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It's like "Mad Max" in video game form 11/10/08 Allyourbase
No, it's not the game of the year. 09/08/09 BlackWizardMagus
War. War changes sometimes 07/06/09 DarthMordechai
Trouble in Paradise indeed 11/18/08 marijumanji
Should you get Fallout 3? Yes, But watch out for the Deathclaws. 11/02/09 NascarAssassin2
One of the best games of this generation 11/25/08 Osafune2
Good Morning Post-Apocalyptia! 12/18/08 9NineBreaker9
An atmospheric and breath-taking experienced that can't be missed! 12/03/09 AdamsInferno
The Beautiful Wasteland 12/23/08 AK_the_Twilight
God bless the USA... And nowhere else! 09/22/10 Archmonk Iga
Open-ended Adventuring "After the Bomb" 12/05/08 ayame95
A great RPG? No, A great FPS? No, but a great game? Yes. 05/26/09 Bacardi152
Nothing Can Prepare You for the Future 01/22/13 BloodGod65
Bethesda has another winner in their hands 12/03/09 darkcoz941
Who Says the Apocalypse Can't Be Fun? 12/04/08 EidolonHex
An Engaging Experience worth trying out 08/03/09 gamer4life018
Who Knew Radiation Could be so Beautiful! 01/26/09 Gridogn
A different person in a post-apocalyptic world 01/09/09 horror_spooky
Radiation Makes The Water A Little Tangy 11/05/08 iAmTheTot
I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire 11/21/08 kefka989
Radiation isn't always a bad thing... 11/11/08 mysto5
Way back home... 06/27/16 nastynate3118
Why this reviewer thinks Fallout 3 DID deserve to be Game of the Year. 05/29/12 PurpleHaze1970
Keep your friends close, and your Super Sledge closer. 01/13/10 Python_2k9
Fallout 3 doesn't want to set the world on fire, it just wants to start a flame in your heart. 10/12/09 Rand_Of_Andor
Nothing this good could be long enough 04/08/09 Slawdigi
Well it's about 3 years late...But why not? 07/25/11 Soldier_0_Cross
Bethesda You've made me a happy man. 11/02/09 Solusx2
You too can be the ideal vault dweller! 12/14/08 timmeh_1250
It's like Oblivion with guns! But not quite as great.... 06/25/12 TKDBoy1889

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Democracy is Non-Negotiable 11/03/08 DandyQuackShot
Welcome back, I love what you've done with the hair but did you really need the lobotomy? 11/03/08 atomicpunkca
Bananas can't really talk, but Fallout 3 sings. 11/02/09 Agent_Price
Fallout 3, from a Fallout fan's perspective. 09/21/09 AxierLionheart
The future is here are you ready? 12/08/08 BATOSloco
Personal Favourite for Xbox 360 08/07/09 Boni Boy Blue
Major Flaws in a beautiful diamond make an above average game 11/05/08 brandon_329
Who knew there was so much to do in a desolate wasteland? 12/23/08 CalmShadow
War never changes... but this series sure does. 01/20/09 chaos40012003
Great game, but minor problems keep it down 02/17/09 ColdCrisis
How I learned to Love the Bomb... 01/28/09 CthulhuDreams99
Step into the wasteland for a different RPG experience 11/05/08 johnbakie
Fallout - Humanity's Endless War 11/14/08 Rex_Chaos
Fallout 3: A Review By A Soft Fur Sweater. 01/20/09 satinangora
Utterly amazing. I can't put it down. 01/23/09 Shananagainz
Fallout 3 is definately worth $60 bucks...till you reach the lvl cap. 01/05/09 Shogain
A Strange Mix of Fun and Frustration 12/23/08 simonsteele
War, war never changes. But the Fallout series has made a positive one. 02/03/09 SlurptasticJive
The Sins of Fallout 3. 07/16/09 surisis1983
A devout fan with a cynical view 08/04/09 thetooks
Fall-In Love with Fallout 3 04/03/13 Trohan
Who said looking in trash cans wouldn't be fun?! 02/19/09 Vincentsdream

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Review Title Posted Author Rating
Oblivion with Guns and Nukes!!! 04/06/09 AreYaSerious
A great game for those who go above and beyond 12/08/08 Bahamut_MXII
Great game, surprisingly disappointing. 12/26/08 bigpoppasmurff
Survive 05/13/09 blackbird22
The great return of a great series 10/31/08 chaerulez
This Vault hides a great treasure 11/13/08 Chaingunmaster
Another amazing game from Bethesda, that holds revives and enhances the Fallout experience. 06/08/09 chaoticangel3
true to the series 11/03/08 dantethemad
RIVETing 02/16/10 DarkLordMorsul
Bethsada out does it self again. 12/02/08 DavyJones91
Fallout 3, A roundhouse kick to the face, (in a good way!) 02/10/09 Dethcloxy
A great game with some unforgivable flaws 01/05/10 Fallout1313
Good... Great... Awesome? 11/03/08 FunkyDunk32
Nails the lonely, apocolyptic feeling! Loved every minute of it. 10/31/08 Grevious1991
Fallout 3 is a great game, don't miss an opportunity to play it. 07/07/10 jenningsnash313
After the world ends, life begins. 11/05/08 Layaholic Martyr
Dark, dull, slow... And yet very very good. 11/21/08 Mephistofun
Fallout 3: Your going to need alot of time to finish this game. 06/30/09 Prismastic
Not since the days of Mad Max has an apocalyptic wasteland been so much fun 11/03/08 reckeweg
A living breathing world awaits you... 01/20/09 SamyueruHikage
Great game, mediocre ending 11/03/08 SnarfMySnausage
Great Fun in the Capital Wasteland 02/16/10 SoraLink2649
Worth escaping the vault for. 06/22/09 tristin809
Three words: GREATEST GAME EVER 04/22/09 Wafflebug12
The new age of Fallout, and hopefully gaming in general! 11/05/08 WeeblsPie
Fallout At It's Best 02/06/09 xNinjahz

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