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Quest Guide by Absolute Steve

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 05/04/09

 .'                                       .,.                               `.
 |  MMMMMM    MM     MMM     MMM      .;tX, ,   MMM   MMM MMMMMMMM    .MM.    |
 |  MMM      MMMM    MMM     MMM    SMMM,  AM1  MMM   MMM   MMMM    XMM  MMM  |
 |  MMM     $MMMMb   MMM     MMM    MMM,   AMM  MMM   MMM   MMMM    @0  0MM.  |
 |  MMMMM   MM  MM   MMM     MMM    MM,   AMMM  MMM   MMM   MMMM       ;ZMM   |
 |  MMMMM  SMM  MMt  MMM     MMM    M,     `;M  MMM   MMM   MMMM      .MMM;   |
 |  MMM    MMM  MMM  MMM     MMM    MMMMM; ,MM  MMM   MMM   MMMM       .iMMM  |
 |  MMM   iMMMMMMMM. MMM     MMM    MMMM, ,MMM  MMM   MMM   MMMM    Yc.  WMM  |
 `.                                   .,                                     .'
                       |  Miscellaneous Quests Guide  |


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                               TABLE OF CONTENTS
 Use CTRL + F and copy/paste the [TAG] to find the section you're looking for!
 Sometimes, search the same [TAG] twice due to it appearing in the Walkthrough.

    [MQ1.1] The Wasteland Survival Guide: Get Radiated!
    [MQ1.2] The Wasteland Survival Guide: The Super-Duper Mart
    [MQ1.3] The Wasteland Survival Guide: The Minefield
    [MQ1.4] The Wasteland Survival Guide: Repel Rats
    [MQ1.5] The Wasteland Survival Guide: Crappy for the Crippled
    [MQ1.6] The Wasteland Survival Guide: Lurking in the Mirelurk Lair
    [MQ1.7] The Wasteland Survival Guide: Rivet City's History
    [MQ1.8] The Wasteland Survival Guide: Robotic Rampage
    [MQ1.9] The Wasteland Survival Guide: Librarians are not boring
    [MQ2] The Power of the Atom
    [MQ3] Those!
    [MQ4] Big Trouble in Big Town
    [MQ5] The Superhuman Gambit
    [MQ6] The Nuka-Cola Challenge
    [MQ7] Strictly Business
    [MQ8] The Replicated Man
    [MQ9] Blood Ties
    [MQ10] Oasis
    [MQ11] Tenpenny Tower
    [MQ12] Head of State
    [MQ12] You Gotta Shoot 'Em In The Head
    [MQ14] Stealing Independence
    [MQ15] Reilly's Rangers
    [MQ16] Trouble on the Homefront
    [MQ17] Agatha's Song




                          I) MISCELLANEOUS QUESTS [MQ]

    |[MQ1.1] The Wasteland Survival Guide: Get Radiated!                  |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Moira in Megaton, located in the Craterside Supply.    |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: ---                                                                    |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] RadAway x(Lvl), [] Rad-X x(Lvl), [] Rad Regeneration Perk.   |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: ---                                                                  |
|                                                                              |

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The final reward of this quest varies depending on the answers
===============  you give Moira everytime you complete an objective.  There are
5 'paths' you can take: [NORMAL], [SMART], [TOUGH], [SLY] and [SNIDE].  You will
not always be able to see all answers, because the SPECIAL stat associated with
that answer needs to be 7+.  You can increase your stats before talking to
Moira by using chems such as Buffout.

Some advice: I highly suggest you take the 'Tough' path, because this eventually
results in a Defense Rating increase, something you can't normally increase like
you can increase you stats.  The associated stats are STR and END, which you can
increase with Buffout if they are not at 7 when talking to Moira.  The answer
should always have the associated stat in front of it.

When you're visiting Megaton for the first time, you can start doing a few 
simple quests of which the benefits are great at this time.  Talk to Moira at
the Craterside Supply, which will be open during the day.  She'll tell you that
she's working on a Guide and that she can use your help.  Answer however you 
like for now, and then start doing the quests.  By far the easiest quest is the
one where she wants you to get radiated.

200 Rads is the basic objective, 600 Rads is optional.  Head outside and crouch
nearby the pool where the Atom Bomb slammed in, and start drinking until you
have 600 Rads.  You can also stand in the water and get +2 Rads every second,
so you can have a cup of coffee and come back.  Just don't get 1000 Rads, or
you'll die.

Return to Moira and she'll cure you from the Radiation Sickness.  She'll also
tell you about this new Perk you have obtained - which sounds really bad, but
is actually quite awesome, since limbs automatically regenerate when you're
suffering from advanced radiation sickness.  She'll also hand you [RADAWAY] and
[RAD-X].  How much you get depends on your level.  Are you Lvl 3? You get 3.

Next, I suggest you do the one related to food.

    |[MQ1.2] The Wasteland Survival Guide: The Super-Duper Mart           |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Moira in Megaton, located in the Craterside Supply.    |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] John's Key, [] Wastelander Note, [] Mentats, [] Nuka Cola, [] Laser |
|       Pistol x2, [] 3x Energy Cell x20, [] Bottlecap Mine, [] Energy Cell x60|
|       [] Energy Cell x29, [] 2x Stimpak, [] Carton of Cigarettes, [] Food,   |
|       [] Pre-War Money, [] Bobby Pin, [] Nuka Cola, [] Bottle Caps, [] Jet,  |
|       [] Med-X, [] Buffout, [] 10mm Rounds x10, [] 10mm Rounds x20, 4x Frag  |
|       Mine, [] 10mm Rounds x10, [] 4x 5.56mm Rounds x24, [] Super Duper      |
|       Pharmacy Key, [] Bottlecap Mine x2, [] Frag Grenades x3, [] 10mm       |
|       Rounds x16, [] Darts x20, [] Blood Pack, [] Jet x2, [] Med-X, [] Rad-X,|
|       [] Stimpak, [] Mini Nuke, [] 4x Frag Grenades, [] 5.56mm Rounds,       |
|       [] 2x RadAway, [] Jet, [] Mentats, [] Psycho, [] Nuka Cola x9, [] Nuka |
|       Cola Quantum x3, [] Office Employee ID.                                |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Iguana Bits x(Lvl), [] Food Sanitizer.                       |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Raider                                                             |
|                                                                              |

Look for the Super-Duper Mart on your map, which is located slightly SE from
Megaton.  Be on the lookout for any enemies outside the building, then go over
to the eastern side of the building.  Check the dead wastelander nearby for 
some loot: [JOHN'S KEY], [WASTELANDER NOTE], [MENTATS].  Also grab any [NUKA
COLA] from the vending machines, then enter through the doors most to the north.

Enter the main shopping hall and hop over the counter to your right (north).
Look around for two [LASER PISTOLS], three [ENERGY CELL x20], and a [BOTTLECAP
MINE].  In the locked Ammunition Box you can find [ENERGY CELL x60], and in the
unlocked you'll find [ENERGY CELL x29].  [2x STIMPAK] can also be found at the
end of the counter.  To the north you should be able to find a [CARTON OF
CIGARETTES] in one of the Metal Boxes on the shelves - which sells decently.
The refrigerator is the goal of the quest, and it holds some random [FOOD] such
as Blanco Mac and Cheese x2, Junk Food, Nuka-Cola and Salisbury Steak x2.  Grab
it and leave this room to explore the rest of the Mart.

To the south, where you came from, you can find five cash registers with [PRE
WAR MONEY] in it, and a [BOBBY PIN].  The southeast room has a vending machine
with [NUKA COLA], but the doors just lead to the worldmap.  Explore the women's
restroom south of the main room to find three [BOTTLE CAPS], [JET], [MED-X], and
[BUFFOUT], along with some beds you can use to heal - unless there are still
Raiders closeby.

[10MM ROUNDS x10] and [10MM ROUNDS x20] can be found in the Ammo Boxes on top
of the counter in the southwest corner of the mainroom.  Hop over it, and you'll
be close to the second (optional) objective of this quest: Another supply room.
You can also find [4x FRAG MINE] in the Mine Box and [10MM ROUNDS x10] in the
Ammo Box on the ground, near the counter just outside this supply room. Four
[5.56MM ROUNDS x24] can also be found on the counter nearby these boxes.  Also
check the cabinets of the counter; You may find a Toy Car (used to create a
Dart Gun later on).

To open the door you'll need a key, which we're going to grab just now.  Of
course you may also want to use your Science Skill to hack the terminal, or use
your Lockpick Skill to lockpick the door.  After all, this gives you experience,
and that's a good thing.

There are Raiders around here, but head to the room north from here anyway. 
Many goodies can be grabbed here: The [SUPER-DUPER PHARMACY KEY] is in one of
the metal boxes, [BOTTLECAP MINE x2] are just lying around, the Grenade Box
holds [FRAG GRENADES x3], the Ammo Box on the floor holds [10MM ROUND x9], and
the locked Ammo Box in the cabinet holds more [10MM ROUND x16].  Head back to
the door leading to the storage room.  Inside are many things ripe for the 
taking, so let's go over them:

[DARTS x20], Pharmacy Supplies Box holds [BLOOD PACK], [JET x2], [MED-X],
[RAD-X], [STIMPAK]. A [MINI NUKE] can be found on the desk, along with [4x FRAG
GRENADES] next to the terminal.  The Ammo Boxes hold [5.56MM ROUNDS].  On the
shelves behind your right (northeast) you can find [2x RADAWAY], [JET], and
[MENTATS].  You can also find a [PSYCHO] on the lower shelf further down, along
with a bunch of crates holding a [NUKA COLA x9] and [NUKA COLA QUANTUM x3] or
so.  Do NOT drink the Quantum Cola's, as they're rare (90 exist in the game) and
they're part of a quest. 

Grab the [OFFICE EMPLOYEE ID] from above the terminal which will prove useful in
a second, then hack the terminal and release the Protectron robot.  It'll start
scanning you, but the ID saves you from being identified as a hostile.  Feel
free to let the Protectron out of the room, and team up with it to gun down some
Raiders.  When you've looted everything, head back to Megaton because you're
officially done with this place.

Head back to Moira and tell her an intelligent answer.  She'll give you the
[IGUANA BITS] of which the amount depends on your level, plus, if you did the
optional requirement of getting medicine as well, she'll hand you the [FOOD
SANITIZER] that increases the restoration effects of food by +20%.  Nice!

    |[MQ1.3] The Wasteland Survival Guide: The Minefield                  |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Moira in Megaton, located in the Craterside Supply.    |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: ---                                                                    |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Frag Grenades, [] Stimpaks, [] Bottlecap Mine Schematics     |
| (100 EXP)                                                                    |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: ---                                                                  |
|                                                                              |

Travel to the minefield and back.  You can also give her a mine you found or
bought from somewhere else, she can't tell the difference.  You should leave the
sniper alone when you're in The Minefield.  His name is Arkansas and you can
make some caps (250) when you turn him into a 'VIP slave' later.

Tell Moira about your trip and the first part of the quest will be over.  Next
up?  Mole Rats!

    |[MQ1.4] The Wasteland Survival Guide: Repel Rats                     |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Moira in Megaton, located in the Craterside Supply.    |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: ---                                                                    |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Jets (x), [] Psycho (x).                                     |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Mole Rat                                                           |
|                                                                              |

Moira gives you the [REPELLENT STICK]. Travel to Tepid Sewers for example, you
should be able to find at least three Mole Rats there.  However, if you want to
fulfill the optional requirement, scout the worldmap around Megaton (and any
area around there actually) to find the Mole Rats you're looking for.  Whack
them all with your Repellant Stick and return to Moira for the results.

Talk to her about getting yourself injured.  Interesting, right?

    |[MQ1.5] The Wasteland Survival Guide: Crappy for the Crippled        |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Moira in Megaton, located in the Craterside Supply.    |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Med-X (x), [] Environment Suit.                              |
|                                                                              |

This quest is an oddball.  'Simply' get yourself down to 50% of your health or
lower.  Better yet, cripple yourself or lose one of your limbs, that would be

It's remarkably easy to complete this quest.  If your Medicine Skill is high
enough, explain Moira how things work.  This fulfills the optional requirement
too, no worries there.  If your Medicine Skill isn't high enough, well, it's
best to cripple a leg somehow, right?

You don't get crippled when a Mole Rat starts eating you (no pun intended).
A far better idea is to leap off the roof of the Atom's Church.  You can get
there by taking the stairs and leaping over other roofs first.  If you take a
true leap of faith and land in the pool next to the rocket, chances are you'll
cripple a leg.  Be sure to save beforehand to try again if you don't.

Return to Moira and she'll be all overexcited as usual, but she'll also give you
a neat reward: The Environment Suit has a +30 Rad Resistance stat (and +5 MED).

Tip: Before you speak to Moira about the next objective, you may want to check 
     out the Mirelurk Lair in the upcoming section by yourself.  If you haven't
     accepted the quest yet, you can kill all you like!  By the time you accept
     the quest, nothing is mentioned about this and you'll have an easier time
     completing it.

    |[MQ1.6] The Wasteland Survival Guide: Lurking in the Mirelurk Lair   |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Moira in Megaton, located in the Craterside Supply.    |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Stealth Boy (x), [] Shady Hat, [] Ammunition.                |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Mirelurk    o Mirelurk Hunter                                      |
|                                                                              |

Head over to the Anchorage Memorial, which you can easily access by traveling
to Tepid Sewers and going west from there.  Check your local map to find the
exact location of the entrance and enter the lair.  It should say: Anchorage
Memorial Facility.

It helps if you have a Stealth Boy and a decent Sneak Skill, but you can always
do multiple attempts if you want to complete the optional part too, which
excludes the killing of any Mirelurks. 

Head straight downstairs and around the corner.  Before you open the door, now
is an excellent time to put on a Stealth Boy.  If you follow the instructions to
come, you should be able to perfectly use the 2 minutes of stealth that you are

Sneak, and open up the door.  Quietly sneak to the north, ignoring the Mirelurk,
and take a right (east) through the door leading to an area called Anchorage
Memorial Facility Bay.  Head to your left, then right again and basically circle
around the center, but stick to the outer walls until you get to some stairs
leading down (south).  

Head down and go around the corner.  A Mirelurk will be lurking (what else?) in
the nearby distance.  Cautiously sneak towards him but take a left (west) on the
bridge.  Here, look on your right for some steps down into the water.  Once in
the water, look for a Mirelurk Egg Clutch on your left, and place the Observer.

With your objective completed, the only thing that rests for you to do is to get
the hell out of this place.  Backtrack the way you came.  It's likely that 
around halfway your Stealth Boy runs out.  You should be able to just make a run
for the exit and be done with it either way.  Head back to Megaton to report on
your findings.

    |[MQ1.7] The Wasteland Survival Guide: Rivet City's History           |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Moira in Megaton, located in the Craterside Supply.    |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Mentats (x)                                                  |
|              [] Rivet City Trading Discount (+10% on Selling, -10% on Buying)|
|                                                                              |

NOTE: It may be wise to do this quest simultaneously with 'The Replicated Man'.

Travel to Rivet City and find either one of the following two people:

1. Bannon (at the Marketplace)
2. Vera Weatherly (at the Weatherly Hotel)

Ask one of them about the history of Rivet City and they'll be glad to tell you
more.  Now search Rivet City for one of the following people.  Again, you only
have to talk to one of them:

1. Seagrave Holmes (Marketplace or his room)
2. Belle Bonny (Muddy Rudder Pub - all the way down at the stairwell)

Now that you know more, another optional objective begins.  It's best if you
follow the steps as described in 'The Replicated Man' quest, because they are
identical.  You'll need to find Pinkerton and use his terminal.

When you return to Moira she'll hand you Mentats and a Rivet City Discount.

    |[MQ1.8] The Wasteland Survival Guide: Robotic Rampage                |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Moira in Megaton, located in the Craterside Supply.    |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Pulse Grenade (x), [] Big Book of Science.                   |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] RadAway, [] Stimpak, [] Rad-X, [] Stealth Boy, [] 2x Darts x20,     |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box, [] Lying, Congressional Style,          |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Pre-war Book, [] 6x Ammo Box, [] First Aid Box,   |
|       [] Big Book of Science, [] Bottlecap Mine, [] 2x Cherry Bomb,          |
|       [] 2x Darts x20, [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, |
|       [] Jet, [] D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine, [] Stealth Boy,          |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Mentats, [] Stealth Boy, [] 2x Railway Spikes x20,|
|       [] Nikola Tesla and You, [] Rad-X x2, [] Buffout, [] First Aid Box,    |
|       [] Stealth Boy, [] Pre-war Book, [] Personal Footlocker, [] Darts x20. |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Protectron    o Mole Rat   o Radroach                              |
|                                                                              |

ROBCO Factory Floor:
Travel to the ROBCO building nearby Tenpenny Tower.  Fasttravel to the location
closest and head from there.  When you enter the building, first inspect the
toilet rooms to your left.  You can find a [RADAWAY] in a sink in the first
toilet room, plus some Pre-war money next to the skeleton.  You can find a
[STIMPAK] and a [RAD-X] in the second toilet room if you search thoroughly next
to the toilets.

Head into the room on the NW.  Search all desks and fallen Protectrons.  You'll
find a [STEALTH BOY] on one of the desks, an [AMMO BOX] on another.  On top of
a bookcase you can find [2x DARTS x20].  In the storage room to the far NW 
you'll find a [FIRST AID BOX] and another [AMMO BOX].  Head back to the main
hall and search the counter to find a [LYING, CONGRESSIONAL STYLE].  You can 
also find a [FIRST AID BOX] and a [PRE-WAR BOOK] in or on the bookcase.

Head for the eastern area and ignore the large room with stairwells.  Instead,
move into the room on your north and search the bookcases for [6x AMMO BOX].
Deal with any Radroaches and Mole Rats, then proceed north, immediately followed
by east.  You'll end up in a larger room with several control panels and repair
pods for Protectrons.  Grab the medical supplies from the [FIRST AID BOX] on
the wall and look for a [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE] on the control panels.

Make your way over the walkway into a small room on the southeast.  Look for a
[BOTTLECAP MINE] under the workbench, then continue into a larger room up east.
Ignore the lower boundaries and head upstairs.  Make your way through the west
hallways until you reach another large room.  Head through the door on the east,
which leads to the Offices and Cafetaria area.

Offices and Cafetaria:
Grab the [2x CHERRY BOMBS] from one pooltable and [2x DARTS x20] from the other
pooltable.  Head south, then go into the kitchen on your left to find a [FIRST
AID BOX] on the wall.  Continue through the west hallway and take a left twice
without going upstairs.  If you explore the eastern hallway you'll get to a
room with a broken steam device in which you can find another [FIRST AID BOX].

Return to the previous room and explore the southernmost room of the area to
Find a [STEALTH BOY] on an other desk and check all remaining desks for ammo.

Check your local map and head to the western room, ignoring the stairs for now.
You should be able to find a [FIRST AID BOX] here.  If you head to the north
through the hallway (the other two rooms don't have much of value) you'll get to
a larger room with several desks.  When you enter, the bookcase directly to your
right holds [MENTATS] and a [STEALTH BOY].  You can also find [2x RAILWAY 
SPIKES x20] and a [NIKOLA TESLA AND YOU] skill book on a small table up north.

The last two rooms left to explore are toilets to the east, and you can find
[RAD-X x2] and a [BUFFOUT] in the left corner of the southern toilet.  The
ground floor has been explored, so we can now head upstairs (on the south).

When you go upstairs, the door directly north leads to the mainframe.  In this
room you can find a [FIRST AID BOX] on the wall and a [STEALTH BOY] plus a [PRE-
WAR BOOK] on a rubbish table.

Activate the mainframe and install the processor widget.  Hack the terminal
immediately afterwards, select the options: 'Initiate Pest Liquidation' (the
Protectrons will kill any Radroaches and Mole Rats) and the 'Cease Total
Liquidation' (Protectrons will stop hurting you).

Explore the rooms on the west to find an averagely locked [PERSONAL FOOTLOCKER]
and [DARTS x20] in the other room.  There is one last room on the eastern side
to be explored, but there's mainly junk and filing cabinets to be found there.

    |[MQ1.9] The Wasteland Survival Guide: Librarians are not boring      |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Moira in Megaton, located in the Craterside Supply.    |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Caps (x), [] Lying, Congressional Style.                     |
| (100 EXP)                                                                    |
|              Finishing All 9 Sub-Quests:                                     |
|              [] Mini Nuke                                                    |
|                                                                              |
|              Depending on how well you did one of the following:             |
|              1. Junior Survivor Perk (0 to 4 optional objectives done)       |
|              2. Survival Expert Perk (5 to 8 optional objectives done)       |
|              3. Survival Guru Perk   (9 optional objectives done)            |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Ammo Box x5, [] First Aid Box x2, [] Buffout, [] Stealth Boy,       |
|       [] Gun Cabinet, [] Gun Cabinet, [] Big Book of Science, [] Pre-war Book|
|       [] Ammo Box x2, [] Pre-war Book x2, [] First Aid Box, [] Frag Mine,    |
|       [] Pre-war Book, [] Ink Container, [] Ammo Box x2, [] Frag Mine x2,    |
|       [] Safe, [] Blood Pack, [] Jet, [] Pre-War Book.                       |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Raider                                                             |
|                                                                              |

You're going to have to travel to Arlington Public Library.  You can head to 
Rivet City and head west from here, or you can travel to the Nuka Cola Factory
and head east.  If you have discovered an other place that's even closer, feel 
free to travel there instead.

When you arrive you'll bump into several Brotherhood of Steel members, including
Scribe Yearling.  Be polite and ask her about the terminal in this very room.
She's also interested in any Pre-war books you may have found, and is willing to
pay you 100 Caps a piece.

Look in the SE and NE corners to find a total of 5 [AMMO BOXES].  Check the 
terminal in the center of the room and select 'Access Card Catalogue'.  This was
your primary objective already, now for the optional.

Head into the toilets to find a [FIRST AID BOX x2] (one in both toilets).  You
can also find some [BUFFOUT] near a toilet in the woman's.  You can continue
through the hallway and team up with a few Brotherhood members.  Blast any
Raiders in this large room.

Now return to the entrance hall and go upstairs.  Find a [STEALTH BOY] on the
desk, and check the western room for a [GUN CABINET].  The other door on the
east leads to a room with another [GUN CABINET] and an adjacent room with
several desks and a hole in the ground that only leads to the restrooms you
already paid a visit.

Exit to the north and head into the NE room. You'll find a [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE]
on the desk here.  Return to the hallway and continue to the large room up north
which is the same area where you fought the Raiders with the Brotherhood members
just now.  Check the small table for a [PRE-WAR BOOK] and circle around the room
until you get to the southern side.  Search around for two [AMMO BOXES] between
some bookcases, and a [PRE-WAR BOOK x2] in the bookcase nearby.

Media Archive:
Head NW and go through the door that leads to the Arlington Library Media 
Archive; The rest of the area doesn't hold anything neat.  Head upstairs and
blast the Raiders in the hallway.  Check the adjacent room for some ammo in
desks, then continue to the next stairwell south and head up.

Ignore the bed with the corpse and check out the room to the NW to find a locked
but easily opened [FIRST AID BOX] in this room with a pooltable.  Move to the
NE, (be cautious of the [FRAG MINE] nearby the bed) and kill some Raiders.  Dive
to the room with the terminal and use this to disable the Mark I Turret in the
room up ahead.

With the havoc calmed down head into the barricaded room up north.  Walk over
some planks and find a [PRE-WAR BOOK] on the conveyor belt.  On the desk you'll
find a Metal Box called Restoration Supplies, in which you can find an [INK
CONTAINER].  This is a useful item for a different quest, so keep it safe.
You'll also find two [AMMO BOXES] on the same desk.

Return to the previous hallway and go through the door on the south, nearby the
corpse on the bed.  Go upstairs and into the room directly to your right (west).
Disable the turret by hacking the average terminal, then disarm two [FRAG MINES]
placed nearby the Filing Cabinets on the west.

Head through the hall south from these rooms, but beware as you proceed because
the next room has a few raiders with heavy weaponry.  After killing them, head
into the room and unlock the averagely locked [SAFE] in one of the corners.
Grab a [BLOOD PACK] and a [JET] from the desk in the other corner.  Do a quick
search in all the desks and cabinets, then move towards the terminal in the
center of the room and grab the [PRE-WAR BOOK] on this desk.

Access the Arlington Public Library Public Terminal (such a mouthfull), and
select the 'Transfer Library Archives' to complete the optional objective.

There is no need to search the 'Children's Wing' in order to complete this quest
so I suggest you do so an other time.

On your way out, give all Pre-war Books you found to Scribe Yearling and make a
bonus of 500 Caps (if you found all in this building so far).  Head back to
Moira for your final reward.

    |[MQ2] The Power of the Atom                                          |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Sheriff Lucas Simms in Megaton, or talk to Mr. Burke at|
|               Moriarty's Saloon in Megaton.                                  |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Strength Bobblehead, {} Hunting Rifle.                              |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: Bomb Disarmed: [] 100 Caps / 500 Caps (with Speech),            |
| (300 EXP)                   [] My Megaton House Key, [] Megaton House,       |
|                             [] +200 Karma (if offered to disarm for free).   |
|              Bomb Explodes: [] 500 Caps / 1000 Caps (with Speech),           |
|                             [] My Tenpenny Tower Suite Key, [] Tenpenny Suite|
|                             [] -1000 Karma.                                  |
|ENEMIES: ---                                                                  |
|                                                                              |

When visiting Megaton, ask Lucas Simms about the Atom Bomb and tell him you can
handle it.  A speech challenge can increase your reward from 100 caps to 500,
which is needless to say quite a lot.  Equip the Vault 101 Jumpsuit for a small
increase (+2) in Speech, and reset until he gives in with 500 Caps.

Now visit Moriarty's Saloon on have a chat with the business man sitting on the
right of the entrance.  His name is Mr. Burke and he wants the exact opposite
of Lucas Simms: He wants you to blow up Megaton.  Err, that isn't advisable, as
there is enough for you to do in Megaton.  If you're truly evil, do everything
in Megaton first, then follow his instructions.

Note: If you are female and have the Black Widow Perk you can seduce Burke out 
      of blowing Megaton up - an interesting option to say the very least.

A better idea is to tell Lucas Simms that Mr. Burke wants to blow up Megaton
and he'll holler to the saloon.  Head after him and be on your guard.  As soon
as their chat is over, shoot Mr. Burke before he can assault the Sheriff.  He'll
be thankful.  Loot his body and continue with the quest.

If you already have a high enough Explosives Skill (25+) you can disarm the bomb
right away, but you can still do the optional part if you feel like it.  Talk to
Leo Stahl at the Brass Lantern (food store near the bomb) and talk to him about
his addiction.  1. If you succeed at the Speech Challenge, he'll hand you the
[LEO'S STASH KEY] to the box in the Water Processing Plant.  2. Threaten to
tell his family and he'll agree to sell you some after his shift.  Meet him past
20.00 hours in the Water Processing Plant, where he'll sell you Mentats among
other things.

Mentats increase your INT (and PER) by +5, which should be more than enough to
crank an average (17) Explosives Skill to above 25.  Head over to the Bomb and
disarm it.  Report to Lucas Simms to receive your caps, plus your own residence
in Megaton where you can store your items.  You can also make a visit to Lucas
Simm's House now.

Note: Did Lucas Simms die by the hands of Burke? No worries! You can loot a
      Chinese Assault Rifle off his body, along with the key to his house.  As
      for the quest's reward, you ask?  Locate Simms' Son (a small boy) and 
      he'll hand over the reward instead.

Enter and go upstairs. The door to the NE leads to a room where you can find the
[STRENGTH BOBBLEHEAD], which permanently increases your STR by +1.  Nice!  You
can also steal the {HUNTING RIFLE} from the other room, but it's a weapon that
you'll come across soon enough during your journeys.  You can also find a Toy
Car in his house.

    |[MQ3] Those!                                                         |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: 1. Talk to a kid named Bryan Wilks.  He can be found running   |
|                  scared on the worldmap - usually south from the Super-Duper |
|                  Mart, near his hometown Grayditch.                          |
|               2. Find Doctor Lesko in Falls Chruch metro tunnels.            |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Grayditch Dumpster Key, [] Shack Key, [] 5.56mm Rounds x11,         |
|       [] 5.56mm Rounds x15, [] 5.56mm Rounds x17, [] Chinese Assault Rifle,  |
|       [] Ammo Box, [] First Aid Box, [] .32 Caliber Rounds x19, [] .32 Pistol|
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Frag Grenade, [] Mentats, [] Ammo Box, [] Buffout,|
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Psycho, [] Hunting Rifle, [] First Aid Box,       |
|       [] Mine Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Railway Spikes x20, [] Ammo Box,     |
|       [] Grady's Last Recording, [] .32 Caliber Rounds x6, [] Scoped .44     |
|          Magnum, [] .44 Magnum Rounds x12, [] Ammo Box, [] First Aid Box,    |
|       [] Silenced 10mm Pistol, [] 10mm Rounds x12, [] Cherry Bomb x3,        |
|       [] Psycho, [] Stimpak, [] Jet, [] Ammo Box x2, [] Grady's Safe Key,    |
|       [] William Brandice Key, [] Mine Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box x3,|
|       [] Big Book of Science, [] Missile Launcher, [] Missile x2.            |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Ant Might Perk (+1 STR) OR Ant Sight Perk (+1 PER).          |
| (300 EXP)       Both perks give +25% resistance to fire.                     |
|              [] Lesko's Lab Coat (negotiated).                               |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Fire Ant Worker         o Fire Ant Soldier      o Fire Ant Warrior |
|         o Fire Ant Nest Guardian  o Marigold Ant Queen                       |
|                                                                              |

Once you've found either the kid or the doctor (succeed at the Speech Challenge
with the kid and he'll give you the [GRAYDITCH DUMPSTER KEY]), head over to
Grayditch, located south from Super-Duper Mart.

You'll stumble on loads of Ants.  Keep your distance from their fierce breath,
and aim for their heads.  Ant Nectar gives you Fire Resistance, but don't overdo
it - since it's considered a drug.  You should hold on to these either way, 
because you can sell them to a figure called Lesko - who'll you meet soon - and
this figure pays handsomely: 40 Caps a piece.

Exploring Town:
Head inside Wilks' House (Check your Local Map, be sure to have 'Those!' as 
active quest) and head inside.  Grab the [SHACK KEY] from the body and search
the shelves for [5.56MM ROUNDS x11], [5.56MM ROUNDS x15], [5.56MM ROUNDS x17],
and a [CHINESE ASSAULT RIFLE].  There's also an [AMMO BOX] next to the closet.

You can find a [FIRST AID BOX] on the wall in the bathroom, and another [AMMO
BOX] upstairs, as well as [.32 CALIBER ROUNDS x19] and a [.32 PISTOL].  Feel
free to use the Queen Sized Bed to sleep.

Head outside and open the Pulowski Preservation Shelter, where Bryan should be
hiding.  Tell him the bad news and continue the quest.

Head inside Brandice's House, south from Wilks' House.  Search the Cabinet for
booze and find a [FIRST AID BOX] in the bathroom.  The other room holds a
toolbox with ammo, hidden behind the fridge.  Head upstairs and check the
entries on the terminal - if it interests you. Grab a well hidden [FRAG GRENADE]
next to the desk, and leave the locked footlocker there for now. We'll find a
key to that later.

Head through the door into the Abandoned House next to Brandice's House. 
[MENTATS], [AMMO BOX], in the kitchen a [BUFFOUT] in a bucket (such a lovely
alliteration :p).  There's also a [FIRST AID BOX] in the bathroom.

Head back outside and go to a more southern street.  From here, search for a
second abandoned house and go inside.  Grab the [PSYCHO] from a cabinet in the
living room and grab the [HUNTING RIFLE] on the ground near the stairs.  Check
the cabinet upstairs and grab the loot from the [FIRST AID BOX] while you're
there.  Exit the place.

Marigold Metro Station:
Head south and enter Marigold Metro station.  Kill the Fire Ants and head into
a room east.  In this generator room, kill another ant and search the [MINE BOX]
for frag mines.  Head down some stairs, pop another ant brain and look for the
[FIRST AID BOX] on a table. [RAILWAY SPIKES x20] and an [AMMO BOX] can be found
on a shelf.

Head down another flight of stairs until you reach the blue line tube.  Head
west, head up and find [GRADY'S LAST RECORDING] in the ticketbox along with some
[.32 CALIBER ROUNDS x6].  Head down the blue line tube you came from.

When the paths split up, take the southern corridor.  Grab the [SCOPED .44 
MAGNUM] and [.44 MAGNUM ROUNDS x12] on the ground nearby the skeleton, pick the
easy [AMMO BOX] next to the vending machine, and plunder the [FIRST AID BOX].
There's also a [SILENCED 10MM PISTOL] and [10MM ROUNDS x12] in one of the

Go south some more, open the door and go down the stairs.  Make your way through
the next room - which has a gas leak, be careful!  Lure the ant before you kill
it.  Check the supply room on the east which holds [CHERRY BOMB x3], [PSYCHO],
[STIMPAK], [JET], two [AMMO BOXES] of which one requires a 25+ Lockpick Skill,
and lastly the [GRADY'S SAFE KEY] from the Fire Hose Box.

Make your way south through a corridor, kill two more ants, make your way
through a rubbish room and continue through another corridor that leads east.
Go through the door at the opposite side of the tube and you'll stumble on
Doctor Lesko.  Talk to him and tell him you need incentive to raise your reward.

Head north before you proceed to his 'lab'.  Up ahead you'll find William
Brandice.  Loot his body to find the [WILLIAM BRANDICE KEY], among many other
things of interest.  There's also a [MINE BOX] on a shelf nearby.  Go back.

Look around in his 'lab' to find a [FIRST AID BOX]. three [AMMO BOXES] and a
bunch of Ant Meat.  Leave his terminal alone and head through the east door.

Make your way to the (ALIEN STYLE!) hole in the tube and go through the door
that leads to the Queen Ant's Hatchery.  The path is linear but has many alcoves
that look confusing but aren't.  Kill the five Nest Guardians, then return to
the Doctor.  He'll grant you either the: 1. Ant Might Perk (+1 STR) or 2. Ant
Sight Perk (+1 PER).  Both perks give +25% resistance to fire.  He'll also hand
you the [LESKO'S LAB COAT].

Follow him to the Queen Ant's Nest, or rather, head over to the Marigold Ant
Queen yourself and kill her.  Grab the Ant Queen Pheromones from her, and grab
the [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE] from the desk.  Hack the PC and send the pulse signal,
plus destroy the Mutagen.  Leave the place, and leave the doctor alone.  If you
have any Fire Ant Nectar left, sell them to him for 40 Caps a piece.

You can now start looking for Grady's Storage, but this is best done after you
have gotten the Mesmerizer during your Rescue From Paradise Quest.  If you must
know where the storage is, check your map: In the tube where the Queen Ant's
Hatchery is at the very south, hug the eastern wall and look for a flashing

Before anything, save your game.

Unlock the safe, grab the Naughty Nightwear (equip it immediately for a +10 in
Speech). A thug named Lug-Nut will show up and demands you hand over the Naughty
Nightwear.  Don't, and do the Speech Challenge.  If successful, he let's you
walk away.  If not successful, it results in a battle.  Later in the game, you
can enslave Lug-Nut and sell him for a decent 200 Caps or so.  You might want to
wait with getting this, or ensure he lives.

Inside the storage you can also find two Ammo Boxes, a Mine Box and a Ripper.

You can sell the Naughty Nightwear to Ronald Laren in Girdershade later.

Either way, head back to the worldmap and go inside Brandice's House.  Unlock
the footlocker in the dark corner to find a [MISSILE LAUNCHER] and [MISSILE x2].

Now go talk to Bryan.  You have several options now:

1. [Good Karma] Travel to Rivet City and talk to Vera Weatherly at the Weatherly
                Hotel.  She can take care of Bryan.  Travel back to Grayditch
                and tell Bryan the good news.
2. [Bad Karma]  After getting connections with the slavers in Paradise Falls,
                enslave Bryan and sell him for 100 Caps (or 300 with Speech).

3. Bring him to Little Lamplight and talk to MacCready with Speech.
4. Do Nothing.

I suggest you do option 1, unless you're an evil character, that is. :p
Head back to Bryan (who might be in his house) and tell him the good news!

    |[MQ4] Big Trouble in Big Town                                        |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Enter Big Town.                                                |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Med-X, [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Combat Shotgun,       |
|       [] Password for Lockdown Computer, [] Safe, [] First Aid Box,          |
|       [] D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine, [] Ammo Box, [] First Aid Box,   |
|       [] Med-X, [] Germantown Jailers Key, [] Lying, Congressional Style,    |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box, [] Gun Cabinet, [] Fat Man, [] Cabinet, |
|       [] Ammo Box x3, [] Railway Spikes x20, [] Tumblers Today, [] Nuka-Cola |
|          Quantum.                                                            |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD:    Depending on your actions:                                   |
| (300 EXP)    1. Bring Red back to Big Town: 300 Caps.                        |
|              2. Return to Big Town when Red died: 200 Caps.                  |
|              3. Speech Challenge Red for more caps: +200 extra Caps.         |
|              4. Karma Bonus if Red & Shorty both make it to Big Town.        |
|                                                                              |
|              [] Lucky 8 Ball (if you save the town from Super Mutants)       |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Super Mutant     o Super Mutant Brute    o Super Mutant Master     |
|                                                                              |

Enter Big Town, north of Vault 101, and this quest will start.  Talk to the
scared villagers to learn more about the situation, be friendly and tell them
that you'll help them out.  A Marker will be added to your map.

Note: You can talk to a girl named Bittercup and ask her about her dating life.
      If you want to get infinite EXP, locate Pappy (who is usually inside the
      Common House - as may Bittercup be, by the way) and use the Speech 
      Challenge.  It can fail or succeed, but it won't go away.  Everytime you
      succeed you will gain 6 EXP - not a whole lot, but it racks up quickly.
      The higher your Speech Skill, the faster this process.

Note: The above bug has been fixed in later (patched) versions of the game.

Check your map for Germantown Police HQ and depart.  Upon arrival you'll notice
many Super Mutants guarding the area.  Put them to silence and check out the
tents south of the building to find a [MED-X] and a [FIRST AID BOX].  Enter the
building by using the stairs on the wrecked northern side.

Upper Floor:
Inside, sneak to the front and overhear a conversation between nearby Super
Mutants.  If you wish to explore the room to your right, be cautious for a mine
placed close to the desk.  The terminal requires a +75 Science skill to hack.
From the hall, enter the room on the left (north), kill any mutants and search
around for a [FIRST AID BOX] on the wall, and a rigged shotgun on a desk which
you should be able to disarm, netting you a [COMBAT SHOTGUN]. The room directly
across this one also has a mine - you should be slipping into an extremely
careful mood by now - which you should disarm.

Head into the SE room and disarm another mine nearby the [SAFE], which you can
then easily open up with a 25+ Lockpick or Science skill.  Also grab the
[PASSWORD FOR LOCKDOWN COMPUTER] note from this desk.  The room to the north
has another mine trap right when you enter, but it also holds a [FIRST AID BOX]

The northeastern room of this area pretty much shows how evil the Super Mutants
really are.  Grab supplies from the table in the form of an [AMMO BOX], [FIRST
AID BOX], [MED-X], and also check the three Gore Bags - how gross it may be for
your character - but they are likely to hold quite some ammo.  Exit to the
Ground Floor through the door on the east of the hallway.

Ground Floor:
Head down the stai... Oh crap, another nasty frag mine.  Head down, kill another
mutant and disarm the mine in the room to your northwest.  There's not much in
this room besides many 911 terminals.  The rooms to the west of this area are
of much more interest, and the Super Mutant Master roaming them holds the
[GERMANTOWN JAILERS KEY].  With that in hand you can free Red from the NW room
by using the Lockdown Terminal.  

The room south of the cells has another mine planted in front of the terminal,
which requires a 100 Science Skill.  Instead, head back and left into a hallway
with a red fire hose box on the wall.  If you're interested, and I'm sure you
are, check out the room to the right and find a  [LYING, CONGRESSIONAL STYLE]
Skill Book on the little table in the SW corner of this room.  Now walk down
the hallway and enter the basement.

The Basement:
First of all, head into the room on your left - which used to be a shooting
range but has been transformed into a slaughterhouse - and loot the [FIRST AID
BOX], [AMMO BOX] and [GUN CABINET].  Check out the hall back north of the
shooting range and pick the average door (50+) to find a storage with a lot to
stock up on: [FAT MAN], [AMMO BOX x3], [RAILWAY SPIKES x20] and a [CABINET] with
a random rifle and ammo inside.  Don't miss the barely visible [TUMBLERS TODAY]
skill book on the middle eastern shelf.  Can't pinpoint it any closer. ;)

If the Fat Man is too heavy, leave it be for now and return at an other time;
It's way too fat to be walking anywhere.  Head into the western room and deal
with a couple of Radroaches.  Check out all the lockers in the two adjacent
rooms to stock up on even more ammunition, then go down the hallway and deal
with the last Super Mutant.  Free Shorty, grab the [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] from the
ground in the storage room and get out of the building, picking Red up at ground

You can either escort them yourself (it's possible to arm them, just talk to 
them about it - if you want to keep your weapons you'll need to take those back
before you reach the town), but it's also possible to Fast Travel to Big Town.
This saves you a lot of trouble. 

Attacking Mutants!:
The citizens of Big Town ask your help against an impending attack of Super
Mutants.  Whatever you do, DON'T help them fix the robots, because that option
is more than often glitched, causing them all to mumble in chorus when you will
teach them to fix robots that don't exist!  Instead, tell them one of these:

- Explosives: Have them plant mines.
- Sneak: Have them hide in their houses.
- Small Guns: Give them a weapon training.
- Melee Weapons: Kick butt with nothing.

I suggest you stay to help them out as well.  Plant a few mines on the bridge
and fire away as they come.  Now you're done here, and the people can live
happily ever after.  Or maybe not.

Head into Red's Clinic and heal Timebomb (requires 40+ Medicine Skill, but you
can use Mentats to enhance your INT and thus Medicine).  Talk to him outside and
he'll give you the [LUCKY 8 BALL], which increases your LCK by +1.  Awesome!

    |[MQ5] The Superhuman Gambit                                          |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Uncle Roe at Canterbury Commons.                       |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Pulse Grenade x6, Ammo Box x3, [] Nikola Tesla and You, [] Sector A |
|          Encryption Key, [] Stealth Boy, [] Lying, Congressional Style,      |
|       [] Antagonizer's Lair Key, [] The Antagonizer Costume,                 |
|       [] The Antagonizer's Helmet, [] The Mechanist's Costume,               |
|       [] The Mechanist's Helmet, [] Microfusion Cell x4, [] Nuka Grenade,    |
|       [] Stealth Boy.                                                        |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 200 Caps (400 [can become 600] with Speech).                    |
| (300 EXP)       Depending on your actions, one of these two:                 |
|              1. 'Protectron's Gaze' Laser Pistol.                            |
|              2. 'Ant's Sting' Knife.                                         |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Robot Sentry       o Robobrain    o Protectron    o Mark II Turret |
|         o Giant Soldier Ant  o Mechanist    o Antagonizer                    |
|                                                                              |

Canterbury Commons lies at the far east of the map, a little higher than the
Scrapyard (which is a good start to fast travel to and start heading east).

When you finally arrive there you'll find an awkward battle taking place between
ant and robots.  Looks like quest material to me, how about you?  Uncle Roe
confirms our taste for quests and likes to get this over with.  Succeed at the
Speech Challenge to make him throw in an additional 200 caps over the initial
200.  Let's begin right away.

Head into the bar to the left (north) and look for Joe.  He might be at the
counter, but he might as well be asleep behind it.  Ask him about the two
troublemakers to gather some information for starters.

Check your local map to find Derek, then ask him about the AntAgonizer and the
Mechanist.  This will add their locations on your map.  

You will now have to choose between two sides, the Mechanist or the AntAgonizer.
Both can give you a unique weapon: The Protectron's Gaze or the Ant's Sting
respectively.  You can get both suits, but only one of these weapons.  The
Protectron's Gaze is the better weapon of the two:

- Protectron's Gaze Laser Pistol: 24 Damage, Fires two shots at once; Has a 
  'spread' ability which causes damage to spread to nearby enemies.
- Ant's Sting Knife: 4 Damage, poisons enemies (40 DMG per 10 Sec.).

'Siding' with Mechanist:
Check out the southern marker and enter the Robo Repair Center.  Head into the
room west of you and waste the defective RoboBrain.  Search the desks and
cabinets, and use the terminal in the southwest area of the room.  I've ever 
since received over 30 emails with the location of the key, and it's behind the
terminal where the box is.  Thanks everyone!  Open the box to find [PULSE
GRENADE x6], good stuff against robots.

Pick the locked door to the north and curve around the corner. This part can be
tricky, and I propose two different approaches:

1. Take a look to your NW and grab out a decent gun.  Blast one of the two
Mark II Turrets to smithereens with a few well aimed shots, then hide behind
the corner again.  A powerful Sentry Bot will investigate.  Grab your Pulse
Grenade and give him a shortwiring.  Deal with the other Turret like you did
with the first.

2. Speed for the door to the NW and close the door behind you.  Quickly hack the
terminal in this room and disable the turrets.  Take care of the Sentry Bot by
using Pulse Grenades, if this is necessary at all.

Find a [FIRST AID BOX] in the room with the terminal, but also look around the
main room to find three [AMMO BOXES] and a [NIKOLA TESLA AND YOU] book.  Search
all Protectrons to find Energy Cells.  Also check any metal boxes.

Head upstairs and into the room.  Hack the terminal and disable the security in
the B-Sector (which was the other path - that leads to this room as well).
Continue over the higher walkways and walk into the small room SW.  Pick the
safe to find the [SECTOR A ENCRYPTION KEY] and a [STEALTH BOY].

Head through the doors south to enter the Mechanist's Forge.  Here, grab the
[LYING, CONGRESSIONAL STYLE] book from the desk and activate the Coffee Brewer,
followed by activating the hidden door(s).  After a long wait, you can finally
enter his hideout.

The Mechanist will hear you out.  You have many options, really, you do, but to
get the most out of this quest, agree to side with him (for now..).  Quickly
follow him when you find out that the AntAgonizer has entered the building.

The next battle is tricky because you want to make absolutely sure that the
Mechanist lives it through so you can claim your reward later.  Pump some Psycho
to boost your damage and quickly take care of the AntAgonist first, then rapidly
waste the ants.

When all is done, talk to the Mechanist and claim your [PROTECTRON'S GAZE], a
unique Laser Pistol.  Quickly waste the Mechanist too and loot him and his
rival for the following goodies:


Head back to his office and grab the [MICROFUSION CELL x20] from his desk and
a [NUKA-GRENADE] from under the Workbench.  Another [3x MICROCUSION CELL x20]
can be found on the shelves.  The footlocker in this room may hold ammo.

'Siding' with AntAgonizer:
Check your local map closely and head to the northern marker.  You can enter
through the door that your marker exactly pinpoints, but you can also take the
backroute by going through the sewer grate on top of the rocky hill.  On your
local map, this won't be displayed, but it's slightly to the west of the door's

Through the Door:
Head downstairs..disarm the mine, head east and proceed with caution to the
rigged shotgun and the cabinet north.  Disarm it and grab the two [FIRST AID
BOXES].  Make your way north, head down some stairs, tunnels and more stairs
until you get at an intersection.  Check out the SE walkway first and disable
the three mines here.  Grab the [STEALTH BOY] from the shelf and check the
metal boxes for potentially useful things.

Head west into a generator room, flip the switch to open the hatch and go down.
Cross over the sewer into a cave like area.  There are ants from here on.  Make
your way through the straightforward rocky path and take either way around 
a rotunda shaped room.  There's absolutely nothing of value in this cavern, so
make it through, enter the next area and proceed to the throne. 

Through the grate:
Simply walk past the bed and into the AntAgonizer's throne room.

There are many, many options here, but many aren't all that interesting or
rewarding.  You could have gotten the Mechanist's Suit by now, you could have
said to just kill her, etc.  Instead of all that I suggest you tell her you want
to team up with her.  The instant you completely agree with this, the Mechanist
will bust into the cave with several Protectrons.  Let them have at it and help
the AntAgonizer slightly.  Bring her the Mechanist's Suit and play nice. Take
the [ANT STING] as reward from the AntAgonizer.  You are free to kill her
afterwards.  Now loot the AntAgonizer and Mechanist bodies, which should yield
the following goodies:


Grab the [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] near the throne, then exit the cave by the ladder
north from this area, we've seen enough ants for now.

Back in Town:
Speak to Uncle Roe about your reward and he should hand you 600 caps!  400 for
the job (with Speech), and 200 as an additional thank-you.  Well, thank you
Uncle Roe!  Now feel free to explore the other dungeon of the freak you didn't
'side' with and get the items.

Note: You can now speak to Uncle Roe about caravan traders and expand their
      inventories by investing Caps.

    |[MQ6] The Nuka-Cola Challenge                                        |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Sierra Petrovita at Girdershade.                       |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] 3x Energy Cell x20, [] Ammo Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Laser Pistol, |
|       [] Welcome to the Nuka-Cola Family, [] First Aid Box, [] Lying,        |
|          Congressial Style, [] Safe, [] Finding the Formula, [] Big Book     |
|       [] of Science, [] Research Dept. Safe Key, [] Tumblers Today, [] Safe, |
|       [] Nuka-Cola Quantum x3, [] First Aid Box, [] Nuka-Cola Clear Formula, |
|       [] Ledoux's Hockey Mask.                                               |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 40 or 80 Caps per bottle.                                       |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Nuka-Cola Security      o NukaLurk       o Radroach                |
|                                                                              |

Travel to Girdershade, southwest of Smith Casey's Garage.  This is an extremely
small village consisting of two shacks and two villagers.  Make your way to
Sierra's shack and talk to her all about Nuka-Cola Quantum.  Agree to find these
for her and she'll tell you she has a special something for you at 30 bottles.
(Psst, it's the Nuka-Grenade Schematic). 

When you exit the shack, a man called Ronald Laren bumps into you.  He offers
the same price for the Quantum Bottles, but negotiate a little and this price
is raised from 40 to the double of 80 caps per bottle!  Everything to shag
Sierra, eh Ronald?

You can also sell him the Naughty Nightwear you might have previously obtained
from Grady's Storage (where Lug-Nut wanted to rob it from you).  He'll initially
offer 200 caps, Speech Challenge him for 300 Caps.  You can always pickpocket
this back from him later, as well as the Kneecapper(a unique sawed-off-shotgun).

Note: If you're playing as a female and you have the Black Widow perk, you get
      some interesting additional dialog options with Ronald.  Beans anyone?

Quantum Bottles are found all over the wasteland, but there's a good place to
start regardless.  This quest keeps reminding me of the newest James Bond movie.

Nuka-Cola Plant:
Locate the Nuka-Cola Plant, far south at the edge of the worldmap.  Travel
straight south from Megaton to reach it.  Enter through it's only entrance.

The room to your right (east) holds nothing of interest, well, a Nuka-Cola
Security Protectron is busy 'guarding' a room.  The doors up north are locked,
so head into the room on your left (west) and blast another bot.  Check any
non-empty desks and take note of the Safe.  Continue through a larger hall,
destroy two more security bots and continue through the door at the north side
of this area.  Waste the NukaLurk and bot before you proceed to the next area.

Storage And Mixing Vats:
Note: It goes without saying, but the face is a Mire/NukaLurk's true weak point.

Kill another NukaLurk (or two), then head over to the nearby counter and grab
all goodies: Three [ENERGY CELL x20], an [AMMO BOX], [FIRST AID BOX] and a
[LASER PISTOL].  A note called [WELCOME TO THE NUKA-COLA FAMILY] also rests on
this counter.  The terminal activates the nearby Protectron, nothing we haven't
seen before.

Continue and you'll get to a flooded passage.  Equip some Rad. Resistant equip
if you have any on you, and use some Rad-X.  You can always resort to RadAway
when you need to, so don't let it bother you too much.  The stairs can give you
a short break from the pool, but deal with the NukaLurk(s) first.

When you continue, handle the upcoming TWO NukaLurks with extreme care, because
they can really devastate you.  When taken care of, head upstairs and try to
jump over the gap;  It doesn't matter if you fall down, you're pretty much
supposed to anyway.  Head through the eastern tunnel that leads to the Offices.

Head upstairs and deal with the Radroaches.  The room to the SE has several
sinks which you may want/need to drink from, since the NukaLurks pack quite a
punch.  Continue down the hall and don't let the numerous red enemy indicators
freak you out; They are mostly Radroaches.  Mostly ..

The rooms to your right have a few desks and cabinets you might want to check
for ammunition, but there's nothing in particular.  Make it to the end of the
hall and waste another NukaLurk.

When you reach the second floor, don't immediately storm the third but do some
exploring first.  Enter the room on your right (north) and check out the
adjacent room to the right.  It holds a [FIRST AID BOX], [LYING, CONGRESSIONAL 
STYLE] Skill Book and a [SAFE] with many useful things.  The southwestern room
of this area is the resting place of a dead Raider named Winger Mercier, of whom
you can loot the [FINDING THE FORMULA] note from. A [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE] can be
found in the room to the north from here - access is granted by a hole in the
wall.  Exit the floor and proceed to the third.

Walk all the way downstairs and a robot called Milo will start to chat with you.
He does demand that you identify yourself (which gives a few hilarious options,
such as 'My Name is Ass Kicker and my ID is 5.56 mm!').  The correct answer can
be given if you grabbed and read the 'Welcome' note earlier, or you can use the
Speech Challenge to convince the bot you're the owner of the place.  In both
cases, get the [RESEARCH DEPT. SAFE KEY] from him, as well as the Shipping
Computer Login Code.

The room Milo came from holds a [FIRST AID BOX], but it also holds a cabinet
hidden behind a door from where you can grab a [TUMBLERS TODAY] and open up an
Easy [SAFE] (an other one than the one you've been given the key to).  Check any
desks and cabinets for ammo.  Most importantly, check the Shipping Terminal.
You can hack it or you can use the login code that Milo just gave you.  In the
terminal you'll find the three main shipping locations.

Head back upstairs and make your way through the hallway.  Milo's friendliness
is not shared by his security compatriots, so you'll have to blast your way
through them.  Go down at the first possibility and kill another bot.  In this
room, check the terminal and activate the packing line.  Grab the three [NUKA-
COLA QUANTUMS] from the conveyor belts and head back upstairs.

At the end of the tunnel, another bot awaits you.  You can find a [FIRST AID
BOX] on your right hand.  Head downstairs, go through another hall and reach
a new fabric hall with two bots.  Blast them and go through the double doors on
the left.  The other double doors lead back to the very entrance of the area
and can now be opened by the push of a button (or pick them if you want the
challenge and/or EXP).

The last thing to do is unlock the safe with the Research Dept. Safe Key, and
you should remember where it was (check the start of this section).  It always
holds the [NUKA-COLA CLEAR FORMULA] and some chems.

Goalie Ledoux:
If you search for the Red Racer Factory, located close to the city perimeter,
northeast from the Nuka Factory, you can come across three mercenaries.  Their
leader, Goalie Ledoux, offers 250 Caps for your freshly found formula.  Try to
increase this to 400 Caps and sell it to him.

As the other two mercenaries take off, kill Ledoux in cold blood.  This does not
lead to any Karma loss, but it does allow you to loot the [LEDOUX'S HOCKEY MASK]
from his body, which is quite possibly one of the best masks in the game due to
its unique and awesome +25 AP giving ability.  You can also grab your formula
back from him.

    |[MQ7] Strictly Business                                              |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Grouse at Paradise Falls about enslaving people.       |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Mesmetron, [] Ridgefield Gate Key, [] Sniper Rifle, [] Ammo Box x4, |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: +250 Caps per/Slave.                                            |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Arkansas      o Flak                                               |
|                                                                              |

Head to the Minefield and sneak your way to his vantage point.  Mind the mines,
and save often. I suggest you show yourself to him and get up close.  A good way
to use the Mesmetron here is to use VATS, because he tends to spasm around quite
a lot.  Rob him first for his [SNIPER RIFLE] and the [RIDGEFIELD GATE KEY],
which opens houses in the Minefield.  Head all the way upstairs to find four
[AMMO BOXES] with mainly .308 Sniper Rounds.  Check back with Grouse to get your
reward.  You can now enter Paradise Falls too, if that was your main pursuit.

Susan Lancaster:
She is located in Tenpenny Tower.  I  suggest you do the 'Tenpenny Tower' quest
first, because she plays a role in that quest.  She can also play a very minor
role in the 'Power of the Atom' quest if you plan on blowing Megaton up.

Search for Susan on the first floor and wait until she treads into one of the
bedrooms or simply a place where you can mesmerize her quietly.  Steal her 
[MIRELURK CAKES] and outfit first,, then offer her a gorgeous necklace.  Well,
that's that.

Initially captured in the Germantown Police Headquarters, you can either enslave
her there (for details, see 'Big Trouble in Big Town') or enslave her back at
Big Town where she resides in her clinic.  Rob her from her unique clothing and
send her to Paradise Falls.  Grab a copy of [D.C. JOURNAL OF INTERNAL MEDICINE]
from her clinic while you're at it.

Head over to Rivet City; Flak is one of the shop owners.  You'll cause quite
some havoc if you enslave him before everyone else's eyes, but it may still be
easiest to enslave him at the marketplace because you can flee the city fast.
In a few days, the whole city will have forgotten your actions completely.  Be
sure to rob Flak first, and snatch the [FLAK AND SHRAPNEL'S ROOM KEY].

    |[MQ8] The Replicated Man                                             |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Dr. Zimmer in the Science Lab at Rivet City.           |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Internal Component, [] Frag Mine, [] Ammo Box, [] Scoped .44 Magnum,|
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Combat Shotgun x2, [] Frag Mine, [] Purified      |
|          Water x3, [] Stimpak, [] Mine Box, {} Stealth Boy x2, {} Cherry     |
|          Bomb x2, {} Dean's Electronics, {} Big Book of Science, {} Blood    |
|          Pack x3, {} Bottlecap x13, {} Blood Pack, [] Bottlecap Mine.        |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] A3-21's Plasma Rifle (Side with Harkness)                    |
|  (300 EXP)   [] Wired Reflexes Perk  (Side with Dr. Zimmer)                  |
|              [] 50 Caps (only if you trick Dr. Zimmer with Android Component)|
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Mirelurk    o Mirelurk Hunter                                      |
|                                                                              |

Talk to Doctor Zimmer in the Science Lab at Rivet City, and ask all questions
you can ask to get as much information as possible out of him.  Now a long
search begins, and you're looking for clues as to where the android went.

These clues come in the form of Holotapes and/or hints from people all over the
wasteland. Below is a list of where you can find these Holotapes and people.
You need to find 4 clues to continue this quest.  You can get the clues from 
various sources.  Once you've gotten to clue from one source you no longer have
to look for that clue and you no longer have to visit the other people from
that group.  It's possible to stay in Rivet City and look for Doctor Preston,
Seagrave Holmes, Father Clifford and Sister, for a quick example.

|Name:          |Location:       |Holotape Location:                           |
|Cutter         |Paradise Falls  |Lying on a cabinet in the corner of a room   |
|Doc Church     |Megaton         |Clinic; On the desk, near terminal           |
|Doctor Banfield|Tenpenny Tower  |On the ground; Examination corner            |
|Doctor Barrows |Underworld      |Nurse Graves' Desk; Near the terminal        |
|Doctor Preston |Rivet City      |[NO HOLOTAPE]: Talk to him; Clinic or Hotel  |
|Lucy           |Little Lamplight|Essentials Clinic; On her desk               |
|Red            |Big Town        |Desk in the Clinic                           |

|Name:          |Location:       |Holotape Location:                           |
|Knick Knack    |Little Lamplight|Miner Mole Store; On the desk, nearby phone  |
|Moira Brown    |Megaton         |On the round table behind her counter        |
|Seagrave Holmes|Rivet City      |On the floor, nearby the bed                 |
|Scribe Bowditch|Citadel         |Nearby Bowditch's terminal                   |
|Wintop         |Underworld      |Wintop's Room; On his desk                   |

|Name:           |Location:       |Holotape Location:                          |
|Manya           |Megaton         |Manya's Home; On the table                  |
|Father Clifford |Rivet City      |On the ground in the pulpit                 |
|Herbert Dashwood|Tenpenny Tower  |On the lowest shelf of his bookcase         |
|Tulip           |Underworld      |At her shop; On the workbench               |

|Name:           |Location:       |Holotape Location:                          |
|Eulogy Jones    |Paradise Falls  |On the desk in his bedroom                  |
|Grouse          |Paradise Falls  |On the ground near the sandbags             |
|Sister          |Rivet City      |On the desk in his Rivet City Room          |

After collecting several clues you'll bump into a woman named Victoria Watts.
Keep it nice and she'll eventually give you the [INTERNAL COMPONENT] to trick
Zimmer into the android's death.  I highly recommend against this, because you
can get much better rewards from this quest.

When you've gotten the clues, head to the worldmap.  If you're facing the boat,
you'll notice that the ship is broken in two when you look to the right.  This
is exactly where you're headed.  When you're there, head underwater and look for
a doorway on the western side, nearby the corner of where you start.

Enter an underwater area called Broken Bow.  Get some air in the room up ahead,
the swim underwater to the southwest, open the door, go through a room, swim up
some stairs and take another breather.  Open the door to your left, go through
another room and prepare for two MireLurks (or Mirelurk Hunters if you're a 
higher level).  In the next room the water will only be knee to foot deep, which
is a good thing.

Head upstairs (NW) and climb the dry deck.  Head straight into the room in 
front of you and disarm the [FRAG MINE] on top of the [AMMO BOX].  Also grab the
[SCOPED .44 MAGNUM] and the items from the [FIRST AID BOX].  Turn around and
go through the passageway on the southeast.  Be sure to - carefully - check out
the room on your right (west) and avoid the two rigged [COMBAT SHOTGUNS].  
Disarm another [FRAG MINE] near the items, then grab [PURIFIED WATER x3],
[STIMPAK] and items in the [MINE BOX] from this room.

Back in the hallway, be careful due to the gaseous substance hanging in the air.
You may want to throw a grenade from a distance to remove it.  Continue SE and
make your way through the rooms.  Just for fun, try to activate the terminal
and back away to see it blow up.  A switch on the other side of the room, across
the door, opens the way to your destination.

In the room up ahead you'll find the infamous Pinkerton.  Have him reveal
everything regarding the android, then start exploring the room.  It is worth
noting that if you choose to perform plastic surgery, you may want to stay away
from the preset faces, because they completely reset your current face.  Save 
yourself the time and trouble (but remember to return here whenever you want to
shrink your nose).

You can steal a {STEALTH BOY x2}, {CHERRY BOMB x2}, {DEAN'S ELECTRONICS}, 
{BOTTLECAP x13}, {BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE}, {BLOOD PACK x3} from the desks and 
shelves in this room.  There's another {BLOOD PACK} near the surgery table.
Be sure that Pinkerton doesn't see you or he'll take it all back from you.
Also check out the terminal to find out more about the android, and check the
City Founders Log if you're also doing the Survival Guide quest for Moira.  If 
you go upstairs you can grab a [BOTTLECAP MINE] from the workbench.

Head back to the long hall and go all the way north.  Flip the switch to unlock
the Very Hard door from the inside out - you can now access this area more
easily from here.  Now is a good time to save your progress.  You can side with
Harkness or with Dr. Zimmer, but both hand out really good rewards.  What to
do.. what to do..?

Here's a possible solution: First head over to Harkness and tell him all about
his true identity, and that his secret is safe with you.  He'll hand you his
weapon, the unique and in perfect shape [A3-21'S PLASMA RIFLE].  Quickly locate
Dr. Zimmer in or nearby the Science Lab and tell him about Harkness.  He will
reward you with the [WIRED REFLEXES PERK], which increases your overall accuracy
in VATS by +10%, an excellent perk!  

Head over to Harkness.  Once you convince him that he's the android, ask him
what he's going to do.  He'll say that he's going to kill Zimmer and you'll have
the option to say you were hoping to take out Zimmer yourself.  He'll grant
permission and gives you his unique and in perfect shape [A3-21'S PLASMA RIFLE].
Head over to Zimmer, tell him about Harkness and he'll give you his reward, the
[WIRED REFLEXES PERK] which increases your overall accuracy in VATS by +10%, an
excellent perk!

You can now choose to have Zimmer take in Harkness as his slave, or you can
quickly waste Zimmer and his android bodyguard Armitage when they're still in
the Science Lab.  Makes you feel slightly better, doesn't it?

    |[MQ9] Blood Ties                                                     |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Lucy West at Megaton (usually at Moriarty's Saloon).   |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Tumblers Today, {} Vampire's Edge.                                  |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Shishkebab Schematics, [] Hemotophage Perk.                  |
| (300 EXP)    [] Can Sell Blood Packs for 15 Caps a piece.                    |
|              [] +300 Karma if you close a deal between Arefu and The Family. |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Raider                                                             |
|                                                                              |

Accept the quest from Lucy West from Megaton.  She can usually be found at 
Colin Moriarty's Saloon at Megaton, but she sometimes wanders off and to do
nothing in particular, actually.

Your next destination is Arefu, a large bridge in the wasteland and the home
of Evan King.  Fasttravel to the nearest location you have discovered so far
and find Evan King on the bridge.  Speech Challenge him for more information,
then head out to explore the residences in the surrounding area.

Check the nearby Ewers residence and knock on the door.  Once inside, get all
information you can from Mr. and Ms. Ewers, then go back outside.  Next, check
the Schenzy's House further NW and do the same standard procedure.  Head back
outside and break into Evan King's House on the north - it's only averagely

Inside you'll be able to find the Repair Bobblehead on the table, but if you
thought that was all you're terribly wrong.  You can ransack seven {AMMO BOXES} 
upstairs.  Head into the West Residence and find the poor family on the ground,

Depending on your Medicine Skill you get more clues the better you are:

Skill Level:  Hints & Conclusion:
------------  -------------------
    0-29      'They're dead.'
   30-49      'There are bite marks in their necks.'
   50-69      'The lack of bloodstains is weird because wounds like these would
               surely cause a major blood loss.'
   70-89      'The bite marks appear to be made by humans with sharp teeth.'
    90+       'The black powder on their bodies comes from old trainyards.'

When you're done CSI'ing go back to Evan and tell him what you saw.  The search
for The Family now starts.

Head off the bridge the way you came and make your way to the east until you can
cross the river over a dry bedding with a wrecked ship.  Continue east and head
past the two smaller bridges that lead to Big Town.  You'll soon get to the
Meresti Trainyard - beware of any Raiders attacking you - and you'll want to 
enter the service tunnel on the south.

Make your way through the tunnel but beware of a frag mine, bear trap and baby
carriage respectively.  Head down the tunnel south and be extremely cautious for
a variety of traps once more.  When you're about to enter through the hole in
the ground, disarm the hanging Grenade Bouquet first.  You shouldn't go through
the hole either way, because it leads to a couple of Mirelurks and Seneca

Head down the other tunnel until you meet Robert, a guard of The Family.  In 
order to be let through you can employ several acts of speech or action..:

1. Speech Challenge to be let through.
2. With the Cannibal Perk you'll be let through.
3. Bribe him with 100 Caps.
4. Show Lucy's Sealed Envelope.

Go through the gate and check for a [TUMBLERS TODAY] on the table.  The rest of
the items you shouldn't take due to The Family turning hostile on you.  Proceed
to the next area.

Meresti Metro Station:
Head over to the south area and talk to the following people:

Alan:    He won't give you any info regarding the password.
Brianna: If you have the Lady Killer Perk she can give you more info (password).
Justin:  You can Speech Challenge him for a password you need.
Karl:    This white-haired man will only give you the password if you have the 
         Black Widow Perk (assuming you're female) or if you have high STR.
Holly:   Vance's Wife can be charmed by Charisma or the Scoundrel Perk.

If you got the password by now there is no need to talk to Vance, the handsome
man with long brown coat upstairs.  Instead, head upstairs and go south to the
door near a security terminal.  The password allows you to open up the door and
speak with Ian. 

No matter what his decision is, talk to Vance afterwards and chat about Arefu.
Fix up a deal, then talk about Ian.  You'll be given the Shishkebab Schematics
as a reward.  Fast travel back to Arefu once you reach the worldmap.

The quest is now at an end, but there is one more reward for you to fetch back
at The Family.  Talk to Vance and have him learn the ways of The Family.  You'll
gain the Hemotophage Perk which allows you to consume Blood Packs for 20 HP
instead of 1 HP.  You can also sell Blood Pack to Vance for 15 Caps a piece.

Note: There is one final thing for you to do, that is, if you don't mind
      stealing a very rare melee weapon.  You can either unlock the Sword
      Cabinet (which requires a 75+ Lockpick Skill), or you can steal the key
      from Vance.
      The best way to get {VANCE'S SWORD CABINET KEY} is to pickpocket it from 
      him.  Save your game and use a Stealth Boy when you attempt to do so, and
      reset if you get caught.  Travel to his private quarters south of the 
      higher level and open up the cabinet in his bedroom so you can steal the

    |[MQ10] Oasis                                                         |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Approach Oasis and talk to Tree Father Birch.                  |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Stealth Boy, [] Cherry Bomb x2, [] 10mm Round x2, [] Darts x20,     |
|       [] Mini Nuke, [] Blood Pack, [] RadAway, [] Missile, [] Purified Water.|
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: One of the following:                                           |
| (300 EXP)    1. Barkskin Perk (+5 DR).                                       |
|              2. Druid's Outfit + Missile Launcher & Missiles.                |
|              3. Brotherhood Outcast Power Armor + Villager's Hood.           |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Mirelurk    o Mirelurk Hunter    o Mirelurk King                   |
|                                                                              |

Head over to Oasis, which is easier said than done.  It's all the way up north,
somewhere around the middle of the latitude.  You'll have to follow the highway
tracks until you get to a valley-like landscape.  Look around for a small path
between the rocks, which should be a block away from a large road on your map,
a block on the right that is.  How vague can I be?  This vague, apparently.
It's best to use a map for this.

Once you've found the place you're quickly hailed as a savior - although you
don't really know what's going on at all.  Hear their story and follow Tree
Father Birch inside after agreeing to help.  Proceed the story by continuing the
conversation until it becomes clear you must undergo a ritual first.  Drink the
Sap from the Basin of Purification and you can continue.

In the next area, find the talking tree and hear him out.  Did you know that in
Fallout 1 and 2 you could encounter a ghoul named harold, who had a tree growing
out of his head?  Looks like it as evolved over time..  He wants you to kill
him, we'll have to see about that.  Return to Oasis and find Tree Father Birch
and his wife to the south.  Overhear their conversation, then get an additional
two optional objectives.  You'll now have three choices.  First of all, get the
key from Branchtender Cypress, who should be nearby.

Now you can enter the cavern on the west.  Prepare for a cavern full of Mirelurk
enemies - you may even encounter a Mirelurk King if your level is high enough.
Make your way through the extremely straightforward tunnels until you get to
a pool. Dive in and go through the southern tunnel.  Emerge and make your way
through another straightforward cave tunnel until you reach a door that leads
to the Cavern Tunnels.

Head west at the intersection to find a pile of rubbish.  Inspect the trash to
find a [STEALTH BOY], [CHERRY BOMB x2], [10MM ROUND x2], [DARTS x20], plus a
bed for resting.  Make your way through the cavern until you get to a small
pool.  Destroy the Mirelurk and dive in the pool.  You can find a [MINI NUKE]

In the next cave, curve around the center and find a skeleton on the north
among his supplies: [BLOOD PACK], [RADAWAY], [MISSILE], [PURIFIED WATER], 
[STIMPAK].  Waste the two Mirelurks in this room, then proceed to the southern
area and find your mission's objective: Harold's Heart.  You now have three

1. Destroy Harold's Heart.
2. Apply Birch's Sap to stop his growth.
3. Apply Laurel's Liniment to accelerate the growth.

The best reward lies in destroying the heart, for it will grant you the Barkskin
Perk that adds an instant +5 DR.  The other two will grant you a unique outfit,
but more about this in a minute.

Head south and find the door to the Damp Cave.  Follow the straight path and
drop down in a large cave with two Mirelurk Kings and a Mirelurk.  Waste them 
and check the skeleton on the right (east) to find an [AMMO BOX], [STIMPAK],
[MED-X], [RADAWAY] and a [SNIPER RIFLE] (I guess it didn't help him).  Dive in
the water and swim through the underground tunnel on the NW to reach the Grove.
Find Tree Father Birch near the former Harold. Speak with him and the quest will

Note: If you had chosen Birch's option you will be rewarded with a Missile
      Launcher and Missiles, plus the unique Druid's Outfit.
      If you instead would have chosen to help his wife Laurel, you'll be 
      rewarded with a Brotherhood Outcast Power Armor and a Villager Hood.
      The Armor gives +10 Rad Resist, +5 Big Guns, +1 STR, -1 AGL.  Overall it's
      not better than Ranger Armor.

    |[MQ11] Tenpenny Tower                                                |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Speak to Gustavo and/or Roy Philips at Tenpenny Tower.         |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] First Aid Box, [] 3x Railway Spikes, [] Ammo Box x2, [] First Aid   |
|          Box x2, {} Lying, Congressional Style, [] Love Letter, {} Tales of  |
|          a Junkytown Jerky Vendor.                                           |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: One of the following:                                           |
| (300 EXP)    1. If you killed Roy Philips: [] 200 or 400 Caps.               |
|              2. Any other option: [] Ghoul Mask + [] Store Discount at       |
|                 Bessie Lynn and Michael Masters.                             |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Feral Ghoul    o Feral Ghoul Roamer    o Glowing One               |
|                                                                              |

It's difficult to *not* find Tenpenny Tower easily, because you can see it from
miles distance.  It's the pretty robust tower on the southwest side of the
wasteland.  When you approach the entrance you'll find a Ghoul named Roy Philips
who's having an argument with the chief of security, Gustavo.  Sounds like 
quest material, and it is.

Head inside by speech challenging Gustavo over the intercom, or, if that doesn't
work for you, by bribing him with 100 Caps.  Talk to Gustavo and he'll tell you
all about Tenpenny Tower's problem.  Try to go for the non-violent solution,
unless you're really evil and simply want to kill one side or the other.

You have the following four options:

1. Kill all Ghouls.
2. Kill all Humans.
3. Give the Ghouls access to Tenpenny Tower, allowing them to take over.
4. Find a way to make things as convenient as possible for both sides.

This walkthrough will now describe option 4 in detail.

If Roy Philips, the Ghoul outside the gate (who is gone now) didn't talk to you,
the first thing you should do when you get the quest is to head to the Metro
Tunnels.  Head to the NW and follow your marker until you reach the Warrington
Trainyard.  Enter the tunnels from here.

Warrington Tunnels:
Head down the tunnel and kill any Feral Ghouls that stand in your way.  Feral
Ghouls have lost the ability to reason, and these are not the Ghouls you want
to try reason with either - they'll just end up clawing and eating you.  When 
you reach a door head inside the room and find a [FIRST AID BOX] and [3x RAILWAY
SPIKES x20] on your left.  Kill the two Feral Ghouls here and check the cabinet
for two [AMMO BOXES], one of them with a very easy lock.

It doesn't matter much which door you take to continue, since both lead to the 
same room.  Another happy Ghoul bunch awaits for their limbs to be blasted off.
Continue down the tunnel up ahead until you reach another walkway complex.
Head east and find two [FIRST AID BOXES] in the room ahead, but not before
killing the Ghouls nearby.  The rest of the walkways only connects to where
you've already been, so head through the door on the south and enter Warrington

Warrington Station:
Move to the east and a Ghoul named Michael Masters will halt you.  Head up the
escalator and stay friendly.  Continue your search for Roy Philips by going back
down and proceeding through the gate.  Make your way through the tube until you
find lots of rubbish in the main tunnel.  Look around for a door on your right.

Here you'll find several non-feral Ghouls including Roy Philips.  Talk to him
and tell him you'll talk to Tenpenny.  Of course you can also choose any of the
previous options I mentioned earlier on.

Tenpenny Tower; Convincing harmony for everyone:

Head back to Tenpenny Tower.  The fastest way is to head up the escalator where
you met Michael Masters, head south, and exit to the Wasteland.  This opens up
a shortcut to Roy Philips as well.

Go up with the elevator and check the Penthouse Suite on your left to find
Tenpenny.  If you've never been here before you'll have to get past the guard
first;  You can either Speech Challenge him, wait for him to stretch his legs
and pick the door, or grab the key from the socket nearby.  You can also attempt
to pickpocket the key from him, but that's the trickiest of scenarios.

Tenpenny doesn't seem to like the idea of letting Ghouls live in his tower at
first, but he'll make you a proposal anyway.  If you can convince the residents
of the tower the deal will be sealed.  While you're there, grab a copy of the
{LYING, CONGRESSIONAL STYLE} from Tenpenny's desk, back in the Suite.

Lydia Montenegro and Anthony Ling can be dealt with in two different ways. First
of all you can try to locate them and Speech Challenge them - but if that does
not work you'll have to take care of things differently.  In the night, when no
one's around in the shops, check out the Boutique Le Chic and the New Urban
Apparel stores.  Be sure that no one is watching when you open up their safes
and grab the decent amounts of Caps in them.  The Safe has a 'Hard' lock, but
the terminal has an 'Average' lock.  If security is in the same room, use the
wait function and wait an hour or two.

As soon as they discover they've been robbed, they promptly leave Tenpenny Tower
for good.  Don't worry about their stores though, they'll be taken over by
others shortly, very shortly indeed..

The other three residents can be dealt with by nosing in their business.  Let's
do this right away.  Head up to the Suites Floor by going upstairs and enter
Susan Lancaster's Suite.  Grab the [LOVE LETTER] from her desk on the right.
You can also steal the {TALES OF A JUNKTOWN JERKY VENDOR}, but only attempt this
when you're done with the quest already - Susan can be a pest at times.

Note: You may want to have started 'Strictly Business' to make an extra profit.

Whenever Susan is alone in her room with the door closed, grab your Mesmetron
and Slave Collar to send her over to Paradise Falls.  Two more residents to go.

Instead you may do the below right away, and Susan will be killed.

Read the Love Letter from your Pip-Boy and locate Millicent, the wife of Edgar.
Tell her about the letter you found and she promptly kills her husband.  She
immediately leaves the tower herself.  Wonderful!

Leaves Michael Hawthorne, Doctor Banfield, Margaret Primrose, Herbert 'Daring'
Dashwood, Irving Cheng, and Tiffany Cheng to talk with - although these give in
to your needs without any trouble, and they might not even be important.

Note: Sometimes Tenpenny doesn't allow you to turn in the quest.  This is a
      damn annoying bug, and your best bet is to either kill or pickpocket
      Chief Gustavo, go around the back of the  building, to the basement, and 
      let the Ghouls inside.  Alternatively you can just kill Roy Philips, but 
      that will not net you the Ghoul Mask.

Note: If the unfortunate above 'Note' happens to you, there is a solution.  Head
      away from Tenpenny Tower and start doing other things.  Complete the
      Strictly Business Quest, do various random events and quests, then return
      to Tenpenny Tower.  You should be able to talk to Tenpenny now, and he'll
      hand you 500 Caps.

Note: If Tenpenny is already dead, speak to Security Chief Gustavo and deal with
      matters, then fill in Roy back at the metro tunnels.

When Tenpenny tells you it's O.K, fill in Roy Philips who is likely still in the
metro tunnels.  You're rewarded with the [GHOUL MASK], which allows you to walk
among Feral Ghouls without being attacked.

    |[MQ12] Head of State                                                 |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Speak to Hannibal Hamlin in The Temple of the Union.           |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Nuka-Cola Quantum, [] First Aid Box, [] Safe, [] First Aid Box,     |
|       [] Med-X, [] Jet x2, [] Nuka-Cola Quantum, [] Lincoln's Dairy,         |
|       [] Stimpak, [] Action Abe Action Figure, [] 10mm Rounds, [] Gun Cabinet|
|       [] Ammo Box x2, [] Grenade Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Safe, [] 10mm     |
|          Round x2, [] 10mm Rounds, [] Lincoln's Head, [] John Wilkes Booth   |
|          Wanted Poster, [] Civil War Draft Poster, [] Lincoln Memorial Poster|
|       [] Lincoln's Voice, [] Lincoln's Repeater, [] Chinese Army: Spec. Ops. |
|          Training Manual, [] Antique Lincoln Coin Collection. [] Ammo Box.   |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: One of the following:                                           |
| (300 EXP)    1. Help the Abolitionists: [] Dart Gun Schematics               |
|              2. Help the Slavers: [] 200 Caps.                               |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Slaver    o Feral Ghoul    o Feral Ghoul Roamer    o Glowing One   |
|                                                                              |

You can find The Temple of the Union northwest of Canterbury Commons, if that
rings any bells.  It's basically in the northeastern section of the wasteland
but not all the way up north.  It's more around the middle.

When you attempt to enter, stay polite to be allowed inside.  Find Hannibal
Hamlin on the first floor to initiate the quest.  You have two main options to
go from here.  Either you stay on the side of Hannibal, or you team up with the
Slavers that you'll soon meet.  This guide focuses on staying with Hannibal,
simply because he offers the better reward of the two.

Head downstairs and look around for Caleb Smith.  Talk to him, then set foot
for your next destination.  Fast-travel to The Mall or a destination nearby,
such as the Washington Monument, then head all the way west to discover the
Lincoln Memorial.  One of the slaver guards, Silas, will let you know that the
memorial is off limits.  Be polite and follow him to the back entrance, or
simply start killing all the slavers right away.

Instead, stay on your guard and have a chat with the Slaver leader Leroy first.
Don't tell him anything about the slaves you met, stay friendly, and he'll make
you an offer: If you find any artifacts you can bring them to him and he'll make
it worth your while.  Search his room for a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] bottle.  Head 
back outside and enter the Memorial - Yes, that means killing slavers alright.

Waste any slaver around and inside the memorial to complete one of your
objectives.  Your second objective involves getting a picture of the memorial.
What you need to do is to head inside the Museum of History, go inside the Main
Hall and take a left (west). 

Museum of History: Lower Halls:
Wipe out any Ghouls in sight and head for the small room to the east before
anything else.  Snatch the items from the desk, the [FIRST AID BOX] and the
averagely locked [SAFE], then go back to the hall.

Move into the cafetaria on the south and make your way into the ladies restroom
on your right (west).  Search the former Wastelander for items here.  You can
find a [FIRST AID BOX] in the eastern room behind the counter.  Continue your
ransacking by moving through the nearby hall, and make your way to the SE.  Loot
the Wastelander and look on the table for a [MED-X] and [JET x2].  Don't forget
to grab the [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] from under the table.

Head back and go upstairs.  You'll find a secured room to your right - a Mark V
Turret has gone frenzy - but you can leave the room alone altogether or use the
terminal to shut the turret down.  Waste any Ghouls in the next room and check
your right for [LINCOLN'S DAIRY], one of the artifacts you're looking for. Clear
the area of Ghouls and go through the door at the end of the room to reach the
Museum of History Offices.  Boring?  I don't think so!

Museum of History Offices:
Make your way upstairs and spot the many red dots on your compass.  A number of
Ghouls have hid themselves in the next hallway on your left.  Carefully tread
into the first room on your right and open up the Eat'o'tronic to find a
possibly much needed [STIMPAK].  The door on the opposite has a Very Hard lock.

Head into the next room on your left, which is filled with ruined books and
cases.  Move into the adjacent room and look for the [ACTION ABE ACTION FIGURE]
on the desk.  Also find that the Very Hard locked from just now only leads to
this room.  Find [10MM ROUNDS] on the floor, check the [GUN CABINET], [AMMO 
BOXES x2], [GRENADE BOX] and [FIRST AID BOX] for supplies and unlock the Average
[SAFE].  Use the terminal (Average Secured) to shut down any Turrets, then exit
the room.

The desk near the cell door has [2x 10MM ROUNDS] on top of it.  You can go
through the western rooms, deal with more Ghouls, just to find a similar cell
door and desk.  Grab the [10MM ROUNDS] lying behind the desk, then go through
either one of the cell doors, because the rest of the floor holds surprisingly
little - nothing but [LINCOLN'S HEAD] in the caved-in room all the way north.

When you enter the archives, check the western bookcase for the [JOHN WILKES 
BOOTH WANTED POSTER].  Now move to the SE corner of the room and check the case
to your right thoroughly to find the [CIVIL WAR DRAFT POSTER] on the top shelf.

Head upstairs and glance at the wall.  Hanging behind the desk is nothing other
than the [LINCOLN MEMORIAL POSTER].  You can now return to Hannibal, but it's
better to explore some more.  Waste any Ghouls that you may have brought to
your attention, then search the nearby desk for the [LINCOLN'S VOICE] artifact.

The walkways to your south yield nothing but ruined books, so head into the
ruined room to your north instead.  Search any cabinets and desks for caps or
ammo and more importantly, grab medical supplies from the [FIRST AID BOX] on the
wall.  Explore the NW corner of the room and open up the display case to 
treasure another artifact: [LINCOLN'S REPEATER].  While you're here, don't leave

Head through the hall and start exploring the eastern rooms.  In the SE room
you can find the [ANTIQUE LINCOLN COIN COLLECTION] artifact in a bookcase.  You
can find an [AMMO BOX] in the room all the way northwest of the second floor,
but beware of the gaps in the floor.  The western rooms hold nothing of interest
which means you can now head back to Hannibal.

Back at the Temple of the Union, hand over the memorial poster to Caleb, then
find Hannibal on the second floor.  He'll head over to Lincoln's Memorial right
away when he hears about Caleb being ready.  Fast travel to Mall Northwest and
wait 6 hours or so - Hannibal & co. will show up.  Talk to him and sell him any
of the artifacts you've found;  Be sure to apply Speech Challenges all the time
and try to increase your Caps.  The quest will be over;  You'll receive the
[DART GUN SCHEMATICS] for a job well done.

    |[MQ13] You Gotta Shoot 'Em In The Head                               |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Speak to Mr. Crowley in Underworld at Carol's Place.           |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Sniper Rifle, [] .308 Caliber Rounds, {} Jet x8.                    |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Dukov's Key, [] Dave's Key, Ted's Key.                       |
| (300 EXP)                                                                    |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Dukov     o Dave                                                   |
|                                                                              |

Head over to the Museum of History, located at The Mall, and go to Underworld.
Head upstairs and find Mr. Crowley at Carol's Place.  This man wants four people
dead, and he wants you to do it like a pro: A bullet straight through the head.
You're given the list with people he wants dead, and you're sent off on duty.

Alternatively, Mr. Crowley may be sitting in The Ninth Circle Bar, so you may
also need to look there depending on the time your visit Underworld.  Wherever
you contact Mr. Crowley, you're given a [SNIPER RIFLE] and [.308 CALIBER ROUNDS]
for your job in advance.

Optional: Does Mr. Crowley really just want to kill these people because he
          hates them, or is there more than meets the eye?  You can talk to
          various people around Underworld and find out that it's not all about
          hatred.  The best way to do so is by talking to Greta who is in the
          same room as Crowley.  Head back to Crowley, confront him with your
          findings and he'll throw in an additional 100 Caps to seal the deal.

Getting the Keys:
Head over to Dukov's Place, which is nearby Tepid Sewers.  When you enter, a
drunk guy with a Russian accent comes up and greets you - meet Dukov.  You have
several options to obtain his key:

1. Speech Challenge him by threatening in order to receive the key.
2. You can pickpocket Dukov (use a Stealth Boy to ensure success).
3. Talk to Cherry and Speech Challenge her to steal his key, however she wants
   you to escort her to Rivet City (which you can just neglect to do).
4. If you're male and have the Lady Killer Perk, Fantasia offers to steal the
   key for you without asking anything in return.
5. If you're female and have the Black Widow Perk then Dukov will hand over his
   co.. Key to you.  That's right.
6. Of course, you can also just kill Dukov and grab his key.

If you're a drug lover, check out the restroom to the west and find a crapload
of {JET x8} on the floor.

Next, head over to Dave's Republic, which is in the NE corner of the wasteland.
It's a long trek, so come prepared.  The Temple of the Union might quite 
possibly be the closest, so fasttravel and head from there.

When you finally arrive, make your way into the house by staying polite and
friendly.  Find Dave: You now have several options again.

1. If your LCK stat is high enough, Dave can hand over the key without problems.
2. You can Speech Challenge Dave several times to make him hand over the key.
3. You can kill Dave and take the key from his body.
4. Pickpocket the key from Dave (use a Stealth Boy for a sure success).

Now continue your quest to Rivet City.  You've probably been here before, it's
the large 'city-on-a-boat' in the southwest corner of the Wasteland.  Head to
the Middeck and enter the Common Room.  Look around for Ted Strayer.

1. With the Toughness Perk, which you most likely have, you can convince Ted to
   hand over the key immediately.  That means NOW, Ted.
2. You can Speech Challenge Ted into giving you the key with ease.
3. Paying Ted 25 Caps is also a way of obtaining the key.
4. You can pickpocket Ted, but I'd certainly advise using a Stealth Boy.
5. Killing poor Ted is also an option; You can take the key from his carcass
   afterwards.  Just make sure you don't attract any of the guards, or else.

Optional: Now that you have the three keys, you can optionally go to Tenpenny
          Tower in the southwest and meet Tenpenny.  You can then either kill
          Tenpenny (for a measly 100 Caps), or get a 200 Caps (300 with Speech) 
          from Tenpenny if you kill Crowley instead.  Whatever your choice, I
          recommend being done with the Tenpenny Tower Quest already before
          killing Tenpenny (unless he's already dead-which figures for itself).

You can now return to Crowley and give him the keys.  You'll be rewarded with
Caps, depending on if you really killed them or not you get 25 or 100 Caps, but
it's possible to trick Crowley with a Speech Challenge.  When you've ended the
quest you have two options:

1. Sneak after him and steal the three keys back from him.  This is highly
   recommended, but you should save your game before attempting.
2. Kill him when he's out of Underworld, and grab the keys back.
3. (Leave him be - not recommended)

These keys will be of use in a Freeform Quest: Fort Constantine.  It's worth the
trip, not in the least place because you can find the Big Guns Bobblehead and
the unique T-51b Power Armor.  Find more info at the Freeform Quests.

    |[MQ14] Stealing Independence                                         |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Speak with Lincoln Washington in Rivet City at the Capitol     |
|               Preservation Center, nearby the Science Lab, Mid Deck.         |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Archives Prize Voucher, [] Special Mentats, [] Frag Mines,          |
|       [] Sydney's 10mm "Ultra" SMG, [] Safe, [] Archives Prize Voucher x6,   |
|       [] Ammo Box x2, [] Safe, [] First Aid Box, [] Darts x 20, [] Ammo      |
|          Box x2, [] Frag Grenade x3, [] Pulse Grenade, [] Shotgun Shells x2, |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box x2, [] Mentats, [] Grenade Box x2,       |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Mine Box x2, [] RadAway, [] Sheet Music Book,     |
|       [] Ammo Box, [] Grenade Box, [] Mine Box, [] Stimpak, [] Ammo Box x3,  |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Laser Rifle, [] Mini Nuke, [] Stealth Boy,        |
|       [] Duck and Cover!, [] Metal Armor, [] Metal Helmet, [] Mine Box,      |
|       [] Microfusion Cell x2, [] Stimpak, [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box,     |
|       [] Mine Box, [] Ammo Box x5, [] Grenade Box, [] Mine Box, [] First Aid |
|          Box, [] Lying, Congressional Style, [] Bill of Rights, [] Ammo      |
|          Box x3, [] Grenade Box, [] Mine Box, [] Magna Carta, [] Stronghold  |
|          Security Terminal Password, [] Button's Wig, [] Safe x2,            |
|       [] Declaration of Independence.                                        |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Schematic: Railway Rifle.                                    |
| (300 EXP)    [] 400 Caps (if you come alone).                                |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Super Mutant    o Super Mutant Brute    o Super Mutant Master      |
|         o Centaur                                                            |
|                                                                              |

Talk to Lincoln Washington at the Capitol Preservation Center on board of Rivet
City.  He'll tell you that the Declaration of Independence is missing in his
collection, and he'd like you to fetch it from the National Archives.  Head over
to The Mall by fast traveling somewhere nearby.  You can go inside by front or
by the back door. 

National Archives Front Door:
Head through the hall and find two terminals on the back of the wall.  One
terminal holds 8 questions and claims that you can win fabulous prizes.  Let's
try it, shall we?  If you always were a lamer at history, check for the answers
below.  Otherwise, try the questions yourself: You can back out of the terminal
at any given time to try again.

Answer #1: Second Continental Congress.
Answer #2: Thirteen.
Answer #3: John Hancock.
Answer #4: 56.
Answer #5: Ratification.
Answer #6: King George III.
Answer #7: Happiness.
Answer #8: Thomas Jefferson.

Claim the [ARCHIVES PRIZE VOUCHER] and collect your prize, one out of three
special mentats (a weird prize for a Museum if you ask me - drugs?).  

Glamorously Grape  = +5 CHR.
Brilliantly Berry  = +5 INT.
Observantly Orange = +5 PER.

These Mentats are unique, so use them extremely sparingly - or not at all.

Head into the Rotunda to the north and lay several mines at the entrance, then
move in and beware of tons of mines yourself.  Move over to Sydney, the woman
who looks like a ranger, then prepare for two waves of Super Mutants.  The first
wave will mostly be taken care of my any mines, but the second wave has a mutant
with a Missile Launcher.  Kill this one ASAP and make sure Sydney survives the
fight.  Talk to her when it's over.

After teaming up with Sydney, head over to her terminal nearby her initial
position and use the 'Unlock Rotunda Cargo Lift' option.  This reveals a secret
elevator leading to the Archival Secure Wing East.  Disarm all [FRAG MINES] in
the Rotunda, then choose from a number of paths.

Note: If Sydney is killed before you had the chance to use her terminal, you'll
      have to make your way through the eastern door from the main hall, follow
      the path downstairs to an 'easy' locked door (beware of a cow-head-trap 
      when going downstairs) and go from there.

Note: It's not necessary to keep Sydney alive at all costs.  If she dies, be
      sure to keep her unique [SYDNEY'S 10MM "ULTRA" SMG] safe.  We wouldn't
      want it to get lost, right?

Note: If you want to do a small Freeform Quest with Sydney (with as reward the
      aforementioned machine gun), you'll need to keep her alive.

Note: Also head through the east door from the main hall and head upstairs and
      locate the wall [SAFE] in this office room.  This always holds [ARCHIVES
      PRIZE VOUCHER x6], which you can exchange for special Mentats at the
      terminal in the main hall.  Tip: If you have a near-perfect/allround built
      it may be wise to grab as much as you can from the Glamorously Grape 
      Mentats, since these increase your low-as-hell CHR.  The Brilliantly Berry
      flavour can also be useful if you want temporary max stats.

Note: You can also explore the western area and look for useful items (but also
      Super Mutants).  Feel free to glance at the 'Entering from the back'
      section and use it backwards to find all the items.

Entering from the back:
You'll come across several Super Mutants and a Centaur along this route.  Beware
of Frag Mines on your right (west).  Head left (east) and look for two [AMMO
BOXES] between two bookcases.  Also check this area for an 'Average' [SAFE],
and look for a [FIRST AID BOX] on the ground near the destroyed cabinets.

The rest of the eastern path leads to several rooms with nothing but junk.  It
also leads to a locked door which is an optional path soon.  Either way, from
the back entrance it's better to explore the western area.  Don't bother with
the southern door - it only has a trap behind it. The classrooms to the very
west contain [DARTS x20] on a desk in the first room, and two [AMMO BOXES],
[FRAG GRENADE x3] and a [PULSE GRENADE] in the second room, marked with an 'A'.

Head upstairs at the end of the hall and check the bookcase on your left to
find [2x SHOTGUN SHELLS] and a Combat Shotgun.  Clear the area from mutants and
check both restrooms for a [FIRST AID BOX] in each.  Explore the southern room
and look for two [AMMO BOXES] and [MENTATS] in the NW corner, but also loot any
filled cabinets for caps or ammo.  The elevator to the Archival Storage is
locked, so head back to the previous room adjacent to the restrooms and go
up the stairs by moving through the SE hall.  Waste a few more mutants and make
your way in the room upstairs.  You'll be able to find a [GRENADE BOX x2] and
a [FIRST AID BOX] on a desk, two [MINE BOXES] of which one is averagely locked,
and a [RADAWAY] in one of the corners.  Make your way east to the main hall of
the building - where you would end up going through the front door.

Going by the Locked Door:
If you use the secret elevator you can skip these paragraphs.  The locked door
leads to the Archives Sub-Basement.  Head downstairs and search this messy
storage room for a [SHEET MUSIC BOOK] on the lowest shelf of a case against the
western wall, and a [GRENADE BOX], [AMMO BOX] and [MINE BOX], plus a [STIMPAK]
on top of a bookcase.

The area on your south is engulfed with gas, so it's best to roll a grenade
inside and keep your distance to keep from getting fried.  There are several
other mutants roaming the room, so do your duty and get rid of them.  Search
the southern room to find three well packed [AMMO BOXES] and a [FIRST AID BOX].
Now head downstairs (or carefully jump down) and proceed through the northern
hallway, once again filled with highly flammable gas.

Tread with caution, grab the [LASER RIFLE] from the skeleton - should you need
it, he/she won't miss it - and head upstairs.  The gate on your left is locked
and is 'Very Hard' to unlock, meaning 100 Lockpick Skill.  If you have this by
now you can trespass to find a [MINI NUKE], [STEALTH BOY], [DUCK AND COVER!],
[METAL ARMOR] and [METAL HELMET].  If you don't, remember this location for
later.  Head for the Archival Secure Wing East.

Archival Secure Wing East:
The elevator from the Rotunda leads here, which grants you a significant short-
cut over the other route.  You can still collect the items there if you're 
interested.  If you're not, or if you came from there, proceed north and deal
with a Mister Gutsy robot.

You once again have two options: If your Science Skill is high enough you can
open the Utility Gate and skip the western walkway.  If you can't open it, make
your way through the western hall instead.  You are granted a secondary shortcut
by means of an averagely locked door and a walkway filled with gas that leads
to the same room the utility gate led to.  However, you may want to explore some
more, so leave it alone for now.  Find a [MINE BOX], [MICROFUSION CELL x2], 
[STIMPAK] and Laser Rifle near the skeleton in the first room to your left.
Check the Cash Registers for loads of Pre-war money altogether.

The second room to your left contains a [FIRST AID BOX] and [AMMO BOX].  Go
around the corner and find a [MINE BOX] in one of the metal cases.  Don't forget
to ransack all Cash Registers.  Dispose of the Sentry Bot and continue east.
Dispose of any Mister Gutsy or Protectron standing in your way and head down 
when you reach the large room (this is where the Utility Gate led to as well).
Go through the door and enter another walkway.

You'll find an average locked door on the west, two of them upon closer
inspection, and they lead to a storage with loads of supplies.  Destroy the two
Mark IV Turrets in the storage room itself and grab all of the following:

Back at the hallway, the 'Hard' locked door to your right only represents a
shortcut.  Funny thing by the way: The storage being locked by two average doors
and a regular hallway door being 'Hard'.  Don't mind me, I like nitpicking. :)

Continue north but be warned:  This area has three Sentry Bots and a Mister
Gutsy patrolling the rooms.  Use Pulse Grenades and Mines, because these are
tough foes your messing with.  The western stairs lead down to a dead-end room
with a dead Mercenary and a Sentry Bot.

The eastern storage room, accessed by going through the northern hallway first,
looks similar to the previous: One averagely locked door and two more Mark IV
Turrets guard the goods.  Find [AMMO BOXES x3], [GRENADE BOX], [MINE BOX] and
the [MAGNA CARTA] from the safe.  Now make your way through the northernmost
door of the area that leads to the Archival Strongroom.

Archival Strongroom:
You're promptly greeted by a protectron who thinks he's Button Gwinnet.  He 
holds the [STRONGHOLD SECURITY TERMINAL PASSWORD], and you need it.  How to
resolve this?

1. Use Speech Challenge to ensure Gwinnet that you are one of the good guys, in
   fact you're either Thomas Jefferson or his agent!
2. Fetch the Ink Container for Gwinnet, if you haven't gotten it already from
   the Arlington Public Library.  Check out 'Librarians are not boring', the
   9th part of the Wasteland Survival Guide quest for details on where to find
3. Kill him and grab it off him.

Search the room and the various cabinets.  Also grab the unique [BUTTON'S WIG]
from the ground.  It has some uses, but foremostly adorable.  *Ahem*.

With the password in hand, use the terminal and unlock all Strongroom and
East Wing doors.  Search the storage room for two [SAFES] and the [DECLARATION
OF INDEPENDENCE] in the main safe.  Head through the western maintenance area
for a shortcut, make your way east to the main hall, and set foot for Rivet

Locate Abraham Washington and claim your reward: [RAILWAY GUN SCHEMATICS].  If
you arrive without Sydney, you also get to claim 400 Caps.

    |[MQ15] Reilly's Rangers                                              |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Reilly at the Underworld Hospital Chop Shop.           |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Ammo Box, [] .44 Magnum Rounds x16, [] Scoped .44 Magnum,           |
|       [] Rad-X x2, [] RadAway x2, [] .32 Caliber Rounds x15, [] 10mm Rounds, |
|       [] Frag Grenade, [] First Aid Box, [] Stimpak x2, [] Med-X, [] Ammo    |
|          Box x2, [] Ammo Box x3, [] First Aid Box x2, [] Ammo Box x2,        |
|       [] 3x Microfusion Cell, [] Hidden Stash Note, [] 2x Ammo Boxes,        |
|       [] Mine Box, [] Grenade Box, [] Ammo Box, [] First Aid Box, [] First   |
|          Aid Box, [] Buffout, [] Jet, [] First Aid Box, [] Mentats, [] Safe, |
|       [] 2x Frag Grenade, [] 3x Ammo Boxes, [] Pre-war Book, [] Stimpak,     |
|       [] Mentats, [] Safe, [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box, [] Psycho, [] First|
|          Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Stimpak, [] 100x 10mm Rounds,         |
|       [] 200x 5.56mm Rounds, 200x 5mm Rounds, [] 4x Frag Grenade, [] First   |
|          Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] 2x Mine Box,        |
|       [] 10mm Rounds x10, [] First Aid Box, [] Chinese Army: Spec. Ops.      |
|          Training Manual, [] Ammo Box, [] First Aid Box x2, [] First Aid Box,|
|       [] Nuka-Cola Quantum, [] 2x Ammo Box, [] 2x Frag Grenade, [] Shotgun   |
|          Shells x12, [] Grognak the Barbarian, [] First Aid Box, [] Fission  |
|          Battery, [] First Aid Box, [] Safe, [] Tales of a Junktown Jerky    |
|          Vendor, [] 2x 5.56mm Rounds x24, [] Jet x2, [] Geomapper Module.    |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: Choose one of two rewards:                                      |
| (300 EXP)    1. [] Ranger Battle Armor.                                      |
|              2. [] Eugene Minigun.                                           |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Super Mutant     o Super Mutant Brute    o Super Mutant Master     |
|         o Talon Comp. Merc                                                   |
|                                                                              |

Locating Reily:
Head to Underworld, which is accessed from the Museum of History.  This in turn
can be accessed by traveling somewhere near the Washington Monument.  You'll
find the building somewhere on the east.

Once inside, head to the very south of the ground level and enter the Chop Shop,
the hospital around here.  Talk to the woman lying on a bed, and it appears she
is in a coma.  You have two options here:

1. Wake her up if your Medicine Skill is high enough.
2. Speech Challenge Doctor Barrows and have him wake her up.

You can also meet Reilly at the Statesman Hotel, in the Ranger Compound if you
choose to directly go there, but if you perform these options you'll get a lot
of markers and quest info right here, right now.

Agree to help her team and hear her out for useful information.  When you've
heard all dialog let her rest and set out for the Ranger's Compound first.

Finding the Ranger's Compound:
The fastest way is to go through the Capitol Building up north.  Head through
the entrance, immediately head through the door on your remote right that leads
to the eastern sections of the room, and go through the hallway on your right
until you reach the double doors that lead to the worldmap area called Seward

Needless to say, all of this doesn't go without a fight, and you'll face many
Super Mutants and Talon Comp Mercs along the way.

Continue south/southeast and head under a viaduct.  Head all the way SE, past
many gore bags, past the broadway cinema, until you see a metro sign.  This is
in front of the Cornucopia Fresh Groceries building From here
head north and at the end of this street look on your right to see a sign with
two crossing swords.  Head east until you get to a square with a statue.  Left
from the statue is the entrance of the Ranger Compound - about time, really.

The Ranger's Compound:
The radio room is to the right and you can gather information regarding the
rangers from here. Head left and check out the storage room in the back first to
find a case with loads of alcohol and an [AMMO BOX].  More of your interest is
probably the door to your left that leads to the storage room with loads of

Check the cabinet shelves for: [.44 ROUNDS x16], [SCOPED .44 MAGNUM], [RAD-X x2]
[RADAWAY x2], [.32 CALIBER ROUNDS x15], [10mm ROUNDS x12], [FRAG GRENADE].
Find a [FIRST AID BOX], [STIMPAK x2] and [MED-X] on the table.  Also loot the
two [AMMO BOXES] next to this table.

Exit the building and head up the nearby stairs outside.  At the second floor
you'll find three more [AMMO BOXES] on some shelves, one of them averagely
locked.  Explore the area further to find two [FIRST AID BOXES] and two more
[AMMO BOXES] of which one of each is also averagely locked.  These are crammed
with goods.

Make sure you have Reilly's Rangers set as active quest, and check out the mark
on your map.  It is close to the Metro Station and the marker pinpoints the
Sewers, one of the ways to get to your next destination: Vernon Square.

Head through the Sewer tubes, kill the Super Mutants you'll soon meet, and
switch to the other metro tube.  Enter through the nearby door and go upstairs
to find [3x MICROFUSION CELL] and a [HIDDEN STASH NOTE] nearby the skeletons.

Read the note, then walk down the dead-end south-eastern tunnel.  Waste the
Super Mutant, then look around for the hidden stash under some debris.. and
voila!  You can find [2x AMMO BOXES], a [MINE BOX] and a [GRENADE BOX] here.
It looks like there are five boxes, but I think there's one you can't open.

Backtrack slightly, then go into the other tube and track along the metro.
Head east when you can, waste another mutant, and look around for an [AMMO BOX]
next to the couch.  You can also sleep in the makeshift beds here.  Head up the
ladder to Pennsylvania Avenue and make your way through the street, heading west
for the marker on your map.  Discover Pennsylvania Avenue North's Metro Station,
otherwise known as Freedom Street Station, and head inside.

Freedom Street Station
Proceed but be cautious of three nasty Bear Traps - either disarm or avoid them.
Go through the northern walkway and blast the two Feral Ghouls.  Check the
generator room to the east, kill the ghoul and search for a [FIRST AID BOX] on
the structure pillar.  Go through the other generator room and you'll find a
Scavenger upstairs, willing to trade supplies.

Head back to the previous hallway with the T-junction and head west.  Disarm
the three Bear Traps in this room, then proceed through the door and hallway
with the radioactive logo next to it.

In the next tube, ignore the nearby door (leading to a small flooded room) and 
make your way through the tube itself, blasting any ghouls in your way.  At the
end, make your way upstairs to the higher levels of the subway, go over some
walkways that are above the previously mentioned flooded room, and continue
your way upstairs.  Make your way across another walkway and kill any ghouls
that reside here.  Cross the crates and rubbish, head up another stairs and
exit to Vernon Square at the end of the hall.

Vernon Square:
Make your way past the wrecked buses and head south until you reach the
Our Lady of Hope Hospital.  If you're looking for more (medical) supplies, head
more to the west.  Find a [FIRST AID BOX] on a little table in the corner of
this area, and some [BUFFOUT] and [JET] in little crates on top of the truck.
You'll find one last [FIRST AID BOX] on the truck as well.  Head into the
hospital now.

Our Lady of Hope Hospital:
You'll now be at the entrance lobby.  Head through the double doors on the SW,
and proceed through this hallway.  Kill the centaur that roams this area, then
open the Eat'o'tronic on the structure pillar to find some [MENTATS].

Before you proceed in the large hall, check out the room directly to your north,
which is an other entrance of the hospital.  Unlock the easy [SAFE] here.

The large hall up ahead usually houses a Super Mutant or 4.  Either waste them
with grenades or missiles, otherwise lure them to the smaller room you're coming
from.  The SE corner in this large hall has a desk with [2x FRAG GRENADE] and
[3x AMMO BOXES] on it.  You can find a [PRE-WAR BOOK] on the counter near the
skeleton hanging over it.  When you proceed upstairs, be cautious of a mine at 
the top of the stairs.  Head to the next area.

Our Lady of Hope Hospital 2nd Floor:
Go down the hall and check the two Eat'o'tronics for a [STIMPAK] and [MENTATS].
Also unlock the averagely locked [SAFE] at the end of the hall.  Having done so,
go through the double doors on the north and dispose of two mutants.  There is
nothing of value in both the dining hall nor the kitchen, so proceed through
these areas and kill another two mutants.

Use the adjacent hall and stairs to bring you at the higher levels outside of
the hospital.  Once outside, check around the corner to find a [FIRST AID BOX]
and an [AMMO BOX].  You can also find a [PSYCHO] in a little wooden crate 
near the edge of the building.  Cross the walkway, drop down a level and make 
your way into the Mid-levels of the Statesman Hotel.

Statesman Hotel Mid Level:
Drop down to the floor below and make your way through the hall.  Grab supplies
from the [FIRST AID BOX] next to the firehose box.  Make your way through more
halls and rooms until you reach a central hall.  Find yet another [FIRST AID
BOX] near the firehose box in this hall.  The mini cafetaria with Cola Vending
Machine and an Eat'o'tronic holds a [STIMPAK] in the latter.  Take the western
stairs and find Theo - or what's left of him anyway.

Theo's Ammo Box holds a crapload of goodies: [100x 10MM ROUNDS], [200x 5.55MM 
ROUNDS], [200x 5MM ROUNDS], and [4x FRAG GRENADES].  It's too bad that Theo was
stripped of his Ranger Armor Suit, or we would already have the best armor in
the game.  Oh well, let's carry on then, shall we?

Proceed upstairs but beware of a trap.  Enter the next hall and open the door
to your right.  Blast another mutant and make your way through the rooms,
looting the dead mutants that the Ranger Squat must've already taken care of.

Head through the northern passage and kill another mutant or two.  From this
complex, head east to reach a stairwell.  You can't go down, and you can't go
up more than one level, so that leaves us the fairly easy choice to go through
the one door leading to a hallway with a sneaky Centaur.

You can safely ignore the rooms on the west because the hold absolutely nothing.
Instead, grab the supplies from the [FIRST AID BOX] near the firehose box, what
else, and find yet another [FIRST AID BOX] at the end of the hall.  How very

The (easy) locked door on the east of this hall holds, you wouldn't have guessed
it, another [FIRST AID BOX]!  Fortunately it also holds two [MINE BOX] (of which
one is averagely locked) and some [10MM ROUNDS x10] on the shelves.

Continue to the NW area and wipe out the mutants here.  You got two options now:

1. If your repair skill is decent enough you can fix the elevator here and skip
   the next two paragraphs.

2. Take the longer path, read on.

Grab any supplies from the [FIRST AID BOX] up ahead and walk down the hall. 
Waste another mutant, head upstairs, waste another mutant (wait, do I see a
*pattern* here?) and explore the storage room for a [CHINESE ARMY: SPEC. OPS.
TRAINING MANUAL] lying on one of the shelves.  Before you go upstairs take a
right first and unlock the easy door.  Inside this room you'll find an [AMMO
BOX] and two [FIRST AID BOXES].  Head upstairs but beware of another 'Falling 
Grenade Trap'.

Statesman Hotel Restaurant:
Loot the [FIRST AID BOX] on your left and make your way through the halls.  Head
east, ignoring the west area.  You'll now be at the elevator.

In this room, unlock the averagely locked door through the means of lockpicking.
If you can't, you'll have to go around the other way, but this is preferred.

Prepare yourself to kill a mutant or 4 in the area up ahead.  When you have done
so, check the inner counters for a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM], [2x AMMO BOX], [2x FRAG
the western upstairs flank to find a [FIRST AID BOX].

Checking Out:
Be SURE to check out the storage room behind the stairs to find a [FISSION 
BATTERY] on the broken Maintenance Protectron.  This will come in handy soon,
in case you're wondering.  Exit the place by going upstairs and make it to the
roof.  Once on the roof, search around for the Rangers.  You can give them some
of your ammo if you want their help in the upcoming fight, but it's far from

Give the Fission Battery to Donovan and follow the Rangers.  In this area, gun
down all mutants ASAP so the Rangers can make a run for the elevator.  Once
they make it, search the area for goodies.  There's a [FIRST AID BOX] and an
averagely locked [SAFE] at the entrance counter.  If you head upstairs and check
out the rooms to the east you can find a [TALES OF A JUNKTOWN JERY VENDOR] on
one of the desks.  Explore the nearby restroom to find [2x 5.56MM ROUNDS x24]
and [JET x2] on some shelves.

Exit the place and fast travel to the Ranger's Compound.  Find Reilly and talk
to her about your reward.  I suggest you go for the armor.  It *is* possible to
kill the Rangers, but you can do useful Freeform quests.

Talk to Reilly again and talk about mapping.  For every location you discover on
the Pip-Boy you receive 20 Caps.  If you've done some avid exploring so far, 
you're rewarded with several thousand caps right away!  She'll also hand you
the [GEOMAPPER MODULE].  Be careful with it, if you lose it or sell it, there
are only two spares she can give you.  Tops.

Equip your new armor.  Why is it so good?  Well it has a reasonably weight 
compared to Power Armor (27 versus 45), and its DR (at max) is only 6 points
under Power Armor (39 versus 45).  It also gives excellent bonuses: +5 AP,
LCK +1 and Small Guns +10.

If the Ranger Armor needs tweaking you can repair it by using Talon Mercenaries
Combat Armor - there's plenty of those around.

    |[MQ16] Trouble on the Homefront                                      |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Listen to the emergency frequency (nearby Vault 101).          |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Frag Grenades x2, [] First Aid Box.                                 |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Modified Utility Jumpsuit                                    |
|               + If you side with the Overseer:                               |
|              [] Stealth Boy, [] Radiation Suit, [] Chems.                    |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Officer Wilkes                                                     |
|                                                                              |

The emergency frequency becomes available when you progress the Main Quests
beyond 'The Waters of Life'.  Head anywhere nearby Vault 101, such as Megaton,
and hear the distress signal.  Listen to it carefully.  Looks like your chick
is in need of some help!

When you enter Vault 101, check the bodies of Jim Wilkins and Steve Armstrong
(he's on the east).  Talk to Officer Gomez in the next room, who gives you the
opportunity to escort you to either the Overseer or Amata.  Instead, go explore
for yourself and head for the Atrium, west.

Have a chat with Taylor, then go left, upstairs and make your way to the cell
where the Overseer was hearing Amata out the last time.  Check all weapon
lockers to find the password to the terminal.  Inside the cell you can talk to
your former teacher.

You can head north, talk the Overseer out of everything by a Speech Challenge,
then head down the stairs to the lower level and locate Amata (and you'll bump
into Butch here too) who will tell you to leave the Vault forever, even if you
just saved it.  She'll also give you the [MODIFIED UTILITY JUMPSUIT].  Wait, did
I just explain it all in one sentence?  Either way, feel free to explore the
area.  There's not much to find, but you can find [FRAG GRENADES x2] and a
[FIRST AID BOX] at the reactor level.

Note: You can also side with the Overseer, which grants you a somewhat better
      reward because he'll throw in a Stealth Boy and Rad. Suit, plus some
      Chems.  Then there's the siding with Butch option, where you need to do
      some 'tweaking' in the Reactor Room.  Either way, they all lead to your
      unfortunate departure.  No happy homecoming!

If you're interested, check the lab for your father's books, a unique item which
doesn't do much but fill up your inventory.

At any case, there just isn't much to do in Vault 101, so it's not a big deal
that you have to leave it forever.  Say buh-bye to everyone, grab everything you
need, whatever it may be, and complete the quest.

    |[MQ17] Agatha's Song                                                 |
|HOW TO UNLOCK: Speak with Agatha in Agatha's House.                           |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Ammo Box, [] Mini Nuke, [] Energy Cell x3, [] Blood Pack, [] First  |
|          Aid Box x2, [] Pre-war Book, [] Audio 01, [] Microfusion Cell,      |
|       [] Energy Cell x5, [] Darts x2, [] Ammo Box x2, [] Safe, [] Tales of a |
|          Jerkytown Jerky Vendor, [] Audio 02, [] Ammo Box x3, [] Stealth Boy,|
|       [] Pre-war Book, [] Darts, [] Stimpak x2, [] Railway Spikes, [] Darts, |
|       [] Jet x2, [] Psycho, [] Stealth Boy, [] Cherry Bomb, [] Ammo Box x2,  |
|       [] Microfusion Cell x4, [] Energy Cell x2, [] Safe, [] Nikola Tesla and|
|          You, [] Audio 06, [] Soil Stradivarius, [] Safe, [] Pre-war Book,   |
|       [] Pre-war Book, [] Stimpak x2, [] Audio 05, [] First Aid Box,         |
|       [] Darts, [] First Aid Box, [] Music Sheetbook, [] Darts, [] Cherry    |
|          Bomb x3, [] Nuka-Cola Quantum, [] Ammo Box, [] Grenade Box,         |
|       [] Pulse Grenade x3, [] Pulse Mine x3, [] Railway Spikes x2, [] Ammo   |
|          Box, [] RadAway x3, [] Stimpak x2, [] Bloodpack, [] Energy Cell x3, |
|       [] Ammo Box x2, [] Audio 04, [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box,            |
|       [] Grenade Box.                                                        |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Agatha's Station Signal                                      |
| (300 EXP)    [] Blackhawk (ask for a reward)                                 |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Bloatfly        o Deathclaw    o Mirelurk    o Mirelurk Hunter     |
|         o Mirelurk King                                                      |
|                                                                              |

Agatha's House can be found east from the Meresti Trainyard.  Look for a small
wooden ropebridge and cross it to find the house.  Inside, an old woman greets
you and tells you all about herself - and her violin.  Steer the conversation
so that you get to know all about her motives and try one of the Challenges to
obtain the key to the [AMMO BOX] in this very room, which holds a ton of ammo
and even a [MINI NUKE].

With this information in hand, make your way to Vault 92 (the headquarters is
an optional exploration and is not required to complete this quest).  It lies
in the Northwest sector of the wasteland, and Deathclaws may be found in the
surrounding areas, so be warned.  A Dart Gun to cripple their legs is highly

Vault 92:
When you've found Vault 92, enter the cave and go inside.  Search the table near
the entrance for [ENERGY CELL x3], [BLOOD PACK], [FIRST AID BOX x2] and a Laser
Pistol.  Check the desk on the east for a [PRE-WAR BOOK] and the [PROFESSOR
MALLEUS AUDIO LOG V92-01]. Head through the door and disarm the nearby mine,
then quickly waste a Bloatfly.

You can go in three directions from here:

The averagely locked door on the east has a frag mine right behind it, and this
path leads to the Sound Testing area, but we'll get there soon.

The door on the west also has a frag mine planted behind it, and this area leads
to a the Living Quarters and the Reactor Room.

Leave the other two areas alone for now and go through the southern door, 
deactivate the rigged shotgun, head through the next door and go downstairs.
This will lead you to a large hall with several Bloatflies.  To your left is a
short hall that leads to the Sound Testing area - we'll get there in a second -
and to the south is a door that leads you to the upper walkways of this hall.

When you reach the upper walkways, locate the NE door (averagely locked) and go
inside the storage room.  You can find a [MICROFUSION CELL] and [ENERGY CELL x5]
on the shelves to your left, [2x DARTS x20] on the bottom shelves behind the
counter, along with two more [AMMO BOXES].  You can unlock the averagely locked
[SAFE] under the counter by using the terminal or lockpicking it.  Last but not
least, don't miss the [TALES OF A JUNKTOWN JERKY VENDOR] on the bottom shelf
near the safe.

Overseer's Office:
Go to the Overseer Office Area by heading through the SE room.  Here, explore
the SW apartment to find the [PROFESSOR MALLEUS AUDIO LOG V92-02] on the desk.
Follow the hallway behind the western door to reach the Overseer's Office.
[PROFESSOR MALLEUS AUDIO LOG V92-03] lies on the desk, and three [AMMO BOXES]
are waiting to be looted nearby.  Lastly, grab the [STEALTH BOY] from the 
circular counter.

Return to the large hall, locate the NE door on the ground level and enter the
Sound Testing area.

Sound Testing:
Move around the corner and go downstairs.  At the intersection, head right
(north) and waste a Mirelurk King.  Grab the [PRE-WAR BOOK] from the table and
[DARTS] from the chair.  Back at the intersection, open the averagely locked
door to the west in order to raid the storage room behind it. Find [STIMPAK x2],

Explore the SE hall, waste another Mirelurk King and search the desks in the
room ahead for a [NIKOLA TESLA AND YOU] skill book and [PROFESSOR MALLEUS AUDIO 
LOG V92-06].  Use the Studio Terminal to unlock the Studio door on the SW. 
Enter this room and find the [SOIL STRADIVARIUS] on a table.  There's also an
easily opened [SAFE] here.  Head back upstairs and head east. Kill any Mirelurks
here (there may be four or so).

Start exploring the classrooms to the NE.  Grab a [PRE-WAR BOOK] from the book-
case, then continue to the rooms on the SE.  The eastern room holds a terminal 
(Zoe Hammerstein's) and a [PRE-WAR BOOK] and two [STIMPAKS] next to this PC.
You can find the [PROFESSOR MALLEUS AUDIO LOG V92-05] in the western room.  This
concludes this area.  Head back to the hall and go through the northern door
with the Utility board above it.  This brings you back in the Vault 92 area you
first entered, but now you're in the east section.

Move all the way to the west until you get to some stairs leading down to the
Living Quarters.  This is an optional exploration but can yield you some decent
goodies; Especially finding the Sheet Music Book is worth the effort.

Living Quarters:
Immediately take a left (east) and hack the terminal ASAP.  Select the option
Noise Flush and all Mirelurks roaming the Living Rooms will be executed on spot!
There are 8 or so, which saves you a lot of trouble.

The room to the north of this terminal holds a [FIRST AID BOX] on the left wall,
and the NE room is a storage area with several metal boxes and other junk.
Unfortunately most of it has been looted already.  You can also sleep in any
Bunk Bed in the adjacent room.

From the hall, enter the southern rooms and check the area on your left in order
to find [DARTS] in on some shelves.  Enter the Men's Dorm rooms to the west.
Find a [FIRST AID BOX] on the ground under a desk and explore the restroom to
the NW afterwards.  Carefully search the NE corner to find a [MUSIC SHEETBOOK].

Back in the main hall, head south, go downstairs and follow the walkway until
you reach a complex consisting of several rooms.  Check the room immediately to
your west and look around for [DARTS] and [CHERRY BOMB x3] on the shelves, and
a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] next to the Security Terminal.  Hack this and select the
unlock option.

In the room-connecting hall, look for an [AMMO BOX] in the cabinet, and a
[GRENADE BOX] next to the cabinet.  The NE room holds [PULSE GRENADE x3] and
[PULSE MINE x2] on the tables.  The SE room can be unlocked by either picking
the Very Hard door or hacking the Terminal (Hard).  Inside you'll find [RAILWAY
SPIKES x2], an averagely locked [AMMO BOX], [RADAWAY x3], [STIMPAK x2],
[BLOODPACK], [ENERGY CELL x3], and two more [AMMO BOXES] on the shelves.  Lastly
grab the [PROFESSOR MALLEUS AUDIO LOG V92-04] from the desk in the connecting
hall, and grab medical supplies from the [FIRST AID BOX] in the southern room.
With this area fully explored, head back the way you came.

Make your way to the generator room nearby the entrance of the Vault.  From here
you can either leave or do another optional exploration of the Reactor Room.

Reactor Room:
From the generator room head east, through the tunnel, then open the Reactor
Door on the north.  Head downstairs and kill a Mirelurk.  Wade through the
rooms and tunnels with water until you reach a door.  Kill another Mirelurk in
the next room and proceed west until you reach a room with a Mirelurk King.
Waste it and look for an [AMMO BOX] and [GRENADE BOX] in the corner.

Continue north, open another door, kill the Mirelurk and head through the door
on your left (west) so you can go upstairs and head back to the rest of Vault

Your Reward:
Note: You can sell the violin to Abraham Washington in Rivet City for 200 Caps,
      or 300 Caps with Speech Challenge.  You can also sell the violin to a
      Ghoul in the Underworld: Azhrukhal.  He'll make you the same deal as
      Abraham does.  In both cases, I'd say it isn't quite worth the time.

Return to Agatha and give her the violin.  In return you may now tune in to
Agatha's Radio Signal at any given time.  Also hand her the Music Sheet and ask
for a reward.  You will now be rewarded with the [BLACKHAWK], a powerful unique
.44 Magnum in perfect mint condition!

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of copyright.  Do *not* copy or alter information slightly from this guide, and
do not present it as your own.  The creation of this guide took a lot of time,
please respect that.  Below is a list of sites that are allowed to host this
document.  The latest update of this file can always be found at GameFAQs.com.
Allowed sites are: GameFAQs.com, Chaptercheats.com.

*NOT* allowed: CheatCC or Cheat Code Central, nor any other cheat websites owned
or affiliated with David Allison (Dave), owner of CheatCC. Dave/CheatCC has
infringed the copyright of countless FAQs/guides and cheats and has altered
the copyright sections of countless more FAQs/guides, often removing 'GameFAQs'
and other trusted websites from the list while adding 'CheatCC'. This is a
serious violation of simple authorship rights and it has been going on for over
a decade and a half. If you ever receive an email from CheatCC regarding the
hosting of your guide, I would *highly* recommend you to friendly decline the
offer and check the CheatCC website within a week to see if they have taken your
guide (or someone else's guide) without permission. If you have given permission
to CheatCC before, I would recommend that you revoke your permission and have
your guides removed from that site; otherwise you are indirectly supportive.

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