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    Achievement Guide by pieguy48

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       DDDDDDDD  DD   D      G D  D    D,  D    DD  LD     D. D    D           D  
        DDDDDDDDD D   D      G D  D     DD D     DD  LDDDDD,  D     DG   DDDDDDD  
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        tD DD DDDDD   D        D     D :D        D                                
       DDD G:DDDDDD   DDDDDDD  D     :DD   DDDD  DDDDDDD                          
     tDDDDD  DDDDDD   D        D     DjD;     D  D                                
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     DDDDDDDDDDDDDD   DDDDDDD  DDDDDD    DDDDDD  DDDDDDD                           
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                                    Mirror's Edge
                                  Achievement Guide
                                     by Pieguy48
    This guide is to be hosted at GameFAQs.com only. I don't mind you using it
    on your site, but please email me first, and please give me credit. See
    the CONTACT ME section for more information.
                                  TABLE OF CONTENTS
    1) Introduction          [MRDGIN]
       - The Author            [INTRAU]
       - The Game              [INTRGA]
    2) Version History       [MRDGVE]
    3) Achievement Guide     [MRDGAC]
       - Story Achievements    [ACHIST]
       - Speedrun/Time Trials  [ACHISP]
       - Bag Achievements      [ACHIBA]
       - Other Achievements    [ACHIOT]
       - Secret Achievements   [ACHISE]
    4) FAQ                   [MRDGFA]
    5) Contact Me            [MRDGCO]
    				THE AUTHOR
    Hi there, this is Pieguy. I've never written a FAQ before, so this is my
    first one. And how fitting that it's over one of my favorite games on the
    XBox 360. I've beaten the game twice so far. Once on Normal, for my first
    playthrough, and again on Easy, to get the Test of Faith achievement, and
    one day I will beat it on Hard. I've gotten a large majority of the 
    achievements in the game (except for those accursed speedrun achievements)
    and am pretty confident that I can make a guide for it. You can contact me
    using the information located at the end of the guide.
    				 THE GAME
    Mirror's Edge was released in November 2008 (a PC version was later 
    released in January of 2009) and was met with generally positive reviews,
    with a Metacritic score of 79 out of 100. The story involves a utopia city,
    where all communication is monitored and censored. Enter the Runners, a 
    group of people who are hired to transport sensitive information to their
    clients. You play the role of Faith, an orphaned Runner whose life is 
    turned upside down when her sister is framed for murder. But in her attempt
    to save her, she comes across a scheme that is much more sinister, and 
    could bring an end to the Runners once and for all...
                                  VERSION HISTORY
    Version 0.9 - January 24, 2009 = GameFAQs approved my first guide! WOOT!
    Changed the logo, I looked at another FAQ and someone else had already 
    used the Runner's Glyph. Also added a FAQ section.
    Version 0.8 - January 19, 2009 = Started the guide. All the achievements
    	are done. Still need to add videos to the Bag and Time Trial 
    	sections. Submitted to GameFAQs.
                                 ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE
                                STORY ACHIEVEMENTS
    Back on the job (10G)
    - Complete the Tutorial
    Can be done on any difficulty.
    Prologue Complete (20G)
    - Complete the Prologue in story mode
    Can be done on any difficulty
    Chapter 1 Complete - Chapter 8 Complete (20G each)
    - Complete Chapter x in story mode
    These can be done on any difficulty.
    That's a wrap (60G)
    - Complete the story mode on any difficulty
    Pro runner (80G)
    - Complete story mode on hard difficulty
    Can get pretty difficult at times. My advice to you is to play through the
    game once on Normal or Easy to get an idea of each level before you play
    through on Hard.
    Pacifist (15G)
    - Complete a chapter without firing a gun
    Should be pretty easy. I did it on the prologue, since there's only two
    enemies you have to fight, and they are pretty spread out
    Untouchable (15G)
    - Complete a chapter without getting shot
    Also pretty easy. I did it on the prologue. When you encounter the two
    Blues, you should be able to take the first one down easily. After killing
    or disarming him, run straight forward to the blue walkway, so that you are
    out of sight of the second Blue. From there, climb onto the vent, and then 
    onto the building, so you avoid the Blue entirely.
    Head over heels (20G)
    - Complete a chapter of the game without ending up in a heavy landing
    You avoid heavy landings by pressing the Crouch (LT) button right before
    you hit the ground. This should be most easily done on the Prologue level.
    Just be careful when you are falling out of vents.
    Test of Faith (80G)
    - Complete the game without shooting an enemy
    Easily done on Easy. If you do it on any other difficulty, you'll have some
    trouble getting through certain parts of the game. You have much more
    health on Easy mode than you do on Normal.
    Note on speedruns: These are unlocked after beating the game. I will give
    a Youtube link for each speedrun. Please inform me via email if the link is
    Prologue Speedrun (10G)
    - Complete a Speedrun of the Prologue below the target time
    Target time: 3 minutes
    Chapter 1 Speedrun - Chapter 9 Speedrun (10G each)
    - Complete a Speedrun of Chapter x below the target time
    Chapter #: Target Time - Youtube Link
    Chapter 1: 6 minutes -  http://tinyurl.com/73nlyy
    Chapter 2: 11 minutes - http://tinyurl.com/8fm5eo
    Chapter 3: 8 minutes -  http://tinyurl.com/9xnj6v
    Chapter 4: 9 minutes -  http://tinyurl.com/a2k6sm
    Chapter 5: 9 minutes -  http://tinyurl.com/a6jgra
    Chapter 6: 7 minutes -  http://tinyurl.com/8ykvo4
    Chapter 7: 8 minutes -  http://tinyurl.com/9zjheb
    Chapter 8: 8 minutes -  http://tinyurl.com/9lh5w4
    Chapter 9: 6 minutes -  http://tinyurl.com/7psx3p
    Videos by watuhboy
    On the clock (10G)
    - Beat the qualifier time on any Time Trial stretch
    All you have to do is get at least one star on any Time Trial
    Access all areas (20G)
    - Unlock all Time Trial stretches
    You unlock Time Trials by completing the story mode and by getting at least
    one star on each course.
    Baby Steps (20G)
    - Attain a Time Trial star rating of 20
    This means that all your Time Trials must add up to be at least 20. There
    are a total of 23 time trials, so all you have to do is get at least one
    star on 20 of them.
    A for effort (25G)
    - Attain a Time Trial rating of 35
    With 23 total courses, you only need to get 2 stars on 18 of them.
    Still Counting (30G)
    - Attain a Time Trial rating of 50
    23 total courses, so 2 stars on all of them and three stars on four of them
    will do the trick.
    TO BE DONE: Add Time Trial videos
                                 BAG ACHIEVEMENTS
    Bag Lady (20G)
    - Find all three hidden bags in one chapter
    Bag videos to be posted eventually. For now, use this guide by Blood_XIII:
    Ran out of fingers (30G)
    - Find 11 hidden bags
    Packrat (80G)
    - Find all 30 hidden bags
                                OTHER ACHIEVEMENTS
    Tango Down (15G)
    - Knock out 20 enemies in melee combat
    Easily done at Checkpoint E on Chapter 2 - Jacknife. Put it on easy, and
    keep reloading the checkpoint after you wipe out the Blues.
    Mine! (15G)
    - Perform 15 successful disarms (outside of the tutorial)
    Easily done at Checkpoint E on Chapter 2 - Jacknife. Put it on easy, and
    keep reloading the checkpoint after you wipe out the Blues.
    Vrooom! (40G)
    - Maintain sprint speed for 30 seconds
    Can be done at several places. First, at the Prologue, drop down from the
    first platform you start out on and just run around the edge of the ledge.
    You can also do it at Chapter 2, when you're going through the canal thing.
    Stick to the left ledge and just keep running. The achievement won't pop
    until after you stop running.
    Martial Artist (10G)
    - Perform a melee hit from a wallrun
    At the end of the prologue, right after you give the bag to Cel, there will
    be a group of Blues running towards you. Run towards them, do a wallrun,
    and nail one of em to pop this achievement.
    Up, Over, Under, Onwards (25G)
    - String together the following: jump, coil (over obstacle), slide (under
    Can be done on the Prologue. At that first part, where there are blue 
    panels sticking out of the ground, jump off of one of those, over the
    fence, (make sure you press LT in the air to coil) and slide under the bars
    to get this achievement.
    Free Flowing (25G)
    - String together the following: wallrun, jump, speedvault
    Done during the tutorial. After crossing the balance beam, you will see Cel
    wallrun up to the next ledge. Instead of doing that, however, you want to
    wallrun off the wall to the right of the ledge, press the Turn button (RB),
    and jump. Keep trying if you don't get it at first.
    May I have this dance? (30G)
    - String together the following: wallrun, turn, jump, wallclimb, turn, jump
    Sounds a lot harder than it is. On the prologue, after you climb the fence,
    veer to the left to the platform where the zipline is, but don't go on it.
    Instead, go in between the platforms. Wallrun off of one (LB), turn (RB),
    and jump (LB). Faith will automatically start wallclimbing, and while she
    does, quickly press Turn (RB), and jump (LB).
    aaaand safe! (30G)
    - String together the following: wallrun, jump, coil (over obstacle), skill 
    Done on the Playground One Time Trial course. After wallrunning across the
    first wall, instead of going straight into the building, turn left and jump
    off the plank onto the next building. From here, you will see a wall and a
    barbed wire fence. Run on the wall (LB), jump (RB), coil over the fence
    (LT), and perform a skill roll (press LT right before you hit the ground)
    to pop the achievement. It took me a couple tries.
                                SECRET ACHIEVEMENTS
    Hey, it's-a-me! (10G)
    - Execute a stomp move on an enemy
    A "stomp move" is when you jump on top of an enemy and pull the right
    trigger as soon as you make contact. I did this during the Prologue. Before
    you give the bag to Cel, and you are facing two Blues, jump up on the
    vents that are beside the Blue that is nearest to you, and pounce em!
    Sweet goodbye (5G)
    - Triggered the flip-off move
    Do this by running, then pressing the Jump, Turn, and Punch buttons, 
    quickly, and in that order. (XBox controls: LB, RB, RT) This must be done
    to an enemy.
                             FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
    Email your questions to me using the information at the end of the guide.
    Q: I'm on Chapter 8, and the game's making me pick up the rifle. Will this
    prevent me from getting the Test of Faith achievement?
    A: Don't worry, you only lose the achievement if you shoot somebody. You can
    also shoot the terminals on the last level.
                                    CONTACT ME
    Before I give out my email address, I have to establish some ground rules.
    - I will allow: Questions related to the Mirror's Edge achievements or
    	trophies that are not covered in the guide, guide corrections,
    - I will NOT allow: Spam (Duh), emails with atrocious grammar, any email
    	with attachments
    I very rarely check this email, probably about once or twice a month. So
    don't be offended if your issue isn't addressed right away.
    p i e g u y 4 8 [at] g m a i l [dot] c o m
    In conclusion, I hope that my guide helped you. Thanks for reading!

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