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(Spoiler) Am I the only the one who noticed this? Plot
Borderlands 2 DLC not working? Tech Support
Escort Bug? Main Quest
How do I make big smoke,guys. Not a single person shows how to do it,just- why? Build
I don't know how to turn the siren off but leave the lights on in a cop car how do I? Tech Support
Licences transfer? General
Saints Row 2 online multiplayer? Tech Support
Se puede obtener el Phoenix bandit en 2 partidas diferentes? Tech Support
There is a glitch with the purgatory. How can I fix it? Tech Support
There is a phone number on a wall saying 555 HAWK what does HAWK mean? Plot

Answered Questions Answers Last Answer
How to buy store at power plant? Side Quest 1 3 months ago
Are the activities in Saints Row 2 easier than the ones in Saints Row 1? General 5 3 months ago
What main characters from saints row are still in saints row 2? General 3 3 months ago
What stote has the advenger jacket on saints row 2? Enemy/Boss 1 5 months ago
how do i get a star for "kill with motorcycle"? Side Quest 1 5 months ago
I completed 38% of the game but I cant find the rest of the missions. What should I do? Main Quest 2 8 months ago
How do I change the character in saints row 2? Main Quest 1 8 months ago
How do i find ultor family fun day. I cant find it anywhere. I beaten the game and can not find it? Main Quest 2 8 months ago
How do i unlock a lambogini? Tech Support 1 10 months ago
How do I get my gang to use the gang sign? Build 1 1 year ago

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