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    Achievement Guide by OmegaMustard

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    GAME: Soul Calibur IV
    By: Kenneth Stubbs (OmegaMustard)
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    This Document is copyrighted by me.  
    The Soul Calibur IV Achievement Guide is Copyright (C) 
    Aug. 05, 2008 Kenneth Stubbs
    *If you are looking for an achievement inparticular, just search the word*
    I. The Achievements
    A. Encounter With The Unknown
    B. Pursuer Of The Secret
    C. Mystery Of The Swords
    D. May The Force Be With You
    E. War Veteran
    F. Hero On The Battlefield
    G. Legendary Hidden Treasures
    H. Never Ending Advance
    I. Tower's New Guardian
    J. Scorpion's Sting
    K. Smasher
    L. Iron Hammer
    M. Death On the Battlefield
    N. Like A Flowing Stream
    O. Lost In The Moment
    P. Quick Strike
    Q. Swift Strike
    R. Mad Destroyer
    S. Violent Storm
    T. 10,000 Strikes Of Proof
    U. Endure 1,000
    V. Water Moon
    W. Distance Will Not Betray
    X. First Step As An Artist
    Y. Chosen By History
    Z. Sharpened Teeth
    AA. Equal Skill And Power
    AB. Engraved Into History
    AC. World Class Fighter
    AD. World Traveler
    AE. Gladiator
    AF. Unknown Swordsman
    AG. Hero King
    AH. Divine Punishment
    AI. Reversal Wizard
    AJ. Phoenix
    AK. Wandering Assassin
    AL. Repel All Blades
    AM. Numeric God
    AN. Two Cannot Exist Together
    AO. Gathering Of The Best
    AP. Observer Of Souls
    AQ. Sword Hunter
    AR. The Controller
    AS. Wild Run To Tragedy
    AT. Looter Of The Battlefield
    AU. Wandering Weapon Merchant
    AV. Transcend History And The World
     Secret Achievements
    AW. Start Of A New Era
    AX. Tower Of Gold
    I. The Achievements
    There are currently 50 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore.
    A. Encounter With The Unknown
    - Fight against Yoda.
    - Two ways to do this, first you can unlock The Apprentice by completing
      Arcade mode with Yoda, then play through Arcade mode with The Apprentice,
      or you can play against someone online who is using Yoda (Ranked or Player)
      Also, if you have purchased Vader off the Marketplace, you can play with
      him through Arcade mode and you will face Yoda as well.
    B. Pursuer Of The Secret
    - Clear STORY MODE on difficulty: NORMAL.
    - Just complete story mode on Normal difficulty.  Tip, you can play through 
      Yoda on first run through and unlock another achievement as well.
    C. Mystery Of The Swords
    - Clear STORY MODE on difficulty: HARD.
    - Just complete story mode on Hard difficulty.  Tip for this is to spam your
      grab attacks which if you are using default settings should be the L trigger.
      If you lose on a match, don't sweat it, you have infinite continues.
    D. May The Force Be With You
    - Clear STORY MODE with Yoda.
    - Just complete story mode using Yoda.
    E. War Veteran
    - Clear ARCADE MODE.
    - Select Arcade mode and complete it, you can spam your grab attacks or really
      beat on the computer, you have infinite continues if you lose both rounds,
      you just have to complete arcade.  There are 8 matches total, 2 rounds each
    F. Hero On The Battlefield
    - Clear ARCADE MODE with over 450,000 points.
    - Few ways to get this achievement, doing certain attacks land you a lot of
      points, doing a combo will get you a few hundred, you get 1 thousand every
      unblockable attack you land.  You get a perfect bonus that will net you 
      about 20 thousand, if you never lose a round, at the end you get a 100
      thousand bonus, you also get time bonuses.  If you happen to lose a round,
      just lose the second round and you will restart the same match with the 
      same points you had going into it.  Secret of the whole thing is to try
      and get as many perfects as you can, I think you need at least 7 or 8 
      perfects to be really good.  If you are looking for the most cheap way, 
      pick Taki and do her Forward plus X and Y and the same time for her 
      unblockable attack, just keep doing it over and over netting you 1000 
      points each hit.
    G. Legendary Hidden Treasures
    - Acquire over 30 treasures in TOWER OF LOST SOULS.
    - Each floor has a hidden tresure chest that you have to aquire by doing
      some type of condition.  After you complete the floors, the equipment 
      becomes available in the shop, but unlocking the treasure in the tower
      unlocks it free.  If you do happen to buy the item and then unlock it in
      the tower, you will unlock money in the tower instead of the treasure but
      it still counts towards the achievement, you do want to make sure you get
      floor 14's treasure because it is a level that you have to unlock to get
      world traveler achievement.  Here is a list of the battle conditions.
    - 1f Soldier's Hat, clear stage while taking no damage
      2f Warrior Trousers, clear stage with no ring outs from either side
      3f Pauldron, switch with ally more than 2 times
      4f Warlord's Belt, perform 3 attack throws
      5f Clergy Clothes, defeated an enemy with a ring out
      6f Wonder Jacket, threw an opponent
      7f Warrior Trousers, cleared the stage without missing any attacks
      8f Armor Ring: Ice Mirror, switch characters twice
      9f Scarlett Blossoms, guarded the opponent's attack 3 times in a row
      10f Silver Boots, guarded the opponent's attack 10 times in a row
      11f Grim Horn, defeated all enemies with a critical finish
      12f Magus Cloth, defeated all enemies with ring out
      13f Pegasus Sallet, destroy all the walls
      14f Phantom Pavilion: Seesaw, performed guard impact more than 3 times
      15f Submissions Belt, clear the stage using only the A and G buttons
      16f Warlord's Belt, clear the stage with 0 time remaining
      17f Arm Bandages, execute a 5+ combo
      18f Kouchu Kabuto, stood on all corners of the stage
      19f Longhua Qippo, switch with ally more than 5 times
      20f Life Gem: Sun, cleared the stage with a critical finish
      21f Longhua Qippo, voluntarily performed a ring out
      22f Honor boots, perform more than 4 counter hits
      23F Frilled skirt, guard more than 3 times in a row
      24f Protect Gem: Cardinal directions, Perform a combo with more than 
          240 damage
      25f Zhuque Changpao, threw more than 5 times
      26f Warthog Cuirass, executed a 10+ combo
      27f Iron Gauntlets, cleared the stage with no damage taken
      28F Aculeus Suit, opponent guarded a guard break attack at least twice
      29f Menghu Boots, switch with ally 5+ times
      30f Spirit Gem: Noniple Heads, clear stage without guarding
      31f Longming Qippo, perform 5+ Just Inputs
      32f Vane Mask, perform a low throw
      33f Battle dress, perform 3 attack throws
      34f Power Gem: warrior Princess, perform guard impact 3+ times
      35f Warthog Pauldrons, clear without switching
      36f Parlor Blouse, clear stage with 0 time remaining
      37f Siren's helm, defeat all enemies with critical finishes
      38f Gorgon Fauld, defeat all enemies with ring out
      39f Kingfisher Greaves, clear the stage without changing position
      40f Deer Head, execute a 5+ combo
      41f Minotaur, perform 5+ Just Inputs
      42f Demonic Gloves, clear the stage without letting opponents invoke 
          a skill
      43f Repel Gem: Iron Shell, perform an over the back throw
      44f War Cloak, no ring outs either side
      45f Tiger Lily Kabuto, Defeat enemies without using any skills
      46f Butterfly salet, same as above
      47f Succubus Boots, throw 5 times
      48f Life Dem: Jade, Clear stage with a character equipped with the 
          "invisible" skill
      49f Horns of Calamity, clear stage with no attacks missing
      50f Tiger Lily Breastplates, execute a 10+combo
      51f Tiger Lily Fauld, perform more than 4 counterhits
      52f Feathered Wings, clear stage with a critical finish
      53f Blade Ring: Demon Lord, defeat all enemies with a ring out
      54f Leviathan Pauldron, destroy all the walls
      55f Priestess Kimono, perform 3 attack throws
      56f Leviathan Burgonet, perform a combo with more than 240 damage
      57f Voodoo Armlets, voluntarily perform a ring out
      58f Tiger Pauldrons, defeat all enemies without any skills equipped
      59f Voodoo Greaves, guard an enemies attack 10 times in a row
      60f Voodoo Breastplate, clear the stage without switching characters
    H. Never Ending Advance
    - Descend 20 floors in TOWER OF LOST SOULS.
    - This is a survival mode where you can only use two characters.  You
      may want to equip skills like HP Drain A and Venom Fang A for the 
      best results in taking down the CPU's health and restoring your own.
      Every 5 floors you fight against weird bear costume wearing characters
      and you unlock armor and such after you beat those.  No true tips 
      except when one character gets low on health bring in your other
      character.  You can use the same character, so create one and then
      copy him or her and pick the same character twice.
    I. Tower's New Guardian
    - Clear all upper floors of TOWER OF LOST SOULS.
    - This is a pretty tough acheivement, you actually have to have some
      Soul Calibur skill to do this one.  Only cheap tactic I can tell you
      is use Kilik, equip his Jinju Staff and then put the skills Venom
      Fang A on and Shave Damage A, then whatever else you want, but those
      two for sure, then keep spamming his Forward X and Y attack where he 
      does like a five hit poke, shave damage will hurt the computer even
      when they block and venom fang will poison them if they fall on the
      ground, works really good until about floors 50 to 59, then it takes
      some luck to beat those, floor 60 is a joke, just lay down and the edge
      and the master will jump off.  Floor 45 and 46 you need to custom two
      Seigefreids with max defense and health, you will have to spam their
      lower grapple attacks.  Don't equip any skills on either Seigefreid.
    J. Scorpion's Sting
    - Win a battle with Critical Finish.
    - To do a critical finish you need to do a soul crush and then press 
      Left Bumper.  A soul crush is when the character's health gauge is
      flashing red and you keep beating on them until their guard breaks
      assuming they are guarding.  Their Guard will break with a red flash
      and that is when you can use a critical finish.
    K. Smasher
    - Destroy all of the opponent's equipment.
    - You can boost this with a friend online or do it on the computer, 
      Local Versus doesn't work, you need to keep attacking a person until
      all their armor breaks, you will know when you break a piece because
      there are three green tabs under the person's health bar, after all
      of those are out, all armor is broke.  No real tips, just keep doing
      low attacks for the leg armor, mid attacks for body armor and high
      attacks for head armor.
    L. Iron Hammer
    - Land an attack on a taunting opponent.
    - You can probably do this on the computer, the computer loves to 
      taunt you, it is also boostable online with a friend, Local Versus
      doesn't count.  Have your friend press the Right Trigger if their
      buttons are still default and they will taunt, then just strike them.
    M. Death On the Battlefield
    - Perform 100 Critical Finishes.
    - Critical finishes are pretty hard to get on people or the computer
      legit, so I recomment doing this with a friend online, just play about
      100 rounds each letting you both get a critical finish 100 times.
    N. Like A Flowing Stream
    - Perform 200 Impacts.
    - An impact is when you time the opponents move and press Forward Guard
      at the same time to push the opponent back.  Green sparks are regular
      impacts and red sparks are perfect impacts, you need 200 green ones
      Auto Impact skill works for this but you won't get any perfect impacts
      using it.  Must be done against CPU or an online opponent, local versus
      doesn't count.
    O. Lost In The Moment
    - Perform 20 Just Impacts.
    - A Just Impact is a perfectly done impact, pressing forward Guard at
      the perfect time to cause red sparks pushing your opponent back.
      Do this 20 times against CPU or an online opponent, local versus
      doesn't count.
    P. Quick Strike
    - Perform 5 First Attacks in a row in Arcade.
    - While playing through Arcade, just make sure you get the first attack
      on the opponent 5 times in a row.
    Q. Swift Strike
    - Perform 100 First Attacks.
    - If you are playing Story mode a lot to unlock everything you will
      probably get this one no problem, can only be obtained against CPU or
      online opponents, Local versus doesn't count.
    R. Mad Destroyer
    - Perform 100 Soul Crushes.
    - A soul crush is when you break the opponents guard while their health
      bar is flashing red, you will see a red flash when their guard breaks.
      You will obtain this while going for the 100 Critical Finishes.  Can 
      only be obtained against CPU or online opponents, Local versus doesn't 
    S. Violent Storm
    - Perform 50 Wall Hits.
    - A wall hit is whenever you hit your opponent and they hit a wall, you 
      can tell they have hit it because they will fall up against it.  Can
      only be obtained against CPU or online opponents, local versus doesn't
    T. 10,000 Strikes Of Proof
    - Land 10,000 attacks.
    - You will get this eventually.  You must attack your opponent 10000 times.
      Only can be obtained again CPU and online opponents, local versus doesn't
    U. Endure 1,000
    - Guard 1,000 times against attacks.
    - You must block attacks 1000 times for this one.  Only works against CPU
      and online opponents, local versus doesn't count.
    V. Water Moon
    - Perform 30 grapple breaks.
    - To perform a grapple break, you must hit the same grapple combination
      that you opponent tried to do on you.  Example is if your opponent tries
      to do the left trigger on you, press your left trigger and you will escape
      out of it.  Do this 30 times to get the achievement, only works on CPU and
      online opponents, Local Versus doesn't count.
    W. Distance Will Not Betray
    - Reach over 10,000 meters in total movement distance in battle.
    - You will get this while playing story, arcade and online modes.  Just
      move around for 10,000 total meters, you can check your current meters in
      the Battle Records.
    X. First Step As An Artist
    - Customize a regular character.
    - You have to go to character creation and pick a regular character on the
      game.  Select a new slot and just mess around a bit with the character's
      attire or skills, then click finish and save.
    Y. Chosen By History
    - Create a custom character.
    - Go to character creation and pick the character slot in the middle of
      the screen.  Create a new character and you can actually just click
      finish and save.
    Z. Sharpened Teeth
    - Maximize a style's level.
    - Keep picking the same character over and over and eventually you will
      get this.  This is when your character levels up to Level 9.
    AA. Equal Skill And Power
    - Use all skill points and set up 4 skills.
    - You have to create a character and select certain attire and weapon and
      then pick the right skills to match the same points of the attire and
      weapon.  Here is an easy setup you can use.
    - Pick Mitsurugi - Needs to be at least level 3
      Weapon: MasaMune
      Unequip all attire so he is pratically naked, then equip the following
      Hero's Band on his head.  Lord's Mantle on his neck.  Protective 
      Tattoo on his body and Warrior's Kimono on his upper body.
      Then Equip the following skills, Shave Damage C, Hysterical Strength,
      and Auto Grapple Break C and you should have a skill on from the
      MasaMune, then finish and save.
    AB. Engraved Into History
    - Fight 100 times (Online).
    - If you enjoy playing the game a lot online, you shouldn't have a
      problem getting this, doesn't matter if you win or lose.
    AC. World Class Fighter
    - Fight against 20 different fighting styles (Online).
    - Just fight against 20 different characters online and this will
      unlock, Player or Ranked, doesn't matter.
    AD. World Traveler
    - Fight on all stages (Online).
    - Unless your opponent has the stages, there are a few you must unlock.
      You must complete story mode with 5 different characters and unlock
      the treasure box on Floor 14 of the Tower of Souls to unlock all 
      levels, then just play on all of them.
    AE. Gladiator
    - Win consecutive Ranked Matches (Online).
    - You must win 2 ranked matches in a row and this will unlock.
    AF. Unknown Swordsman
    - Win 10 times (Online).
    - Just win 10 matches, player or ranked, doesn't matter.
    AG. Hero King
    - Level up to 20 (Online).
    - Not too hard if you boost for it or are just a Soul Calibur veteran.
      If you never lose a match, it can take about 70 wins to get to level
      20.  You do gain more points for winning than losing and can actually
      gain points for losing if you do well.
    AH. Divine Punishment
    - K.O. with an Unblockable Attack.
    - An unblockable attack is when flame soars from your weapon.  Get your
      opponents health down low and do one.  Taki's is Forward plus X and Y
      at the same time.
    AI. Reversal Wizard
    - Win 20 times with low HP.
    - I don't exactly mean what low starts at but just to be safe just get
      you health down to the 1 hit your dead mark and win the match.  Works
      against CPU or online, Local Versus doesn't count.
    AJ. Phoenix
    - Win with all equipment destroyed.
    - You can go for this with the have all your equipment destroyed.  Easy
      to boost with a friend, just let your friend destroy all your armor,
      then win the match.
    AK. Wandering Assassin
    - K.O. opponent with over 20 types of weapons.
    - You must win with 20 different characters.  This can be done offline
      while going through story, arcade or the tower.
    AL. Repel All Blades
    - Win perfect 30 times.
    - This means a scratch must not be put on you, it will say perfect at
      the end of the match if done.  Can be done on CPU or Online, Local
      Versus doesn't count.  Another trick for doing this is when you are
      playing the tower of lost souls, right before you finish the last 
      opponent, you can switch to your second character if they do not
      have any damage on them, it will count as a perfect.
    AM. Numeric God
    - Measure the two passages of time and win.
    - You will get this by luck, this is when your last two digits of total
      playtime and the two digits of the match timer match after you win.
    AN. Two Cannot Exist Together
    - Exhaust each other's power.
    - This is a double KO and the match ends in a draw, easiest boosted with
      Yoshimitsu.  Perform his Down plus X and B attack.  He will put his 
      sword through his own body, if line your friend up with his back, the
      sword will go through both of you, do this when you both have low 
      Health and the achievement will pop.
    AO. Gathering Of The Best
    - Complete CHAIN OF SOULS.
    - You will get this after unlocking all characters and then viewing the
      Chain of Souls screen.  You must buy the characters on the character
      creation screen.  Then complete story mode about 6 times to unlock
      all the star block characters.  Then complete arcade mode with Yoda 
      to unlock The Apprentice.
    AP. Observer Of Souls
    - Collect all illustrations in Art Gallery.
    - You must buy all artwork, pictures, and models for this to unlock.
      Everything in the Art Gallery.
    AQ. Sword Hunter
    - Collect all weapons for 5 characters.
    - Every character has 8 weapons total, you have to buy 5 of them, 3 are
      automatically unlocked.  Only 3 others will be unlocked and able to
      be bought until you complete the characters story mode to unlock their
      last 2.  Buy all 8 weapons with 5 characters for this one.
    AR. The Controller
    - Get Soul Calibur (Final Form).
    - First you have to complete story mode with Seigefreid, that will
      unlock the final form, then go to his weapons and purchase Soul
      Calibur (Final Form).  If you were one of the people that bought 
      the Collector's Edition, this unlocks automatically.
    AS. Wild Run To Tragedy
    - Get Soul Edge (Final Form).
    - Same as The Controller Achievement except complete story with
      Nightmare.  Same thing, if you bought the Collector's Edition of the
      game, this unlocks automatically.
    AT. Looter Of The Battlefield
    - Collect all accessories.
    - Accessories are rings you can only purchase on Yoda, The Apprentice,
      Algol and the Star Block characters.  Buy them all and you will
      unlock this.
    AU. Wandering Weapon Merchant
    - Collect 350 pieces of equipment.
    - You will get this while trying to buy everything.  It takes a lot
      of gold.
    AV. Transcend History And The World
    - Acquire all weapons and equipment.
    - It takes about roughly 3,000,000 gold to buy everything in the game.
      You must buy all weapons with all characters and all creation parts
      for males and females.  Voldo also has a special mask you must 
      buy as well, he is the only person that can wear it.
      Special Note: I've heard if you have the Legendary Edition of SCIV.
      This achievement may not unlock because the LE version unlocks all
      of the character ultimate weapons.  Just go to your memory and delete
      the LE stuff off your hardrive and then go buy all the ultimate
      weapons and it should unlock.
    Secret Achievements
    AW. Start Of A New Era
    - Welcome to the new world of SOULCALIBUR!
    - First when you load up your game, watch the video at the beginning, do
      not skip it, don't skip anything until the main menu comes up that tells
      you to press start and then this should unlock.
    AX. Tower Of Gold
    - Acquire 1,000,000 gold.
    - You have to get about 3 times this much gold to buy everything, so
      you will achieve this before finishing the game.  If you are looking
      for quick gold, just play floor 60 in the Tower of Souls and go to
      the edge of the level and let the master knock you down, then he will
      keep attacking.  He will do this move where he jumps in the air.  If
      positioned right, he will jump right over you and off the level.
    II.   Closing Statements
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    if you would like to use my Guide on your site, just ask.
    My Gamercard is OmegaMustard
    My Website is omegamustardx360.tripod.com
    My email is omegamustard1@yahoo.com
    My AIM is omegamust4rd
    Thanks for using my Guide.  Hope This Helps

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