guo Si, and then some forces from the east like Zhang Ji and Li Su.  But
you'll probably need to assist Lu Bu in the center by defeating Dong Min and
Li Meng.  
There should only be the forces in the northeast, and then some random forces
scattered about the screen.  Until Hu Zhen and Niu Fu come as reinforcements
(they attack the west via the north path, so meet them there).  Mt Cha Qi is
pretty bare so just take out Wang Fang and Hua Xiong to secure the northwest
area of the map.
Take the lower east route to the northeast enemy base.  This way you can
finish off Zhao Hong, Yan Zheng and Pei YuanShao along the way.  A massive
group of enemies is stacked outside the base.  Zhang Jiao, Sun Zhong, Guan
Hai, and Li Ru are all out there waiting for you.  Only Dong Zhuo is inside
the base. 
Remember with this stage like most other Lu Bu stages you need to defeat every
enemy officer so hopefully you did that before climbing Mt Ding Jun so you can
finish within 20 minutes. 

--Battle of Fan Castle--
Allied Forces Scenario - **** Difficulty
Target 1 - Take Fan Castle West Post and Fan Castle South Fort in 10 minutes.
Target 2 - Xu Huang does not withdraw.
Target 3 - Bases within Fan Castle do not fall.  
Strategy - This is a tough one as once Fan Castle floods you'll have a hard
time stopping the enemy from getting at least 1 base.  It depends where you
start as you're either going to focus on the west enemies or the south ones by
Xu Huang.  Usually it's the latter.
So attacking Xu Huang are Xiang Lang, Liao Hua, Xiang Chong and Mi Zhu.  Mi
Fang is also to the south but once you hear about the discontent officers
(from Cao Ren), hurry to Mi Fang as he will switch to your side.  If you can
hustle to Fu Shi Ren, he will join you too.  But if it's after the flood, both
will choose not to defect!  So you must hurry if you want to do this.  Because
not too long after you defeat one set of enemies and hurry to the other
defecting officer, Guan Ping will arrive and the flood will commence.  While
you're doing this back and forth traveling you'll want to finish Target 1 up
by taking the south fort and then the west post. 
Since this is assuming you took the Xu Huang route first and then went to Fu
Shiren, defeat the officers around here (Wang Ping, Wu Ban, Ma Liang) and then
hurry to Fan Castle.  Sima Yi and any allied officer has a problem if left
alone for a second so protecting the bases is damn hard especially considering
you have to take those two bases for Target 1 ahead of time.  
Shen Yi and Liu Feng attack the southeast base.  Zhang Bao heads to the
southwest watchpost, Lu Yi / Yi Ji in the northwest, and Ying Dan / Guan Ping
attack Cao Ren's main base.  Once this onslaught is dealt with, your army
makes the counterattack.
Also other enemy forces that haven't moved the entire battle begin to attack -
Zhou Cang, Wang Fu and Chen Zhen notably.  Only a few more reinforcement
officers are left.  First it's Guan Suo and Guan Xing in the southeast and
then Zhang Fei near Guan Yu's camp.  Those two are tough to deal with, you'll
definitely want to save before engaging if at all possible.   
Sun Jian's Forces Scenario - ***** Difficulty
Target 1 - Open Fan Castle West Gate or Fan Castle South Gate in 5 minutes.
Target 2 - Defeat Guan Yu and Zhang Fei in 10 minutes.
Target 3 - Player maintains 30% or more life throughout.  
Strategy - For once we're dealt with a more lenient life % rate at 30%.
Still, you are going against Liu Bei's main army and you are pressed to defeat
Zhang Fei and Guan Yu in 10 minutes.
A few weaker enemy units start by your base.  Take out Chen Zhen to the north,
then Mi Zhu and Xiang Lang.  Thing is you have 5 minutes to take out one of
the gates so you'll want to help one of them now.  To the east is Lu Yi and Wu
Ban by the Fan Castle South Gate.   Defeating Wu Ban and the Guard Captains
clears out the area for ladders and a siege ramp.  Remember to account for the
fact that the siege process in general takes forever so you may wish to skip a
few of the aforementioned officers along the way to Wu Ban. 
Once the door is taken out (or 5 minutes is up), the Shu army sends a boatload
of officers to the south gate, including some of the real brutes.  All told
you'll have Meng Da, Zhang Bao, Zhang Fei, Guan Suo, Wang Fu and God of War
Guan Yu.  Fortunately this makes for an easy completion of Target 2, though
defeating all of those officers (especially when two of them are Zhang Fei /
Guan Yu) is anything but easy.
The stage clears up after this and all of your targets are done, besides the
30% health maintaining one.  Zhou Cang is in the southeast base, Guan Xing in
the northwest, Liao Hua in the center or roaming, and Liu Bei at his northeast
base.  By the time you take out the two former generals, Wei reinforcements
will be here to aid Liu Bei.
Zhu Ling, Xu Huang, and Yu Jin in the northwest, and also Xu Zhu, Jiang Ji,
and Man Chong in the southeast.  On top of that Sima Yi appears by Liu Bei
with Yue Jin, Lu Jian, and Xu Shang.  Take out one force at a time, preferably
whichever exterior force you're closest to first (likely Xu Huang), though
both forces run into the castle anyway so you're bound to run into them all.  
Towards the enemy camp will be the rest of the reinforcements and Liu Bei's
subgenerals like Ying Dan, Wang Ping, Liu Feng, Ma Liang and eventually
Xuande.  There is not a lot of room to manuever around here which can be good
but also bad if you're being overwhelmed.  
Shu Forces Scenario - ***** Difficulty
Target 1 - Succeed in flooding the castle.
Target 2 - Guan Ping does not withdraw.
Target 3 - Take Fan Castle North Yard, Fan Castle South Yard and Fan Castle
Watchpost in 10 minutes.
Strategy - Succeeding in these tasks is much easier than the previous two
battles.  At the start you are to clear the surrounding enemies so start with
Dong Chao just north of you and then go by Fu Shi Ren and Mi Fang, who will
defect and try to beat you up.  Yu Jin also is around here, so take him out
and then begin on the southeast officers; Dong Heng, Zhu Huan and Yue Jin.
Worse yet Xu Huang will be hunting you down any minute.
By the time you take him out Guan Ping will make the flood scene occur.
Jiang Qin is in the Fan Castle South Yard and you need to take this anyway,
and then you can make your way through the Fan Castle Watchpost and then the
Fan Castle North Yard for Target 3.  Xu Sheng should be guarding the Fan
Castle North Yard. 
About this time there will be a couple enemy reinforcements en route, notably
Pan Zhang and Lu Xun in the northwest and Sima Yi in the southeast.  Really
though there is not much else to do besides mop up the few enemies left in
Zhu Ran, Jiang Ji, Man Chong, and Han Dang. 
Dong Zhao and Sima Yi assault the south part of Fan Castle, and once they're
done you can make the final push on Niu Jin, Cao Chun, Xiahou Shang and Cao
Ren.  Cao Ren has incredible defense.  Also if you took a bit longer, Gan
Ning appears as more reinforcements in the center.  
Lu Bu's Forces Scenario - ***** Difficulty
Target 1 - Open Fan Castle West Gate and Fan Castle South Gate in 10 minutes.
Target 2 - Take all bases.
Target 3 - Player maintains 30% of life.
Strategy - This is a Diao Chan Musou Mode Stage.  Some of the targets are
similar to the ones above but not exactly (for instance, you need to take both
gates for Target 1 this time).  This needs to be your focus right away -
defeat the officers immediately around the west gate and then work your way to
the east one.  Plenty of officers meet you to the west gate, like Jiang Ji,
Dong Heng and Xiahou Shang.  Then Yin Shang and Man Chong right next to the
gate.  After they are all defeated hopefully you can take down the gate before
the south units are in trouble.  
Hurry south once the west gate goes.  The problem is, the enemy forces charge
towards the first gate that opens.  So you'll have to make haste going south
and making the siege go quickly.  Chen Jiao and Yu Jin are down here, and Cao
Zhen drops from above.  There really won't be much at this gate once you break
through it, you're basically just doing this for Target 1.  
Back at the west gate where the enemy is gathering (or the south if you took
that one first) you'll find Wen Pin, Dong Chao, Lu Jian, Cheng Yu, Cao Xiu,
Hua Xin, and Deng Ai.  Some impressive names but in DW terms they're all
generic officers.  After they are all defeated is a good time to get the
exterior enemy bases (ignore the northwest one for now).  Head inside to the
center to fight Dai Ling, Wang Shuang, Sima Zhao, Lei Bo, Cao Chun, Zhang He,
Guo Huai and then Sima Yi.  They don't all come at once of course, but you
fight most of them at first and then Guo Huai and Sima Yi. 
Probably while the above is going on, Xu Huang comes with friends; Wen Qin,
Yue Jin, Zhu Ling, Li Dian, Xu Shang, and Niu Jin.  You'll need to deal with
them if you want to keep all of the enemy bases.  Meanwhile, Zhang Xun and
Dian Wei are guarding Cao Ren's fort so you'll need to dispatch them.  Also,
when Cao Ren uses his special and boosts his defense you should run because
his attacks take off a ton.   

--Battle of Yi Ling--
Wu Forces Scenario - ***** Difficulty
Target 1 - Break through the Stone Sentinel Maze within 5 minutes after
entering South Gate. 
Target 2 - Take West Fort, North Post and Northeast Fort in 15 minutes.  
Target 3 - Zhu Ran and Lu Xun must not withdraw
Strategy -  You'll start off on the elevated area in the center, but east of
the Stone Sentinel maze, and with the army headed north.  Take this route to
eliminate Zhang Yi, Fei Yi and Chen Shi.  Sometimes you'll start off in the
far west, with Ma Dai, Wu Yi and Guan Xing right by the base, then Wang Ping
to the east.  From here, go further east until the fire attack occurs to wipe
out some more enemies like the three mentioned at the beginning.  It would
help if you detoured to the south to clear Zhang Bao, Gao Ding, Lei Tong and
the dangerous Zhang Fei.   
Note that you must break through the stone sentinel maze from the south gate.
So once the fire attack commences be sure to only enter from the south gate
and then hurry north to the center (you'll have to wind to the north to get to
the center, first through the east route and then more to the west).  That
said you'll want to clear all the eastern foes first so that Zhu Ran survives.
Then you can worry about inside the Stone Sentinel Maze as it'll take you a
bit and Zhuge Liang is inside along with any other enemy officer you defeated.
You will also need to defeat the stone statues with a few attacks (easiest
mounted on a horse).
For the second Target you'll need to fly around and capture those northwestern
bases, which really isn't that hard as the north one has Ma Liang / Gao Xiang
/ Zhang Yi / Liu Feng, a weak group.  The west base usually has no generals or
sometimes a random officer.  The northwest is the enemy camp though with Huang
Zhong and Liao Hua protecting the gate.  Yi Ji, Deng Zhi and Chen Shi protect
Liu Bei inside the enemy camp.
Shu Forces Scenario - ***** Difficulty
Target 1 - At least 6 of your units survive for 10 minutes.
Target 2 - The Stone Sentinel Maze does not fall to enemy forces.
Target 3 - Defeat all enemy units in 20 minutes.
Strategy - Rather easy targets, but the second one means you'll have to keep
your eye out for enemy forces entering the maze, notably Lu Xun.  
Most officers start off on the cliff by the watchpost.  Take out Zhu Huan here
and jump down by an enemy officer to the east.  Mi Fang and Fu Shiren should
be easy to find and Ma Zhong attacks a base to the south.  
By the time you defeat all of those officers, the Wu Fire Attack commences.
Your allied HP goes down 1 / 2 and Wu Reinforcements appear to the east in
Jiang Qin, Xue Zong, Han Dang, and Gan Ning.  It'd be more convenient if you
were near the north as Gan Ning should be dealt with first before he wreaks
havoc on your fleeing army.  Now that the Stone Sentinel opens up you'll need
to protect it from invading Wu enemies.
After defeating the initial fire attack wu reinforcements, attack Zhu Ran, Zhu
Zhi and Lu Fan who are running around on the ledge.   A large force of Wu
enemies then begin to enter the stone sentinel maze from the south, and then
one from the west.  Lu Xun heads the south forces with Ding Feng and Zhuge Jin
while Ling Tong, Pan Zhang and Zhou Fang come from the west.  
Not much should be left on the map if you took out all of the Wu fire attack
reinforcements.  Probably Sun Lang to the west and Lu Dai to the south, and
then a bunch of officers by the enemy camp.  You'll want to hurry to finish
within 20 minutes.
Xu Sheng and Yu Fan are outside the main enemy camp, just to the east.  Within
is Sun Quan, protected by Zhou Tai.  Make sure to save before this if you can
and avoid Sun Quan's volley attack for a while.   

--Battle of Han Zhong--
Wei Forces Scenario - **** Difficulty
Target 1 - Take Southwest Camp and East Watchpost in 15 minutes.
Target 2 - Defeat Ma Chao, Zhang Fei, and Zhao Yun in 15 minutes.
Target 3 - Defeat 10 or more enemy units and score 500 or more KO's in 10
Strategy - All timed targets, so you'll need to be quick.  Target 3 is the
most difficult to achieve, so use someone with a high attack and make sure to
kill most of the officer's armies before you kill the officer, so you can get
your KO count high.  Generally you start off on the ledge by Chen Shi, Jiang
Wan and Zhao Yun, so there is part of Target 2 finished.  
Your allies in the west will flee.  If you are feeling strong then go over
there, you can slaughter a large amount of enemies in a short period of time.
It is very dangerous though, with Ma Su, Ma Chao, Zhang Yi, Guan Suo, Wu Ban,
and Wei Yan all over there.   If you can manage to take that army out, the
enemies ranks will be looking bare.  You can then take the southwest camp, and
then head to the East Watchpost to take that for Target 1.  Around this time
Zhang Fei and Fei Yi will probably run into you.  You need to take out Zhang
Fei anyway to complete Target 2.  
Yue Ying and Deng Zhi come out after you after this.  Once defeated, only
Zhuge Liang, Gao Xiang, Lu Yi and Liao Hua protect Liu Bei.  If you took a
long time, Li Yan and Wang Ping may be a factor as reinforcements (but
probably not).
Shu Forces Scenario - ****** Difficulty
Target 1 - Take West Fort and Northeast Fort in 15 minutes.
Target 2 - Defeat Sima Yi, Zhang He, and Cao Pi in 15 minutes.
Target 3 - Defeat all enemy units in 30 minutes.
Strategy - Target 3 is a little silly - 30 minute should be easy.  You'll have
to go a little out of your way to get to the northeast base but you have two
targets over there so it's necessary.
Starting off you'll want to watch Zhang He's ambush to the south on Guan Xing.
He brings Guo Huai, Zhu Ling, Cao Zhen, and Xu Yi with him.  This is a
critical moment in the stage so you'll need to get here quick.
To the west are Meng Da and Xiahou Mao.  Take them and the West Fort, and then
you can begin to the north to Man Chong.  From here I like to go all the way
north and then east to ambush Zhang Lu.  Then you can work your way all the
way south, cleaning up Liu Ye, Wang Shuang and Zhang Pu.  
Now you should be free to head to the northeast for Northeast Fort and Cao Pi.
Since I'm usually making good time, I go north through the main fort because
you can take out Chen Qun, Jiang Ji, Xue Qiao and Tian Yu quickly along the
way.  Then make your way east for an easy entrance into the Northeast Fort.
You'll need to take out Cao Pi, Dai Ling and Zhen Ji, but target 1 will be
completed in the process.
If you don't have much time left, go west to ensure you defeat Sima Yi in
time.  If you do have time, go east first for Deng Ai, Liu Shao, and Cao Rui.  
Jia Kui and Sima Yi are in the western part of the enemy main camp and Cao Cao
is left alone in the center (this is assuming you route this route earlier and
cleared out the other subgenerals).
Lu Bu's Forces Scenario - **** Difficulty
Target 1 - Take West Fort and northeast Fort in 15 minutes.
Target 2 - Defeat 10 or more enemy units in 20 minutes.
Target 3 - Take all enemy bases in 20 minutes
Strategy - Not the hardest targets but this is a Diao Chan musou mode level so
it's not like you're doing this with Lu Bu.  
You'll start in the southwest and just up ahead are Fei Yi, Yang Huai and Gao
Pei.  Leng Bao is coming around the corner from the north also.  By the time
these enemies are cleared, Liu Zhang's and Cao Cao's reinforcements arive.  Wu
Lan, Wang Fu and Li Yan approach from the center while Yan Yan and Dong He
come from the northwest.  
Before that you'll want to help Lu Bu with Cao Rui, Cao Chun, Guo Huai and Cao
Ren, and also take that southeastern base while you're in the area.  By the
time you beat them you'll have to help in the middle with Lei Tong and Gao
Xiang, and then Zhang He's reinforcements arrive in the northeast.  
This must be a high priority because Lu Bu is up here and has trouble with
Zhang He.   Sometimes you even engage Cao Ren's forces up here.  Xu Yi is here
too, and just a little bit later there will be more reinforcements with Dai
Ling, Zhu Ling, Cao Zhen, Zhen Ji, Jiang Gan, and Cao Pi.  
Maybe the hardest part of all of this is Target 3, because just taking Han
Zhong means you win the stage.  This is a problem because if you help Lu Bu,
he'll march into Han Zhong and eventually take it.  If you leave Lu Bu alone
while you collect bases, he'll die.  So you're dealt with another of DW6's
classic cases of damned if you do damned if you don't, but if you balance
saving Lu Bu and getting the bases efficiently along the way, you may be able
to collect them all.  The biggest problem is the watchpost in the west because
it's hard to find time to rush all the way over there, but you may be better
served to leave Yan Yan when he appears because then you'll have to go that
way to get West Fort back and then you can take the watchtower.  
Deng Xian is at the Northeast Camp and once you take him out it's smooth
sailing to Han Zhong Castle.  Inside the castle though are Fei Guan, Zhang Yi,
Liu Xun, Fa Zheng, Wu Yi and Zhang Ren.  Protecting the south part of the
castle are Deng Zhi and Wu Ban.   

--Battle of Shi Ting--
Wei Forces Scenario - ***** Difficulty
Target 1 - Defeat Ling Tong, Gan Ning, and Xiao Qiao in 10 minutes.
Target 2 - Take West Canyon Watchpost and Shi Ting South Post in 15 minutes.
Target 3 - At least 7 of your units including Cao Xiu survive until victory.
Strategy - This is a tough one especially considiering how risky it is going
to save Cao Xiu in the center from Ling Tong, Gan Ning, etc.  Much like Guan
Du though you are fighting lots of officers right away so it's fun to get
involved in heavy battle so soon. 
Starting off I usually skip through Sun Lang, Xiao Qiao and get to Ling Tong.
Lu Dai is with him but just take out Ling Tong because you have more work to
do.  Zhou Fang, Zhang Cheng, Chen Wu, Zhang Zhao and Gan Ning are all
attacking Cao Xiu in the center base.  Since he absolutely must survive, you
need to go by him after taking out Ling Tong.  Gan Ning then rushes the base.  
Fortunately once all of that is cleared up there are just small groups of
enemy units on the exteriors.  Ding Feng and Lu Xun attack the base next so
look for them to the north.  Return back to the officers you skipped in the
northwest like Sun Lang and Xiao Qiao.  This completes Target 1.  Taishi Xiang
and Zhu Huan are also up here.  
Sima Yi then needs help north of here with Sun Shao, Ma Zhong and Zhu Ran.
You should still have ample time to take the two southwestern bases for Target
2.  The southwestern most is tricky to get to and will take some time.  Only
Quan Zong is down there.  Also you will want to aid the very northeast forces
against Sun Huan and Xu Sheng.  In the valley southwest of here are Ding Feng
and Sun Deng.  You'll want to deplete these forces so your forces have an easy
path to the southeast.  
Lu Fan and Xue Zong protect the southeast base's exterior and Zhuge Jin / Yu
Fan protect Sun Quan inside the base.   If you kept Cao Xiu alive and did so
in a timely manner you should have no issue with Target 3.
Wu Forces Scenario - ***** Difficulty
Target 1 - Secure 5 or more enemy bases in 10 minutes.
Target 2 - Player maintains 40 % of life.
Target 3 - At least 7 of your units including Xiao Qiao must survive until
Strategy - The timed target is not really so much of an issue, but it is
something that needs to be done in 10 minutes.  But be conservative so you can
accomplish Target 2 at the same time.
If you take the southmost path going west (sloping upwards) you'll be able to
reach Xiahou Hui, and then jump into the castle with Cao Xiu right after.  You
should be able to take him out before Cao Ren or other enemy forces reach the
center castle.  
Cao Ren though comes marching from the west with Jiang Gan, Xu Yi, and Xin Pi.
An eastern force comes too so you'll need to take out Dai Ling, Hao Zhao and
Cao Zhen also.  
Even once you clear out all the center forces you'll have allies all over the
map to aid.  Going east to take out Wen Pin and Xiahou Shang is probably best
because a boatload of Wei reinforcements come with Zhang Pu, Xue Qiao, and
Zhang Qiu attacking you.  The enemy forces defending the northeast fort and
other areas begin to press onwards in attack mode.  So once the enemy
reinforcements are done for you still have Xiahou Ba and Zhang Liao to take
care of in that northeast area.  
You have probably neglected the southwest area long enough, and Xiao Qiao is
down here and you definitely need her alive.  Take out Jia Kui and then Hua
Xin in the center-east, if your allies don't do that already.  All that is
left is the enemy base - remember to fill up your health to ensure that 40% of
it is there at the end.  
Sima Shi, Sima Zhao, Liu Shao and Sima Yi are east of the enemy base.  After
they are done, Cao Cao and his subgenerals Zhu Ling, Chen Jiao, Cao Hong, Cao
Zhi and Cao Yu come after you.  Of course you'll want them all gone by the
time you get ready to take Cao Cao on.  
Lu Bu's Forces - *** Difficulty
Target 1 - Defeat Taishi Ci.
Target 2 - Take Shi Ting Northwest Camp, Wan Castle and Shi Ting Southeast
Camp in 15 minutes.  
Target 3 - At least 4 of your units survive until victory.  
Strategy - This battle is more difficult than you'd think.  But that's only
because Lu Bu is vulnerable and you'll have to protect him (or whoever takes
the commander spot for Lu Bu if you're Lu Bu).  
You'll be positioned to head west through Yan Yu and Yu Mi, and to the
Northwest Camp for Ou Xing and Yan Baihu.  Others will come here to attack
this base like Xue Li, Taishi Xiang and Fan Neng.  
Race back to the northeast to aid those eastern allied forces against Zhou
Xin.  If you still have time  go for Lu Fan and then soon Yuan Shu's forces
come and are planted all over the south part.  Yue Jiu, Ji Ling, Lei Bo and
Qiao Rui are in the southeast area and then the rest of Yuan Shu's forces
attack from the southwest.  
Taishi Ci will also encounter you around here, so you have him, Yuan Shu, Yuan
Yao, Yuan Yin, Chen Lan, Li Feng, Chen Ji, Zhang Xun and Liang Gang to deal
with.  Not to mention Liu Yong's forces in Wan Castle.  So try to separate
them, then conquer.  Having Lu Bu around helps.  
Not much is left.  Within Wan Castle is Zhang Ying, Chen Heng and Liu Yong.
Then the forces in the southeast of Wang Lang's, with Dong Xi.  Make sure to
help wherever the bulk of your allies are attacking so that 4 allied units
survive for Target 3.   

--Battle of He Fei Castle--
Wei Forces Scenario - ****** Difficulty
Target 1 - The North Fire Pit is not taken out by enemy forces
Target 2 - The Belt Trap is not taken out by enemy forces.
Target 3 - The East Fire Pit is not taken out by enemy forces.
Strategy - Wow, could the targets be any more annoying?  There is really no
strategy other than defeat the groups of officers in front of the three
targets that cannot fall.  How you should start largely depends where you
start off; this is done with Sima Yi who is in the northwest.
Xue Zong will be right in front of you, and then Zhuge Jin just north by the
northwest target.  Shortly after getting there Gan Ning will drop in, and then
Sun Shao a little later.  If you can defeat Gan Ning quick just head to the
next target to clear (southeast).
Lu Xun, Gu Yong and Lu Fan are by the floor ramp.  Don't fight them here or
else you'll fall in the lake.  Once they are done you'll want to aid your
allies in the far east who are fighting Zhuge Luo, Zhang Cheng, Sun Shang
Xiang, Sun Lang, and Ma Zhong.  Once these three main attacking enemy forces
are dissolved, you'll see little around the map except for the mass of Wu in
the southwest.
The enemy sends some reinforcement armies but they are smaller.  Zhu Huan
heads to the very southeast, so take him out and then Pan Zhang / Lu Dai just
west of here.  By this time, Zhang Zhao will be mounting an attack in the
northwest and Ding Feng and Zhou Tai won't be too far behind him.   
This should leave Xu Sheng, Quan Zong, Cheng Pu and Yu Fan north of the docks.
Zhu Ran and Taishi Xiang will be by Sun Quan but that is all that is left.  If
you survive the initial onslaught, accomplishing all three tasks is not that
Wu Forces Scenario - ****** Difficulty
Target 1 - Open any Castle Gate in 10 minutes.
Target 2 - Get through the Central Passage
Target 3 - Lu Xun and Gan Ning do not withdraw
Strategy - Obviously you will want to support the above two generals when they
are in need.   To begin though you should go through the central gate,
defeating the Defense Captains and Zhang Qiu after you climb the ladder up.
Destroying the gate will net you Target 1 and then you can head to the Central
Passage for Target 2.
Xiahou Hui is guarding this ramp.  It will go faster and faster as you take
off more damage to the door.  Once the door is almost broke, it'll go so fast
your character will have no shot even with a horse to stay on.  And after you
defeat Xiahou Hui you'll have Wen Qin from the south and Man Chong, Liu Ye,
and Guo Huai come from the west.  This will take you some time to take down
but it nets you Target 2.  Lu Xun goes through here so he is taken care of but
you may want to check on Gan Ning if he needs help in the east.
More enemy forces are in the west though.  From the central passage you should
go north (not up the stairs but north so you can go northwest) and you'll run
into Jia Kui.  Further to the west is the large mass of Wei soldiers with Cao
Rui, Cao Zhang, Sun Li and Liu Shao.  About this time though Cao Pi appears as
reinforcements in the far east so you'll have to hurry and go there next to
protect Gan Ning.  First though Lu Xun has probably gotten ahead of himself
and ended up towards Zhang Liao.
By Zhang Liao is Zhang Hui, Chen Jiao, and Dai Ling.  Cao Zhi runs up here
too.  You should go here and clear this out first because Cao Pi seems to go
off in the south and conquer meaningless bases of yours.  So go in further,
taking out Xu Zhu, Xiahou Shang, Xiahou Wei and then you'll be able to enter
Cao Cao's main area.   Wen Pin, Xiahou He, Cao Yu and Cao Cao himself are

--Battle of Wuzhang Plains--
Wei Forces Scenario - ****** Difficulty
Target 1 - Defeat Guan Ping and Yue Ying within 10 minutes.
Target 2 - West River Camp, West River Fort, East River Camp and East River
Fort do not fall for 15 minutes.
Target 3 - At least 7 of your units survive until victory.
Strategy - Managing the first 10 minutes of this stage is tough.  You need to
be efficient in defeat the attacking forces moving in on the four bases, and
then you need to counterattack and kill Yue Ying and Guan Ping fast enough to
be able to fight the next batch of enemy reinforcements attacking those bases.
One really really dumb trick to Target 2 is you actually have to wait 15
minutes if you want to get this target.  I went through this stage so many
times achieving target 2 until I realized I was going through it too fast and
not being credited with completing it, so make sure if you saved those
northern bases to wait 15 minutes for your reward.
Start off by jumping off the cliff to the south and engaging Fei Yi, and then
Gao Ding just to the east.  Li Yan and Ma Dai attack from the east, so take
them out and begin for Zhang Yi in the west, the last enemy attacking your
Keep heading this way until you get to Guan Ping's base, he's here with Yi Ji.
Once he is done, Yue Ying's base is but a stone's throw away.  Go east to get
here and take out Shamoke while you're here, but watch out for the flame
breathing traps.  And Yue Ying can carve you up, if she actually gets a chance
to hit you.
Soon the enemy reinforcements will come (or they already will have come if you
took a bit longer) but if you feel you were making good time you can go south
and then east of Yue Ying's base for Guan Xing, Wang Ping and Gao Xiang.  If
you want to get greedy you can go for Yin Shang (if he's left) and Wei Yan in
the southeast but Cao Pi can probably take care of that, plus the Shu
reinforcements will arrive.  
Xiang Lang is in the east so he should be easy to engage if you're around here
with Wang Ping / Wei Yan.  Then begin going east, taking out Zhang Bao, Guan
Suo, Zhuo Ying and Liao Hua.  Only a few enemy force should be left, like
maybe Jiang Wan, Chen Shi, and then the group in the southwest main camp.
Chen Zhen, Lu Yi, Deng Zhi, Wu Yi, Chen Dao, Zhao Tong, Zhao Guang, Zhuge
Liang and Liu Bei clutter this base up with Shu officers.  
Shu Forces Scenario - ****** Difficulty
Target 1 - Defeat 15 or more enemy units in 25 minutes.
Target 2 - Wei Yan does not withdraw.
Target 3 - Secure 16 or more enemy bases in 10 minutes.
Strategy - The third target is a little odd because they're not really your
enemies bases, you just need 16 total.  And you start off with 11.  More
importantly you'll want to keep an eye on Wei Yan when he is fighting
difficult enemies.
As you begin take out Xiahou Hui just north of you (assuming you're in the
southeast).  From here head west all the way until you reach Xiahou He and the
allied base he is attacking.  Take him out, and then north a bit for Guo Huai
and Sun Li.  By this time Wei Yan should be getting mauled by enemy forces.
Deng Ai, Zhong Hui, Zhang Qiu, and Zhang He are putting the hurt on Wei Yan.
Once he is saved here you can work on the bases just north and then east of
here.  You will run into Liu Shao and Wen Pin as you begin to go this way.  
All of the enemies that were attacking the plateau will be coming back to the
north now.  Just to the east is Cao Pi and his forces; Zhen Ji, Zhu Ling,
Xiahou Wei, Chen Jiao and Jiang Ji.  Two more bases are east of here and once
you get them you should have target 3.  You will have to go through Xiahou
Mao, Cao Yu and Tian Yu along the way.  This should net you Target 3.  If not
you may wish to mop up some additional enemies around the map like Cao Xiu
(reinforcements) or Xu Yi / Dai Ling.  
Otherwise, just head northeast.  Xin Pi is outside the base, and then Zhang
Lu, Sima Zhao, Sima Shi, Shen Yi, Ying Dan, Cao Zhi, Dian Man, Sima Yi and Cao
Cao all await you inside.

d) Character Musou Mode List


Zhao Yun
How to unlock - starts off as one of the three Shu choices.
Musou Mode Levels
1.  Hu Lao Gate
2.  Chang Ban
3.  Pacification of Cheng Du
4.  Battle of Ding Jun
5.  Battle of Yi Ling
6.  Battle of Han Zhong 

Guan Yu
How to Unlock - Initial Shu character.
Musou Mode Levels
1.  The Yellow Turban Rebellion
2.  Battle of Hu Lao Gate
3.  Battle of Guan Du
4.  Battle of Chi Bi
5.  Battle of Fan Castle
6.  Battle of Wu Zhang Plains 

Zhang Fei
How to Unlock - Initial Shu Character.
Musou Mode Levels
1.  The Yellow Turban Rebellion
2.  Battle of Xia Pi
3.  Campaign Against Yuan Shu
4.  Battle of Chang Ban
5.  Battle of Yi Ling
6.  Battle of Han Zhong

Zhuge Liang
How to Unlock - Complete 1 Shu Musou Mode
Musou Mode Levels
1.  Battle of Chang Ban
2.  Battle of Chi Bi
3.  Pacification of Cheng Du
4.  Battle of Mt. Ding Jun
5.  Battle of Yi Ling
6.  Battle of Wu Zhang Plains

Liu Bei
How to Unlock - Complete 3 Shu Musou Modes
Musou Mode Levels
1.  The Yellow Turban Rebellion
2.  Campaign Against Yuan Shu
3.  Battle of Chang Ban
4.  Pacification of Cheng Du
5.  Battle of Yi Ling
6.  Battle of Wu Zhang Plains 


Xiahou Dun
How to Unlock - 1 of 3 initially available Wei Characters.
Musou Mode Levels
1.  Battle of Hu Lao Gate
2.  Battle of Xia Pi
3.  Battle of Guan Du
4.  Battle of Chang Ban
5.  Battle of He Fei
6.  Battle of Wu Zhang Plains 

Dian Wei
How to Unlock - Dian Wei is an initial Wei character. 
Musou Mode Levels
1.  The Yellow Turban Rebellion
2.  Battle of Guan Du
3.  Battle of Chang Ban
4.  Battle of Chi Bi
5.  Battle of Fan Castle
6.  Battle of He Fei Castle

Sima Yi
How to Unlock - Sima Yi is one of 3 Wei characters starting out.
Musou Mode Levels
1.  Battle of Chi Bi
2.  Battle of Mt. Ding Jun
3.  Battle of Fan Castle
4.  Battle of Han Zhong
5.  Battle of Wu Zhang Plains
6.  Invasion of Xu Chang

Zhang Liao
How to Unlock - Complete 1 Wei musou mode.
Musou Mode Levels
1.  Battle of Guan Du
2.  Battle of Chang Ban
3.  Battle of Chi Bi
4.  Battle of He Fei
5.  Battle of Shi Ting
6.  Battle of He Fei Castle

Cao Cao
How to Unlock - Complete 3 Wei Musou Modes.
Musou Mode Levels
1.  Battle of Hu Lao Gate
2.  Battle of Guan Du
3.  Battle of Chi Bi
4.  Battle of Mt. Ding Jun
5.  Battle of Shi Ting
6.  Battle of Wu Zhang Plains 


Lu Xun
How to Unlock - One of three initial Wu Officers
Musou Mode Levels
1.  Invasion of Xu Chang
2.  Battle of Jing Province
3.  Battle of Fan Castle
4.  Battle of Yi Ling
5.  Battle of Shi Ting
6.  Battle of He Fei Castle 

Zhou Yu
How to Unlock - One of 3 initial Wu Officers
Musou Mode Levels
1.  Hu Lao Gate
2.  Conquest of Wu
3.  Battle of Xu Chang
4.  Battle of Chi Bi
5.  Battle of Jing Province
6.  Battle of Yi Ling 

Sunshang Xiang
How to Unlock - One of the three initial Wu officers. 
Musou Mode Levels
1.  Conquest of Wu
2.  Invasion of Xu Chang
3.  Battle of Chi Bi
4.  Pacification of Cheng Du
5.  Battle of Yi Ling
6.  Battle of He Fei Castle 

Gan Ning
How to Unlock - Complete 1 Wu Musou Mode
Musou Mode Levels
1.  Battle of Chi Bi
2.  Battle of Jing Province
3.  Battle of He Fei
4.  Battle of Fan Castle
5.  Battle of Shi Ting
6.  Battle of He Fei Castle 

Sun Jian
How to Unlock - Complete 3 Wu Musou Modes
Musou Mode Levels
1.  The Yellow Turban Rebellion
2.  Battle of Hu Lao Gate
3.  Battle of Xia Pi
4.  Battle of Jing Province 
5.  Battle of Fan Castle
6.  Battle of He Fei


Diao Chan
How to unlock - Complete 1 musou mode from each kingdom 
Musou Mode Levels
1.  Battle of Xia Pi
2.  Battle of He Fei
3.  Battle of Jing Province
4.  Battle of Han Zhong
5.  Battle of Fan Castle
6.  Invasion of Han Zhong 

Lu Bu
How to Unlock - Complete Diao Chan's, Cao Cao's, Sun Jian's and Liu Bei's
Musou Modes
Musou Mode Stages
1.  Battle of Xia Pi
2.  Battle of Guan Du
3.  Battle of Shi Ting
4.  Battle of Chi Bi
5.  Battle of Mt. Ding Jun
6.  Battle of Hu Lao Gate

i) Ending
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