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by LiKuid Fox

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Runner's Bag Guide by LiKuid Fox

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 04/22/11

Mirror's Edge Runner's Bag Guide Version 2.0 GF (April 22, 2011)

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i. About This Guide

This is a guide that will let you know where and how to find every Runner's Bag there is to collect in Mirror's Edge.

What is a Runner's Bag?

Runner's Bags are actually an important part of the game; the contents of these bags are given to Runners by their clients, which are then swiftly yet carefully delivered to their recipients. Without them, there would be absolutely no need for Runners. Unfortunately, some bags have been left behind by Runners during run-ins with the authority, and it is up to you to find them.

In Mirror's Edge, there are 30 bags scattered across the city, and by finding them, you unlock achievements/trophies for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. In the table below, you can find what achievements/trophies you can unlock and how to unlock them.

Achievement/Trophy (Reward)How to Unlock
Bag lady (20 Gamerscore/Bronze TrophyFind all three hidden bags in one chapter
Ran out of fingers (30 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy)Find 11 hidden bags
Packrat (80 Gamerscore/Gold TrophyFind all 30 hidden bags

Collecting all 30 Runner's Bags may seem like a difficult and time-consuming process, but by following this guide, your goal will be made clear and simple.

Before running straight to the guide (pun intended), be sure that you've got a good grasp on the essentials - they are what you need to know in order to claim each and every bag.

Runner Glyphs

An occult symbol, the Runner Glyph is a hint telling the player that a Runner's Bag is somewhere nearby. These have been painted hastily on an object in close proximity to the bag by a Runner that had no choice but to stash it in a safe and secure place for later pick-up or hand-off.

This is a Runner Glyph.

Whenever you spot a Runner Glyph, take a good look around the general vicinity of the glyph, checking high and low points and searching for hidden areas; not every strategy will contain information on the Runner Glyph locations. However, the screenshots provided disclose all Runner Glyphs and their surroundings.


As you may know, Faith is the main protagonist in Mirror's Edge, Being a runner she has learned through the years how to move swiftly about the city. Her arsenal, an amalgam of speed and agility, is made up of daunting actions performed only by those who need to get to their destination as quick and obscurely as possible.


Jumping is one of the essentials that Faith could not live without. A well- executed jump can get Faith over gaps that ordinary humans would not even think about attempting. Jumping off walls after climbing one also allows her to jump gaps and reach places that she could not have simply by wallclimbing.


Areas that are just out of Faith's vertical reach do not necessarily stop her. She can climb a small distance up walls and obstacles to get to where she needs to be.

It is possible for Faith to string together a wallclimb, turn, and jump to reach even higher places.


The city buildings are filled with crawlspaces and mazes of air ducts and are a great way for Faith to keep out of sight and out of mind. Crouching slows her down, but it is good to remember that she is not the only Runner using these ducts there might be bags in those hidden areas!


Wallrunning consists of precise footing and remarkable balancing, and it is often used to travel across gaps or areas with no flat surface.

It is possible to string together a wallrun, turn, and jump or even a wallrun, wallclimb, turn, and jump for Faith to maintain maximum speed while clearing long distances.


Faith can make use of small objects stacked in such a manner that they form a makeshift springboard. When approaching a springboard at a fair speed, Faith climbs the object with her feet and performs a high and far leap to get to places that could not be reached otherwise.

The following guide reveals the location of each and every Runner's Bag and essentially how to obtain them in sequential order. They are further kept track of by chapter and checkpoint.

Checkpoint B

1. This one is literally impossible to miss; there is simply no way around it, as it lies in the center of your only path. Upon entering the first building, follow the corridor up the short staircase and around the corner. Here, you will quickly spot the Runner Glyph next to stacks of shrink-wrapped boxes, and above that is an ventilation duct. On top of this vent and next to the entrance of another duct entrance sits the very first Runner's Bag.

Runner's Bag 1-1

Runner's Bag 1-2

2. Just before exiting the storage area onto the outside roof while being chased by a group of Blues, turn left. You will notice two shelves stocked with sealed boxes against the wall, and there is also a Runner Glyph on the same wall. The Runner's Bag in this area lies high atop the second shelf. Simply climb up the shelf to claim the bag; there is enough empty space in the back for Faith to make her way up.

Runner's Bag 2-1

Runner's Bag 2-2

Runner's Bag 2-3

Checkpoint C

3. Near the end of the chase across the roofs are blue catwalks. The bag here lies directly beneath the lower one. If necessary (and willing), take out the Blues in this vicinity to make the searching job easier on yourself. Then, crawl under the catwalk to find the third Runner's Bag nestled safely between some appliances that sit next to the fans.

Runner's Bag 3-1

Runner's Bag 3-2

Checkpoint A

4. Start by jumping onto the appliances of the second building and over the electric fence. Then, once you've climbed over the second fence this one is harmless turn left and locate the Runner Glyph marked on the side of the electrical case against the wall. Climb on top of the case and then the roof where you will spot two ventilation ducts. In between the ducts is a Runner's Bag.

Runner's Bag 4-1

Runner's Bag 4-2

Checkpoint C

5. The first chase in this chapter will have you slide down the side of a building, jump down a few roofs, and rush you to a shaded area where, if you are not fast enough, a chopper and some Blues will eventually find you.

Instead of taking the blue catwalks to the next area, jump across the short gap onto the balcony that has a Runner Glyph on the wall. On the far right side is a lone appliance. You will find the Runner's Bag in this area hiding between the appliance and the wall.

Runner's Bag 5-1

Runner's Bag 5-2

Checkpoint E

6. The second chase in this chapter brings you to Centurian Plaza. Make your way toward the stairs that lead to a higher platform, but instead of running up them, turn left. You will notice a dark area in the back under the platform. In the far left of the area, you will spot a Runner Glyph high on the wall on the other side of a fence. Climb the fence, and look behind the large appliances; here is the last Runner's Bag found in this chapter.

Runner's Bag 6-1

Runner's Bag 6-2

Checkpoint A

7. Near the beginning of the chapter, make your way down the canal. Once the canal turns left, travel about halfway down, keeping left. Eventually, you will come across a Runner Glyph on a wall on the left side. The Runner's Bag will be in a small space directly behind this wall.

Runner's Bag 7-1

Runner's Bag 7-2

Checkpoint C

8. There are a couple of ways to get this one, depending on the action you want to take.

If you have no problem with eliminating Blues, climb to the top of the area, and stay left. Once you make contact with the Blue, disarm him and take his sniper rifle. Then, aim toward the opposite side of the area and take out the two snipers on the other side. Once this is done, proceed across by jumping over the gaps to each support structure until you have made it to the other side. The Runner's Bag will be at the far right end.

In the case that you are not up for taking out any Blues, albeit for a trophy or simply because you are no good at disarming, quickly run past the first Blue and onto the support structures. Stay out of sight as you make your way across the area. Once you have found the Runner's Bag (it is on the far right), jump down, grab the bag, then use the cases on the catwalk to launch back onto the support structures and away from harm.

Runner's Bag 8-1

Runner's Bag 8-2

Runner's Bag 8-3 - Be quick, or they just might take you out first.

Checkpoint E

9. Upon reaching the top of the storm drain, a pursuit between you and the Blues will ensue. Notice that this area is surrounded by three buildings: one labeled Callaghan in blue, a second labeled Newstream Energy in orange, and another labeled Burfield in green. Facing the Burfield building, locate the Runner Glyph painted on a two-by-four cut of lumber leaning against an orange Newstream Energy container. It is also next to a fork lift. Run around the fork lift, and you should spot a Runner's Bag sitting to the side of the container.

Runner's Bag 9-1

Runner's Bag 9-2

Checkpoint A

10. After tumbling down the air duct in the first building you enter, you will spot the Runner Glyph painted on a pure white drum in one of the corners of the hall. You will also spot a pallet of plastic-wrapped boxes in this area. Directly behind the boxes is a Runner's Bag.

Runner's Bag 10-1

Runner's Bag 10-2

Checkpoint C

11. After engaging the Blues on the rooftops, continue forward by climbing the pipes onto the slightly higher roof and jumping across the narrow gap. Here, you will notice a Runner Glyph painted on a pallet leaning against a fence. On the left side of the fence is the second Runner's Bag in this chapter.

Runner's Bag 11-1

Runner's Bag 11-2

Checkpoint D

12. The last Runner's Bag in this chapter is on an affixed catwalk near the top of one of the cranes. After jumping from the hanging steel beams of the first crane to Faith's landing pad, climb the nearby ladder onto the first level of the second crane. The Runner's Bag is one level higher, so you will need to run around the catwalk and climb another ladder. Just around the corner lies the Runner's Bag.

Runner's Bag 12-1

Runner's Bag 12-2

Checkpoint A

13. Once atop the roof with an array of fans and other various appliances, head toward the left corner where, across the gap, there is a billboard with an abstract design along with the word 'DUEL.' You will notice the Runner Glyph against the wall here, and to the left of the glyph is a Runner's Bag.

Runner's Bag 13-1

Runner's Bag 13-2

Checkpoint C

14. After the brief duel on the rooftop, you will go back inside the building and take the elevator down to an abrupt stop. Instead of crawling into the air duct connected to the elevator shaft, locate the Runner Glyph next to a pair of doors behind the elevator. Wait until the door is opened by an enemy Blue, then climb into the hall. The Runner's Bag is in here, but you may have to take out the Blue in order to reach it safely.

Runner's Bag 14-1

Runner's Bag 14-2

Checkpoint D

15. The last Runner's Bag in this chapter may be a tricky one to get to. You will first need to head down into the subway, get to the other side of the platform, then climb up the maintenance ladder and cross the steel beam. In the next area, notice that there are three metal poles attached to the walls. These poles lead to the other side, where the Runner's Bag awaits. Use these poles by carefully swinging from one to another across the gap and to the other side. Turn the corner once you have made it across, and you will spot the Runner Glyph on the wall to your right. Use the metal bars next to the glyph to climb up and into the dark nook above where the Runner's Bag can be found.

Should you happen to fall during the process, there are two ways to make another attempt: restart the chapter from Checkpoint D if you have completed the chapter at least once, or try using the narrow rail connected to the catwalk which sits between the walls. With a bit of patience, you will be able to jump onto the rail and execute a wall run followed by a reverse jump. Faith does the rest, giving you another opportunity to reach the other side.

Runner's Bag 15-1

Runner's Bag 15-2

Checkpoint B

16. The first Runner's Bag in this chapter lies in between two large appliances surrounded by a barbed-wire fence. Climb the pipe found after taking the first elevator to the rooftops, and you will come across the fence on top of a balcony, with the Runner Glyph hidden on a shadowed wall nearby. Use any of the surrounding appliances to jump over the fence and crawl in between the inside appliances where the Runner's Bag sits.

Runner's Bag 16-1

Runner's Bag 16-2

Checkpoint C

17. Once you have escaped the Blues, you will take a zip-line to a series of narrow balconies. On one of the balconies are two large appliances and a container, with a Runner Glyph painted on the wall between them. The Runner's Bag is on top of the container. Climb the large appliances and perform a wallrun across the gap in order to reach the container and, ultimately, the Runner's Bag.

Runner's Bag 17-1

Runner's Bag 17-2

Runner's Bag 17-3

18. This Runner's Bag should not be easily missed. Before entering the mall, you will come across a garage where a delivery truck has been parked just outside of an employee corridor. Simply climb on top of the truck; the Runner's Bag is here.

Runner's Bag 18-1

Runner's Bag 18-2

Checkpoint A

19. The first Runner's Bag in this chapter is one of the more tricky bags, and the only hint you have that is even remotely close is the Runner Glyph on the side of the wall just outside the left side of the stairwell. What you will need to do is travel to the lower roof on the other side of the building by carefully making your way across the ventilation duct secured against the side. At the end of the duct, perform a wallrun, and safely jump onto the roof. Just around the corner lies the Runner's Bag.

Runner's Bag 19-1

Runner's Bag 19-2

Runner's Bag 19-3

Checkpoint B

20. Not easily missed, the second Runner's Bag here can be spotted in the first office area just past the loading bay. In the middle of the office are several storage shelves lined up against the left wall. The bag can be found in the last storage shelf.

Runner's Bag 20-1

Runner's Bag 20-2

Checkpoint C

21. The final Runner's Bag in this chapter is located in the packaging area labeled A1. To get to it, make your way to the shelves packed with large cases marked with the Pirandello/Kruger logo by climbing over the fence in between the conveyor and storage areas. In the corner of the far right end, you will notice a dark, empty space in the middle shelf -- you will know that you are in the right place if there are pictures on the side of the few cases here. Climb into this space, and you will find the bag in the very back.

Runner's Bag 21-1

Runner's Bag 21-2

Runner's Bag 21-3

Checkpoint A

22. At the start of the chapter, make your way down onto the blue overhang attached to the building. At one end of the overhang, you will spot a Runner Glyph on the wall. Jump down, and in the area to the right is a forklift. The forklift is facing the bag nestled in a corner away from sight.

If, by chance, you make your way down onto the pavement before locating the Runner Glyph, simply face the building you climbed down and head left. The area where the Runner's Bag lies is around the corner to the right of the building.

Runner's Bag 22-1

Runner's Bag 22-2

Checkpoint B

23. The second Runner's Bag in chapter seven is very well-hidden. After exiting the back of the truck, make your way to the far end of the car deck and up into the duct area. On your way through the duct area, you will notice a Runner Glyph. Once you have spotted it, make a right U-turn into a section where two air ducts extend left around the corner. The bag is in the area through which the ducts travel. To proceed toward it, hug the air duct and make your way around the opening in the grating so that you do not fall. Once you have passed the gap, turn left, and at the very end of the hideaway is the Runner's Bag.

Runner's Bag 23-1

Runner's Bag 23-2

Runner's Bag 23-3

Checkpoint D

24. The third Runner's Bag here is located on the main deck. As soon as you step outside and onto the deck where a sniper is firing at you from the other end, immediately turn right and head into the dark deckhouse. In one corner, you will find several cylindrical containers as well as a stack of boxes. The Runner's Bag is hidden in the corner behind one of the containers and the boxes. Jump onto these objects, and you will spot it.

Runner's Bag 24-1

Runner's Bag 24-2

Checkpoint A

25. Upon entering the first building, locate the room with the Runner Glyph painted on the whiteboard. In the section of the room across from the whiteboard are stacks of plastic-wrapped boxes. The Runner's Bag in this area can be found in the shady space behind them.

Runner's Bag 25-1

Runner's Bag 25-2

Checkpoint C

26. The second bag in this chapter is at the bottom of the atrium. As soon as you enter the area, look toward the left support structure. To the side of the structure lies a large bundle of material with a Runner Glyph painted on it. Climb onto this bundle and up into the tarp-covered scaffolding. Not far up the scaffolding lies the Runner's Bag.

Runner's Bag 26-1

Runner's Bag 26-2

Runner's Bag 26-3

27. Once you have reached the top of the atrium, enter the network of ventilation ducts. At one intersection, you will spot a Runner's Glyph. Do not make any turns when you find the glyph; instead, proceed forward until you come to a dead end. The Runner's Bag will be here.

Runner's Bag 27-1

Runner's Bag 27-2

Checkpoint A

28. The first Runner's Bag is located in the maintenance hallway near the beginning of the chapter. As you run through the corridor, there will be a Runner Glyph on the left wall. Directly above the glyph is the Runner's Bag. You will need to perform a wall climb and a jump to reach the grating on which the bag sits.

Runner's Bag 28-1

Runner's Bag 28-2

Checkpoint C

29. After the meeting, Faith is booted into the lobby where Blues will begin an assault. Run toward the right wall, and locate the locked door labeled Security 04. Beside the door is a Runner Glyph along with a chair. Use the chair to speedvault up onto a remote balcony where the Runner's Bag in this area lies contently.

Runner's Bag 29-1

Runner's Bag 29-2

Checkpoint D

30. The final Runner's Bag is located in the complex network of ventilation ducts in this chapter. Begin by traveling through the small passageways that require you to crouch. After the first fall, turn left toward a curved passage; it can be easily missed, so make sure that it is immediately after the very first fall through the ducts, or you may have to double back.

Proceed down the passage until you come upon a Runner Glyph. Once you are able to stand, make a 180° turn and perform a wall climb followed by a reverse jump. Search the small stash point at the top for the bag; it lies in the dead end past the phrase "Where is November???" spray-painted on the interior of the duct.

Runner's Bag 30-1

Runner's Bag 30-2

2. Credits

I would like to thank Electronic Arts Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment (EA DICE), for its amazing work on this truly fantastic game unlike any other; alephinfinity, a fellow member of the PlayHaven community, for sharing his kind words; Vlerian, a personal friend of mine, for testing the overall quality of this guide; and you, for viewing my guide which I have spent much time writing and developing.

3. Contact

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me via e-mail at LiKuidFox(at)gmail(dot)com. Please name the subject accordingly. I will respond to questions, but I may not respond to comments.