How do i unlock darth vadar?

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    ArCAnGeLdEvIl - 9 years ago

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  1. Namco has announced that Yoda and Vader will be appearing as DLC on the PS3 and XBOX360, respectively. Vader will cost 400 Microsoft Points, and I assume a comparable amount on the PS3. Part of me says this is awful expensive for one character, but it's better than buying two different versions of the same game for different systems, like I had to do with SCII to play as both Link and Spawn

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  1. Wait for him to come up as DLC

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  2. You can't, at least yet. He is only in the PS3 version.

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  3. You can't. Seriously, new moderators are only chosen...

    Wait a minute...

    But seriously, you can't.

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  4. It's not possible to unlock Darth Vader in the Xbox 360 version of Soul Calibur IV as of now. You must wait until he is announced as Downloadable Content on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

    There has been no word of when or even if Namco will release Darth Vader as DLC, but it is speculated it will be announced soon.

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  5. He is only in the ps3 version as of now, but it's possible that he will be released as DLC. (downloadable content)

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  6. Or hope they release the info

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  7. Currently, Darth Vader will only appear in the PS3 version of Soul Calibur IV.

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  8. At the moment he is currently only available for PS3 version of Soul calibur

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  9. Right now he is only on the PS3 version, BUT there may be DLC with him.

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  10. Well he cant be unlocked on xbox360 only on ps3 so if ur on the xbox 360 u cant unlock him

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  11. On the PS3, not Xbox 360.

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