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Guide and Walkthrough by oldschool312

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/29/2010
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                             Splinter Cell Conviction
                              Created 4-21-2010
                                Version 1.0


                         T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S

           Version History...................................[VSHY]
                Merchant's Street Market.....................[WLK1]
                Kobin's Mansion..............................[WLK2]
                Price Airfield...............................[WLK3]
                Diwaniya, Iraq...............................[WLK4]
                Washington Monument..........................[WLk5]
                White Box Laboratories.......................[WLK6]
                Lincoln Memorial.............................[WLK7]
                Third Echelon HQ.............................[WLK8]
                Michigan Avenue Reservoir....................[WLK9]
                Downtown District............................[WLK10]
                The White House..............................[WLK11]
           P.E.C. Challenges.................................[PECC]
                Pepare and Execute...........................[PCPE]
                Splinter Cell................................[PCSC]
           Weapon Stash......................................[WPST]


                         I N T R O D U C T I O N                        [INTD]

The Splinter Cell series has always been known for its stealth game play 
mechanics. In past versions there was always darkness to hide in to avoid 
detection. This installment in the series keeps stealth as a central component
but adds a heavier sense of action. In this walkthrough I will attempt to 
describe how to move through each level undetected. At certain points throughout
Sam will have to rely more on weapon handling than stealth. I will try limit
these times and attempt to find a way to maneuver through a level without
leaving any trace of having been there. This is not to say we will not encounter
areas where deadly force is neeeded. This is the method in which I enjoyed 
playing Splinter Cell Conviction and only mention this because it is how the
guide is also crafted. The information below is a method that will assure 
completion of the game without unnecessary enemy detection. One of the great 
parts about this game is that you can approach it how you choose. If you want to
run and gun Sam has the ability to do so but if sticking to shadows is your 
preference there will also be ample opportunities to do that as well.

                       V E R S I O N  H I S T O R Y                      [VSHY]

Version 0.85
 -Submitted 4-22-2010
 -Walkthrough up to mission mission 8
 -P.E.C. Challenges list (needs some formatting)
 -Weapon Stash list (needs some formatting)

Version 1.0
 -Submitted 4-26-2010
 -Walkthrough finished
 -Achievement List added
 -Weapon Stash reorganized

Version 1.0
  -Submitted 4-27-2010
  -P.E.C. Challenges reformatted


                          W A L K T H R O U G H                          [WLKT]

The walkthrough is written based on NORMAL Difficulty. Many of the stealth 
sequences will not work for Realistic Difficulty. In Realistic Difficulty the 
white Warning meter decreases to detection much quicker. The higher difficulty
setting results in more difficult movement in light without detection.

The walkthrough is also writtent in an attempt to limit Sam's impact on the 
world around him. In other words, I've tried to move through the levels 
undetected and leaving the least number of bodies that are possible. There are
some situations where there will not be an option, Sam must kill the enemy 
before proceeding. Also if you find a portion of the game too difficult, stop
trying to be ultra sneaky and clear the room.

Merchant's Street Market                                                 [WLK1] 

Sam is in hiding from everyone and everything he knew. The game picks up with
him sitting outside a cafe when he recieves a phone call that armed guards are 
closing in on his position. He will not trust the person on the other end until
she reveals how she found him. Grim responds that 3rd Echelon has their eye on
everyone and asks Sam to look up. Move the right stick to look up and set the Y-
axis (inverted or not). The men are closer and the recommendation is to move
to the stalls ahead to avoid a public fire fight. Once there press and hold LT 
to take cover. While in cover tap A to move to the next cover spot. Once Sam
has moved twice hold your position because their is an armed man just ahead.
Grim overloads the transformer and the lights go out just as Sam flashes back
to 20 years ago.

Move to the door next to Sarah's name and enter. Sarah is afraid of the dark and
needs the light on. The good dad that Sam is, he complies with her request. Sam
doesn't stop there though. He turns her fear into a lesson on stealth game play.
Man, he really is a total badass. Once he convinces Sarah that its good to sleep
in the dark she asks for the light off. Sam will then mention that when its dark
you can see into the light but when in the light its hard to see into the dark.
Basically, the point is that when you notice the screen is black and white Sam
is almost invisible to enemies. Sam then discusses that in the dark one may be 
able to see different ways to ensnare "monsters" that are trying to move in the
dark. A sound similar to glass shattering is heard coming from another room.
This leads Sam to leave Sarah and...

The scene then returns to the current situation with the tranformers blown.
While behind cover align the cross hairs over the enemies and press RT to shoot.
Its best to wait for the the enemy to be relatively close and move the cross 
hairs over their head. Once the three thugs are dismissed we flash back to Sam
leaving Sarah's room, overhearing some ill-advised thieves (boy did they break
into the wrong house). This sequence teaches you to Mark and Execute. In order
to have the ability to Mark and Execute, Sam must first preform a stealth kill.
An enemy will try to get the jump on Sam from the room on the right. When he 
does press B to activate a stealth kill. In this tutorial the action will stop
allowing Sam to mark the other two thieves with RB. Once both are marked press
Y to execute. Unfortunately, the commotion brings Sarah from her room.

We return to Sam on the run and the screen displays that LB will alter the Sam's
position from standing to crouching and back. Stand up and grab one of the 
dead guy's weapons (if you want) and move forward. Slide from cover to cover
until you see the light. Peform a stealth kill from the cover on the enemy 
looking away. Next mark the two other enemies in the courtyard and execute them.
As Sam reaches the 40m mark from the target, Grim announces she knows the 
identity of the leader of this band of marauders, Dmitri Gramkos. Sam's new 
objective is to reach, grab, and interrogate Dmitri.

Move by the car using cover to traverse the alley. In the next open area Sam
will be able to see at least four enemies with a fifth hidden at the back right.
The guy at the back right is Dmitri. As Sam reaches the piece of cover closest
to the enemies, the one in the orange vest will approach. Stay hidden and use 
a stealth kill. Now Sam can mark and execute two of the enemies leaving one more
and Dmitri. Once the two marked enemies are executed quickly take out the third
guy without shooting Dmitri. He will fire a couple of shots then run. Pursue 
him down the stairs. He has locked himself in a room. Use B to bash down the 
door. Inside, Sam will disarm Dmitri and begin their discussion. When Dmitri
decides he does not want to talk press B near one of the urinals to persuade
him to do so. Any time Dmitri decides to become tight lipped move him around
the room to an interactable object and interrogate more.

Kobin's Mansion                                                          [WLK2]

At the beginning of this level Sam "finds" a mirror that will allow him to look
under doors. Walk to the door in front of the car to try out the new tool. Now
that you know everything is safe open the door and enter the next area. Kobin's
compound is to the right. Do not get too close to the main gate because once
Sam is seen the guards will begin firing. Instead look for a door at the corner
of the compound (Sam will be about 25 m away) and use the mirror to investigate
the number and location of enemies. It looks like there are three, one on the 
other side of the door and two at the front gate. To the right of the door are
a line of parked cars. Move to the one across from the corner then press B to
sound the car's alarm. When the alarm goes off move to the compound's wall and
climb over it. Wait for the guard to exit then drop below. Look for a pipe on
the side of the building before the other two guards. Climb to the top of the
pipe then move across the face of the building to the first window. Toss the 
guy standing inside the window to the outside and enter. 

Move through the door in front of Sam and turn left (ignore the guard looking
over the balcony). Take cover in the next room behind the chairs. Mark and 
Execute the two men inside then exit through the door on the far right. Remain 
on the second floor and follow the balcony to a double glass door. Enter the 
hall through the door. At the end of the hall Sam will find a Weapon Stash that
can be used to upgrade Sam's weapons and equipment. Be sure to equip the MP 446
and purchase the reflex sight. Sam will now have the ability to Mark and Execute
three enemies at a time.

Continue down the hall and move toward the chatter in the next room. Find the
pipe in the corner (its okay to move through the lights no one will see you). 
Climb the pipe and shimmy until Sam is over an enemy press LT to use the Death
From Above maneuver. Climb the next set of stairs. An enemy in a green shirt is
looking out the window on the right. As long as he is looking out the window and
not patrolling Sam can walk right behind him unseen. If he is mobile it may be
best to take him out. Walk down the stairs at ahead and quickly turn right into
the next hall.

Walk down the next hall and pick up a couple of EMP grendes on the table (they
really should not have just left these sitting out like that). When needed, use
the X button to throw a grenade. Continue down the stairs for an autosave and
information that will flash on the distant wall.  Move to Sam's left and find
the pipe leading to the ceiling. Climb it to move over the guard investigating
this side of the room. Once Sam moves over the enemy drop below and exit through
the door (after checking to see if anyone is looking on the other side). Once
through the door turn and face the door. Jump up to a thin pipe and begin to
move along the wall to the right. Stop at the thicker pipe and use it to move 
across the ceiling to the opposite side of the room. When the pipe turns left
take that path until it curves toward the floor. Wait for an opening as Kobin's
men begin to move forward. When it appears safe slide down the pipe to the
ground and move through doorway.

Go up the stairs. Enter the next hall and exit to the outside via the green 
door. Once outside find the pipe attached to the wall and climb up. Shimmy to 
the right and pull the guard out of the building through the first window. 
Two more guards are coming down the stairs. Mark and Execute them then go to  
the 2nd floor of the compound. Korbin is in the room at the top of the stairs 
and he is scared. Unfortunately, we do not have a Mark and Execute available to
enter the room with, but we can get one. Move to the window on this floor and 
exit. Continue to shimmy to the right until you are behind an enemy near the 
window. Pull him out to his death and Sam now has a Mark and Execute manuever.
Return to the front door of Kobin's room and shoot out the three nearby lights.
As Sam is killing the lights, paranoid Kobin will send one of his thugs to the
door to investigate the lack of noise. Make some noise by bashing the door in
the enemies face then retreat to the pillar opposite the window exit we took
just a short while ago. Wait for at least three enemies to exit the room then
Mark and Execute them. A fourth guy will come out right after them. This one 
will need to be shot manually. With the room clear, move to the window again and
exit. Slide back to the right as far as Sam can go and enter the room. When 
Kobin is not looking (shooting in another direction), move to his location and
practice your interrogation technique.

Price Airfield                                                           [WLK3]

Press B a couple times to "hit" Grim then exit the cage to grab some C4. First
though Sam needs to silently take out the patrolling guard. Mark and Execute the
remaining enemies then grab the C4 on the table behind their bodies. Walk up the
stairs of the hangar and peak under the door. There is an enemy standing on the
other side and one patrolling to the right. When safe open the door and silently
take out the guard. Close the door and take cover behind one of the barriers in
the railing. The enemies are located as follows:

     1 in a small communications room to the lower left
     2 working on the helicopter
     2 in the back left corner underneath a "trap"
     1 straight ahead on the same platform as Sam
     1 under the platform and to the right of the screen

Lets first focus on the guard patrolling the platform. If you are quick enough
it is possible to crouch walk to his location and kill him without being
noticed. Watch at the distant right for an enemy to begin walking toward the
"trap". Once he is close to the trap behind the helicopter the stationary guard
we are focusing on will move. If time right you can take out the guard quick
otherwise. Patiently wait for the guy to move from his starting location and 
leave the platform. At this time move to the right and take cover near the 
corner. Watch as the guard returns to the platform and walks across the bridge.
He will then turn left and walk away from Sam. At this point follow him for a 
stealth kill. Return the way you came but stop before you reach the corner. Look
down to find another enemy. Drop of the edge of the ledge and utilize the Death
From Above Maneuver. Climb the yellow pipe and drop when you are near the door
out. Exit and jump the railing that is on the left when you look at the door. 
Drop to the floor of the porch then shimmy left to the open window. Climb in 
through the window and drop into the opening in the floor. Open the door and 
quietly take the man at the computer as a human shield. Reenter the room Sam
just left and kill the guard. Exit and move to the wall with the tools then take
cover near the machinery behind the guys working on the helicopter. Mark and 
execute the two men at the helicopter and then shoot the trap above the two 
others. Once the trap begins to fall press Y to Execute the enemies at the 
helicopter. Plant the C4 then exit the hangar.

Once outside outfit Sam and upgrade weapons using the Weapon Stash. Move toward 
the light, passing the parked truck. Ahead is a series of barracks with several
enemies patrolling the area. The power relay in in the barracks in the back
right corner. One option here is to clear each of the barracks from enemies
which is what will be described first, the other options is to move to the power
relay station unseen.

First though we will try to take out as many guards as possible. The first 
building on the right has a guard outside and one inside. The one outside begins
the level next to a patrolling enemy. Wait for him to leave then sneak up beside
the stationary guard and grab him for a body shield. Move to the side of the 
building and kill the guard. The one inside is easy. Enter through the window 
and take him out. Be sure to grab the frag grenades on the table the soldier was
standing in front of. Exit through the window in the back and move to the next 
barracks. It is empty but there are two enemies between this building and the 
next that are easily dispatched with a Mark and Execute. Continue to the back of
the last barracks in this row. Wait patiently for a patrolling guard to enter 
the room. He will pause at a table near the front then come to the window at the
back. As long as Sam is in cover beside the window, he will not be noticed. Once
the guard turns quickly enter through the window and grab the enemy for a body 
shield. Move backwards close to the window then kill the guard. A second enemy 
is stationed just outside the open door on the left wall. Stealth kill this 
guard and exit the final barracks in this row. Go in the direction of the arrow
painted on the ground to find the Relay Barracks. There is a window at the back
of the building where Sam can Mark and Execute all three guards inside. Enter 
the barracks and pull the switch at the end to cut power to the base. Exit the
barracks and move through the door next to the gate with the stop signs. Since
we didn't clear the other buildings in the area the remaining guards will be 
alerted to a disturbance. You can avoid them and push forward or kill them as 
the search the area.


After passing by the truck with the lights on move to the right and go behind
the first building. Depending on your speed there may be a guard looking out the
first window. If so wait until he move then continue forward. Take cover behind
the second barracks and move to the corner. Two guards are between the buildings
talking. Use the Next Cover maneuver to go from barracks two to the corner of
barracks three unseen. Enter barracks three through the open window (check for
guards inside first because one does make a patrol in). Take the first door on
the right using the guard outside as a hostage. Bring him to the relay station
and execute him outside the building. Now move to the back of the relay station
and perform a Mark and Execute command on the enemies inside. Pull the switch
and move on through the gate to the right of the relay station.

Now the goal has changed to plant C4 charges on the satellite dish to prevent
tracking. The dish is in the back right corner of the next area. Move by the 
Weapon Stash and take cover next to the opening in the tent. Wait for the
patrolling guard to move into the next room then enter. Move all the way to the
right and exit through the door. Make a left and reenter the hangar. Once back
inside jump onto the wall on the right and hang. From this spot Sam can see 
the satellite and the guards stationed around it. Jump the wall and move toward
the truck ahead staying to the right of the large devices. Stop at the concrete
divider and wait for any nearby guards to leave. Jump the divider and circle
around to the satellite to plant the C4.

Head toward the building at the back of the base closest to the satellite and
enter. Move to the far right of the building and take cover behind the crates.
Watch for the guards to begin to move to the left then head for the front of 
the building and exit to the right. Keep going until you reach the fence. 
Follow the fence until Grim talks again. Around the truck on the right will be
another group of enemies searching for Sam. Stay close to the truck as you move
around it and take cover behind the first column. Wait for the guard to check 
out the area directly ahead of Sam then move to the next column. The guards
will work there way toward the area near the truck. While they are doing that
Sam should be moving toward the fence (staying on the right side of the area).
Once Sam reaches the last of the columns, line up a head shot on the soldier
inside the guardhouse and enter. Use the console to disrupt the gate security
system and exit through the door next to the gate.

Diwaniya, Iraq                                                           [WLK4]

Flash to 20 years ago in Iraq. Move by the broken blue road sign and take cover
behind some dividers to the left just behind the broken white bus. Use the zoom
to find the two enemies in the distance and open fire. Continue forward and look
for the charred van at about 183 m away from the goal. Use the scope to view the
enemies. One soldier will begin to move toward the white car just ahead and
pause as if he is looking for something. Wait for him to finish and walk by your
location behind the burnt van. When he does use your hand to hand capabilities
to take him out. Now scope the other enemies and fire with precision to take 
them down. When you near 114m from the target destination you will see a blue
pick-up truck. A guard will be standing at the bed of the truck. Take him out
quietly and approach the group of three soldiers to the left. While in cover 
behind the white car toss a grenade to hopefully take out all three. A single 
patrolling enemy may remain. Quickly snipe him and move forward passing under 
blue road signs that read Baghdad 110 km and Iraqi Border 60 km.

We have now arrived at what appears to be a fueling station. The area is
swarming with Iraqi soldiers. There is no stealth to be had. Take inventory of
the enemies then begin picking them off. The fuel truck can also create quite an
explosion that my help even the odds slightly. Move cautiously behind the 
barriers and scope out the distant enemies while remaining behind cover. The 
goal is a double door blue gate at the end of the path. After passing through 
the gate move down to the red car and look for enemies. The objective is to 
search the buildings but that is not really necessary. Stay on the main path and
simply take out all of the enemies before passing through another blue gate.

Enter what appears to be a school and clear it of enemies. Exit into a play
ground only to hear an interrogation in progress. Cross the playground and 
crouch at the window ahead. Kill both of the soldiers attempting to retrieve
information from your friend then enter the building through the door on the
side and rescue your squad mate. Once the cinematic has ended take cover behind
the debris. Utilize the red barrels to take out enemies easier. Defend your 
position untill reinforcements arrive.

Washington Monument                                                      [WLK5]

Sam finds himself at a fairground attempting to meet with Coste. Unfortunately,
Coste has men tailing him. The goal is to locate the men and eliminate them 
without being detected or seen by the public. Each of the three men will be 
mobile and marked by a white X on screen. The key to accomplishing the objective
is to approach each spotter cautiously. Be sure that you see them before getting
to close. Once Sam sees one of the spotters watch their movements and follow
from a reasonable distance. When the enemy enters an area that is dark and/or
hidden from public view close the distance and take the spotter out.

The first enemy is patrolling near the merry-go-round. He will walk behind the
bumper cars. This is the perfect site to strike. The next two can be found 
around the food court. Move by the claw machines that are located behind the
bumper cars and look to the left. If you see the large Lemon then you have found
the food court and the location of the final two spotters. One of the men
tailing Coste will stand near the "Cola" machines then move away from the Lemon
and make a circle around the booths behind the "Cola" machines. The third 
spotter will arrive in front of the booth with the kegs and walk toward the area
where Sam took out the first spotter. He will then turn into the opposite alley
toward the Porta Potty and circle around next to the Space Explorer Ride.

Now that we know how the final two enemies move its time to take them out. 
Depending on the location of each of the spotters there is variability on how to
take them out. The goal is to end up behind the "Cola" machines to take one out
and to take the other out behind the Royal Seventh. If there is no one behind 
the Cola machines or behind the Royal Seventh it should be safe for Sam to 
approach the Cola machines, hide behind them, and wait for one of the spotters
to return. If you see the guy in front of the Cola machines wait near the area
behind the bumper cars and watch for the "third" spotter to walk by and move 
toward the Porta Potty where he can easily be dealt with. Then move to the area
behind the Cola machines to take out the other one. The position of the enemies
will dictate the order in which they are eliminated.

Sam will notify Coste once the last of the unwanted guests are gone. The meeting
between Coste and Sam is set for a building a the base of the Washington 
Monument. Coste provides some equipment to Sam that will help with the upcoming

Quickly move back toward the fair but do not reenter through the opening/gate.
Instead move to the right and there will be a small opening in the back of the
booth where Sam can enter. Stay behind the counter and jump over on the far
right when it seems safe. Continue on the path to the right passing by the 
Blazing Hoops game. Head toward the car near the Mob Shooting Range game and 
turn left down the alley. Turn right into the next booth to avoid the soldiers
ahead. At the end of the counter will be a bucket and cash register. Jump over
the table and head right. Move into the dark area and go through the hole in
the back of the booth. Sam should be behind the counter of the Water Shoot Game
looking at some soldiers. Move to the last gun of the game on the right and 
wait. There is a soldier down the path to the right in front of the Mr. Lucky
Ducky game. Stay hidden until you see the soldier circle the Mr. Lucky Ducky 
game and come around the far corner close to the large Pirate sign. (If you can
tag the patrolling enemy Sam will be able to move sooner because you will be 
able to tell sooner when it is safe to move). When you see this soldier jump
the counter and head right. Ahead you should see large lettering "The Fair", 
make a right into the alley. Next turn left and Sam should be approaching the
merry-go-round. Peak around the corner to find three soldiers walking toward 
Sam. Now go back the way you came and stop at "the Fair" lettering. If the 
Lucky Ducky patrolling guard is not looking move around the corner to the right
to get behind the three guards moving toward the merry-go-round. Sam should now
be about 35 meters from his car at the exit point of the fairgrounds. There will
be several enemies approaching the ramp leading to the fair. Quickly move left
of the ramp and into the darkness to avoid being seen. If you made it into the
darker area safely, Sam can move by the remaining guards (sticking to the 
shadows) without being seen.

Walk in front of Grim during the intermission between missions.

White Box Laboratories                                                    [WLK6]

Sam should head toward the gate ahead from the left. A guard will stand at the
gate then walk to the guard house and then back to the gate. This pattern of
movement is repeated. Move to the divider closest to the gate and when the
guard turns to walk into the guard house jump the divider and the gate. Once
across the gate move toward the back of the guard house and cross the parking 
lot. (Alternatively, you can just shoot the guard in the head).

The left corner of the building has a pipe that Sam can climb. Once at the top
turn to the right and jump up to the next rooftop. Walk under the wires ahead
and find another pipe to climb. At the top shimmy to the left and climb the 
next pipe. At the top of this one move to the left again and climb the very
next pipe. This time once at the top move to the right to find a walkway Sam 
can climb onto. On the right side of this walkway is yet another pipe for Sam
to climb. At the top move to the right to find the last two pipes that lead us
inside the facility.

Go straight ahead jumping two pipes then ducking under a third. Climb onto the
brick surface and go left. At the bottom of the stairs you should see a building
with scientists inside. Move to the end of the walkway to find a yellow pipe Sam
can slide down. Continue to move down the platforms until you reach the Security
Room. Use the camera to peak under the door to see who is inside. There are 
three enemies inside. Climb the yellow pipe across from the door to reach the 
roof of the building. Mark the two enemies that are not directly below Sam. 
While hanging above one of the soldiers drop through the skylight using the 
Death From Above Maneuver. As soon as you hit the ground press Y to Execute the
other two enemies that were Marked. Investigate the console to take control of
the security cameras. Change the camera feed until you find the one showing
several guards forcing some scientists to work on a project.

Exit to the left and move down the platform. Jump through the window to the room
below. To Sam's immediate left is a wall that he can use to jump to a small
roof. From this vantage point you can see the entire room. Watch the patrolling
guards movements and take note of the position of the stationary guards. One 
guard will walk to the front of the room near a dark area. Move there and take
him out silently with a hand to hand attack. Return to the roof and utilize the
Mark and Execute ability to take out the majority of the remaining soldiers. A 
guard may remain but without reinforcements any one left will be no match for
Sam. With the soldiers defeated the scientist is safe. Walk to his location and
question him. The scientist lets Sam into the elevator. Ride it to Robertson's

Exit the elevator and use the camera to peek under the large metal double doors
ahead. Inside you should see a couple soldiers executing a couple of scientists.
Move through the door to the left and open a window. Jump out the window and 
shimmy to the left to get a better view of the enemy locations inside the room.
Move to the enemy standing in front of a window and open it. Mark the other
four enemies inside the room. Pull the guy in front of the window out to his 
death then Execute the others inside. Enter the room and move down the hall.

Just before the stairs with the objective "Reach Robertson's Office" written
on it, is a column with a yellow pipe on each side. Climb the pipe on the left
to the top. When you can not go up any more look for a small office and take the
pipe in that direction. When it is safe (the patrolling guard has moved away)
drop below near a desk and take cover. Safely open a window and jump to the 
outside. Move to the left while on the outside of the building until you reach
the walkway with two stationary guards talking. On the left side of the screen
there will be a pipe on the walkway shrouded with darkness. Climb on to the 
walkway and quickly climb the pipe. There is a patrolling guard near the pipe
that Sam will have to be wary of. The two stationary guards should not be a 
problem. Now, Sam has returned to the outer wall of the area. Move to the right
until Sam is under the final window. A guard will patrol the area near this 
window. Wait for him to walk away then open the window and enter the room. Move
through the door ahead and turn off the lights. A Weapon Stash is just ahead.
Move by it and listen to the discussion with Grim.

After talking with Grim move to the left and enter the next room. Wait until
the patrolling guard has moved then jump out the window ahead. Move to the
left as far as possible. Sam should be under a window and next to a large silver
pipe. There are 3 stationary soldiers and one on patrol inside the room. Wait
for the patrolling guard to move away from Sam then enter the room. Stick to the
shadows and move to the left. Exit the room through a window. Climb onto the
walkway and climb the pipe at the end near the dead scientist's body.

Move to straight to the door and hit the light switch. The area to the right
has a pressure sensitive lighting system. As soon as Sam takes one step onto the
floor the lights will come on alerting anyone nearby of his presence. Behind the
door Sam will find two stationary guards. A third guard will walk by them and
patrol the area with the pressure sensitive lighting system. If you have a Mark
and Execute saved take cover by the door and open it. Mark all three soldiers
and wait for them to all be in view then Execute. If you do not have a Mark and
Execute you should be able to take out the patrolling guard when he approaches
and gain the ability (just be sure that you do not enter the pressure sensitive
area before he does or the guards will start looking for Sam). I could not find
a way to move around these guys successfully/repeatedly without being seen. Once
the three guards are down turn the corner at the end of the hall and jump up to
the roof of the "cubicle" in the next area. From Sam's vantage point you should
be able to see a patrolling guard in the foreground, two stationary guards 
inside the cubicle, and one patrolling guard in the back. Move to the rear left 
of the cubicle roof. Watch for the guard at the rear to move into the cubicle
at this time drop to the left (outside of the cubicle) and move to the area 
vacated by the guard. Do not use the door, instead jump out the window and move
to the outer area of the next room.

When Sam reaches the window at the corner of the building enter the room and 
crouch. Move forward and jump to the roof of the cubicle near the fallen chair.
Walk to the back left corner of the cubicle's roof. Drop to the ground and walk
behind the guard to find a yellow pipe on the far wall. Climb it and move under
the stairs. Drop into the next room to find Robertson's office. Grim wants Sam
to be prepared for the potential for company. Place a remote mine near the 
elevator, then move to the desk with the computer and "Connect". There are two 
viable options now, Sam can either protect the console from the ceiling of the
room by climbing the pipe near the computer or exit the room via the window and
protect it from outside. Sam can see the enemies more clearly and quicker if 
you use the pipe but exiting through the window provides more protection.
The enemies will flood the room in a pattern of waves.

     First Wave: elevator
     Second Wave: Door behind elevator
     Third Wave: Door near the stairs at the back
     Fourth Wave: Elevator
     Fifth Wave: Door near the stairs at the back
     Sixth Wave: Door behind elevator
     Final Wave: Comes at around 80% complete and the enemies come from all
                 three areas.

The task is much easier using explosives to thin the crowd especially when a 
wave comes from the elevator. Any enemies not destroyed by the explosives should
be shot. Since the last wave has the most enemies it may be wise to save at 
least one detonating device to deal with the larger numbers.

Someone is trying to trace Grim's position. Exit the office via the stairs.
Follow the walkway to a pipe that will provide Sam access down. Drop into
the room below and be prepared for a trap. As soon as Sam approaches the EMP
device the room will be filled with enemies. Quickly move by the EMP device and
climb the pipe on the other side of the room. While hanging above the room Sam
can hit the canisters to cause explosions, shoot out any of the lights, target
the enemies with his pistol, or use Death From Above. There does not seem to be
a way to detonate the EMP without at the very least killing the three enemies
patroling the platform where the detonation console is located. 

Once the EMP detonates climb back up to the ceiling using the pipe at floor
level and to Sam's right when looking toward the exit. Three soldiers will enter
the building and walk right underneath Sam. Move to the large gate but stop and
take cover on the left side of the opening. As Grim and Sam talk three more 
soldiers will be on their way to the door. Wait in the shadows for all three to
pass by then exit to the car.

Lincoln Memorial                                                         [WLK7]

Sam can move freely at in the area around the memorial. Simply walk to the
camera control booth and hack the controls. Pressing the D-Pad will change the
camera in use and pressing R3 will zoom in. As Reed and Galliard move around
the Lincoln Memorial Sam will have to alternate among the cameras to record
the conversation. The order that will provide the best results is:
                  Camera 1 --> Camera 2 --> Camera 1 

Once the conspirators part ways exit the camera control booth and head toward
the Lincoln Memorial. If you make it quick enough Galliard will have his back
turned talking to Grim on the phone. Move to Galliard and begin Sam's patented
techniques for extracting information.

Towards the end of the interrogation an agent no doubt working for Reed kills
Galliard and runs. Chase him across the stage and into the VIP tent just before
the camera control booth. Enter with cautious quickness because he will fire
shots at Sam. Take cover and continue foward movement until he runs. Exit the
tent and jump the fence. Police are now on scene and will be looking for Sam.
There are direct orders from the president that no Washington D.C. police 
officers are to be killed during the chase for Galliard's killer. As you exit
the next tent and move around the white truck Sam will encounter to police
officers. Take cover near the end of the truck and wait for one to approach.
Take him out with hand to hand combat then move forward. If the second one sees
Sam take him out too, otherwise continue pursuit around the corner. The 
killer will knock over some storage trunks that same should jump over as he
stays in pursuit. After passing the truck that is backing up the killer will be
waiting to fire some more shots at Sam. Again move forward cautiously but
with a sense of urgency. As Sam closes in he will run again. Climb the wall and
enter the next tent. This one is kind of a maze. The killer will fire blind 
shots at Sam but keep the pressure on. Exit the tent only to be encountered by
two more officers. Take them out gently or just run by. Give chase through the 
video truck and slide under the truck trailer. Cross the street and run through
the cafe. Upon exiting the cafe turn left and give chase down the stairs. 

Now that the Galliard's killer has been dealt with there are multiple Third 
Echelon agents in bound. Run back up the stairs and enter the cafe. Move to the
second floor and jump through the window. The objective is to hold out against
the agents until Sam's transporation out arrives. Sam will ultimately remain
undetected by hanging outside the window. If this seems like an easy out or a 
chicken way of handling the situation feel free to open fire killing all that 
approach (it can be really fun). After three waves of Third Echelon agents are
unable to locate and deal with Sam Fisher. Drop to the ground and run to the
right to find your ride away.

Third Echelon HQ                                                         [WLK8]

During this level Sam has to avoid detection. This means not being detected by
guards or security cameras. Also the mission will be over if a guard comes
across a dead body or Sam shoots a security camera to disable it.

Move to the back of the car and hug the wall as you move toward the motorcycles.
At the motorcycles turn right and jump to the roof of the office. Here you will
find an open grate. Inside will be two guards discussing the area's security.
Stand over the opening so that you can see the car Sam rode in to the parking
garage. The Death From Above option should appear. Use it to take one guard out
then press B quickly to take out the other with Sam's hand to hand fighting 
skills. If this is too tricky one of the guards will leave the building then
you can take out the other. Defeating this set of enemies gives Sam a security
access card. Exit the office.

A camera is surveying the area just outside the door of the office. Be careful
as you exit to not get seen. Move to the left and climb the pipe. Use the pipe
that runs across the ceiling to arrive near the next camera. Jump over the ledge
and go to the left. When Sam can not go any further left, drop below. A guard
will patrol this area. Once the guard passes by and is closer to Sam's entry 
point continue forward staying in the shadows. Sam should reach a
dead end. At this time come out of your crouch and jump to grab hold of the 
ledge above. Move to the opening in the wall and enter the first room where C4
is to be planted. Exit using the same vent system that you entered but do not
drop to the floor. Move over to jump over the rail and enter the parking area. 
Walk down the ramp when the guard walks away and hide behind the white truck. 
Another guard will be patrolling behind the cars in this area. Stay close but 
behind him in the shadows. When the guard walks to the right move to the door of
the second transformer room and plant the remaining C4. Move back up the stairs
of the transformer room and check under the door. If the guard is at the 
opposite end of the parking area exit and walk toward the stairs on the left. 
Jump over the railing, enter the elevator, and take a ride up.

Walk up to the desk to speak with the receptionist. Once the dialogue is over an
alarm will sound. A security gate behind the desk will begin to slowly descend. 
The same will happen down the hall to the left that Sam must travel. Take cover
behind the desk and toss an EMP grenade/flashbang into the security room ahead.
Jump the desk and take out the guard as he tries to exit the room. Head down the
hall only to be greeted by two more enemies. If you were able to take out the 
initial guard with hand to hand combat then simply Mark and Execute the next two
otherwise toss a grenade, flashbang/EMP to get the upper hand and take them out.

Sam is unable to enter the restricted access area at this time. Instead go down
the stairs 
and take cover at the corner. Watch the guard enter the first office
on the right. When he does follow him and continue to the "window" and jump over
the edge. Slide to the right until Sam can go no further then reenter the office
area. There may be a couple of guards that begin to move to the left but pay no
attention to them. Continue forward to the next set of cubicles and a checkpoint

This next area also has survelience cameras on the wall that will alert everyone
to Sam's presence. Move to the center of the office area and jump up to the roof
of the first set of cubicles. Walk to the left corner and jump down only to jump
up to the roof of the next set of cubicles. Now cross the roof heading toward 
the right corner and drop off the edge. Move straight forward to the next office
area and jump up to the roof of the cubicles. Go to the left corner and watch 
for the guard below to move toward the "window". While he is looking out jump
down and go through the door. Close the door once inside and move to the right
side of the room to find the next door. Hit the lights and peak under the door.
The timing of this part is crucial to not being seen. The guard that you passed
by looking out the "window" will investigate this room. However, Sam does not
want to leave too quickly because there are two guards standing outside the next
door. Wait for them to begin to move then head out. Here is yet another tricky
part. A camera is in the corner watching over the door out. Time Sam's path to
stay out of the view of the camera. Enter through the door in the Server Room 
and talk with Fryman. He provides Sam with a new toy.

Jump above the desk between Fryman and the door out to reach the ceiling of the
server room. Use the goggles to identify/tag the location of all hostiles. The 
door out of the server room is to the right. Move to the left side of the door
(while remaining on the ceiling) and wait for the guards in the next room to
enter the server room. Once they are in drop down into the darkness. One guard
will remain beside the door but Sam can sneak by without detection. The camera
just outside the door is the main concern. When the camera is looking to Sam's 
left, move through the door to the server room then through the door to the room
on the right. Head back the same way you came in and Sam shouldn't be seen. The
goal is to return to the "Restricted Access" area we had to pass by earlier.

Once inside flip on the goggles to see the lasers throughout the room. Move 
under the first one and head toward the left. Wait for the double set to raise
then continue to the wall. Use the "flower" box along the wall to "jump" beside
the stationary laser. Move between the couches to the right and under the
vertically moving laser. Ahead will be an open area with a series of three timed
lasers. When the first one disappears move forward and continue forward as the
second and third disappear. Sam will be able to move under the fourth in the
series (this one does not disappear) simply by remaining in a crouched position.
The obstacle is a set of two horizontal and two verical moving lasers. The
timing has to be right to pass by unharmed. Try to wait for the horizontal 
lasers to move to the side as the vertical ones rise before passing. Once Sam
makes it jump through the gap above the doors.

Kobin is in Reed's office. Walk up stairs and have a conversation with Kobin.
Sam will find a way to convince him to provide the necessary intel. Use the 
Weapon Stash if necessary and prepare for an assault by the enemies. Three
soldiers will come crashing in. There is no escape, for them that is. So take 
them out however you see fit. Once the discussion with Grim ends more guards
will enter through the closed gate near the Weapon Stash. Find a good hiding
spot (maybe even above the gate) and wait for the guards to enter the room. 
Once they are all in (use the goggles) drop below and move through the opening.
If you are starting from a checkpoint, simply wait in cover near the Weapon 
Stash for the guards to pass by then move in the shadows to the exit.

The next hall is full of lasers just waiting for someone to activate a turret.
Enter the room on the left side of the hall. Jump over the chairs while avoiding
the horizontally moving lasers. The door at the end of the room is blocked by
lasers. Jump to the opening above the door to enter the next room. There are
two large tables in this room. Sam can not move on either side of the tables due
to the presences of lasers. Instead, what you must do is avoid the moving laser
and jump onto the tables to cross the room. Exit through the door on the right
and move down the hall to the left. At the end of the hall turn right and move 
through two doors. Once through the second watch for a guard to turn his back
in the well lit area. When he does exit the darkness and go up the stairs 
located to the right. This floor will have two Third Echelon agents waiting for
Sam. I have yet to find a way to move through this floor without drawing
unwanted attention. Once the smoke is thrown, Sam can jump to the ceiling of
this area and then find the two attackers to eliminate them.  Grim's office is
just around the corner. Once inside move to the desk and activate the
teleprescence call.

After the discussion with Grim notice how the image of the game changes. Sam's
only goal is to extract from Third Echelon before the self-destruct sequence 
deploys. This is made much easier by the fact that Sam has unlimited access to
the Mark and Execute function during the escape. You do not even have to 
manually mark any of the enemies. Just keep moving and pressing Y when enemies
are seen. Once Sam gets back to the elevator the mission is over.

Michigan Avenue Reservoir                                                [WLK9]

Use the Weapon Stash to equip the Five-Seven and the MP5-SD3 with 2x scope.
Follow the fence toward the building and find an opening near some concrete 
blocks right before reaching the truck. A few guards will be standing near the
truck and one will be patrolling to Sam's immediate left. When the patrolling 
guard walks away enter the area and jump over the railing into the dug out area
in the ground. Move to the other end and jump up to edge of the wall below the
railing. Wait for the patrolling soldier to approach and grab him to gain a Mark
and Execute. Climb over the railing on the far end and take cover behind the
bricks. Then move to the debris behind the Black Arrow Officer we need to 
interrogate. Mark and Execute the four remaining enemies (minus the guy in the 
center). Finally, grab the officer and ask him a few questions. 

Once you get the required answers, move to the left side of the building to
climb a pipe. Enter through the window. From this vantage point survey the area
to get an idea of where the guards are and how they move. Jump the pipe to the
right and drop to the warehouse floor. Find the nearby railing and jump down
into the cut out portion of the floor. Move through the opening to the right
then turn left and (when safe) jump up/over the railing. Move to the next
railing and lower into the cut out portion in the floor. Cross through the 
opening to the left and at the end jump up/over the railing. Now move into the 
cut out portion of the floor straight ahead. Cross through the opening to the 
right and return to the warehouse floor. Stay in the shadows and wait for the 
two nearby stationary guards to begin talking. Move between them and the guy 
operating the console in the small room to the right. Enter the room and 
silently take out the soldier inside. Jump up to the pipe and use it to cross 
over the barracade. Slide down the pipe to find a checkpoint.

Press forward until you see the "Rescue the Scientist" objective written on the
wall. Climb the nearby yellow pipe to reach the platform above. Follow the 
platform until you see another pipe crossing the ceiling. Jump to it and enter
the gap in the wall ahead. There will be an opening where Sam can see two 
stationary guards near a doorway (this is our path). Before doing anything turn 
on Sam's goggles to locate the position of the patrolling guard. If you have 
been following this guide you should have a Mark and Execute available. Use it
on the stationary guards only when the patrolling guard is directly under Sam.
As you finish the Mark and Execute utilize the Death From Above maneuver to 
eliminate the third guard. As soon as the first enemy goes down the guy holding
the scientist hostage begins some trash talking. There is a soldier around the
corner so wait for him to turn his back then climb the stairs on the left. Four
guys are in the room with the scientist. Mark and Execute the enemies then 
discuss your options with the scientist.

Move through the tunnel and go up the stairs. Continue down the hall and jump 
up to the ledge to trigger the next cinematic. At the end Sam will see several
guards exiting a gate. There is an opening above Sam's location where one guard
will investigate. Hug the wall on the left to avoid detection and move toward
the guard that entered. Stand below him then as the guard moves jump to the 
railing to enter the room. Sneak behind him and jump out the rear window near
the pipe. Head away from the gate and take cover behind the concrete blocks that
provide a view into the room the guards evacuated. Inside Sam should be able to
scope a soldier operating a computer terminal. Eliminate the guard to deactivate
the highly sensitive and dangerous turret inside. The shot though silent will 
not create an alarm situation but will put the remaining guards on alert. Sneak
to the right of the screen and at the building that marks Sam's entry point turn
right. Continue around the edge of the area until you reach the gate. Enter 
unseen and go down to the left.

Follow the path until a dead end and jump up. Sam can take the guard out quietly
and dispose of the body below. Go to the left and Mark the four visible enemies.
Execute them when all are in range. Pull out the MP5-SD3 and scope the final two
enemies near the generator. Move to thier fallen bodies and tag the generator 
for destruction.

The path to the second generator is next to the corner of the building ahead. 
Once you pass the corner soldiers will begin to comb the area for any threats.
Jump through the open window in the building but do not stay inside. Continue
out the window on the other side, crouch, and move forward. Take cover beside
the concrete block and wait for a guard to pass quickly. Proceed ahead to the
back of the area and move through the opening in the large cylindrical tank.
The goal is behind the truck parked just outside the building Sam passed

Use the Weapon Stash if necessary and continue forward. Ahead will be a room
that has two entry points. Pass by the first heavily guarded doorway and enter
through the second. Jump over the crate and head to the left of the soldiers
loading the truck. Continue forward passing the truck and arriving at the
fencing behind the soldier repairing one of the trucks. Now jump over the box
to the right to prevent detection from a patrolling guard behind Sam. Jump the
fence ahead and turn left. Wait in the shadows for a patrol to walk by and take
him out to gain a Mark and Execute. Continue around the building to find three
enemies in the distance guarding the path out. Mark each of them and move
forward behind cover until all the arrows turn red. Switch on the goggles and
make sure the patrolling guard from earlier is not near the soldier repairing
the truck, then execute the three guards. Move up the ramp to find a helicopter
and several enemies waiting for Sam. The key is to stay behind cover while 
moving forward. Use all tools at your disposal to eliminate all of the ground 
troops. This includes grenades (when not close to the generator), flash 
grenades, and EMP. Pick off each soldier one by one until they are gone. Once 
they are defeated move to the generator and tag it. Conte will then help with
some air defense and the level ends.

Downtown District                                                       [WLK10]

Move up the theater aisle headed for the exit. Lights will shine on the other
side of the doorway indicating enemy presence. Take cover near the door and move
to Next Cover on the other side of the door. Contine to the right to find an
alternate entry point to the lobby. Wait by the door for a guard to approach 
when he does take him hostage then eliminate him on the theater side. Now Sam
has a Mark and Execute that can eliminate four targets in the lobby (that is if
you are using an upgraded Five-Seven). Move into the lobby and take cover behind
the nearby counter. Several more enemies will enter the area, take them out 
with the action/stealth skills we've used thus far (EMP, Flash, headshots).
Once outside the theater run/walk down the deserted street. Take the first 
available left to find citizens of Washington D.C. discussing what has just 
happened. Listen to the details as you pass through. Take a right at the site
of the second explosion where the man wants to reach the burning car to save a
loved one.

Around the corner of the building, Sam will find a man trying to pass through
a gate guarded by Black Arrow. The soldier turns the guy away. As they are 
talking move to the pipe on the opposite wall and climb it. Move to the left 
to circumvent the checkpoint. Continue on the side of the building until Sam
sees another pipe and drop below. You may have also noticed a truck rushing to
the scene. The truck is carrying more Black Arrow agents. Drop to the ground
near the pipe and sneak to the right around the enemy presence. If timed right
Sam can pass through the area with the multiple columns and by the final guys
near the truck without detection. As Sam moves down the street you should 
notice more people and a helicopter will pass over head. Begin looking to the
right for a yellow ladder hanging from an elevated platform. Jump up their and
Mark four of the enemies below. Execute them at any point you like because they
will remain at the barracade preventing anyone from passing unseen. Once the 
Mark and Execute is initiated be ready to switch to the alternate weapon to
dispose of the remaining Black Arrow soldiers. Watch the cinematic

Sam has arrived at the White House but as expected it too is heavily guarded.
The goal is to blow up the gate leading to the White House grounds. This part is
easy just take a couple shots at the tanker parked outside the gate. When it 
explodes the gate will be gone but more Black Arrow Soldiers investigate
the disturbance. Stay near Sam's entry point and take the nearby sidewalk right.
Near the end of the sidewalk make a left using the concrete barracades to avoid
detection. An open gate to the White House is just ahead. When it is safe enter
through the gate to find a guard house. Sam can move to the side of the guard
house an jump to the roof. From the roof take a mental snap shot of the number 
and position of the nearby guards. Drop to the ground on the side of the guard
house and when clear advance to the gate and enter going right. One immobile 
guard will remain on the far side of the gate but as long as Sam sticks to the 
shadows he can enter undetected. The key is to be sure the patrolling guards are
not away when you make your move.

At the 5m mark move to the left into the wooded area. Take cover behind a large
rock with a pine tree above it just in case one of the soldiers moves down this
path. If the soldier does Sam can wait for him to pass or use stealth techniques
to eliminate him. Either way continue down the path and cross the street between
the sand bags before the remaining Black Arrow agents begin to retrace their 
steps. Stay behind the buildings, barracades, and hedges on this side of the 
street. Watch for more soldiers to begin to enter the area ahead from behind the
hedge located after the decorative building. Wait for the soldiers at the rear
to disperse back and the ones near Sam to begin their search. Jump the hedge and
move toward the trucks across the street. Circle behind the second truck then 
move between the ATV and the next truck. Around the corner in the distance is
a helicopter. Walk toward the white truck to the right and take cover behind
the crates on the helicopter side of the truck. Continue to stay close to the
equipment on this side of the area and circle around to the back of the white
truck. More Black Arrow soldier will enter the White House grounds once Grim is
finished talking. When you see them and the "Reach the garden door" is active
stay to the right side and Sam will find the door undetected.

The White House                                                         [WLK11]

Walk down the hall of a White House no one would want to visit. Near the end of
the hall Sam should find an open door to the right. Enter this room then use the
door to the left to exit by two guards unseen. In the next hall use the Weapon
Stash to equip the Five-Seven and MP5-SD3. Go up the stairs to witness an 
execution in a dinning room. Take cover behind the table with the "fancy" table
cloth and silver serving dish on it. Move to the Next Cover behind the turned
over counter. Finally move to the entry way of the next room. Take out the 
guard inside quietly and take cover in the shadows to the right of the door. 
Enter the next room staying to the right. Sam can pass between the couch and the
guard then move by the second in the room unseen. Continue forward through the 
open doors to find Samson in the ballroom guarded by Black Arrow.

If you were able to quietly disarm the soldier mentioned above then Sam should
have a Mark and Execute available. Utilize the ability on the four Black Arrow
members in the room then have a "civil" discussion with the Vice President. Once
the Vice President is secure move to the pipe next to the stage on the left
side of the screen. From this view point Sam can see everyone that enters the 
room. It is possible to exit into the next hall unseen but I can not seem to 
move through the subsequent hall without early detection. Since I could not 
remain unseen in the next hall I simply tossed some grenades into the two rooms
with open doors to quickly take out the enemies then shot anyone that survived.
Once the room is clear drop to the floor and take cover beside the exit. Inside
Sam will find four advanced agents that seem to only spawn once you enter. Take
them out anyway possible. After the talk with the VP you will have a Mark and 
Execute if you did not use it while hanging from the ceiling now would be a good
time. Continue forward until the cinematic activates.

After the cinematic, turn the corner and enter the elevator shaft to the left
of the objective written on the wall. Ignore the guard and exit to the left. On 
the right side of the hall will be a large window enter the kitchen through
this window. Now walk to the back of the kitchen and make a right. Exit into the
next hall undetected. At the end of the hall sits a turret that will fire at 
Sam unmercifully. Use the Next Cover ability to move toward the turret without 
receiving much damage. Near the end of the hall will be a doorway on the left 
enter here. Once Sam reaches the next room more enemies will infilitrate and 
attempt to find Sam. Toss a grenade inside to defeat them quickly, shooting any
survivors as you pass through. Finish the detour through the library and take
cover upon exiting. Just ahead is the guard operating the turret. Toss a grenade
or remote mine his way to take him out.

Grim says we are running out of time. Enter the office area and toss a remote
mine to the end of the room immediately. Take cover in the second cubicle on the
left. Enemies will enter the area. As soon as the smoke hits or you see one of
the agents detonate the remote mine and all three will likely be eliminated.
As you enter the next office space, more smoke will hit and enemies will enter
from the ceiling dropping into the central area of the room. At about 65m to
the objective pause and toss a remote mine onto the inside portion of the first
column to the right and one on the far divider straight ahead (once you toss
the first remote mine press the D-pad over to find the mines then back over to
the detonator). Once the smoke hits and the enemies enter activate the mines
to eliminate the majority of the danger. Defeat any survivors and move into the 
next hall. At the end of the hall Sam will see some enemies running to the left
and a flash bang explode. Continue forward and go left following Black Arrow.
You will hear a lot of gun fire coming from the next room. Do not take the first
door way, instead continue until you reach the last door and enter. Black Arrow
is still meeting some resistance from the Secret Service. Help out by 
eliminating the Black Arrow agents firing at the Secret Service. A Mark and
Execute works wonders if you have one.

The Press Room and Grim are just ahead. She has an idea for getting Sam into 
the Oval Office safely for an attempt to save the president. Walk in front of
her until you see Reed and his guards. Mark all of the guards and wait for the 
right moment to Execute them. Sam will have three opportunities to "Grab Reed".
You have the option of listening to the dialogue up to the third chance or 
just grab Reed as soon as he gets close. Once the president is secure Sam will
interrogate Reed. You have the option to shoot or bash the former head of Third
Echelon. At the end of the interrogation Sam will have the opportunity to Kill
Reed or allow him to live. Try both options to see what happens with each.


                       P . E . C .  C H A L L E N G E S                  [PECC]

The following abbreviations are used below:

     CH: Challenge
     DT: Details
     L#: Challenge Level (1, 2, or 3)
     TP: Tips for achieving the challenge

Prepare and Execute Challenges                                           [PCPE]

 CH: Death From Above
 DT: Neutralize an enemy using Death From Above
 L1: Completed at 5 and gain 400 points
 L2: Completed at 15 and gain 450 points
 L3: Completed at 30 and gain 550 points
 TP: The Death From Above maneuver is just as the name implies, Sam takes out an
     enemy from a higher position. Anytime Sam is hanging from a ledge or pipe
     watch for the Death From Above message to become active. This is an 
     effective, quiet method to take out enemies and gain a Mark and Execute.

 CH: Grab From Ledge
 DT: Neutralize an enemy using "Grab From Ledge"
 L1: Completed at 5 and gain 400 points
 L3: Completed at 30 and gain 550 points
 TP: Any time Sam is hanging from a ledge, railing, or window he can grab an
     enemy above him pulling the foe down to their demise. The first level that
     comes to mind with multiple opportunities to utilize this maneuver is 
     Kobin's Mansion. If you see an enemy at a point where it would be possible
     for Sam to hang below them, use it as an opportunity to build on this

 CH: 5X Predator
 DT: Neutralize 5 enemies in a row without being detected
 L1: Completed at 5 and gain 400 points
 L2: N/A
 L3: N/A
 TP: This challenge is not difficulty at all. If you attempt to be "stealthy"
     at all during the game this challenge will complete itself.

 CH: Stealth Headshot
 DT: Neutralize an enemy with a headshot without alerting other enemies
 L1: Completed at 10 and gain 400 points
 L3: Completed at 50 and gain 550 points
 TP: Headshots are (as with any game with guns) at a premium. Sam should always
     aim for the head when shooting. The trick here is to get the kills without
     alerting others to Sam's presence. Most kills in Normal (and I assume 
     Rookie) will not garner attention from other enemies.

 CH: Mark Proficiency
 DT: Neutralize at least 2 enemies in a single Mark & Execute
 L1: Completed at 5 and gain 400 points
 L2: Completed at 50 and gain 450 points
 L3: Completed at 100 and gain 550 points
 TP: There really is not a need to use the Mark and Execute ability unless there
     are multiple enemies to attack. Combining this challenge with others
     (Stunned, Behind Closed Doors, Sonar Mark etc.) will make earning all of 
     the challenges that much easier.

 CH: 3X Frag
 DT: Neutralize 3 enemies at the same time with a single frag grenade
 L1: Completed at 10 and gain 400 points
 L2: Completed at 25 and gain 450 points
 L3: Completed at 50 and gain 550 points
 TP: There are a few levels where multiple enemies will congregrate to allow
     Sam to accomplish this challenge. Specifically, the Iraq level and leaving
     the fairgrounds at the Washington Monument provide several opportunities
     to defeat 3 enemies with one grenade. Additionally, Sam can work toward
     this challenge while protecting the data transfer during the White Box 
     Laboratories mission.

 CH: Remote Explosion
 DT: Neutralize at least 3 enemies by detonating a remote explosion gadget
 L1: Completed at 10 and gain 400 points
 L2: Completed at 25 and gain 450 points
 L3: Completed at 50 and gain 550 points
 TP: See the above 3x Frag tips

 CH: Stunned
 DT: Neutralize an enemy who is stunned by a flashbang or EMP gadget
 L1: Completed at 10 and gain 400 points
 L2: Completed at 25 and gain 450 points
 L3: Completed at 50 and gain 550 points
 TP: Upon gaining the equipment use the flashbang regularly by Marking a group
     of enemies, tossing a flashbang near them, then activating the Execute.

 CH: Behind Closed Doors
 DT: Use the mirror or snake camera to mark an enemy, then neutralize him
 L1: Completed at 10 and gain 400 points
 L2: Completed at 25 and gain 450 points
 L3: Completed at 50 and gain 550 points
 TP: Do not exit a door without peaking under first. When you see an enemy Mark
     them then take them out.

 CH: Sonar Mark
 DT: Use the sonar goggles to mark an enemy, then neutralize him
 L1: Completed at 25 and gain 400 points
 L2: Completed at 50 and gain 450 points
 L3: Completed at 100 and gain 550 points
 TP: The Sonar Goggles are not obtained until the Third Echelon HQ level. Even
      so there will be plenty enough enemies to mark and neutralize in the 
      subseqent levels. Be sure to utilize the goggles even if the position of
      the enemies is known.

 CH: Shadow Takedown
 DT: Perform hand to hand takedowns in the shadows without alerting other 
 L1: Completed at 25 and gain 400 points
 L2: Completed at 50 and gain 450 points
 L3: Completed at 100 and gain 550 points
 TP: Any attempt to move through levels with a high degree of stealth will allow
     this challenge to be earned quickly. Hand to hand stealth takedowns set the
     table for other actions throughout the game so much that it is difficult to
     move through a level without utilizing this ability.

 CH: Sticky Camera Whistle
 DT: Make noise with the sticky camera to attract an enemy, and neutralize him
 L1: Completed at 5 and gain 400 points
 L2: Completed at 10 and gain 450 points
 L3: Completed at 15 and gain 550 points
 TP: I found the sticky camera in Conviction to border on useless. You may have
     to actively attempt this challenge in order to gain the points. The
     beginning of the White House level is a good place to do so. Simply run to
     the end of the hall toss a Sticky Camera on the far wall and "Make Noise".
     One of the guards will investigate. Shoot him in the head and take out the
     other. If you are in need of some of the grenade/stun challenges Sam can
     go up the stairs for a room full of enemies that can help. Do not move to
     the vice president though, instead restart from checkpoint and repeat.

Vanish Challenges                                                        [PCVN]

 CH: Vanish Silently
 DT: Once you are spotted, vanish without neutralizing any enemies
 L1: Completed at 5 and gain 400 points
 L2: Completed at 10 and gain 450 points
 L3: Completed at 15 and gain 550 points
 TP: Intentionally, allow the enemy to see Sam then run and hide around a 
     corner, out a window, behind cover, by climbing a pipe or any other way 
     possible. Just do not attack the enemy while on the run.

 CH: Cat and Mouse
 DT: Peform a hand to hand takedown against an enemy who is investigating your
     last known position
 L1: Completed at 5 and gain 400 points
 L2: Completed at 10 and gain 450 points
 L3: Completed at 15 and gain 550 points
 TP: Being seen at or near an entry point or a ledge can make this challenge 
     more obtainable.

 CH: Last Known Position
 DT: Neutralize an enemy while standing at least 10 meters from your last known 
 L1: Completed at 10 and gain 400 points
 L2: Completed at 25 and gain 450 points
 L3: Completed at 50 and gain 550 points
 TP: Sam will have to detected then run away. From a distance

 CH: Portable EMP Escape
 DT: Use the portable EMP to vanish. Stun at least 3 enemies while escaping from
     a combat situation
 L1: Completed at 10 and gain 400 points
 L2: Completed at 25 and gain 450 points
 L3: Completed at 50 and gain 550 points

 CH: Flashbang Escape
 DT: Use the flashbang to vanish. Escape from a combat situation
 L1: Completed at 5 and gain 400 points
 L2: Completed at 10 and gain 450 points
 L3: Completed at 15 and gain 500 points
 TP: Intentionally be seen by the enemy then toss a flashbang before running.
     Having the flashbang as the active "grenade" will allow for a smoother
     transition between being seen and running away 

 CH: EMP Grenade Stun
 DT: Stun at least 3 enemies with a single EMP grenade
 L1: Completed at 10 and gain 400 points
 L2: Completed at 25 and gain 450 points
 L3: Completed at 50 and gain 550 points
 TP: This one's fairly easy. Just toss an EMP grenade into a crowd of enemies.
     The radius upgrades can help ensure at least three will be stunned.

 CH: Choke Hold Freedom
 DT: Free your team-mate from a choke hold in any Multiplayer game mode
 L1: Completed at 5 and gain 400 points
 L2: Completed at 10 and gain 450 points
 L3: Completed at 15 and gain 550 points

 CH: Reviving Team-Mates
 DT: Revive your team-mate in any Multiplayer game mode
 L1: Completed at 5 and gain 400 points
 L2: Completed at 10 and gain 450 points
 L3: Completed at 15 and gain 550 points
 TP: When your teammate goes down move to their location and clear any 
     enemies. While next to their downed body press and hold A to heal them.

Splinter Cell Challenges                                                  [PCSC]

 CH: Mark Mastery
 DT: Neutralize 4 enemies with a single Mark & Execute
 L1: Completed at 1 and gain 500 points
 L2: N/A
 L3: N/A
 TP: Once the Five-Seven (my gun of choice for most of the missions) is unlocked
     purchase the reflex sight to gain a fourth Mark then find an area that has
     at least four enemies near each other (which shouldn't be too much of a 

 CH: Advanced Stealth
 DT: Complete a level without being spotted and without retrying
 L1: Completed at 1 and gain 750 points
 L2: N/A
 L3: N/A

 CH: Advanced Close Combat
 DT: Complete a level without firing a single shot and without retrying
 L1: Completed at 1 and gain 750 points
 L2: N/A
 L3: N/A
 TP: The Washington Monument level is where I completed this challenge.

 CH: 10x Predator
 DT: Neutralize 10 enemies in a row without being detected
 L1: Completed at 1 and gain 500 points
 L2: N/A
 L3: N/A
 TP: Using stealth this should not be a problem. Just be sure to engage the 
     enemies from the shadows and alternate between hand to hand kills and 
     Mark and Execute kills. Using a gun with a higher number of Marks can make
     the challenge easier. The Five-Seven with reflex sight has four marks. If
     you take out an enemy with hand to hand skills then mark and execute four
     guards in a subsequent room you have achieved 5 kills without detection.
     That is half of the total for the challenge.

 CH: Assault Rifle Marksman
 DT: Neutralize 15 enemies with a single magazine using an assault rifle
     without reloading
 L1: Completed at 1 and gain 500 points
 L2: N/A
 L3: N/A
 TP: Move through a Deniable Ops level by gaining Mark and Executes with hand
     to hand combat then utilizing the abilities to make kills with an Assault
     Rifle. Mark and Execute kills guarantee minimal bullet use. The only 
     trick is to remember to not reload.

 CH: Pistol Marksman
 DT: Neutralize 10 enemies with a single magazine using a pistol without
 L1: Completed at 1 and gain 500 points
 L2: N/A
 L3: N/A
 TP: A pistol will likely be your primary weapon. Utilizing Mark and Executes 
     will minimize bullet usage increasing the kills per bullet. Line up head
     shots when the Mark and Execute function is unavailable. Finally, be sure
     to never reload.

 CH: Collateral Damage
 DT: Take an enemy into human shield and bash him against a wooden door to 
     shatter it.
 L1: Completed at 1 and gain 500 points
 L2: N/A
 L3: N/A
 TP: Grab an enemy for a human shield and move to any door that appears to be
     made of wood. Move the left stick toward the door and press B to send the
     enemy flying through.

 CH: Human Collision
 DT: Knock an enemy down by throwing another enemy onto him
 L1: Completed at 1 and gain 500 points
 L2: N/A
 L3: N/A
 TP: Take an enemy as a human shield and approach another enemy. While moving
     the left stick press B to toss the enemy into the other. If you are not
     moving the left stick at the time Sam will just kill the human shield.

 CH: Deadly Fall
 DT: Throw an enemy so he falls 10 or more meters
 L1: Completed at 1 and gain 500 points
 L2: N/A
 L3: N/A
 TP: When Sam is climbing a building or a platform move below an enemy and press
     B to toss them down to the ground.

 CH: Environmental Hazard
 DT: Neutralize 3 enemies using a single trap or explosive
 L1: Completed at 1 and gain 500 points
 L2: N/A
 L3: N/A
 TP: Traps and explosives will include: Chandeliers, Equipment held by a crane,
     Red Barrels, Fire Exinguishers. Shoot one of these objects with three 
     enemies nearby. Kobin's Mansion is a good early mission to obtain this 
     challenge. Once Sam has entered the building the next room with the balcony
     looking over the first floor has a chandelier. Under the chandelier three
     guards will congrate and talk. Shoot the chain holding the chandelier to
     take out all three guards at once.

 CH: Security Device Diversion
 DT: Attract an enemy by disabling a security device, then neutralize him
 L1: Completed at 1 and gain 500 points
 L2: N/A
 L3: N/A
 TP: There are several cameras at the Third Echelon Headquarters that Sam can
     use for this challenge. Just be sure to use not to shoot any of the cameras
     in the parking garage while trying to plant the C4 doing so there will
     result in a game over/restart from checkpoint. Basically, shoot a camera
     and stay hidden while a nearby guard investigates. When he gets to the 
     broken camera shoot him in the head.

 CH: Car Alarm Investigation
 DT: Neutralize an enemy while he is investigating a car alarm
 L1: Completed at 1 and gain 500 points
 L2: N/A
 L3: N/A
 TP: At the beginning of Kobin's Mansion, Sam will first have to enter the
     mansion grounds. The street is lined with multiple cars. Activate the alarm
     of a car near the mansion and a guard will investigate. Now the only thing
     left to do is neutralize the guard.

 CH: Human Kevlar
 DT: Mark and Execute 3 enemies while holding a human shield
 L1: Completed at 1 and gain 500 points
 L2: N/A
 L3: N/A
 TP: Sneak behind an enemy and hold B to grab them as a "human shield". Move to
     a location with multiple enemies then use the Mark and Execute ability.
     Make sure you are using a gun with the capability of intiating at least 
     3 marks. The Five-seven and MP446 with Reflex Sight are good choices.

 CH: Group Neutralization
 DT: Nuetralize 3 enemies who are stunned by a single gadget
 L1: Completed at 1 and gain 500 points
 L2: N/A
 L3: N/A
 TP: Mark three enemies then use an EMP Grenade/flashbang to stun the enemies.
     Activate the execute to take them out.

 CH: Alternate Door Entry
 DT: Crush an enemy on the other side of a door by bashing into it or kicking
     it down
 L1: Completed at 1 and gain 500 points
 L2: N/A
 L3: N/A
 TP: At the end of Kobin's mansion, Kobin will send a guard to the door leading
     out of his room. When the guy reaches the door bash it to take him out.

 CH: Breaking Glass
 DT: Shatter a window by throwing an enemy through it
 L1: Completed at 1 and gain 500 points
 L2: N/A
 L3: N/A
 TP: This one can be obtained during the Kobin's Mansion mission. When Sam is 
     entering the mansion. A guard will have his back to an entry window. Take
     him as a human shield then move to another window in the room. Stand across
     from the window then give the guy a toss by pressing forward on the left
     stick and hitting B. Even though the window is open the glass portion
     should still shatter. 

 CH: Effective Interrogation
 DT: Use 3 different special moves during a single interrogation
 L1: Completed at 1 and gain 500 points
 L2: N/A
 L3: N/A
 TP: This challenge can be obtained at the end of the very first level. Smash 
     Dmitri's head into the urinals, the sink, and the wooden stall door to 
     complete. Otherwise, during one of the primary interrogations be sure to
     use the environment three times.

 CH: Full Recovery
 DT: In any CO-OP game mode, when you are knocked down, sit up and neutralize 5
     enemies before your team-mate revives you
 L1: Completed at 1 and gain 500 points
 L2: N/A
 L3: N/A
 TP: Be sure to aim for the head because while you are sitting up defending
     yourself the enemies will attempt to shoot you as well. Be in a position
     where your teammate can come in for a heal after the challenge. You also
     want to find an area where the enemies are funneled through at most two
     entrances. I was able to complete the challenge 

 CH: Remain Undetected
 DT: Remain undetected for 10 minutes after vanishing
 L1: Completed at 1 and gain 500 points
 L2: N/A
 L3: N/A
 TP: Intentionally be seen by the enemy then just run and hide. During this time
     make a sandwhich, check your e-mail, or run for a bathroom break. As long
     as Sam is not seen for 10 minutes the challenge is complete.


                           W E A P O N  S T A S H                        [WPST]

Possible Upgrades for Weapons

    Extended Mag - offers a higher bullet capacity
    Laser Sight - increases the accuracy of a weapon and improves aiming
    Hollow Point Ammo - is optimized to slightly increase the damage per bullet
    Reflex Sight - increases the weapon's associated marks by 1
    Match Grade Ammo - is optimized to slightly increase the range of bullets
    Gun Stock Attachment - offers a slight increase to weapon accuracy
    2X Scope - doubles the weapons zooming capability and increases range
    Suppressor - The Suppressor offers silenced gun fire and a decreased muzzle
                 flash, for a stealthier approach 
    4X Scope - The 4X Scope quadruples the weapon's zooming capability and 
               increases range

Abbreviations used below 
       DT: Details
       MK: Marks (initially)
       MG: Magazine size (initially)
       UP: Upgrades available



     DT: Available by default, the silenced MK.23 pistol is averagely balanced
         but still gets the job done
     MK: 2
     MG: 12
     UP: Extended Mag (300)
         Laser Sight (250)
         Hollow Point Ammo (250)

MP 446

     DT: Available by default the silenced MP446 is balanced evenly as an
         effective sidearm
     MK: 2
     MG: 17
     UP: Reflex Sight (400)
         Laser Sight (250)
         Match Grade Ammo (250)

Desert Eagle

     DT: Super powerful but fairly inaccurate the Desert Eagle is deadly in the
         hands of a master
     MK: 2
     MG: 7
     UP: Laser Sight (250)
         Reflex Sight (400)
         Match Grade Ammo (250)


     DT: P228 packs strong recoil but is worth the highly damaging fire power
     MK: 3
     MG: 13
     UP: Laser Sight (250)
         Extended Mag (300)
         Match Grade Ammo (250)

Five Seven

     DT: The Five-Seven offers a built in silencer, improved accuracy, and
         effective stopping power
     MK: 3
     MG: 20
     UP: Laser Sight (250)
         Reflex Sight (400)
         Match Grade Ammo (250)

USP .45

     DT: Powerful and accurate at medium ranges. The USP.45 is one of the most
         trustworthy sidearms
     MK: 2
     MG: 12
     UP: Laser Sight (250)
         Reflex Sight (400)
         Hollow Point Ammo (250)

Machine Pistols


     DT: The compact Skorpion offers one-handed full automatic rounds with a
         high rate of fire.
     MK: 2
     MG: 20
     UP: Gun Stock Attachment (500)
         Reflex Sight (400)
         Hollow Point Ammo (250)


     DT: The SR-2M offers great power in the form of a highly accurate one
         handed machine pistol
     MK: 2
     MG: 30
     UP: Gun Stock (500)
         Reflex Sight (400)
         Laser Sight (250)

Sub Machine Guns


     DT: Fast and lightweight the MP5-N offers moderate stopping power with high
     MK: 2
     MG: 30
     UP: Laser Sight (250)
         Reflex Sight (500)
         Hollow Point Ammo (250)


     DT: Silenced sub-machine gun the MP5-SD3 is an ideal choice for highly
         accurate damage
     MK: 2
     MG: 30
     UP: Gun Stock (500)
         2X Scope (300)
         Hollow Point Ammo (250)

AKS-74U (Unlocked in Co-Op)

     DT: The AKS-74U offers high damage, but sacrifices some accuracy in return.
     MK: 2
     MG: 30
     UP: Reflex Sight (400)
         Laser Sight (250)
         Hollow Point Ammo (250)


     DT: The UMP-45 offers higher damage than most sub-machine guns, while
         sacrificing a bit of range
     MK: 3
     MG: 30
     UP: Laser Sight (250)
         Suppressor (650)
         Hollow Point Ammo (250)

Assault Riffles


     DT: The AK-47 provides excellent stopping power across long ranges.
     MK: 2
     MG: 30
     UP: 4X Scope (300)
         Extended Mag (300)
         Match Grade Ammo (250)


     DT: The M468 is suited to fit any situation, offering high stopping power
         with excellent accuracy
     MK: 2
     MG: 30
     UP: Reflex Sight (400)
         Suppressor (650)
         Hollow Point Ammo (250)


     DT: The G36C specializes in exceptionally strong damage maintained over far
     MK: 2
     MG: 30
     UP: 2X Scope (300)
         Laser Sight (250)
         Match Grade Ammo (250)


     DT: The staple assault rifle of Splinter Cells. The SC3000 offers strong,
         accurate gunfire with minimal recoil
     MK: 2
     MG: 30
     UP: Gun Stock (500)
         Suppressor (650)
         Hollow Point Ammo (250)



     DT: The M-500 pump shotgun offers massive damage at medium ranges, but
         spreads over distance
     MK: 2
     MG: 8
     UP: Reflex Sight
         Match Grade Ammo
         Laser Sight

SPAS-12 (Thanks to Robert Pendell for the info on this GameStop pre-order bonus)

     DT: The SPAS-12 offers silenced semi-automatic fire power covering medium
         to far ranges
     MK: 3
     MG: 8
     UP: Gun Stock
         Match Grade Ammo
         2X Scope

U Play


     DT: Built for rough conditions, the SCAR-H deals far range damage, while 
         keeping accurate
     MK: 2
     MG: 30
     UP: 4X Scope (300)
         Laser Sight (250)
         Match Grade Ammo (250)



     DT: The MP7A1 offers one-handed silenced full automatic gunfire
     MK: 2
     MG: 20
     UP: Extended Mag (300)
         Reflex Sight (400)
         Hollow Point Ammo (250)

Proximity Mine

     DT: Proximity Mines will attach to any surface they touch and automatically
         detonate when an enemy gets too close
     MK: N/A
     MG: N/A
     UP: Radius Upgrade 5 ---> 6 (250)
         Radius Upgrade 6 ---> 7 (250)


     DT: Specializing in effective stopping power over far distances, the 
         FAMAS G2 is an ideal assault rifle
     MK: 2
     MG: 30
     UP: 2X Scope (300)
         Laser Sight (250)
         Match Grade Ammo (250)


EMP Grenade

     DT: Temporarily shuts down electric sources and stuns enemies
     MK: N/A
     MG: N/A
     UP: Radius Upgrade 15 ---> 17 (250)
         Radius Upgrade 17 ---> 19 (250)

Frag Grenade

     DT: The Frag Grenade deals out deadly explosive damage.
     MK: N/A
     MG: N/A
     UP: Radius Upgrade (250)
         Radius Upgrade (250)


     DT: Flashbang will temporarily blind and stun nearby enemies who are within
         its line of sight
     MK: N/A
     MG: N/A
     UP: Radius Upgrade 3 ---> 4 (250)
         Radius Upgrade 4 ---> 5 (250)

Remote Mine

     DT: Remote Mines will attach to any surface it touches, and can be detonate
     MK: N/A
     MG: N/A
     UP: Radius Upgrade (250)
         Radius Upgrade (250)

Sticky Camera

     DT: The Sticky Camera offers a remote camera, noise attaction, and remote
     MK: N/A
     MG: N/A
     UP: Radius Upgrade (250)
         Radius Upgrade (250)


                           A C H I E V E M E N T S                        [ACVM]


-Accessorizing (10)
     Purchase any 1 accessory for any 1 uniform

-Fashionable (20)
     Purchase all 6 texture variants for all uniforms

-Gadget Upgraded (10)
     Purchase all 3 upgrades for any 1 gadget

-Gadgets Expert (20)
     Purchase both upgrades for all gadgets

-Ready for Anything (20)
     Purchase all 9 accessories for all uniforms

-Variety (10)
     Purchase any 1 uniform

-Weapon Upgraded (10)
     Purchase all 3 upgrades for any 1 weapon

-Weapons Collector (20)
     Unlock all weapons in the weapon vault

-Weapons Expert (20)
     Purchase all 3 upgrades for all weapons 


-Best of the Best (30)
     Complete all Splinter Cell Challenges

-Preparation Master (30)
    Complete all Prepare and Execute challenges

-Stealth Master (30)
    Complete all Vanish challenges

-Well-Rounded (50)
     Complete all challenges


-CO-OP Realistic Difficulty (50)
     Complete the CO-OP story on "Realistic" difficulty

-Hunter (10)
     Complete any 1 map in "Hunter" game mode in co-op

-Hunter Completionist (20)
     Complete all maps in "Hunter" game mode on rookie or normal difficulty

-Hunter Master (50)
     Complete all maps in "Hunter" game mode on realistic difficulty

-Perfect Hunter (20)
     Complete any map in Hunter without ever having been detected on realistic

-Last Stand (10)
     Complete any 1 map in "Last Stand" game mode in Co-Op

-Last Stand Completionist (20)
     Complete all maps in "Last Stand" game mode on rookie or normal difficulty

-Last Stand Master (50)
     Complete all maps in "Last Stand" game mode on realistic difficulty

-Modzok Proving Grounds (20)
     Complete Co-Op Story "Modzok Proving Grounds" on any difficulty

-Quality Time (20)
     Invite a friend to join and participate in a Co-Op story or game mode

-Russian Embassy (20)
     Complete Co-Op Story "Russian Embassy" on any difficulty

-St. Petersburg Banya (20)
     Complete Co-Op Story "St. Petersburg Banya" on any difficulty

-Survivor (10)
     Battle your Co-Op teammate and survive

-Yastreb Complex (20)
     Complete Co-Op Story "Yastreb Complex" on any difficulty

-Face Off (10) 
     Win one match in "Face-Off" game mode on any difficulty

-Face-Off Completionist (20)
     Complete all maps in "Face-Off" game mode using any connection type

Single Player

-Merchant's Street Market (20)
     Complete Single Player Story "Merchant's Street Market" on any difficulty

-Kobin's Mansion (20)
     Complete Single Player Story "Kobin's Mansion on any difficulty

-Price Airfield (20)
     Complete Single Player Story "Price Airfield" on any difficulty

-Diwaniya Iraq (20)
     Complete Single Player Story "Diwaniya, Iraq" on any difficulty

-Washington Monument (20)
     Complete Single Player Story "Washington Monument" on any difficulty

-White Box Laboratories (20)
     Complete Single Player Story "White Box Laboratories" on any difficulty

-Lincoln Memorial (20)
     Complete Single Player Story "Lincoln Memorial" on any difficulty

-Third Echelon HQ (20)
     Complete Single Player Story "Third Echelon HQ" on any difficulty

-Michigan Ave. Reservoir (20)
     Complete Single Player Story "Michigan Ave Resevoir" on any difficulty

-Downtown District (20)
     Complete Single Player Story "Downtown District" on any difficulty

-White House (20)
     Complete Single Player Story "White House" on any difficulty

-Judge, Jury, and Executioner (10)
     Take down Tom Reed

-Man of Conviction (10)
     Allow Tom Reed to live

-Realistic Difficulty (50)
     Complete single player story on "Realistic" Difficulty

-Revelations (10)
     Discover Anna Grimsdottir's dark secret

-Last Man Standing (50)
     In Last Stand, survive all enemy waves of any map in one session without
     failing on any difficulty


                             L E G A L I T I E S                          [LGLS]

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

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