Ultimate attack?

  1. How do u do a critical finish?

    User Info: reyace

    reyace - 10 years ago


  1. Press LB when Character is Soul Crushed (When its blinking red and perform a strong move that breaks it and Can no longer block.)

    User Info: Stray_Zero

    Stray_Zero (Expert) - 10 years ago 1   0
  2. The soulgauge (sphere next to your life gauge) can be divided in different colors (3 to make it simple).
    You have blue, which means the soulgauge is full.
    You have green, that's the neutral stance and you begin with that.
    And you have red, the danger zone. If your soulgauge starts flashing red you're in trouble.

    To make the gauge flash red, your opponent has to block your attacks. With skills that strenghen the damage you deal to the soulgauge, to make turn red in just a few hits. When the sphere is red, and the frame (around the lifegauge and the soulgauge) flashes red every few seconds, the soulgauge is about to crush.
    You'll notice the crush since the sphere will burst and leave a black spot for a second and you'll hear a crashing sound as if someones equiment was destroyed.
    Within that short moment of a black spot in the soulgauge, you'll have to press the combo of A+B+K+G, which can also be set to a button. As example for this, let's take the default setting and use the button LB.

    Enemy Soulgauge: green -> opponents blocks a few times -> Enemy soulgauge turned red -> opponent blocks again some of your attacks -> soulgauge is shining red and will have red flashes in it's frame * -> attack again and enemy blocks again -> soulcrush -> press LB -> CRITICAL FINISH!!!

    * Here, you should mind that your opponents soulgauge can crush any moment. But if you are pulling of combos, and hit him while he's in the soulcrush state, or forget to press LB, his soulgauge will go back to neutral. so you have a very small amount of time to react and press LB, but should also watch out that you don't hit him to many times.

    In training, you can set the soulgauge to LOW, and set the stance off your opponent on GUARD ALL. Hit him once, and then press LB.

    ~ONE more thing. The state of your own soulgauge doesn't matter. It's all about your enemies' soulgauge.

    User Info: Julien12826

    Julien12826 - 10 years ago 1   0

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