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  1. I 'm totally wanting my own house ...Has anyone regreted setting off the bomb at Megaton after taking the suite at Tenpenny...Just wondering...Thanks

    User Info: dakinespot

    dakinespot - 10 years ago
  2. Thanks for the mentioned Tenpenny as a biotch....are you referring to getting in and out of your pad or the quest.....

    User Info: dakinespot

    dakinespot - 10 years ago
  3. Archvelius...thats good info..Thanks.....are you refering to the Bobblehead in Lucas Simms house as the one you missed..? After you get the Suite and fast travel to it , are you dropped in your house or outside the bldg.?

    User Info: dakinespot

    dakinespot - 10 years ago
  4. ShadowAspect what do you have to do to get new shop keepers in tennpenny tower

    User Info: timmy1011

    timmy1011 - 10 years ago

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  1. Well, I regretted blowing up Megaton, but only because there was a bobblehaead there I missed and can't get. With fast travel, it doesn't much matter that Tenpenny is less ideally placed on the map than megaton. In terms of the room itself, I'd say it's much nicer than the megaton alternative, especially if you take the time to enjoy the evilly snooty rich people living in the lower floors.

    However, if you DO decide to live at tenpenny tower, be careful to visit all stores on the lobby floor before stealing from them. I made the mistake of robbing everyone blindupon moving in, and they all left. Including the woman who I was supposed to talk to about redecorating the aging room. Oops. I did make 2-4 hundred caps on every safe, though.

    User Info: Archvelius

    Archvelius - 10 years ago 7   1


  1. Well i dont know about Tenpenny. But i for one love Megaton. I use it for everything. i got a house there ( a house is a house in my opinion), i've done quite a fair share of quests with good rewards, and i have a place to sell scrap metal too. Even though the underworld buys them too. Ive just grown attached to it really. Besides Tenpenny's a biotch =)

    User Info: superfreak921

    superfreak921 - 10 years ago 8   2

  2. Depending on how you do the Tenpenny Towers quest, you can get those shopkeepers replaced by different, and in some cases better ones (as in one sells stuff like schematics that wasn't available before).

    As for the other issue, if you bomb the town before getting the bobblehead then it's gone for good....and so you know it's the Bobblehead for the Strength stat so it is somewhat of a significant loss (but not something you can't make up later by other quest rewards)...the only thing that won't happen is that you won't finish your bobblehead collection as a result....

    User Info: ShadowAspect

    ShadowAspect - 10 years ago 6   1

  3. Well as we can all agree and disagree; The important thing is that you can choose to have a character who saves Megaton, or blow it off the map. For now I have a character that saves it, and the people are so grateful that every time I come by to visit, the settlers give me something random but helpful. The last settler gave me some ammo for missile launcher. ka-ching!

    User Info: bimsalabim

    bimsalabim - 10 years ago 5   1

  4. Well in much of the same way that you shouldn't blow up Megaton till you've done everything you want to.....You'll want to hold off on killing Alistar Tenpenny till you're done with him. But that being said, *SPOILERS* part of completing "You gotta shoot'em in the head" is killing him (in the head preferrably)...and I don't recall but depending on how you end the "Tenpenny Towers" quest he might end up being murdered anyways eventually if you broker peace between the Ghouls and the tower residents. *END SPOILERS*

    So just keep in mind that if you're doing every quest, he does eventually do everything you to with him before you get to that point.

    User Info: ShadowAspect

    ShadowAspect - 10 years ago 5   1

  5. Well in my opinion you should, at least once to get the full experience out of the game you know...

    User Info: Game_Master713

    Game_Master713 - 10 years ago 4   1

  6. If you are going to blow it up you are probably going for the negative karma which means it is definitely worth it. Afterwards you will be offered a place at Tenpenny, but in my case I just wiped out everybpdy at Tenpenny and made the entire tower my home.

    User Info: DandyQuackShot

    DandyQuackShot - 10 years ago 4   1

  7. If the settlers are giving you items randomly then that's not from saving Megaton, that's because you have an extreme karma rating (in your case it's probabily "Very Good").

    User Info: ShadowAspect

    ShadowAspect - 10 years ago 4   1

  8. timmy1011, if you chose to allow the ghouls into Tennpenny Tower on the "Tennpenny Towers" quest then the ghouls will move into the tower after they get done killing everyone. Just wait and come back later, eventually the tower will be restored with its new ghoul residents. Eventually you'll be able to purchase from these ghouls from the same shops.

    Also you receive a Ghoul mask(ghouls will not attack you) from Roy Phillips for helping them, which comes in handy in Ghoul infested areas.

    User Info: xsilent7morderx

    xsilent7morderx - 10 years ago 4   1

  9. You just get to blow a dude up. It's no fun. I wouldn't do it. It's a waste of time

    User Info: Napolean1393

    Napolean1393 - 10 years ago 3   1

  10. I blew up Megaton at the beginning and deeply regret it. I would only blow it up after you have completed all quests and after you have hired the FOLLOWER (evil) that resides there. Even so, if you do blow it up, your dad mentions it during the main quest, during a chat you have. Don't kill Tenpenny though, he is central to a few quests later on.

    User Info: bane117

    bane117 - 10 years ago 3   1

  11. Noo buddy not at all, mathmatically you get 500 caps and some exp for blowing up Megaton. On the other hand you get infinite caps for the Water plant guy if you bring him scrap metal and exp every time you bring him one. Also you get like 5 more quests out of Megaton and a lot more Caps so NOO don't do it D:

    User Info: Angelo_the_Pure

    Angelo_the_Pure - 10 years ago 2   1

  12. IMO, totally not worth it, all you get it a suite in a building that's really out of the way, not near anything of importance, plus the people are less irritating in megaton than they are in Tenpenny tower.

    User Info: Behemoth81

    Behemoth81 - 10 years ago 3   3


    I say.. Not worth Killing all your Dads Friends.. Just a hunch.
    + the Radio Speaks of Ghouls and OTHER problems in Tenpenny..

    I am Yet yo Visit it myself but i would Rather assume you can get into it without Blowing Up Megaton.

    If not ... *chik * * chik* Say Hellllo to my Little Friend!! ill shoot my way in.

    User Info: Ben_the_ben

    Ben_the_ben - 10 years ago 0   0

  14. Well if you're not sure you want to blow up Megaton then leave it if you are playing a Good Karma avatar and on your second play through play and take a Negative Karma Route...if you don't plan on playing through twice then I guess you'll just have to wonder what you missed out on.


    User Info: Strykr_Mithras

    Strykr_Mithras - 10 years ago 0   0

  15. You shaould plant the device to get the location of tenpenny tower go there and kill tenpenny and the other guy you will face a bit of resistance from the guards but you will get a silenced pistol a sniper rifle and not to mention plenty of assault rifle ammo and even better you can defuse the nuke in megaton even if the device is planted so that way you have plenty of weapons and ammo and a place to put them

    User Info: ApocalypticFire

    ApocalypticFire (Expert) - 10 years ago 0   0

  16. I'm in complete agreement with Archvelius. Fast travel makes the actual location of the tower a moot point.

    Without getting too spoilery, I find the situation at Tenpenny Tower to be... precarious. It's very easy to cause a serious... Change. Not that you'll get kicked out of your home of course.

    There are a lot of profitable side quests and things, some of which are kind of hidden, in Megaton that you'll loose if you blow the place up. (See possible spoiler below.) You COULD do all those quests before going to Tenpenny of course, but you'd have to do it all without having a house. This isn't impossible (see possible spoilers below), but it's kind of a pain.

    Personally, I'm enjoying the game enough that when I'm done playing through it as a good character, I'll go through it a second time and be a complete despot. That way, you get the best of both worlds.

    Possible Spoiler:

    - There's a bobble head in the Sheriff's house. Even if you want to blow the place up, wait to do it before going to Tenpenny to tell him the bomb is rigged. You can hang out by the door and it will open up at some point during the day when he and/or his kid are home.
    - You can sleep for free at the Super Duper Mart or the School if you clean it out first.

    User Info: TandyBomb

    TandyBomb - 10 years ago 0   0

  17. TRU DAK,,,,, but tha explosion is almost worth it .lol

    User Info: zakman70

    zakman70 - 10 years ago 3   4

  18. Do it if you wish. Or Don't if you don't. the beauty of the game is that you can still continue to play quite happily either way, and you can always come back and try another route through the game next time. which of course if you want to get the full benefit of the game, is the way to go. I wouldn't blow it up your first time through though, its a tad easier having the sidequests and benefits the town brings for that extra XP gathering. Leave it until you are good at the game, and are doing an evil character playthrough.

    User Info: SixChamberMagnu

    SixChamberMagnu - 10 years ago 0   1

  19. Blowing up Megaton is a bad idea if you want the Strength bobble from Simms house if you can't pick the lock. Otherwise Megaton and Tenpenny are almost exactly the same (house wise). The real difference is good karma (disarm the bomb) or bad karma (rig the bomb).

    User Info: HelloSatan

    HelloSatan - 10 years ago 0   1

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