1. Ka Kei Wong Additional Character and Creature Art
  2. Jeff Browne Additional Dungeon Art
  3. Joel Burgess Additional Dungeon Art
  4. Joshua Andersen Additional Programming
  5. David DiAngelo Additional Programming
  6. Joel Dinolt Additional Programming
  7. Michael Dulany Additional Programming
  8. Kurt Kuhlmann Additional Programming
  9. Davor MrKoci Additional Programming
  10. Matt Picioccio Additional Programming
  11. Jean Simonet Additional Programming
  12. Orin Tresnjak Additional Programming
  13. Jeff Ward Additional Programming
  14. Andy Barron Additional World Art
  15. Sally Huang Additional World Art
  16. Daniel T. Lee Additional World Art
  17. Ryan Sears Additional World Art
  18. Hiu Lai Chong Character and Creature Art
  19. Josh Jones Character and Creature Art
  20. Gary L. Noonan Character and Creature Art
  21. Hugh Riley Character and Creature Art
  22. Juan Sanchez Character and Creature Art
  23. Todd Broadwater Dungeon Art
  24. Tim Lindsey Dungeon Art
  25. Michael E. Ryan Dungeon Art
  26. Frank Ward Dungeon Art
  27. Robert Wisnewski Dungeon Art
  28. Todd Howard Executive Producer
  29. Natalia Smirnova Interface Art
  30. Matthew Carofano Lead Artist
  31. Christiane Meister Lead Character Artist
  32. Ken Rolston Lead Designer
  33. Istvan Pely Lead Dungeon Artist
  34. Guy Carver Lead Programmer
  35. Craig Lafferty Lead Programmer
  36. Jeremy Soule Original Music Composed and Produced By
  37. Gavin Carter Producer
  38. Craig Lafferty Producer
  39. Brendan Anthony Programming
  40. Erik Deitrick Programming
  41. Scott Franke Programming
  42. Ahn Hopgood Programming
  43. Christopher Hynes Programming
  44. Chris Innanen Programming
  45. Mat Krohn Programming
  46. Mike Lipari Programming
  47. Steve Meister Programming
  48. Nathan Nordfelt Programming
  49. Brian Robb Programming
  50. Jeff Sheiman Programming
  51. Dan Teitel Programming
  52. Timothy Lamb Quality Assurance Lead
  53. Brian Chapin Quest Design
  54. Kurt Kuhlmann Quest Design
  55. Alan Nanes Quest Design
  56. Mark E. Nelson Quest Design
  57. Bruce Nesmith Quest Design
  58. Emil Pagliarulo Quest Design
  59. Ashley Cheng Senior Producer
  60. Mark Lampert Sound Design & Voice Direction
  61. Steven Green Video Design & Production
  62. Michael Mack Voice Baurus/Owyn
  63. Dawn Hershey Voice Casting
  64. Elisabeth Noone Voice: Argonian Females
  65. Jonathan Bryce Voice: Argonian Males
  66. Ralph Cosham Voice: Breton Males
  67. Terence Stamp Voice: Daedric Lord Mehrunes Dagon
  68. Craig Sechler Voice: Dark Elf Males
  69. Patrick Stewart Voice: Emperor Uriel Septim VII
  70. Wes Johnson Voice: Imperial Males/Dremora/Arena Announcer/The Prophet/Pelinal Whitestrake
  71. Wes Johnson Voice: Lucien Lachance
  72. Terence Stamp Voice: Mankar Camoran
  73. Lynda Carter Voice: Nord Females
  74. Lynda Carter Voice: Orc Females
  75. Michael Mack Voice: Redguard Males
  76. Craig Sechler Voice: The Adoring Fan
  77. Sean Bean Voice: The Lost Heir
  78. Ralph Cosham Voice: Vicente Valtieri/Jauffre
  79. Hope Adams World Art
  80. Noah Berry World Art
  81. Clara Cafasso World Art
  82. Tony Greco World Art
  83. Megan Sawyer World Art
  84. Grant Struthers World Art
  85. Rafael Vargas World Art


Data and credits for this game contributed by BGoldTLE, LordAndrew, odino, oliist, and topgun121.

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