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Unique Item FAQ by henrylittle

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 01/05/2011

Fallout 3
Unique items guide
Version 1.2
Created on 9/29/09
Updated on 6/18/10 (DLC items section, finished up schematics section)
Updated again on 8/8/10 (unique apparel, quest items, misc. items 
By henrylittle

If you want to jump to a specific section hold control (CRTL) then hit 
the F key and type in (or copy and paste) the section you want. To make 
sure it takes you directly there include the number as well when you 
search for it.

Table of contents
1. Introduction-what are unique items?
2. Unique weapons
3. Unique downloaded content weapons/items
	3a. Operation: Anchorage
	3b. The Pitt
	3c. Broken Steel
	3d. Point Lookout
	3e. Mothership Zeta
4. Schematics
5. Unique apparel
6. Quest items
7. Different sized items
	7a. smaller items
	7b. larger items
8. Miscellaneous unique items
9. Contact information
10. Legal information

1. Introduction-what are unique items?
Unique items are items different from what is normally found 
throughout the game (guns with specific names, items relating to the 
history of the USA, larger or smaller than normal items). There are 
many hidden around the Capital Wasteland and this guide will show you 
how to find as many as I have encountered. I will also mention that I 
put an effort into making this a spoiler-free guide, but if you notice 
any spoilers make sure to let me know that I slipped up.

2. Unique weapons
Unique weapons are weapons that are only found once or have specific 
names. Normally these weapons also do more damage than the original 
weapon it's based on. You can also repair the named weapon with the 
normal weapon. Make sure not to repair the normal weapon with the 
special one, though, because this will get rid of it forever.

A3-21's Plasma Rifle
A unique plasma rifle that you can get after revealing the android's 
true identity to it in the Replicated Man quest. You can get all of 
the information on the android from Pinkerton, who lives in the broken 
bow of the aircraft carrier that Rivet City is in. You'll need a 
lockpick skill of 100 to get to him however. You can trigger this 
quest by either talking to Zimmer in the Rivet City science lab or 
find any miscellaneous notes or holotapes related to the android.

Alien Blaster
This completely unique weapon can be found, with 120 shots nearby, at 
an alien crash site next to a dead alien. This isn't a marked location 
on your map (unless you complete the Mothership Zeta add-on, then it's 
marked as "Alien Homing Beacon") but it's found directly north of the 
MDPL-13 Power Station and west and a little bit north of Greener 
Pastures Disposal Site. The MDPL station can be found a little north 
of the Minefield. Also, if you want the weapon (and you have the 
Mothership Zeta add-on) and you don't want to get abducted you can 
bring Dogmeat (found at the Scrapyard) to go find the gun and ammo for 
you when you get nearby. A small warning for the people that have the 
Broken Steel add-on: by having it on your system you have released 
Albino Radscorpions to the Wasteland and when I returned to the Alien 
Homing Beacon I was attacked by one. These beasts are incredibly 
powerful and have a lot of health so make sure you come prepared for a 
fight tougher than 2 deathclaws. Also, make sure to check out the 
"alien power cells" section under miscellaneous unique items to find 
more ammo for this gun.

Ant's Sting
A unique knife that can only be obtained by giving the AntAgonizer the 
Mechanist's costume near Canterbury Commons. Before doing this, 
however, you must decide between this and the Protectron's Gaze (see 
section for details) because you can only get one of them. If you kill 
the AntAgonizer you can't get the knife, so in The Superhuman Gambit 
quest (found in Canterbury Commons) side with the AntAgonizer and kill 
the Mechanist to get the Ant's Sting. Canterbury Commons is located is 
north of Vault 108, south of The Republic of Dave, or far northeast of 
Megaton. You can also get a map marker from any trading caravans found 
randomly throughout the Wasteland (a good place to find them is right 
outside Megaton), and ask them about their caravan. The AntAgonizer is 
a little north of there and the Robot Repair Center (the Mechanist's 
lair) is a little south.

Based on the .44 pistol, you can get it by first completing the quest 
Agatha's Song. Bring her a sheet music book that you can find in Vault 
92 and she'll trade it for the Blackhawk. Another book of sheet music 
(credit to Mark Bies for this) can be found in a northwestern office 
of the Arlingon Library children's wing.

Board of Education
Based on the nail board, the Board of Education is found most of the 
time on a Super Mutant in the Clifftop Shacks, which are found west of 
Vault 92 and Old Olney and southeast of Oasis. There are multiple 
abandoned shacks around here, all with a couple Super Mutants inside. 
There will also be a few outside, along with a couple of Wasteland 
captives. I'm not exactly sure which Super Mutant exactly would pick 
it up so just kill all the Super Mutants with nail boards and look 
through the shacks until you find it. It's also possible that it's 
near a skeleton in one of the abandoned shacks; one of the mutants 
often pick it up and use it against you.

Based on the flamer, it is found in Franklin Metro Utility, which is 
in the Falls Church Metro (located in northwestern DC). A very 
important warning: if you have the Broken Steel add-on it releases 
feral ghoul reavers into the Wasteland...whether you've completed it 
or not. These reavers are probably the toughest enemy in the game, 
dealing massive damage with a heck of a lot of health, and I ran into 
at least eight of them throughout this metro. If you've ever 
encountered a reaver you would know how ridiculous it is to have four 
of them attacking at once, so if you don't have Fawkes, or even if you 
do, I highly suggest running through as fast as possible without 
attempting to kill anything and bring a lot of stimpaks. The ghoul 
mask is also highly recommended if you got it from the Tenpenny Tower 
quest. Once you find the Franklin Metro Utility at the end of the 
Falls Church/Mason Dst Metro, follow it until you get to water. The 
rest of the trip will be filled with radiation-emitting obstacles so 
you should bring rad-x, RadAway or a radiation suit. Go in the water 
and make a left through a hole in the tunnel. Follow this to the end 
for a bunch of flamer fuel, two Glowing Ones, a Quantum, and the 

Butch's Toothpick
Based on the switchblade, it is found with Butch while returning to 
Vault 101 in the Trouble on the Homefront quest. You can either kill 
or pickpocket him to get the switchblade...that is, if you didn't kill 
him before leaving Vault 101 for the first time.

Colonel Autumn's 10mm pistol and Laser Pistol
A special 10mm pistol and laser pistol obviously. The only way of 
getting the 10mm pistol is by using a camera glitch when he falls to 
the ground in The Waters of Life quest (no spoilers). In order to pull 
this off the Colonel must fall close to the door. Get as close to the 
door as you can and look directly at his body in first person. Then 
hold the left bumper, allowing you to change the camera angle in third 
person. Move it 180 degrees around so you're staring your character in 
the face and you should see "search Colonel Autumn" under your cursor. 
You can also get his uniform this way. If you have the Broken Steel 
add-on you can get the laser pistol near the end of the main quest, 
but not the 10mm pistol, off of Colonel Autumn when you kill him. I 
will also mention that if you used the above mentioned camera glitch, 
and you have Broken Steel, you can get a second copy of Colonel 
Autumn's uniform when killing him.

Based on the minigun, this weapon is in possession of Brick from 
Reilly's Rangers. To find her you must activate the quest Reilly's 
Rangers by finding Reilly unconscious in the Museum of History's city 
of ghouls in the chop shop, located a little to the north of the 
Washington Monument, which can be found in the Galaxy News Radio 
quest. In order to get this one you must ask for the gun when Reilly 
gives you a couple options to take as a gift. You can also pickpocket 
or kill Brick if you chose the other option.

Experimental MIRV
Based on the Fat Man, this is literally the most powerful weapon in 
the game. It is found in the National Guard Depot, but in order to 
reach the armory it's hidden in you must find at least 4 of the 5 of 
the Keller Family Transcripts, giving you the four-digit combination 
to the terminal locking the armory door. The first one (the least 
important one) is at the VAPL 58 Power Station, which can be found 
northwest of Megaton, southwest of Arefu, or west of Vault 106. Follow 
the large metal structures holding up the wire running from this place 
(north) and it will be found in a little fort made under the third 
structure. The second tape is found at Hallowed Moors Cemetery, which 
is north of Big Town (Big Town is north of Megaton). The second tape 
is found on top of the podium in there. A few useful things are found 
in here also including a Big Book of Science, a D.C. Journal of 
International Medicine and a Mini Nuke in a wooden box. The third tape 
is found in the Gristly Diner (southwest of The Republic of Dave, 
which is in the northeast corner of the map) in the back room on a 
table. There's also a Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vender in the Gristly 
Diner. The fourth tape is at Rockbreaker's Last Gas (look at the 
Victory Rifle for the location) in the abandoned shack on a table. 
This shack also holds Dean's Electronics and Guns and Bullets, along 
with two small radroaches in a cage named Fluffy and Jitters. The 
fifth tape is near the Anchorage Memorial (the easiest way to find 
this place is to make it to the Mirelurk part of the Wasteland 
Survival Guide quest). Fast travel there and head north. Look across 
the river for a sideways truck, behind it is a tent with the fifth 
tape in it. Once you have the 4 you need, go to the National Guard 
Depot (found on the northern border of DC), go through the training 
wing and offices, then back to the Depot through another door. You 
will find an electrical switch in a dark corner to the left of the 
door you just entered. Flip it, go into the armory and the weapon is 
yours. There is a lot of useful ammunition in here, probably the 
biggest stash of ammo in the game, so make sure and explore all the 
little corners. There's also a U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower 
Recipes book behind the weapon and the bobblehead for small guns on a 
shelf. There is also a small drinking glass next to a larger one so 
make sure not to miss it.

Fawkes' Super Sledge
A unique Super Sledge found when swapping equipment with Fawkes, who 
joins forces with you when you release him from Vault 87 in the main 
quest. However, you must take it with him while you're in Vault 87, if 
not he will have replaced it with a gatling laser that can't be taken 
the next time you run into him.

Based on the alien blaster, this is probably the rarest gun in the 
game. You must trigger a random event that can only happen once in the 
game, where the gun flies through the air leaving a trail of smoke 
behind it. When it starts to fly there is a sound like a rocket 
exploding farther away, and there are also some power cells (ammo for 
the Firelance and alien blasters) falling from the sky around the area 
the event was triggered. I've actually witnessed this event twice, but 
both times the gun was out of my reach (and I didn't bring Dogmeat), 
so if you're not sure whether you've triggered the Firelance or not 
let me know in detail what you think you saw (and don't forget to mark 
where it happened). Also, make sure to check out the "alien power 
cells" section under miscellaneous unique items to find more ammo for 
this gun.

Based on the power fist, it is found in the MOPL 13 Power Station in 
the larger building. The smaller building has a Quantum and a Railway 
Rifle schematic. The larger building will give you radiation most of 
the time and there are Glowing Ones so bring some Rad-Away's. To avoid 
confusion, Fisto! is located up the stairs and in the door of the 
larger building. The MOPL 13 Power Station is found southwest of Vault 
92 and Old Olney or north of the Minefield.

Highwayman's friend
Based on the tire iron, it is found in Canterbury Commons in Dominic 
and Machete's Shed. Canterbury Commons is north of Vault 108, south of 
The Republic of Dave, or far northeast of Megaton. You can also get a 
map marker from any trading caravan if you ask them about their 

Based on the Ripper (get it, Jack the Ripper?), it's found in the 
Deathclaw Sanctuary with a dead Enclave Officer. The dead body can 
only be found after the Enclave appear at the Jefferson Memorial in 
The Waters of Life quest. You can find the Deathclaw Sanctuary 
southeast of Raven Rock or southwest of Fort Constantine. I will also 
add that if you decide to reach the end of the Sanctuary you can find 
another unique weapon, the Vengeance.

Lincoln's Repeater
Found with many other Lincoln-related items in the Museum of History. It 
can be repaired with hunting rifles.

This weapon isn't related to any other weapon and only comes up once in 
the game. Go to Paradise Falls, which is north of Arefu, Big Town, and 
Megaton. You can also get a map marker for it if you go to the Nuka-Cola 
Factory and find the Quantum shipping details note. There are two ways 
to get this depending on your Karma choice:

Good Karma- this place is filled with Slavers, and you don't lose Karma 
for killing them all. The Mesmetron, along with 50 unique power cells, 
is in the hands of the first Slaver that talks to you before entering.

Bad Karma- you can actually be hired to recruit Slaves here and the 
Mesmetron is needed to daze someone long enough to put a Slave Collar on 

Miss Launcher
Based on the missile launcher, it is found in Fort Independence 
(southwest of Megaton). You must either pick the lock to the door or 
pickpocket any of the people around for a key. Also, if you don't want 
to kill anyone in the Fort you can gain Protector Casdin's trust by 
bringing him enough technology. After you gain his trust you can kill 
the people outside the Fort, get the key, and you won't have to kill 
anyone inside. The Miss Launcher is in the basement, and there are 2 
entrances to it. One requires a lockpick skill of 75 and the other one 
can be accessed by a terminal (science 75 needed). However if you can't 
or don't want to hack it the password is hidden in the desk near the 
door. Once in here, find the room with a lot of terminals in it and 
search them all for the note "Research-Missile Launcher" which gives 
information on the Miss Launcher. The key to the room it's held in is 
hidden in a locker in a room filled with beds (if you don't want to find 
the key a lockpick skill of 100 is needed).

Occam's Razor
Based on the combat knife, it is found in the depths of Fort Bannister. 
You can find this place directly southwest of VAPL 58 Power Station, 
north of Evergreen Mills, or west and a little north of Megaton. You 
must find and kill Commander Jabsco to get this razor. Come prepared 
though; the place is swarming with Talon Company Mercs.

Ol' Painless
Based on the hunting rifle, it is found in The Republic of Dave in 
Dave's safe. No one in The Republic of Dave has any significance in the 
game besides Dave, who you must kill and bring a key back to Mister 
Crowley in the You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head quest, so feel free to 
kill any of the adults there. The Republic of Dave is found in the 
northeast corner of the map. I will also add that if you're collecting 
different sized items that there's a large hot plate in the Museum of 
Dave, along with the bobblehead of perception.

Plunkett's Valid Points
Based on the Spiked Knuckles, it is found on Junders Plunkett at the 
Arlington House. The house itself isn't a map location; it's a regular-
looking house between Arlington Cemetery North and South. You must have 
the Lawbringer perk in order to find Plunkett though. The Arlington 
Cemetery is located southeast of Grayditch in the northern part of 
western DC (the lighter-colored area across the river on the world map). 
I'll also add that you can find the bobblehead of Luck in the basement 
of this house, and a Big Book of Science on the second floor.

Protectron's Gaze
Based on the laser pistol, you can only get this weapon by giving the 
AntAgonizer's armor to the Mechanist. Before doing this though you must 
decide between this and the Ant's Sting (see section for details) 
because you can only get one of them. Even if you kill or pickpocket him 
you can't get it. These two are a part of The Superhuman Gambit quest in 
Canterbury Commons. Canterbury Commons is located is north of Vault 108, 
south of The Republic of Dave, or far northeast of Megaton. You can also 
get a map marker from any trading caravans found randomly throughout the 
Wasteland (a good place to find them is right outside Megaton), and ask 
them about their caravan. The AntAgonizer is a little north of there and 
the Robot Repair Center (the Mechanist's lair) is a little south.

Repellent Stick
A unique melee weapon you can buy from Moira Brown in Megaton after 
completing the Mole Rat part of the Wasteland Survival Guide quest. As a 
side note I recommend removing this item from your inventory before 
completing the quest, because on my game I hadn't done so and it is now 
impossible to remove it from my inventory.

Reservist's rifle
Based on the sniper rifle, it is found on a guy named Drifter in the 
Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel that you have to kill. This place is a 
little east of the Deathclaw Sanctuary, south of Fort Constantine, and 
far northwest of Megaton.

Smuggler's End
A unique laser pistol that is found in The Citadel in Elder Lyons' 
personal safe in the B-Ring. Taking it isn't considered stealing so you 
won't lose Karma or anger the Brotherhood. The only way of getting into 
The Citadel is to bring Doctor Li and company safely there through the 
sewers in the main quest. You can also unlock the safe from a nearby 
terminal if you lack the lockpick skill required. An easier way of 
finding this, if you have the Broken Steel add-on, is to finish the main 
quest and get woken up two weeks later in the same room as the 
Smuggler's End.

Based on the combat knife, it is found on a raider in the Raid Shack, 
which is a little east of the Bethesda Ruins. The raider re-spawns so 
you can get as many Stabhappy's as you want. The Bethesda Ruins are 
located south of the Minefield and Scrapyard or north of the Super Duper 

Sydney's 10mm "ultra" SMG
Based on the 10mm submachine gun, it can be taken off of Sydney's dead 
body. Sydney is in the National Archives hunting down the Declaration of 
Independence, which is what you must do in the quest Stealing 
Independence. You can get a map marker for the National Archives from 
Abraham Washington in Rivet City. To find him, follow the signs in Rivet 
City for the Capitol Preservation Society. As an added note she can also 
be recruited, like Fawkes, to follow you around and help you kill stuff 
during the quest, as long as she doesn't die. I've also recently been 
informed of another way of getting the gun that doesn't involve her 
dying, shown below (credit to Josh Gilbride for this):

"After the 'Stealing Independence' quest, Sydney will go to Underworld. 
While she's there go through the 'Our Lady of Hope Hospital,' [which is 
part of the 'Reilly's Rangers' quest,] it can be found in the D.C. 
ruins. Go through here to get to 'Statesman Hotel Mid Level,' and in 
here you can find a skeleton with a recording next to it. Take the 
recording to Sydney and she will give you the gun."

The Break
Based on the pool cue, it is found in Paradise Falls near Eulogy's pad 
on a pool table. Paradise Falls can be found north of Arefu, Big Town 
and Megaton. You can also get a map marker for it if you go to the Nuka-
Cola Factory and find the Quantum shipping details note.

The Kneecapper
Based on the sawed-off shotgun, it is found in Girdershade by killing 
Ronald Laren, the "protector" of Sierra Petrovita, the girl who gives 
you The Nuka-Cola Challenge quest. Girdershade is located almost in the 
southwest corner of the map, just a little bit north.

The Shocker
Based on the power fist, it is found in the Flooded Metro. The Flooded 
Metro can be found straight east of the Nuka-Cola Factory, or you can go 
to the bottom of the lighter-colored part of the map west of the DC area 
(across the river). Follow the long path filled with Mirelurk Hunters 
and Kings and you should find it at the end. A couple of helpful tips 
while trying to find the Shocker: when you first find a floor that gives 
you radiation and there are many Mirelurk hatchling clutches around, 
take the west door. Also, from here on out you will be getting radiation 
for the most part so make sure to either bring some Rad-Away's or use 
"My First Infirmary" in your house if you bought it. Later, when you 
have a choice of going up some flights of metal stairs, down them, or 
through a large door, go through the large door. Also, there is a note 
called "the Shocker glove" right next to the weapon and there's a 
Quantum in that room on top of a gun cabinet.

The Tenderizer
Based on the Sledgehammer, it's found behind a utility door in the 
Anchorage Memorial Service Entrance. However, in order to get into the 
room you need a door component, which is found in a floor safe in the 
Anchorage Memorial Facility, or if you have a very high repair skill 
(about 90 I believe). You're going to need a lockpick or science skill 
of at least 50 to open it though. There's also a note about the weapon 
in Ted's dead body near the terminal to unlock the safe. The safe itself 
is in the medical looking room near the terminal and Ted's dead body. 
The Anchorage Memorial is located in the river near DC, west of the 
Tepid Sewers.

The Terrible Shotgun
A unique combat shotgun found at Evergreen Mills. In the Bazaar there's 
a guy named Smiling Jack, who has the shotgun. You can either kill him 
and take it or shoot it out of his hand and take it before he does. You 
can then wait a couple days and come back if you want another person to 
trade with. Evergreen Mills is located directly west of Megaton.

Vampire's Edge
Based on the Chinese officer's sword, it's in a sword cabinet belonging 
to Vance, the leader of The Family. You can get this during the Blood 
Ties quest, and to trigger it talk to Lucy West in the saloon in 
Megaton. This weapon must also be stolen.

Based on the Gatling laser, it is found deep in the Deathclaw Sanctuary 
in a big pool of blood. You can find the Deathclaw Sanctuary southeast 
of Raven Rock or southwest of Fort Constantine.

Victory Rifle
Based on the sniper rifle, it's found in a locker in an abandoned shed 
near Rockbreaker's Last Gas. However, you need a lockpick skill of 100 
to get into the locker. You can also get Dogmeat (a dog that will follow 
you around if you're nice to it) to search for a weapon and bring it to 
you. You can find Dogmeat at the Scrapyard, which is a little to the 
right of Agatha's house and south of the Minefield. The abandoned shack 
is actually up high on a cliff near Rockbreaker's Last Gas, so look on 
higher ground. Rockbreaker's Last Gas is located north and a little west 
of Fort Bannister and north of Evergreen Mills.

Wazer Wifle
Obviously, this is a unique laser rifle. It can be found in Little 
Lamplight by talking to Biwwy, who will sell it to you for 500 caps (or 
250 with a high enough barter skill). Or, if you have the Child At Heart 
perk you can get it for free. Little Lamplight is part of the main 
quest, so once you get far enough you get a map marker.

Xuanlong assault rifle
Based on the Chinese assault rifle, it is found at the Jury Street Metro 
station outside in a diner. There will be a dead man named Prime who has 
your rifle. The Metro Station is located west of Vault 101. Before going 
here, however, you must go to the Museum of Technology (you'll 
eventually discover it in the main quest) and look for four different 
terminals, he first one giving you a note addressed to someone named 
Jiggs from the dead man, Prime. You must find the other three terminals 
and choose the prime number out of the numbers shown. Just in case you 
aren't very good at figuring out prime numbers I recommend saving every 
time you find one because if you choose the wrong number it permanently 
locks you out of it, leaving it impossible to get the gun.

Zhu-Rong v418 Chinese Pistol
Based on the Chinese pistol, it is found at L.O.B. Enterprises, in the 
East Wing, in the CEO's office. This pistol actually sets enemies on 
fire when they are shot, making the enemy lose 2 HP every 5 seconds. The 
L.O.B. Enterprises is actually called Falls Church East on the world 
map. This place is around the center of the western side (other side of 
the river) of DC.

3. Unique downloaded content weapons/items
This section lists all the weapons, the individually named ones,  and 
items found exclusively in the locations involved with the downloaded 
content (The Pitt, Broken Steel, Mothership Zeta, Point Lookout, 
Operation: Anchorage).

3a. Operation: Anchorage
As a quick note I will mention that all of these items you can get after 
completing the simulation and opening up the armory.

Chinese Stealth Armor
The black armor that the Chinese snipers wore. Increases your sneak by 
15 when worn.

Gauss Rifle
You can find this weapon in the simulation if you complete the speech 
challenge about a weapon with more punch while speaking to the 
quartermaster. It uses microfusion cells, only one shot before 

Jingwei's Shocksword
The weapon being carried by Jingwei, who you encounter at the end of the 
simulation. If your speech is good enough you can make him surrender 
without fighting him.

Neural Interface Suit
The suit needed to begin the simulation. It's given to you at the 

Outcast Scribe Robe
You can take this off of Olin if she's killed. If she doesn't die you 
can either kill her or reverse pickpocket her (check the unique apparel 
section for details on reverse pickpocketing).

Trench knife
The melee weapon they give you at the beginning of the simulation.

Winterized T-5lb Power Armor and Helmet
This is the armor and helmet you wore during the simulation.

3b. The Pitt
Ashur's power armor
You can find this on Ashur if you kill him.

Auto axe
The basic weapon used throughout the Pitt. The easiest way to get one is 
to talk to Marco before entering the steelyard.

Bombshell armor
You can get this from Everett once you bring him 60 steel ingots.

Filtration helmet
You can get this from Everett once you bring him 20 steel ingots.

Gamma shield armor
There are a few of these strewn about in the steelyard (2 or 3 I 
believe) but I'll guide you to the only one I can remember the location 
of. Near the beginning there is a fenced off area to the left with 
radioactive barrels and a few trogs. Go around and find the way into 
there. You can go in for 3 ingots but isn't necessary to get the armor. 
At the bottom of the large hill you just went down there will be a dead 
person, a first aid box and a few ingots. The dead guy has the gamma 
shield armor.

Laborer outfit
You can get this from Everett once you bring him 10 steel ingots.

Leather rebel
You can get this from Everett once you bring him 70 steel ingots.

A unique, scoped assault rifle that you can find on a few of the people 
you fight in the hole and on some of the guards if you end up killing 
any of them.

Man Opener
A unique auto axe that you can find in the Supply Plant in the 
steelyard, on a bed deep within the plant.

Metal blaster
A unique laser rifle that you can get from Everett once you bring him 50 
steel ingots.

Metal master armor
You can get this from Everett once you bring him 40 steel ingots.

A unique infiltrator that you can get from Everett once you bring him 90 
steel ingots.

Raider commando, iconoclast, ordinance, paingiver, and throwdown armors
Special raider armor found on the guards (called "Pitt Raiders" if they 
don't have a specific name) throughout the Pitt.

Slave outfits
There are two different kinds: tattered and worn. You'll get one of 
these in order to get into the Pitt.

Looks a lot like noodles but definitely not as healthy in terms of rads. 
You can get a free one if you talk to one of the Pitt guards and ask 
about food.

Steel Saw
The third of three unique Auto Axes. Near the end of the main quest 
(trying to be spoiler-free so all I can say is slave revolt) you can 
occasionally find these on dead Pitt slaves. Note that you can't kill 
them yourself or they won't have it; wait for them to die on their own. 
If you can't find one, return to Adan (who is now dead) and he'll have 
one. Not so great in terms of quality, but much easier than searching 
random dead slaves for one.

Steel knuckles
Unique spiked knuckles that you get from giving Everett 30 steel ingots.

As odd as it may seem this is the only pair of regular sunglasses that 
I've found in the game (let me know if you've found another one). It's 
on a mannequin in the same area as where you turn on the floodlights 
(the room with 3 mannequins and a couch). IMPORTANT: make sure to take 
the sunglasses first off of the mannequin first or they'll fall to the 
bottom and you can't grab them for some reason. Don't grab the spatula 
or the pre-war baseball cap.

Supervisor helmet
You can find this on the Pitt guards (the nameless ones are labeled 
"Pitt Raiders") with helmets.

The Mauler
Another unique auto axe that you get from giving Everett 80 steel 

Tribal power armor
You can get this from Everett once you bring him all 100 steel ingots.

Welder's mask
You can find this on Pitt slaves with the welding-looking masks on (the 
slaves were also probably using their Auto Axes on steel or something). 
You can either kill them or wait for them to be killed.

Wild Bill's Sidearm
The pistol that you can find on the body of Wild Bill in the steelyard, 
near the beginning of the stairs up to the large tower. Very hard to 

3c. Broken Steel
Alien blaster
This is actually the second normal alien blaster you can find (check 
unique weapons section for details on the first). The Armory Master 
might be using it when you run into him but if not it's in a locked 
gun case (looks like a footlocker) along with some power cells in ammo 
boxes nearby. This will be in the armory in the Enclave mobile base. 
Also, make sure to check out the "alien power cells" section under 
miscellaneous unique items to find more ammo for this gun.

Aqua Cura
A different form of Aqua Pura that you can get from a ghoul that's 
selling them in the Museum of History. Speak to a scribe at the 
Jefferson Memorial after completing the main quest to learn more about 

Aqua Pura
The pure water that is found all over the Citadel after completing the 
non-DLC main quest and waking up in the Cidadel.

Composite recon helmet
A special recon helmet you can find on the Armory Master in the Enclave 
mobile base.

Enclave Hellfire armor and helmet
Found on Enclave hellfire troopers (the people with heavy incinerators 
that are harder to kill than normal Enclave soldiers). These are 
released into the Wasteland once you add the Broken Steel add-on.

Holy water
Irradiated Aqua Pura that's creating problems in Megaton after the main 
quest is complete. Speak with a scribe at the Jefferson Memorial after 
completing the main quest to learn more about it.

Heavy Incinerator
A completely unique weapon that shoots fireballs instead of a constant 
stream of fire like the flamers. You can find this on some of the 
Enclave soldiers that get killed by Liberty Prime while you're on your 
way to the Purifier before the actual DLC begins. I've added it in here 
because if you don't have the DLC you can't actually use this weapon 
throughout the rest of the game. You will also probably encounter many 
more of these "hellfire troopers" as you progress your way through 
Broken Steel as well.

Lab coat
You can find this on a few of the scientists during the main quest. I 
found a few on the Enclave mobile base.

Lag-bolt's combat armor and shades
You can find these on a man named Lag-bolt, who you run into if you 
follow the directions in a holotape found in the Presidential Metro. The 
holotape is labeled "Sorry, my Darling."

Precision Gatling Laser
A unique gatling laser that can be found in the armory on the Enclave 
mobile base.

Rapid Torch Flamer
A unique flamer that you can find in the Adams Storage Facility (a 
little bit south of the Enclave Mobile Base) on a counter with a few 
other useful items and ammo.

Senate employee ID
You can find this somewhere in the Presidential Metro (I can't remember 
where, sorry). It doesn't seem to serve any purpose, however.

Slo-Burn Flamer
Another unique flamer that's found in the Launch Platform Base in the 
Enclave Mobile Platform. It's in the southeastern part on the upper 
level on a platform with some Deathclaws that are in stasis fields.

Super mutant blood sample
After completing the main quest, talk to Elder Lyons about other methods 
of assisting the Brotherhood. You'll find one of these on every single 
super mutant you kill.

Tesla Cannon
A unique weapon that fires a single shot per round, but it is incredibly 
powerful. While at the Adams Air Force Base you can use it to blow up 
Enclave vertibirds (the helicopter-looking things they use). You will 
get this weapon during the main quest.

Tri-beam laser rifle
These are the weapons of super mutant overlords. These beasts are 
released into the Wasteland when you get Broken Steel. Be warned: these 
things are incredibly strong, along with their weapon. While it does 
fire three lasers per shot, it also uses three rounds per shot.

3d. Point Lookout
Just a basic axe. You can buy it or find it on some enemies throughout 
the swampy area.

Backwater Rifle
A unique lever-action rifle that you can find on a shelf in the Chinese 
Bunker during The Velvet Curtain quest.

Bio-gas canister
A special grenade that you can find three of in a footlocker in an 
excavated muck hole. It's a little east of the Lil Tykes Playhouse, or 
you can find it near soil survey #2 during the An Antique Land quest. 
There are also three more near one of the other two soil survey notes so 
make sure to look around each one. You can also find 10 more by 
completing that quest and unlocking the safe in the USS Ozymandias.

Double-barrel shotgun
A powerful shotgun that you can shoot twice before reloading. Found on 
some of the enemies.

Cryptochromatic spectacles
Special glasses used near the end of The Velvet Curtain quest.

Confederate hat
Self-explanatory, they're found all over Point Lookout.

Desmond's eyeglasses
Special glasses only obtained by killing Desmond. My suggestion is to 
wait until the end of the main quest, unless you decide to side with 
Professor Calvert.

Fertilizer Shovel
A unique shovel that you can get from Tribal Croatoa (at the Ark & Dove 
Cathedral). You can get it by either using the Child At Heart perk or 
winning a speech challenge after asking about how they grow punga fruit. 
You can also kill him to get it but this isn't recommended unless you've 
already completed the main quest of Point Lookout.

Fishing pole
It's about as useful as any other random object you find in the 

Grifter's Fit
Special clothing that you can find after the end of the main quest and 
you return to the riverboat (no spoilers).

Handyman Jumpsuit
You can find this on Haley (at Haley's Hardware) but you have to kill 
him to get it.

Lever-action rifle
Self-explanatory, you can find it in the shop or on some enemies.

Lighthouse bulb
The light bulb that you can put in the top of the lighthouse to make it 
work again (or keep it for yourself). You can find it in the truck 
wreckage, near the northeastern corner of the map.

Lump of brain
You can retrieve this after the main quest has been completed and you 
return to the riverboat. It is the small bit of your brain that was 
removed during the odd ritual you had to perform to join the natives.

Microwave Emitter
A unique mesmetron that you can find in a room loaded with other useful 
items at the very end of the main quest.

An alcoholic drink that you can make if you have the right ingredients. 
I have also found it on an enemy once and in the shop.

Pint-Sized Slasher Mask
A special mask (that there are actually two of) that originally appeared 
in the simulation in Vault 112 during the main quest. The first one is 
in a door labeled "hotel room" at the Homestead Motel on the world map. 
The second one belongs to a kid named Kenny in Herzog Mine. If you don't 
want to steal it from him you can go find his teddy bear, named Kenny-
bear, and give it to him. After that you can take whatever you want from 

Punga fruit
You can find these on plants all over Point Lookout and in some shops in 
the Wasteland after returning when you complete the main quest. As an 
added note I didn't specifically name the different kinds of Punga fruit 
because you will most likely encounter both of them while exploring the 

Ritual Knife
A unique knife that you can find stabbed in a corpse when searching 
through the caves beneath the Ritual Site. This cave will only open if 
you trigger the quest The Dark Heart of Blackhall.

Riverboat ticket
Mandatory for going to Point Lookout, most likely the first thing you'll 
get in this list.

Yep, it's a weapon. You can buy it or find it on some enemies in the 
swampy area.

Small tin plates
You can find these in the same area as the ritual knife so look there 
for details on the location.

The Dismemberer
A unique axe that's obtained by completing Plik's Safari. You can find 
his place in the Coastal Grotto location on the map.

The Krivbeknih
This is a book connected to The Dark Heart of Blackhall quest, triggered 
at the Blackhall Manor. After completing the quest (you have to give the 
book to Blackhall), kill him and take it off of him. The reason you 
can't keep it the moment you get it is because it's considered a quest 
item until the quest has been either completed or failed, and killing 
Blackhall without giving him the book doesn't fail the quest so 
completing the quest is the only option for keeping and being able to 
remove the book.

Toy Knife
A unique knife found a bit south of the Turtledove Detention Camp. When 
there, head out the southern gate. There will be a large, yellow sign 
nearby. Head directly south until you see another sign that's exactly 
the same. From this sign, look to the west. If you head west from where 
the sign is you should run into a rather long line of bushes that you 
can't walk through, with the right side ending with some green 
mushrooms. If you find these mushrooms, walk around to the other side of 
the bushes and look for a small box next to a tree stump a bit taller 
than you are. The knife, along with a hockey mask, is on top of the box.

Tribal garb
The regular clothing of the Tribals (enemies you first run into during 
the main quest with Desmond).

Workman's coveralls
Basic clothing found practically everywhere throughout Point Lookout. 
When worn, it adds 10 points to your repair skill.

Just a bag of yeast. Can be used to make moonshine if you have the other 

3e. Mothership Zeta
Adapted biogel
Give the medic some alien biogel and he can turn it into this, recovers 
a lot more health than regular biogel.

Alien atomizer
A basic gun that the aliens use. You'll find a lot of them if you kill 
the enemy aliens.

Alien biogel
Weightless, it recovers more or less health depending on your medicine 

Alien disintegrator
Another basic alien gun, only this one's a little less common. You will 
still find plenty of them though.

Alien epoxy
Another weightless piece of alien technology, only this one repairs your 
equipped weapon when use it.

Alien power module
Ammo for the alien weapons found on the ship.

Alien squid food
Basic, but a little more uncommon, health-restoring food found 
throughout the ship. Restores 5 health.

Alien worm food
Basic health-restoring food found throughout the ship. Restores 5 

Atomic pulverizer
A unique alien atomizer that's found on a counter next to a drone pod in 
a small room in the weapons lab.

Buttercup toy
This item is a replica of one of the loading screens that shows an 
advertisement for a robotic pony called Buttercup. Once you break all of 
the generators you will end up in a large room with 2 floors and a big 
electric looking structure in the middle. From the second floor go to 
the left and you should see it on a table next to a set of stairs. I 
also recommend exploring this room because there are a lot of useful 
items here. A second one can be found in the same place as the atomic 
pulverizer and a third one will be sitting on a large shelf in the 
research lab (in the cargo hold) where there are other larger 

Captain's sidearm
A unique alien blaster that isn't similar to any of the other alien 
weapon found on the ship. You can get it after killing the alien 
captain. Also, make sure to check out the "alien power cells" section 
under miscellaneous unique items to find more ammo for this gun.

A unique alien disintegrator found on your way to the death ray hub. 
It'll be near the area where you're able to spawn raiders and albino 
radscorpions to fight each other (or where you get the Xenotech perk). 
It's very useful mainly because it's a fully automatic weapon.

Drone cannon
This weapon is found on the guardian drones carry. Watch out for these 
weapons, they shoot a single powerful shot that explodes.

Drone cannon Ex-B
There are actually two of these, both found in the same place. There is 
a room where it seems to be a weapon testing area because when you hit a 
switch and look through the window you see a Brahmin come out of the 
warp and a robot comes out and obliterates it. After activating both 
switches, go in the room and kill the robots; they were both using this 
unique drone cannon.

Drone control device
Device found on a strong alien that can be used to release a drone from 
its pod. This drone will be friendly and attack the aliens.

A unique shock baton that, unfortunately, I can't remember where exactly 
I found it. I believe I found it on the upper portion of the ship (after 
you destroy the three generators and go out into space) but like I said 
I don't know for sure.

Large alien crystal
A weightless crystal which can only be used for selling. Found on dead 
aliens, containers and shelves throughout the ship.

MLPX Novasurge
A unique plasma pistol that shoots two bullets at once, but uses two 
cells with each shot. It's in a locked safe in the cargo hold and in 
order to unlock it you must hack a terminal in the same area.

Paulson's outfit
If Paulson dies, or if you kill him, you can take this from him.

Paulson's revolver
If Paulson dies, or if you kill him, you can take this from him.

Samurai armor
If you kill the samurai, or if he dies, you can take this from him.

Samurai hat
If you kill the samurai, or if he dies, you can take this from him.

Samurai's sword
If you kill the samurai, or if he dies, you can take this from him. You 
can also find another one near the end of the little journey in the 
maintenance level near a first aid box on a shelf.

Shock baton
This is the weapon that the first aliens you fight will use.

Small alien crystal
A weightless crystal which can only be used for selling. Found on dead 
aliens, containers and shelves throughout the ship.

Part of the main quest, it is received after releasing the "spaceman."

Winterized medic armor
If the medic dies, or if you kill him, you can take this from him.

Feel free to let me know if there are any more items I missed because 
since you can't return to a large portion of the ship afterwards it's 
likely that I missed a few things.

4. Schematics
There are seven different weapons you can create with certain items once 
you find the schematics for them. Also, if you find a second schematic 
for the same weapon, the weapon's beginning quality is increased by 10% 
(for the bottlecap mine and nuka grenade it makes more than one weapon 
at once). This section will give you the locations of all of the 
schematics found in the game.

Bottlecap mine
1. Obtained from Moira Brown in Megaton after completing the minefield 
portion of the Wasteland Survival Guide quest.
2. One is in Jacko's Pop & Gas stop, located northwest of Tenpenny Tower 
and a little east of Girdershade.
3. This one can be found in a safe in Tenpenny Tower, owned by someone 
named Dashwood.
4. You can buy this one from Knick Knack in Little Lamplight.

Dart gun
1. You can get this one from completing the Head of State quest and 
talking to Hannibal.
2. One is at the shop called Boutique Le Chic in Tenpenny Tower.
3. The last one is found at the MDPL-05 power station near a skeleton 
and a toolbox.

Deathclaw gauntlet
1. Found at Scott Key Trail and Campground, located south of Girdershade 
near the southwestern corner of the world map. The schematic will be 
found in the small trailer near a picnic table. I will also mention that 
I ran into a deathclaw when I came looking for it so make sure to come 
with a strong weapon.
2. Given as a reward for completing the quest Council Seat if you favor 
Bannon's side.
3. First off I'm not positive whether this is the only location this 
event can pop up or not, but I've witnessed multiple occasions where a 
dead deathclaw was found outside the Super Duper Mart and a nearby 
raider had a deathclaw gauntlet when killed.

Nuka grenade
1. It's the surprise reward for completing the Nuka-Cola Challenge 
2. A merchant named Doc Hoff sells one. He's one of the merchants that 
travels with a guard and a Brahmin that are usually found right outside 
3. You must travel all the way to the end of the Deathclaw Sanctuary for 
this one. The Deathclaw Sanctuary is located southeast of Raven Rock and 
north of Little Lamplight.
4. The last one is at the end of the Cliffside Cavern (the door to it is 
actually labeled "Raider Outpost"). If you run into a door labeled "Yao 
Guai Cave," you're going in the right direction. You can find this place 
west of Tenpenny Tower.

Railway rifle
1. You can buy one from Tulip in the Underworld (Museum of History). You 
can get a map marker to here by finding some ghouls outside the Super 
Duper Mart (a little east of Megaton) and ask where they came from.
2. This one is at the MDPL-13 Power Station in the power substation on 
the workbench. This place is a little bit north of the minefield and 
south of the alien homing beacon if you have the Mothership Zeta add-on.
3. This is given as a reward for completing the Stealing Independence 
quest (given by Abraham Washington in the Capitol Preservation Society 
in Rivet City).

Rock-it launcher
1. The easiest one is bought off of Moira Brown.
2. This one's in the armory of Rivet City in the ship's bridge tower.
3. You can also buy one off of Crazy Wolfgang, a traveling merchant with 
a Brahmin and a guard. Most of these merchants can be found right 
outside Megaton.
4. The last one is in the "framed quote" in Vault 101. IMPORTANT: it is 
possible to miss this one and never be able to come back to it again so 
make sure you get it during the Trouble on the Homefront quest.

1. You can get one from Vance at the end of the quest Blood Ties. You 
can trigger this quest by talking to Lucy West in the saloon in Megaton.
2. A man named Lucky Harith is selling one. He's one of the random 
merchants with a guard and a Brahmin that mostly appear right outside 
3. The last one is in a Brotherhood Outcast shack located near SatCom 
Array NN-03d. You can find this place north and a little west of 
Paradise Falls, southwest from the train tunnel (if you have the Pitt 
add-on), and it is the last location that's directly north of Arefu. If 
you travel there, head directly left from where you start out and you 
should see it.

5. Unique apparel
This section contains special clothing (not including DLC, those are 
listed in their appropriate sections) found throughout the Wasteland. I 
will also include any additional effects added when wearing the clothes. 
Also, for some of these you'll need to use a method I've discovered 
(that's apparently called "reverse pickpocketing"), which I'll explain 

You have to successfully pick this person's pocket, only you have to put 
a random set of apparel in their inventory, without getting caught (I 
suggest saving beforehand just in case). Then, leave the area (or 
trigger an autosave) and return to the person you just gave clothes to. 
You should see them wearing what you just gave them now. Pick their 
pocket again successfully and it's yours. I will also add that you can 
give anyone any outfit or piece of armor (even power armor and raider 
armor) as long as its damage resistance (DR) is higher than what they're 
wearing. They'll only put the headgear on, however, if they currently 
have a matching piece on (like a hat or a mask or a helmet). A radiation 
suit is recommended for people with headgear as well because you can get 
them all at once.

Armored vault 101 jumpsuit
Awarded from Moira Brown during the Wasteland Survival Guide quest.

Athlete of the Wastes outfit
You can get this in Little Lamplight or Megaton. Joseph, Squirrel, 
Biwwy, and Maggie from Megaton are wearing it so you have to reverse 
pickpocket them. See above for details.

Blast off pajamas
You can find this on Bumble in Little Lamplight, meaning you have to 
reverse pickpocket them. See above for details.

Button's wig
You can find this on a small desk at the end of the National Archives 
during the Stealing Independence quest. To trigger this, talk to Abraham 
Washington in the Capitol Preservation Society in Rivet City. It lowers 
your Perception by 1, increases Intelligence by 1, and increases barter 
by 5 and speech by 10.

Colonel Autumn's uniform
You can get this after killing Autumn in the main quest, but you can 
only keep it if you have the Broken Steel DLC. If you don't, check 
Colonel Autumn's 10mm pistol for the camera glitch. Also, if you have 
the DLC and you performed the camera glitch, you can have two of these. 
It increases energy weapons and small guns by 5.

Dad's wasteland outfit
There's only one way of getting this, since you can't kill your dad 
yourself. Continue through the main quest until Colonel Autumn "dies" 
(no spoilers) and use the same camera glitch mentioned in Colonel 
Autumn's 10mm pistol when your dad falls to the floor. It increases 
lockpick and repair by 5.

Dirty pre-war kid's outfit
You can find this on Princess in Little Lamplight and must be reverse 
pickpocketed. See above for details.

Environment suit
Awarded from Moira Brown if you return to her with less than 50% health 
and a broken limb during that portion of her guide.

Eulogy Jones' suit and hat
You can kill Eulogy Jones at Paradise Falls (or reverse pickpocket him 
if you have bad karma and want him alive). It increases small guns by 2 
and your Charisma by 1. You can find his hat near the projector in his 

Eyebot helmets
You can find the first one on a table in the underground sewers that you 
must take Doctor Li and company through. You can also go back in case 
you missed it. There's another one (credit to "D Clayton" for this) if 
you go to Canterbury Commons and upgrade Crow's caravan trader up to a 
certain point and it's a free gift. The third one (credit to 
"planescaped" for this one) can be found at an Enclave camp that's about 
halfway between Relay Tower KX-88-11 and MDPL-16 Power Station, both of 
which are north of Canterbury Commons. When you get here you'll find 
either a dead Enclave soldier with no clothes or anything, or the same 
guy alive. After killing or looking at this guy you'll be attacked by a 
few raiders, one of which is wearing the Tesla armor from the soldier 
and your third Eyebot helmet.

Ghoul mask
You can get this as a reward for completing the Tenpenny Tower quest and 
siding with the ghouls. When you wear it, feral ghouls don't attack you 
until you attack them.

Junior officer's outfit
You can find this on Eclair in Little Lamplight and on Harden Simms in 
Megaton after reverse pickpocketing them. See above for details.

Kid's cave rat outfit
You can find this on Zip in Little Lamplight, so you have to reverse 
pickpocket him. See above for details.

Lincoln's hat
Found with multiple other Lincoln-related items found throughout the 
Museum of History.

Naughty nightwear
A unique version of sexy sleepwear (with leopard print) that you can 
find when following instructions from a note telling you to find Grady's 
fire hose box. This box contains the key that unlocks the "package," 
which is the naughty nightwear.

Oasis druid hood
You can find this on some of the Oasis residents and also on Drifter. 
Check the Reservist's Rifle for more information on Drifter.

Oasis robe
Found on a couple of the Oasis residents.

Oasis villager robe
Found on most of the Oasis residents.

Prototype medic power armor
(Credit to an email from Jarod for this one)
This is found in the Old Olney sewers. Old Olney is in the large, 
lighter-colored rectangle near the northeast corner of the map. In case 
you don't know, Old Olney is basically a breeding ground for Deathclaws, 
so make sure to bring some heavy weapons, maybe a dart gun, or have 
Fawkes or Sergeant RL-3 take care of them. When you fast travel there, 
make a right and head down the road until you run into a hole in the 
ground with a pipe at the bottom. Make a right here down another road. 
On the left, you should see a large, mostly intact building with a few 
garages, which apparently used to be a fire station. If you want a note 
giving you directions to a Nuka Cola truck, head up to the front door of 
the fire station and the note will be near the skeleton. From here, make 
a right down the next road, then go left in between the two destroyed 
buildings on the left to find the entrance to the sewers. Make a left, 
go through the large door, go through the door on the left of this room, 
and take the first door on the right of this hallway. You'll run into a 
small opening with a dead wastelander, mercenary, and Brotherhood 
initiate. You'll find this special armor on the Brotherhood guy. It 
gives 25 to rad resistance and decreases your Agility by 1. However, 
this isn't the only special thing about it; the first time you put it on 
it actually talks to you. It periodically does this, mostly warning you 
when you enter sneak mode and [CAUTION] or [DANGER] pops up. According 
to the note it comes with, it will dispense a Med-X and use it if your 
crippled limb needs it.

Ragamuffin outfit
You can find this on Penny in Little Lamplight by reverse pickpocketing 
her. See above for details.

Red's bandanna and jumpsuit
You can only get these by either killing Red (Big Trouble in Big Town 
quest) or take it off her if she dies. Also (credit to James Carter for 
this), when you first save her in Germantown, when you choose to give 
her a weapon you can take these out of her inventory at that time.

Shady hat
Rewarded from Moira Brown after completing the Mirelurk portion of the 
quest (you don't need to do the optional one, it only gets you five 
stealth boys).

Sheriff's duster and hat
Lucas Simms is wearing these. You can either kill him or have Mister 
Burke kill him during the Power of the Atom quest.

T-5lb power armor and helmet
Similar to the winterized one found in the Anchorage add-on, it can be 
found in Fort Constantine, only you need Dave's special key to get it. 
You can get this key from Dave in the Republic of Dave in the northeast 
corner of the map. Also, if you've completed the You Gotta Shoot 'Em in 
the Head quest, Mister Crowley will be wearing it the next time you 
visit him, so now your only options are reverse pickpocketing or killing 

Tacoma Park little leaguer's cap
You can find this at Tacoma Park (obviously). It's in a shop labeled 
"Niftythrifty" on the door hanging on a coat rack near the entrance. It 
increases your explosives and energy weapons by 5.

Talon combat helmet
It sounds common, but the only one I've come across is on Commander 
Jabsco. Check Occam's Razor for location information.

Tenpenny's suit
A little obvious but I'll explain it anyways. Tenpenny's wearing it, 
sitting in his chair at the top of Tenpenny Tower. You can either kill 
him or reverse pickpocket him (see above for details).

The AntAgonizer's costume and helmet
You can either kill her or convince her to stop what she's doing to get 
these from her (The Superhuman Gambit quest in Canterbury Commons).

The Mechanist's costume and helmet
You can either kill him or convince him to stop what he's doing to get 
these from him (The Superhuman Gambit quest in Canterbury Commons).

Three Dog's glasses and head wrap
You can either kill him or reverse pickpocket him to get these (see 
above for details on reverse pickpocketing). An odd thing I noticed, 
however, is that the radio station continues playing normally even after 
he's dead.

Vance's longcoat outfit
You can kill Vance from the Family (Blood Ties quest, talk to Lucy West) 
to get this one.

Vault 77 jumpsuit
You can find this in the slaver barracks in Paradise Falls on a shelf 
with an interesting note next to it. And before you ask what it means 
and where it came from I'll tell you now that I can't answer either of 

Wasteland scout uniform
This is found on Lucy and Knick Knack in Little Lamplight, so you have 
to reverse pickpocket them. See above for details.

6. Quest items
You're probably wondering why I added this section, mainly because you 
can't remove quest items from your inventory. I've found that there are 
many quest items that are removable after completing or failing a 
certain quest at a certain time, killing someone during or after a 
quest, etc. so I've compiled a list of all the "keepable" quest items 
I've found. I'll also note that removable quest items found in DLC areas 
(the only ones I've found are in Point Lookout) I have put in their 
respective sections and will continue to do so if you know of any that I 

Android component
You can actually get 3 of these if you know what to do. First of all, 
this is part of the Replicated Man quest. To get the first one, a woman 
will randomly run up to you at one point and start yelling at you. 
Convince her that you're going to help her and she'll give one to you. 
Now complete the quest by finding out who the android is (from Pinkerton 
in the broken bow near Rivet City) and reveal his identity to himself. 
You'll also get a special plasma rifle after telling him. Now go to the 
Science Lab (where Dr. Zimmer is) and let the android (no spoilers) kill 
him and his android bodyguards. You can then take a component off of 
each android that was killed.

Birch's sap
You will get this from Birch during the Oasis quest (for a location kill 
Drifter (check Reservist's Rifle for his location)). If you don't use 
it, you can keep it.

Fusion pulse charge
This one's pretty easy to get if you know what to do. First, find out 
about the bomb from Simms, then go talk to Mister Burke at the saloon. 
Agree to blow up Megaton (don't worry, you aren't actually going to) and 
complete the quest by disarming it. You can then remove the fusion pulse 
charge that Burke gave you for accepting his proposal. It looks like 
scrap metal for some reason when dropped.

Ink container
You'll be given the chance to find this during the Stealing Independence 
quest (speak to Abraham Washington at the Capitol Preservation Society 
in Rivet City) when speaking to the robot named Button. The easiest way 
to finding it is to agree with him to make a forgery of the document, 
but make sure this doesn't happen. When you return with your ink 
container, kill Button, take the Declaration of Independence and 
complete the quest using the real one (make sure not to miss Button's 
wig). You can now remove the ink container from your inventory.

Laurel's Liniment
You will get this from Laurel during the Oasis quest (for a location 
kill Drifter (check Reservist's Rifle for his location)). If you don't 
use it, you can keep it.

Lucy's sealed envelope
You can only get this by failing the quest Blood Ties (easiest way of 
doing this is killing an Arefu resident). I will also add that dropping 
it will make it disappear; you can only put it in containers.

Feel free to let me know if you've discovered any more removable quest 
items, because I wouldn't be surprised if I've missed a few.

5. Different sized items
This section has other unique items that serve no real purpose in the 
game, but are fun to collect. These items are bigger or smaller than the 
usual size of the original item. IMPORTANT: Once you drop any of these 
items, you cannot put them in your inventory again or they will become 
normal sized. If you wish to move it around look at it and click the 
right analog stick. This section will be divided into larger than normal 
items and smaller than normal items.

5a. smaller items
Small Cue Balls
Go to Paradise Falls, located north of Arefu, Big Town, and Megaton. Go 
in the Slaver Barracks here, and they should be on the pool table around 
the drinking glasses.

Small Drinking Glass and Shot Glass
Go to Evergreen Mills, located directly west of Megaton. From here, go 
east and a little north and you should find a church-looking building. 
Go in it and in the left corner you should see a bed and a table with a 
rigged shotgun on it. Look around on the floor near the bed to find 
these tiny cups. There is also another smaller drinking glass in the 
National Guard Armory, but that is quite a lengthy challenge to get 
into. See Experimental MIRV in the unique weapons for the full 

Small Garden Gnomes
Go to the SatCom Array NN-03d. Enter in the NN-03b-A and from here, go 
up the ladder to the top and over the wooden bridge to NN-03b-B. Go up 
to the ladder where you enter to the Capital Wasteland near the top of 
the tower. These tiny gnomes, along with tiny large whiskey bottles, 
whiskey, vodka, and wine can be found on a chessboard on a table.

Small and Large Hammers
Go to the Temple of the Union, located southwest of the Republic of 
Dave. Enter through the gate and go to the left, but not up the stairs. 
The small hammer will be hidden behind a toolbox, and the big one on the 
stone workbench.

Small Nuka-Cola Trucks
Go to the County Sewer Mainline, which is within either side of the 
Sewer Waystation, or through a sewer grate along the Potomac. The 
location of the Sewer Wayststation is east and a little south of 
Megaton. From here, follow the tunnel and take the first right. Watch 
for bear traps and go in the door with two garden gnomes on the outside 
of it. Go in this door and there will be a ghoul named Gallo. Kill him 
and in the back of the room and you should see them sitting on a 
counter. There are also a lot of useful building items in Gallo's 
storage room located in a room next to this one.

Small Scissors
Go to Paradise Falls, located north of Arefu, Big Town, and Megaton. 
Once here, go to Cutter's Clinic. You can also get a map marker from any 
slaves you run into, or go through the main quest and you'll need to 
save a couple kids that are from Little Lamplight. The scissors will be 
on a little table next to the medical bed behind the screen.

Small Shot Glasses
There are a total of eight, one of which is listed with the small 
drinking glass. The first one, the smallest of all, is in the women's 
quarters in the Republic of Dave. If you don't plan on killing everyone, 
make sure there's no one in the women's quarters before entering because 
it's considered a bad thing to go in. The shot glass must also be 
stolen. The next three are in one of the buildings in Big Town, a little 
north of Megaton. You can also get a map marker for Big Town if you talk 
to the guy with the party hat at Little Lamplight. The last three are at 
Mason Dixon Salvage, northwest of Paradise Falls and north and a little 
west of Arefu. The glasses are in one of the abandoned shacks there.

Small Tin Cans
Go to the GNR (Galaxy News Radio) Building Plaza (follow the main quest 
and it will lead you there). Go in the Galaxy News Radio door and go to 
the right up the stairs. Go in the doorway and turn left. You should see 
three filing cabinets. The tiny cans should be on the shelf directly to 
the right of these filing cabinets.

5b. larger items
Giant Teddy Bear
You must have at least 20 frag mines to get this item. If you don't have 
enough mines you can buy some, go to the National Archives, or 
(obviously) the Minefield. This teddy bear is much larger than all the 
other teddy bears in the game. It is located in the SatCom Array NN-03d, 
which is located north of Arefu, east of Fort Constantine, or southwest 
of the Oasis, at the northern end of the map. When you go there, there 
should be 3 huge radio towers, but only one you can enter through. Kill 
all the raiders and go as far up as possible. Once at the top, cross the 
wooden bridge from the first tower to the second tower. Go down this one 
and enter through a door to the third tower. Kill all the raiders here 
and there should be a small lab setup at the bottom of this tower, and 
behind it a doorway blocked off with wooden planks. If you look through 
the cracks of these planks, you will see it. Make sure to save before 
doing this because it may take a few tries. Lay down all the mines 
between the lab setup and the wooden planks, and some will fall to the 
floor. After all the mines are set, stand far back and shoot one of 
them. If it works, you should see it outside the doorway now.

Large Butter Knife
Go to Tenpenny Tower, located southwest of Megaton, or get the map 
marker from Mr. Burke. On the Ground Floor, go in the second door to the 
left, make another left, and look on the counter against the wall. On a 
cutting board, there should be a large grey butter knife next to a 
smaller one. This item can be dropped and picked up as many times as you 
want and it will remain the same size. It also appears as a different 
butter knife in your inventory, even though they are read the same. This 
unique item isn't as unique as others because there are many more 
throughout the game.

Large Chessboards
Go to Fort Constantine at the northwestern part of the map (east of 
Raven Rock). There is one in the Personnel Offices and another in the CO 
quarters. At the entrance of the Personnel Offices, go in the first door 
to the right (not up the stairs). The giant chessboard will be in the 
first door to the left down this hall. Go back out to the Capital 
Wasteland and go to the CO quarters, a small building to the left of the 
Personnel Offices. It should be sitting on a table in the main room.

Large Coffee Mugs
Go to Smith Casey's Garage, located directly west of Megaton, also west 
of the Evergreen Mills. Go in here and it will be sitting on the table 
with the coffee machine in front of you when you enter. There are 
actually four large coffee mugs total in here so be sure to check them 
all because there are also 10 smaller ones.

Large Cup and Pitcher
Go to Rock Creek Caverns, located just above DC, close to the National 
Guard Depot. Go through this place fighting all the Mirelurks, through 
the water, and turn right when you can. If you don't turn right you will 
easily get lost. There is a small room with a safe, a Mirelurk King, and 
a couple metal boxes. The cup and pitcher will be on the floor.

Large Duck and Cover! Books
One is located in the Springvale Elementary School just north of 
Megaton, and the other is in the Falls Church/Mason Dst Metro (Falls 
Church Metro on the world map) in the northwestern area of DC.

Large Empty Syringes/Forceps
These are found in Fort Independence, located southwest of Megaton. In 
order to get in here without angering any of the Brotherhood Outcasts 
inside (if that isn't important to you then you can just kill anyone 
outside and they'll have the access key) you must either pickpocket one 
of the outcasts outside or gain their trust (by giving Casdin a lot of 
energy weapons and armor) and kill them to get the key. Enter Fort 
Independence, and go up the stairs, and look down on the lower level and 
there should be a medicine-looking area. In this room, there are two 
giant empty syringes, one on the bottom shelf, and the other on a bloody 
tray on the medical bed. On the other side of this bed are the giant 
forceps on a small table.

Large Green Plates
Location 1: go to Big Town, which is located north of Megaton. Go to the 
Common House (second house on the left) and look around. It should be 
easy to find.

Location 2: in the Zane house at the Minefield there are two shelves, 
one on the first floor, one on the second, each with two normal green 
plates and one larger one in the middle. As an added note you can also 
find one of the large teddy bears here.

Large Harmonica
It's at the Red Racer Factory, southeast of Megaton. Once inside, go in 
the door on the left wall and it will be on a shelf immediately to the 
right with a few small tricycles and a teddy bear.

Large Hot Plate
Go to the Republic of Dave, located in the northeast corner of the map. 
From here, go to the Museum of Dave where you can also find the 
bobblehead on Perception. The hot plate will be on the shelves on the 
right as soon as you enter. This item has to be stolen.

Large Med-X
Go to the Red Racer Factory, southeast of Megaton. Once you reach the 
end of the CEO Offices you'll run into a man named the Surgeon. On one 
of his two desks you will find this (no karma is lost for taking it).

Large Pool Triangle
Go to the Museum of Technology, then to the Museum Station outside of 
the Museum. Once in here, go to the big square room in the center and go 
right, through the tunnel. Eventually, along the left wall you should 
see some stairs. Go up these stairs, and the giant triangle will be on 
the pool table. There is also a Grognak the Barbarian book on the small 
table nearby.

Large Pugilism Illustrated book
You can find this in the Meresti Trainyard, where the Family lives. It 
must also be stolen. You can talk to Lucy West in Megaton to trigger the 
Blood Ties quest, then ask Evan King where you can find the Family and 
he'll give you a few map markers. You can reach the metro station 
through the Northwest Seneca Station and passing through Murphy's place.

Large Stealth Boys
These are in the Museum of Technology. One is in the atrium, in the 
right corner, and there are two more big stealth boys upstairs on 
display cases in the first door and to the left.

Large teddy bear
Location 1: This teddy bear is larger than all the other teddy bears, 
but smaller than the giant one. It is located in the Red Racer Factory, 
which can be found south and a little east of Megaton or northwest of 
the Nuka-Cola Factory. Go around the desk and in the door on the right. 
It will be sitting on a big tricycle hanging from the ceiling. Just 
shoot the tricycle and it will fall along with the bear.

Location 2: In the Zane house at the Minefield, on the bed on the second 
floor. You need to kill the sniper to get the key to the house. Note 
that you can also find the large green plates in here.

Location 3: Go to the Victory Rifle in the unique weapons section for 
location information. It will be on the bed in the shack.

Large Vodka Bottle
This is found in Tenpenny Tower, directly southwest of Megaton. Use the 
stairs to get up to the third floor. Once up there, look for the room 
with two empty whiskey bottles on the left and a globe on the right on 
the pedestals to the sides of the door. Go straight forward and you 
should see a small indent in the wall used as a counter. The large vodka 
bottle should be sitting right next to a regular sized one and whiskey.

Large Wrenches
Location 1: Go to the Meresti Metro Station, which is found at the 
Meresti Train Yard. You can go to the saloon in Megaton and talk to Lucy 
West to trigger the Blood Ties quest, where you can also get a map 
marker. Go in and find the family, and it's on a workbench next to a 
normal sized wrench in the small gated area to the left of the 
escalator. This item must be stolen.

Location 2: Go to the Robot Repair Center, located just south of 
Canterbury Commons.

8. Miscellaneous unique items
This is the "extras" section; the unique items that didn't fall under 
any of the above categories but are still one-of-a-kind.

Alien power cells
I've added this because these power cells are very uncommon, but if you 
look hard enough you can get over 500 cells (I currently have 530 and I 
haven't completed Broken Steel yet). Here's a list of all of the alien 
power cells I've found so far:

-there's about 120 near the alien blaster found in the Wasteland (check 
the unique weapons section for specifics).
-a good amount fall from the sky when the Firelance is triggered (check 
the unique weapons section for specifics).
-a bit north of Fort Bannister there's a large crater (you'll know 
you're close when you start getting rads). At the bottom of the large, 
circular part is an overturned military truck. Under it you can find 50 
or 60 cells (thanks to skattman1982 for this one).
-you can find a few ammo boxes near the alien blaster on the Enclave 
mobile base during Broken Steel (check Broken Steel items for 
-there will be 30 or so in the same room as the Miss Launcher (check the 
unique weapons section for specifics).
-you can also find a good amount (I think I found about 230) during the 
Mothership Zeta add-on, including on the alien captain with his sidearm, 
so make sure to explore the ship thoroughly.

Blue and red pass cards
They don't seem to have any meaning, and you can get multiples of each, 
but I've noticed that you can only find them on ghouls (the feral ones, 
not the talking ones).

Ceramic dinner plate
It doesn't sound like it, but this plate is very rare; I've only found 
three so far. The only one I can remember the location of is the one 
that must be stolen from Lucas Simms' house in Megaton. It has no other 
use and doesn't look much different from a white plate but it's very 

Door component
Check The Tenderizer for location information. Note that before getting 
the component you must fix the door (high repair skill required).

Get the Contract Killer perk and kill a friendly human. You can get a 
lot of them so it isn't exactly one-of-a-kind but it still seems like a 
unique item to me.

Experimental Rho ID
Found at an Enclave camp (named Camp Rho) southwest of Canterbury 
Commons and northwest of Vault 108. When held, it turns all the turrets 
at this specific camp friendly.

Get the Lawbringer perk and kill an enemy human. You can get a lot of 
them so it isn't exactly one-of-a-kind but it still seems like a unique 
item to me.

Food sanitizer
You will get this from Moira Brown if you complete the optional 
challenge on the Super Duper Mart section. When held, it slightly 
reduces the amount of rads the foods and drinks will give you and 
slightly boosts the health recovery as well.

Fresh food
This includes apples, carrots, pears, and potatoes. You can find these 
in the Science Lab in Rivet City. They must also be stolen.

Geomapper module
After completing Reilly's Rangers (Museum of History, revive Reilly to 
trigger the quest), talk to Reilly about helping out the Rangers and 
she'll give this to you. From this point forward, if you discover any 
new places you can return to Reilly with the module for caps, and you 
still keep the module.

House items
These include the Jukebox, My First Infirmary, My First Laboratory, 
Nuka-Cola machine, and the Workbench. You can remove these items from 
your inventory once you're inside your house. When dropped, they look 
like holotapes for some reason.

Ice-cold Nuka-Cola
You can actually get as many of these as you like, but they're not your 
usual Wasteland item so I consider it unique. You can get one at the 
beginning of the Nuka-Cola Challenge, a few more in Sierra's Nuka-Cola 
fridge (must be stolen), and your Nuka-Cola machine for your house 
starts out with 8 of them. After purchasing the machine, though, you can 
put any Nuka-Cola in it and turn it into an ice cold one.

Lincoln items
These include the Action Abe Action Figure, Civil War Draft Poster, 
Lincoln antique coin collection, John Wilkes Booth wanted poster, 
Lincoln's diary, and Lincoln's voice, all of which can be found at the 
Museum of History. You can give all of these to Abraham Washington in 
Rivet City for caps but I don't recommend it.

Lucky 8-ball
You can get this from Timebomb after completing the Big Trouble in Big 
Town quest. When added to your inventory a message pops up on the top 
left corner of the screen mentioning "good luck." There's no visual sign 
of luck enhancement but my assumption is that it boosts all the non-stat 
related aspects of your Luck.

Magna Carta
You can find this in the National Archives during the Stealing 
Independence quest. I didn't include the Bill of Rights because it's 
considered a quest item and, unfortunately, can't be removed. The Magna 
Carta, for some reason, isn't and can be removed. It can be given to 
Abraham Washington for caps but I don't recommend doing so.

There are three special mentats: berry, grape, and orange. You can find 
these in the National Archives (Stealing Independence quest). Look for 
the terminal that will ask you 8 questions about the history of the 
United States near the entrance. Once you answer them all correctly you 
get a prize voucher. Bring that over to the other terminal to pick your 
mentats. You can also find 5 more prize vouchers in a safe, giving you 
access to two of each kind. None of them are any different from the 
regular mentats...except the flavor, apparently.

Mississippi Quantum Pie
First, you must complete The Nuka-Cola Challenge quest (Girdershade). 
Then ask Sierra about possible recipes including Quantums and she'll 
mention it. Bring her all of the ingredients and she'll make you one.

Surprisingly this isn't a normal item found throughout the Wasteland; 
I've only found one so far and for some reason it has no value. You can 
find it while following the main quest (if you have the Broken Steel 
add-on) and passing through Georgetown North and East on a table 
outside. If you don't have the add-on just look for a table at either 
Georgetown North or East.

There are actually two different kinds of toasters in the Wasteland: a 
clean one and a dirty one. The only clean one I've found is in vault 
101...therefore making it possible to miss. Do you remember the room 
where you had your 10th birthday? While either escaping (Escape! quest) 
or returning (Trouble on the Homefront quest) look for this room. It'll 
be on the floor around where Andy the robot was standing when he cut 
your cake (behind the counter). 

You can get this from Murphy (you'll run into him during the Those! 
quest) once you bring him enough sugar bombs. It isn't much different 
from regular jet and isn't worth it if you're getting it for it's 

Wasteland Survival Guide
You can get a free one for talking to Moira Brown about it after 
completing the quest. This item isn't one of a kind, though; you can 
occasionally run into wastelanders that talk to you about the book, and 
when you kill one they have it on them. I'm not sure how many there are 
in the game but I'm up to three.

Yew's bear charm
It's a special teddy bear that you can get from Sapling Yew at the 
Oasis. After completing the main quest, talk to her and, if you pass the 
speech challenge, she'll give it to you. It gives you a permanent 10-
point increase to speech when obtained.

9. Contact Information
If you have any questions, comments, something to add to the guide, or 
if you noticed a spoiler I missed, you can email me at 
henrylittle@comcast.net and my Xbox Live gamertag is orangejuice75. 
Also, if you have any questions about other aspects of the game feel 
free to try them out on me as well. I would also like to mention that, 
if you're interested, I started a file where I kept literally every 
single item I've run into and stored it in my Megaton house, and if 
you're curious about how many of a certain item there are in the 
Wasteland (for example, I currently have 1,675 tin cans and 1,037 bent 
ones) feel free to ask. I have also been keeping track of all the places 
I've been to so I can show you the list as well.

10. Legal Information
This guide is copyrighted by any site I allow it to be posted on and you 
will need my approval before putting it on any other website or using it 
for any other public reason.

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