Where is the ant queens lair in metro station?

  1. I have looked everywhere and can't find it so where is it?

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    kingbart68 - 12 years ago

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  1. In the Marigold Metro Station you need to find the cause of the Fire Ant infestation. Instead you will find Doctor Lesko who gives you quite a scare, working down in a maintenance room. He explains to you the reason of the Fire Ants' behavior and how they gained ability to "spit fire". You can choose to help him reverse the effect or deal with the Fire Ant Queen yourself.

    You will find the Fire Ant Queen through the other door in Dr. Lesko's lab, in the Queen Ant's Hatchery.
    If you follow his instructions and kill only the Fire Ant Nest Protectors guarding the Fire Ant Queen you will receive a prize - a choice of either the Ant Might or the Ant Sight perk. With a Speech check or high enough Science skill you can kill the Fire Ant Queen and still get one of the perks. You can also hold off killing the queen until after you choose your prize, then run down to the queen and kill her if you want to. At that point Doctor Lesko will also be running around in the queen's chamber, making a possible second target. You are awarded positive karma for killing the Fire Ant Queen. Afterward, if you talk to Doctor Lesko he seems oblivious to the queen's death and not upset at all toward you. If you frenzy the queen she will attack the robot and he will help you kill her. Another easy way to kill the Fire Ant Queen is to get close to her with a melee weapon and continue circling around her behind while attacking. Or a quicker way is to use 1 shot from the Fatman, the queen ant will die instantly (but be shure not to use the MIRV and waste 8 mini nukes cause she dies with one)

    For More information use the following link:

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  1. If you have mad it to the scientist. its the other door in his room. If you havent and you need to start off in the metro in the town. Go in it. Start moving along and you will see 2 paths. a door and the opening the big big metro. Choose the door. and keep choosing those paths until you reach the scientist. If you keep going that way you should run into him. just make sure you check for his door and dont pass it.

    User Info: scotty167349

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  2. Assuming you are talking about Ant Agonizer's lair, if you go about 1 minute north/northeast of the town where the quest begins you can find the door leading to it in the rocky path. There is also a secret entrance on top of the jagged rocks close to the main entrance. It is not that far from the town.

    User Info: ResidentEvilFL

    ResidentEvilFL - 12 years ago 0   2

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