Where can I get a lot of money?

  1. Where can i get a lot of money?

    User Info: myethhh

    myethhh - 12 years ago

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  1. In the elven district of the imperial city there is a man in a house that starts with an R i dont know exactly but go to him and kill him and he will have at least 10K gold on him.

    Or during the shivering isles the mission "Lady of paranoria" when you kill the woman in the gage check her body you will have to go around to the back and when you check her she will have 75K clubs on her take them and drop them and you will be able to duplicate any item and sell it to any merchant!

    User Info: sk8_4_life687

    sk8_4_life687 - 12 years ago 29   13


  1. The best way to accumulate weath quickly is to practice alchemy. at the highest levels, you only need one ingredient to make a potion. ingredients are everywhere, so make potions and sell them. also, at the start of the game, i go to the mage guilds, take the alchemic gear (pestles, all those things.) and sell them. i keep just enough to make the potions. each mages guild sells ingredients too, so buy all the cheap ones (ie apples, anything less then 20 coins.) and make potions. this is by far the best way to get money.

    User Info: Geesnutz

    Geesnutz - 10 years ago 4   0
  2. If you have 5 or more fame hang around in the temple district of the Imperial City, you'll receive a quest from a dunmer. Complete that quest and for each vampire dust you collect you'll get 250 gold. If you want to resort to glitching then duplicate something that's worth alot and sell that to any merchant,.

    User Info: Dieu_1337

    Dieu_1337 - 12 years ago 2   1
  3. The easiest, fastest way I've found is to take some alchemy equipment, steal/harvest some basic food, and mix them together. Food items will (almost) always result in a potion of restore fatigue. Potions made out of stolen items won't be considered stolen and can be sold to any merchant.

    It's practically effortless to do and each potion should sell for at least ~25 with a skill in alchemy of 10. You can come across food often without looking for it, and there's plenty of farms just outside of cities.

    Potions you make will be worth more as your skill increases, and a basic Restore Fatigue potion at alchemy 100 is worth around 70.

    User Info: Evil_Beaver

    Evil_Beaver - 12 years ago 2   1
  4. Duplicate item's---
    1) Have 2 or more Scroll's of any kind
    2)Highlight the scroll's and tap A twice
    3)Highlight the Item you want to duplicate and drop it

    It should be duplicated on the ground in front of you.

    User Info: ZimonZhepard

    ZimonZhepard - 5 years ago 2   1
  5. Kvatch Glitch--- (To do this you MUST delete the latest patch)

    1)Fast travel to the Kvatch Camp
    2)Equip your most expensive weapon then mount any horse

    3)Highlight your equipped weapon then sell it
    4)She will give you money, but she will not take your weapon

    User Info: ZimonZhepard

    ZimonZhepard - 5 years ago 1   0
  6. The best and fastest way to earn money is to do the Arena Quests. I racked up 5000 septims in less than an hour doing that. Another way to get money is very slow but this is the most moneymaking quest in the game. It's called "The Collector" Go to any old Ayleid Ruin and run through grab the statue and then head to Umbacano's House in Cheydinhal. He'll buy them for 500 septims a statue and once you bring him all ten he gives you 500 septims for the statue and then 5000 septims because you brought him all ten. Like I said. It'll take a while but I think it's worth it.

    User Info: Alexandrois

    Alexandrois - 11 years ago 1   1
  7. I just pick of easy targets with good armor (when you level up kill harder targets) took it to a mercent charmed them and sold it.

    User Info: evilpanda341

    evilpanda341 - 10 years ago 1   1
  8. If your at level 23 its easy just go into oblivion and kill and loot deadra for any deadra mainly weapons and the curiass most money income i have done this and iv got every house kitted out

    User Info: dark_lorican

    dark_lorican - 12 years ago 1   2
  9. There is very long winded way and you need a few thing
    what you want duplicated
    the staff or worms /resign flesh SI DLC
    staff of coruption
    a dead body prferably a high elf
    and a stong elemnt spell

    1)load the body
    3)hit it wit thestaff of coruption
    4)attack the cloan quick and it will concentate on kiling you
    5) do wit an hour when it bursts into flames but make sure you can loot it (YOU WILL UNDERSTAND IN A MIN)
    6)load up the game and rapidly press the a button (as far as i known xbox only)
    7) loot the body NOTE don't do take all AND don't take the missing name thing it glitches the game if do by accident put them back or reload if body gone

    to do moneyuse the guy raviel in the mythic dawn that takes your gear and mney so make sure you got a fair bit of cash

    User Info: dark_lorican

    dark_lorican - 11 years ago 0   1
  10. Do quests where people pay you to do them.

    User Info: JEBraq65

    JEBraq65 - 12 years ago 0   2
  11. The easiest way ( I think) to get money, though it takes a while, is after you kill a person, loot their gear and sell it to merchants. If you sell items taken off a dead person, it's not considered stolen. This helps to have high strength so you can carry more items to sell.

    User Info: phixieous

    phixieous (Expert) - 12 years ago 0   3

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