Additional Character and Creature ArtKa Kei Wong
Additional Dungeon ArtJeff Browne
Additional Dungeon ArtJoel Burgess
Additional ProgrammingJoshua Andersen
Additional ProgrammingDavid DiAngelo
Additional ProgrammingJoel Dinolt
Additional ProgrammingMichael Dulany
Additional ProgrammingKurt Kuhlmann
Additional ProgrammingDavor MrKoci
Additional ProgrammingMatt Picioccio
Additional ProgrammingJean Simonet
Additional ProgrammingOrin Tresnjak
Additional ProgrammingJeff Ward
Additional World ArtAndy Barron
Additional World ArtSally Huang
Additional World ArtDaniel T. Lee
Additional World ArtRyan Sears
Character and Creature ArtHiu Lai Chong
Character and Creature ArtJosh Jones
Character and Creature ArtGary L. Noonan
Character and Creature ArtHugh Riley
Character and Creature ArtJuan Sanchez
Dungeon ArtTodd Broadwater
Dungeon ArtTim Lindsey
Dungeon ArtMichael E. Ryan
Dungeon ArtFrank Ward
Dungeon ArtRobert Wisnewski
Executive ProducerTodd Howard
Interface ArtNatalia Smirnova
Lead ArtistMatthew Carofano
Lead Character ArtistChristiane Meister
Lead DesignerKen Rolston
Lead Dungeon ArtistIstvan Pely
Lead ProgrammerGuy Carver
Lead ProgrammerCraig Lafferty
Original Music Composed and Produced ByJeremy Soule
ProducerGavin Carter
ProducerCraig Lafferty
ProgrammingBrendan Anthony
ProgrammingErik Deitrick
ProgrammingScott Franke
ProgrammingAhn Hopgood
ProgrammingChristopher Hynes
ProgrammingChris Innanen
ProgrammingMat Krohn
ProgrammingMike Lipari
ProgrammingSteve Meister
ProgrammingNathan Nordfelt
ProgrammingBrian Robb
ProgrammingJeff Sheiman
ProgrammingDan Teitel
Quality Assurance LeadTimothy Lamb
Quest DesignBrian Chapin
Quest DesignKurt Kuhlmann
Quest DesignAlan Nanes
Quest DesignMark E. Nelson
Quest DesignBruce Nesmith
Quest DesignEmil Pagliarulo
Senior ProducerAshley Cheng
Sound Design & Voice DirectionMark Lampert
Video Design & ProductionSteven Green
Voice Baurus/OwynMichael Mack
Voice CastingDawn Hershey
Voice: Argonian FemalesElisabeth Noone
Voice: Argonian MalesJonathan Bryce
Voice: Breton MalesRalph Cosham
Voice: Daedric Lord Mehrunes DagonTerence Stamp
Voice: Dark Elf MalesCraig Sechler
Voice: Emperor Uriel Septim VIIPatrick Stewart
Voice: Imperial Males/Dremora/Arena Announcer/The Prophet/Pelinal WhitestrakeWes Johnson
Voice: Lucien LachanceWes Johnson
Voice: Mankar CamoranTerence Stamp
Voice: Nord FemalesLynda Carter
Voice: Orc FemalesLynda Carter
Voice: Redguard MalesMichael Mack
Voice: The Adoring FanCraig Sechler
Voice: The Lost HeirSean Bean
Voice: Vicente Valtieri/JauffreRalph Cosham
World ArtHope Adams
World ArtNoah Berry
World ArtClara Cafasso
World ArtTony Greco
World ArtMegan Sawyer
World ArtGrant Struthers
World ArtRafael Vargas


Data and credits for this game contributed by LordAndrew, odino, topgun121, BGoldTLE, and oliist.

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