• Unlockable Characters

    Perform the following tasks to unlock the certain characters

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Cao CaoClear WEI Chapter7
    Cao RenSAMURAI Chapter5-X; Save all the Yellow Generals and escort the Cavalry.
    Da JiMust complete all the campaignes and all the X-Chapters
    Da QiaoWU Chapter5-X; Meet up with Da Qiao before the enemy does
    Dian WeiClear WEI Chapter7
    Diao ChanWEI Chapter5-X; Reach Diao Chan under 6 Minutes
    Dong ZhouSAMURAI Chapter4-X; Defeat the 3 supply troops before they reach Dong Zhou.
    Gan NingClear WEI Chapter6
    Ginchiyo TachibanaClear SHU Chapter1
    Goemon IshikawaSHU Chapter4-X; Break all 10 of Goemon's Treasure Boxes.
    Guan PingClear SAMURAI Chapter1
    Guan YuClear SHU Chapter7
    Huang GaiClear WEI Chapter5
    Huang ZhongClear SAMURAI Chapter1
    InahimeClear WU Chapter5
    Jiang WeiSHU Chapter2-X;Succeed in the ambush!
    Kanetsugu NaoeClear SAMURAI Chapter7
    Keiji MaedaWU Chapter6-X;Ensure all allies reach Keji's base within 20 minutes
    Kenshin UesugiClear SAMURAI Chapter7
    Kotaro FumaWU Chapter2-X; Guide all supply troops to your base and then defeat Kotaro
    KunoichiWU Chapter4-X; Escort all the people safely out of the stage
    Ling TongClear SAMURAI Chapter5
    Liu BeiClear SHU Chapter8
    Lu BuDefeat Lu Bu on each of the four Chapter 8-X's
    Lu MengClear WU Chapter3
    Lun XunSAMURAI Chapter3-X; Escort Lu Xun to your base.
    Ma ChaoSAMURAI Chapter2-X; All peasants and ma Chao must survive.
    Magoichi SaikaClear SHU Chapter2
    Masamune DateSHU Chapter5-X;Lure out masamune's forces by slowly approaching the centre of the map.
    Meng HuoClear SHU Chapter4
    MitsunariClear WEI Chapter2
    Musashi MiyamotoSHU Chapter6-X; Defeat Lu Bu,open the floodgates with all swordsman troop surviving
    NōWU Chapter3-X;Prevent all messengers from escaping, Nobunaga can't be in your team
    Nagamasa AzaiClear WEI Chapter6
    NeneWEI Chapter3-X; Defeat both Nene clones within 4 minutes of them appearing
    OichiClear WEI Chapter6
    OkuniClear SAMURAI Chapter3
    OrochiUnlock all other characters in the game.
    Pang DeSHU Chapter3-X;Rescue all hojo generals before they are deafeted!
    Pang TongClear WEI Chapter4
    Ranmaru MoriClear WU Chapter1
    Sakon ShimaClear WU Chapter3
    Shingen TakedaClear SAMURAI Chapter7
    Sima YiSAMURAI Chapter6-X; Beat Yellowbelly and Urutu as fast as possible.
    Sun JianClear WU Chapter7
    Sun QuanClear WU Chapter7
    Sun Shang XiangClear WU Chapter5
    Tadakatsu HondaNeed to impress Tadakatsu Honda on each of the four Chapter 7-X's
    Taishi CiClear WU Chapter2
    Wei YanClear SHU Chapter3
    Xiahou DunClear WEI Chapter4
    Xiahou YuanClear WEI Chapter4
    Xiao QiaoClear SAMURAI Chapter3
    Xu ZhuClear WEI Chapter1
    Yoshimoto ImagawaWEI Chapter 4-X; Prevent all engineers from entering the village.
    Yuan ShaoClear SHU Chapter5
    Yue YingClear SHU Chapter2
    Yukimura SanadaClear SHU Chapter3
    Zhang FeiClear SHU Chapter7
    Zhang HeWEI Chapter2-X; Have Cao Pi convince Zhang He to join him
    Zhang JiaoClear SAMURAI Chapter3
    Zhen JiWEI Chapter6-X; Defeat all 6 Sorcerers and fake Cao Pi
    Zhou TaiClear WU Chapter6
    Zhou YuClear WU Chapter1
    Zhu RongClear SHU Chapter4
    Zhuge LiangClear SHU Chapter7
    Zuo CiComplete all four campaigns from Chapters 1-8 (Not including the X-Chapters)

    Contributed By: GameMasterZer0, william1657, and 9603AP.

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  • Unlockable Movies

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    CreditsComplete any story.
    IntroductionStart any story.
    Sengoku EndingComplete the Samurai Warriors story.
    Shu EndingComplete the Shu story.
    Wei EndingComplete the Wei story.
    Wu EndingComplete the Wu story.

    Contributed By: michaelP4o.

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  • Unlocking 4th Weapons.

    To unlock the 4th weapons, simply obtain weapons on stages with three or more stars on Hard difficulty, or any stage on Chaos difficulty.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    4th WeaponsCollect weapons on stages with three or more stars on Hard difficulty, or any stage on Chaos difficulty.

    Contributed By: Sinister187.

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  • Unlocking Last Gaiden Stages

    In order to unlock them, you must complete these requirements in Stage 7

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    SengokuAchieve 1000 KO
    ShuEscape from the burning castle within 2 minutes (this includes friendly officers)
    WeiDefeat the defected Da Ji within 1 minute
    WuRescue the Sun family within 3 minutes

    Contributed By: Hornet56.

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