How do you get to the Vaultec Headquarters??

  1. Okay... I seem to have a difficult time navigating the actual city part of the capitol wasteland...

    Can anyone give me some good directions to it from an unmissable landmark such as Underworld or the National Guard Depot?
    Fendryx - 12 years ago - report
  2. Okay, but that's not what I was asking :)

    And in case you missed it in the title, I was asking how to get to the Vaultec Headquarters from a notable landmark such as Underworld of the National Guard Depot.
    Fendryx - 12 years ago - report

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  1. Okay these directions should take you from The Museum of History (the building that Underworld is in) to Vault-Tec HQ.
    You should be able to leave from any other Mall landmarks also (Washington Monument, the Capitol, etc.) Also be ready to fight the standard DC enemies(Raiders, Mutants, and ghouls)

    1. Go west to Northwest Mall Station
    2. Go thru "Metal gate to Georgetown/The Mall Metro"
    3. Follow the main hall and go north across the balcony into the other main hall
    4. turn right when your path is blocked by the fallen roof and head down a short hallway and go thru the "Door to Georgetown"
    5. Follow the wooden planks up out of the small pit and follow the street north to Foggy Bottom Station and go thru "Chain Gate to Foggy Bottom Station"
    6. Follow the main hall and go north/northeast across balcony follow the main hall and go thru "Metal Gate to Dupont Circle
    7. Follow the Street northeast and you'll come out into a square with an old fountain in the center.
    8. From the fountain head east to "Dupont Northeast" and go thru "Chain gate to Metro Junction"
    9. Follow the main hall and head Northeast across the balcony to the "Metal Gate to Vernon Square"
    10. Look to the Southeast. You can't miss Vault-tec HQ.
    TheGrimDoogle (Expert) - 12 years ago - report 15   2


  1. Underworld is in the mall portion of the city, which means next to the museum of technology, the capitol building and the lincoln monument. You'll reach this part with the main story. As for the national guard depot, it isn't in the city. Dilleux - 12 years ago - report 1   4
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