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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DarthRazil

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 12/26/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Rise of the Argonauts
    Walkthrough by Razil
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    About Me: This is my first time writing anything other than a review, 
    so I hope this is helpful.  I chose this game for my first guide 
    because I really liked the Greek mythology inspired story and really 
    got into it, so I wanted to help others who may be struggling through 
    -Table of Contents-
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    I. Version History/Contact           [verh]
    II. Controls                         [cont1]
    III. Characters                      [chrs]
    IV. Game Basics                      [gambas]
    V. Walkthrough                       [wlkthr]
        1. Iolcus                        [wlkthrIo]
          A. Assassination Aftermath     [wlkthrAA]
          B. Side quests                 [wlkthrISQ]
          C. Farewell Iolcus             [wlkthrIF] 
        2. Delphi                        [wlkthrDe1]
        3. Mycenae                       [wlkthrMy]
          A. Unhappy Greetings           [wlkthrUG]
          B. Arena Fighter               [wlkthrAF]
          c. Side Quests                 [wlkthrMSQ]
          D. The Tournament              [wlkthrMT]
        4. Saria                         [wlkthrSa]
          A. The Nisyros                 [wlkthrNS]
          B. The Jungle                  [wlkthrNJ]
          C. Hep'Naje Hunt               [wlkthrHH]
        5. Kythra                        [wlkthrKy]
          A. Statuesque Welcome          [wlkthrSW]
          B. Athena's Temple             [wlkthrAT]
        6. Delphi Return                 [wlkthrdr]
        7. Tartarus                      [wlkthrTa]
        8. Iolcus Return                 [wlkthrIr]
    VI. Achievements                      [ach01]
    I. Version History/Contact Info   [verh]
    Version 0.20 – 12/21/2008 – Began game fresh, Iolcus. Missing 4 secret 
    achievements. Iolcus 95% complete.
    Version 0.25 - 12/21/2008 - Iolcus completed. Missing 2 secret
    achievements.  Delphi finished, Mycenae ~50% complete
                   12/22/2008 - Missing 1 secret Achievement.
                   12/23/2008 - Mycenae complete, began Saria.
    Version 0.50 - 12/23/2008 - Saria complete, Kythra began.
                   12/26/2008 - Kythra finished.
    Version 0.75 - 12/26/2008 - Delphi revisited complete. Info on all
    achievements. Tartaurs
    Version 1.00 - 12/26/2008 - Game Complete.
    Contact: Feel free to contact me regarding the game/FAQ. My email is 
    stormbringersblood@hotmail.com, please put “Rise of the Argonauts” in 
    the subject bar.  Or send me a message on Xbox Live: BlackRiderRazil.  
    Please, no random friend requests.
    II. Controls       [cont1]
    The controls for this game are actually very simple and easy to pick 
    up.  If you’ve played pretty much any action game, you’ll get used to 
    them very quickly.
    Since I am writing on the 360 version, that’s what I’ll be using.
    A: Confirm
    B: Cancel, dodge
    Y: Heavy Attack
    X: Light Attack
    Start: Menu
    Back: Nothing
    Right Trigger: Hold and press X, Y or B to perform special attacks.
    Left Trigger: Guard, hold and press A for power guard
    Right Bumper: Weapon select right.
    Left Bumper: Weapon select left.
    Left Stick: Move character
    Right Stick: Camera
    Right click: Camera center
    Directional Pad: God Powers
    III. Characters   [chrs]
    The Argonauts:
    Jason – This is you, Jason, King of Iolcus, Warden of Zeus.  He is a 
    strong fighter, a charismatic leader and devoted husband.  Jason wields 
    his family shield as well as a sword, spear and mace.
    Hercules – The first of the Argonauts, Hercules is a titanic figure.  
    He is massive, the tallest of the human characters and one of the 
    physically largest characters in the game.  Just look at his hands.
    He is a wrestler, and will often break enemy backs.
    Pan – Pan is a talking Satyr.  In my opinion, his character design is 
    the coolest in the game.  He is a magic user, very fast and brilliant.  
    Some of the great dialogue in the game comes from Pan.
    Atalanta – The other main long range fighter in your group, she is an 
    archer.  During combat, she’ll often hang back intelligently and launch 
    quite a few arrows at once.  I often took her with me as she has a 
    knack for shooting around shields and helps to knock enemies off 
    Achilles – Based off the famous soldier from the battle of Troy, 
    Achilles here is a vane, glory seeking gladiator.  He’s actually not 
    very likeable, though he does get some good lines.  Also I found him 
    kind of worthless in combat.
    Argos – The ancient ship builder himself, designer, builder and pilot 
    of the Argo.
    Daedelus – The same Daedelus whose son Icarus flew too high and fell to 
    his death when the pair escaped Crete using wings Daedelus built.  He 
    is a technical genius and creates a few pieces of armor and weapons for 
    Medea – A former Blacktongue, Medea joins Jason to destroy the 
    remaining Blacktongues and defeat the Titaness Hecate.
    Alceme – Jason’s wife, assassinated in the opening scene, she is the 
    reason Jason gathers the others on his quest.
    King Lycomedes – Alceme’s father.  He joins Jason after Jason proves 
    himself in the Arena.
    Perseus – He joins Jason after Jason complete’s Athena’s trials.
    Medusa - Joins Jason after Athena's trials. Either she or Perseus
     will join you. (credit to NVofALL for pointing this out)
    Lykas – A centaur who raised Atalanta, he joins Jason after the 
    Argonauts save his tribe.
    Oracle – The Oracle at Delphi, who guides Jason on his journey.
    Pelias - Jason's Uncle who acts as regeant during Jason's travels.
    IV. Game Basics    [gambas]
    Combat in this game is simple and fun.  Jason uses three different 
    weapons, available at any time, plus a shield.  The Argonauts that 
    accompany him fight intelligently as well.
    All the weapons use the same basic attack inputs, the X and Y buttons. 
    Because of how simple the system is, I’ll focus on the specials.
    RT + X – A quick horizontal slice, it tends to decapitate enemies.
    RT + Y – A quick horizontal slice, it tends to cut enemies in half at 
    the waist
    RT + X – A horizontal slice, its best for clearing enemies away, not 
    RT + Y – Same as above really.
    RT + B – Throw the spear. This is decently effective and leads to an 
    RT + X – Smash against the ground, knocking enemies away.
    RT + Y – Same, the knock down seems to last longer.
    LT + A – Power Guard, has a chance to interrupt or damage an enemy if 
    done when they attack
    Unlike most RPGs, Jason does not gain experience points.  Rather, 
    character progression is controlled through unlocking what are best 
    called Feats.  These feats range from simple things like “kill x amount 
    of soldiers” to plot points and performing certain combat moves x 
    amount of times.
    You can track what feats you have unlocked by going into the pause menu 
    and checking the ‘Stars’ section.  This shows the various 
    constellations that represent the various events in the game.  Under 
    each constellation there is a series of blanks, which can be viewed to 
    see your progress in whatever is required to unlock that Feat or a hint 
    at what is needed plot wise.
    Once you have Feats, open the Aspect menu conveniently located directly 
    below the ‘Stars’ section.  Here you will find four gods.  When you 
    select any of the four, a menu will pop up, listing the 25 powers that 
    god has to offer on the right, while the top left will have a scroll 
    menu of your Feats and the bottom left features a circle with boxes on 
    its let side.  Each feat you dedicate to 
    the God adds a certain amount of points (it varies), when you fill the 
    circle, you get a skill point.  Get 25 skill points and you max out the 
    favor of that god, get an achievement and can unlock all 25 powers of 
    that god.
    V. Walkthrough    [wlkthr]
    1. Iolcus         [wlkthrIo]
      A. Assassination Aftermath  [wlkthrAA]
    Iolcus is Jason’s home, the Isle of Zeus.  The Island is the smallest 
    of the maps in the game.  It is home to a handful of quests and linked 
    to the constellation, Cepheus.  You will complete Cepheus before 
    leaving Iolcus.
    You start the game during the aftermath of the attack on Jason and 
    Alceme’s wedding.  Hercules is with you.  This section is a basically a 
    combat tutorial, and there are a few decisions that split but they are 
    minor, along the lines of “this weapon or this one”.  No need to worry 
    about missing one, you get them all by the end of the battle.  
    Once you control Jason, you’ll be faced with the archer. Just run 
    towards him, it doesn’t matter too much if you get hit. Go straight 
    into the doorway and you will trigger your first fight, with the 
    accompanying tutorial. X for light attack, Y for heavy.  There should 
    be four Ionian Mercenaries.  They are easy.  When Jason says to head 
    for the Training room, go straight in for a neat scene 
    and the choice between sword and spear.  I choose sword because its 
    quicker.  Dispatch the three Ionians and head out the open door, turn 
    to the left and approach the railing to be given the option to jump it. 
    Hercules stays behind, leaving you to fight three Ionians.  Remember to 
    guard and use the shield charge move (LT and A).  As a note, you can 
    already do the RT + X attack and begin work on your decapitation 
    achievement, as well as the achievement for 
    doing the Dash attacks.
    Once you’ve dispatched the Ionians, head through the open door straight 
    ahead.  When you enter the next room, the one with the nice red 
    carpets, you will be challenged by four more Ionians. Again, block if 
    you need to. You also learn to dodge, B button.  Once they are done, 
    head for the door they were blocking, then turn left at the opening 
    door.  Go up the stairs to get your mace.  The Ionians are the sword 
    wielding variety, as opposed to the spear and shield from before.  They 
    are quick, but your mace will smash through them easily. Don’t forget 
    that you can switch weapons whenever you like with the bumpers.  Once 
    they are dead, head through the door and down the stairs.  
    Congratulations, you have a spear again, or sword if you chose spear. 
    Once out the door, head towards Idas in the water to join the fight. I 
    believe there are ten total Ionians here, mixed variety.  Just remember 
    to block and you’ll be fine, as Idas is almost as good as the 
    Argonauts.  Once the conversation triggers, follow the men to the door, 
    head outside. Fight the sword wielders to the door.  Make note that 
    when an enemy is on Jason’s left and strikes, they will often hit the 
    shield, which is very handy.  Once you get to the doorway the Ionians 
    are coming from a scene with Hercules triggers.
    Choose your option.  And you are treated to a rendered scene.  You have 
    taken back your palace from the invaders.  Once you regain control, 
    head out the door behind you.  You are now able to roam the island and 
    complete most of the side quests.
      B. Side Quests      [wlkthrISQ]
    Checklist:   (note: these quests give you feats for the constellation 
    Main Quest 1: Speak to Argos
    Main Quest 2: Disturbance
    Main Quest 3: Find the Witch
    Main Quest 4: Speak to Pelias
    Main Quest 5: Farewell
    Side Quest 1: Speak to Agathe.
    Side Quest 2: Train the Recruits
    Side Quest 3: Honor Timeaus
    Side Quest 4: Remember time with Alceme (not given by a character)
    Side Quest 5: Elpis’ Parents
    Side Quest 6: Private Matter
    Side Quest 7: Iolcan History (Herms)
    Side Quest 8: Learn of the Gods (Platon, Pandora, Nestus, Antiphon)
    Side Quest 9: Listen to your Subjects
    I know that seems like a lot of things to do, but they all feel rather 
    natural as you do them, not forced.  And it is worth the time to 
    complete them, I promise.
    Walk towards Hercules for a conversation.  Note that you can talk to 
    almost every NPC you see on this island, so feel free to talk to 
    everyone.  I’m only going to make note of the ones that will give you 
    The Noblewomen near the pillars offer you a chance to try out the 
    conversation system.  Each answer is associated with a God.  The answer 
    you choose gives you a small amount of favor with that God.  As a rule, 
    the answers will always be:
          Ares            Hermes
          Apollo          Athena
    Choose whichever you feel like, it doesn’t change much.  A note, if you 
    are working on the full Favor achievements, you may want to choose a 
    particular god or pair of gods to focus on first, as I’m not sure you 
    can get all four up to full favor in one play through.  Ares 
    strengthens your mace, Hermes your Sword and Spear, Apollo your sword 
    and Athena your spear.  I recommend choosing based on which weapon(s) 
    you tend to favor.
    Once you pass through the door you are introduced to Pelias, Jason’s 
    uncle.  Again, choose based on your weapon favor or achievement 
    hunting, the choices don’t affect the game play otherwise. Now that 
    there is nothing herding you, you’ll probably notice that the palace is 
    rather large.  Refer to your map if you get lost, as crude as it is, it 
    can help.  I will attempt to make my directions as concise as possible.  
    Go towards the Nobles for another bit of conversational god pleasing, 
    then directly across from them to the man standing 
    alone who tells you Argos wishes to see you aboard the Argo, as well as 
    asks you to deliver his friend’s final words to Agathe.
    Head towards the closed door, which the soldier will open for you, 
    letting you into the training room, go towards the men in the circle to 
    trigger another side quest, which is completed right where it’s given: 
    Train the recruits.  You can also talk with the Spear and Mace trainers 
    here for more god information/pleasing.  The Mace trainer, Platon, is 
    on your right as you enter and gives you information pertaining to 
    Ares. Myron, the spear trainer, is near 
    the door to the balcony.  Evarias, the head sword trainer, gives you 
    the option to train the recruits.  Doing so gets you another Feat, 
    Once finished, exit the training room and go out the door immediately 
    to your right.  You should recognize it as the area you jumped to from 
    the training room balcony.  Head straight across the balcony area and 
    speak with the soldier there for the third side quest.  From the guard, 
    head left and through the doors to the room with the red carpets.  Head 
    towards the wide open door, but 
    turn left to go up the stairs you should remember from the attack.  
    Once upstairs, take a left and go along the previously blocked path to 
    the open door and the balcony beyond.  This should be your first 
    encounter with the memory of Alceme. Head back down to the room with 
    the water where you first met Idas when the scene is over, another sign 
    you are in the correct place: Jason recalls his first meeting with 
    Alceme. Also up here is Antiphon, who teaches you of Hermes.
    No one in this room has anything to say, so head out the doors opposite 
    where the room with the red carpet and wall hangings.  Be sure to stop 
    next to the fountain and speak to the girl, Elpis for another Side 
    Quest, then turn and exit through the door the guard has opened for 
    Turn right, going past the door to the end of the railing for another 
    Alceme memory.  Then turn back and enter the door you passed to find 
    Jason’s throne room. When you get to the middle you will be addressed 
    by Idas, and given another series of conversation options, and two side 
    quests.  The most important options are “Disturbance” and “Private 
    matter”.  Private matter initiates a quest completed on the spot, 
    completing it gets you the “Dutiful Commander” feat.  Once done with 
    Idas, head towards the closed doors to the left.
    When you exit the throne room, walk straight ahead towards the statue 
    you see.  This called a Herm.  There are Herms on each of the islands 
    you will visit, and Feats for finding and reading each of them.  This 
    is the first of the Herms on Iolcus.  Once used, the Herm will glow.  
    Go down the steps behind you.  When you pass the two guards, hang a 
    left towards the hut.  This belongs to a fortune teller named Pandora 
    who has an entertaining series of questions.  
    Behind her hut is a Herm.  And the gate in front of it holds another 
    Alceme memory.  Should you choose to have Pandora read your fortune, it 
    is somewhat hinting of how crazy you can make Jason seem.
    Once finished, head into the cave.  If you’ve pulled up your map, 
    you’ll notice that there are multiple things to do here, however you 
    can probably hear the loud mouth.  He will prevent you from doing 
    anything else in the area, so go deal with him.  This is the 
    “Disturbance.”  No matter what, it always seems to end in a fight, but 
    you do get a nice new mace for killing him.  I recommend equipping the 
    mace when you get it.  Not only is it good looking, it has bonuses the 
    regular one doesn’t and it is a step towards getting the Weaponmaster 
    achievement.  You also get the feat Duelist and another Quest.
    With the loudmouth gone, you are free to talk to the people here.  Go 
    back to the cave exit, then face the houses.  The third house on the 
    right belongs to Elpis’ parents.  Your choice on what to tell them, 
    either way you get another Feat. Ignore the gate to their right for 
    now, instead go to the Herm near the tree. On your way back to where 
    you fought Xeno, make sure to stop by that house next to the cave 
    entrance.  It belongs to Idas.  Talk to Idas, suggest whichever crop 
    you like, and Idas gives you his sword.  Again, choose it over the 
    basic one.  Back where you fought Xeno, activate the Herm then head 
    towards the doors to the left.
    The path branches: take the one to the left, activating the Herm as you 
    pass.  Inside you will meet the Witch.  This is your first encounter 
    with the Corrupted.  They are only somewhat stronger than normal 
    enemies.  The mace works wonders on them though. You’ll get the Feat 
    Enlisted Medea after the conversation.  Be sure to go towards the altar 
    in the back to grab the armor there, the War Armor.  Like the other 
    things found, it is worth wearing.  Exit 
    the cave and take the other path.
    At the end of the docks you’ll see the Argo, ignore it for now and head 
    to the left along the cliffs.  Between two docks there’s a boy and a 
    woman.  That is Agathe. Your choice on the message, you get the feat 
    Honored Thano for completing the quest.  Continue along the cliffs for 
    another Herm.  Continue along and pass the hut for another Alceme 
    memory, to get the feat Reflective.  You have found all the memories.  
    Turn to your left and speak with the farmer 
    to finish the Honor Timeaus quest.  When you get it, be sure to equip 
    the Oathsworn Lance.  You also get the Benevolent Monarch and Honored 
    Timeaus feats.
    Head to the dock leading to the Argo now, be sure to ask Nestus about 
    Athena.  If you asked everyone who mentioned a God about the god, you 
    should get the feat for it. Be sure you’ve asked about both Domain and 
    Virtues. Ask him to row you out to the Argo when you’re ready.  Take 
    the ship tour, it’ll help you remember where things are on it, and 
    you’ll get the feat Enlisted Argos.  He leaves you at the shrine, which 
    you can use to advance your character as you see fit.
    On your way out, speak to Medea. Her door is the second on the right 
    from the shrine.  Also, be sure to speak to everyone aboard whenever 
    you are on the ship.  They have interesting comments but it’ll also 
    eventually net you an achievement.  When you are ready, head back to 
    shore via the shore boat where you first got on the ship.
    You have things to wrap up before you are ready to set sail.  Make your 
    way back to the throne room.  On your way back you will run into Sinon, 
    Agathe’s son bothering two guards.  Deal with it as you see fit.  Once 
    at your throne room, before speaking to Pelias, sit upon your throne to 
    listen to the petitions (this can be done when you first come through, 
    I simply forgot about it).  There’s a few of them, some god points to 
    be had and the Just Ruler feat earned.  When this is complete, speak to 
    Pelias.  Make your way back to Alceme in the shrine, be sure to 
    activate the herm next to it.
    After the gods talk to you, you will get the Favored Hero and Completed 
    Cepheus feats, as well as the achievement Cepheus, Exalted King.
      C. Farewell Iolcus  [wlkthrIF]
    Main Quest 1: Prove Yourself to Ares
    Main Quest 2: Set Sail
    I call ‘Prove Yourself’ a main quest, but you don’t have to do it.  I 
    highly recommend doing so though.  To start it, head to the gate near 
    Elpis’ parents’ home, the one I said to ignore earlier. Go through.
    Follow the path and be sure to check the Herm on your way past it,
    it should be your last on Iolcus and get you the Historioan of
    Iolcus and Completed Ara feats, as well as the Ara, Conduit of the
    Gods Achievement.
    Continue past the Herm, and go up to the large boulder. Hercules will
    move it. Inside you will be challenged by the minions of Ares in a
    series of combat tests.  There is only one path to be followed, so go
    along it.  You will first encounter three Ares Swordsmen.  Same as
    the Ionians except colorful.  Further in and you will be faced with
    five shield and spear wielders, and taught to throw your spear, RT + B.
    Once they are dead, follow the path, to be attacked by three shield
    and mace users with a shield and spear in the distance.  Dispatch as
    you see fit. The game teaches you of Dash Attacks, RT + X or Y with
    the sword equipped.  Follow the path to find three lava pools which
    spawn three shield and mace users. Follow the path for more swordsmen
    and a tutorial on God powers.  You activate them by holding a
    direction on the D-Pad, after you have assigned a power. Not too far
    away you should see a statue, head towards it. That big creature is a
    Minotaur. This is your first encounter with one.  They are stronger
    than the foot soldiers, and have a charge move that does a bit of
    damage and knocks you down.  Remember to block and use dodge.  Also
    the sword is particularly helpful as it is quicker, and striking them
    from behind does extra damage. Once they are dead, go towards the
    statue to receive Ares' boon. You will receive the Feat Adventurous.
    At this point you should have the Cepheus and Ara constellations
    completed.  Depending on what dialogue choices and combat style you
    use, you may also have the Parthenos, Zephyrus, Helios and Deimos
    constellations open for viewing, as well as Leo, Corvus, Argo Navis,
    and Aquarius.  Under Aquarius, you are also likely to have the feats
    Manslayer I thorugh VI.
    You are now ready to leave Iolcus.  Be warned, if you have skipped
    anything, you cannot come back and do it later.  When you are ready
    go back to the Argo. Make your way to the 'Brain' and talk to Argo
    to depart and get the Argonaut feat.
    2. Delphi      [wlkthrDe1]
    Main Quest: Seek the Oracle
    Side Quest: History of Delphi (3 of 4)
    You start in Jason's chamber aboard the Argo.  Make your way back
    topside, being sure to stop and speak with Medea. Take a moment to
    speak with Argo as well, then head outside to find Hercules. Then
    take the shore boat.  Hercules comes with you.  Follow the shoreline
    which curves to the right and you will head deeper into Delphi. The
    first Herm on Delphi is straight ahead of you. Continue along the path
    to the right of the Herm to meet a talking Satyr. Once Herc runs off
    follow the path he took. Once inside the cave, you will meet Platon.
    Choose your dialogue as you see fit. continue walking to the right
    and you will encounter Herc. Again, choose your dialogue. Progress
    past Herc and you will encounter Alceme.  Dialogue choice.  Go past
    her and you will see a Herm.  Activate it then continue to the left.
    After reuniting with Herc you get the Determined feat.
    Follow the path to the right and you will encounter the Satyr, Pan.
    Head through the mist to find the Oracle. After the conversation you
    get the Seeker of Truth and Recruited Pan feats.  Before heading back
    to the Argo, go to the right of the Oracle and follow the path to
    a Herm. There is one more Herm to be found on Delphi but it cannot
    be accessed until later.  For now, return to the Argo with your new
    Argonaut in tow.
    Once again, you begin in Jason's chamber. Make your way topside, again
    speaking with Medea. Before speaking to Argo, find and speak to Herc
    and Pan. They should be engaged in a discussion.  Stand by to listen.
    Once they are finished talking, speak to each twice, then go to Argo.
    Argo asks you where you wish to go.  Before leaving, note that you have
    unlocked the Pygmalion constellation and can view the feats therein.
    choose whichever destination you like.  I choose Mycenae.
    3. Mycenae       [wlkthrMy]
      A. Unhappy Greetings      [wlkthrUG]
    Main Quest: Meet King Lycomedes
    Side Quest: History of Mycenae
    Again, you begin in Jason's chamber on the Argo.  Feel free to use the
    Shrine to level, then head topside.  Speak to Medea, Argo, listen and
    speak to Herc and Pan before taking the shoreboat.  When you go ashore
    Pan and Herc will accompany you.
    As the characters hae warned, don't expect a warm welcome.  You really
    won't be able to do much except head for the palace.  Do take a moment
    to check your map and note that this place is rather large. Follow the
    path you are herded along and you will find Sinon, Agathe's son. After
    the conversation, keep following the path, the dock works will make sure
    you keep going straight.  Once you see the statue of Ares, head towards
    it for a scene with a trio of Ionians. Have I mentioned that Jason is
    insane?  Once the scene ends, head up the ramp and take a left. Go past
    the fountain then turn left. Talk to the boy, Bolo, next to fish stand.
    Then go beyond him to speak to Khufu. Small conversations, but they are
    good reference points for future quests. Head away from them and you
    will see three gamblers in front of a statue of Hermes.
    Go past the long fountain, turn left and head towards the guards. A
    short scene will trigger.  Following it, head towards the guard ahead
    of you and turn left. No one will speak to you here, so keep going.
    You'll find a Herm, the first on Mycenae. Continue to the right after
    activating the Herm.  Keep following the cobblestones.  When you get to
    the square, talk to the woman in blue next to the trees, Zosime. After
    keep following the cobblestone pathway to a pair of gates.
    Once the second gate is open, continue along the cobblestones, stopping
    to examine the statue(s) if you wish to. When you get to the second
    statue, continue straight beyond it and talk to the man standing alone
    in the middle of the pillars. Go straight to where Hercules speaks of
    the Arena.  Straight ahead is the second Herm. Head back to the statue,
    only this time pass by on the left of it, going down the path next to
    the door that curves takes a left turn, there will be two women and two
    children standing next to a brazier. Keep following the cobblestones
    until you see the group of guards. Next to the pillar on the left is
    the third Herm. Go back to the statue of Lycomedes and turn right to see
    a closed door.  Head towards it.
    Inside the Agora, there's a man speaking in what looks basically like a
    chapel.  Behind him is the fourth Herm. Go through the gate next to the
    Herm and follow the cobblestone path. It wll lead you straight to the
    fifth and final Herm, which gets you the Historian of Mycenae feat.
    Turn down the brown and gold path and follow it to Lycomedes. You be
    taken to the Arena and given a neat suit of armor.
      B. Arena Fighter       [wlkthruAF]
    Main Quest: Find the Minoan
    Main Quest: Fight
    You begin in Jason's cell.  Go straight across and speak to the lyre
    player in the cell there. This is Pytheas, Zosime's husband. After
    the conversation, head to the right and speak to the prisoner in the
    cell next to Jason's, Thankallos.  Hang a left before the stairs and
    speak to Asclepius, the arena doctor for a bit more information. Head
    up the stairs and you will see a forge.  The man there is Daedalus,
    and he is the Minoan. Speak with him.  Go back to Pytheas, your choice
    on strategies.  I told him to stay back as he has a quest associated
    with him later. Go back to Daedalus and tell him you are ready.
    Fight 1: Ionians
    Jason is given a mace for this fight. There will be quite a few Ionians
    coming at you.  You are given a short conversation with Pytheas before
    the fight, you can change the plan and comfort him.  Remember to guard
    and you'll be fine. This fight is pretty easy. You get the Warrior 1
    feat for surviving.  You will probably also get the Manslayer VII feat.
    And depending on your weapon choice, maybe the Smashing Success
    Fight 2: Macedonian Melee, Thankallos is present.
    Jason gets a sword for this battle. This is a bit chaotic. The other
    fighters will kill each other off with Thankallos getting a few. If
    you are trying to fill Aquarius, kill as many as possible.  Guarding
    is key in this fight due to the amount of enemies, but you should
    get through it no trouble.  you get Warrior 2 feat for surviving.
    This is a good fight to work on the Severance Package achievement,
    and Gratuitious Carnage.
    Fight 3: Achilles
    Jason gets a brand new, awesome spear from Daedalus for this fight.
    Achilles is good... and annoying. This fight can be difficult. The best
    way to beat him is to guard, wait for him to finish his attack and hit
    him once with a quick X attack.  He has two attacks that are good for
    killing him.  One is a three hit combo which lets you get a single hit,
    the other is a flaming sword flourish that you can hit him twice after.
    The fight is time consuming, but if you guard you should get through
    it with little difficulty. There are basically three stages to the
    fight: when he first comes out, when his spear begins to glow, and
    when its on fire.  When the spear is on fire, you are near the end of
    the fight.  You get the Warrior 3 feat for surviving.
    Now that you have finished the Arena fights, you are free to leave the
    Arena.  On your way out, Daedalus will speak to you.  You can finally
    ask about the wings if you are interested. You will get the chance to
    choose your armor and spear.  I choose to stay in the War Armor, as the
    Gladiator armor isn't the best it can be, yet. And I choose to keep the
    Oathsworn Lance because it gives Jason a defense increase.
    Once finished, you will be treated to a conversation with Lycomedes.
    Afterwards you are free to explore the city and people will talk to you.
      C. Side Quests             [wlkthrMSQ]
    Main Quest 1: Speak to Captain Ekekios
    Main Quest 2: Search for the Stork
    Main Quest 3: Speak to Origen
    Main Quest 4: Challenge Achilles
    Main Quest 5: Captain Ekekios
    Main Quest 6: Enter the Tournament
    Side Quest 1: Visit Pytheas and Zosime
    Side Quest 2: Proof
    Side Quest 3: Merchant Quarrel
    Side Quest 4: Send Sinon Home
    Side Quest 5: Question the Cargomaster
    Side Quest 6: The Family
    This section is began with a conversation with Anaxagoras, a Senator.
    The quests here will unlock feats under the constellation Lupus. If you
    have been following this guide, you should already have the Steadfast
    and Historian feats.
    Lets start with the quests.  Go back to the main courtyard, where
    you can reach Ares' Watch, the Agora and the Arena from.  Then head
    towards Ares' Watch, but stop in the smaller courtyard with the statue
    before the Watch.  Here there is a man named Damon.  Speak to him. He
    wants you to find proof that Daedalus is on Mycenae. Go past Damon to
    the Watch and fine Ekekios, he is the bald one. After the conversation,
    head back to the arena to speak to Daedalus. Tell him about Damon.
    Take a feather from the wings. Go back to Damon. Tell Damon that
    Daedalus fled and you will getthe Faithful Friend feat.
    Next head back to the Marketplace, through the two gates you passed
    prior to the arena.  On your way back you will pass Pytheas and Zosime.
    Speak with them.  Then speak to the man opposite them, Lysias. After,
    head into the marketplace. There is however, an old woman who will, she
    is straight ahead when you turn right into the market. Her name is
    Hyppia. Speak with her. She tells you to find her son Origen.
    There still aren't a lot of people who will speak to you. Keep going
    back to where you saw the Blacktongue. Go towards the gate then turn
    right to find a pair of bickering merchants. Go back to Lysias and he
    will request your assistance.  Help him. Once done you will recieve
    the Negotiator feat. Head back to the gate where you met the merchants
    and continue through. Remember the gamblers by Hermes? Go there and
    you will find Origen. Speak to him.  He will engage you in a gambling
    game. He will tell you who the Stork is after the game. Here is a
    strategy to win it, curtosey of FreedumbRing via email: 
    Choose to Go first, then Pick 1. Whatever Origen picks next, the total
    will be between 2 and 5. Add the appropriate number to bring the total
    to 6. Now whatever Origen chooses, the total will be between 7 and 10.
    Add the appropriate number to bring the total to 11. You will get a
    feat under the Hermes constellation, Zephyrus I belive.
    But first, go back to Bolo.  Talk to him and he will startsinging.
    Its annoying... off key, but don't stop him, and trust me it goes on
    forever. If you don't stop him, you'll get the Heroic Patience feat
    and Achievement. Before going to the Stork, head back towards the dock
    Keep going back towards the Dock to run into Sinon. Listen to him
    whine, then send him home and you get the Counsler feat.  Only one feat
    left to complete Lupus. Go to the docks and speak to the cargomaster,
    he's the on standing next tot he warehouse.  Once finished, head to the
    Stork. After speaking to him you get the Investigator feat.  Now head
    back to the Arena. Instead of heading below, go to the right to the
    stands.  Here you will find Patroclus. After talking with him, head 
    back underground to find Achilles.  Remember his room is next to
    Jason's cell.  Speak with Achilles.  You will get the Stern Counseler
    and Finished Lupus feats as well as the Lupus, Ferocious Wolf
    After the conversation, head out of the Arena to be met by one of the
    Stork's spies. I believe no matter what you choose, Jason will tell
    him to go to Pytheas and Zosime. Before going to talk with them, head
    to Ares' Watch. After the fight with the three Blacktongues, which is
    extremely easy you are taken back to the pillars near the Arena. You
    get the Investigator feat for having completed the Blacktongue hunt.
    Before heading towards the Arena, go back towards the market to visit
    with Pytheas, Zosime and Bolo to get the Compassionate feat.  Then
    return to the Arena, heading to the stands to speak to Patrolcus.
      D. The Tournament                [wlkthrMT]
    Main Quest: Win the Tournament
    Speak to Daedalus.  If you've been following this guide Daedalus
    should ask to join you aboard the Argo (He may otherwise, but I have
    not tried it without completing the 'Proof' quest for Damon). When
    you are ready to start, tell Daedalus. You should get the Enlisted
    Daedalus feat right before you start fighting.  You get to use all
    your normal weapons this time around.
    Fight 1: Satyrs
    This is your first encounter with Satyrs (if you haven't done Saria
    yet).  They are faster then footsoldiers, though only slightly more
    powerful.  The Minotaur with them is the only real concern.  Just
    stick with your favored weapon and remember to guard.  They come in
    waves just like the previous Arena fights.  You should have no
    trouble surviving. Again, if you've been following this guide, you'll
    probably get the Beastslayer I feat. You also get the Gladiator I feat.
    Before telling Daedalus you are ready, go speak to Asclepius. When
    ready, tell Daedalus so. Before going in you can change your sword,
    do it. The extra damage will help.
    Fight 2: Minotaurs
    You start the fight against three Minotaurs.  Guarding is extremely
    important in this fight.  You may want to use your sword as its speed
    will help greatly. Be sure to guard and dodge.  There are only the
    three to this fight. Just to make it a bit more challenging, the toxin
    prevents you from having full health during the combat. Guard and you
    should be fine.  Surviving this gets you the Gladiator II feat. Speak
    to Daedalus when you are ready to start the final bout.
    Fight 3: Docon
    Ready to finish the Tournament?  A nice one on one... Well, it should
    be but who can blame Achilles for wanting a piece.  Achilles fights
    alongside you, rather then against. And you get a nice mace from
    Lycomedes, and the Weilded Deimos feat.  The fight ends up being you
    and Achilles versus Docon and five Corrupted. If you are shooting for
    as completing constellations/achievements, try to kill as many of the
    Corrupted as you can before going for Docon. He will keep summoning
    them, so really you could just farm them for as many of the Corrupted
    kill based feats as you feel like. Use Deimos, as it is very powerful.
    Remember to guard. When you do kill Docon, you will get the Ravenfoe
    feat. Once you finish off the remaining Corrupted, the fight ends. The
    feats you get here will vary depending on how long you fought, but you
    should at least get Gladiator III, Completed Auriga (with accompanying
    achievement), Champion of Mycenae, Recruited Achilles (and achievement)
    and Enlisted Lycomedes as well as the feat for killing 5 Corrupted.
    That's alot of feats for simply winning a fight.
    Oh, and congratulations on completing Mycenae. Make you're way around
    the Argo and speak to everyone, including your new companions: King
    Lycomedes and Achilles. When you speak to Daedalus you are given a
    chance to upgrade the Gladiator armor. You can increase its power
    and defense boost or make it give you a health boost with each kill.
    I chose the power and defense since you regen full health after each
    fight, but choose what you like most. When you are ready, speak to
    Argo and select your next destination: either Kythra or Saria. 
    I chose Saria.
    4. Saria                  [wlkthrSa]
      A. The Nisyros           [wlkthrNS]
    Like usual, you start in Jason's cabin.  Use the shrine to power up,
    speak to the crew once more, then go ashore. Remember to listen if
    two are talking before talking to either of them. Here you will be
    challenged by Pan and Achilles to a challenge of wits.  Basically
    you need to say a God that hasn't been said yet and choose it quick.
    You get to select an Argonaut to come with you. I took Herc, doesn't
    change anything really, so its just personal choice.
    Go straight ahead to the giant Centaur and be glad you don't have to
    fight it. There is only one way you can go, straight along the path
    to Demeleon's right. Speak to Brygus on the right for a little more
    information regarding Saria, then continue along the path. Take a
    left to leave the docks behind. You'll run past fishing Centaurs.
    Next to them is the first of the Herms on Saria, however you cannot
    read it yet so just keep following the path. You'll go through two
    gates and enter the village to see a pair of centaurs arguing. Go
    into the hut to the right of where they had been to speak to Agrios.
    Leave Agrios' hut and head to the right to the centaur in front of
    a hut, Bisa, and speak to him. Next go past the potter and speak
    to the green clad Gorgios. Head to the left and speak to Chrosus,
    who is wearing gray. Keep going straight and you will see a white
    haired centaur, Gelios. Speak to him. Go into the door to Gelios'
    right and speak to Pantaleon and Strachus. Ignore the central lodge
    and go straight into the doorway past it to speak to Nessus. When
    you leave Nessus' lodge, turn towards the gate to your left to
    speak to the guard nearest it, then head back toward the central
    lodge. Speak to the guard outside before going inside to speak to
    Lykas. Follow Kromis across to meet Atalanta. You will get the
    Nisyrosian Linguist and Hunters Pact feats.
      B. The Jungle            [wlkthrNJ]
    Main Quest 1: Jungle Herm
    Main Quest 2: Cave Herm
    Main Quest 3: Solve the Mystery
    Side Quest 1: Saria Historian
    Side Quest 2: Find Faleon
    Side Quest 3: Find Lethecaps
    Remember the Herm by the fishing Centaurs? Well you can read it now
    so head back to it before going towards the gate you were turned
    back from before speaking to Lykas. On your way back to the gate
    stop by and speak to Pantaleon and Gelios. When you get back to the
    gate, you will be able to exit.
    After you pass through the second gate to the jungle, you will come
    out in a clearing wherein you will be ambushed by a Blacktongue.
    The smaller ones summon the Corrupted as well as creating explosive
    traps on the ground. Luckily, these summoners are easily killed.
    After the quick fight, head down the path behind Jason. YOu'll come
    to a larger clearing with a Herm directly across from you. Here you
    will be attacked by a couple of waves of Satyrs.  With your two
    Argonauts, you should be able to tear through them. After the battle
    go and acivate the Herm, then head back towards the entrance. If you
    look to the right, where half the Satyrs came from, you will see a
    path. Follow it. Welcome to the Jungle proper. That creature? That
    is Hep'Naje.  She's a pain. She will disappear and reappear behind
    you often. Guard, and pound the hell out of her when you can. If
    you don't guard, a few of her attacks can kill you very quickly.
    There's not much of a strategy for this fight, just stay alive.
    After you deal enough damage, a scene occurs over the centaur's
    body. Here you will get to say Last Rites for the first time. You
    can use Last Rites as further boosts to your God favor, so choose
    the one you are trying to get the highest. You will get the
    Hep'Naje Survivor and Scout's Eulogist feats. Straight ahead is
    one of the sacred Herms that need to be lit, a carved eagle atop
    a stone block. Activate it. You get the Reclaimer feat for this.
    Now you want to go down the path next to the bones where Faleon's
    body had been. Atalanta will begin talking about Nessus to let
    you know you are on the right path. You will see Satyrs performing
    a ritual before you get to the clearing. The cave is behind them,
    and Satyrs will come out of it to attack you.  Same as in the big
    clearing, this fight is easy so you shouldn't have to worry about
    Head into the cave to find the second Sacred Herm. You will get
    the Restorer feat for this one.  You can now cross the ravine. First
    take the left path from the clearing outside the cave to find the
    Lethecaps for Pantaleon and the third Herm. Head back to where you
    fought Hep'naje and follow the path beyond the first Sacred Herm.
    The path will lead you to a misty ravine with the final Herm before
    it. After reading it you will get the Historian of Saria feat. Now
    approach the ravine. You get the Pathfinder feat after the scene. Go
    up the vines to the shrine. Walk around Hermes and you will see a
    glowing fruit behind it.  Go to the fruit and eat it. You will get
    the Spiritwalker feat.
    Head back to the final History Herm to find the first spirit. Once
    you've spoken with her, start back for the first clearing after the
    village. You will have to fight where you encountered Hep'naje
    against Satyrs and a Blacktongue, in the big clearing against just
    Satyrs, and finally in the clearing which holds the spirits body.
    If you notice the bluish mist before you entered the area? That
    indicates there is a spirit's body nearby. In this clearing you
    will face Blacktongues and Satyrs. After the fight a blue aura
    will indicate where to find Pelagia's body. You get the Oracle's
    Eulogist feat afterwards. Head back to the cave with the Sacred
    Herm. You will have to fight Satyrs and Blacktongue here too.
    Go into the cave to find another Spirit, that of Lysander. After
    the short conversation, head to the Lethecaps to find the spirit
    of Arktos. On your way back to where you fought Hep'naje you will
    encounter the final Spirit on Saria, that of Callas. Lysander's
    body rests near the pool where you fought Hep'naje. After the
    conversation with him you get the Assassin's Eulogist and
    Reuniter feats. Now head back to the Nisyros village. Once back,
    head towards Lykas' lodge for a scene. Go into Atalanta's lodge
    then to the back wall and you will get a new spear. Then go and
    inform Gelios of Faleon's fate to recieve the Somber Messanger
    feat. Give the Lethecaps to Pantaleon to recieve the Caring and
    Completed Helios feats and the Helios, Searing Brilliance
    Achievement.  Finally go and speak to Chrosus and ask about
    Callas, then Gorgios, again asking about Calls.  Finally speak
    to Agrios.
    This is actually a bit complicated, so I'll give you the correct
    answers to get the body down. It took me almost fifteen minutes
    to get this correct my first time through.
    First Choice: He Hurts His Own Tribe
    Second Choice: His Tribe Suffers Too
    Third Choice: Let the Tribe Heal
    Anything other than that will result in having to start over. You
    get the Recovered Callas feat for your trouble and the Murderer's
    Eulogist once you've said Last Rites.  Head back to the village.
    Here Agrios gives you a new mace, the Avenger's Maul. I equipped
    Now you are ready to find the last body and free Saria.
      C. Hep'naje Hunt             [wlkthrHH]
    Main Quest: Hunt Hep'Naje
    Side Quest: Give Arkos Last Rites
    Leave the village once more and go to where you first fought
    Hep'Naje. You will encounter a Blacktongue who summons two
    corrupted Minotaurs in the large clearing. Continue on once they
    are dealt with. Go to where you found Faleon's body to be shown
    the way to Hep'Naje. Attack the wall a few times and you will
    see the blue mist that indicates a nearby body.  Both Hep'Naje
    and Arkos' body are within.
    The Hep'Naje fight is much the same as the first time, except she
    will actually die this time. Just use the same strategy as you did
    last time and you'll be fine. Once she is down you get the
    Hep'Naje's Hunter feat and are able to give Last Rites to Arkos.
    This gets you Hunter's Eulogist, Master Eulogist and Completed
    Centaurus feats, as well as the Centaurus, Honored Aleph
    Achievement.  Now there is only one thing left to do. Go back to
    the Village.
    When you get to the big clearing, you meet Nessus. So much for
    the village, right?
    Nessus: Phase 1
    This is the easy phase. Guard and beat the crap out of him. With
    two Argonauts to assist, he should be pretty easy to take out.
    His attacks in this form basically consist of a short charge, a
    pair of slashes with the axe and a kick with his hind legs if you
    get behind him.  None too deadly.
    Nessus: Phase 2
    Once his armor comes off, Nessus reveals the Hecate tattoos and
    releases an energy pulse that knocks out your companions and also
    summons Hep'Naje's spirit. He has three attacks here: the first
    is obvious, the Spirit Charge. This attack sends a series of
    ghosts charging at you. They do a decent amount of damage but are
    easily dodged, just look for the opening and keep pressing B. The
    second attack has Nessus throwing up to three of those crows above
    him at you. They are more annoying then anything else, but if you
    get up to him, they fly away.  The third attack occurs after you
    have gotten up to hit him. After a certain amount of time, usually
    about three to five hits, he rears and stomps, sending out shock-
    waves.  You can dodge this by rolling away, but it doesn't really
    do much damage, just sends you back to the starting point.  To
    kill him, run up to him and beat on him, get sent back to the end
    of the area, dodge back up to him, rinse and repeat. Hep'Naje is
    up by him, but she doesn't really do much damage in this fight.
    When he falls you get the Ravenhunter feat and are also treated
    to a rather awesome kill sequence during which you can choose
    Jason's comments.
    After the fight you find yourself talking to Lykas who gives you
    a rather cool new piece of Armor. Oh and Hermes shows up.  Best
    not keep a God waiting, so go towards where the Fisher-Centaur
    were. You will get the Savior of Saria feat after the talk, as
    well as the Wind Shear, a very cool sword. Afterwards you get the
    Sagittarius achievement and feat, the Enlisted Lykas feat and
    the Recruited Atalanta feat and acheivement. You have also
    finished Saria and are now half way through the game.
    When you go back to the ship, you should start at Jason's cabin.
    You know the drill, go through and talk to all the Argonauts prior
    to speaking to Argo to set sail.  If you are following the guide
    you have only one place left: Kythra.
    5.Kythra                       [wlkthrKy]
      1. Statuesque Welcome            [wlkthrSW]
    Main Quest 1: Search the Island
    Main Quest 2: Save the People
    Main Quest 3: Restore the Virtues
    Main Quest 4: Talk to Kirinos
    Main Quest 5: The Magistrate's Daughter
    Main Quest 6: The Village Healer
    Side Quest 1: Kythra Historian
    Side Quest 2: Purge the Ionians
    Side Quest 3: Restore the People
    Side Quest 4: Find Uncle
    Side Quest 5: Mead Factory
    Side Quest 6: Investigate the Crime
    As always, you start at Jason's Cabin. Speak to people, head to
    the shore boat. Take notice before you leave the ship of how dark
    the island seems.  The area can be quite dark, so if you've got a
    naturally dark television, you may want to consider upping the
    brightness for the island. Pan comes with you by default, leaving
    you to choose one other. I chose Atalanta.
    Once ashore, you'll notice strangely placed statues in the distance.
    You should also see a Herm in the distance. Activate the Herm before
    going over the bridges and around the altar. Just past the altar in
    the beginnings of the woods you will be approahced by a little girl.
    After she speaks her words, continue along the path. Like Saria,
    there is little divergance on this island, so you dont really need
    to worry about getting lost. When you do hit a larger area, the girl
    pops up to point in the right direction. Just keep going. You'll hit
    a gate, go through it and you will come to the city proper.
    Directly ahead and to the left is another Herm. Acivate it then go
    on towards the big circles on the ground to your left. This is the
    circle of Virtues. You'll be coming back here a lot so I'm just
    going to refer to it as the Virtues. The child tells you more about
    what is going on on the island, though if you know your Myths,you'll
    have a decent idea of what happened. After the conversation here you
    will be attacked by the dark statues. These are Corrupted Ionians.
    Deal with the in the same way you kill normal Ionians. After the
    fight you get the Seeker of Virtue feat. The basic idea of this is
    to go around the town and the connecting areas bringing the statues
    back to life, killing the Ionians to save the villagers.
    The first and easiest statue is to the right, directly next to the
    Virtues. This is Kirinos, he is crazy. Now face the Circle and look
    to the left. See the blue path leading off to the left?Follow it out
    of the city. Once out the gate, follow the path. This path is goes
    in a circle, so you can go either left or right from the crossroad
    and end up back at the city. I went left. As you progress along the
    path, pay attention to the left side as you will find a Herm here.
    After activating it, continue along the path. You will come to a
    clearing with corrupted Ionians. Kill them. After they are dead,
    head down the little offshoot to the left where a few of the Ionians
    had gathered and you will find the healer. After the talk make sure
    you contine in the same direction you were going, so take a left
    when you leave the small path. You will come to another clearing,
    approach the white statues to bring them all to life. Kill the
    Corrupted. After the conversation, continue your way around the
    circle and back to the city and the Virtues.
    Back at the Virtues, pause to speak to Kirinos. Go into the little
    house to the left of the Virtues and you will find the Healer and
    the sick girl to get the Seer of Humility Feat. Exit the hut then
    go towards the statue of Athena and turn left to restore the Guard.
    Go to the Herm then take a left to Restore a Guard and prisoners.
    Now go back to the Docks, where you first entered the island. Here
    there is a Blacktongue and Corrupted, as well as corrupted Ionians.
    Once they are dead, go to the remaining statue to find Uncle. After
    the talk, head back the Guard and Prisoners. On your way back, go
    straight when you hit the area with the tools to save more people.
    Once you have saved them you will get the Seer of Courage feat.
    Speak to Comeas, the prisoner on the left and ask his story. Then
    speak to Pyrrho. After go and speak to Kirinos, you'll probably
    have to do it twice sincethe first time will start a scene with his
    Uncle. The scene will get you the seer of Wisdom feat. On the second
    talk, you'll find out more about the message, geating the feat
    cautious Justice. Go back to the Prisoners and speak to the Guard.
    After, turn towards the gate to the docks but instead turn left to
    go out the gate to the swamps.  This one does not circle, but you'll
    end up down both. I started with the left again. When you walk over
    a giant lilly pad, turn right for a quick detour to revive the mead
    guy. Return to the path after the talk. After the fight you'll meet
    Nico who comes clean about the crime the two prisoners are charged
    Next go back towards the city but head down the other path. When
    you see the bricks on the right path, be sure to go down the small
    offshoot to find a Herm, then head back and proceed into the small
    shrine to finish off the last of the Ionians. You will get the
    Kythian Redeemer feat. Go back to the Prisoners. After the proof is
    given, you will get the Seer of Justice feat here.  Head towards the
    Virtues but first stop by the Guardsmen near the foutain on the
    right. On your way, Iona will stop you in conversation. You will
    get Seer of Discipline and Judge of Virtue feats here. Continue to
    the guards. Speak to Dionysilios and the other Silver Guard will
    honor you with the Fulcrum, the final mace in the game. At least its
    the coolest looking. Next head to the Virtues where the temple gates
    will be opened.
      2. Athena's Temple          [walkthrAT]
    Main Quest: Test Phaedon
    Main Quest: Test Perseus
    Main Quest: Test Medusa
    Follow the path. Once more, there is only one way. You'll run into
    Corrupted Ionians shortly after taking a right turn.  They are next
    to a Herm. After the fight, activate the Herm then continue on the
    path. You'll fight more Ionians before a series of warrior statues
    over purple carpets.  Follow the purple. Pan will start to read the
    origins of the Golden Fleece. Listen to the story and you will get
    the Kythian Scholar Feat. Turn around from the last panel and head
    towards the statue of Athena up the stairs. After the talk you will
    have a choice of going left to Phaedon or right to Perseus. I chose
    There's a Herm straight ahead of you as you go up the stairs towards
    Phaedon. You will have to engage him in a debate featuring choices
    There will be three debates.  I'm rather sure you don't
    have to win any of them, but its not hard to win. Just make sure
    you address Athena's virtues. If you went through with Pan's reading
    of the history of the Fleece, the first questions should be easy.
    In order, the answers are: Epimetheus, Upright Form/Fire, and last
    Man.  Now you can begin the proper debates. The result is the same
    you must kill Phaedon. You get the Master Orater feat if you win
    the debate though.
    He will summon a golden armor over himself to reduce damage. He is
    fast and rather strong, but if you guard and pound away with your
    sword, you will have no trouble killing him.  He summons a few
    Corrupted, but they are really no trouble at all.
    You will get Seeker of Truth and Ravesbane feats for killing him.
    You also get the chance to change swords, but I stuck with the Wind
    Shear. Once you've made your choice, head back to the Athena statue
    and go east towards Perseus. Again, up the stairs will be a Herm,
    the last which gets you the Historian of Kythra feat.
    Perseus is in the center of the room, being a bit crazy. I've not
    fought him, so I don't think it ends up working out that way, though
    I will gladly mention otherwise if someone speaks up. Once he starts
    threatening I stuck with the Athena options and things were resolved
    without murder. I suggest using the Spear of Virtue, as it is the
    best in the game. You will recieve the Judge of Will feat.
    Head back to the waterfall and follow the path beyond it, stopping
    to listen to the images of Medusa and Phaedon. When you get to the
    end of the path, you meet Medusa. Not so pretty now, right?
    Start off by using the spear and focusing on the snake heads one by
    one. After you have beaten back one, Pan will seal off the doorway.
    The snakes have three attacks.  One is an up and down slam that is
    easily guarded.  The second is a quick charge, which is preceeded
    by the head moving back a bit. It is best to roll away from this.
    The third is a spit attack which is best ignored. Once you have
    blocked all the doorways, you can run to the back of the room to
    hurl spears at her. If you do this, you will kill her after two or
    three rounds. Actually, the biggest challenge in this fight is the
    horrible camera, as it'll often obscure the view of one or more of
    the heads dependin gon your position.
    Alternatively, NVofAll passed on that if you destroy the statue she
    clings to and drops when the snake heads are sealed off, she reverts
    to her human form and you spare her.
    Once you've finished the fight, you'll get a few feats, and at least
    two achievements if you have been following this guide. Also, you
    will get the final armor required for the Weaponmaster achievement.
    A scene will play as soon as you've finished the dialogue, followed
    immediately by another scene. And two more.
    After the barrage of scenes, you start in Jason's cabin. Once more,
    move along the ship and speak to everyone you can. When read, go to
    navigation controls in the bridge house.  You have to choose the
    constellations associated with Kythra and Delphi. These should be
    easy if you've been paying attention to the feats, but Kythra is
    Libra and the destination is Pygmalion. you get the Navigator feat
    for being successful.
    6. Delphi Return              [Wlkthrdr]
    You have the ability to speak to the crew again before leaving the
    Argo. Speak to everyone, then go to the shore boat. 
    When the scenee completes in the "bathouse" you get to choose two
    of the Argonauts to come along. Be warned, if you choose Pan or
    Herc, you cannot choose the other, same with Atalanta and Achilles.
    On your way down to the Oracle, you'll find the final Delphi Herm
    next to Atalanta, getting you the Delphi Historian and Master
    HIstorian feats. 
    Go to the Oracle and tell her you are ready to go to Hell. When you
    do, you will get the Pygmalion achievement.
    7. Tartarus                  [wlkthrTa]
    Main Quest 1: Explore Tartarus
    Main Quest 2: Save the Titans
    Main Quest 3: Get the Fleece
    Tartarus is essentially one large string of fights. You will end up
    facing a lot of Corrupted Fiends here. They are the same as the ones
    summoned by the Blacktongues.  You will also encounter a couple bosses
    again. By and large, this area is actually really simple, as even the
    boss fights are easier than before.
    Start off by going straight, fighting when you need to. When you see
    pods on the sides of the path try to pop them, you'll stop enemies
    before they even spawn. Or let them spawn and kill them, it doesnt
    much matter. The real challenge here really just comes from the sheer
    number of fiends you will encounter in a few areas. But that is later.
    When you get to the area with the bulbs spewing poison while you are
    standing in green liquid, you have two choices, left or right. Like
    usual, I went left. Just keep following the path. You can't get lost.
    Right after they mention hearing noises you will come to an open area
    with pods around it and lots of the green liquid. Try to kill the
    Fiends on the dry land in the middle of the area, or else they will
    keep on respawning. Once they stop coming, continue along the path
    to run into Docon.  He has the same strategy as when you fought him
    in the Arena. Just beath the crap out of him till he dies. You get
    the Ravensfoe II feat when he dies. Once everything is dead, go to
    the giant face to meet Prometheus. After the scene, head back towards
    the crossroads.  Whereever you find the green liquid, you will fight
    a series of fiends. The more you kill, the closer the liquid gets to
    yellow. When it is fully yellow, the spawns stop. 
    Once you get back to the bulbs, keep going straight in order to find
    and release Epimetheus. Very quickly you encounter Phaedon. Like
    Docon, he is somewhat easier than before. Just beat the snot out of
    him. WHen he goes down you get Ravensbane II. Finishe off the Fiends
    then continue along the path. Once you reach the clearing before
    Epimetheus, you will have to go through a couple waves of Fiends and
    then you will be able to save Epimetheus. Head back to the Bulbs, you
    can now destroy them.
    When you get back, you have to purify the pool by killing a few waves
    of fiends, then you can make your way through the bulbs. they should
    pop after a few hits. When you break the organic barrier beyond the
    first four bulbs, you will get the Wayfinder feat.  COntinue along
    the path, and look for bulbs. destroy them when you find them. If
    there are enemies around, they will often die when the bulbs are 
    destroyed. Once you have passed the first of the spawn areas, you
    come to a giant open area where lots of fiends spawn. Run to where
    the bulb is and destroy it, then run up the stairs. Odds are you
    will be alone up here, but you should be able to handle the fiends
    there just fine. Once they are dead, or you destroy the pod there,
    run up the stairs to the right of the pod and destroy the bulbs to
    stop the spawning. Go back to the main area and finish off the last
    fiends and break through the organic barrier
    Just keep following the path, remembering to break pods/bulbs when
    you can to stop the spawning. Eventually you will come to spawning
    pools and encounter an old beast friend. Follow her. You will find
    Nessus again. This area look large and vaguely familiar? Yup, his
    second phase is the fight here. Choose to destroy him, then dodge
    the charging centaur ghosts and ravens, and beat him down.  You
    get the Ravenhunter II feat for killing him. Contiue on the path
    afterwards. When you reach the pool before the Golden Fleece you
    will have to fight the Guardian.
    This guy can be a bit annoying.  He can knock you down easily. He
    will summon Minotaur fiends, as well as dodge alot. He has one attack
    where he shoots flame from his Mace. You will know he is doing that
    when a green circle forms around him. Just roll to the left or right
    and you should dodge it, then charge him and whale on him.  This
    fight is more about dodging than blocking, though be sure to do both.
    He also will summon a trail of fire that will follow you, however if
    you get to him and hit him, you will stop the attack and get a few
    free hits.
    Once you have killed him you get the Ravensend feat and can finally
    grab the Golden Fleece. I've gotta say, the Golden Fleece armor is
    really quite cool. Wearing the fleece, Jason seems to regain health
    faster, sometimes even in combat and take a lot less damge. 
    You will return to the Argo after a short fight and reuniting with
    your companions.
    7. Iolcus Return                 [wlkthrIr]
    Main Quest: Free Iolcus
    You once more you start in Jason's Cabin. Speak to everyone and head
    to the shore boat. You must choose two Argonauts to accompany you.
    I took Herc and Atalanta.  This is a straight fight to the palace.
    All Ionians, Blacktongues and a few summoned Fiends. You can't really
    get lost, just follow the general path back to the palace, using the
    map if you get lost.  You'll fight alot, but basically that's all
    this section is.
    Once you get to the Palace, whenever you see the triangle Runes on the
    ground, go to them and kill the invisible ritualist that appears to
    stop the summoning from that set of runes. When you geto to the altar
    room, you will have to clear the room yourself then destroy the altar
    to revive the others.
    Once you have cleared the courtyard with Her and Achilles, you will be
    alone against the last two fights. The first is against Skiav, the
    man whom murdered Argos. This is a bit less of a fight and more of an
    interactive scene. Jason will attack and guard, giving you a few
    dialogue choices. After them, Skiav with rant, then disappear and you
    get a direction choice. I picked behind and Jason stabbed him, a bit
    more chatter and Skiav falls, You can kill or spare him.  Just kill
    him. He killed Argos, remember?
    The next scene takes place inside the Temple and the final boss fight
    Pelias Phase 1:
    He summons four skulls which will knock you about and hurt you a bit.
    Just roll diagonally through them and they will not hit you.  He will
    then shoot a beam at you. Guard through it until his purple shield
    drops and throw a spear at him. Repeat.
    Phase 2:
    He summon the skulls again. Dodge them, then guard. He will throw a
    few purple missiles at you. If you are guarding, they float around you.
    When he charges, press A to throw the missiles back at him.
    Phase 3:
    He gives up on the skulls and stays on the ground, spamming the purple
    missiles. Get up somewhat close then guard and repeatedly press A to
    shield bash him. Should only take one bash to kill him.
    You get a final dialogue choice. and then the final scene.
    Congratulations. You have beaten Rise of the Argonauts. Enjoy the
    VI. Achievements        [ach01]
    Cepheus, Exalted King - Set out from Iolcus.  Story completion only.
    Ara, Conduit of the Gods - Complete all quests on Iolcus.
    Auriga, Will of Ares - Complete the Arena.  Story completion only.
    Lupus, Ferocious Wolf - Complete all quests on Mycenae.
    Sagittarius, Vision of Hermes - Complete Saria. Story completion only.
    Centaurus, Honored Aleph - Complete all quests on Saria.
    Virgo, Wisdom of Athena - Complete Kytrha. Story completion only.
    Libra, Scales of Justcie - Complete all quests on Kythra.
    Pygmalion, Voice of Apollo - Complete all quests on Delphi.
    Draco, Condemned Dragon - Complete Tarturus. Story completion only.
    Corvus, Eyes of Hecate - Kill the Followers of Hecate. Completed by 
    story events
    Argo Navis, the Argo - Finish the voyage of the Argo.  Should be 
    completed by story.
    Helios, Searing Brilliance - Master Appollo's combat style.
    Deimos, Fist of Ares - Master Ares' combat style.
    Zephyrus, Wind Shear - Master Hermes'combat style.
    Parthenos, Spear of Virtue - Master Athena's combat style.
    Ursa Major, Great Bear - Total combat mastery.
    Leo, Savage Lion - Basic combat mastery.
    Aquarius, Peerless Warrior - Kill 100 total soldier enemies.
    Eridanus, Rier Styx - Kill 100 total condemned.
    Corona, Crown of Mastery - 
    God Favor:
    Words of Compassion - Make 5 Apollo-aligned speech choices.
    Words of Courage - Make 5 Ares-aligned speech choices.
    Words of Cunning - Make 5 Hermes-aligned speech choices.
    Words of Wisdom - Make 5 Athena-aligned speech choices.
    Bright-Eyed - Maximum Favor with Athena.
    Siler-Tongued - Maximum Favor with Hermes
    Stout-Hearted - Maximum Favor with Ares
    Sun-Blessed - Maximum Favor with Apollo.
    Awe-Inspiring Ally - Reaffirm friendship with Hercules. Story 
    Conceited Champion - Forge an alliance with Achilles. Story completed.
    Headstrong Huntress - Befriend Atalanta. Story completed.
    Sagacious Satyr - Partner with Pan. Story completed.
    Gratuitus Carnage - Kill 15 enemies with Dash Attacks. RT + X with 
    Sword is best.
    Magic Missile - Skewer 25 enemies with Thrown Spears. RT + B with 
    Nutcracker - Shatter 30 enemy shields. Mace works best.
    Piercing Gaze - Impale 25 enemies. Use the Y attack with the Spear.
    Severance Package - Decapitate 25 enemies. Use RT + X with Sword.
    Smashing Success - Smash 25 enemy heads. Use the Y attack with the 
    Human - Beat the game on Human (Easy).
    Hero - Beat the game on Hero (Medium).
    Legend - Beat the game on Legend (Hard).
    Weaponmaster - Collect all equipment.
    Heroic Patience - Listen to all of Bolo's song.
    Copyright 2008 Jesse Cohn

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