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Zhang Liao Guide by CEMAN4

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/12/2008

Zhang Liao Dynasty Warriors 6 FAQ
By: CEmAN04 (ceman04@yahoo.com)
Last Updated: March 12, 2008
Version History:

0.1 - Started FAQ and basic guide info
0.2 - Finished  everything but Musou Mode
0.7 - Most of Musou Mode finished
1.0 - Guide finished

Table of Contents:

1) About Dynasty Warriors 6
2) Controls
3) About Zhang Liao
4) Weapons/skills
5) Moveset
6) Musou Mode
7) Copyright


1) About Dynasty Warriors 6:

Dynasty Warriors 6 is the latest in the line of Dynasty Warriors featuring the 
new Renbu system. There are 4 different levels of Renbu each adding to the 
effectiveness of every characters attacks. Due to the new Renbu system, 
weapons no longer have a set amount of attacks. Each character will cycle 
through an amount of attacks based on their current Renbu level. Also new to 
DW6 is that every character has a new weapon and moveset. Unfortunately this 
time there are only 17 musou modes and some of the previous characters are no 
longer in the game.

Also note that horse/weapon drops are for the most part random. Non-playable 
officers will drop 50 exp. Playable drop 100 exp. Turbo and Hyper Mode 
officers drop 200 exp. Some officers do have a preset horse/weapon drop 


2) Controls:

Left Stick: Move
Right Stick: Rotate Camera
Back: Toggle On/Off Health Bars
Guide Button: Open Xbox Guide
Start: Pause Game/Skip Cut-scenes
Down D-Pad: Call Warhorse
X: Normal attack
Y(tap): Attack enemies in front of you
Y(hold): Attacks enemies all around you
B: Musou Attack
A: Jump/Mount
LB: Guard/Strafe
RB: Evade/Jump Horse
LT: Special
RT: Zoom Maps 


3) About Zhang Liao: Zhang Liao can be unlocked by beating 1 Wei musou mode.

(Taken directly from the encyclopedia in DW6)

Born in 169 and died in 224. A Wei officer. In the beginning, he fought in 
various battles under Lu Bu. After Lu Bu's death, he served under Cao Cao. 
During his defense of He Fei, he managed to repel over 100,000 Wu troops with 
just 800 men. He was feared throughout the land. He was promoted to the head 
of the Wei Five Generals.

To read more, go to www.kongming.net and learn about Zhang Liao as well as 


4) Weapons/Skills

Zhang Liao now has a new weapon in DW6. The weapon is actually two small 
halberds for each hand. There are three different types of weapons. 
Orange(Strength), Green (Standard), and Blue(Skill). The colors represent 
different Renbu builds. Blue makes it easier to build. Green is a normal time
to build. Orange of course takes longer but makes the time up with strength.
Each weapon also may or may not contain an element and skills. The ideal 
weapon is one high in attack with the skills True Musou and Flash. Each 
character in DW6 also has a skill tree. On the skill trees are skills(duh), 
stat powerups, and special abilities.


Twin Vipers(Green): This is the standard weapon for Zhang Liao. Each character
 also starts with a standard weapon with a base damage of 60.

Twin Eagles(Blue): This weapon usually comes in a lower attack than normal. 
It also has a different blade on the end.

Twin Dragons(Orange): These are the stronger weapons. Yet again it also has 
a different blade on the end of the handle.

Weapon Skills: There are various weapon skills that improve the effectiveness
of the weapon the are:

Balance: Gain the advantage in a weapon deadlock. Not the most useful skills 
but does help if you struggle in weapon deadlocks.

Leech: Your life gauge recovers slightly when you inflict heavy damage on an 
enemy. Okay but not too noticable

Concentration: Musou gauge depletes quickly, but the Musou attack is stronger.
I do not like to use this as it tends to exactly what it says, deplete the 
gauge quickly.

True Musou: The Musou Attack becomes a True Musou attack. This skill is one of
the best to have. The True Musou deals massive amounts of damage and is great 
bundled with other skills.

Mystic Seal: The weapon affinity is strengthened. Causes more elemental 
damage. This is useful especially with the ice element as it causes many 
enemies nearby to be frozen.

Arrow Sight: You will deflect arrows while attacking. I usually do not use 
this skill unless it is on the weapon with the best attack.

Berserk: Attack increases greatly, but defense drops tremendously. This of 
course is a double-edged sword. It is up to you if you want greater attack 
at the cost of lower defense.

Renbu Spirit: Your chains stay active longer. Good if your horse is slow so
you can keep Renbu while you move from place to place.

Flash: May instantly defeat weaker opponents and inflict heavy damage on 
enemy officers. This is possibly the best weapon skill in the game. Bundled 
with True Musou, this could take down an enemy commander in one musou.

Air Wave: Upon attack, send out a wave of air that damages enemies. This is 
an okay skills. It can help damage those enemies that are just out of range.

Weapon Elements: Along with weapon skills, many weapons will also have an 
element. The element is on the top right of the weapon picture. There is fire,
lightning, and ice. Fire will set burn enemies causing some minor damage. 
Lightning will cause enemies to pop into the air or confuse them. Ice freezes 
the enemy for a few seconds allowing time to unleash havoc into their bodies.

Skills: There are various skills and specials on the skill tree. I recommend 
making your way to infinite Renbu as fast as you can because it is possibly 
the best special. Skills are orange diamonds, Specials are green diamonds, 
and attributes are either small or big circles depending on the contents.

Life: There is a total of +115 life on the tree
Musou: There is a total of +90 musou on the tree
Attack: There is a total of +95 attack on the tree
Defense: There is a total of +90 defense on the tree
Skills: Zhang Liao has 10 different skills. They are:

Horsemanship: Raises your horse's abilities to their fullest.
Ward: Defense doubled when near death and knocked down. (30 sec)
Adrenaline: Attack doubled when near death and knocked down. (30 sec)
Special Start: Allows you to begin a stage with one Tome.
Victor's Aura: Increases the chance of success for raids and lengthens the 
duration of the enemy's confusion.
Third Renbu: Unlocks Renbu Rank 3.
Pouch: Allows you to carry two Tomes and they will appear more frequently.
Infinite Renbu: Unlocks the highest Renbu rank.
Bag: Allows you to carry three Tomes and they will appear more frequently.
Bonus Special: Receive one Tome for every 300 K.O.s

Specials: Zhang Liao has 3 different specials. They are:

Stamina: Increase the duration of your special attack.
Rush: Inflicts heavy damage on weak enemies by touching them while using 
True Speed.
Power Rush: Defeats weak enemies by touching them while using True Speed.

True Speed: True Speed is Zhang Liao's special (LT). Zhang Liao's speed is 
increased tremendously. While running, Zhang Liao will spin his halberds 
around damaging enemies.


5) Moveset:

Normal Renbu 1: Downward slash from right to left followed by a slash from 
left to right followed by a spinning swing followed by another swing in 

Normal Renbu 2: Same as the first with four frontward swipes at the end of 
the rotation.

Normal Renbu 3: Same as first two with a forward poke and then two swings from
back to front on each side.

Normal Infinite Renbu: Same as the first three with seven more back to front 
swings at the end.

Charge (Tap): Jab in front.

Charge (Hold)): Swing both halberds from right to left.

Musou: Same as level 3 Renbu but stronger. Finish with a series of swings and 
a stomp on the ground causing a shockwave to damage all enemies nearby.

Jump + Charge: Swing halberds straight down into the ground.

Jump + Plus Normal: Swing halberds from inside to out.

Evade: Roll in the direction he is moving.

Horse Normal: 3-9 swings to the right side depending on Renbu level

Horse Charge: Strong swing to the right side.

Horse Musou: Swings to the right side with a strong swing to finish.

Running Normal:


6) Musou Mode: 

Stage 1: Guan Du

Time Limit: 90 minutes
Conditions: Victory: Defeat Yuan Shao
            Defeat: Cao Cao is defeated
1) Defeat Wen Chou or Yan Liang. (300)
2) So not allow Guan Du West Gate or Guan Du East Gate to be breached. (300)
3) Yan Jin Fort and Bai Ma Fort do not fall. (500)

Targets 1 and 2 are easy to do at a beginning level. Target 3 should be 
attempted with a fast horse and a strong character.

Starting off, head North to Bai Ma Fort and kill Shen Pei and Xun Chen who are
at the base. Each of them will drop 50 exp. Stand on the north side of the 
fort in front of the water. There Yuan Tan will come to attack. Be careful 
because he is in Turbo mode and will take a while to kill. After killing him,
he will drop 200 exp. Soon after Yuan Tan arrives, Yuan Shang will also come 
to attack. He is also in Turbo mode so be careful. If you need health, do not 
hesitate to return to Bai Ma Fort to pick some up. Defeat Yuan Shang and he 
will drop 200 exp. Yan Liang will then come across the river with Yan Rou and 
Chen Zhen. Focus on the two sub-officers before killing Yan Liang. The two 
sub-officers will drop 50 exp. Yan Liang is in Hyper Mode and has a red aura 
around him. Killing him can be time consuming and you may take a lot of 
damage. Killing him will wield 200 exp and you will complete Target 1.

If at this time Yan Jin has not fallen, head to it and defeat everybody that 
is attacking it. Han Meng and Wang Xiu should be attacking the Fort. Killing
them will then yield 50 exp from each. Do the same thing and head towards the
river preparing to fight any whom come across. The first across should be Yuan
Xi. Just like the rest of the Yuan brothers, he is also in Turbo Mode. 
Defeating Yuan Xi should drop a saddle for you. Wen Chou will then come 
charging across with his sub-officers Lu Kuang and Lu Xiang. Defeat the subs 
first and then go after Wen Chou. This battle is much like the Yan Liang 
battle from earlier. Each of the subs should drop 50 exp and Wen Chou will 
drop 200 exp. After this battle, Gao Lan may try to sneak across the river 
into the base. Head back and defeat him to collect 200 exp. (He is in Turbo
Mode.) This should leave both bases in a good position to achieve the target. 

After you are done defeating all of the officers, head back to Guan Du castle 
to rid the officers attacking there. At the castle, destroy any catapults that 
are set up and especially any rams being built or being set up. Gao Gan and 
Xin Ping should be at the West Gate. Defeat each of them to obtain 50 exp from
each. Kill any siege officers and move to the east gate. At the east gate Liu 
Pi should be attacking. Defeat any rams and then defeat Liu Pi. Liu Pi will 
drop 50 exp. Kill anymore siege captains and then head east.

Your first encounter should be a gate. Go ahead and take it. After the gate,
head northwest and take Guan Du West Post. From there, head north to the 
river. If you encounter Chen Lin, kill him and take his 50 exp. If you 
encounter Zhang He, do not kill him as he will defect soon. At the river, go 
left until you come to a landing on the other side of the shore. Head north to
Wu Chao West Camp and jump on in. If Zhen Ji appears in the forest, stop and 
kill her to take her 100 exp. If you jump into the camp and successfully 
confuse the people there, defeating Chunyu Qiong while they are confused will
yield 200 exp. Head East to the entrance and then defeat Lu Wei Kuang. Lu Wei
Kuang will drop 50 exp. From there, defeat the corporals in the camp to take
it over. Upon doing so, you will see a cut-scene where the camp is set ablaze.
After the camp is on fire, Zhang He and Xu You will defect to your side. (If 
they are still alive that is.) Feel free to take the east camp  and then 
head towards Yuan Shao.

By this time, Tian Feng may have arrived as reinforcements for Yuan Shao. 
Killing him gives you 50 exp. Yuan Shao should be in Bai Ma so head there as 
quickly as you can so you can still get the target. Defeat any officers around
him and they should give 50 exp each. When you are ready, kill Yuan Shao and 
he will give you 200 exp.

Stage 2: Chang Ban

Time Limit: 90 minutes
Conditions: Victory: Defeat Liu Bei.
            Defeat: Cao Cao withdraws or Liu Bei reaches the docks.

1) Score 300 or more K.O.s (300)
2) Defeat Zhang Fei (500)
3) Do not attack the refugees (500)

Getting the third target should only be done if you go directly for Liu Bei. 
If you do not, kill the refugees so Liu Bei stops running. Killing all of them
will put him in Hyper Mode, which may not be good if you are a low level. 
Zhang Fei is also in Hyper Mode while defending the Chang Ban Bridge, wait 
for him to say "There. That should do it" before killing him if you are at a 
low level

Start by heading in the direction you are facing until you come to a bridge on
your left. Cross it and attack Liao Hua and get his saddle. Right down the 
path are some refugees. Kill them to make Liu Bei stop advancing. Keep 
advancing around the bend and ignore the watchpoint. Next up should be Jian 
Yong. Kill him to get 50 exp and kill the refugees next to him. Keep 
advancing towards the Chang Ban Bridge. Zhuge Liang should change courses and 
head to meet you. Kill him and his sub-officer Zhuge Jun to collect a 
weapon/100 exp and 50 exp respectively. Right in front of you is Zhang Fei. 
Ride by him and he will not chase you. If you do stop to fight Zhang Fei, Zhao
Yun might ride up to you and he is in Turbo Mode. At this point, you may want 
to run. If not try to unleash some musou attacks and bring down Zhang Fei 
first. Zhang Fei in Hyper Mode will drop 200 exp. Zhao Yun will also drop 
200 exp. 

After the bridge, veer left and continue along until you come to Yi Ji and Hu 
Ban. One should drop a weapon and the other a saddle. From the South First 
Post head to the second First Post and take it back and then defeat Guan Yu 
and his three sub-officers, Chen Zhen, Chen Dao, and Ma Liang.  The subs will 
drop 50 exp and Guan Yu drops a weapon. After taking the Post, head east 
towards the Southeast Fort. Kill any refugees along the way. You can also stop
to defeat Zhou Cang who has 50 exp. Head through the base and towards 
Liu Bei's position. Hopefully there is one group of refugees left so Liu Bei 
is not in Hyper Mode. Kill Liu Bei to finish the stage and collect 200 exp.

(On a side note, I had to replay this 3 times because Zhao Yun and then Liu 
Bei killed Cao Cao in one hit by a Musou attack. Watch out for Cao Cao if he
is near any Turbo or Hyper officer.)

Stage 3: Chi Bi

Time Limit: 90 minutes
Conditions: Victory: Defeat Sun Quan.
            Defeat: Cao Cao withdraws.

1) Take West Watchpost in 5 minutes (300)
2) Take North Fort and East Fort in 10 min. (300)
3) Player Maintains at least 70% life. (500)

I would not worry about the targets and more about stopping the fire attack. 
Play free mode later to obtain the targets. The third one is much easier with 
a high level character.

To start, eliminating Zhuge Liang and Pang Tong are the first things you will 
want to do. Start by heading south and killing Xue Zong and Xu Sheng who will 
drop 50 exp each. Xun You will talk about hitting a gong to make the ship 
move. Head onto the ship just south of you and hit the gong. Exit off the ship
when it stops and head southeast towards the base. Go past it and up to Zhuge 
Liang. Up there will be Zhuge Liang, Lu Meng with Sun Shao, Lu Su with Yu Fan,
and Zhuge Jin. Try to hit Zhuge Liang with a musou attack to deal a good 
portion of damage. Also be careful because Zhuge Liang will be in Turbo Mode 
and take many hits to kill. Zhuge Jin may drop a weapon/50 exp, Sun Shao, Lu 
Su, and Yu Fan will drop 50 exp, Lu Meng will drop 100 exp, and Zhuge Liang 
will drop 200 exp. 

After Zhuge Liang is dealt with, head back down and turn east. When you reach 
Sun Quan's main camp, turn north and then follow the path up towards where the
action is going on. At the gate of the East Fort is Pan Zhang. Feel free to 
kill him and take his 50 exp. After you break open the gate, look on your map 
for Zhou Yu. He should be on a little hill just north of you. Head up to him 
and try to quickly defeat him as Pang Tong is coming. If you have time, take 
out his sub-officer, Lu Dai to get 50 exp. When Pang Tong gets there, he will 
defect and he will be in Hyper Mode. Zhou Yu himself will drop 100 exp. Pang 
Tong is actually one of the easier Hyper Mode generals. If you get a good 
combo on him followed by a good musou, he should be really hurt.

After Pang Tong is dead, the fire attack will happen. Do not worry though as 
it will almost have no effect. Head back down the mountain and then go help 
take the base where your men are fighting. Ma Zhong will be at the base of the
hill and Ding Feng will be just north of him. Killing them will yield 50 exp 
and a weapon. Next, take the base I mentioned earlier. If your allies have not
defeated Cheng Pu and Zhu Huan, take them out now and get 50 exp each. After 
clearing the area, head south and take over the East Fort. If you have managed
to go fast enough, you will achieve Target 2. (That is if your allies take the
North Fort fast enough.) Inside the base should be Han Dang. Kill him and get 
another 50 exp. After taking the base, head further south and kill Su Fei who 
is standing guard at the front of Sun Quan's main camp. After that, kill of 
all the officers inside Sun Quan's camp to gain more exp. Each of them 
should drop 50 exp. Sun Quan will drop 200 exp.

Stage 4: Battle of He Fei

Time Limit: 90 minutes
Conditions: Victory: Wipe out all enemy units.
            Defeat: He Fei West Castle or He Fei East Castle fall.

1) Take Chao Hu West Fort and lower the drawbridge in 10 min. (300)
2) Defeat Lu Meng and Sun Quan in 20 min. (300)
3) Achieve Target 1 and Target 2 and win in 20 min. or less.

You need to defeat Lu Meng and Sun Quan personally or they will not count as 
your kills. Also, have a fast horse so you can get from the drawbridge to your 
castles so they do not fall.

Zhang Liao starts in a great spot for achieving Target 1. Start by heading 
south and eliminating Pan Zhang who of course drops 50 exp. After killing him,
cross the bridge in front of you and head a little farther south and attack 
the drawbridge thus lowering it. After lowering the drawbridge, head back 
north to Chao Hu East Fort and take it over. Right outside the other exit, 
Xu Huang should be fighting Ling Tong and Ding Feng. Killing Ding Feng yields 
50 exp and Ling Tong drops 100 exp. After beating them, take Chao Hu West Fort
and achieve Target 1.

After getting the first Target, quickly head to the West Castle because many 
officers are advancing on it. In the Chao Hu Northwest Fort, Dong Xi is 
attacking. Quickly kill him and take your grand prize of 50 exp. Now head to 
the red dot on your radar where you will encounter Sun Huan, Jiang Qin, Zhou 
Tai, Zhu Zhi, Ding Feng, and Sun Shao. They will not be that much of a 
challenge and can be easily defeated. Each of them will drop 50 exp and Zhou 
Tai drops 100. 

If you look on your map, you will see the Chen Wu and Han Dang are trying to 
take your fort. Go over there and take them out. Each of them should drop 50 
exp. Sometime during all of this, you will hear about enemy reinforcements. 
Zhu Huan, Zhou Fang, Lu Meng, and Lu Dai are now advancing to the east side of
the map where Gan Ning will join them. All of the regulars should drop 50 exp 
while Lu Meng drops 100. Gan Ning will drop a weapon.

After defeating them, swing around the bottom of the map towards Sun Quan's 
camp. Kill Zhang Zhao, Xu Sheng, and Lu Fan who should all be fighting right 
outside the camp. They should all have 50 exp. Inside the camp is Ma Zhong, 
Zhuge Jin, Quan Zong, and Se Fei. Killing them will also be 50 exp. Sun Quan 
should now be the last one to kill and he will drop 200 exp. Make sure you 
kill him so you can get the target.

Stage 5: Shi Ting
Time Limit: 90 minutes
Conditions: Victory: Defeat Sun Quan.
            Defeat: Cao Cao withdraws.

1) Defeat Ling Tong, Gan Ning, and Xiao Qiao in 10 min. (300)
2) Take West Canyon Watchpost and Shi Ting South Post in 15 min. (300)
3) At least 7 of your targets including Cao Xiu survive until victory (500)

Start off by taking a left and going up the hill towards a base. In the base, 
kill Sun Lang and take his 50 exp. Xiao Qiao will eventually run up to you and
challenge you. Quickly defeat her and move on your way. Turn south towards the
castle Cao Xiu is in and go by the watchpoint. Charge into the castle yelling 
your favorite battle cry and take on the people attacking Cao Xiu. But wait! 
Before you enter, Ling Tong appears with Lu Dai. Kill Lu Dai first for 50 exp 
and then focus on Ling Tong. Ling Tong is in Turbo Mode so he will take a 
little longer to defeat. Once you manage to defeat him, then charge inside 
and rescue the castle. Inside the castle is Zhou Fang and Chen Wu who drop 
50 exp each. Gan Ning will now be here also and he is pissed. He will be in 
Hyper Mode so that means a good reward when you kill him. He is actually an 
easy Hyper officer if you can get a good combo on him. Finish off killing any 
officers in the castle and collect your meager awards.

Now that the castle attack has been repelled, time to get some targets. 
Head out the west gate and go take the watchpoint to the west. After taking 
that, head towards your main base where many enemy units are gaining an 
advantage. Take out Taishi Xiang and Zhu Huan to get 50 exp each. If Cao Xiu 
has any enemies on him, go help him out and kill them. Normal officers should 
drop 50 exp and Lu Xun if he is there will drop 100 exp. Sima Yi will probably
be struggling against Ma Zhong and Sun Shao. Help him out by killing them off.
When ready, head back to the castle where Cao Xiu was and go the south way 
this time. Jump down to help your allies and then ride a little east until 
you find a path leading up a hill that ends up at the southwest base. If you 
are under 15 minutes still, take the base. Now feel free to go and help out 
your allies killing any guys and then finish off by defeating Sun Quan to win 
the stage.

Stage 6: He Fei Castle
Time Limit: 90 minutes
Conditions: Victory: Sun Quan is defeated.
            Defeat: Cao Cao withdraws.

1) The North Fire Pit is not taken out by enemy forces. (300)
2) The Belt Trap is not taken out by enemy forces. (300)
3) The East Fire Pit is not taken out by enemy forces. (300)

Start off by turning around and killing Zhuge Luo. After getting his 50 exp, 
turn around again and kill Ma Zhong who is attacking the fire pit. After he is
dead, take the east exit to the outside and kill Sun Shang Xiang. After 
killing her, swing around the bottom of the castle taking the base on the way 
towards the Belt Trap in the center. On the Belt Trap, kill Gu Yong, Lu Fan, 
Lu Xun, and Xue Zong. If you fall down, just kill them down there or go right 
back up if they do not fall. After killing all of them, head towards the west 
where there will be a passage leading to the North Fire Pit. Inside it, kill 
whichever officers are attacking.

Now all of the places should be fine if they have not fallen already. Start by
taking the bases on the West side of the map and working your way south. None 
of the officers on the way to Sun Quan's main camp are really that tough. Just
make sure that you do not get too many of them on you at once or you might 
have a hard time. Try to lure officers off of the ships and defeat them on 
land. Once you have defeated enough of the officers and you are confident you 
can beat Sun Quan, go and finish him off. Sun Quan is in Hyper Mode so he can 
easily dispose of you if he gets some hits in on you. Once you finish, he 
should drop 200 exp and you have finished Zhang Liao's Musou Mode.

This guide is copyright © of Tom Stevens and may not be reproduced or 
redistributed in any way without consent.

Only GameFAQs may use this guide. All others must request permission.

Special Thanks:

SBAllen and CjayC for GameFAQs
Walmart for delivering the game earlier than scheduled.

© 2008

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