Review by BjsShadow

Reviewed: 07/30/07

Bomberman Live will blow you away!

Bomberman Live-

This is easily one of the most addicting games on Xbox Live Arcade to date. Will there be better games created? Most likely, but right now, this is definitely the Head Honcho of the arcade games. Blowing each other up, hasn’t been this fun in a long while.

Story 1/10- There is no story. None at all.

Visuals/Audio 7/10- Very impressive for an Xbox Live arcade game. Needless to say they weren’t much better than Bomberman 64, for the Nintendo 64. But for a Xbox Live arcade game, that’s about as much as you would expect. So there isn’t much to look at it. But its crisp, and runs smooth. 8 different levels, and different backgrounds. Oh, and there is an annoying little musical score you can listen to as you blow your friends to burnt toast.

Game play 10/10- As simple as it is, this really is the most addicting Xbox Live Arcade game I have played. Frantically running around bombing everything to hell, gathering power ups as quickly as you can. Picking up Costume balls (which can be collected in either single or multiplayer) to customize your own personal bomber for online and offline play. There are 25 different costumes which can be collected, and mix matched to create your own unique bomber which represents you. 8 different levels, and 5 different game types including : classic, paint bomb, bombing run, arena feature, and zombie bomber.

Classic - The classic blow everything up bomber man

Bombing run- Juiced up hyper speed run around the map throwing bombs super fast.

Paint bomb- Paint the tiles, and blow each other up. When you die, you become a revenge bomber, and try to blow the others up , and perhaps even return back to the game. If you die, it doesn’t matter. Player with the most painted tiles wins!

Zombie- Played just like Paint Bomb, except you are immortal, you will never die.

Arena Feature- Played like Classic mode, except the arenas have booby traps which can capture, slow you down, or even warp you to the other side of the map.

Multiplayer 9/10- Think your skills are good? Team with 3 friends on the same Xbox, and take the fight to live! Up to 8 players total on a map. Each player on your Xbox may customize their own bomber when they go terrorize others. Things get so much more frantic with 8 players running about, explosions everywhere. Great fun, and you can even play tournaments to see who is the best Bomber man. There is really no problem with multiplayer, except for most matches I played found myself with other players who had low ping, which caused the match to not even begin. Although this isn’t much of a problem, it still is a problem, nonetheless. Definitely one of the best Xbox Live Arcade games I have played.

Re-playability 10/10- This game is so simple, yet so addicting. I mean like maddening addicting. You will want to play in tournaments, compete with other players and even the computer. Play different game types, and maps. Play again and again to collect the costume balls. Rearrange your characters’ head, body, and face to make unique and ridiculously funny Bombers. And this is really a great game that anyone can learn, and get the hang of with the first time of playing it.

Trial or Buy it?

The trial doesn’t offer you much. You can only pick one of two bomber men/women, and one map with the classic play. You CAN bring friends locally to play on the screen. But there is no online play, nor can you play any other game type besides classic. Buy it, it’s worth it. 800 Microsoft points doesn’t cost that much, and believe me, Bomber Man Live is really worth it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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