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    Achievement Guide by neeker

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                     XBOX 360 ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE V. 1.02
                                 By: neeker
                             Gamertag: neeker75
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    1.  Contact Information
    2.  Introduction
    3.  Episode One Achievements
    4.  Episode Two Achievements
    5.  Episode Three Achievements
    6.  Episode Four Achievements
    7.  Episode Five Achievements
    8.  Episode Six Achievements
    9.  Episode Seven Achievements
    10. Conclusion
    Version history
    Hi, I'm Lestor Wong. I post on GameFAQ.com/ GameSpot.com by the 
    username "neeker". 
    Feedback for this document can be directed to lestor underscore wong 
    at yahoo dot com. You may check out my other works here:
    Lost: Via Domus is a spin-off videogame based on the hit TV series 
    Lost. In the game, you play as Elliott Maslow (who looks a little like 
    Frank West from Dead Rising), a fellow survivor of Flight 815. 
    Suffering from amnesia, you'll play through the game by exploring the 
    island, solving puzzles and finding fragments of your memory as you
    The Xbox 360 version of the game has 30 achievements totalling the 
    usual 1,000 points. A handful of these are optional, and easily 
    missable. This guide will show you where and when to find them.
    Instead of explaining how to get the achievements by categories (like 
    what I usually do in my guides), I'll separate them by episodes. 
    Meaning, you can play through the game once and unlock get all the 
    achievements as you progress through the game without replaying the 
    episodes. I hope you'll find this presentation more beneficial than a 
    categorized list, especially due to the structure of the game. 
    This is an introductory episode that gives you 60G from 10 minutes of 
    doing basically nothing. Take note of the "ghost" figure you meet in 
    the beginning.
    815 (20)
    Description: Discover all the memories in Flashback 1
    This is the first of six flashback achievements in the game. During 
    flashbacks, you'll need to take a photo, "remember" the moment when it 
    was taken, and examine three items to unlock the achievement.
    Moments into the game, you'll bump into Kate. Talk to her on all the 
    options until your first flashback occurs. Notice before the flashback, 
    a torn photograph will be shown to you. This basically tells you the 
    exact moment when you need to take the required photo.
    For this flashback, take a photo of:
    - Kate in handcuffs.
    The three items to examine are (in any order):
    - Backpack (on the ground)
    - Magazine (on the left seat)
    - Photo (on the left seat)
    The achievement will unlock upon examining the third item.
    Description: Prevent the fuse leak from igniting
    After talking to Kate, you'll follow a dog to the crash site. You'll 
    find Jack there. Talk to him, and he'll ask you to prevent a fuse leak 
    on the plane. 
    Go to the back of the plane to find a fuse panel. Solve the fuse 
    puzzle (very easy) and you'll unlock this achievement.
    Description: Complete Episode 1
    After saving the castaways, the episode will end and the achievement 
    will unlock.
    The highlights of this episode is a walk through the dark cave, and 
    another fuse puzzle (this one is slightly harder than the last one). 
    Both events carry no achievement points, but you'll need to do them 
    to progress the story.
    Description: Discover all the memories in Flashback 2
    The trigger person for this flashback is, again, Kate. Talk to her 
    once the episode begins. After exhausting the conversational options, 
    the "ghost" figure appears at the sea. Go "talk" to this figure to 
    trigger the flashback.
    For this flashback, take a photo of:
    - Lisa (that's the name of said "ghost") and the fisherman
    NOTE: The fisherman must be in the photo.
    The three items to examine are (in any order):
    - Diary (on the right chair)
    - Recorder (on the stand with some beer bottles, on the left)
    - Newspaper (on the left chair)
    Description: Complete Episode 2
    The hardest part of this episode is to actually get past the dark 
    cave. You must be in the light most of the time, lest the black smoke 
    consumes you. Trade for at least two torches with Locke so that you 
    can have a light source to work with in the cave. To equip the torch, 
    press up on your D-Pad and select it.
    Press X to light the torch (the lighter is given FOC to you), and then 
    walk towards lighted areas in the cave. The general direction I 
    remember was straight (linear) past two lighted areas, then right to 
    a lighted area with leaves. In this area, there's only one narrow path 
    to walk on, so be careful or you'll fall to your death into dark pits. 
    After that, you'll find a waterfall, go past it on another linear path 
    and you should reach an area with two waterfalls ahead. Go through the 
    right one, and then left and you'll find the body of a polar bear. 
    From here it's just straight ahead till the end.
    Note that the torch extinguishes and loses lifespan when swarmed by 
    bats and going through water. This is why I suggested carrying two of 
    them. If you've enough items to trade, you may want to trade for a 
    lantern (if Locke has it now) instead since it lasts longer and 
    doesn't get affected by bats and water. If you need more items for 
    trade, roam the beach and jungle for coconuts, papayas and water 
    After getting past the cave, you'll reach the area where the cockpit 
    of the plane is. Get into plane. The storage compartment is locked. 
    You'll find two fuse panels nearby. Examine the one on the right, and 
    pick up all the fuses there. Then, activate the one on the left and do 
    the puzzle. 
    After completing the puzzle, go back to the storage compartment and 
    pick up your camera.
    Leave the plane now and the episode will end for the achievement.
    You can now begin the photo-taking sidequests with the re-possession 
    of your camera, yay!
    Description: Discover all the memories in Flashback 3
    The trigger person for this flashback is Locke. Talk to him by the 
    tent, and ask him to pass you the laptop battery. He refuses, and the 
    flashback will kick in.
    For this flashback, take a photo of:
    - Locke (left, in the wheelchair) and Lisa (who's talking to Rico)
    NOTE: This one is rather tricky to get the right focus. Try to take a 
    few steps back to find a better angle. 
    The three items to examine are (in any order):
    - Recorder (near where you stand)
    - Article (at the back of room)
    - Note (just right of the article)
    Description: Convince Locke to help
    After the flashback, you remember that Locke used to be wheelchair-
    bound. Talk about the wheelchair, and he'll agree to help you. 
    Blackmail successful, and achievement unlocked.
    4 8 15 16 23 42 (15)
    Description: Photograph the numbers on the closed hatch door
    And so, you go on an excursion with Locke. You'll soon reach the area 
    where the closed hatch is. After Locke tells you about the hatch, walk 
    towards it. You should get the prompt to examine an engravement on the 
    hatch. Take a photo of the numbers of it, which are 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 
    and 42.
    Yeah, those fateful numbers.
    Description: Photograph the beam of light from the window of the 
    closed Hatch
    After taking a photo of those numbers, follow Locke into the next area. 
    Do not enter the cave though. Instead, backtrack to the hatch again. 
    You'll now see a beam of light shining out from the hatch. 
    Take a photo of this scene to unlock the achievement.
    VIA DOMUS (50)
    Description: Complete Episode 3
    Another cave adventure follows soon after the photos. Trade your 
    desired light source with Locke and proceed. This one is easier than 
    the one in Episode Two, since there's the ghostly figure of Lisa that 
    you can chase after. She's also nice enough to wait for you when you 
    lose your way, so just wander around until you see her, and run after 
    She'll stop eventually. Approach her to find that her head is covered 
    in blood. Hmm...
    She disappears soon after. Walk close to the cliff nearby and jump 
    down. Examine the skeletons nearby to pick up a compass. This will be 
    followed by the end of the episode, and the achievement.
    There are a lot of things to do in this episode. Hopefully you won't 
    get lost (heh heh). There's also preparation work for an achievement 
    that you can only complete in Episode Six. 
    Description: Photograph the Medical Station logo
    This is sometimes known as the "Staff Station" achievement. I guess 
    it's depending on which version of the game you're playing? Anyway, 
    they're one and the same.
    To enter the Medical Station, you'll need to examine the following 
    items with specified numbers on them, in order. Assuming you're 
    looking at the beach with your back facing the sea, the items and 
    their locations are:
    - A briefcase with bumper stickers, in a small shack on the right
      of the beach. This has the number "4".
    - A row of seashells on the right of the beach, very close to the 
      waters. This has the number "8".
    - At the back of a small shack on the left of the beach. This has the 
      number "15".
    - Under the cover of a crate on the left of the beach. This has the 
      number "16".
    - On Hurley's food cart, just in front of his tent and to the left of 
      him. This has the number "23".
    - On Charlie's domino box, just in front of his tent and to the left 
      of him. This has the number "42".
    Yes, those numbers again.
    Upon examining the last item, you'll get an option to go to the Medical 
    Station. Go there and take a photo of the logo inside. It's in plain 
    Description: Photograph Kate's plane, Charlie's guitar, Locke's 
    You need a series of photographs to unlock this one. After taking a 
    photo of one, you'll notice the top right corner of the screen showing 
    your progress (e.g., Collectible 1/3).
    Kate's Plane:
    After visiting the Medical Station, scout the beach for Kate. You'll 
    find her playing with her toy plane. Take a picture of the plane (zoom 
    Charlie's Guitar:
    Go back to Charlie's tent and you'll find his guitar sitting nicely 
    inside. Take a photo of it.
    Locke's Wheelchair:
    Go to the treelines (back of beach) and move from left right to right. 
    You should find Locke's wheelchair abandoned in the leaves. Take a 
    photo of it to complete the collection, and unlock the achievement.
    NOTE: If you miss Kate's plane in this episode, you can still take it 
    in Episode 5. The plane can be found on a couch in the hatch (Swan 
    Description: Discover all the memories in Flashback 4
    Sayid refuses to let you into the hatch, unless you can prove who you 
    are. Return to the beach and talk to Hurley, which triggers a flash-
    For this flashback, take a photo of:
    - Folder with Savo's photo on Rico's counter
    The three items to examine are (in any order):
    - Letter (on the back shelf, right side of the room)
    - Recorder (on the front shelf, right side of the room)
    - Folder (on Rico's counter)
    Description: Photograph the book "Turn of the Screw"
    So, you found that your name is Elliott Maslow from the flashback. 
    Sayid finally lets you into the Swan Station. It's one big area, this 
    place. And it has a whole lot of photo opportunities. 
    The first is this book called "Turn of the Screw". It's found on the 
    bookshelf near the common area, just opposite the prominent lava lamp. 
    Zoom into the book and take a photo to unlock this.
    RADZINSKY (15)
    Description: Photograph the bloodstain on the Swan ceiling
    Back to the lava lamp side of the room. Look above you to find blood-
    stains on the ceiling. Take a photo of the stains to unlock the 
    Description: Photograph Kelvin's jump suit, Medical cabinet, 
    Desmond's painting in Swan station
    Another collection photography achievement. You can get them all in 
    the Swan Station.
    Desmond's Painting:
    You'll probably come across this pretty soon into the Swan Station. 
    Go past the first fuse puzzle and soon and you should find Desmond's 
    mural on the right wall. It's some sort of weird, colorful portrait. 
    I don't know, it may look artistic to some people...
    Medical Cabinet:
    Past the wall and deeper into the station, you should find some sort of 
    a first aid box on the right wall. This is said Medical Cabinet 
    required for the achievement. It's opened, so take the photo from the 
    left side of it, and make sure that its contents are taken as well.
    Kelvin's Jump Suit:
    Further into the station, you should find a second fuse puzzle that's 
    to the right of a hanger with some clothings. This hanger is just 
    beside some washing machines. Kelvin's jumper is the rightmost one. 
    Take a picture of it, and make sure that the name tag is prominently 
    Description: Enter the numbers
    In a room opposite the first fuse puzzle in the Swan Station, you'll 
    find an old computer. You may not be able to enter this room when you 
    first enter the hatch. It'll open automatically after a while though. 
    Go inside and key in the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 (with space 
    in between the numbers) on the computer, and press "Execute" to unlock 
    the achievement.
    Description: Photograph Blast Door Map, Blast Door Map for Hidden 
    Entrance, Sayid's Cable Map
    This is the last collection photography achievement. You can only take 
    two photos in this episode, which is why this explanation is "Part 
    After solving the three fuse puzzles (the last one is in the furthest 
    part of the station, in a bedroom), enter the computer room and 
    activate the switch. Once you do that, all the blast doors will close 
    on you. You're trapped! Not only that, the lights will go off, leaving 
    only the black lights on!
    Use the computer again, and it'll ask you to enter "The Way Home". If 
    you've been following the game, you should know that "Via Domus" = 
    "Going Home". So, key "Via Domus" and press "EXecute". All the black 
    lights will turn off.
    Now, the confusing part. Back to the computer, choose option "D" to 
    access the black lights Menu. As with most adventure games, the age-
    old computer decides to throw you an IQ test. It consists of two 
    First answer: 63
    Second answer: L
    You can now play with the lights. Choose option "A" and "B" to turn on 
    the black lights again. 
    Once the black lights are on (the whole place turns into a German 
    disco), choose "C" to return to the blast door menu. 
    Choose "A" to open one door. Meaning, two doors are still closed. Turn 
    around now and you'll find a map on one of the blast doors. Take a 
    photo of it. Finally, 1/3!
    Go back to the computer now, and choose "B". This opens the door to 
    your left (as in left when you're facing the computer). Leave through 
    this door now, and you'll be back in the area where the lava lamp is. 
    Look left now, and you'll see another map on the last blast door 
    (which is still closed). Take a photo of it for 2/3.
    Now, quickly run back into the room and choose "C" on the computer to 
    open the last door (it's behind you). Exit through this door to end 
    the level.
    Note that there's actually a time limit once you play with the lights. 
    If you don't leave via the last door in time, the whole place falls and 
    you die. If you find that there isn't enough time to take both photos, 
    you can consider taking the second photo in Episode Five. 
    Alternatively, you can take the first photo first, die, and then do 
    the necessary to take the second photo when you redo the mission. 
    Photos that are already taken will be stored, and you won't need to 
    re-take them even if you die.
    The final photo for this achievement can only be taken in Episode Six. 
    I'll explain it in time.
    Description: Complete Episode 4
    The three fuse puzzles will probably cause you to curse and swear. 
    Seriously, what's wrong with this island and all its problems with 
    fuse panels?
    If you really find it impossible to solve them, check this URL for 
    It's all in Korean, but there are screenshots of the completed puzzles 
    for your perusal.
    The episode ends once you leave through the last blast door, as 
    explained in "Mapping the Island - Part One".
    I hate this episode because of the dynamite thing. On the other hand, 
    you can also trade a pistol with Charlie (or was it Sawyer?). Do your-
    self a favor and get a pistol into your inventory.
    Description: Discover all the memories in Flashback 5
    YOu begin the episode in captive, after Jack and Sayid "showed you 
    who's boss" earlier. 
    Kate's on guard duty, and she seems to believe in you. Talk to her 
    while in your "cell" to trigger the flashback.
    For this flashback, take a photo of:
    - Lisa's back, when she's using her laptop
    NOTE: The laptop monitor must be in the photo.
    The three items to examine are (in any order):
    - Letter (beside Lisa)
    - Folder (beside Lisa)
    - Recorder (on the coffee table in the rest area opposite the hotel's
    After this, you get "released". You've a lot of free time now, so you 
    can take time to take photos of all those you've missed in Episode 
    Four. You know, the book, the bloodstains, the blast door maps...
    DHARMA RIDE (15)
    Description: Photograph the VW van
    Leave the Swan Station and look opposite now for a waterfall. Walk 
    through it and you'll reach the hidden door shown on one of the blast 
    door maps. You'll need dynamite to open it.
    You need more information about where to find dynamite, so you'll have 
    to go back to the beach. On the way back, you should find some flags 
    near the closed hatch (where you did "Beam of Light"). 
    Back at the beach, talk to everyone (remember to trade for a pistol 
    now). After talking to Locke, you get to know that the flags near the 
    hatch are actually markers leading to the Black Rock, an abandoned 
    ship. It was where he found dynamite earlier. 
    Problem is, to reach the Black Rock, you'll have to get past the dark 
    territory. This is another jungle area where the black smoke reigns. 
    To find your way to the exit, you'll have to look for flags and use 
    them to look torwards the next flags. The last flag will bring you to 
    the next area.
    Unfortunately, the Dharma van is hidden somewhere in this jungle. Once 
    you enter the territory, run to the bamboo trees right ahead. You'll 
    "hide" within the trees automatically while the black smoke circles 
    you. Once it leaves, leave the trees, and align yourself such that 
    you're facing the exit. You can do this by first looking for the first 
    flags in this region. The exit's direction is opposite the flags. 
    Now, walking towards the exit, go left of the bamboo trees where you've 
    just hidden. Continue on a straight/ left-ish path and you should find 
    the van (it's blue color) hidden in some vegetation. Quickly take a 
    photo of it to unlock the achievement.
    Go find a nearby flag quickly to re-orientate, and make a dash for the 
    SLAVE (15)
    Description: Photograph a skeleton in the Black Rock
    You'll reach the area where the Black Rock is after the ordeal of the 
    dark territory. This is when your pistol comes into play. Someone will 
    be shooting at you from afar. Get close to a rock in front and hide 
    behind it. From there, press LT (your pistol will be equipped auto-
    matically) and take aim at this idiot. When you've locked on (the 
    crosshair turns red), send a couple of bullets to finish him off. 
    You HAVE to kill him for reasons I'll explain later.
    Now, just run forward until you find the ship. Enter via the hull, 
    and then left when you're inside. Go all the way to the end, and a 
    cut-scene will show you the location of the dynamite. Pick it up. 
    The skeleton required for this achievement is just right of the dyna-
    mite. It's quite dark, so you may want to bump up the brightness on 
    the game to see it. As usual, take a photo of it to unlock the 
    BOOM BOOM (10)
    Description: Open the magnetic door
    Now that you've the dynamite, you must return to the hidden door 
    inside the waterfall. It's quite a challenge, because with the bomb 
    on, you CANNOT RUN. Yes, just sprinting for a few seconds and the damn 
    thing explodes (and you die). 
    Which was why I asked you to kill the shooter earlier. If you didn't, 
    he'll be shooting at you while you SLOWLY walk towards the exit. If 
    he happens to land a hit on you, the bomb explodes (and you die).
    It's not over once you leave the Black Rock though. You'll still have 
    to navigate past the dark territory by slowly walking. With the black 
    smoke lurking, this can prove to be extremely frustrating. I wish you 
    all the best as you engage this silliest part of the game.
    Once back at the hatch, walk through the waterfall and to the hidden 
    door. You'll get the option to "place dynamite". Do so, and take 
    several steps back. LT onto the dynamite and shoot.
    The achievement unlocks when the door is blasted to pieces.
    BEIND THE WALL (100)
    Description: Complete Episode 5
    Enter the door and take the left path. You'll need to do another IQ 
    test (I think), so just do it and get it over and done with. You can 
    then choose an option to stop the magnetic interference. Once you do 
    that, the episode ends. 
    You get face-to-face with one of The Others in this episode, as well 
    as kill the man who has been trying to kill you since Episode One.
    Description: Discover all the memories in Flashback 6
    Some time into the episode, the black smoke chases you across the 
    field into an unknown area of the island. To escape from it, you'll 
    need to run on a linear path. The trick here is fallen tree trunks 
    will block your way. If you come across one on the ground, press Y 
    to jump over it while running. If you come across a really large one, 
    press A to slide under it.
    That's about it. Keep doing this until you reach the cut-scene with 
    After all the talk with her, the flashback is initiated.
    For this flashback, take a photo of:
    - Savo's bodyguard showing Lisa a gun, right after woman blocking your 
    view walks away
    The three items to examine are (in any order):
    - Diary (beside Lisa)
    - Guestbook (at the hotel reception)
    - Newspaper (on the coffee table in the rest area opposite the hotel's
    In this flashback, you find that you've betrayed Lisa, and gotten 
    her into some hot soup.
    PEARL (20)
    Description: Photograph the Pearl station logo
    After the flashback, Juliet lowers the electrical fence so that you 
    can walk through without getting hurt. You can now go find the Pearl 
    Station. The location of this can be found in the crude ASCII map 
                                                  (   )
                                       (   )                (   )
     To Flame Station <---
                               Juliet  (   )                (   )
    When you're at the "HERE!" point on the above diagram, you should find 
    an option to "pick up" something. Do so and you'll enter the Pearl 
    Station. Take a photo of that huge logo inside to unlock the achieve-
    Description: Photograph Blast Door Map, Blast Door Map for Hidden 
    Entrance, Sayid's Cable Map
    Trade with Juliet for some torches (or oil cans if you already have 
    the lantern). Follow the path near her into the Flame Station. If 
    you still haven't gotten yourself a lantern, there's one lying some-
    where in this room. Just keep your light source on and explore the 
    place until you find yet another fuse puzzle.
    Solution at the usual place:
    Enter the now opened door and climb the ladder up to the ground floor. 
    Continue on the linear path in this new area until you reach find a 
    computer on the right. Play with it a little (IQ test, etc.). Beyond 
    the computer, you should hear someone talking in the next room. Looks 
    like the man who wanted to kill you (Beady Eyes) since Episode One has 
    found his way here. Before confronting him, however, head towards the 
    table on the right of this room to find Sayid's Cable Map.
    Shoot it (I mean, take a photo) to complete the achievement.
    SHOWDOWN (10G)
    Description: Successfully confront Beady Eyes
    Time for a "boss fight". Open the door ahead and Beady Eyes will point
    his gun at you. Do not draw your gun first (i.e., do not press LT to 
    lock on). Instead, align your body while he talks until you face him 
    directly, and then quickly hold LT and shoot. 
    If you draw the gun too quickly, he shoots immediately and you die in 
    one hit. If you take your time trying to lock on to him, he shoots 
    immediately and you die in one hit. If you walk into the room, he 
    shoots immediately and you die in one hit. If you take a step back, he 
    shoots immediately and you die in one hit...
    ... you get the picture. So, stay put, align your field of vision and 
    wait for him to talk, and then quickly lock on and shoot. 
    Do not wait too long though. Once he finishes talking, he shoots 
    immediately and you die in one hit!
    Description: Complete Episode 6
    They're getting really generous with the points now as the game's 
    drawing to a close. Once you kill Beady Eyes, you'll get a cut-scene 
    with Mikhail. The achievement unlocks as you get attacked by The 
    Only two achievements in this final episode. 
    HERO'S HERO (25)
    Description: Save Jack and Kate
    Ok, before you hit this part, you'll actually find yourself in the 
    Hydra Station. After the flashback with Tom (no achievement for this 
    one, but Lisa was murdered by Savo, thanks to YOU), leave the room 
    and go all over the place picking up fuses. Once you find a computer, 
    use it to activate the IQ test.
    First answer: 44
    Second answer: H
    Third answer: B
    You can now use the Hydra Station menu. If you want, you can select 
    "A" and "B" for some information. But the important here is to choose 
    "C" to lift the platform in the middle of the room. This raises a 
    shark thing that has a whole lot of fuses for you to pick up.
    The reason you've to pick up fuses is because your entire inventory 
    has been robbed. Yes, nothing on you. No pistol. No camera. No papayas 
    and coconuts. Damn!
    You'll then have to do the last fuse puzzle (the ultimate) to open a 
    last door. This puzzle is near the shark area.
    Go inside and talk to Juliet and Ben. You agree to bring Jack to Ben 
    and Company...
    ... which is why, eventually, Jack gets ambushed at the Black Rock. 
    Kate, being a busybody and a hot babe at the same time, decides to 
    follow you two and get caught too.
    Now, those bad guys want to kill Jack and Kate (I thought they needed 
    Jack to treat Ben for a back problem or something?). You must make a 
    choice. To get this achievement, you must stand IN FRONT of Kate, and 
    shoot the dynamite on the right. Doing so unlocks a cut-scene in which 
    both Jack and Kate are saved. 
    NOTE: If you don't stand in front of Kate, she dies. 
    Achievement unlocks at cut-scene.
    THE WAY HOME (200)
    Description: Finish the game
    Jack decides to abandon you at some obscure area of the island. Juliet 
    wakes you up and passes you back the camera. She seems to know Lisa 
    and want the truth about her death broadcasted. Ben and Company are 
    hot on your heels now, so you've to do one of those chases scenes (Y 
    to jump over obstacles, A to slide under). You've to do this within 
    1:30 (that's one minute thirty seconds). Good luck.
    If you do it successfully, you'll reach the escape boat. When a bad 
    guy tries to bomb the boat, Locke shoots the guy. 
    Talk to Locke after that to bid farewell. Run towards the boat to 
    end the game for the achievement.
    The story isn't over for Elliott, obviously. There's a twist to the 
    ending, and it's one big anticlimax. I won't spoil it for you (because 
    I don't know WTF it's all about), so you'll have to watch it yourself 
    to develop your own theory.
    And please, don't go writing to me explaining about the ending. I'm 
    not exactly interested, to put it bluntly.
    And there you go, another 1,000 points to add to your gamertag. I hope 
    you've found this guide useful in helping you with that objective. 
    I agree that certain parts of it work like a detailed walkthrough, but 
    it's my intention to explain as clearly as possible for the benefit of 
    casual players who may be playing this game only because it's "Lost".
    As a FAQ writer, I expect to receive emails. But please try to be 
    relevant. You can send me:
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