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Reviewed: 03/31/09

Call of Duty 4- Great fun for awhile

Call of Duty 4 Review for Xbox 360

Call of Duty 4 brings you out of those old and boring World War 2 shooters. Who needs more of those? We have enough right? So Activision brought us into a environment where bullets wiz through walls, break boxes, all while you are trying to find cover! That’s modern warfare for ya! But it doesn’t lose that Call of Duty feel that we all learned to love.

Call of Duty’s graphics are amazing. The best I have ever seen on a video game. It makes GOW and Halo look like your playing a N64. These graphics almost look like pictures! Crawl around on the grass, disguising yourself. Shoot out of turrets. Watch bullets wizzing by virtually everything in your search for the enemy, or cover! Your allies and enemies almost seem like real people!

The sound on this game is nowhere as good as its graphics. Its too loud to hear any other noise when in a big gunfight, and the music gives me headaches. But then again, with no volume its much more difficult to play! With it on you can listen to footsteps of enemies coming in, or allies coming in for support.

The single player campaign isn’t too long if you play on anything under veteran. Once you start playing on veteran the game starts to get tough. Use your AI! The AI on this game can be extremely useful. Only annoying part is when the enemy AI randomly runs around walking into gun fire or charging you. No fun in that! If you put that aside single player can be real fun if the AI cooperate!

The multiplayer on this game is the bomb. Pure awesomeness. This rivals Halos. Name it, its just as good if not better. Pick from about five starting weapons and unlock about twenty more! Using a unique leveling system, you gain 10 XP for each kill and 2 XP for each assists. The higher the level you get, the more weapons and challenges you unlock! Challenges are separate “side missions” that you try to achieve in multiplayer. This gives you extra experience points. COD4 multiplayer offers something to recreational and professional gamers!

The achievements on this game are so-so. All are multiplayer and all are achievable. They need more creativity though! Halve the points are from completing everything on veteran. They have this every year!

Overall thoughts/ Comments


+Awesome graphics
+Sweet multiplayer!
+ Decent single player
= Okay Achievements
= So So sound


Wow not one negative! Pretty good. This game is probably one of the best on the 360 and is a must buy! I definitely suggest this!


After playing this game for longer, sadly I have to admit it does get repetitive. After a few months of playing I rarely play anymore, and if I do it’s to play with friends. For the price you can pick it up for now, though, it will be a good deal. $40 or so bucks for a few months of awesomeness? I’ll take it.

Rating: 8

Product Release: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (US, 11/05/07)

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