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Zhou Tai Guide by Devilotrade

Version: 1.0. (2) | Updated: 04/11/2008

  ____                                  _           
 |  _ \   _   _   _ __     __ _   ___  | |_   _   _ 
 | | | | | | | | | '_ \   / _` | / __| | __| | | | |By Kainankevin/Deviloftrade
 | |_| | | |_| | | | | | | (_| | \__ \ | |_  | |_| |kevinli210@hotmail.com
 |____/   \__, | |_| |_|  \__,_| |___/  \__|  \__, |deviloftrade@yahoo.co.uk
          |___/                               |___/ Copyright Kevin Li 2007
 __        __                        _                           __   
 \ \      / /   __ _   _ __   _ __  (_)   ___    _ __   ___     / /_ 
  \ \ /\ / /   / _` | | '__| | '__| | |  / _ \  | '__| / __|   | '_ \ 
   \ V  V /   | (_| | | |    | |    | | | (_) | | |    \__ \   | (_) |
    \_/\_/     \__,_| |_|    |_|    |_|  \___/  |_|    |___/    \___/ 
  _____  _                         _____           _      
 |__  / | |__     ___    _   _    |_   _|   __ _  (_)  
   / /  | '_ \   / _ \  | | | |     | |    / _` | | |
  / /_  | | | | | (_) | | |_| |     | |   | (_| | | |
 /____| |_| |_|  \___/   \__,_|     |_|    \__,_| |_|

  _____      _       ___  
 |  ___|    / \     / _ \ 
 | |_      / _ \   | | | |
 |  _|    / ___ \  | |_| |
 |_|     /_/   \_\  \__\_\

VERSION 1.0 (2)


 1. Introduction (INT10)
  1.1. Copyright/Disclaimer (CPR11)
  1.2. Dynasty Warriors 6 (DW612)
  1.3. Version History (VSH13)
 2. Zhou Tai's bio (BIO20)
 3. The new Zhou Tai (NEW30)
  3.1. Renbu System (RNB31)
  3.2. Zhou Tai's skill tree (SKT32)
 4. Zhou Tai's moves (SST40)
 5. Zhou Tai's weapons (WPN50)
 6. Zhou Tai's Musou Mode (MSU60)
 7. FAQ (FAQ70)
 8. Credits (WOOT!)


  1. Introduction (INT10)


   Hello. My name is Kevin and this is my fifth FAQ, on my favourite Wu
  character ever (and also my fave character altogether), Zhou Tai! His badass
  attitude and ability to kick butt makes him so; everyone loves Zhou Tai!
  Unfortunately the monsters at Koei have cloned him with Xiahou Yuan and Huang
  Zhong, men who cannot even compare to him...but anyways, he wasn't that 
  important in the three kingdoms but Koei's portrayl of him couldn't be much
  better (we'll just forget the fact that they got rid of his Japanese katana).
  OK, with all that out the way...let's go!

   Oh yes, before we start, FYI I copied this FAQ directly from my Guan Yu FAQ
  in DW5. If you see Guan Yu or DW5 anywhere in this FAQ notify me and I will
  destroy them. 

  NOTE: Email me only for these reasons:
        * This FAQ is on a website other than the ones listed in the Copyright.
        * This FAQ is being SOLD for personal profit.
        * Someone else claims they made this FAQ.
        * I have made a mistake in something e.g. attack, typos etc.
        * You want information on something that I have NOT mentioned in the 
          FAQ, about Zhou Tai.
        * You have suggestions on what to put in on my next update
        * You have CONSTRUCTIVE critisism.

    If your information is helpful/useful I will put your name in the Credits
   section. It's not much, but at least you and everyone else who looks at the
   credits will know you helped.

    All other e-mails will be deleted. Please remember that I often forget to
   check my address, but if I have read your e-mail, I will reply IF it is 
   about one of the above mentioned areas. SIGN YOUR NAME OR ALIAS at the end
   of your e-mail or you lose your place in the Credits and I know you are a 
   bad reader! Also, I will not accept any emails with illegible/inappropriate
   words; please try to use proper grammar. Also, put your email as the subject
   "Zhou Tai FAQ" or something along those lines. Thank you

   1.1. Copyright/Disclaimer (CPR11)

    This FAQ is copyright Kevin Li/Deviloftrade. It should only be on the
   following website(s)

   *GameFaqs @ www.gamefaqs.com

    It's only one so far, but I may put it on more. Please keep it like that,
   and DO NOT steal my FAQ or claim you wrote it, as it has been made by 
   people's hard work.

   1.2. Dynasty Warriors 6 (DW612)

    Dynasty Warriors 6 (and all from 2-5) is the videogame based on the novel
   by Luo Guanzhong based on the events of the three kingdoms era in China,
   one which has captured the hearts (or attentions, at least) of millions of
   Chinese people. Being Chinese, I had an obligation to read it; so, I did!
   Buy the HUGE abridged version today! It's a good read! Anyways, DW6 is the
   fifth, technically sixth as there was already a 2D fighter game called that
   before the one we know and love came out. I've played Dynasty Warriors
   since (drumroll!) 4 came out on the PC! Wow! But still, I'm pretty
    Dynasty Warriors 6 has introduced some very drastic changes to the series,
   with nearly all of the characters getting a makeover and changing their
   weapons. The Renbu System has also been introduced, as has the skill tree.
   <Horror>Characters are now mostly clones (in moveset only) and Unique (4th)
   Weapons, Items, Edit Characters and Bodyguards have all been cut.</Horror>

   1.3. Version History (VSH13)

   Version 1.0: Got in his amazing biography, an intro to the Renbu System,
               his moves, his weapons and his skill tree (without details 
   Version 1.0 (Number 2): I realised I submitted the wrong FAQ! It was one of
                          the old ones. Quickly rushed this in. Moveset and
                          skill tree are now (nearly) complete

  2. Zhou Tai's Bio (BIO20)


  NAME: Zhou Tai (In Mandarin Chinese, say it as Jhou Tie)
  STYLE NAMES: Youping
  LIFE: AD163-AD225
  SERVED: Wu (Sun)
  BIOGRAPHY: NOTE - This biography is based on his TRUE life, not the portrayl
                   of him in the Luo Guanzhong novel
   Zhou Tai started out as a pirate with his comrade Jiang Qin. Eventually, he
  met up with Sun Ce when he became a bodyguard of his, and eventually was
  promoted to become a general and lead his troops. He and Jiang Qin gave up
  their life of piracy to serve Wu and the Sun family.
   When Sun Ce died in 200 at the tender age of 25, Zhou Tai went on to serve
  Sun Quan. Sun Quan became fond of Zhou Tai and the two formed a close
  relationship, especially when Tai went into a huge crowd of soldiers swarming
  Sun Quan and rescued him, with scars all over his body. Zhou Tai rescued Quan
  again, at the battle of Hefei, from Zhang Liao's ambush. After that it was
  believed that Sun Quan held Zhou Tai with highest regard. The two were great
   After Zhou Tai became promoted again, and was asked to lead other generals
  of Wu, they refused to listen to him, due to his common background. To solve
  this problem, Sun Quan went to a party with him and told him to show the
  crowd the scars he had on his body. They watched in amazement as Tai told a
  story about his past battles, mentioning all the scars. They gained much
   In his later years, he helped lead Wu against Huang Zu, Cao Cao (at the
  Battle of the Red Cliffs(Chi Bi)) and Nan Jun (Nanman, Meng Huo). He served
  Wu well in his last years and probably died of natural causes.
  3. The new Zhou Tai (NEW30)


   As I earlier mentioned (and as you know), Dynasty Warriors 6 has changed a
  lot of the game, with Renbu, skill tree and just general character changes.
  The new Zhou Tai is a clone of Huang Zhong and Xiahou Yuan. Again, curse
  Koei for this. Nonetheless, Zhou Tai is fun to use, even without his super
  speedy katana. He still looks badass though. Phew.

  NOTE: To unlock Zhou Tai, in the Battle of Yi Ling, Shu Forces, complete
        all 3 battle objectives (Keep 6 or more allied troops alive for 10
        minutes, don't let the stone sentinel maze get broken through and
        defeat all enemy troops within 20 minutes).

   3.1. Renbu System (RNB31)

    So, what is this new Renbu system, you may ask? Well, here are the answers
   you seek. This is a drastically different fighting system that claims to
   revolutionise the game (or make it more realistic, at least). Note that the
   Renbu gauge reverts to zero for a character after every battle.

   Here is my crude drawing of the bottom left corner of the game screen.

   |                                (BIG NUMBER)chain: The number of hits made
   |     (BIG   )                   without actually being hit
   |     (NUMBER)                   (NO): The Renbu. It levels up when the
   |        chain                   Renbu gauge fills. Its maximum is 2 but it
   |				    can go higher
   |				    RENBU: The Renbu gauge, filled by hitting
   | (NO)RENBU			    enemies
   |    RENBU PICTU		    (Level): The level you are
   |   RENBU PICTURE (Level)        PI: The item needed to use your character's
   |  RENBU PICTUREPI   S S   PI    CT skill (tome)
   |       PICTUREPICT S S    CT
    The gauge fills up when you attacking enemies, and the Renbu will rank up
   once the gauge fills. The chain number is how long you have been fighting
   the enemy without being hit by a strong attack. The higher the chain the
   more your Renbu will increase, it appears. The Renbu gauge goes to 3, then
   infinite, but you need to have unlocked parts of your skill tree to go to 3
   or infinite.
    So, what's the point of Renbu, eh? Well, the characters' attacks become
   better as Renbu increases. S-String will increase in length, as do weak
   charges, and strong charges get special effects or increased distance. Also,
   as Renbu increases, attack reach, attack speed and attack power will
   increase a small amount, depending on what sort of weapon you have.
    The Renbu gauge will fall if you don't keep fighting or if you are hit by a
   powerful attack. So use it well!
    Also, there are special moves unlockable by finding an item on the
   battlefield. They obviously help you in some way. Zhou Tai's  is True Speed,
   which enables him to dash while using his weapon. Get on a horse and it goes
   super-fast too

   3.2. Skill Tree (SKT32)

          01                   02  03-------04
          /                    / \ /
         05     06-07-08     /    09
        / \     /      \   /       \
      10  11  12       13-14       15-16---17
      /     \ /          \ \       /        \
     18      19          20  \    /         22
      \        \         / \   \ /
      23-24-25--26  27--28 29-30-31     32-33
          \       \ /			/   \
          34-------35---36     37---38-39   40-41
			 \     /	\
         42-43---44      45  46		  \
                   \       \ /		    \
                   47       48              49

   1. All+   		8. Terrify          15. Shadow
   2. Life++		9. Attack+          16. Life+
   3. Spirit		10. Life+           17. Attack++
   4. Attack++		11. Overawe         18. Attack+
   5. Life+	        12. Thunder Resist  19. Attack+
   6. Musou++		13. Attack+    	    20. Life+
   7. Defense++		14. Water Sense	    21. Attack+

   22. Bonus Special    29. Life+           36. Third Renbu
   23. Musou+           30. Defense+	    37. Pouch
   24. Defense+         31. Defense+	    38. Defense+
   25. Musou++          32. Life++	    39. Musou+
   26. Ward             33.`Attack+	    40. Attack+
   27. Musou++          34. Musou+	    41. Arrow Guard
   28. Life+            35. Musou+	    42. Musou+
   43. Musou++
   44. Defense++
   45. Defense+
   46. Defense+
   47. Rush
   48. All+
   49. Infinite Renbu

   4. Zhou Tai's Moves (SST40)


   Usual stuff, S for Square, T for Triangle

  Renbu 1: 4 attacks (before repeat)
  Renbu 2: 8 attacks (before repeat)
  Renbu 3: 12 attacks (before repeat), although it might be 11
  Renbu 4: 18 attacks (before repeat), although it might be 17 total

  S - A swing around from right to left
  SS - A downwards slash right
  SSS - A stab forward
  SSSS - A spin and swing around from left to right
  SSSSS - Another swing from right to left
  SSSSSS - Yet another swing around from left to right
  SSSSSSS - A swing around from right to left
  SSSSSSSS - A downwards swing/slash
  SSSSSSSSS - A downwards-right slash
  SSSSSSSSSS - A crouched swing right
  SSSSSSSSSSS - A swing from right to left
  SSSSSSSSSSSS - A spin-around swing right
  T - A stab forward
  TT - A downwards-right slash
  TTT - An opposite upwards-left slash
  TTTT - A slash down which smashes the ground sending an arrow shockwave
  TTTTT - 
  Held T - A powerful hit left 
  Grab Attack (L1 and S) - A hit, then a slash down, then a slash up that sends
                          a vertical fin shockwave forward
  Grab Attack (L1 and T) - A slash, then another slash ending with a grab, then
                          spin backwards and throw
  Musou - Spins around with sword, then spins the other way, launching a fin
  True Musou - Same as original musou, but with more power and the fire element
  Musou (Held Circle) - Same as original musou, but you can add an S-String
                     before it
  Running Attack - A spin around slash right
  Running Charge - Holds sword up, striking enemies down
  Jump Attack - A hit down, left
  Jump Charge - A ground strike which creates a straight arrow shaped shockwave
  Horse Attack - Slashes to the right. DW5 anyone?
  Horse Charge - A powerful slash to the right

   5. Zhou Tai's weapons (WPN50)


    As with everything else, changed have been made regarding the weapon
   system. Say goodbye to unique weapons! Now, there are 3 types of weapon for
   each character; Standard, Skill and Strength.

  Standard Weapon
  NAME: Flashstrike
  POWER: Medium
  RENBU EFFECT: When Renbu is 2 or above, attack range increases during Renbu

  Skill Weapon
  NAME: Duskstrike
  POWER: Weak
  RENBU EFFECT: When Renbu is 2 or above, attack speed increases during Renbu

  Strength Weapon
  NAME: Dawnstrike
  POWER: Strong
  RENBU EFFECT: When Renbu is 2 or above, attack strength increases during
               Renbu attacks

   6. Zhou Tai's Musou Mode (MSU60)


   But...Zhou Tai doesn't have a musou mode, I hear you say? Well, musou mode
  is just a few levels with cutscenes plastered on, so I've invented a musou
  mode for Tai based on battles he was historically in.

   6.1. Battle of the Wu Territory (Sun Ce Forces)
   6.2. Invasion of Xu Chang (Sun Ce Forces)
   6.3. Battle of Chi Bi (Allied Forces)
   6.4. Battle of He Fei (Wu Forces)
   6.5. Battle of Yi Ling (Wu Forces)
   6.6. Battle of He Fei Castle (Wu Forces)

   7. FAQ (FAQ70)


   General Questions
   Q: Which characters have Musou Modes?
   A: Zhao Yun, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei, Zhou Yu, Lu Xun, Sun
      Shang Xiang, Gan Ning, Sun Jian, Dian Wei, Sima Yi, Xiahou Dun, Zhang
      Liao, Cao Cao, Lu Bu and Diao Chan - 17 people.
   Q: Which characters have been cut?
   A: Jiang Wei (eat that scum!), Pang De, Da Qiao, Meng Huo, Zhu Rong, Zuo Ci,
      Xing Cai.

   Q: Which characters have been cloned?
   A: Diao Chan and Zhen Ji, Pang Tong and Zhang Liao, Yuan Shao, Sun Quan and
      Cao Pi, Sun Shang Xiang and Yue Ying, Zhou Tai (curse them), Huang Zhong
      and Xiahou Yuan, Wei Yan (curse them), Xu Chu, Huang Gai and Dong Zhou,
      Xu Huang, Cao Ren, Ling Tong, Lu Meng and Guan Ping, Ma Chao, Zhang He,
      Taishi Ci and Sun Ce. That's 25 of the 41 characters!

   8. Credits (WOOT!)


   I would like to thank all these people for the making of this FAQ...this is
  going to be one long list...

  * Zhou Tai and all three kingdoms people - for creating a great legend and a
    great start for a great novel
  * Luo Guanzhong - for writing a great (yet somewhat long) story about the
    events of the three kingdoms
  * Koei, Omegaforce and all - for creating such a repetitive yet amazingly
    good and addictive game
  * CJayC - for creating a great website known as GameFAQs
  * Lonster's Figlet Server - for creating that figlet/huge title thingy at the
    top of my FAQ - check 'em out at www.schnoggo.com/figlet.html
  * Wikipedia - for helping me with some of the biography
  * Kongming - for helping me with some of the biography
  * DarkSeed of GameFAQs - for his extremely helpful advice and Renbu
  * Muni Shinobu - for helping with the skill tree and clones
  * My parents - for buying the game!
  * Me - for writing the FAQ
  ...and last but not least.....

  * YOU! for reading this FAQ and using it well. Bye bye, until next time!
    Hopefully I will write more FAQs for DW6
  Copyright Kevin Li 2007
  Kainankevin/Deviloftrade signing out...

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