1. Gregory Gorton Additional Voices
  2. Duncan Hood Additional Voices
  3. Jake Howard Additional Voices
  4. Jan Johns Additional Voices
  5. Stephanie Joy Additional Voices
  6. Luke Lafferty Additional Voices
  7. James Lewis Additional Voices
  8. Sean McCoy Additional Voices
  9. Stephen Russell Additional Voices
  10. Audrey Wasilewski Additional Voices
  11. Erik Dellums Additional Voices:
  12. Diane Sowles Agatha (voice)
  13. Charlie Warren Allistair Tenpenny (voice)
  14. Odette Yustman Amata (voice)
  15. Nathan McDyer Associate Producer
  16. Corrieanne Stein Betty (voice)
  17. Craig Sechler Butch (voice)
  18. Mike Rosson Colin Moriarty (voice)
  19. Peter Gil Colonel Autumn (voice)
  20. Jennifer Massey Doctor Li (voice)
  21. William Bassett Elder Lyons (voice)
  22. Todd Howard Executive Producer
  23. Liam Neeson Father (voice)
  24. Wes Johnson Fawkes (voice)
  25. Johnny Contino Grouse (voice)
  26. Josh Jones Lead Animator
  27. Greg Williams Lucas Simms (voice)
  28. Jakob Stalnaker Mayor Maccready (voice)
  29. Karen Carbone Moira Brown (voice)
  30. Wes Johnson Mr. Burke (voice)
  31. Ron Perlman Narrator (voice)
  32. Inon Zur Original Music
  33. Gus Travers Paladin Gunny (voice)
  34. Pete Papageorge Paladin Vargas (voice)
  35. Malcolm McDowell President John Henry Eden (voice)
  36. Gavin Carter Producer
  37. Jeff Gardiner Producer
  38. Craig Lafferty Producer
  39. Tim Lamb Producer
  40. Richard Lambert Producer
  41. Ashley Cheng Production Director
  42. Erik J. Caponi Quest Designer
  43. Heather Marie Marsden Sarah Lyons (voice)
  44. Jeffrey Parker Script Supervisor
  45. Mark Lampert Sound Designer
  46. Shari Elliker Star Paladin Cross (voice)
  47. Erik Todd Dellums Three Dog (voice)
  48. Cullen Pagliarulo Timmy Neusbaum (voice)
  49. Paul Eiding Tree Father Birch (voice)
  50. Greg Crescimanno Voice Casting
  51. Timothy Cubbison Voice Producer

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