Is their different fighting combos you can unlock or perform in the game? If so how do I pereform them?

  1. Using different fighting combos.
    how to take down different bad guys like swat members and the ICARUS trainees

    User Info: supersean7

    supersean7 - 9 years ago

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  1. No, you start out with all the fighting move's you'll ever have, but you're not told how to perform them or required to until the game progresses.

    As for the SWAT members: you need super good timing. their weapon turns red when they melee, but it's extremely quick. The first time you encounter SWAT, you can't disarm them.

    The ICARUS members, when they kick at you, duck and punch, this makes them reel back, opening them for a knockout

    User Info: metalmaggot46

    metalmaggot46 - 9 years ago 2   0


  1. Its kinda easy to take down the ICARUS trainees ( the guys who can do the same stuff you can, like wallrun, wallclimb, fight,... etc.) aniway, on the level when those guys follow you and try to kill you, there will be a place where normal assult guys from the SWAT will try to slow you down with guns... dissarm one of them, cmon, their right next to you!!!!! Get his gun, kill the second one with the gun, throw it away, take the other guy's SMG, then shoot the ICARUS trainees, its sooooo easyy, they always try to get near you, like zombies, but a bit faster, if your good at aiming, you can shoot all of them, there are only about 3 of the ICARUS trainees, if you kill them, your free to run, noone will be behind you... ANIWAY, there are about 7 fighting combo's, i can do, thats about a half of the fighting combos, you dont have to just punch and kick the guys, here is some combos i know, the easiest ones XD....
    no.1) if theres a wall near you that you can wall-run on, if theres a guy in front of you, do a wall run on tht wall, press X, to slow time down( while still on the wall going towards the enemy) when you reach his side while on the wall ( when your still on the wall and the guy right on your side, do a 90 degrees turn and kick him by pulling the 'SHOOT' trigger. you will knock him to the ground, you might get an achievement as well!!!
    no.2) when your in front of your oponent, and theres a wall behind you, turn away from the enemy so your facing that wall, run to it and do a wall climb, then do a 180 turn and jump towards the enemy, kick him, you should automatically kick him on the floor, it works for me XD.
    no.3) as on number one, if theres a wall at your side and the enemy in front of you, do a wallrun, untill your still in front of him and on the wall, but not on his side, dont press X yet, jump off the wall so that your in-air, travelling to him, press X, then kick him when your at hitting distance, it should spin him around and give you a great knock-down, you should get an achievement if that was your first time doing the combo.

    User Info: wollro

    wollro - 8 years ago 1   0

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