Where is pinkerton?

  1. After helping that one railroad lady she tells me about Pinkerton. The only other door requires 100 lock pick. how do i find him

    User Info: Jacob1111

    Jacob1111 - 12 years ago


  1. Dive under water where the ship is broken apart and find an underwater doorway. When you get in, dash across to another doorway, open it, dash forward, turn left, and hope you have enough air to do it. Expect to die a few times and restart at the underwater doorway before you get the right path down.

    User Info: Mistapeepers

    Mistapeepers (Expert) - 12 years ago 12   3
  2. Make your way to the Flight Deck, find where the carrier is split in half, and carefully dive into the water (after popping a Rad-X and slipping into a Radiation Suit for good measure) and swim toward an underwater door. Once inside, make for air quickly as to not drown or take damage. After a bit of exploring, you will eventually find Pinkerton inside his lab.

    Just be cautious of the Mirelurks and traps along the way (mines, rigged shotguns, etc.). Also, you may want to avoid using laser weapons, because there are a few gas leaks, so you may inadvertently set yourself on fire if you're not careful.

    User Info: fedzMONKEY

    fedzMONKEY (Expert) - 12 years ago 11   2
  3. There are two ways to find Pinkerton.
    If you have a very high lockpick skill, pick the lock on the broken section of the ship.
    If not, swim towards the area where the ship has broken in half. You will see a sunken walkway underwater. Going through there will get you to him.
    Warning: You will lose your breath quickly, but there are air pockets in every room. Just swim towards the ceiling, and keep heading up. You'll hit the pocket.
    There are also a few traps between you and him. Be careful where you walk and what you touch. There are a few mirelurks down there as well. I believe there are at least three. Also, do not forget to hit the electric box looking switch so you can leave across the gang plank walkway.

    User Info: BagelsAreTasty

    BagelsAreTasty - 12 years ago 6   0
  4. Just an FYI for all of you; each room that's underwater has an air pocket that you can use. Swim to the front of the room, face straight up, and paddle. Don't take too long, though, since the irradiation can get nasty.

    User Info: Attelocin

    Attelocin - 12 years ago 5   1
  5. That locked door can be opened from the other side with a switch. Make sure to do that when you get into the ship from underwater.

    User Info: timerider4

    timerider4 - 12 years ago 2   0
  6. Dive under the water on the broken middle of the ship (The missing link between Rivet City and the Bow.) It helps if you take a short cut through Rivet instead of swimming around.

    User Info: ZeusComplex

    ZeusComplex - 12 years ago 1   0
  7. I agree with BagelsareTasty on the door switch as you will be able to return later through that door to talk with Pinkerton regarding another quest"Replicated Man" without having to swim under water.....

    User Info: dakinespot

    dakinespot - 12 years ago 0   0
  8. You need to picklock that door. That was the only way for me.
    But some people in the Rivet talk about other way. If I understand them right, you need to swim around broken part of boat. Maybe, or maybe not... :)

    User Info: kasoi

    kasoi - 12 years ago 3   4

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